The Making of a Country:

Pearl divers yesterday
Were too exhausted
Making the living of the day
While wealth spread among
Traders, businessmen and
The Royal Family

But on the contrary today
They work for ministries
No work is expected
Nor punctuality
Fixed earning guaranteed
Regardless of individual deeds

Yet; the cleaver only discovers
The path to the perfect pearl
As long as he doesn’t exceed
His preprogrammed, marathon speed
To compete with businessmen and
Please the Royal Family

Lazy life, more riches
Faked extravagancy
Only exposed the greed
In human mentalities
When each sold his ethics
In the land of opportunity

Dad; now I understand
Why you stopped long ago
Playing fake democracy
In this sick society
I’m sad that your message came
A bit too late to me

What I fought for all my life
Turned out to be
“Dust in The Wind”
I wish I knew then
What I know today-
The making of a country

I have a question

I have a question
How many times have you lost your phone line!
How many times you pleaded to get it back!
How many times you had to draw water from tankers!
In a country so small and rich
As this precious land

How many times were you disgraced
With “the right person in the wrong place” or
Visa versa!
How many times in long lines
You waited
And in silence

Do you call this democracy!
Hell; you witness everyday
Your own slavery

That was the ground
On which Jasmine buds flourished,
Orange blossoms united
To salvage the ruins
And free themselves
To feel the breeze
Of democracy
To direct Kuwait to “the path of correct”
And not visa versa

Would salvaging the land
Conquer personal wealth?
Or would the faithful son
Remedy his sick mother land
Instead of selling her cheap?
Pardon me Shakespeare,
But; “This is the question”

Anas Lirshaid, your sacrifice will not be for nothing

Would Women Vote Make Any Difference

After few hectic weeks of rebellious orange movement against corruption, and the dissolution of the parliament, we women find ourselves, for the first time, facing a huge challenge. A lot of writers and politicians are betting on our force to direct the outcome of the next parliament since our number exceeds that of men by more than a double. Some are betting that women are just followers of men and their tribes or cultural groups. Others have much higher hopes that we are more intelligent than that, especially when it comes to vital issues like reform in the country.
Now I’m no politician, neither intending to be one, yet, as a citizen I see it my duty to educate myself in this field. Especially that our experience in this area is just born today. Now I’m not posting this to promote anyone, although I support the 29 MP’s who stood by public voice and think that their existence in the next parliament is a must, especially that they are experienced and brave enough to stand against corruption in the government. Yet; I think that giving a vote is a huge responsibility; if there isn’t anyone that I can really trust in my constituent; I prefer not to vote at all.
I think attending lectures to have at least a sense of direction is a must at this stage , and as a contribution from me to my sisters;. I will be more active in the coming few weeks with Woman Cultural and Social Society to provide such lectures, given by writers and thinkers in the country for the benefit of all.
On another note; many people who are calling for reform and for some reason or another could not participate in the orange movement, now it’s their time to move. I do not blame the government for being corrupt; money and power are synonymous to corruption. Neither I blame the MP’s; each has his own agenda. But I blame the citizens; especially the ones with a “don’t care” label. The ones who have the right to vote, yet, due to their desperation, they don’t. Not voting for the right person is as bad as voting for a wrong person may be even worse. Now how do you know who is the right person and who is the wrong one? You do your homework.
I may be idealistic when it comes to reform, but at least I know that I have hope. Our national reserve is drying up sooner than we think; nothing would be left for our future generation if we didn’t act now.

Viva Kuwait

An Update:
I have added a slideshow of the “Night of the Will” on the sidebar of my blog by the title” Orange Blossoms. Click here to see the slides

We are Stronger Than Ever Before

I’m broken hearted
At my will I gave you my heart
On extended hands to take
I bedded the wet grass so you’d stay still
Yet you squashed my heart
Under your feet
And shuddered my dreams away

Was the orange sun too bright
For you to see the truth!
I wonder

I’m disappointed
Not for dissolving the parliament, this was inevitable, but for the purpose of the act as was included in Amir’s speech. It sounded like disagreement between two political groupings in the parliament dragging the populous as sheep to fulfill their own agendas. And last night’s blue stage play was just a preparation for today’s speech. How pathetic.
Fighting corruption is not an easy road; it’s full off bumps. But only the smart driver can reach safety without much damage.

On the other hand; I’m proud
Proud that a bunch of free thinkers behind the net could move the country in such a short time and dissolve the parliament in less than a month period, sending one message to all; enough is enough.

Not only proud; I’m also ecstatic
Ecstatic that this whole episode uncovered masks and broadened political awareness that is much needed in the coming stage.

Do you see why your voice is important now? Don’t demote it, give it to whoever will build your country, not destroy it, do your homework, be smart.

وهم نبيها خمسة

source:الامة دوت اورغ

United We Stand

These pictures are in chronological order

كثر الدق يفك اللحام

Remember that our fight for reform is not over yet, Kuwait has done a lot for us; it´s time for us to repay. See you tonight at 8PM in front of the parliament build. Tell Kuwait that you care.

And the Snowball Rolls

Government Had Never Been Any Weaker!!! (I)

Not everybody was in jeans.

Water anyone?

We will go in a civilized manner towards the back gate, if the security did not let us in, we will walk peacefully around the build to the front gate.

Walking towards the back gate

Ana 3abd elma2moor

Nevermind we’ll walk to the front gate.

And the crowd grew by the minute.

A skirmish started at the front gate as soon as we arrived, not any serious damage though.

And I sneeked in the gate 🙂

PS; Continues

Government Had Never Been Any Weaker !!! (II)

Please try to keep calm.

Where did they all of a sudden come from?



This is absurd

One of the bandits burst in curses towards the crowd, coming from the building towards the fence. Security forces forced him back in. Too bad I couldn’t catch his face.

MPs: We won’t go in unless they allow you in.

This is Alommah building; your building and no one has the right to keep you out.

Building momentum

Lulowa: it is sad to celebrate the first anniversary of granting women’s political rights, and our first woman minister has not resigned yet; despite her well known ethics, under which generations had graduated.

Gotch yah

Fire brigade! I swear if the building was on fire, you wouldn’t have gotten here any sooner.

Yeh, it is damn hot.

But regardless; we’re staying.

Jamal li3mar; the only reform opposition MP who entered through the front gate guarded by armed forces. His smile indicated his ecstasy to see his country men and women treated like criminals. Even the ministers were too coward to do that; bravo

Morning episode is over, but the fight is definitely not.

See you tonight on the beach in front of the parliament building at 8 PM.

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