Moaning Abyss

Take back your attire
I don’t want them, there’re too tight for me
They’re suffocating me
And don’t you leave accessories either

For God’s sake or whoever’s sake that may be
Set me free

Sucking my blood only drives me insane
But it won’t kill me

And I can challenge you till the end of the day
But this is not a game to play

And I’ve gotten tiered, and the road is just starting
Won’t you just have mercy on me!

The irony is that my enemy is testifying for me
How much more degrading, that could be?

Sameera / the struggle of a single woman “XII”

Things aren’t always the way they seem
A continuation
Tahani once told Sameera that if one wants to forget the whole world, few days in Beirut is one hundred percent guaranteed to take care of that. Sameera wasn’t sure this time though, if it was Beirut itself or her busy schedule that took Alberto out of her mind completely. Or may be the beauties of Lebanon who made her talk to that image in the mirror, not to rediscover her beauty, but rather to find faults; few nasty white hairs that crept to that head attesting to the harshness of time, dragging along with it some ugly crowfoot wrinkles on the outside corner of the eyes every time she smiled to the mirror, and not to mention the wisdom lines of the forehead that attacked her femininity. No wonder Alberto chose that b#$% over her. How long had it been since she last looked in the mirror? It was this image and no one else whom she should worry about. And that thought pushed all others in her head. Tahani was right; Beirut does wonders, in many ways though.

As soon as her mission ended in Beirut, she fetched the plastic surgeon’s number she got years back from some friends in Kuwait to make an appointment for Botox. But she hesitated for a while; this doctor was famous in most circles of Kuwaitis. Chances to run into some familiar faces then, was high. And knowing how Kuwaitis exaggerate things was enough for her to expect a spread of a rumor in the country that she’s all fake. But nevertheless, fixing what time damaged took precedence in her decision, and she needed a famous doctor, it was her first time after all.

The reception hall of the Doctor’s office was huge and almost packed. The strange thing was that most patients were either teenagers or men. She grabbed a local magazine and started leafing its pages while waiting for her turn. “ Well, surprise, surprise, look who is here?” a familiar voice came to her ear range. When she looked up, it was Waleed. And although she got annoyed at his presence at first, the bandage on his nose started a funny conversation between them, he actually looked handsome with that thing on. Or was it Beirut? They didn’t stop joking and giggling the whole time. Sameera was beginning to find a different personality in Waleed, she almost cracked up when he mentioned how he got this nose complex after he French-kissed a girl, and she told him to shove it somewhere else instead of her mouth. They didn’t stop joking and giggling till the receptionist called her name. Waleed then invited her to dinner that night in an old fashioned Lebanese food restaurant in Solidaire, and she whole-heartedly accepted.

Inside his grand office, the doctor looked amazingly handsome for his age, which she guessed to be mid-fifties, but then again, who wasn’t in Beirut? He was very talkative and friendly, as if they’ve been old friends, yet he talked about everything except Botox. Her Roman nose desperately needed an operation, her lips did not have enough volume and her face needed some pumping. He also suggested an enlargement to her tits and butts to enhance her long narrow waist. In a nutshell, he was suggesting a whole makeover that sounded tempting to Sameera if it wasn’t for the 1500 dollar expense. But right after having those needles injected in her forehead and around her eyes, she felt much better and discarded any other thought, she was happy with the way she looked. And she couldn’t wait to see what Waleed thought.

The dinner was a blessing with Fairooz songs at the background and Waleed’s sense of humor. It wasn’t until the end of that date when she loosened up after having few drinks, and had the courage to ask about Alberto.

Waleed’s face changed right away as he broke the news of Alberto taking a leave and leaving for Italy to attend both his grandparent’s funeral, whom passed away immediately after a car accident about a week before.
The news fell on her head as if a tornado, her mood suddenly swung to a point that made Waleed regret that he ever mentioned it. Her thoughts started racing while she remained silent for a long time; things started falling into place, so that’s why Alberto never called. Poor guy was going through hard times and she didn’t know. But the shocking news was that his girlfriend also accompanied him on this trip.
Alberto had mentioned the day she last saw him that his girlfriend was in between jobs, and he was financially supporting her. He also mentioned that even when she moves, he had the responsibility to make sure that financially she is secure, until she gets a job. After all she had no one in Kuwait, and he just could not do that to her. And although this issue bothered Sameera a bit, but she did understand his position. Not only that, but she also secretively admired it. Yet, accompanying him to Italy was a totally different issue. Where did she get the ticket money? And where was she staying in Italy? And above all that, why would she go with him in the first place if the relationship was over? And again Alberto taking precedence in her thoughts, erasing any effect of alcohol she had that night, and the lovely presence of Waleed.

And in an attempt to change her mood, Waleed offered to take her to places he swore she’s never seen in Beirut before, but she politely declined and went to her hotel straight away. And before even changing her clothes, she opened her laptop, and started to write a long heart rendering e-mail to Alberto. At first she did not know what to say, but as soon as she started, words poured out. She wasn’t sure what she was writing, she was only venting all her feelings on that machine, a thing she never have done before, and she never knew how good it felt.

She never sent that e-mail though, she only kept it as a draft, knowing when the time is right, Alberto would speak up, and she was sure that there were more explanations to all her doubts that he will clear one day when he’s back, she felt it in her gut that he’ll be back, she couldn’t but trust Alberto. And for the first time in a long time she rested her head on the pillow and slipped into a deep sleep forgetting everything, but where to have lunch tomorrow with Waleed in Beirut.

The End

Sameera / the struggle of a single woman “XI”

A continuation

Early next morning, Sameera, who tossed and turned all night in bed, was awakened by Alberto’s phone call, he sounded as if he hadn’t slept either. And this conversation took place between them:
Alberto: hi gorgeous, how did you sleep last night?
Sameera who was upset from his attitude the night before couldn’t disguise her true feelings and answered in a short, dry voice: normal, just like any other night.
Alberto: well, I couldn’t go to sleep at all, I was thinking about you all night. I also think that we are going too fast with this relationship and, as you know my girl is coming back in a week, and I’m getting attached to you.
Sameera, still angry: listen Alberto, if you feel guilty about this relationship, then do whatever is right for you.
Alberto: I don’t think it’s that sweetie, I think I need more time to settle things in my life without any influence. I don’t want anyone pushing me.
Sameera, furious now: pushing you? For God’s sake tell me how did I push you into this?
Alberto: what I meant is I need time alone to decide.
Sameera: and how long that should take?
Alberto: I don’t know.
Sameera: ok, suit yourself, whatever.
Alberto: please don’t get upset, I know how you must feel, and…
Sameera mockingly interrupting: yeh, sure you know.
Alberto: sorry babe, I can’t do this unless I’m one hundred percent sure.
Sameera, after a long pause: then what are you suggesting?
Alberto: I think that we should stop seeing each other and see how things turn out.
And here her heart skipped a beat, and she replied with a low voice: does this mean that I should wait for your call? for when you are ready?
Albert: No, I don’t know if I will call back or not, I don’t want to make a promise I can’t keep. I’m just suggesting that we leave this issue to destiny.
And that was the last she heard from him in two months.

The first month she spent on hellfire, knowing that Alberto’s girlfriend was back. Alberto never even messaged, nor did she, although she was dying to do so. She also avoided the places that she might run into him, seeing him with his girl was not an easy matter for her to handle. Foziya, on the other hand, did not spare any information; whenever she had a chance, she’d mention the couple and how they seemed to be happy together. Bangs of jealousy tore her chest, and by the end of the month, when nothing further developed, she lost all hope and decided to take a vacation and go visit her friend Tahani in London.
It was a good decision really since Tahani was the type that did not give in to emotions. She was more of the practical type who wanted to enjoy life. Driving Sameera in her nice dark blue Porch amidst the streets of London, and taking her to posh palaces, restaurants, bars, as well as the gatherings of her friends. But Sameera never stopped talking about Alberto, until that day when this conversation broke out between them:
Tahani: I can’t believe that a woman of your age would give in to her naïve emotions like a teenager, grow up girl, the guy did not even kiss you, how do you know if he can do it in bed?
Sameera: I know I won’t have a problem with that, if it wasn’t for the B&*^
Tahani: I’m sure you won’t, but I wasn’t talking about you, I was talking about him. A guy that has a beautiful girl whom he feels attracted to, right under his fingertip, and he lets go of her, might as well be neutered, you know.
And here Sameera started thinking that her friend might have a point.
Then Tahani resumed , with a grin: I think that you should have stood between him and the damn TV that night, slipped your clothes off, showing off your almost perfect tits, to test the reaction on his face, and see if he had it in him, in the first place or not.
Sameera: you know what? I had the urge that night to seduce him, but what would have happened if he didn’t respond? that would have been very humiliating, and I think I had enough of that from him already.
Tahani: give me a break, if that didn’t work, then you put your clothes back on and tell the SOB “bye bye lover boys, go get a shrink.” And she added: I think the only reason why you’re taken by this guy is because you didn’t have the chance to taste him, so quit fooling yourself and get laid, that should clear your mind of God himself, not only Alberto.
And although Sameera knew that she could never do that, not to herself, nor to Alberto, but her friend’s words kept buzzing in her ears, Alberto mentioned that he had problems with his girlfriend, but he never mentioned what type of problems.

This vacation was a good break that she really needed, she returned back home all fresh and anew. But the minute she reached Kuwait airport, a sharp pain ruptured her chest as she started thinking of Alberto and that night with him. In her heart she knew that he’d call, but as time passed by, she was not sure what to think any more. Almost another month dragged by without any word from him, nor she heard about any preparations of his marriage.

It wasn’t until that day when she was shopping in Salhiya with her friend foziya when she heard his distinguished tone on her mobile. For few seconds she froze, unable to respond, then she panicked “it’s Alberto, what shall I tell him? What does he want?” she babbled. “Well answer the damn phone so you’d know” Foziya replied impatiently, and so she did.
The conversation was very brief, Alberto wanted to see her right away saying that he had good news, but he wanted to tell it to her face. And in less than half an hour he showed up. Her heartbeats raced each other till she though that some would escape from her ears as he approached the table, where she sat with her friend in Starbucks café of that mall. He looked tired, and seemed like he has lost some weight. But nevertheless; his face brightened by the look of her. It was obvious that he was delighted to see her. And the first thing he said as soon as he sat down at the table was “now I’m sure I can’t live without you. And although I have not known you that long, but I know that you are the woman I’ve been looking for all my life, You are my pharaoh goddess”. And as for his girl, he said that she is looking for an apartment to move out, and that it was over between them.
It was all going fine, and Sameera was up on cloud nine, pinching herself time and again to make sure that she was not dreaming. But good things in life don’t last long; the peculiar thing was that his phone never stopped, and it was always his girlfriend calling. His conversation to her did not sound like two separated people; it sounded more like a casual talk between partners. And although Sameera noticed that, she never uttered a word, but she knew that Foziya would hammer her later with that, as so she did.

After seeing Alberto’s love display, Fowziya was dismayed; she could not believe what she witnessed. It seemed to her that this guy was hiding something. How could he say that his relationship with his girlfriend was over while he took care to answer her many disturbing calls? Not only that, but how could one just discard someone he lived with and loved for over two years for the sake of another? Wouldn’t that person do that again to her friend? And in between her happiness to see Alberto again, and the doubts that Fowziya implanted in her mind, Sameera was completely drained, confused and utterly clueless.

Another week passed and Alberto didn’t call. Not only that, but he also wouldn’t pick up his phone every time she called, nor replied to her many messages. And by the end of the week, she packed up her bag, and with tears flew to Beirut on a business trip. This time she knew that she lost Alberto for good; it was obvious that he’s happily back with his girl, and that was the end of the story between them, or was it?

To be continued

A Voyage Into Religion

Since I was a little girl, I always wondered why they never taught us about other religions in school. All what we learned about others is that they are either idol worshippers, or infidels who tampered their religion (Christians and Jews). What about other religions? What does each one basically teach? But as I grew older; I realized that it would take a miracle for us to have such comparative studies.
One of the biggest contradictories of Islamic preaching is that it believes in the freedom of choice when it comes to religion, at the same time it forbids conversion!!! When a young child is born to a Buddhist couple; he naturally adapts his parent’s religion, and a Moslem couple would naturally bring up their children on the preaching of Islam. Then where does the freedom of choice lie, when the mind is only saturated with one ideology since birth? How can one choose to convert if there are no other comparative elements against which he can value his belief?
Then the big question comes; how can one know that he’s on the right path? Ok I’ll answer this one:

You are at the path of correct because THEY told you so.

This childhood curiosity had given me the incentive to search that for myself. And after years of research; I found out that religions are all the same, they only change color according to culture. In other words; religion is culture and traditions, or intermixed cultures. Islam, for example, stemmed from the Arabian culture and spread that culture as it conquered other places. It affected that culture and also got affected by it. It had it’s effect on Hinduism, for example, and as a result Sikhism was born. Buddhism, on the other hand, had it’s effect on Islam and sophism was born. In other words, if we want to trace the origin of each religion, we’d end up convinced that it’s all man-made.

And man had not stopped creating new religions or intermixing different ones throughout history, each day a new fellow comes up with a new trend, which eventually evolves into religion, or a cult with many followers.

Few months ago, while I was strolling down El Castro, a big banner on one of its many shops grabbed my attention. The banner read “Scientology and Dianetics; the way of life”. My curiosity led me inside where a lady sat behind a high bench in a large hall that looked like a lecture hall with chairs and highly sophisticated electronic devices around a white board. Large colored posters, each explaining an aspect of scientology, covered all the four walls. And beneath each poster racks of books and DVD’s were displayed. The hall looked peculiar; its vast space was relatively empty. But as soon as the receptionist called for assistance, a nicely groomed gentleman, in a very nice suit appeared from another room, and asked me to fill out a form. He seemed very eager to help me understand the concept of scientology. It was obvious from his attitude that he had gone through extensive training to promote his product. That was obvious from the questions he asked me; like, do I do drugs? Or am I an alchoholic? Another question was if I had any problems whether physical or emotional, claiming that scientology has a cure for every problem. And as we went through the posters where he did a lot of explaining, I interrupted him several times with my under the belt questions. And he seemed confidant enough at first, but when my questions started increasing, he offered to show me a one-hour documetary that would clear all my doubts as he put it. And as he directed me through another hall, I was amazed by the number of the employees, all young, good looking and in elegant suits, and the many offices inside the building gave the sense of wealth. And upon my departure, he gave me loads of pamphlets and booklets. And invited me to a lecture that was conducted the same day with free dinner. It was going fine except that I made one mistake: I gave them my e-mail and mailing address on that form, and that was all they needed.

Ever since that day my e-mail is bombarded with their ideology; no different from the Islamist e-mails I get in my junk mail every day, although not as much. And in addition, I get the same thing in my regular mail including free dinners, free lunches, free personality test and so forth. And that gave me the feeling that they are disparate for new converts. And imagine; they are trying to convert me!!!

In a nutshell; my opinion about scientology is that it is psychology intermixed with Christianity and Far-Eastern relegions. And to add some flavor; they added some primitive scientific devices for testing purposes to give legitimacy to an illegitimate cult of science.

Now let’s see what others say about scientology

Btw; that handsome guy asked me to have eye contact procedure, where I had to stare into his eyes and tell him what I saw. I guess he was trying to hypnotize me, but all I could see was his beautiful eyes. LOL

Now let’s see what the church of Satan or devil worshiping has to offer, and where they come from:

How about New Age religions, are they really new? Let’s check one; Eckankar

The Bahai Faith:

The VooDoo Religion:

And the list goes on. Yet; with all the damages religion inflicted on humanity; one can not deny the fact that it (religion) had played a vital part in human civilization; especially when it comes to art. The myth provided a fertile ground for creation. Great works of art like “The Last Supper” by Da Vinci, and sculptures like that of “David” by Michelangelo, and many more great poetry and folklore were produced.

Buddhism Art Dance

And the more I dig into religion, the more I realize how irrational they all are. And may be that’s why they never taught us comparative religion in school. They were not afraid that we’d convert one day, since each religion has its own misgivings. And Moslems excel in pointing out shortages in other faiths, while deliberately giving a blind eye to theirs. They didn’t teach us that because they were terrified that we’d discard religion all together when we realize that it’s nothing more than folklore.

Tagging Can Be a Big Release

1-Available or single:

Hanging at the edge of the universe
One time amidst sunrise, another in abyss

2- Best friend:

FB, FA, IA, and R de la Ricos
I can’t really decide which one I prefer
But right now my bestest friend is Dominica*
The vein through which I seep into you
And you into me

3- Cake or Pie:

Not really a fan of either
I’ll have Warbat

4- Essential Items:

Need you ask
What Dominica is doing to me?

5 – Favorite Color:

My eyes can only devour
His lancinating Hazel-Green eyes

6- Gummi bears or Worms:

I left my yummy at home
Nothing tastes the same after loosing his wet lips

7- Home town:

My beloved lies under ashes
I can hardly make out her face

8 – Indulgence:

That is my soft spot when it comes to love
Indulging me to a fine thread of cigarette smoke

9- January or February:

June breeze is insatiable
When biking in Mountain View

10- Kids:

As if a cat I protect mine
Hope you got what that conveyed (di di di doooom)


Megadeth’s “Time: The beginning”

Father time, I’m running late
I’m winding down, I’m growing tired
Seconds drift into the night
The clock just ticks till my time expires

You were once my friend
Now I know I can’t tie your hands
The days I saved I couldn’t spend
They fell like sand through the hourglass
No time to lose, no time to choose

Time taking time, it’s taken mine
Scenes of my life seem so unkind
Time chasing time creeps up behind
I can’t run forever, and time waits for no one
Not even me

An enemy I can’t Defeat
My final days a deadly end
Life’s just a speck in space
Dreams of an eternal resting place

I can’t get any younger
Time has brutal hunger


Would a sane repeat his mistakes?
Humans do, for they’re insane

13-number of siblings:

To make the long story short
Please go back to number 10 (do do do dooooom)

14-Orange or Apple:

Orange days are still vivid in memory
The more reason for me to be sad

Like a commit the orange rose
Yet only ashes remained

In confusion, remorse

It seems as if the chapter is closed
While the country is still bleeding


The fear of loneliness is so easy to master**
As if we’re not dying all alone

16- Favorite Quote:

I prefer presenting:
“One Art” by Elizabeth Bishop

The art of losing isn’t hard to master;
so many things seem filled with the intent
to be lost that their loss is no disaster.

Lose something every day. Accept the fluster
of lost door keys the hour badly spent.
The art of losing isn’t hard to master.

Then practice losing farther losing faster:
places and names and where it was your meant
to travel. None of these will bring disaster.

I lost my mother’s watch. And look! my last or
next-to-last of three loved housed went.
The art of losing isn’t hard to master.

I lose two cities lovely ones. And vaster
some realms I owned two rivers a continent.
I miss them but it wasn’t a disaster.

–Even losing you (the joking voice a gesture
I love) I shan’t have lied. It’s evident
the art of losing is not too hard to master
though it may look like disaster.

و العاقل بالاشاره يفهم

17- Reason to Smile:

Life offers us one thousand and one reason to smile
Yet, we prefer crying a little for the beloved

18– Season:


19- Tag three people:


Oh, the hardest of them all

I may come back to this later

20- Unknown Fact About Me:

Have I ever been in every shoe before
To know what others know about me?

What they see is what they create
The image has nothing to do with me

21- Worst Habit:

Being in love with love is my worst habit
Yet, it’s essential to me
It drains all my energies
Sprouting out the sensuous me

22-Your Favorite Food:



I tasted the kiss of life when
He sealed my lips after shoving that oyster in






23– Zodiac:



I’m the one with the horn
I’m the patient Capricorn






Thanks Soud for tagging me. Phew, that was the venting that I needed and never expected . Well; what are friends for?


*Dominica: my beloved MacBook Pro

**Apologies to Elizabeth Bishop


A Sequel to my Last Post

When my youngest was in his last year of high school he came to me one day with a big surprise. He said that to end the argument that started with women’s capability to assume major roles in the society, his religion teacher told him that science has proven that women’s brains are less developed than that of men (nigisat 3aql). And that loss of memory is a result of this malfunction. And based on this biological difference God did not allow woman to act as a full witness in court, how do we expect her to assume major roles in the society like being a judge for instance? God had not intended that. And my son was astounded to learn that this fact was known by Moslems almost a millennium and a half ago. Another miracles of Islam; as he put it. I advised him to google that before going any further with his wishful thinking, if he really cared to know whether science really proved this theory or not. And like most of our lazy youths today who are grown on ready-made-answers, he tilted his head to a side for a while in hesitation, tried to persuade me into changing my opinion. But finally he gave up when we reached an impasse. I assumed at the time that he never did google it, and that he just took his teacher’s word . Don’t we all do that? After all, officially; he’s the teacher. And like his peers; my son has to memorized his teacher’s words by heart, or else, failing religion would be an obstacle in the way of perusing his dreams in life. But I guess I assumed wrong, children do act funny at times.
Just few months back, when he started school here in the United States, and while we were discussing the difference between education in the States and back home; he reminded me of that incident and he told me that he actually googled that out, and that he could not find one, solid scientific evidence that the difference between men and women’s brains has any significance on brain performance. It is true that women’s brains are smaller in size in comparison to that of the man (and not less developed or naqis as Islam claims), and it is also true that women’s brains contain more cells which is a known fact now . But until now; there is not one proof that memory loss is solely dependant on gender type. The argument on which the whole role-playing of gender according to Islamic society and sharee3a is based has proven wrong, he agreed. But that was not the surprise.
The shock came from the military training that is going on behind closed doors from the people that we trust so much to leave our kids brains in their hands. Apparently my son told his teacher about his Net search, and instead of debating the subject, or showing evidence, the teacher insisted to lie, diverting the conversation to “how the Net is driven by the enemies of Islam, and how as a Moslem, my son has the responsibility to refute any claims of which the infidels and the evil West deliberately use to inflict harm on Islam”. He specifically asked him to monitor those sites and refute their claims, and all what he needed as canned answers were ready at his disposal; he only had to ask. Not only that, but the teacher mentioned this in the next scheduled class in front of the whole class, and added by even going into details; like if someone says so and so, you should answer him, such and such!!!!!Off course my son did not tell him what his mom thought, let alone telling him that I have a blog that is not exactly admired by Islamists. He knew beforehand that this would be like digging his grave with his own hands.
Military training and policing the public, especially the ones in the age of naivety, is one of the most dangerous tools the Islamists are using to create natural espionages in the society; a society that is well monitored from their point of view and according to their standards. Look at some blogs Like Ben Krishan’s or Nawafco who, according to their standards, have crossed the boarders, and see how much hate messages some comments contain, and how many Islamists drew their swards and shouted in readiness to go on a refutation battle, some even started their own blogs specifically for this reason. Not that they have much to say, but rather always come up with exhausted, ready-made answers that were used by others several times, only with a different make-up. Most probably, the source goes back to the same of that of the teacher. Which reminds me of the Islamic tradition (7adeath), by the way, and the way it was collected.
Military training and policing the public creates a generation of informers, much like the one created by the tyrant Sadam Husain.
Military training and policing the public creates hate in the family; any freethinking is not permitted in the family. We have seen how that divided families during the tyrant’s regime in Iraq and what’s happening now is the aftermath of such training.
Military training and policing plant hate in the society and kills free thought.

We have all been military trained; it’s within the very preaching of our faith. Islam has to guarantee that to survive. For whatever was based on false grounds can’t survive for long. But it changed some of us to a bunch of warriors, who have nothing more important in life than defending Islam. They are too busy finding excuses for its shortcoming that they don’t even take a break, and think if the person has something to say. Or; how come he’s thinking differently? all what they care about is to hit him with an answer, being relevant here is not an issue. You may call it brainwashing; but that’s a part of military training, just like those of any communist regime.
Military training of the public deprives human from their humanity; and now with the aid of our blessed parliament, and the passing of the most discriminatory bill in our constitutional history, even worse than gender segregation in Kuwait university, the stage is complete and ready for Islamic policing. And btw; I will never forget this for Alangiree.

On a related note
My post started as a comment on Edrak, but truly I did not know where to start. Actually Edrak’s comments on my previous post reminded me of the conversation with my son, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he’s even younger than my son. He seems very well to be one of those Islamic little soldiers who have been (directly or indirectly) monitoring the Net; for sure his Islamic military training is not much different from that of my son. No offence Edrak; you are but a prey of this sick society. It is amazing how my stats counter shoots up every time I post something about Islam. My last post did not contain any anti-Islamic sentence, except may be when I mentioned an Islamic fact that provoked Mr. Edrak to open his fires on me. He raised his sward against the shameful, secular me and asked for a duel. And here I accept the competition, not as a duel, but as a general debate. Open to all of those holey solders that are looking for more deeds to deposit in their afterlife bank accounts. But I really wish that you’d stick to the subject and not divert if you have answers, and I also advise you not to go back to the dealers of canned answers, because I won’t be hiding a secret if I told you that they are selling you nothing but expired sardines.
The point of debate between Edrak and me takes me back to square one with my son. And I ask him (Edrak) the same questions that I asked my son:
-Did science prove that women’s brains are less developed than that of men?
-Does the biological difference between genders have any effect on memory? And in what way? Is it responsible for memory loss? Or perhaps gain? Could it be that the increase in the cell is responsible for sharper memory?
-If this biological difference causes memory loss in women in comparison to man; then give me the evidence? And please make sure that your evidence is solid. As far as I know; most women have far sharper memories than men. Some women can even remember little details of their childhood years while a lot of men can’t even remember what they had for lunch the day before. In general; details bore most men, while it delights most women. But if the argument above is false, then there is no bases on which women should act like half a witness in court. In the contrary; it seems to me that they are more liable than men to witness since they are better with details.
And this leads us to believe that the whole argument of role-playing of gender in the Islamic society, and the incapability of women to assume major roles, are based on false grounds. In other words the social system of alsharee3a is rusted, and was based on a theory that was created on the name of God but science defied. And still those little solders insist to tell me WHY women’s brain is still under construction, in other words, giving me reasons why God had created women with less brains, taking for granted that this is a scientific fact.
Quit fooling yourselves, and stop torturing women on the name of God.

Note; please refer to the comments of the last post, since this is a sequel 🙂