Tagging Can Be a Big Release

1-Available or single:

Hanging at the edge of the universe
One time amidst sunrise, another in abyss

2- Best friend:

FB, FA, IA, and R de la Ricos
I can’t really decide which one I prefer
But right now my bestest friend is Dominica*
The vein through which I seep into you
And you into me

3- Cake or Pie:

Not really a fan of either
I’ll have Warbat

4- Essential Items:

Need you ask
What Dominica is doing to me?

5 – Favorite Color:

My eyes can only devour
His lancinating Hazel-Green eyes

6- Gummi bears or Worms:

I left my yummy at home
Nothing tastes the same after loosing his wet lips

7- Home town:

My beloved lies under ashes
I can hardly make out her face

8 – Indulgence:

That is my soft spot when it comes to love
Indulging me to a fine thread of cigarette smoke

9- January or February:

June breeze is insatiable
When biking in Mountain View

10- Kids:

As if a cat I protect mine
Hope you got what that conveyed (di di di doooom)


Megadeth’s “Time: The beginning”

Father time, I’m running late
I’m winding down, I’m growing tired
Seconds drift into the night
The clock just ticks till my time expires

You were once my friend
Now I know I can’t tie your hands
The days I saved I couldn’t spend
They fell like sand through the hourglass
No time to lose, no time to choose

Time taking time, it’s taken mine
Scenes of my life seem so unkind
Time chasing time creeps up behind
I can’t run forever, and time waits for no one
Not even me

An enemy I can’t Defeat
My final days a deadly end
Life’s just a speck in space
Dreams of an eternal resting place

I can’t get any younger
Time has brutal hunger


Would a sane repeat his mistakes?
Humans do, for they’re insane

13-number of siblings:

To make the long story short
Please go back to number 10 (do do do dooooom)

14-Orange or Apple:

Orange days are still vivid in memory
The more reason for me to be sad

Like a commit the orange rose
Yet only ashes remained

In confusion, remorse

It seems as if the chapter is closed
While the country is still bleeding


The fear of loneliness is so easy to master**
As if we’re not dying all alone

16- Favorite Quote:

I prefer presenting:
“One Art” by Elizabeth Bishop

The art of losing isn’t hard to master;
so many things seem filled with the intent
to be lost that their loss is no disaster.

Lose something every day. Accept the fluster
of lost door keys the hour badly spent.
The art of losing isn’t hard to master.

Then practice losing farther losing faster:
places and names and where it was your meant
to travel. None of these will bring disaster.

I lost my mother’s watch. And look! my last or
next-to-last of three loved housed went.
The art of losing isn’t hard to master.

I lose two cities lovely ones. And vaster
some realms I owned two rivers a continent.
I miss them but it wasn’t a disaster.

–Even losing you (the joking voice a gesture
I love) I shan’t have lied. It’s evident
the art of losing is not too hard to master
though it may look like disaster.

و العاقل بالاشاره يفهم

17- Reason to Smile:

Life offers us one thousand and one reason to smile
Yet, we prefer crying a little for the beloved

18– Season:


19- Tag three people:


Oh, the hardest of them all

I may come back to this later

20- Unknown Fact About Me:

Have I ever been in every shoe before
To know what others know about me?

What they see is what they create
The image has nothing to do with me

21- Worst Habit:

Being in love with love is my worst habit
Yet, it’s essential to me
It drains all my energies
Sprouting out the sensuous me

22-Your Favorite Food:



I tasted the kiss of life when
He sealed my lips after shoving that oyster in






23– Zodiac:



I’m the one with the horn
I’m the patient Capricorn






Thanks Soud for tagging me. Phew, that was the venting that I needed and never expected . Well; what are friends for?


*Dominica: my beloved MacBook Pro

**Apologies to Elizabeth Bishop


A Sequel to my Last Post

When my youngest was in his last year of high school he came to me one day with a big surprise. He said that to end the argument that started with women’s capability to assume major roles in the society, his religion teacher told him that science has proven that women’s brains are less developed than that of men (nigisat 3aql). And that loss of memory is a result of this malfunction. And based on this biological difference God did not allow woman to act as a full witness in court, how do we expect her to assume major roles in the society like being a judge for instance? God had not intended that. And my son was astounded to learn that this fact was known by Moslems almost a millennium and a half ago. Another miracles of Islam; as he put it. I advised him to google that before going any further with his wishful thinking, if he really cared to know whether science really proved this theory or not. And like most of our lazy youths today who are grown on ready-made-answers, he tilted his head to a side for a while in hesitation, tried to persuade me into changing my opinion. But finally he gave up when we reached an impasse. I assumed at the time that he never did google it, and that he just took his teacher’s word . Don’t we all do that? After all, officially; he’s the teacher. And like his peers; my son has to memorized his teacher’s words by heart, or else, failing religion would be an obstacle in the way of perusing his dreams in life. But I guess I assumed wrong, children do act funny at times.
Just few months back, when he started school here in the United States, and while we were discussing the difference between education in the States and back home; he reminded me of that incident and he told me that he actually googled that out, and that he could not find one, solid scientific evidence that the difference between men and women’s brains has any significance on brain performance. It is true that women’s brains are smaller in size in comparison to that of the man (and not less developed or naqis as Islam claims), and it is also true that women’s brains contain more cells which is a known fact now . But until now; there is not one proof that memory loss is solely dependant on gender type. The argument on which the whole role-playing of gender according to Islamic society and sharee3a is based has proven wrong, he agreed. But that was not the surprise.
The shock came from the military training that is going on behind closed doors from the people that we trust so much to leave our kids brains in their hands. Apparently my son told his teacher about his Net search, and instead of debating the subject, or showing evidence, the teacher insisted to lie, diverting the conversation to “how the Net is driven by the enemies of Islam, and how as a Moslem, my son has the responsibility to refute any claims of which the infidels and the evil West deliberately use to inflict harm on Islam”. He specifically asked him to monitor those sites and refute their claims, and all what he needed as canned answers were ready at his disposal; he only had to ask. Not only that, but the teacher mentioned this in the next scheduled class in front of the whole class, and added by even going into details; like if someone says so and so, you should answer him, such and such!!!!!Off course my son did not tell him what his mom thought, let alone telling him that I have a blog that is not exactly admired by Islamists. He knew beforehand that this would be like digging his grave with his own hands.
Military training and policing the public, especially the ones in the age of naivety, is one of the most dangerous tools the Islamists are using to create natural espionages in the society; a society that is well monitored from their point of view and according to their standards. Look at some blogs Like Ben Krishan’s or Nawafco who, according to their standards, have crossed the boarders, and see how much hate messages some comments contain, and how many Islamists drew their swards and shouted in readiness to go on a refutation battle, some even started their own blogs specifically for this reason. Not that they have much to say, but rather always come up with exhausted, ready-made answers that were used by others several times, only with a different make-up. Most probably, the source goes back to the same of that of the teacher. Which reminds me of the Islamic tradition (7adeath), by the way, and the way it was collected.
Military training and policing the public creates a generation of informers, much like the one created by the tyrant Sadam Husain.
Military training and policing the public creates hate in the family; any freethinking is not permitted in the family. We have seen how that divided families during the tyrant’s regime in Iraq and what’s happening now is the aftermath of such training.
Military training and policing plant hate in the society and kills free thought.

We have all been military trained; it’s within the very preaching of our faith. Islam has to guarantee that to survive. For whatever was based on false grounds can’t survive for long. But it changed some of us to a bunch of warriors, who have nothing more important in life than defending Islam. They are too busy finding excuses for its shortcoming that they don’t even take a break, and think if the person has something to say. Or; how come he’s thinking differently? all what they care about is to hit him with an answer, being relevant here is not an issue. You may call it brainwashing; but that’s a part of military training, just like those of any communist regime.
Military training of the public deprives human from their humanity; and now with the aid of our blessed parliament, and the passing of the most discriminatory bill in our constitutional history, even worse than gender segregation in Kuwait university, the stage is complete and ready for Islamic policing. And btw; I will never forget this for Alangiree.

On a related note
My post started as a comment on Edrak, but truly I did not know where to start. Actually Edrak’s comments on my previous post reminded me of the conversation with my son, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he’s even younger than my son. He seems very well to be one of those Islamic little soldiers who have been (directly or indirectly) monitoring the Net; for sure his Islamic military training is not much different from that of my son. No offence Edrak; you are but a prey of this sick society. It is amazing how my stats counter shoots up every time I post something about Islam. My last post did not contain any anti-Islamic sentence, except may be when I mentioned an Islamic fact that provoked Mr. Edrak to open his fires on me. He raised his sward against the shameful, secular me and asked for a duel. And here I accept the competition, not as a duel, but as a general debate. Open to all of those holey solders that are looking for more deeds to deposit in their afterlife bank accounts. But I really wish that you’d stick to the subject and not divert if you have answers, and I also advise you not to go back to the dealers of canned answers, because I won’t be hiding a secret if I told you that they are selling you nothing but expired sardines.
The point of debate between Edrak and me takes me back to square one with my son. And I ask him (Edrak) the same questions that I asked my son:
-Did science prove that women’s brains are less developed than that of men?
-Does the biological difference between genders have any effect on memory? And in what way? Is it responsible for memory loss? Or perhaps gain? Could it be that the increase in the cell is responsible for sharper memory?
-If this biological difference causes memory loss in women in comparison to man; then give me the evidence? And please make sure that your evidence is solid. As far as I know; most women have far sharper memories than men. Some women can even remember little details of their childhood years while a lot of men can’t even remember what they had for lunch the day before. In general; details bore most men, while it delights most women. But if the argument above is false, then there is no bases on which women should act like half a witness in court. In the contrary; it seems to me that they are more liable than men to witness since they are better with details.
And this leads us to believe that the whole argument of role-playing of gender in the Islamic society, and the incapability of women to assume major roles, are based on false grounds. In other words the social system of alsharee3a is rusted, and was based on a theory that was created on the name of God but science defied. And still those little solders insist to tell me WHY women’s brain is still under construction, in other words, giving me reasons why God had created women with less brains, taking for granted that this is a scientific fact.
Quit fooling yourselves, and stop torturing women on the name of God.

Note; please refer to the comments of the last post, since this is a sequel 🙂

Ends Never Meet!

Did you ever have to fulfill someone else’s promises, when they thrash this responsibility at you because they couldn’t keep it themselves? Well; this always happens to me when I have to deal with issues concerning my children with their dad.

I am a type of person that can’t do without organization in my life; up to the tiniest bit. I have to know where I’m going beforehand, or else any slight disturbance or unwelcome surprise to the original plan might cause me to lose rational thinking ability. And could end up in disturbing situations.

I hardly make any promises I could not keep. And when I make one; I strive to fulfill it. And my promise to my sons when I last left them here in the States was “give me few months to sort things out in Kuwait and I will definitely come back here to live with you”.

And that’s what I exactly did; I planned a flexible working schedule for the period I intended to stay in Kuwait, took care of the leftover issues; including moving out of my apartment into my dad’s place, and all whathaveyou of packing and liaisons involved. The most important issue was setting a target date to be back, and doing it on my own, at my ease, so I would get to enjoy my last days with friends and family in the process, and have a relaxing flight back to the Sates.

And I think things changed to my favor when my errands ended a month before expected, which meant that I would get to see the boys one month earlier. Everything went better than the schedule; every thing is taken care of and on top I had two days to relax with family in Kuwait till departure time, or; that’s what I thought!!!

A day before I left Kuwait, I had a call from my ex complaining that he could not find a hard box for my son’s electronic guitar (he only went looking for one on that day, although his son had asked him to do so a month back), and that I would have to manage since HE promised his son to send it with me, knowing beforehand that I would not refuse to do so when it comes to my children, even if that meant getting myself into trouble.
To make the long story short; I ended up at the airport with my computer bag and a relatively heavy electrical guitar in a soft leather case with very uncivilized shoulder straps (ask my upper shoulders about them).

And to make the situation even worse; at the BA counter; I learned that I only can carry one bag beside the musical instrument. And since I couldn’t sacrifice my laptop, I distributed the contents of my personal handbag (purse) between my pockets (thanks God I had many of those pockets on my baggy trousers with secure straps), I also used the small compartment attached to the case of the guitar to slip in my digital camera, and the rest of the stuff I pushed in areas around my laptop which was already stuffed with necessities of the one-night stay in London (BA regulations required that I carry no more than one bag and that I had an exception for one piece of musical instrument).

And I have to admit that here I lost patience, as well as mental balance!!!
First; because every piece I had to take out of my personal handbag was organized for easy access during my long flight. And rearranging them in the last moment disturbs my mental ability to concentrate; a burden that I did not need when I’m traveling long distances alone, with stuffed, unorganized baggage. And, second; the responsibility to get the precious thing across the boarder in one piece. And that by itself was the biggest burden…. The guitar had to reach my son’s hands in one piece; I did not need any last minute surprises.

It was no problem in Kuwait airport since trolleys are provided, and one can use them up to the boarding point. Then I only had to carry it on my shoulders for a short walk leading to the plane door, and ask the first stewardess to take care of it in its right place of the first class compartments while I was seated in the back seats of economy.

No problem at Heathrow either; both the laptop and the guitar mounted the trolley and the almost half a mile walk in the tube leading to Hilton Heathrow was a blessing after sitting for almost six hours. And now that the guitar and the laptop are in a safe place; it’s time to go out and have some fun since I had almost half a day to spend considering the two hours I gained with time change in England.

I took out my roaming and dialed a UK number. This number was given to me only tow days prior to my departure to London by a childhood school friend, whom I hardly ran into, as each of us led a very diverse separate life as we grew older. And I happen to run into her particularly one day before her travel to London!!
So you can imagine how disappointed I got when I couldn’t get hold of her line. The other bad news I had from the front desk advising not to go to central London on that day, since it coincided with Bank holiday and the transportation on holidays could get tiresome, when most places are closed. So going downtown London did not seem like a good idea. I spent the rest of the day between writing long awaited replies to e-mails, having a light meal and retiring early with my book.

My flight the next day was at 10:50 AM local time. I called the concierge asking for the direction to get to terminal one, since the tube that led me to this hotel was at terminal four and I wanted to make my provision to reach terminal one on proper time. And he figured it as follows; if I have a wake up call at 7:30AM, fast-check out at 8AM, walk the tube back to terminal four and catch the express to terminal one will all take 20 minutes, where I could be at the terminal on the two hours required time for check-in before my flight time.

So, I set the automatic wake-up call of the hotel phone on 7:30AM, and for more reassurance; I set my mobile alarm on 7:00AM. Not to say that I have slept that night, I have a bad habit of attachment to my bed that for the first nights away; I could hardly go to sleep. So, I waited for the mobile alarm to go off between my tossing and turning all night. And when it did; I was already in the bathroom brushing my teeth. And checked out even before the hotel alarm had a chance to go off.

The English morning air was refreshing; I took my time strolling while pushing slowly the trolley ahead of me with the laptop giving support to the precious guitar. And about half the way to terminal four; it suddenly downed on me; I have forgotten my wallet, passport and some other valuables in the safe, up in the room.

Without thinking, I strapped the guitar around my shoulders, tightened the straps of the laptop around the trolley edge, and raced the wind back to the hotel pushing the trolley ahead as if driving a car on a speed track. Thanks God there was no traffic. The concierge took me back to the room, and I retrieved my valuables and fled back to terminal four, this time with the luggage on the trolley, so it wasn’t bad except for the fact that I could not waste any time and lose the express connection on time. And as the express approached the station, it suddenly struck me that the alarm on my mobile was set to Kuwait time, and that I still had two hours to spare. So you could imagine the big smile that broke into my face as I envisioned duty-free shopping.

Of all the countries of the world, nothing is more tempting to me than duty-free shopping in London. May be because I already have in mind what I want and know where to get it. I don’t know. But the bad news was that I could not carry my trolley beyond the check-in point of terminal one, and there were no trolleys at the other side. Which also meant that; I either collapse on a nearby seat guarding my valuables and ogling at the big screen to announce my gate, or carry the guitar on my shoulders; bearing the grooves formed on my skin by the nasty uncomfortable shoulder straps, and wheeling the laptop along, for the sake of spending some time in shopping. Off course I chose the latter, and had to pay for it later.

The shopping was successful; I came out with five sets of new age CD’s, one documentary (aninconvennienttruth) about global warming, that I have not watched yet. I also got a couple of PIMM’S for gifts, of which I had the landlady in mind. Which also meant; more things to carry, but I took my mobile and wallet and other small stuff I stuffed my trouser pockets with, and placed them in my shopping bags.

It was a bit of a relief really, because the stuff was dragging my pants down with their weight to gravity; I did not mind my back tattoo peeking once and a while, but just to imagine that, in my haste, I might find my whole lower parts on the ground sent shivers up my spine, and I had to slow down each few steps to pull my pants up. I must’ve looked a freak to the onlookers, ready to take a corner and start to play the guitar, especially with those IPod ear bits playing in my ears while I’m checking CD’s. Almost everyone I conversed with while shopping asked me to play the guitar. And I kept swearing that I’m just a carrier with good ears, but no musical talents beyond that gift; none whatsoever.

The flight to SFC international airport was extremely comfortable. As usual; the guitar was tucked safely in the first class compartment, and I had four seats at the back of the economy all at my service for the rest of the flight. And it was a good treat for my tiered shoulders while lying down across four seats.

All was well till I got to the shuttle that was supposed to take me to the apartment in Mountain View. And as the driver approached the guitar I was guarding with my life, I asked him to take his hands off, demanding that it should stay with me or by the driver in the front seat. The driver gave in after some hesitation and a promise to be generous with him for his favor. And I thanked my stars for there were no other passengers but another sweet old lady. Boy; how was I wrong!!!

Our station was the first station to be loaded with passengers, there were at least five other stops that the shuttle made around the airport and more passengers were loaded aboard. But that was no problem really, it should have been expected, but what was not expected is the stinky smell of the driver. He smelled like a coolie, who has not had a shower in ages. And to be in a small, closed and crowded area with such a smell could really get you where the famous CA weed won’t dare. And to my disadvantage; I had to be taken to my place after the shuttle was completely emptied except for the last passenger who looked Chinese.

I was so thrilled to have finally arrived, took my luggage up, handed the landlady her gift, and as my youngest hug me, my glance went to the eldest (the owner of the guitar) with a dragged face; I have forgotten the guitar at the front seat of the shuttle, and that was no less than 20 minutes back, the shuttle had already left. And my digital camera was gone with it. Here I started becoming hyper while my son reassuring me that everything will be OK and I just had to relax. But how could I relax!!!! I have developed a special bond to that guitar.

Don’t worry folks; I got my stuff after a big hassle, and more payment. And the first thing my son asked me when he got his guitar was ” where is the Pedals? Please don’t tell me dad forgot it!!”

Now the million-dollar question goes to the judge who asked me to find a way to compromise with the father of my children; does he really think that we could ever have a chance to understand each other’s language?

Why Ten Commandments?

With George Carlin

No Comment

Yesterday I had a great day that I thought nothing can make me feel bad. A personal matter that kept me hanging for a month, and I wasn’t sure when will it clear off or even what was I suppose to do. This issue cleared yesterday in almost an hour and boosted my mood up to cloud seven, until I read this news in AlQabas. It was then when I realized that you couldn’t stay happy in this country for long; there’s always something that bangs you on the head and awakens you to the miserable reality.

This article was supposed to be a review of the documentary “When The People Spoke”, of which I posted about last week (click here). It started off very nicely and ended abruptly in a tone that reminded me of those articles that were written by the filthy Fuad Elhashim and the social climber Nabeel Alfadel; the two who wrote in the disrespectable newspaper Alwatan during the orange movement of May 2006. The article reeked of the same lie invented by Alwatan at that time, but the shock was that it came from AlQabas newspaper. And for those who did not witness those days; AlQabas was the only newspaper among the five, which was relatively decent enough to portray the reality of the orange movement.

Those who lived those days remember how Alwatan brought imposters, dressed them in blue to be distinguished from the orange , and gathered them in the same plaza (sa7at Alirada), in which the orange movement commenced their activities. And on top of that they made them mock the orange activities to a point that was really silly since the acting seemed so obvious and could not fool anyone. All this was done in an effort to take their pictures, multiply the number of participants by using PowerPoint tricks (another shameless forgery), just to belittle the effort exerted by the majority of the public, by showing that it was nothing but another opposing voice in a battle of different opinion between different parties. And the funny thing is that AlQabas itself posted about such forgery. And now, one of its writers is questioning the validity of this documentary and considering it a directed and opinionated work and suggesting that it should have included the other party’s point of view!!!!

The other party’s point of view? Who is the other party? and whom are we fooling? Did we repeat the lie to the point that we started believing it ourselves? Willa shini elqisa bilthab6? And if there was “the other party”, then why didn’t AlQabas write about them then? Or are they betting on the short memories of their readers?

Being in a third world country sure teaches you how history is forged depending on who has the upper hand. And if this is the case; then all our history is nothing but a bunch of lies.

And the irony of the whole thing is that this article was published in the Art section of the newspaper. I don’t know if the writer Ahmad Alnaser meant the art of forgery that he was performing in the footsteps of the Alwatan, or he meant the art of movie production. Although I’m pretty sure that in his mind, he is considering the former to be the case.

No wonder creativity is so scarce in this part of the world, and when a wild plant shoots out there’s always others who compete to pluck it. The Ministry first banned the documentary, and now newspapers are spreading lies. Now how do we expect to ever develop? And why is the country spending such a fortune on our kids who are sent abroad to study and mix with more civilized nations, those nations that depend on a generation of creative people to survive and prosper, if our kids are destined to be forever hammered with one disappointment after another?

No to Internet Censorship

Last week I posted about Internet Censorship and how Internet provider companies in Kuwait are misusing their power and increasing their pressures on the freedom of speech by systematically blocking forums and blogs (click here). And if you remember my review of the “When the People Spoke” documentary produced by blogger Bunaz (click here), this documentary did not get the approval to be officially released to the public by the Ministry of Communication, although it portrays history in the making of vital events in the country during May 2006, an effort which deserves proper nourishing and encouragement from the officials instead of disappointment. All this was because the key players in the movie were bloggers.

And about few days back, Alwatan newspaper, which is considered the only paper that portrays government policy, had published an article demanding more control over the Net and accusing bloggers to be politicians working under anonymous names to promote certain individuals or parties, whom they are supposedly working for!!!!! And the writer’s proof was the different blog designs, which he though must have cost a fortune (how stupid). The ignorant writer did not even know that this service is provided for free and that most bloggers are using ready-made designs. The officials in that newspaper did not even check the authenticity of such information before publishing that article. But this is not my issue here since this Newspaper has lost its credibility ever since the orange movement in May 2006 with loads of lies it purposely invented, the fact that led a lot of Kuwaitis to eventually stop their subscription with them. But nevertheless; bringing this subject to public attention is not for naught.

But the straw that broke the camel’s back was when KTV axed a program titled “Diwaniya” just when the episode about blogging, in which some Kuwaiti and Bahraini bloggers participated, was supposed to be aired. The thing that made it clear to all bloggers that they are under close surveillance and that there is a campaign which is systematically growing to ban the freedom of speech, precisely when it comes to bloggers which they find hard to control

And because of these late developments Kuwaiti bloggers decided to speak up and a blog was initiated by some bloggers and dedicated to fight on behalf of all bloggers (yes they are doing this for us). This blog was named 36, as per the article 36 of the constitution that states:

Article 36 [Freedom of Opinion and Expression]
Freedom of opinion and of scientific research is guaranteed. Every person has the right to express and propagate his opinion verbally, in writing, or otherwise, in accordance with the conditions and procedures specified by law.

(click here to visit the blog), and a petition was included to get as much signatures as possible in their pursuit to get public support. And in the same process, there will be a symposium tonight regarding this issue, organized by the bloggers at eight PM in the National Liberal Unity (I hope this is the right translation). So the least you can do if you are a blogger, or even if you care for the freedom of speech as a principle, is to move your ^$$es and be there.

And I know you do care, so see you there 🙂


An Update
In his first announcement, the new Minister of Information declared that he would issue a decree to make sure that the media abides to the Islamic dogmas and the inherited heritage.
(Source: Kuwait News)
Ya3ni bil3arabi elfasee7; elmo6awa3 jahaz elkhaizarana. How more lucky can we be?

Welcome to Kuwaitistan

We Kuwaitis usually pride ourselves that regardless of what, we still have the freedom to express our thoughts. Well; surprise guys, this is not true anymore. Internet providers like Fastelco, Quality Net and KEMS, are blocking sites, forums, as well as blogs, as an on-going process. And it would not surprise me a bit to wake up one day and find out that my blog is gone.

This morning I tried to get in these secular sites:


But unfortunately I was denied access by Fastelco. I called the company and as usual they gave me an e-mail to complain. I asked them who decides what sites should be banned, they said the ministry of communication, although I’m sure that the ministry is the last to know. For how do you explain that some companies are blocking these sites and some aren’t, if it was a written instruction from the ministry to all companies?
What is surprising as well; is that a site, which provides an online library, was also blocked (maktabacom.blogspot.com)!!!!

It’s been years since we were disappointed with lies in the media. And our only refuge was through the Net. And now the Taliban government is covering all sources of information except what suits them and their allies. And soon we will see no sites but Islamic ones like Islam on-line and akhawatiha that deal with magic, Jin and horoscopes. Exactly like the types of books we find in the very few bookshops that still operate in the country.
In other words; they covered our Space with a veil (7ijab) as per elthawabi6 Alislamiyah. When I see this word I think of chains and whips.

whip.gif Mabrook ya Kuwait

A note to Fastelco since I’m one of their customers:
You know well that no matter what you do to block sites there’s always proxies. No thanks to our corrupt government. So beat it
As for me; I will stop my subscription with you and I hope others will follow; it’s your loss.

Free Thoughts

Once a fish tried to extend its whole body beyond sea level
Its gills couldn’t take the air and so it stood Clueless in
The middle, if it stayed longer out, it’d sure be
Vanished in a ripple, and if it dived it’s
To be saved but to norms it has to
Settle. Thoughts in my country
Are like that fresh air that the
Fish tried to wobble

Repeat: Succumb, Submit
And Stay under
Sea level:

An Update:
Here is a proxy link, just copy-paste the URL’s above in the window provided in the link, and it takes you there:

A Second Update:
Here is more proxy addresses you can use, click here (Or just go to http://www.proxy.org) and choose from the right window.


Come on….Kick His Ass

In NYC, New Yorkers had the privilege to kick Bush’s ass . If you had the chance to kick someone’s ass in Kuwait, who’s ass (or asses) would you like it to be? And please stay away from the premises of ilthat elameeriya (the Amir), it’s against our constitution 😉

A Skeptic’s Ten Liberties

In my last post Killa Ma6goog raised few questions about atheism. His main concern was:
What is atheism? And what are its advantages? And what positive changes it has on an atheist’s life in comparison to his/her previous state as a believer, if any? And how can atheism develop one’s personality, humanitarian outlook as well as ambitions?

Now to answer those questions, one has to admit first that he/she is an atheist, but it’s not always easy to categorize oneself within such a boundary, considering the fact that there is hardly anyone who can say that he/she is 100% atheist. And also the fact that atheism does not necessarily mean a disbelief in religion, for some forms of Buddhism, for instance, do not believe in God, yet, they display a strong belief in religious rituals.

So what is atheism?
From Answers.com, atheism is

1. Disbelief in or denial of the existence of God or gods.
2. The doctrine that there is no God or gods.

And according to the above definition, there is always a great misconception between disbelief and atheism. When someone disbeliefs in religion he could be either an Atheist, or an Agnostic(1), or a Akeptic(2). And to be fair enough to the inquiries made by Killa Ma6goog; I will only address the above through the eyes of a Skeptic, and will leave others to comment on their own ideology, since each person’s experience, belief and motives are different from the other.

And why skeptical?
Mainly because, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that religions are all man-made, and the man-made God is also hogwash. But that does not mean that I exclude the chance that there is a probability of intelligent design to this universe, be it a tiny one, and until science can prove otherwise, I will remain to be skeptical. Still, that creator has nothing to do with the Gods of religions.

And before going further into the main issue, I think it’s worthy to mention that secularism does not belong to any of the above mentioned categories since it’s not a set of beliefs, nor an ethnic party. Rather; an ideology that meant to create a medium through which diverse schools of thought and different ethnic groups can live and tolerate each other, without one assuming dominance over the other; be it a belief of the faithful religious individual or a disbeliever. But unfortunately, this term has always been misinterpreted and confused with atheism (most of the times purposefully by religious parties and radical individuals, since its concept opposes to that of their totalitarian doctrine).

To understand secularism better, this is the definition of secularism according to Wikipedia:

1. Secularism, in the more moderate sense, asserts the freedom of religion, and freedom from religion, within a state that is neutral on matters of belief, and gives no state privileges or subsidies to religions. (See also Separation of church and state; see also Laïcité.)
2. Secularism, in the more extreme sense, refers to a belief that human activities and decisions, especially political ones, should be based on what it considers to be evidence and fact, not on beliefs that secularists consider superstitious. Secularists hold that public policy should be free from religious influence. For example, a society deciding whether to promote condom use might consider the issues of disease prevention, family planning, and a belief in women’s rights. A secularist would argue that such issues are relevant to public policy-making, whereas Biblical interpretation or church doctrine are irrelevant. Secularists believe that all activities falling outside of the private sphere should be secular, i.e. not religious.

Now, it was necessary for me to mention the different definitions above so that there will be no confusion when we debate these matters. And having taken that off of my shoulders; let me begin with my personal journey.

As any individual on this side of the world, naturally, I was brought up in an Islamic culture, and was educated within Islamic boundaries. And my beginnings, also naturally, were that of a believer (I could say a strong one at that). So I may go back and forth between the old system of beliefs (I was brought up in) and my changing paradigm for the purpose of clarifying a point or two.

And to do that, let’s start by defining the mechanism of a belief system and why man considers it mandatory in human life?

KM once mentioned that religion to the believer is a guide, more like instruction manual (where one can readily pick the right actions needed for every situation he encounters in life, in order to ensure conformity in the society during his lifetime, as well as to provide for afterlife.)(3)

And here I will not go through the rigid instructions of the religious manual used to conduct our daily lives, since it became apparent to me through experience that the man-made laws which were based on years of experience, knowledge, science and alteration for the better, has far exceeded the rigid, outdated dogmas of religion. i.e. I prefer using civil laws that grant human rights than using shareea.(4)

But how about those instructions that deal with the conducts needed to ensure a safe afterlife?

Afterlife is one of the biggest mysteries to humans. All religions known to man believe in afterlife, although the perception of afterlife changes from one faith to another. And since religions are based on myths (not a shred of doubt in my mind about that), I do not accept any version of afterlife as portrayed in religion.

But what does science say about afterlife?
Actually scientists are divided when it comes to afterlife; long before research in Quantum Physics, scientists were treating afterlife as a superstition. But after more research in the field of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Chromodynamics, scientists are somewhat skeptical about the old belief, and some actually started to have a shift in their perceptions and started accepting the paranormals and the probability of their existence. And to me this is the beauty of science. One is never bound to a rigid, untouchable faith, but open to different possibilities, and susceptible to be shifted in his/her paradigm without the sense of guilt or fear. And being a skeptic, I always kept that option open.

Now what version of afterlife should I accept?
None of the above until I have more evidences of the nature of afterlife. That’s if the possibility of its existence is still valid. This thought by itself is liberating in many ways:

  • First; I do not need a set of manuals to dictate to me what should I be doing, and what should I be avoiding. Does this mean that I can be drifted into my wimps and desires? Au contraire, it exerts more responsibility on my shoulders, a responsibility that I ought to take as a mature individual in the society instead of assuming a childlike personality. A person who can rationalize and plan actions instead of someone who awaits instructions for each and every action. There is a nice quote I forgot where I heard before ”with freedom comes grave responsibilities”, this feeling is very liberating although more bounding. Self-control comes from within. And since this issue is very diverse, and beyound the scope of this post, I may go into it separately in the future.
  • Second; this very thought of self dependence puts more pressure on me as an individual to increase and update my search for the truth; my own truth and not someone else’s. And the more I researched, the better I molded myself and the stronger became my conviction and my self-confidence.
  • Third; having relied totally on my own, made me stronger as a person and vanished any fear or sense of guilt that accompanied my doubts as a religious person. If afterlife exists, I do accept it as a different form of being, very much like being reborn in a different form and a different domain. When one is in the womb, one does not know what is awaiting him/her in life. And afterlife should not be any different.
  • Forth; accepting afterlife as a different form also means accepting other paranormal hypothesis in a different form than what is portrayed in religion. This rids oneself from the superstitions that has long been akin to religious beliefs, and was used by it as a very strong source for fear inducing faith. Which means that I became a much stronger person when dealing with mysteries of life. Let me give you some examples; I live alone and enjoy my solitude, I’m not afraid of the dark, the Jin, nor I’m afraid of death. I do accept the death of close people as a natural process although I miss them greatly. And I expect to have my last days on earth celebrating with my acquaintances and loved ones the last moments, if I had the chance, instead of asking them for forgiveness in order to ensure my rewards on the other side of the border.
  • Fifth; I perceive life as the only reality. I accept it being finite, and the fact that I snatched myself out of a limited group, gave me a stronger bond to a larger one. It diverged me into globalization that increased my awareness of mankind and nature. There is an old Chinese wisdom that goes something like ” if you want to solve a problem, come out of your turtle shell and look at it from the outside, for as long as you are inside, you’ll never see the problem”. Imagine you are taking a trip on a spaceship orbiting Earth, look towards it and tell me what do you see? Do you see groups disagreeing and fighting? Can you hear their excuses? Not at all, these are the details that you see and hear when you are on Earth. With my new perception; I can only picture E.T.(5) with his innocent eyes, pointing up his finger and saying “HOME”.
  • Sixth; knowing that there is no questioning, and no Heaven and Hell, Halal and Haram is irrelevant to me. A believer might slip, then repent, then slip again and again repent. And with each slippage and repentance there is a period of immense feelings of guilt involved. While to me if I feel like doing something, I don’t perceive it as Haram or Halal, I perceive it as whether this is beneficial to others and me or not. In other words; I leave more space for my brains to weigh things instead of just obeying orders. This guarded me from slippage, secured me from excess. And saved me from guilt and fear. I am the master of myself and my actions, and there is no freedom beyond that.
  • Seventh; through the concept of the points mentioned above; I learned how to live my life in moderation and enjoy every bit of it, knowing that it’s the only thing I can keep for a while.
  • Eighth; how about immortality? The element that humans strived for in centuries, how could I give up immortality, it’s not in my humanely nature to do so. Well; the only way I perceive immortality as a skeptic is through man deeds on Earth; good or bad. And by good I mean how much did he/she contribute to life and mankind, and bad is, obviously, how much damage he/she inflicted. Great scientists, philosophers, poets as well as artists are immortals, tyrants are also immortals. Someone like Albert Einistine, Newton or Khaleel Jibran never dies. Also someone like Hitler, Stalin and Saddam Husain never dies. And although immortality is not an easy process for a layman, but it’s not impossible. This perception gave me the incentive for being ambitious, and was the strong drive behind trying to perfect whatever I do, and give it my best shot.
  • Ninth; how about spirituality? How can I seek that outside of religious domains? I remember when I took my first “Assembly” course in Electronics. The subject was so hard and it demanded a lot of programming using binary codes and probability theories. And if you have an idea of the mathematical probability theories, you would know what agonies I went through. It took me practically four weeks of continuous work, where I hardly left the Electronics lab. So many disappointments in the results that were coming out as I kept changing my data. So much frusteration. And I wasn’t the only one; other students were also facing the same problems. But the moment I received my final satisfactory grade, I felt the Earth shaking under my feet. The sense of freedom and happiness was so immense that I almost was flying on air to reach home and annonce the news to my husband. That was a feeling that no other elment can induce; the feeling of accomplishment. And I consider this feeling to be spiritual. Accomplishing a task is spiritual, listening to a favorite music is spiritual, watching a favorite program is spiritual. Reading and writing poetry is spiritual. Spending quality time with your loved ones is spritual. Reading and researching, even bloging could be spiritual. In a nutshell; appreciating and enjoying the abundance of life on Earth is spiritual.
  • Tenth; What is the purpose of life then? Well, I don’t know, even religion could not answer that question rationally. On one part I learned that man was created to build and flourish Earth, fair enough. On the other; Quran says “wa ma khalaqna aljina wa alins illa liya3bodoon” i.e; God created man and Jin to worship him……. Why? And if that is the case, then why didn’t God, the omnipotent and the omniscient create perfect slaves with a set of programmed instructions and no brains. Man (who is supposedly God’s creation) can do that nowadays with simple Robots, couldn’t He have done that? This even sounds like an insult to the creator of such complex, minute and precision prone universe. So, the first reasoning is more logical and I can accept it. And accordingly, do my duty as an individual to stop destruction and encourage building. And I see that the distructive effects of political religion has far exceeded its constructive effects, and therefore I see it my duty to contain religion within the boundaries of the individual’s vicinity (mosque, church and temple), and away from political life, and that’s why I chose secularism as the means to fight religious dominance.

(1)Agnosticism: The doctrine that certainty about first principles or absolute truth is unattainable and that only perceptual phenomena are objects of exact knowledge. The belief that there can be no proof either that God exists or that God does not exist. (Answers.com)
(2) Skepticism: The doctrine that absolute knowledge is impossible, either in a particular domain or in general. Or a methodology based on an assumption of doubt with the aim of acquiring approximate or relative certainty. Or doubt or disbelief of religious tenets. (Answers.com)
(3) My addition
(4) I have a personal issue with a divorce case that lasted more than 7 years in courts without any results so far when the decision is left to the concerned judge and there are no clear passages to this case in the shareeat, although my case is considered common.
(5) E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (click the link pls)