Does Being Altruistic Mean Being Alone

When you are a constant giver, or what my blogging buddy”AltruisticDad” explained as being an altruistic person, you feel you’re alone. You have the heart to accept all and appreciate all, but sadly no one understands you, let alone accepts you.

This is sad. You can’t stop yourself or change your beliefs, or even pretend to be someone you are not. The society tries constantly to change you; either by offering advice or by force. But you have to be true to yourself. Material things in life become just a means to have a decent life, not a luxury. What you yearn for is only love; Love of god, love of humanity, love of the thought. For the true happiness that you experience is through giving, not taking, and the only thing that you would ask for is acceptance for who you are.

Most of the bloggers I think fit in this altruistic category, especially the ones that keep the trend, or else why should they bother to reach others. They are not selfish people, on the contrary, they burn to light the pavement for others, they respect the mind, and they care to share.

I urge the bloggers to continue sharing and know that although you do feel the loneliness within, you are not alone.

You all know that these words came from my heart, and I’m sure and positive that it would reach your hearts.

For poetry lovers this is a poem I’ve written some years back and it may need some altering here and there, but I like to share it with you anyway, enjoy:

Big Heart

Complimented me indeed

when you said I had a big heart

To that notion I agreed

But to me the saddest part

The den inside is so enormous

It can lodge the universe

Nature to me is overwhelming

Can’t overlook or diverse

Humans precede it all

No prejudices to a race

for only I perceive a soul

That upholds abundant grace

With all I sympathize

Feel the pain through their eyes

never hate or criticize

Beliefs I can not compromise

You think that I should be happy

An’ satisfied by my deed!

On the contrary, I’m in misery

Of the ugly human greed

Hurt are the closest around,

Traits they can not understand

faking is what they demand

A dedication I can not stand

Some want me to be a puppet

or silence my word and cuff it

But as if a bird with no attachments

Through my thoughts I flee free

Can’t enclose myself in

And here is what agonizes me

Loneliness, yes my friend I suffer


For donating  such a noble offer

Speak Your Mind

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Why Moroccan girls?

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I have noticed lately that a lot of Kuwaiti guys hang around and date Moroccan girls. Not only that, some also stay in a long term relationship while others end up marrying the ones they dated although it’s against their principles to marry a girl he’s been with before marriage. Some even travel specifically to Morocco to meet those girls.

Every time I open this subject with a guy, I see a big smile on his face, why?

Don’t misunderstand my point, I’m not prejudice against any nationality, but from the stories I hear (some from my friends) that girls from that nationality have a special appeal. And from what I’ve seen, they don’t seem to be any different from other Arabian women, so what is the secret? Why is it becoming almost a trend? Now don’t tell me because they are more available while other girls are not, we all know that this is not true. Not in this generation anyway

Sorry guys to inform you that this post has more than its share of comments, therefore I stopped the capability of commenting. Thanks



Happy birthday to you my love….
This is dedicated to my son for today is his birthday

My Prince

When I start thinking of you
I forget all friends and foe
Fireworks start ahead
Blowing my ego and id

When I start thinking of you
My temperature rises too
My hands get freezing cold
Sweat invades each fold

When I start thinking of you
Tingling sensations are due
All excitements in universe
I pour out in a single verse

When I start thinking of you
I’d bet you do feel it too
In my ears I hear heartbeats
Starving guts forget to feast

I live within you my youth
You’re the only shining truth
Of all lost years, but a single stance
The moment you were born, my real romance
My dear prince, my flamboyance

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This post is selectively dedicated to my son, no comments are needed, thanx

A Blissful Day

Today was a good day for me

I woke up in the morning very active, unlike the usual Saturday gloominess. Went to the office, and there on the floor it was waiting for me. A cup I got for participating in a poetry competition with the international poet’s library, and a medallion. As well as, a one year membership in the international poet’s society, and a title of the international poet of merit for the year 2004.

Waw .. That was really an exuberant way to start a day.

And since I was fully activated I thought I’d pay my mom a visit. A task I have been postponing for two years since she disowned me mainly for not being a norm in this reserved society. I have gone to the big house once before and stayed in my car for 20 min hesitating to get in, this time I told myself I’m going to do it. And I did it. It was not easy and I had to take a lot of shit from her, but I told her that this is the way I am. I’m sure she is not satisfied yet, but what matters is that I hugged her on my way out, kissed her head, and told her no matter what you are my mom and I love you.

Waw.. That was a relief.

Then I came home to my PC and guess who was on the MSN? sweet, sugar.. D&G. she was waiting for me to show me how to do my “best blog links” on the sideboard of my blog; a task I’ve been fumbling with for sometimes now and frustrated me. And still couldn’t do it. So the angle did it herself for me

Waw.. now I can go to my favorite blogs with a click of my mouse.

To top it up another thing happened but I’m not going to mention it here for two reasons; one is because it’s too personal, another reason is to leave some room for your imagination

Ching ching

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Fortune Telling

Do you believe in fortune telling, do you go see some one to read your coffee cup, or spread the sea shells ( wada3)

Well, I have this habit of flipping my first morning coffee cup in the office. Not that I know how to read future, but I just do it. And the funny thing is that every person that drops in my office asks ’bout it and I tell them I just do it as a habit.

So the guest tents to show me his know how and offers to read it… waw, I say, make my day.

Some times I have more than one guest reading the same cup (at different timings of course) and I end up with three different versions, each one contradicting the other.

And you wana know a secret; some of these quests are VIP’s who drop in for serious business matters.

This reminds me of a personal story that happened when I was a student in UT, USA.

We were asked by the administrators of the university to participate in “The International Student’s day” by designing a booth that reflected the culture and heritage of our home country. And since the Arabs in the university (at the time) hardly counted to a dozen, we decided to have one booth for the Arabs and called it the Arabian night.

We managed to put together a tent, and a (dowa), and a (dallah). And some posters were scattered here and there. Girls wore (dara3a and thoob), guys wore (dishdasha), some Palestinian girls wore their Palestinian national outfits, and that was it.

But when the exhibition started we were astonished to find out that all the other booths were much nicer, and more sophisticated than ours, and people crowded on other booths while our booth was hardly visited if not, by some lost wayfarer who dropped in to have a cup of coffee.

And since the university was offering the best booth a trophy, and this was calculated by the approximate head count on each booth, we had to come up with something quickly before the day was over.

It was then when a friend of mine (another q8i) and I, thought of the wonder world of fortune telling that no one else have thought of.

And who was to do the fortune telling? Me.

I have never done that in my life, and did not know how to do it, but I have heard about some basic concepts of sea shell spreading ( wada3) so I thought I’d give it a try since no one else was ready to take the burden.

So we managed to post a sign on the tent with the caption( fortune telling, the Arabian way) with a huge arrow pointing to me sitting crossed legs on the ground with sea shells scattered in front of me.

In no time the booth got crowded with people that in the middle of December I started sweating and asked every one to queue up. The queue was getting longer and longer; it even reached the door of the stadium where the exhibition took place and I don’t know where it ended outside.

I gave each person 10 min only and was panting by the time the day ended.

The funny thing is that they all believed my rubbish, to the point that I started believing myself.

Not mentioning the reputation I got afterwards, and the people who came to see me and beg me to foretell for them.

And ah….. of course we got the trophy.

Ching ching

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Tick Tock Goes the Clock

Another poet is yet to be discovered

This is the poem D&G gave me to be reviewed by the critics, and after reviewing it myself I rated her 3/5, and she said I did that because I was her friend. Now the results are here, and it turned out that I have given her the lowest rating although she deserved more.

The poem:


(Dedicated to my friend Rabab)

I watch the clock

it ticks and tocks

learning LEARNING

ignites my yearning

to go out and play

every which way

Paper airplanes fly here and there

I look at the the teacher, she does’t care!

Tick Tock goes the clock

I stiffle a giggle, as she tucks in a squiggle

back into her chignon, and moves on

Quarter to two, I don’t know about you

but I can’t wait any longer

and it’s not just about the hunger

She askes a question,

She calls on me,

the clock chimes TWO,

I run outside with glee!

Copyright Drunk&Gorgious, 2004



this was very whimsical it moved me to childhood and the joys of then. Well as for the poetry itself it needs to be refined just a bit. There are a few errors that can be quickly fixed. Capitalizing learning in the first stanza took away from the gentleness of your poetry, 2nd stanza 2nd line there is a misspelled word “does’t” and finally hunger at 1:45? Were you not fed at lunch? Or does the hunger mean learning? It was a nice poem, needs some tweaking but other than that I still rate it a 5. I do not take off for 3 or less typed errors heck we all make mistakes I do hope that this review is of great help to you and you will fix the problems that I have mentioned

Reviewed by

Christina V

(Expert Level)

Rated: 5/5


Tell your friend that she should keep writing! The poem is upbeat with vivid memories of waiting for the bell to move on.

This poem has a good flow.

Reviewed by


(Master Level)

Rated: 5/5


This is perfect for a first time piece. It was that sort of nursery rhyme kind of piece, but it was great. I would like to know how old your friend is, but tell her to keep writing

Reviewed by


(Expert Level)

Rated: 4/5


N i c e p o e m, w e l l w r i t t e n.

G o o d j o b, k e e p w r i t i n g.

Reviewed by


(Master Level)

Rated : 4/5


This really is good for a first timer. She does appear to have talent and I am glad you’re encouraging her. We all need that. Nicely written with good imagery.

Reviewed by


(National Judge Advocate)

Rated : 5/5


I loved this poem. It has this playful and whimsical innocence to it. It made me smile and took me back to my own days of elementary school and the fun I use to have at recess. Encourage your friend to keep writing, she is very talented indeed.

Reviewed by


(Talented Level)

Rated: 5/5

Reviewer Rankings and Requirements

Reviewers are rated by Gavels as follows:

Title Star Rank Experience

Scholar Less than 10 Gavels At least 1 month

Proficient 11-35 Gavels At least 1 month

Experienced 36-60 Gavels At least 1 month

Skilled 61-100 Gavels At least 3 months

Talented 101-300 Gavels At least 3 months

Gifted 301-400 Gavels At least 3 months

Professional 401-500 Gavels At least 6 months

Expert 501-750 Gavels At least 6 months

Master 751-1000 Gavels At least 6 months

Judge Advocate 1001-3000 Gavels At least 6 months

National Judge Advocate More than 3000 Gavels At least 9 months

D&G; do you still think that I have been biased to you because I’m your friend?

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To Yamuslim

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Tamer Saleh

[Yamuslim] تقبل الله منا و منكم

Oct 15


majed al-ahmed

[Yamuslim] البرنامج اليومي للمسلمة الرمضا…

Oct 15


majed al-ahmed

[Yamuslim] باب الريان

Oct 15


charmy man

[Yamuslim] المجلس الثاني من مجالس رمضان

Oct 15


charmy man

[Yamuslim] مجالسُ شهرِ رمضانَ – المجلس ال…

Oct 15


الفجر” “الباسم” “قاد…

[Yamuslim] مواعيد برامج الاستاذ عمرو خالد…

Oct 16


It’s been over a year now since I had my hot mail clogged with e-mails from the ” YaMuslim” group. And there are so many of them sending e-mails I’m not interested in. I tried so many times to reply to some of them “and there are so many, you hardly can keep up with “, begging them pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase stop. I’m not interested; when I need a religious lecture I can go to the mosque it’s only one block away from where I live, but no use. I even sent a guy a message saying I’m not a Muslim, so shove off…. Mako fayda. I don’t know how in the hell they got a hold of my e-mail. Why meeeeeee!

This is a known psychological trick and I know they are trying to brain wash me. I gave up sending any messages and just ended up emptying their mails into my trash.

So guys if any of you belong to that group and are reading my post, this is the last time I’m going to be polite, please stop, it doesn’t work with me, with all my respect to your views. I’m not INTERESTED.

This posting is only informative, no comments needed

A Poet is Yet to be Discovered

On oct.11, I posted a poem for an anonymous. One of the blogging friends; Purgatory72 commented with a poem that came to his mind after reading my post. As far as I know, this person has never tried to write poetry before, and what he wrote was just a mere feeling he put on paper right there and then. Personally, I’m not a fan of free styling poetry and to me if the poem does not rhyme, I do not feel it. And as for having the rank of (skilled level) as a critic, I always refrain from reviewing any free styling poetry. But I did relate to his poem and I thought that for the first piece this was excellent. So I thought I’d send it to the critics for judging the quality of his work, and I got the following reviews:

The poem:

the dove

The dove, white and pure, enters the room

three steps on the floor, across the hall

stares at the lady from below, wondering, poundering

who might she be, why is she so alone, why?

The dove, white and pure, jumps above

sitting on her shoulder, across her face

pinches the lady from aside, wondering, poundering

who might she be, why is she so alone, why?

The dove, white and pure, opens its wings

cloaks her face, across her eyes

Light, light, light, light, light

No more wondering, no more loneliness, no more, no more…. no more.

Copyright: Purgatory72, 2004

Critics review:


I like the dove and light but I do not understand its meaning. Keep trying. I would like to say that when I first started writing I was not so good but now I am here.


Reviewed by


(Scholar Level)


I love it! This has questions makes me think thought provoking me into action . expressions are so unique. I like rants and it is close Yes. awesome poem


Reviewed by


(National Judge Advocate)


I like this poem… i enjoyed reading it, although I don’t see the meaning of it… it honestly leaves me blank


Reviewed by


(Talented Level)


This poem leaves me wondering…like the dove I need to ask why? I can pull no certain meaning from this piece and do not feel qualified to try.


Reviewed by

(Master Level)Krinnchic


i respect the effort… change “poundering” to “pondering”… the thing that held me to the context of the poem is the idea that the angel of death, or even the grim reaper, is now represented by a dove… good enough for me… great…

Rated: 4/5

Reviewed by


(Professional Level)


I like the dove and all but I think there need to be more understanding put in to the poem

Rated: 2/5

Reviewed by


(Experienced Level)


An interesting poem. It leaves one

wondering and pondering (check your spelling) just like the dove, so white and pure. It’s not a bad poem, just a little

different than the norm. Always try different things – it helps you grow.

Rated: 4/5

Reviewed by


(National Judge Advocate)

This is the ranks levels from lowest to highest:

Scholar Level

Experienced Level

Skilled level

Talented Level

Professional Level

Master Level

National Judge Advocate

Now I’m not going to say more Purg. Let the results speak for themselves.

And to those of you who feel that they have this ability and talent, and can appreciate the written word and have the yearning to pour out their feelings on a piece of paper, please don’t be shy just do it, there is always a first time.

Ching ching

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