Creating Another Monster Called Marzooq Alghanim I

It seems like Kuwait is cursed by Alkhurafi myth. For not only he is ruining our country by the power of his millions, where no one dares to stand against him, he is also preparing his smaller image in his nephew Marzooq Alghanim to extend his curse at least for a coming decade. Today I got a message from a reliable source that Alkhurafi had given his orders to withdraw 6million KD in cash from NBK. This amount of money he does not need to get the green seat in the parliament because by hook or crook he already guaranteed that , but he sure needs it to get back his legendary presidency post. His millions would be distributed in Khaitan, Rumaythiya, Khaldiya and what have you, to manipulate votes and scrutinize patriotic candidates.
It was not long back when Alshaab newspaper (click the link pls) revealed Alkhurafi’s scandal in transferring names to Shamiya and Shuwaikh constituent and now the little Alkhurafi is taking his uncle’s steps, but I have a feeling that this youngster is bound to exceed his uncle with his sweet talk and mischievous charisma.
The information in these two posts were taken from the electoral registration sheets, and the pictures were taken as per the addresses given in those sheets, the number against each name represents the electoral number, check for yourselves

First house: block 1, St. Haram Bin Sinan, house number 15
169Husain Ahmad Sultan Mahboob
123Hissah Khalid Ibrahim Abdelrahman Eltiwaigri
170Hamad Waleed Mohamad Jasem Mohammad Almubarak
61Khawlah Abdelrahman Ali Abdelrahman Almulla
62 Khawlah Abdullah fudalah irhamah alsilaity
460Marzooq Adel Yaqoob Jasem Shaheen Alganim
76Waleed Muhammad Jasem Muhammad Almubarak
Total number : 7

The last name; Waleed Almubarak is an ex-player in Kuwait Club and now he works in the administration office of the same club, and Hamad is his son. And if we exclude women’s names, we see how diverted each name sounds Also notice the opening in the wall where I guess a window used to be. This house looked and felt deserted and there is no way that seven adults could be living under it’s roof.

Second house: block 1, St. Nisif Elyoosif, house Number 34
263 Aman Johar Saeed
5 Basima Ahmad Ibrahim Almasood
89 Bashayer Naser Abdullah Abdelazeez Almasood
7 Tahani Jasem Mohammad Salem
14 Jameelah Mohammad Alabdelkareem Aljohar
100 Johar Easa Johar Mabrook
142 Khalid Ali Johar Saeed Aman Alaman
33 Aisha Mohammad Faraj Alhowaili
90 Abeer mohammad Abdullah Mohammad Alali
182 Foziyah Aman Johar Saeed
91 Faysal Ahmad hamad Aljohar
15 Maryam Ahmad Hamad Aljohar
146 Mona Ahmad Hamad Aljohar
245 Muneera Mohammad Ali Sultan Alsidairawi
96 Nida Abdullah Ibrahim Mohammad Alkhlaifi
Total number : 15

This house is around 500 m2, it looked also deserted with a seemingly broken hinged doors. I asked the Bangladeshi who was watering the front pavement if there were any residents; he said he’s new and there is only one Kuwaiti he knew.
This house belongs to Faysal Aljohar, Mariyam and Muna sound like his sisters, the rest of the names do not fit to be in the same family. But regardless of all this; this house does not look like it could accommodate 15 adults coming from several families. I also found out that Johar Mobarak is a resident of Alroodah and not Aldahiya.Could this be one of Marzooq’s name transfers!!!

Third house: block 1, St. Nisif Alyoosif, house number 44
41 Badriyah Saleh Mohammad Saleh Alfahad
102 Jarallah Mohammad Abdullah Alsuood Aljarallah
164 Mona Saleh Mohammad Saleh Alfahad
Total Number: 3

This house was actually a big puzzle; although the name Ahmad Bader Alroomi was printed on its entrance door, there was no Ahmad Alroomi registered on the electoral sheets nor any other names that indicated a family member. The house was large and only three people were registered as it’s residents; two sisters from Alfahad Family and Jarrallah Aljarallah whom I found out that he’s a resident of Aljahrah and not Aldahiya. Another big question mark.

No, that’s not all, check the next post please

An update
You can find the Arabic translation of this post on Kha6er’s post
Thank you Kha6er

Creating Another Monster Called Marzooq Alghanim II

Fourth house: Block 1, St. Yoosif Alrumi, house Number 6
143 Khaleefa hmood Ali Khaleefah Alshaheen Alghanim
139 Khaleefah Zayid Fhaid Zayid Alammar
85 Dalal Abdulwahab Fahad Ibrahim Abdulazeez Almutawa
177 Faysal Nazar Ahmad Yoosuf Alnisif
369 Mohammad Nazar Ahmad Yoosuf Alnisif
457 Mishal Yagoob Yoosuf Mohammad Alduaij
Total Number: 6

This house was another puzzle; the name printed on the door says Abdul Razak Ma3rafi, and looking in the list I found one name that matches but the address was not complete. The name was Abdul Razak Abdullah Mohammad Ma3rafi, a merchant born in 1947, and no other family members with the same name. yet, there are 6 adults who are supposedly occupying this address. Five males with different family names and one female. I also found out that khaleefa Alammar is employed by QNet and his residence is Salwa and not Aldahiya. Mishal Yagoob is also not Aldahiya resident. Could this be some type of name swapping deal?

Fifth house: Block 1, St. yoosuf Alroomi, house number: 34
101 Johar Aman Johar Saeed
19 Hisham Yahya Mohammad Alayoob
Total number: 2
Such a huge house for only two, no? I found out that Johar Aman’s sresidence is Alroodah and not Aldahiya.
I could not take the picture of the sixth house because there was a jeep with Alghanim logo in front of the house and the driver noticed that I was checking the house and he followed me until I was away from the area. The house was about 500 m2, very old, but did not seem deserted.

Sixth house: block 1, St. Harm Bin Sinan, house number: 22
258 Ahmad Kamal Hasan Ali
314 Ismaeel Kamal Hasan Ali
118 Husain Kamal Hasan Ali
131 Khalid Mohammad Husain Rashid Aldamkhi
61 Naser Ali Abdullah Yoosuf
56 Waleed Khdayer Mohammad Ahmad Ali
Total number: 6
Notice no female residents here and Waleed Ali is an ex-player in Kuwait club

Seventh house: block 3, St. 35, house number: 1
114 Bader Barak Yoosuf Yaseen Ali Yaseen
113 Barak Yoosuf Yaseen Ali Yaseen
110 Shareefah Barak Yoosuf Yaseen Ali Yaseen
793 Ali Abdulazeez Yoosuf Abdulwahab Abdulazeez Algatan
95 yoosuf Abdulazeez Yoosuf Abdulwahab Abdulazeez Algatan
Total number: 5
Also here no female residents except for one . Barak Yoosuf Yaseen Ali Yaseen works for Kuwait Club and his residence is Alroodah and not Aldahiya and Bader is his son.

Eighth house: block 3, St. Abo Yoosuf Alghadi, house number 14
232 Ahmad Dekheel Abdulazeez Alesaimi
72 BaderDekheel Abdulazeez Alesaimi Dekheel Abdulazeez Alesaimi
98 Saood Faisal thnayan bin thnayan Alghanim
378 Munther yoosuf Saleem muftah Alnasar
63 Waleed Mohammad Naser Almandeel
Total residents:5
Ahmad and Bader Dekheel Abdulazeez Alesaimi are Marzooq Alghanim’s cousins and Waleed Mohammad Naser Almandeel is an ex-player in Kuwait Club. Also no female names.

Ninth house: block 4, St.44, house number 6
357 Amani Abas Abdulameer Abduimam jawad sulaiman
219 Sara jasem Mohammad Abdulazeez Aljaser
147 Sumayah Rasheed Salem Ahmad Salem Alameeri
778 Abdulmuhsin Abdullah Abdulmuhsin Abdulrazaq Alshiryam
453 Mohammad Hamdan Abdulazeez Alhamdan
96 Yoosuf Abdullah Mohammad AbdullahAbdulwahab Almajid
Total number: 6

Three different women with different family names and three different men with different family names. And bdulmuhsin Abdullah Abdulmuhsin Abdulrazaq Alshiryam is a player for Kuwait Club.

There were other registered names in Aldahiya but the addresses were not clear, and here are the names:
Waleed Khdayer Mohammad Ali- A player in Kuwait Club
Johar Issa Johar Mubarak- resident of Alroodah
Samer Mohammad Abdullah Almarta- a player in Salmiya club and a close friend of Marzooq
Msaed Abdullah Ibrahim Alkhezam- a manager in BMW
Abdullah Msaed Abdullah Ibrahim Alkhezam- msaed’s son

And finally;
Majdi Yihya Mohammad Abdelrahman Ganam; a candidate in the second constituent, he works as the human resources manager of A3yan where the head of the administration board is Ali Thnayan Alghanim. Could this be an extra I mentioned in one of my older posts for the benifit of Marzooq? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Well; this was what I could come up with
Wa ma khafiya kan a3tham

دعوة للتطوع في مراقبة الإنتخابات

تدعو جمعية الشفافية الكويتية الراغبين بالتطوع للمشاركة في مراقبة إنتخابات مجلس الامة يوم 29/6/2006 إلى التسجيل لديها على ان تقدم لهم دورة تدريبية بعنوان (المراقب الإنتخابي) للخبير الدستوري د. محمد المقاطع و سيمنح المشاركون شهادة مراقب إنتخابي.

عنوان جمعية الشفافية الكويتية

اليرموك ق4 مقابل شارع المطار

هاتف : 5358901


الدعوة موصولة الى مدونين الكويت خاصة ان تساعدوا في نشر الدعوة ولنتصدى بها الفساد ولنكن درعا نحمي إرادة الشعب من التزوير. ان الامل كبير

I’m a Dreamer

I fantasize being a land
Draped with fine sand
Ruled by Freya-
The Goddess of fertility

I fantasize rolling over
Bare skinned on wet shores
Sedating Amor’s delight
In the light of my serenity

I dream of being in a cave
Stroking his tangled head
Releasing strand by strand
His sense and sensibility

I dream of eternal youth
Mohammad’s paradise
Where no one else but us
Can devour such lustful solidarity

I dream of utopia
In which my dreams whittle the poems
Smothered in elixir of immortality
To eternalize his reality

Yes, I am a dreamer
And no one but I can bat an eye
And feel his generosity
On my velvet skin, or within my….. sensuality

إنتمي : صوتي ، شاركي

ليعلو صوتك
مارسي حقك
إنتمي : صوتي ، شاركي
إنتخابات 2006

عزيزتي الناخبة

إليك بعض المعلومات الموجزة و الضرورية ليوم الإنتخاب

يوم الإنتخاب : هو يوم واحد فقط و يوافق الخميس 29/6/2006

أماكن التصويت : سيصدر بيان من وزارة الداخلية في التلفزيون لتحديد أماكن الإنتخاب على مدى
ثلاثة أيام قبل يوم الإنتخاب . أو قومي بزيارة موقع وزارة الداخلية على

هذا الرابط

توقيت الإنتخاب : من الساعة 8 صباحا و حتى 8 مساء

الهوية المطلوبة : شهادة الجنسية الأصلية

ورقة الإنتخاب : هي الورقة التي تسلم إلى الناخبة من رئيس لجنة الإنتخاب و تتضمن أسماء جميع مرشحي الدائرة

في حالة فقدان الجنسية الأصلية : تستخرج شهادة جنسية من إدارة الجنسية في منطقة الفروانية في يوم الإنتخاب فقط و يستردها رئيس اللجنة الإنتخابية بعد التصويت

طريقة الإنتخاب
إختيار إسم مرشح واحد أو إثنان فقط عن طريق وضع علامة (صح) عند إسمه /إسمها

متى تكون ورقة الإنتخاب باطلة
إذا زاد عدد المرشحين عن إثنان في ورقة الإنتخاب
كتابة أي كلمة أو علامة أو التوقيع على ورقة الإنتخاب

ملاحظات هامة
الناخبة التي لا تستطيع الكتابة لأي سبب من الأسباب ( الأمية،إعاقة،….) سيتولى رئيس اللجنة فقط إثبات أسماء من تختاره على ورقة الإنتخاب

لمزيد من المعلومات
إدارة الإنتخابات – وزارة الداخلية

تلفون :4848804،7071245،7871274
الحملة برعاية الجمعية الثقافية الإجتماعية النسائية
الرجاء نشر هذه المعلومات للأهمية و شكرا

Elections III

In the previous two posts I have pointed out the negative aspects of the elections, but this particular election also carries some hope. There are some decent candidates running and we need our full force to back them up.

Pay attention; It’s not a right, it’s an obligation
Ya ba3adhom kilohom
The only woman candidate that is worth backing up, she is a fighter and she was with our move for reform from the beginning till the dissolution of the parliament, if you take a look at my previous posts you’d see her pictures all around. Yes, I do wish to see at least one woman in the next parliament and know that Rula is an asset.
I saw the other day some Bangladeshis removing Basil’s posters. When I asked them for the reason, they said it’s orders from Elbaladiyah. I asked them, then how come they were only removing his posts when his posters were not placed in awkward locations like others? They just moved their heads and did not answer. The strange thing is that when I called “Norah”; one of Basil’s campaigning members, to tell her what’s going on, and by the time I finished my phone call and made another round with my car. The Bangladeshis disappeared!
You don’t need us, we need you

You will always stay great regardless of their……(fill in the blank)

PS. the names mentioned here are by no means the only ones who deserve our support.

Elections II

Election time has its own flavor in Kuwait. The whole country looks like …. a chaos.
Driving around can be very dangerous with all the posters and banners blocking the driver’s vision, some posters are creative and some are disgusting.

Repetitive posters; is this some sort of psychology?
Uncivilized; coming from a doctor!


I asked a friend of mine about the reason for some candidates to run, especially when they know that they don’t have any chance to win against prominent figures that have a large electoral base. I know some who have only their family members and very few neighbors to back them up, yet, they won’t hesitate to bear the expenses for the preparations. And this is what he said:
These candidates, especially the ones running in a district where there are other candidates who would pay extravagantly to win the elections are called extras; they wait till few days before the elections and then make a deal with such a candidate to sell him whatever votes he could gather in return to his withdrawal. His neighbors and relatives would be paid and the rest would go in his pocket, in other words it’s all about business baby.

Disturbing scene

Creative scene… yet

Location is an art

Does she think that by blocking the driver’s vision she has a chance in getting his vote?

Elections I

I’m proud to say that I belong to Surrah area (Al3dailiya constituent), proud that the people of this small area reject to sell their votes in spite of Jamal Alomar and his filthy 500 KD’s/ head and Channel bags. They have voiced their opinion loud and clear through several banners, spread around the area and read as the following:

السره ليست للبيع
الكويت أغلى
أبناء السره

Yet, the souls of the corrupt could not stand these innocent banners; they sent their slaves to tear them apart. They insisted on spreading their filth and destroying any effort to keep Kuwait clean because they know, beforehand, that a clean soil is no place for worms to survive.

Check out this one

Another one completely distroyed

One on the ground

This is how one looked after trying to put it up

To be continued

It’s now 4+1

انا هم مع الصراصير

The orange hope “nabeeha ta7alof”

يا السنعوسي شيل إيدك

شارك في الاعتصام بمقر التحالف الوطني الديموقراطي في الروضة الساعة 8:30 مساءا احتجاجا على تحريض وزير الاعلام لوزارة الداخلية باغلاق قناة (نبيها تحالف) وباقي القنوات الفضائية ، وقطع قناة نبيها تحالف عن البث عبر عربسات

بأي حق يغلقون المحطات ، بأي حق يصادرون ويقمعون هذه الحقوق التي كفلها لنا الدستور .

هل أصبحنا في عهد قمع حرية الرأي والتعبير ؟

هل أغلقت بعض هذه المحطات فقط لأنها حاربة الفساد والمفسدين وقامت بدعم قضية الخمس دوائر و المد البرتقالي الإصلاحي ؟

لكن لن نستسلم ، فطالما نسير على درب الحق والإصلاح ونحترم قوانين الدولة والدستور ،سنستمر بعملنا .

مقر التحالف الوطني الديموقراطي:
منطقة الروضة، ق 4، شارع الكرامة، مقابل الدائري الثالث.

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