Why Moroccan girls?

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I have noticed lately that a lot of Kuwaiti guys hang around and date Moroccan girls. Not only that, some also stay in a long term relationship while others end up marrying the ones they dated although it’s against their principles to marry a girl he’s been with before marriage. Some even travel specifically to Morocco to meet those girls.

Every time I open this subject with a guy, I see a big smile on his face, why?

Don’t misunderstand my point, I’m not prejudice against any nationality, but from the stories I hear (some from my friends) that girls from that nationality have a special appeal. And from what I’ve seen, they don’t seem to be any different from other Arabian women, so what is the secret? Why is it becoming almost a trend? Now don’t tell me because they are more available while other girls are not, we all know that this is not true. Not in this generation anyway

Sorry guys to inform you that this post has more than its share of comments, therefore I stopped the capability of commenting. Thanks


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  1. Drunk'n'Gorgeous
    Oct 27, 2004 @ 03:59:00

    Maybe because Sophia from Star Academy was Moroccan and all the Kuwaity guys want their own Sophia? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • MiCabana
      Sep 25, 2012 @ 05:37:54

      True story, I am an American I moved to Morocco in 2005 to start working at the US embassy in Rabat at the age of 21. I am not Kuwaiti nor Arab so I can not speak on their behalf but I have dated an Egyptian, Palestinian, Persian, and even a Saudi girl but none have compared to my longest relationship ever with a women which was with a Moroccan named Rachida. The reason why Moroccan women are the best is because there are no stigmas attached to them. They live vicariously like women in the Maghreb/middle-east wish they could. They are cultural but yet they use culture to define themselves in their own distinctive and personal cultural way. In other words, they don’t just live their culture but they capture the beauties in which they know a man likes of it and use it to their own satisfaction against him (feminently). Almost like the proverbial snake charmer. Also, because Moroccan girls don’t have to stay covered up and 90% of them in urban areas don’t they are usually adorned in the latest European fashion in turn to keep their figures the women don’t end up gaining all sorts of unwanted weight that can be easily hidden by for example a jilbab or jilaabah giving Moroccan ladies the figure of what I like to relate to as next to Brazilian women (if you know what I mean). ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sorry Arabian lady’s Moroccan women have nothing to do with black magic(which I have ridiculously heard before). Further more, Moroccan women know how to treat a man without bending to his will and in fact can gently persuade a man to bend to her will by using charm and humor like a friend not a lover. Which provides a man with a little bit of a challenge which men like. They play their lady roles strong and expect you to be a gentlemen in return. For example, I remember how I wanted to test my theory on another Moroccan women I was dating while in Morac named Najat. So one day I decided to act ungentlemanly just to see what kind of reaction I would get from her. I took her out to dinner after many dinners together and was being completely rude. Instead of fighting with me or throwing a fit in reaction (like many other kinds of women) to my surprise she called the waiter over and asked for the bill. He brought it and Najat said to me, “In Morocco a women always expects her man to pay the bill for her but since you are acting like a boy I will pay it.” She did, she paid the bill then left the restaurant and got into a taxi. I was amazed at how she carried herself, just completely amazed, and I wanted so badly at that point to chase her down and apologize while I kissing her hand. So, the example is this, Moroccan women have a swag like none other and much of it has to do with the role Moroccan women play in society and their culture. They present themselves not only as a Lady but they command equal respect and utmost dignity from their partner and don’t fight about it. In return us men who date Moroccans get spoiled for being good men with affection…like cous cous and tagine. lol.

  2. mishu1984
    Oct 27, 2004 @ 04:50:00

    Rabab, as with any girl, when asking a man, dont ask why, but rather, why not? ;>

  3. Purgatory
    Oct 27, 2004 @ 20:14:00

    I slept today for 2 hrs in the afternoon then woke up and had f6oor. I liked it.

  4. Altruistic Dad
    Oct 28, 2004 @ 09:19:00

    For Kuwaiti men, the Moroccan woman is the forbidden fruit; she is the grass on the other side of the fence, which makes her more tempting to him than a Kuwaiti woman. It’s not that a Moroccan woman is actually any different or any better than a Kuwaiti woman; the attraction is all in the man’s perception of her–that he believes her to be different, believes her to be better…therein lies the temptation–to try to obtain something that is forbidden, with the illusion that the reason it is forbidden is because it has more value.

    • karin6685
      Sep 15, 2011 @ 17:44:09

      everbody knows that morocian girls are sluts and they do witchcraft thats why is hard for men to not go there again but the fact is that the girls there junmp from men to men and giving theme aids

      • ammara
        Nov 12, 2011 @ 14:44:37

        i completely agree with you…

      • fsdfsd
        Dec 26, 2011 @ 19:34:01

        hi karin6685, everybody knows that your mom is a slut and she use to eat kuwaity men shit in the toilets and they used her hair to weap their asses

      • Kurokeshi
        Mar 04, 2012 @ 04:46:17

        I bet you are a jealous Kuwaiti or Saudi girl. Moroccan women are, always have been, and always will be better than the likes of you. They are much more beautiful and better not only at being wives, but also at being a best friend. Now go cry yourself to sleep in a corner. B/c when it comes to Moroccan women, you are only second rate. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Saalik Mustafa
          Sep 08, 2012 @ 15:58:12

          Moroccan women are the best, sorry if that offens anyone they treat their husbands well they don’t see color and they are beautiful, and I am from the USA. at this point in my life my wife must be Moroccan.

      • mounia
        Mar 26, 2012 @ 03:40:19

        If a woman knows how to keep her husband satisfied, nothing can threaten her home.

        Furthermore, i have come to understand that a hint of jealousy from emirate women, due to their expensive and ‘i have no time for my husband’ culture, jealousy because their men do not have a relationship with them based on love and trust, but money and hierarchy. And there is no such thing as moroccan women are ‘forbidden fruits’ they are both strong and loving women, something others who stereotype them are not. So give yourself a reality check, because Allah (SWT) is our judge.

      • John Abdullah
        Dec 17, 2012 @ 13:32:36

        Quit watching Disney cartoons people. Get a life. I’m an English man and my wife is a moroccan. You people are dirty minded (those who I meant). Cut the hate and throw it away. Haters do not live another day. This what happens when you don’t much and you start making assumptions. I’m a Muslim, I thank God for that. Assalaamu-alaekom all.

    • mounia
      Mar 26, 2012 @ 03:34:27

      Did anyone take the time to find out that Moroccan women who don’t believe in black magic, condone it, or want to marry a man based on such deceit. Moroccan ethics are nation wide.

      Morocco is cross cultured, and by this i mean it is more modern, it is an equal gender society as opposed to saudi arabia and the rest of the other arab countries. Women are more modern there, they are very loving of their family and proud, and they do not do ‘black magic on men for their money’. Black magic existed a couple years wayyyy back, but not now.

      As for the Emirate women… i pity them, they call themselves muslim women however ‘they only see the camels hump that is in front and not their hump’, from a religious perspective how can they sleep at night yet they spend the day ‘bitching’ & prejudging other muslims, this is one of the biggest sins! In my opinion, these ladies should learn to love their husbands, and not make money the 3rd person in the relationship, which is clearly taking over their lives, as from what i saw the men at the cafe or ‘at work’ and the ladies in the shopping mall 24/7 if they cannot even sit their husbands down with them. instead of resolving your family issues and relationship issues you put a blame on others.

      I have visited qatar and saudi arabia, and worked in kuwait. Saudi arabia has the biggest corruption with all the arab countries put together! The hidden gay culture, and drug culture etc the list goes on.

      On the other hand, worthless men who cheat on their wives with maids (Moroccan, or Philippians, etc, etc) are not worth keeping, black magic or not! If a woman knows how to keep her husband satisfied, nothing can threaten her home.

      • Jamjar
        Aug 09, 2012 @ 05:47:46

        Tbarkallah alik sis! Ramdhan Mubarak all! Love from morocco! This is a controversial topic as I don’t blame some Khaleeji women for having that view. I have seen and heard how some of them are, not to forget theres a growing Prostitution ring here and Khaleeji men are not solving the problem but promoting growth! I question what type of heart they have when they have a wife and children back in their native land and come sniffing our women attracting them with their wealth. To be honest it takes two to tango! The Khaleeji woman are in denial and blame suhur, black magic. So when you got married was it the materialist things that inspired you ? Dont you consider the mans spirituality and faith? For a true muslim who fears Allah wouldnt dare betray his wife as he’ll know the almighty is watching him and his fear of hell fire distances him from temptation. Sisters out there look at your marriages ask yourself what you can work on and what can be improved or if u see your marriage has no defects than your husband must have a problem. Speak to you husbands if u see them stubborn be patient and friendly. If that doesn’t solve it then your husband needs phychiatrist. Btw about the so called “Camel hump” where did that style come from and what appeals you to do it? Just a question outa curiosity. sisters your beautiful without that Exessive baggage!

        btw this is a Moroccan woman speaking here!

    • tina rou
      Nov 11, 2012 @ 14:22:48

      unfortunately Moroccan women have very bad reputation and they are not accepted in the Khalij world when i comes to real relationship that leads to marriage.i was born in morocco and i grew up in the US.i dated a khaliji man but after 5 yrs.he had to move back home and i was not welcomed just because i was a Moroccan. we fell in love and i had no idea that his family made sure he marry from his country, how can they judge me and they don’t even know me. he couldn’t disappoint his parents and got married to his cousin.it was really hard to just forget about him.we loved each other very much.i moved on, my family arranged a marriage for me and so did he. we both got divorced and had children. he never stopped looking for me for 20yrs. finally through face book we got in touch, we both couldn’t believe it, it was so amazing, he made me so happy and the old feelings were back, he was so glad and in disbelief that he was talking to me on the phone.emailing chatting.we talked about meeting each other but it was not a good idea. one day he stopped having any connection with me, his excuse is he couldn’t get over the fact that i moved on with my life got married and had children. he thought i would wait for him, meet him half way or at any country. i was not going to settle for that and my family would not let me be single for the rest of my life,i was madly in love with him and so was he, we are soul mate we loved each other and we still do.but he did not have the courage to do something his parents would not agree with.what he did was not fair to me, he wanted to see me as soon as possible and one day he couldn’t do it.i am very hurt and disappointed that a 51 yrs old man can’t make his own decision and he also was overwhelmed with the fact that even after 20yrs a divorce and 2 children i never stopped loving him, my ex husband couldn’t accept the fact that i still in love with him..we were made for each other, we made each other happy and no one can take his place. we are both Arabs but racism was one of the reason that we did not end up together, hid family thought that he was to good for me i didn’t deserve him and especially because i was born in Morocco. one day he changed his mind not to have any connections with me for many reasons. he couldn’t do it. that made me feel sad and hurt my heart is broken all over again, just like the way i felt when he moved back home 20yrs ago. i am attractive sexy woman i am smart responsible kind caring and loving. i like to have fun laugh. i am also respected and unlike the reputation Moroccan women known for. it sad how Arabs treat each other.

      • Loulou90
        Nov 12, 2012 @ 00:31:38

        I can relate to your situation as i was in simular one but our difference was religion. He wanted and tried with my family but they wouldnt accept, he then reccommended we just get married and family get used it but knowing my family and conflicts between both faiths will never bring peace! Thats something i felt strongly about but i have never been in love that much! I never saw him as that evil Israeli but a peaceful, patient, modest and loving man! Till this day im soo torn but blood is thicker than water and having loose my family and go over such stress i wouldnt b able to handle. i miss his smile his eyes and hiw he used to look at me with deep love i felt soo connected to him.. And another issue was our age gap which was 13 years but that was nothing but a Number, his family are middle eastern eastern jews so they are pretty much aware of our culture and customs.

        Our relationship ended a very bad way i could of lost both my family and him! He can’t understand why i chose my family and is torn the fact i let them control over me but my parents i have to obey and till this day he hates me and im torn becuase of it. He’s now moved on and so have i but my heart hasn’t

  5. mosan mosan
    Nov 01, 2004 @ 13:02:00

    Dear A Dad
    1- they are not considered forbidden fruit (what halga is that) no offense pls.
    Dear Rabab
    1-unlike the wives they donโ€™t bother or nag the husbands
    2-they serve the man hand and foot without questioning his requests
    3-good in bed(sex that is) )goat youghert and honey)
    4-they do magic to make the man under their spell,,, unlike the wives black magic to destroy the husband
    ****** finally how dare you blog such a thing, knowing that I know that you know why mororcon women.
    See how you are

    • karin6685
      Sep 15, 2011 @ 17:49:39

      exacly you said it they do magic they spell any guy they want and then distroy theme, they r not good women they r so bad ho would want to marry a slut just beacauze she doesยดnt nag instead marry a good girl

  6. AyyA
    Nov 01, 2004 @ 14:10:00

    Dear AltDad
    Yes Mosan is right, Moroccan women are far from being the forbidden fruits.
    Dear Mosan
    All the four points you mentioned could be applicable to any other Arab women.
    And although I have doubts about your fourth point, I’ll let it pass for other people’s point of view (especially the guys)
    And sure I have my views, but I also have my doubts, and that’s why I posted this for open discussion, and I hope you are not one of those who fell under the Moroccan spell ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Cheerz mate

  7. Elegancy
    Nov 01, 2004 @ 15:49:00

    I once asked a group of male friends here’s what they answered:
    1. The moroccean girls are poor & they live bad back in morocc (so it’s a charity thing).
    2. we know they use magic, they go around with others & they’r mostly after our money BUT they do it so sweetly, especially with that sweet tender accent (I don’t think it’s sweet at all!!).
    3. And for my surprise, it came from a very well educated, liberal & intellegant guy: Even if u step on her head she wouldn’t complain, she’d always b that humble servant.

    • roger
      May 09, 2012 @ 22:45:18

      you don’t even know what you’re talking about, you’re just a jealous hater.
      and by the way, there’s nothing elegant about you. haha!

  8. AyyA
    Nov 01, 2004 @ 16:01:00

    Well guys what do you say to that?

  9. mishu1984
    Nov 01, 2004 @ 16:32:00

    Morrocan girls ehh??? sounds good to me.
    no but look at it this way, they (the morocs) dont have all this mumbo jumbo that is included in the package to marrying a q8e girl. so maybe they marry to take your money, but then again that is half the fun of marriage..or not

    Mar 18, 2005 @ 11:48:00

    It’s simpler than all that. They fuck and they don’t nag and they are fit and seductive. Oh yeah; they are cheap to maintain; also!

  11. AyyA
    Mar 18, 2005 @ 21:14:00

    I guess sheโ€™s every manโ€™s dream then

  12. gatorbait
    May 03, 2005 @ 16:38:00

    Dear Ayya,

    I stumbled onto your blog doing a web search. I have a perspective
    that is different as I am an American.

    I am currently involved with a Moroccan woman and I find the whole
    process to be almost magic. All the reasoning put forth on the answers
    to your blog question are there and some are not. Full disclosure, 31
    years ago, I dated a girl from Egypt and found her to be all I could
    wish for. Unfortunately the realities of the Cold War and other things
    lead us apart. I still miss her to this day.

    Now, why would I come to Morocco to meet and date someone? Well,
    magic, sure. I admit there is something about Arabic women that draws
    me, like a moth to a flame. Beauty, grace, intelligence all of it
    there. So, why a Moroccan girl? Well, I think the veneer of European
    joie d’vie along with that innate Arab charm does it. On one level ,
    almost child like joy at little things coupled with a wordliness
    spanning millenia

    So you’ll know,I ‘d bet you are a beauty with the above charm and
    grace. I think for a Western man, the Moroccan’s easier relationship
    with the west, the mingling of Islam and Catholicism, as well as the
    touch of the djinn makes up their charm and appeal.

    Do this help at all?

  13. AyyA
    May 03, 2005 @ 17:04:00

    Thanks gatorbait for posting your comment, but as I understand it you are not partial to Moroccan women specifically, you are for Arabian woman in general, but being an American you find it easier to get involved with a Moroccan girl than other Arabian woman, hmm, interesting. But may be this was true long back, nowadays I see many Arabian women date Americans or other nationalities. And yet Moroccans are always preferred !!!

    • karin6685
      Sep 15, 2011 @ 18:00:37

      as i said they do magic on men thats why men always want to go theire its beacauze there damn witchcraft, its ok if a singel guy wants to go out with theme but not a married man ho has children cz i lost my husband beaucze a women from theire so for me i hate theme with all my heart cz no my children r living without theire dad

      • MoroccanGIRL
        Nov 16, 2011 @ 06:46:58

        You are so prejudice, I am 14 years old and Im Moroccan living in America, sure, Morocco isnt the wealthiest country, but hey, you Americans that marry Irish people, IRELAND IS POOR TOO, or you Arabics that marry someone from the COUNTRY SIDE of your country. ITS THE SAME THING. So leave my country alone, only 1 person did something wrong to you, not all. Have you seen what Americans do to us Arabians? Please…

        • Moroccon lover!
          Sep 22, 2012 @ 06:47:06

          I am a Pakistani descent American. Met the most beautiful inside out girl, in my life. She is a Moroccon. Very well educated, loving family, Islamic values, respectful and a perfect marriage material. I don’t see anything about her, which would scare me away from her. Please don’t generalize, there are good & bad in all cultures, religions and countries. Try to judge people on their own individual actions and not by their nationalities & origin. I can’t wait to have couscous cooked in my house every week!

  14. gatorbait
    May 03, 2005 @ 17:51:00

    Ruby, you are partially correct. I do so enjoy the pleasure of the Arab woman’s company. It is , quite frankly , a best melding of diverse cultures and mindsets into a single,exciting and sensual entity.

    I am involved with a Moroccan woman as she found me first ๐Ÿ™‚ Ergo, that preference becomes that of the random selection.

    Again,I will bet that you are a beauty and have the brains to make your attractiveness even deeper. By the way, liked your fantasy posting as well. Anyone who says they do not indulge are either liars or brain dead.

  15. joe
    Jul 09, 2005 @ 05:46:00

    No , not at all , the only thing is that morocco even if its known for being a muslim country , people are very open minded so the islamic religion doesnt effect . The thing is those guys from q8t and saudi arabia , they are preverted , they dont have the freedom in their country , they will get shot if they do such things , their life is very strict , so they go abroad to get to know girls , how pietyful is that , thats how messed up these guys are , im not saying this to all q8tians , no dont missunderstand me , its only to the perverts who’s life are so screwed , they go destroy others lives . well all i can say is , its not only their fault , its also the wolrd they live in , and these girls that sell them selves because of poverty . Hopefully it will change and , and everyone will be able to get some in their own countries .

  16. AyyA
    Jul 09, 2005 @ 13:23:00

    Thanks dear for your contribution and your compliments, (blushing) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Welcome to my humble quarters and thanks for the insight, but I wouldnโ€™t call anyone a pervert, everyone has his own preferences, a cultural molding can be a turn on for some, but nevertheless I do have a feeling that Moroccan girls have their special charms or may be skills to attract men and Iโ€™m not saying this in a critical manner, on the contrary, I wish we all knew their secret.

  17. joe
    Jul 09, 2005 @ 21:18:00

    Well , from my prespective , moroccan girls became known internationaly , about their lust . however not all of them , they are a lot of other girls in morocco that criticize moroccan girls about their behavior . imagine youre a random guy from morocco , when you meet some ppl that are foreignnes , different nationalities , one question always pops up : ” Do you have a sister ? ” . it doesnt always mean the same thing , but sometimes it could be provocative . So while 10% a bit less or more have this reputation of dating or marrying middle eastern men especially saudi arabian , the others are effected too , it destroys their reputation . That is the rpoblem not all of them , its a small percentage .

  18. joe
    Jul 09, 2005 @ 21:38:00

    I really find this great , with feed backs from different ppl we get to know each others point of views and also even if we have different prespectives , proper conversation can lead to agreements which is really good .

    This is an answer to people who say that what do the moroccan girls do to get these guys ? is it magic ? what is it ?

    Well no offense guys but this is what i think

    It’s not totally their fault , the moroccan girls dont go and look for these guys , its vice versa , they ( guys ) come look for them . However this only apply to girls who live in morocco,because these guys travel all the way to morocco , a moroccan girl wont take a six hour flight to date or get to know guys , I dont think so . i dont know about the ones who live outside of morocco . also its good to remeber that this problem is caused by a small percentage of moroccan girls , not all of them . I hope this changes it really destroys a lot of inocent

    • karin6685
      Sep 15, 2011 @ 18:07:35

      i dont agree with u at all cz men r not going theire just to meet theme morocco is like any country its a place for a vacation but i know this for a fact evey girl who seeยดs a man theire ho they like and has money they do witchcraft om theme, its enouph that the girl knows the guys name the she can start with the magic

      • I Love karin6685
        Sep 16, 2011 @ 17:03:37

        Woooooooooow karin6685 is jealouz of moroccan girlz! Hehe! the time when khaliji went to Lebanon is over! karin6685, welcome to the new world hehe! I don’t trust in any witchcraft hehe ! I don’t care what the khaliji guyz like hehe even a donkey! It is the same hehe! All women are beautiful and attractive not only moroccan, lebanese, girls from Brazil, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Europe ,etc….. You forget many things lol! I prefer to stay in my romantic life ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. AyyA
    Jul 11, 2005 @ 00:16:00

    Thanks for clearing that up dude, I do agree with you

    • Tumbleweed
      Nov 10, 2010 @ 07:54:07

      I came across this site searching for pictures of Moroccan Berber women. I am an American who has been married to a Moroccan Berber for 30 years now. I met my wife while working in Morocco. This is not a case of a street girl cozing up to the rich foreigner. My Father-in-law was Knighted by the King. For the sake of privacy for the family, I won’t say any more about that, but the reality is that after reading about 1/2 of the comments here, I have yet to find any that actually tell why Moroccan women are attractive to the middle eastern men. First of all, very few Moroccan women are Arabic. They are Berber mostly. There is a HUGE difference between Arabs and Berbers. The Berber culture goes back thousands of years. The Berber Empire predates the Arab empire and in fact, the Berbers were Christian before they were Muslim. Morocco is probably the most tolerant Muslim country in North Africa or the Middle East. While I was living there, the Jewish population of Morocco was actually almost as large as the Arab population. Although my Saudi Arabian co-workers swore up and down that the statics I was quoting were lies from the Western Press. I have worked in Morocco, Pakistan, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. In none of these other countries was I accepted for myself, regardless of religion as I was in Morocco. Egypt was also fairly tolerant, but that is because it is a tourist driven economy.

      The culture of Morocco is not as male dominated as most of the other Muslim countries. The idiot that claimed that Moroccan women would faithfully wait on their husbands hand and foot knows NOTHING about Moroccan culture. The women of Morocco hold equal footing with the men. Many (if not most) of the families in Morocco are run by a dominant woman. The Berber culture in Morocco is almost a Matriarchal society. The head of my wifes family is her oldest sister. She is a business owner – She ownes the business, not her husband, and she has the final word in family affairs. When I worked in Saudi Arabia, almost all of the men (Saudis) that I worked with always exclaimed how lucky I was that I had a Moroccan wife and how they were going to try and go there to get a second wife. When I went home at night and told my wife about these comments, we would both have a huge laugh over what a shock these Saudis were in for if they every followed through on their plans.

      This sense of self confidence that you find in Moroccan women is one of the things that makes them most attractive. Also, after a long exposure to the French, the Moroccan woman is much more comfortable with her own sexuality. Although I suspect that this goes back much farther than the French colonization of Morocco. The “alure” of the Berber woman goes back centuries before. Also, today there are just as many (or more) women in Morocco that wear Western dress, rather than Traditional. Although many of them wear traditional jelabas when they go to the market, but not because it is traditional, rather because it is convenient. To be honest, the dress style of the Westernized Moroccan woman is more Femine and attractive than what you would typically see on the streets of a large Metropolitean city of Europe or the US.

      One thing I can say for sure. Any Middle Eastern man that goes to Morocco expecting to marry a pretty Berber bride to become his house servant is in for a big shock! I will sit back and chuckle while this pretty little Berber bride house breaks her husband, just like the dog many of them consider men to be akin to.

  20. hopo
    Feb 18, 2008 @ 00:18:45

    Dear Ayya,
    Beautiful name for a beautiful lady, my brother divorce his wife after he met a Moroccan girl last year which really make me asking that question Why? and he always told me she’s better then Hong Kong girl….. having an affair it is not fun at all but please tell me what is that attracted magic to the Moroccan one.

  21. Amine
    Feb 19, 2008 @ 05:09:46

    well; Im a Moroccan guy!I think that Moroccan girls are clever and beautiful enough to attract any man on this earth(Look carefully :both Cleverness and Beauty)!But unforetunately SOME OF THEM are using this in a negative manner which makes them exposed to too many allegations that affect in a way or another our reputation as Moroccans and Arabs as a whole(But it doesn’t mean that we are ashamed of being Morocans,Personally speaking;being a Moroccan is a great pride).

  22. soud13
    Feb 20, 2008 @ 12:32:53

    If someone drinks Pepsi and didnโ€™t drink juice u may ask hem why u choose to drink Pepsi? Or why u didnโ€™t choose juice?

    So we may change the question why Kuwait guys didnโ€™t choose Kuwait girls???

    Clever and beautiful

  23. AyyA
    Feb 23, 2008 @ 09:56:58

    Thanks for your kind words. And about that โ€œattached magicโ€, I wish I knew, I would have used some ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Do Moroccan guys have the same magic and charm as their women?

    Actually I encourage mixed relationships. And it does not bother me if a Kuwaiti guy gets hooked up with any girl. Or a Kuwaiti girl with a foreigner. But I guess you are right, it all has to do with taste.

  24. Amine
    Feb 28, 2008 @ 02:58:38

    Thanks Ayya! answering your question i can say that Moroccan guys have many qualities as they have many faults LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE( but unfortunately they are belittled by Moroccan women) Bear in mind two words(two facts so to speak) ”nobody is perfect” and ” appearances are misleading”

  25. alal4u
    May 19, 2008 @ 02:07:41

    the kuwait woman should see what she is demanding to find out that any other woman is mush more appealing than the kuwaiti woman

  26. lolla
    Sep 04, 2008 @ 05:45:14

    Hey there
    I am a moroccan girl and i have no secrets !!
    we are just beeing us…
    we are fun…nice…smart…charming…giving…caring…
    when we are in love with a man, our goal in life becomes making him happy by any mean possible,i can be my man’s mother..his best friend..his lover..his little girl.. the strongest wife ever when he is in trouble..(the list will go on forever depending on the situations)
    my man is for me the reason why i am living,
    tell me who can resist a woman who offers this much ?!
    of course, we have this bad reputation spread especially in the midlle east by the low class poeple who go to morocco to buy poor girls who have hungry mouths to feed,it’s true but think about it ,they are prostitutes ,they do not represent the moroccan girl,and maybe they have a sad reason for doing what they are doing , tell me what is the excuse of the pigs who take a 6hrs flight to buy a girl the age of their grand daughter?

    • nostradamos
      Jul 09, 2010 @ 02:03:46

      you just said exactlly what i think,but in a better way .very smart girl,i sallut you.

      • Alya
        Jan 28, 2011 @ 20:13:53

        I am an Asian Muslim woman living in the uk. I have had many Moroccan friends including a Moroccan sister-on-law (all from the uk). What I have found is a) Moroccan girls are ready to have sex before a guy commits to them just so that can have a hold over them. It’s usually goes along the lines of “I only went that far with you because I love you/you are the only one and b) if things don’t work out with one guy then they move to the next very fast and pretend to be a virgin and play naive. I have witnessed this happening several times. Moroccan girls are not clever but they are crafty, they are not as innocent as they make out but they are collective in their intentions. All you foolish men be aware!

        • nora
          Sep 14, 2011 @ 01:51:36

          Moroccan with an Asian? Is this a new fashion? are you sure she is moroccan???

        • peter
          Dec 28, 2011 @ 21:53:12

          alya u just put the icing on the cake very well said and so very true about the maroccans females in the uk, they r also very dangerous and trecherous and will sell u out at any given oppotunity they will stick that knife in you whhere it hurts when your back is turned

    • umar farooq
      Mar 23, 2011 @ 04:17:21

      I am married to a moroccan girl and I must say that they make the best wives.
      But one must clearly remember that in morocco love is a two way affair you have to give a lot to get a lot . And coming to money even my mother loves me less when I dont bring her gifts. So to conclude a moroccan wife is the best wife if you love respect and treat her as you want to be treated by her. Dont take her for granted , she will never tolerate a bully and fooling around with her will have dire consequences. Well I love my wife and follow all the rules so I am relaxed and enjoy a fabulous marriage.

      • Alya
        Jun 10, 2011 @ 22:03:16

        Umar, this rule of mutual love and respect for a wife = a good wife, applies to all good wives (not just morrocan ones!). I’m not sure how old you were when you met your wife or if you dated, had a physical relationship before marriage! But the general rule for young morrocan girls is to get physically involved with a (preferably Arab boy – not Algerian or Moroccan) and If that does not work then a Pakistani or Bangladeshi will do. Morrocan girls know Asians are suckers for foreign girls and having a foriegn Muslim one is a big bonus. Morrocan girls they play the “I was a virgin until i gave myself to you!” game. Most decent boys out of guilt marry the girl and then realise how cunnIng she is. You said your wife can hold her own, most cunning women can. That’s why she got you! Wait until you have female children and they become teenagers. Then you will see the Moroccan qualities come out and Allah help you. I have seen it – not pleasant for a father.

        • Sara
          Aug 16, 2011 @ 20:24:47

          Um Alya you’re not even Moroccan and you seem to be generalizing us probably because of a jealousy problem with your sister in law? Where ever you go you will find good religious women that do not have sex before marriage etc. And you will find girls who do. And you will also find prostitutes. Stop generalizing this exists in ever country. I am Moroccan and I can tell you I do no such thing. We are just like most Arab women but we are much more open minded this is probably what attratcts men from the middle east because they want to break out of they’re strict culture or are perverts looking for a poor young girl they can take advantage of.

        • umar farooq
          May 22, 2012 @ 07:30:44

          No Dear I do not agree with you, there was never a I was a virgin when you got me. We have the most mature relationship and after 4 years of marriage I can still say that Moroccan girls have substance.and I made a very good choice.

      • Stefan
        Sep 29, 2011 @ 18:07:19

        I’m a guy from Sweden fortunate enough to have found a woman from Morocco now living in Paris. Some men might think that women from Sweden is Gods gift to men – WRONG. Totally wrong and I have so many friends (male) that think the same. Swedish women are narrow-minded, not feminine, badly dressed, at best average in bed and there is no attraction between men and women left in my poor country. Men and women are just too equal in Sweden.

        On the other hand, Sofia from Morocco, she is intelligent, very beautiful, open-minded, fun and take a serious interest in making sure our relationship is good. Thanks to her we have sensational sex which is only a positive side-effect of our deep love and respect. She is very subtle and don’t like me being too direct. We are equal but she is on the dominant side which suits us both perfectly. She is my dream woman and I’m probably the luckiest guy on this planet. If I had to “label” her using just one word it would be “relationship-minded”. This is a word I don’t even know exist but it just came to my mind after I had met her a few times.

      • Asim
        Jul 03, 2012 @ 09:02:53

        I couldn’t have said it better, I have just been married to a moroccan women four months ago and your comment resinates remarably well and I can totally relate to it, they are not the kind of submissive women our middleeastern men are used to, they are highly aware about there part and role in the relationship and quite strong-willed as well.

        Regarding the money thing, a man is supposed to be a good provider within his means.

      • mani
        Sep 10, 2012 @ 12:51:08

        salam brother

        hope ur ok i saw ur message that ur married with moroccan girl stay happy forever.

        i have a question to ask are them trustworth after marriage i heard some married for money and visa etc. are they take high dowry etc

        hope to hear from you


    • Prince
      Sep 17, 2011 @ 16:07:19

      Hello all,

      i have been reading very interesting thoughts al above from Abdul Rehman, Ayya, Younes,sofia manal and nora…..

      where all you guys just vanished ? is this Froum still on?

      Regards Prince

    • TAZ
      Dec 13, 2011 @ 10:14:49

      Hi Lolla
      Your comment indeed was the best by far. Very crisp and to the point…One just cannot tag women of an entire nation just because of a few sick examples walking dead in front of them.
      I am 30 yr old Indian, who is married to a UAE women for the past 7 years. What I have seen in general is the love, affection and commitment that a Arab girl hold for her husband is uncomparble with most girls from the other nations. I am quiet sure girls of Moroccoa, Kuwait, KSA, UAE (entire Arab World) are the same if not less, and all that it take to know the reality if for a man/ husband to take teh first step and offer some luv and care to them.
      This debate can go for ever as it driven more by the environment and culture where one if brought up.

      • Samir
        Dec 13, 2011 @ 10:20:32

        I am sorry but I am pretty sure that you are a troll… an Emirati woman is very unlikely to marry a Paki because she loses the citizenship for her kids… its mostly the other way around (an Emirati with a Paki woman). Anyway I love all the women from the Arab world, men Al Maghrib ila lKhaleej.

        • TAZ
          Dec 26, 2011 @ 12:34:29

          Hi ‘Slum…mir’ or ‘Samir’ which everyou prefer
          Troll or no troll, its totally ur take on the subject, you sound like a total computer jeek with that jargon of yours. But seriously I pitty people with your perception who live life under influence of what they hear as word of mouth than the actual.
          So please wake up, get out of your airconditioned computer room and start seeing the world around you.
          Chill mate…

          Hi Foks,
          Sorry for my tone on this email, doesnt mean to harm anyone’s interest but my message to the the readers untimately is ‘Its not teh women to be blamed for men running after them, it all depends how we men have been brought up and what surroundings we come from’.”Women must be seen with an eye of Love, and not Lust’, if you get this message right then I beleive all of us will have answer to the this 4 year longs topic.
          Regards & Best wishes…

    • H.O
      Feb 23, 2013 @ 16:52:27

      Hi lolla,
      I agree abt the sad fact of some Moroccan women caused serious damage to ur country. But I dont agree the beauty, fun, sexy, bla bla bla part. Cause beauty is everywhere. I’mlebanese in my md age who still turns heads whn I go out. I treat my husband like a boyfriend even after 25 yrs of marriage. But some men specially in thr mid life age who lack of confidence, like to change for at least once and unfort. They find some Moroccans pausing on line unfort. Encouraging them for a shirt term wild affair…asking at the beginning not more than thT.
      Why not for a change. My husband who is in hs 50s found this divorced 30 yrs old, desperate for something I can’t figure out wht was it till now.. Her name online Kawtar…. with 3 facebook pages! Weird pauses… She knew he is married with 3 children and didn’t mind offering to meet him in Istanbul for a few wild affair.. And after she came back, she called him “the love of her life” wht love begins like this! This is called prostitute not love.
      He came to me regretting asking for forgiveness saying it’s “nazweh”.. And told me ” it’s wasn’t worth it”. I m trying to forgive him for his midlife age mistake.
      My advisor when she first saw me, she wondered “who is cheating on who” cause a man married to a beautiful wife as she told me,,, wdnt think to do this unless he has been encouraged by younger play woman…. God knows wht was her intention. The advisor even advised me to look for this page and get my answers. Guys… Beauty and love is everywhere, but in that specific country some desprate women makes it easier and attractive to weak men Specially for those with lack of confident… If it works great, if not then let’s look for another catch.
      I would never ever respect or give any execuse to any woman start even chatting
      with married man… Thats what makes our region goes backwards.
      Thts my opinion and My apology if I offended here the rest.

  27. sharif
    Sep 07, 2008 @ 15:34:14

    im from uk and i would like to meet a moroccan woman. Where is the best place to meet.

  28. Moroccan
    Oct 13, 2008 @ 10:46:56

    Hi All,

    Thank you Lolla, that’s exactly some reasons that make any man from any other nationality seeking a Moroccan Lady. I am Moroccan and as Amine said I am proud to be Moroccan and if I was not Moroccan I would wish to be Moroccan. So here is the answer for everybody who wants to know, why Moroccans?
    In addition to what Lolla said, I noticed some comments mentioning Magic! Yes we do magic but not magic that all of you know, our behaviour with poeple is magic, our relationships are magic, taking care of people arround is the crystal magic of all Moroccans and it’s their pleasure to make others happy (man/woman), we don’t do dicrimination between others. I am somedody who is travelling a lot all over the world, just to let you that all nationalities from wideworld likes Moroccans ( ladies or men) for any reason (friendship, neibourhood, collegues,mariage, business…etc). Islam is our religion, Allah subhanah said”O, people, we create you male and female to know each other…” to know each other without any discrimination and this is very important in human being relationships. Sisters in GCC I advice you to review how islam describes the relationship between a woman and a man because this is what moroccan women do at least from this side that’s why it’s successful.
    Moroccan man is not less than moroccan woman!!

  29. Meryam
    Oct 14, 2008 @ 16:55:14

    Hey to all of you,, I am a Moroccan gurl.. and i really like your point of view,, Yes its true that moroccan girls reputations are bad,, but those girls are prostitutes because they have their own reasons. And of course one of them would be being poor… About magic.. We do not use magic as wat u guyz think.. our magic is in our blood.. When we love someone… We show it in a really sweet way. Beacuse being sweet makes us feel good and makes other people feel good. When we love someone we sacrafice for them.. Thats why maybe khalijy men are into us.. We do not complain unless its something really necessary to complain about.. I’m sure men would love to have a women who respects him and never complains the way maybe other arab girls do… But in my point of view.. Moroccan girls think in a very different way then other arab girls.. I can see the difference between me and my friends in my school.. when im interested in a subject, i get deeply into it until i show my point of view and make people believe in it. As i can say the boys in my school are not moroccans and when they hear me talking about a subject pouring my heart into it..all they do is tell me.. i love the way you think..and talk.. i think thats a quality in moroccan women.. at the end everyone has their own point of view.. thanks! Moroccan 4 life!

  30. hicham.
    Dec 25, 2008 @ 21:38:04

    for lolla,

    Kindly would you mind to email me for the above email.

    thank you & regard !

  31. latifah
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 01:51:34

    Frst of all i’m dieing to find an answer to this question.I saw alot of morrocan girls and they don’t have that beauty which make them special n any way.They were strong and harsh.Anyway ,not all of the morrocan girls are happily married to the Khaligy guys.Some of these mariages end up in divorce and some of the girls lives misrable lives with thier Khaligy husbands.
    Getting married s not the end of the path.You have to look at what happens after marriage .
    In the past Khaligy men were into Egyptian women , several years before they were allover Syrian girls and it seems like a trend for them.
    Anyway,German men are crazy about asian girlds .Half of the germans in some German cities are married to Asian girls.
    About majec and Morrocan women ,gogle this and you will find a study conducted by a Morroccan Lady which claim that even highly educated and rich women thier believe in majec .But i would certainly say that as a Muslim woman I don’t think that all Morrocans are like this because hey are Muslims and they beleve n Allah.I love Morroccans and really believe that they are kind and respectful people.
    I know a morroccan lady who was about to be marred to an Egyptian but his mother refused because of all what is said about Morroccan women.She was a nice lady and she wanted to get married and live a normal life like all the other women.
    Anyway,if and I say if you find an answer please tell me.
    I have a nother suggerstion why don’t we both go there and disguise in men’s clothes and flirt with girls and see what happens??What do you think?

    • SexyBerBer
      Apr 24, 2011 @ 01:00:41

      If you dress up like a man and chat with a moroccan girl, it will be the best chat ever fun as men like it Open toward any subject Sexuality Religion politics with out prejudice Moroccans girls are very sweet, smart, educated and BEAUTIFUL.we are raised by our parents this way. They are nice polite they know how to to keep a dusscution with a man they know how to charm a man, they know how to raise children, they know how to save money for her husband they cook the best food in all of the Arab world in all of the Muslim world. Morrocan cuise in placed 3 as the best cuisine in the world. So the chances for a man to be faith full to his wife are higher than avrage. We can say that 70 to 80% are a successful marriages and the rest fails into the many reasons we hear about:(.
      Yet you have to know that Morrocan women are mostly Berber they are nothing like ARABIC Girls. Very beautiful faces body skin and very very strong family values Berber Men as well are very handsom and good looking my self I am a berber and very good looking guy yet still single not cuz I want to. I met Arabic girls they are very snoby Canadian girls they play hard to get same snoby story American girls are very slutty European girl very dishonest girls and you asked them if they know any thing about raising a child ONE Child they know shit the kids are raised by TV, you aske her what food she enjoys most to cook for her self they know nothing not even how to wash a glass of water i am a young man and know how to cook clean change dipers and know how to treat a wome so why would I have to give my self to some girl that know shit but to complain and her best friend plans and birthday party’s it a waisted life. No wonder I will go to Morocco and find ma sweet heart. I ask my self what so worng about me not to be able to have a girl that will be my future wife? I’m not the problem the problem lays in how a girl is raised that the MAGIC moroccan Mom’s teaches to the young girls is how to charm a man how to keep a man how to read a man and be he’s lips when he has nothing to say to be he’s eyes when he’s not looking to read he’s mind. Make him feel he is living with a women unlike the EX I had she destroyed and waisted my time my money my emotions I dated a Pakistani girl she was a mistake in my life I dated Canadian girl She was a mistake in my life I met Libanies girls very snoby and play hard to get I dated Spanish girls they are dishonest and lie like it was a true lie the girls I meet they make me want to be single for life yet I still did not met a morrocan girl or dated one I hear so mush good about them and they are somush beautiful they have this beauty that it if God had mixed the whole world women beauty and made the morrocan gilrs have it all AMEN. I was the kindest guy the sweetest person to my EX GF she would ever meet in her life she took me for granted CUZ OF Her snoby mentality and stupid thinking. I gave her every thing and I left her, she gave me nothing!!!

      By the way Moroccan Girls are very educated and they do value education that what men look for is called, Leader ship, Honesty, Family values…as we are tiered of the bull shit im too good for you…or the hollywood image or life style.hope that some Canadian girl will read this as when they get at the age of 27 and up the middle age crisis begins as why I am unlucky to meet the prince charming well sweet heart ask your self what you been doing in your teenage and 20’s partying and dating the pig’s you meet in streets bars and clubs? They have nothing of a moroccan sweet heart… Hop it answer your questions…and Cheers

  32. sab
    Jan 29, 2009 @ 01:56:18

    am moroccam man living in chicago right i knew that a lot of arabian guys come to morocco looking for girls to marry or to have fun and i can tell you that most of the moroccan marry them because they have money i had a friend he had sex relation with a moroccan girl who was marry with a saudi she said she hates him and she is with him just for money she said that those arabian they dont know how to make a love however as a morrocan man a lot to know a arabian women from kuwait or saudi but all i know is those women are rascist against moroccan men they look down to us i used to chat in internet with a saudi women in english and when she knows that i am morrocan she never took with me againt her in america morrocan girl can marry any nationalite but moroccan men can marry also any nationalite except arabian women like a said they look down to us also they know that most of morrocan are not arabian the only arabian country that can accept morrocan men is algeria and tunisie i love if you can bring this topic up why arabian women from gulf didnt accept morrocan men and their men love morrocan women

  33. AyyA
    Jan 29, 2009 @ 21:01:43

    Hello to all
    First allow me to thank you all for your participation, and also to mention to you that personally I do not believe in black magic, knowing beforehand that it still exists in our societies, and Moroccan society is no exception even if it bore the reputation more than any other society.
    There were some interesting points mentioned by some of the commentators, of which hooking up with Moroccan girls is a nowadays trend, which makes sense. Another point was why do Arab women, especially from the Gulf area, belittle Moroccan men, while Arab men do not mind hooking up with Moroccan women. And I believe this has to do with culture. When Arab men get into a relationship his aim initially is not marriage, while this is not true for Arab women in general. Arab women usually are bond to family preferences, and families are prejudice to the strangers, even if that stranger is from the same country. And while most Arab men do not abide to family values, most Arab women do. Now this differs also when money is the reason for such coupling, and need triumphs. Even the Moroccan family who accepts their daughterโ€™s marriage to a rich Saudi would prefer him to be Moroccan if it wasnโ€™t for their need. In general we all come from societies that do not value diversity and tolerance, and comparing us to US or European societies who have advanced in these human ethics is not fair. Diversity needs a huge change in culture, and we Arabs sanctify our culture.

    • SexyBerBer
      Apr 24, 2011 @ 01:37:08

      Moroccan culture is very open toward diversity since 1000 of years, Yes money is a problem in some cases…Still that dose not make it a reason nor the answer as per why Moroccans?

      To answer your question Why Moroccan?
      They are sweet kind, they know how to speak the man thaught, they can be men and women they know how to cook great foods they know how to raise kids and they are welling to change for the best or the worst, they are the man best friend and best guid in life.
      Look I live in Canada and belive me wome here they make men meet hell before they die, girls here love drama love them selves more than any thing els do not know how to cook raise kids or love a man the way it should disshonest girls they are trained to be so at a very young age by TV and divorced Mom’s what kind of life a man will find in his face every morning? I callet Hell.

      I met arabic girls non morocan very snoby and selective Canadian girls few are a success love marriage stories the rest is 50 t080% failing marriage that leads to kids in streets and suiccides. So as a young man knowing all of this hell that most men experience in my home town I would go to Morocco to find me a sweet heart, as most men do…BELIVE ME IT NOT A TREND THE MOROCCAN GIRL DATING IT BEEN OVER 40YEARS the Arab men are going to morocco for the sweet Heart Arabic women are raise by the family to be selective racist hating and ask for hug amounts of money to marry her it totaly stupid now a days…Besides they only know how to cook rice and Chickpeas so I will fallow the path of the Arab men date a moroccan girl. Cheers

  34. abdessamad benameur
    Feb 14, 2009 @ 10:59:37

    comparing moroccan girls now and 20 years ago
    moroccan woman are going in the right dirrection

  35. AAFTAB
    Feb 28, 2009 @ 03:18:58

    Appreciate and respect Lolla’s feelings.
    Lolla can we b friends?
    E-mail me pls if u wanna.

  36. Sarah
    Mar 12, 2009 @ 23:11:37

    Hello everyone,
    Dear Ayya,
    I’ve been surfing on internet and I found randomly this page,I’ve read all the comments and I was surprised by some of them!
    I’m Moroccan, I’m 20 years old and I study in France.
    I don’t want to talk a lot and I rather to clarify some points : (and excuse me for my bad English)
    1 : Moroccan girls have no secrets for attracting khaliji men or any other nationality. It’s all about stereotypes that have been spread because of SOME gulf men who use to come to morocco to date girls.
    2 : Moroccan girls are like any other arab/non arab girl, maybe we are a little bit influenced by the European culture (as we are near europe) our culture and mentality have been mixed and I think we have double identity, it’s true that we are fun, open-minded and cool and easy -going girls…but i don’t say that other arab gilrs aren’t like this.
    3 : Magic? come on…I can”t believe that in the 21st century we still talk about these retarded things, it’s really naive to think that moroccan girls do magic in order to attract men!!! I repeat it once again : it’s all about prejudices and stereoptypes and musconceptions!!! I find it really sad to talk about moroccans as being WITCHES!!!
    4 : the majority of moroccan men prefere a moroccan girl SURPRISE!! why ? well because they get along together, and it’s not true that moroccan girls belittle moroccan men, I think that there is a smaaaaal persentage.

    Well, dear Ayya… please be urself, be original, faithful, funny and cool, and don’t forget where you came from, that is the secret to attract men, that’s all!
    And be carefull, because on internet you may find some wrong perceptions and wrong ideas that lead to hate or to have bad idea about moroccans, so I am sure that you are not one of those people who believe anything they were told, I believe you are clever enough to do difference between the JUNK and the right.

    Best Regards and thank you for talking about this!

  37. issam
    Mar 15, 2009 @ 08:04:12

    salam,i’m first of all moroccan,but proud above all to be a muslim,well,as the sister said,overgeneralizing and stereotypes are very very bad and destructive,everywhere you can find good and bad people,so we tend to classify people not according to their nationalities,but according to their behaviours,for me it doesn’t matter if the girl moroccan or american or even european or khalijee,but the problem for me is the good heart,not where she is from,i can marry a moroccan or any woman as far as she loves me and wants to be with me,i don’t pick up anymore,i’m a moroccan guy and i know how moroccan girls are in general,there are good and bad girls,there are nice and nasty girls,but in general,not poverity only which pushes some girls to prostitution,it’s one of reason,yes,but i know some girls who are poor but very honest,some girls here in morocco are very honest,kind,cute and nice,so some gather between both beauty and nice hearts,i know some as matter of fact,because i have been teaching in private schools and also through my daily communication and i know some western girls who are even better than moroccan girls,my uncle is married to a british girl who became muslim,i saw that she is even better 100 percent than some girls here in morocco,plus as well,syrian girls are nice and educated,and even in egypt,so there is no need to say that moroccan girls are typical because in everywhere,there are good and bad girls.

  38. farid belguaoui
    Apr 01, 2009 @ 12:02:46

    The problem of the saudis and kuwaitis is the lost of faith,they believe in DOLARS(MONEY).IT S SO SAD TO SEE THAT…everyone is gonna to be punnished…the day of resurrection is not so FAR…THESE SWINE ARE GONNA TO BE FOREVER IN HELL….when some one seek girl only for his pleasure…and not for building a family.forget it….Moroccan Girls are simply MODEST,THAT ALL…AND OUR ISLAM IS ABOUT MODESTY…

    • Caterina
      Dec 27, 2009 @ 21:09:27

      Dear Farid,
      I’m european and I agree with you 100% about the saudis and kuwaits..’coz I’ve noticed that too.
      You’re so funny ! Shukran, my friend !

      • Caterina
        Dec 27, 2009 @ 22:37:07

        PS. I don’t like to be discriminatory……..I love the human spirit in general……..all of us have good and bad sides…….”Know yourself” as Socrates said…it’s the best thing to begin with in this life…..

  39. nabil
    Apr 02, 2009 @ 06:00:18

    thanks all i think moroccans have to face this proplem as we are islamic country we have to do so . poverty is not the only reason there are meny moroccan girls women who are from the upper classes but they this bad thing with khaligi guys so we need to educate people of the danger of this phenomena and khalijy guys instead of coming to morocco for girls they have to come for economic projects in order to develoop islamic countrie s how shame of saudi guys we go to pilgrimige and they come to morocco for this bad thing . khalijy have to return to Allah and to think in what can make progress to the islam world see what happens in Palastine Iraq we don t have time to do this horibble thing we have to persue the path of Allah which is Islam in order to be devellopted so both moroccans have to find solutions and khalijy have to not coe to morocco for this bad thing

  40. Reda
    Apr 07, 2009 @ 20:12:47

    hi all

  41. Reda
    Apr 07, 2009 @ 20:44:04

    It is always interesting to hear about Moroccans in the net. Most blogs talk about Moroccan men, and few like this one talk about the women. Why do middle easterns (oil countries) target Moroccan women? The answer is because they can! and Morocco is just a matter of choice for some of them who seek Arabian women for pleasure. Now what is that say about Morocco? Absolutley nothing. Those middle easterners men dont limit their journeys of pleasure to just Morocco. You can find them in Europe, Asia, North America…etc, because they can. What is that tell you about middle eastern men? Again ..nothing. Not all of them behave the same way…..Some do really fear God and watch their actions as result. What’s really interesting to me is the fact people quickly arrive at a certain conclusion about certain people judging from few observation or experiences they encountered. This is why “some” women for example can tell all about how immoral and sneaky moroccan men are. Or how Moroccan women can do unspeakable things. it is just amazing….. Take it from me, i am a Moroccan man, and many time i was wrong about assumptions i made about my own people, even though i am supposed to know my people. The lesson here, NEVER think your obseravation are unique and correct as they are many many many factors affecting the validity of the observation. This blog started with somebody saying,”I noticed that a lot kuwaiti men hang around Moroccan women” does anybody know how vague this statement is??? it might as well be ” I noticed that many people move their lips when they speak” that’s right, it means nothing!!

  42. Sarah
    Apr 08, 2009 @ 00:58:03

    Well Said Reda
    Merci pour ce commentaire qui rรฉsume tout en mon sens

  43. Reda
    Apr 09, 2009 @ 22:35:11

    Merci bien sarah…:)

  44. LoopyDoopy
    Apr 23, 2009 @ 03:40:27

    I’m really surprised about all the prejudices from the khaliij about Moroccan women.

    I think it is difficult for the conservative khaligii citizens to understand that human relationships has no ideological/geographical limits.

    Morocco is strategically the bridge between the east and the west, which reflect the open mindedness and the tolerance of its people. For us human relationships are an advanced priority than race, religion or color.

    Despite the openness, Moroccan people could retain their culture for centuries: religion, costumes, and food..

    I think our magic is just: we are just our self, proud of our culture, open for other people, and tolerant even with khalijji people ๐Ÿ˜‰ ..

    i am proud of being Moroccan woman and hope we all can make a better future for morocco and help other co-citizens for better life!

    the proud moroccan

  45. Moroccan and married to a Kuwaiti man
    May 11, 2009 @ 12:28:06

    I am a moroccan girl married to a Kuwaiti young man. Here are the secrets from my own exprience:

    Why my kuwaiti husband loved me and married me?

    Well, because he first was attracted by my sexy body shape. He found me a flexible person, educated, beautiful, clever, undemanding and coooooooooool. After, we married he sticked to me as he found what a man wants from a woman.
    We now have two daughters and 2 sons.

    By the way , he is not a rich person and I did not accept to marry him for his nationality or money but I really found him my real hot man.

    Other reasons, Moroccan girls are undemanding, cool, funny and bear the man with all his living conditions and behaviour.
    A Moroccan woman treats a man as a baby and she thinkgs she was to born to live with that man she fell in love with.

    Hope these tips are helpful. Good luck.

  46. AyyA
    May 13, 2009 @ 20:21:50

    this is not a matchmaking site, so stop making advertisements to yourselves, I have deleted the ones who did, and will delete others as well, thanks

  47. faty
    May 15, 2009 @ 03:55:08

    hi .
    im maroccan girl.im in relation with a pakistany guy living in uk.he said he loves me and cant live without me.actually i didnt descover the secret yet.we plan to get maried in few months inchalah.

  48. Amouuna
    May 28, 2009 @ 13:02:04

    Hi all,

    I have discovered this topic totaly by hasard and I would like to give my own opinion and experience,

    Im an algerian girl(22) living in the Uk and most of my friends”girls” are from morroco and I have to admit that even if Iam a north african arab lady there is somthing diffrent about moroccon girl compare to algerian or tunisian or even lybian, THEY HAVE SPECIAL CHARM what I mean by that is they know how to talk to men I can see this everyday with my moroccon friends they can attract guyz easly with there nice lsssan(tongue lol) they are not cuter than other arab girls they just make themself different and guyz love when a girl is special or kind of…

    Also for my dear khaliji sisters I have noticed somthing in you(of course not all of you) plzz do not take it wrong but as you are spoiled u ask a lot for your guyz many of my khaliji guyz are complaining about this BUT a morrocon girl need a few thing to be happy and make him happy even if then he will take all his money …

    Also I have a lot of friends guyz from Saudia arabia emarat and kuwait I have opened this topic once and they told me this:

    -They are so seductive with their sweet words…

    -T7ess nafssak merta7 ( u feel peace lool)

    – they dont ask for a lot ….

    But what we shoud emphasise as well is that even if khaliji are attracted by morrocon few of them get married to one of those girlz…also dont forget that some morrocon girls like my friends they are suffering about this bad reputation i feel sorry for them because when you meet a guy and say u morrocon u can see the words HOT SEX MAGIC in his eyez….lol

    Also (this is personal opinion) I PREFER see an arab guy with a morocon than with an american or british(sorry im not racisit or anything) coz afterall mroccon are arabs and muslims we dont have to forget it….

    Thanks for this topic and GIRLZ be YOURSELF to attract a guy …there is NO SECRET and no nationalities in LOVE…


    An algerian sister

  49. 3awwad
    Jun 06, 2009 @ 02:44:03

    I have been thinking about going to morocco for some time now and stumbled on this site by chance. I don’t read a lot of blogs but I must say, there has been significant insightful input. I also found some, with respect, rabble that I can only assume is the result of jadedness and the proverbial “chip on the shoulder”. That we all have our individual biases is undeniable. There is however, much merit in at least honestly attempting to look beyond them. Take me for example, according to what I have read here, I am the boogie man. Yes, I am a young saudi male. If we were all in a room this is where the awkward silence would come into play. I too have my share of stigmas and negative stereo types I have to deal with on a daily basis, but I don’t believe in self deprecation so I will only talk about what is relative to this conversation. First, I am speaking for my demographic. I don’t understand why any one would want to take a lover three generations younger than them. I see this as robbing a girl of her youth, and to an extent her purity (in the spiritual sense). It is from this very purity that moroccan men and women seem to draw the “magic” to cast their spell (not the BOOGA BOOGA kind). But I digress; Here is the question i pose: If anyone, regardless of nationality, could have relations, not just sex but hanging out, dining, or dancing, even just drinking, without paying for it don’t you think they would? Here is the reality, some of my counterparts contribute to things such as prostitution and the like, but let us keep in mind that these services are catered to. This is the case everywhere there are arabs not just morocco. Take me for example, when i travel most people think I dont look saudi, some do, but if they confirm it by accent or otherwise, I get the local menu of ladies who can cater to certain needs. Now, prostitution is not my thing personally, sex without feelings seems pointless to me and unenjoyable. That being said, I am not against it in ideal cases such as how it is practiced in holland, or the rest of western europe. To each his own. Many of my friends are of the same opinion. And yet, everywhere I go I am constantly approached by these people. What is more, is that they are usually the only women who will talk to us. If a girl isnt for hire, she automatically deems us a sexual deviant on the prowl and makes a quick escape. Now if a girl is for hire, or open to the idea the only way she will talk to us is for a fee. She will think why not? She could use, and he probably has it. This is the situation we constantly find ourselves. This is definitely not to say we dont export our fare share of sexual deviants, I know we do. But, I also know that every other country does too. The problem is that ours tend to be very high profile which is why it is easily applied to rest of the population. It is a classic case of the few ruining it for the many. The fact is that I am not sitting on a pile of money, nor are most of my freinds. but the few who are rich and are as*h**%s in addition to this (which is not always the case) are very high profile because that is all they have to offer. So because of him, everyone thinks I am like him despite my many interests, stories and positive qualities, and they treat me the way they do him. Lots of fake smiles and bs small talk. No one decent to talk to. But I guess that is an endless chicken and egg scenario. What I wanted to say about Moroccans (Men and Women), is that they really treat us nicely, and it seems very sincere. Even if the aim is financial, they do not treat us like a wallet, rather a person with a wallet. Moroccans are kind, charismatic, and polite from my experience. I found a few bad apples but we all have them. I will not put myself on any moral high horse, god knows it isnt true, I have had the pleasure of meeting beautiful women from all over the world, both in the arab world and out. The women who can match the Moroccan women’s charm and sincerity, compassion, kindness, sexuality, cuteness (for lack of a better word) are few to none. They treat us very nicely and sincerely and we are not used to that. Our girls back home treat us like wallets too! The only way you cant get anywhere with girls there is if your initial are something like LV, or you have a name like coach. Its all about the money and shiny gifts unfortunately. Even though i dont care for prostitution, I would rather pay a fee then deal with that. I really wanted to go to Morocco, but I dont know anyone there, and to do so I will have to jump thru the hoops of being a saudi I previously mentioned. I think I would have absolutely loved Morocco as I already love its people, but if the discussion here is any indication of what I am likely to encounter maybe I should rethink my plans.

    • asmae0001
      Feb 23, 2013 @ 00:45:14

      As a Moroccan girl, I found your point of view very interesting. Of course I won’t deny that prostitution exists in Morocco. In fact, it’s a vicious circle. Some Khaleeji men indulge because they can and because they found women greedy enough or desperate enough to accomodate them. And afterward, word got out and it became a trend with proper prostitution rings being formed to satisfy the demand that is ever increasing. Some women are forced into it by poverty and bad entourage, some others and especially schoolgirls become corrupted by the promise of glitter and some proxelytes who have their own methods in recruiting “fresh” young girls, sometimes involving abduction, rape and blackmail (according to some newspapers stories) as most girls consider themselves fallen after losing their virginity and so they might as well become prostitutes. Recruitment is also very active among college girls who get sucked in through the promise of hostess jobs.
      All this is to say that Khaleeji men in Morocco are “guilty until proved innocent” and assumed to be here to party unless they indicate otherwise. So most likely only easy girls will throw themselves at them and these men will end up thinking that Morocco is populated by easy girls. And yes, as the life of a prostitute is not all that is advertized, these girls will throw in all the charm to make the rich guy marry them, including sorcery. They could make good faithful wives after getting married, especially as they would feel grateful for the man who married them and if there is a spoiled high maintenance first wife in contrast (I actually heard a fortiyish Moroccan woman I met on a train describe her 70 years old khaleeji husband as the crown of her head). But I could only surmise that ex-prostitutes are absolutely not the best Morocco has to offer.
      In fact, this world of prostitution and sorcery is a world that most Morocco girls who get to live their ordinary lives will never know about unless from newspaper articles and gossip. That is why it is very hurtful when we hear people doubting Moroccan girls’ virtue.
      What I found interesting in 3awwad’s comment is about the fact that a khaleeji man is automatically offered the local entertainment “menu” and that “good women” wouldn’t talk to him. I never thought of it from their point of view and I find that indeed khaleeji men stereotyping is very strong in Morocco. I am conscious now that the few times I had to deal with khaleeji men I was very cautious in my manners afraid that any friendliness would be taken the wrong way. Even more so, any Moroccan girl who has married a khaleeji man would be automatically thought of as an ex-prostitute in Morocco.
      As for the allure of Moroccan women in general, I believe it comes from being unexpected. Everyone expects Western women to be free-minded and independant but it comes as a surprise from a muslim girl who is also relashionship oriented and a homemaker. A Moroccan girl is taught to take care of her home first even when pursuing a high profile career.
      PS: I don’t like people differentiating between Berbers and arabs in Morocco, berber and arab blood is so intermingled in all Moroccans that you can’t say if somone is Berber or Arab just by looking at them. We are all Muslim and Moroccan.

  50. Najat Kessler
    Jun 14, 2009 @ 18:29:04

    I am a Moroccan Amazigh Woman!
    I am beautiful, feminine and defiante! I scare the hell out of men who have a mentality from the cave ages.They are mesmerized by my charms and confused by my audacity. They don’t know what to do or how to behave with me for I do not fit to any of their molds. Yet when they meet me they feel uplifted from their darkness…they want what I have but are also scared that their little girl or woman back homes come across me an learns my ways…..so scared of femininity that I dare to wear in every way…the way I walk, I talk, I breathe….The man of the cave is scared of this vulnerable strength of mine…I have the audacity of being free despite all my conditions….the man does not know how to be free…he has been beaten to submission…he can’t even dream about being free …let alone fathom that women in his surroundings can be free…He goes to his wife, daughter, and cowardly calls me a “whore” because the poor soul does not know how to be free…in secret he dreams about me…In reality he craves to be free and lively as I am….

    Translated into French by Wassim: Amazigh Marocaine Je suis une Femme!

    Belle, femine et defiante; Je suis! Je terrifie les hommes qui ont la mentalitรฉ de l’รขge des cavernes. Ils sont hypnotisรฉs par mes charmes et troublรฉs par mon audace. Ils ne savent comment se comporter enver moi puisque je ne rentre dans aucun de leur moules. Nรฉanmoins, quand ils me rencontrent, ils se sentent heureux… Ils veulent ce que j’ai mais ils ont si peur que leur femme ou leur fillette me connaisse ou devienne une femme jusqu’qu bout des ongles comme je suis…Si horifies par ma feminite…cette feminite que j’ose porter…dans ma facon de marcher, ma faรงon de parler, ma faรงon de respirer… l’homme des cavernes est effrayรฉ par cette force vulnรฉrable que j’ai… J’ai l’audace d’รชtre libre malgrรฉ toutes mes circonstances…l’homme avec la mentalite de l’age des caverne ne sait comment รชtre libre… Il a ete brise a la soumission… il ne peut mรชme plus rever de liberte…encore moins imaginer les femmes de son entourage vivant librement… Il va chez sa femme et sa fille et avec lachete il m’appele “pute”! Pauvre ame… en son for intรฉrieur, il rรชve de moi… en rรฉalitรฉ il crรจve d’รชtre libre vibrant de vitalitรฉ comme je suis…

    Translated into Arabic by Allala Ben Latif: ุกุงู…ุงุฒุบูŠุฉ ุกุงู†ุง ู…ุบุฑุจูŠุฉ ูˆ ุกุงู…ุฑุงุกุฉ

    ุฌู…ูŠู„ุฉ ูุงุชู†ุฉ ุกุงู†ุง
    ู…ุชุญุฏูŠุฉ ู„ู„ุฑุฌุงู„ ุฏูˆูŠ ุงู„ุนู‚ูˆู„ ุงู„ู…ุชุญุฌุฑุฉ
    ุชุจู‡ุฑู‡ู… ู…ูุงุชู†ูŠ ุชุฑุจูƒู‡ู… ุฌุฑุงุชูŠ
    ู„ุง ูŠุนุฑููˆู† ุงู„ุชุถุฑู ู…ุนูŠ
    ู„ุง ุงุทุงุจู‚ ุกุงูŠ ู†ู…ูˆุฐุฌุง ู…ู† ู†ู…ุงุฐุฌู‡ู…
    ูˆู…ุน ุฐู„ูƒ ูู‡ู… ูŠุดุนุฑูˆู†
    ุจุงู„ุณุนุงุฏุฉ ูˆุงู„ุญูŠุงุฉ ุนู†ุฏ ู…ู„ุง ู‚ุงุชูŠ
    ูŠุฑูŠุฏูˆู†ู†ูŠ ูˆู…ุงุนู†ุฏูŠ ู„ุงุกู†ูุณู‡ู…
    ูˆููŠ ุงู† ูˆุงุญุฏ ุชุฑุนุจู‡ู…
    ููƒุฑุฉ ุงู† ู†ุณุงุกู‡ู… ูˆ ุจู†ุงุชู‡ู…
    ูŠุตุงุฏูู†ูŠ ููŠุซุงุกุชุฑู† ุจูŠ
    ุชุฒุนุฌู‡ู… ุงู†ูˆุซุชูŠ
    ุงู„ุชูŠุกุง ู„ุจุณู‡ุง ุจุญุฑูŠุฉ
    ููŠ ุทุฑูŠู‚ุฉ ู…ุดูŠุชูŠ
    ูˆููŠ ุทุฑูŠู‚ุฉ ูƒู„ุงู…ูŠ
    ูˆุญุชู‰ ููŠ ุทุฑูŠู‚ุฉ ุชู†ูุณูŠ
    ุงู„ุฑุฌู„ ุงู„ู‚ุงุฏู… ู…ู† ุงู„ูƒู‡ูˆู ู…ุฏุนูˆุฑ
    ู…ู† ู‡ุฏู‡ ุงู„ู‚ูˆุฉ ุงู„ู‡ุดุฉ ุงู„ุชูŠ ุชุณูƒู†ู†ูŠ
    ู„ูŠ ุฌุฑุงุฉ ุญุฑูŠุชูŠ ุฑุบู… ูƒู„ ุธุฑูˆููŠ
    ุงู„ุฑุฌู„ ุบูŠุฑ ู‚ุงุฏุฑ
    ู„ูุฑุท ุฎุถูˆุนู‡ ุงู† ูŠูƒูˆู† ุญุฑุง
    ููŠุฐู‡ุจ ู…ู‡ุฑูˆู„ุง ุงู„ู‰
    ุงู…ุฑุงุชู‡ ูˆุงุกุจู†ุชู‡ ูˆูŠุฏุนูˆู†ูŠ
    ู‡ูˆ ูŠุฌู‡ู„ ู…ุนู†ู‰ ุงู„ุญุฑูŠุฉ
    ูˆููŠ ุงู„ุณุฑ ูŠุญู„ู… ุจูŠ
    ููŠ ุงู„ุญู‚ูŠู‚ุฉ
    ูŠุชุดูˆู‚ ุงู† ูŠูƒูˆู† ุญุฑุง
    ุทู„ูŠู‚ุง ุญูŠุง ู…ุซู„ูŠ

    ยฉ Copyrights 2009 Najat Fares Kessler, All Rights Reserved.

  51. AyyA
    Jun 14, 2009 @ 19:22:53

    Dear Najat
    I had to comment on your sensual piece
    Provocative and daring
    Wearing noneโ€ฆ
    Attesting to the basic instincts of
    โ€œin secret he dreams about
    me…In reality he craves to be free and lively as I am….โ€
    Couldnโ€™t agree with you any
    You know what freedom is
    While learners they

    I tip my hat for you, and no need to remind you, that women have always been a mystery to men, and they(men) long to discover them, which is also their basic, natural instincts.

    • I
      Aug 13, 2011 @ 14:22:43

      hi there, you seem like a very cool person. you want to be friends with someone who lives in Europe? i am Muslim by the way……would love to be friends with you.

  52. 3awwad
    Jun 15, 2009 @ 11:40:49

    sa77 lsanak! Wow! That was very expansive, as well as expressive. If I new people as eloquent as you perhaps I could really understand Moroccan women. The caption for that should be: “I am woman, hear me roar!!

  53. Najat Kessler
    Jun 15, 2009 @ 18:11:07

    Merciiiiii, Thank YOU, Choukrane, Ak’ny Essarebahe Rabi (Amazigh language)!

    My Respects Ayya and 3awwad!


    For fun I am going to add here another poem I wrote in 2004!

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Take care,

    Limitless, Endless Love & Vibrant Joyful Life with Respect and Dignity!


  54. Najat Kessler
    Jun 15, 2009 @ 18:19:05

    By God I am a Woman! By an Amazigh Moroccan Woman

    By God I am a woman and these are my nipples,
    If you canโ€™t stand them look the other way!
    I shall not cover my body,
    I shall not lower my voice,
    I shall not lower my gaze,
    By God I am a woman and these are my nipples,
    If you canโ€™t stand them look the other way!
    I will look at you right in the eye!
    And see through your shivering soul,
    Donโ€™t make up rules to cope with your own fears,
    And call them Divine rules, they are not,
    If the Divine meant for a woman to be covered,
    The Divine would have made women with feathers,
    By God I am a woman and these are nipples,
    If you canโ€™t stand them look the other way!
    I shall not cover my body,
    I shall not lower my voice,
    I shall not lower my gaze,
    By God I am a woman and these are my nipples,
    If you canโ€™t stand them look the other way!
    I am beautiful, I am sensual, and I am an enchanting desire,
    No, I am not here to pull you down,
    No, I am not here to cause your fall from grace,
    You long ago forgot about grace,
    I am here to Dance with harmony,
    I am here to Live with passion,
    I am here to Vibrate with life,
    I am here to Give life,
    I am here to Embody the Divine,
    I am here to Remind you of what you forgot,
    You inner state of Grace!

    ยฉ Copyright 2004, Najat Fares Kessler, all rights reserved.

  55. 3awwad
    Jun 16, 2009 @ 20:47:16

    Najat, that was astonishing, once again. the text sounded like its author is a borderline tantric practitioner, is she? if the first was meant to end with I am woman… this should have ended with namast’e. would you say the average moroccan woman has a comparable philosophy as you own?

  56. Najat Kessler
    Jun 18, 2009 @ 18:12:54

    ุงู„ู‰ ุนูˆุงุฏ from An Amazigh Moroccan Woman

    What can I say? How would I answer?
    I do not know, norโ€ฆ
    Do I, possess any fancy answers

    Life has powerful ways to manifest
    Anywhere and everywhere, it blooms

    That which you focus on grows
    One of the laws of this universe
    That which you bring with you
    In hundred folds you shall get

    You may encounter those inhabited by Fear
    And entirely possessed by its progenitors
    What will you do?
    Will you compound their obsessions?
    Or, will you be able to see through them?

    You will encounter Fear,
    Its children like Mistrust,
    And or its grand children
    Like Sorrow and Greed
    What will you do?
    Will you let these so familiar ugly heads fool you?
    Or, will you look beyond their traces within you?

    I am daily fighting my own demons
    Sometimes, I claim victory other times they do
    In either case I am the creator and the doer

    โ€ฆAndโ€ฆalso the Observerโ€ฆ.

    At this moment, Precisely Concisely
    With theses few words, I am attempting to express
    That which is difficult to say while trying to impress

    ยฉ Copyrights 2009 Najat Fares Kessler, all Rights Reserved.

  57. Najat Kessler
    Jun 18, 2009 @ 18:13:50

    ุงู„ู‰ ุนูˆุงุฏ ุจุงู„ุณุนูˆุฏูŠุฉ from An Amazigh Moroccan Woman

    What can I say? How would I answer?
    I do not know, norโ€ฆ
    Do I, possess any fancy answers

    Life has powerful ways to manifest
    Anywhere and everywhere, it blooms

    That which you focus on grows
    One of the laws of this universe
    That which you bring with you
    In hundred folds you shall get

    You may encounter those inhabited by Fear
    And entirely possessed by its progenitors
    What will you do?
    Will you compound their obsessions?
    Or, will you be able to see through them?

    You will encounter Fear,
    Its children like Mistrust,
    And or its grand children
    Like Sorrow and Greed
    What will you do?
    Will you let these so familiar ugly heads fool you?
    Or, will you look beyond their traces within you?

    I am daily fighting my own demons
    Sometimes, I claim victory other times they do
    In either case I am the creator and the doer

    โ€ฆAndโ€ฆalso the Observerโ€ฆ.

    At this moment, Precisely Concisely
    With theses few words, I am attempting to express
    That which is difficult to say while trying to impress

    ยฉ Copyrights 2009 Najat Fares Kessler, all Rights Reserved.

  58. BoFahad
    Jun 20, 2009 @ 04:38:54

    i just came from Tanger last week and it was my first visit to morocco; am a maried Kuwaiti man 30 years old, been in over than 35 countires in the world….. did hear alot about moroccan girls since i was a teenager,,, but no one told me the secrit, so i went there for a week to discover that secrit, and her i am on the net looking fo the answer, searching the web “why moroccan girls” then i found this blog….
    they are the best all of the 3 girls iv dated all of them are top 3 girls iv ever meet in my 12 years old dating life…..

    • -L-Morrocangirl
      May 09, 2011 @ 19:40:06

      Fahad thanks for your compliment for moroccans girls ๐Ÿ˜‰
      but you married, so what you looking for a girl and you go to morocco , if its just to enjoy with one girl GO TO HELL
      Moroccan girls looking for honesty man and for marriage !!

  59. Najat Kessler
    Jun 21, 2009 @ 04:12:25

    Dear Ayya and readers,
    Please accept my apology for posting my above comment twice. My computer froze and I hit submit more than once. Please delete one.
    Thank you,

  60. cherkaoui
    Jun 29, 2009 @ 13:18:41

    Moroccans are good people. They love people. We didn’t grow up in wars and hate. We have been living in peace as long as we remember. Living in peace make people friendly and loving. Moroccan women and men are both good for marriage. Moroccan women help their husbands and take care of them. I can only marry a Moroccan woman because she will make my life easy and less stressful. God bless our loving country Morocco.

  61. BoFahad
    Jul 02, 2009 @ 00:53:52

    God bless Morocco

  62. Nouafel
    Jul 04, 2009 @ 20:58:53

    im from Moroccan decent born in the Netherlands, i think they are because they are sluts and may think they are cheap and easy, but they end up marrying that slut.

    Because im from Netherlands i can get any girl in Morocco to sleep with me

    • Caterina
      Dec 27, 2009 @ 21:36:45

      Hi, Noufel !
      I’m european and I understand you…and I agree with you…after reading all this forum I realised that most of moroccoan girls sell themselves for sex ‘coz of poverty, it’s normal, and this has become an international thing. I’m dating a very nice moroccon man for 6 months now, I always wondered why he doesn’t stay with a moroccan woman if they are so special in bed and everywhere as they say ? He said that the moroccon girls are interested only in his money and he is sick and tired of it, that’s why he wants to marry a foreigner. Should I believe him ? Shukran……

  63. Nasser
    Jul 05, 2009 @ 01:57:55

    It is the sexual charisma ,,, morrocan girls are actually very very friendly in SEX . They really give the real GFE %100 . The best GFE I found is with the morrocan girls ๐Ÿ˜‰

  64. BoFahad
    Jul 10, 2009 @ 00:35:17

    guy its not only sex, but also when you talk to them they ar amaizing

  65. Fairouz
    Jul 21, 2009 @ 14:39:48

    Hello all,

    I am a Moroccan girl… I have read all the comments posted about the secret of Moroccan girls! Therefore, I would like to add that there is no secret no magic. We are like any other girls in the world… So please leave us in peace!!

    Regards from Rabat

    • aaftab
      Aug 14, 2009 @ 21:36:21

      I guess u are right Fairouz

    • kamal
      Oct 06, 2010 @ 01:44:38

      hi,how are u,can u contact me

    • valli
      Feb 20, 2011 @ 04:36:17

      well said girl , im from the uk and i have a morrocan boyfriend , i think you are right, people should leave the morrocan girls alone, there is good and bad in every city in the world . and there is prostituetes in every city in the world not just morroco, the kuwaite men are predators

  66. jihane
    Jul 21, 2009 @ 15:33:24

    Naoufal you can’t get me sleep with you trust me!

    the thing is all the girls in the arabic girls act like morocan girls but the difference is as we are in morocco in a kind of free country (unlike many other arabic country), there is no taboo about it, that’s all!
    and dont tell me egyptian girls do not behave the same way!
    if this girl end up marrying, it might mean that they are inteligent enough to keep men, or maybe they are good spouses…it’s their life so respect it.
    and like fairouz said there is no magic !

  67. AyyA
    Jul 25, 2009 @ 12:45:03

    I deleted your comment because of the insult and profane language you used against Moroccan people. Your Islamic vision is no excuse for such cruelty.

  68. mido
    Jul 28, 2009 @ 02:14:14

    Najat, Aya, and ALL

    I found Najat’s first comment extremely provocative and highly daring yet very unrealistic. The statement sounds more like a line from a D.H. Laurence novel or the like. This is the reason why the text sounds very poetic, beautiful language, seductive and voluptuous. The word choice seems to be perfect as it stems from a very voluptuous mind.
    I think that Connie, heroin in Lady Chatterley’s Lover, would definitely say the same lines with naked ideas and stained intentions.

    However there is a good thing about Najat’s little poems, so to speak. It is the sheer reality it holds between the lines, the bold answer to the all the questions asked here about Moroccan girl and the Khalijii guys.
    Yes in her comments/poems lies the answer to the question why?

    Why Khaliji guys and /or other guys are somehow obsessed by Moroccan girls?
    According to Najat, it’s because of their culture being somewhat oppressive and /or restrictive of the male-female bond. In other words what they love about Moroccan girls is only their “freedom” nothing else.

    Do Moroccan girls have some kind of figurative magic by which they attract Khaliji men?
    According to Najat No. They don’t have any magic. They (or some of them) are simply too “free” which is a huge pull for a “non-free” man; a man who grew up in a restrictive society.
    The woman depicted in Najat’s first comment is a not a genuine woman. The man she defies is not her mate or husband but rather her father and her brother and the Devine. And soon she will be an animal.
    The “freedom” depicted there is not freedom. It is blind submission to desire, to lust, to Satan. Cโ€™ est l’esclavage et la soumission totale a la voluptรฉ.
    Please revise your concept of freedom, dear Najat.
    “If the Divine meant for a woman to be covered,
    The Divine would have made women with feathers,”
    Well you are wrong about that. The Devine created the woman and ordered her to cover up. And HE did create some women like that, “covered with feathers”, but they are animals or birds; they are NOT women. They are “female” animals.
    I think that the free lustful woman depicted in your first comments became an animal in your second one.

  69. BoFahad
    Aug 02, 2009 @ 00:42:20

    if the khaleji guy go to morocco and didnt find any girls to go out with !!!! do you think he will go there again ?
    i dont think so… they like them because some on the girls in there are easy “some”

    thats why.

  70. Asmaa
    Aug 05, 2009 @ 05:19:38

    Salam everybody, i find it an interesting blog as it talks about moroccans, especially moroccan momen.what attracted me much is the long period that it took talking about this hot issue.from 2004 till today.Imagine !!
    Though i think there is still that disformed image on moroccan momen, even more it increases.
    So let’s see it this way if you don’t mind arab brothers and sisters.
    why not to talk and think positively about this kind of issues.
    some/ moroccan women/ surely give bad impression all over the arab world.
    This leads that khalijiat women badly hate moroccan women.which means that we enter in the gap of /Stereotyping/
    But We should not just blame the moroccan girls but kweiti guys.
    Other girls in other countries maybe worse but implicitely not seen directely.
    why not to talk about some middle eastern singers who are just suitable for these reputations.
    Don’t focus on calamities of your brothers and sisters in islam even if they are not that good.
    God is forgiveen.

  71. Saad
    Aug 09, 2009 @ 21:05:09

    Any girl in the world who is charming, sincere and loyal to her love will attract the man.
    To be honest, Yes . . the majority of moroccan girls attract men because of these nobel traits. of course, that’s not exception since many girls in this world share them these traits.

  72. Nouafel from Netherlands
    Aug 14, 2009 @ 20:42:30

    if u want to marry a moroccan girl, make sure u have some money a nice car is a bonus too…

    Moroccan girls like money and most of them will even give u sex for a dinner or some dirhams

    and if u promise her to marry u will hit Jackpot likely.

    Every summer when i go Vacation the Moroccan girls trying to make eye contact or they start doing something for attention , me not only with me but almost all foreigners, however i never can marry a woman from Morocco. u will never know what she did in the past.

  73. AyyA
    Aug 18, 2009 @ 13:41:38

    “however i never can marry a woman from Morocco. u will never know what she did in the past.”

    Tipical Arab mentality, may I ask what have you done in the past?
    I don’t think any women, not only Moroccan, would be honored to meet such person with this mentality. Better for you to stay away from women because there is no woman without a past except in your mind.

  74. proud moroccan girl
    Aug 27, 2009 @ 16:35:03

    i think this subject is sick as those faggots who are talking crap about us moroccan girls , why do you judge us like that? we are open minded but with wise ( sure in any place there are the good people and the bad one AND WITH THE INTENTION THAT YOU COME FOR OF COURSE YOU WILL GO FOR THE B****S in the street , not the covered up women and well educated cuz you come LOOKING FOR THEM ACTUALLY!)
    LETS TALK ABOUT SAUDI AND KHALIJI GIRLS do you Know what the hell they are doing ??
    those people who said they can’t marry a women with history are soo DUMP cuz here’s the thing :all of your girls contry have an affair with someone in the past , but they don’t show it and they are like snakes , and damn they are good at hidding such suff like that,
    NOT LIKE YOU THE WOMEN CANT DRIVE???? what if she’s in home sick? wait for the man who is there playing with B****s to come for help ??? WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!
    petrol /cuz it gives you the god damn money to buy THE SEX







    • Kurokeshi
      Mar 04, 2012 @ 06:04:44

      “i think this subject is sick as those faggots who are talking crap about us moroccan girls , why do you judge us like that?”

      ROFLOL!! I couldn’t of said that better. And I agree with you 150%. I am n American who will be marrying a Moroccan girl soon Inshallah. I live in the Kalij, and I see the women here all the time and I really don’t like their arrogant, lazy and disgusting attitudes. Not all of them, but pretty much most of them. Kaliji women are the ones mostly responsible about the ridiculous stories concerning Moroccan women, mostly out of jealousy. They are jealous b/c most men prefer Moroccan girls over them and seek to marry Moroccan women the first chance they get. Moroccan women make the best companions b/c not only are they feminine and know how to treat their man, but also b/c they are open minded and highly intelligent. So screw all you haters, Moroccan women are the best hands down, deal with it!

  75. proud moroccan girl
    Aug 27, 2009 @ 16:40:12

    and big applause to AYYA for the great respond

  76. proud moroccan girl
    Aug 27, 2009 @ 16:44:51

    I mean who come up with haifa and nancy are bitches like them?

    you sick khaliji people they survive throught your dirty money

    i hope to see your petrol gone to see if america gonna give a shit about you


    no and how could they come up from contries like yours
    where the women is brought up to live just to be f****D up

  77. Muhammad
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 19:16:14

    I am a Pakistani national and living in uk for a long time. I came across a Moroccon girl on internet. I was straight away inspired from her beauty and simplicity. I waited 6 monhts before I decided to go and meet her as I had no dought in my mind about seeing her as my Wife. I have committed to marry her soon and I am under prepration. Why I attracted to this girl, living thousand miles away? I felt she is open minded, intelligent and maintaining a nice balance between her Islamic and Western values. I know that there are guys not only from Kuwait but from EU and other countries who fly to Morocco for fun and even Girls from Morocco invite such guys. But Not all five fingers are same.

  78. bolo
    Aug 29, 2009 @ 02:02:09

    hey what is kuwait aslan rijal taht sifr fuck off

  79. bolo
    Aug 29, 2009 @ 02:04:12

    i hate the khaleeji peaple i hope i can meet somebody some where

  80. BoFahad
    Sep 04, 2009 @ 01:55:16

    bolo why do u want to meet a khaleeji some where ?

  81. Mustafa
    Sep 17, 2009 @ 09:45:34

    A point of view from a Moroccan guy this time,
    Moroccan girls are attractive and so are Moroccan guys as well … Don’t think it’s the reflexion of mirrors only !!
    A Moroccan girl can speak khaliji and egyptian, can speak french , english and spanish in a very short time, why? maybe the corner of the Atlantic and Mediterranean gave her that ability for centuries,, and again, so is the Moroccan guy ..
    The first golden medalists among all Arabians in the Olympics are the Moroccans: Nawal Motawakil in 1984, at that time all Arabians were still wondering if they can catch up with world, but Moroccans were already trying ,, we had female pilots 25 years ago as well..
    I know I am wandering away from the point, but I am not : if Moroccan girls are attractive, they are because they are more advanced, mentally and physically… and if someone questions about beauty and charm, please don’t: it is just the mixture of Arabians, Berbers, Africans and Europeans , again Andalusia ,north, west and east all meet there. again the Moroccan guy is the same way…
    Black or white magic, you guys talk .. we hear about this in Morocco as in the whole world ,, nonsense!!
    A Moroccan girl doesn’t require Gold or diamond for her wedding, in this she is like an American or European girl, she speaks humbly and in this she is more Arabian ..
    Guys … don’t forget that more than half Moroccans are actually Berbers, and if the word Berber has its root in Barbarian as Greeks and Romans liked to call them, the original name is ” Emazighen ” which means: free men ,, and they truly lived free for centuries, in that freedom lies another charm and beauty of character, and if by any chance you go to Morocco to see pure Berbers, go to Atlas mountains , you may get a glance from a blue-eyed girl, slim and surely a very smart one.
    again so is the Moroccan guy
    Morocco has been and is still a collection of free men, Arabian hospitality, western values and a lot more … diversity is a charm

  82. nadia
    Sep 18, 2009 @ 04:17:36

    because of our beauty our smartness

  83. AyyA
    Sep 18, 2009 @ 08:38:00

    Better seek help dude, you are sick

    Thanks for the insight, I did meet Berber girls long back in Libya, and they are beautiful. I guess you mentioned the secret word here, which is diversity.
    Thanks again

  84. AyyA
    Sep 21, 2009 @ 16:14:28

    Sorry el; I had to delete your comment, this is not a rondivoo place.

  85. Hamid
    Sep 22, 2009 @ 05:16:10

    I have lived in Western Sahara for one year and have travelled from Layoune to Tanger. I have many good friends there, I know what sort of girls Moroccans are? There is no fault with them, it is the dirty eyes, if you are dirty, you will see dirt everywhere. Once our eyes become dirty, our hearts become dirty and once we come across some dirty girl (we are interested to see dirty girls in fact), she guides us to more dirt and we believe that there is nothing else in Morocco but dirt all around. If you are clean, you would definitely come across modest girls all around. Hypocracy is the order of the day, blaming others and not realizing about the filth in our hearts. Moroccans are educated, modest, intelligent and lively happily. J’adore Maroc.

  86. maryann
    Sep 25, 2009 @ 20:37:43

    i am an american girl who was seduced by the charm of a morrocan man. he used me and charmed me for coming to the usa for his green card and citizenship. after he got what he wanted…now he has no need for me anymore. i have been nothing but good and patient with him. i put up with all his flirtations with other arab girls especially moroccan girls. shame on him for flirting with them and shame on the moroccan girls for flirting with my husband. i fear Allah (subahanawatallah) and we are commanded to lower our gaze. i became more religious because of my moroccan husband and he became more like kufar. shame on all of us leading each other to the hell fire. where are the decent arabs who want to live a certain simple life who don’t want to show off their money and looks to the outside world. where are the ones who pray 5 times and fear Allah (subahanawatallah) more between the prayers. remember brothers and sisters, dating is haram. we need our family to arrange a good husband or wife to marry. i was friends with my husbands sister and she arranged us. i just picked the wrong family. i am traditional like my husbands mom, not like the siblings. Ihope we all change and stop ruining each others lives with all the flirting and illegal sexual acts. you are forgetting this is haram. may Allah (subahanawatallah) help all of us and unseal our hearts inshallah. thank you

  87. Amine
    Oct 12, 2009 @ 04:01:11

    I’m a moroccan guy and I have one word to say
    “we are luky”
    yes , here in morocco we are luky for the beauty that our girls have not like the khaliji , because almost of them are ugly and fat .

  88. Lawrence
    Oct 12, 2009 @ 18:34:33

    I am a belgian guy and I am also drawn into the beauty of moroccan women. I’ve had 2 so far and no, I am FAR FROM a playboy or a player! I’d die to find this one girls with whom I can spend my entire life! Unfortunately, the first girl was drinking alcohol every day! On top of that she used drugs behind my back and if that isn’t sufficiently bad, she cheated on me so I quit that relationship. The second girl: the exact same thing! Yet, with this last girl I’ve spent the happiest days of my life. We went on holidays a few times and whenever we were alone, without any morons trying to influence her, she was the best girl you could imagine. She was gentle, warm, peaceful. I’ve loved this girl a lot and even asked her to marry me. She said Yes by the way. 6 months later she went to bed with a 65 year old geriatric who is said to be one of europes richest blokes end equally ugly. Now I plan on going to morocco to find me real trustworthy girl. I can say from myself I have a big heart and I am honest and I don’t cheat. So that should count for something. On top os this all, I’m no model but then again, I’m certainly no dragon either ๐Ÿ˜‰

  89. Lawrence
    Oct 12, 2009 @ 18:42:21

    Dear Najat,

    I LOVE your piece of writing! That’s the kind of woman I want and had, except they came with bad intentions like being dishonest and false… Anyway, I love the writing!!

  90. abbas
    Nov 02, 2009 @ 06:40:42

    I just want to say morrocon girls are very nice and know how to treat the man, i know few of them are not very good but every country have good and bad people, i been to morroco few times i think morrocon girls are very very good better then othen countries.

  91. leila
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 02:50:42

    Morocco is the Arab country most of Europe near
    then all the Moroccan girls are Arabs, but at the same time they have the modern style
    and since kuwaitiens travel a lot in London and Monaco …. and they see foreign girls very modern very beautiful, the brunette the blonde, but they were not the stuff that Arab men like these at the same time.
    so they prefer a Moroccan who is Muslim and at the same time it was the key to Europe
    and we talking about sex, women kuwaitiennes have lots of experience and they know is doing well but the default is that they do not take care of their married

    and they have a boyfriend, that’s after what I board lived in working in a salon in kuwait coifure all married women mostly rich women, have a boyfriend younger than themselves
    the problem know that their marriage but do not say anything because he fears for his position in Kuwait and his small family,
    and you know very well that marriages in kuwait is not love but only with cousins of cousins, then this is what makes that all the men of Moroccan kuwait love beautiful modern smiling and helpful, it gives a required importance the man they love and when they truly love.
    and we speak of prostitution does exist everywhere in the world, the difference is that if a Moroccan prostitute she does not hide the fact and before the whole world, that means they say a high road and not not play the comedy as in Egypt to Lebanon and other countries

    Nov 09, 2009 @ 06:04:22


    Nov 09, 2009 @ 06:06:59


  94. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Nov 29, 2009 @ 10:36:42

    This is a topic goes back to 2004!!!!
    Hot topic, used as a court to defend about the Morocco Charming and beauty!!.
    Reality is the fact on land….

  95. AyyA
    Nov 30, 2009 @ 01:45:38

    loooool Khalfan
    I agree
    Actually; it amazes me how until today this post is the top post read in my whole blog!
    That goes to tell us something, doesn’t it?

  96. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Nov 30, 2009 @ 06:13:47

    yes it does…..
    tip: Who Dare to Deny the Sun Light

  97. rami
    Dec 01, 2009 @ 05:55:24

    hi all
    i have a relationship with a moroccan girl
    i am about to marry her. inspite of what i see wrong things she does
    she goes with men and i don’t know exactly what she does when she is not with me.. but still love her even whatever happened
    her friend told me that she made me a magic with my cum
    when i have sex with her she takes my cum on a tissue and she makes magic with it
    se sweared she did it
    when i told my girl friend about what her friend had just told me she became mad and she told me to leave her as i believed her friend
    but i can’t
    what can i do????
    who knows how to break that magic?
    they told me moroccan magic has no effect on he body but on the mind
    u can never escape their spell!!
    what can i do please
    somebody … help me!

  98. AyyA
    Dec 01, 2009 @ 06:02:19

    You need a psychiatrist not a magic spell breaker, there is something wrong with your head because you believe in this bullshit. Your magic is love, and there is nothing more magical than love. If I were your girl I wouldn’t have stayed with you a minute.

  99. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Dec 01, 2009 @ 10:46:01

    Ayya….thats what she did!!!! ya…
    i reallt feel sorry for you, but this wont help u isnt it!!!!.
    I dont know what is your religion backround, this will help to draw the solution path.
    But i like to tell u there is a solution for every problem….
    however, in general…please avoid this kind of PEAOPLE so u can avoid getting spelled!!!. also, believe me- i had this experience- its not easy but possible; show to ur self and prove to ur self that she doent deserve u and she is a sl*t who deserves to be treated as an animal. furthermore, out there…they are plenty of pretty girls whom u will be so happy to spend ur life with.
    if this all didnt help……… consult AYYA.

  100. rami
    Dec 01, 2009 @ 13:43:05

    i am muslim
    but everybody makes a mistake and we can’t escape what we are forced to do u know what i mean
    she always tells me i am moroccan!! she says that when we have a quarel
    she threats me
    and i didn’t care coz i had never been afraid of anything on earth
    now i feel like a slave to her eventhough i remember exactly how careless i was when i see her with a man or when i see her wearing sexy clothes
    now i can’t… i feel jelous all the time
    i tell u something ..she is not that kind of girl who satisfies me with love,no she doesn’t give me what i need.. and she did none of the deeds a man might choose her for what she does.
    so i have a brain but i can’t use it
    everybody knows what i mean
    i swear to ALLAH moroccan girls do magic and they can’t hide it
    i swear to ALLAH i found 7 pieces of magic in her room and when i told her she had gone mad
    she told me did u open any?? i said yes
    she told me which one???
    eventhough i left her 1 week i couldn’t stay away from her
    i said in my mind don’t marry her just stay with her
    so we r together now
    coz i can’t.
    can anybody tell me that i am stupid??
    AYYA u r wrong to talk to me like that!
    if she is realy a good girl so why do i tell u about her?
    why does she go back with me after i saw and opened the magic she had in her room?
    why do they do that??
    she is muslim too… why?????

  101. rami
    Dec 01, 2009 @ 13:48:26

    i said i shouldn’t marry her and we r together again coz i don’t wana lose her
    and acually i am not thinking this any more
    now i think i should stay with her for ever as i don’t know how long i might live so just to live happy
    but what happiness is this?
    i’m not happy with the amount of love she gives and the behaivior of hers and not even with her body
    why can i say this infront of u and i can do nothing for myself????

    • Fairouz MAROC
      Dec 01, 2009 @ 14:08:04

      Hey Rami,

      What you are telling breaks my heart! I am really sorry for you. However, I am a MOROCCAN and proud to be and NEVER used MAGIC and never believe in this stupid stuff. Yet, if you do so DO not GENERALIZE and say all MOROCCAN girls use magic cos it is simply not true. It will make more sence if you just say I think my gf or whatever has used magic to keep me with her…

      I hope from the bottom of my heart that God will guide to the right path…

      Best wishes from Rabat!


  102. rami
    Dec 01, 2009 @ 14:47:00

    thx all i have manythings to say but no body can help

  103. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Dec 01, 2009 @ 15:39:51

    no defending on Rami, but his topic is not generlaized as it goes along. Plus he is much clever to generlaize…Morocco people kindness and intelligance cant be dinied by any human being.However, like any another culture…. positive and negatives exisists.

    I Do believe in magic as its mentioned in the holly Quran, and i have seen wierd events by my self.However, i dont want you to go there in the 1st shot.ya3ni, 1st you have to control ur self and dont just say u have a brain but cant use it!!!!
    i would advise you to have a calender and count every day u r not spending it with her…this to make u feel, or the fact its the reality of u r brave and CAN live without her.
    keep in ur mind, the more u follow her the more strong she gets…so BE A MAN.
    if u still feel weak, u better talk to Shiekh. if u were in Oman i would help.
    All the best
    morocco people are so nice and generous….ask me.

  104. rami
    Dec 01, 2009 @ 22:25:29

    i can come to see u next month if u want dear khalfan
    i wish this will finish soon
    i swear

  105. AyyA
    Dec 03, 2009 @ 05:00:03

    No one can help you but yourself. The root of your problem as I see it is your belief. Muslims believe in magic because their scripture tells them it is true. And this is ruining their minds. There is no such thing as magic, there is no such thing as djin, there is no such thing as spirits and ghosts, it’s all in your head because you believe in them. Or as our Egyptian friends say
    ุงู„ู„ูŠ ูŠุฎุงู ู…ู† ุงู„ุนูุฑูŠุช ูŠุทู„ุน ู„ู‡
    Now your girl may be involved in black magic, she’s also a Muslim as you say, but that does not mean that what you are going through is because of her witchcraft, but rather because you want to believe it is.
    Straighten yourself dude and marry the girl if you love her or leave if you don’t. End of the story.

  106. khan
    Dec 03, 2009 @ 13:10:55

    a very deep breath

  107. rami
    Dec 04, 2009 @ 02:47:09

    guys i love her and i can’t stay away from her
    but there is nothing in her makes me love her

    • DESI
      Dec 04, 2009 @ 04:55:39

      i dont belive you love her if you love someone u dont debate it and especcially to strangers i think ur attrected to her and enjoy the way you have sex with her so bro think it over marrige is a very big commitment, can i ask where you are from? how often do u see her?

  108. rami
    Dec 04, 2009 @ 16:29:50

    i am from lebanon and the girl works with me
    i see her sometimes every day and sometimes once a week..work controles us

  109. khan
    Dec 04, 2009 @ 17:12:35

    have you been to morocco?if yes thn how many times?i am just asking to understand you more

  110. khan
    Dec 04, 2009 @ 17:14:02

    may be i have some answers for you?

  111. rami
    Dec 05, 2009 @ 05:00:55

    never been to morocco
    i live in lebanon
    she works in lebanon with me

  112. rami
    Dec 05, 2009 @ 05:02:39

    dear khalfan can i have ur e-mail address??

  113. khan
    Dec 05, 2009 @ 05:15:42

    what you have that she will do black magic on you to have you or make you love her? r u rich or wealthy,you r from big family,you r extra ordinary handsome good looking or she have passport or visa problam or any other thing.

  114. khan
    Dec 05, 2009 @ 05:41:18

    must be a reason only you know the answer.you dont nead to tell anybody this answer is only for you,as long as you understand it.

  115. khan
    Dec 05, 2009 @ 05:48:49

    for example,if there is no reason may be she loves you more thn anything and she wants to be with you.wearing sexy clothes or talk with other people does not make her wrong,sometimes girls do that to have more attention from their partners espacially moroccon girls there is nothing wrong with it,all you have to do is talk to her and tell her that you dont like this jealousy business.trust me she will stop.

  116. khan
    Dec 05, 2009 @ 05:55:36

    men always look good when they go out men like attentions,so what if the woman do the same,it does not mean that she is not loyal to you…………………… LOYALITY………………

  117. khan
    Dec 05, 2009 @ 06:08:55

    what i said so for is bass upon what you told us about her.i think personally you are not telling us all you are hiding alot of things,which is write in oneway (PERSONAL).

  118. khan
    Dec 05, 2009 @ 06:13:37

    i have to tell you a few things but only if you give me your email

  119. AyyA
    Dec 05, 2009 @ 16:25:26

    I will keep your e-mails for 24 hours, and then I will delete them.

  120. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Dec 06, 2009 @ 07:57:25


  121. khan
    Dec 06, 2009 @ 08:00:18

    it is not easy to let go away something very spacial the one you love most.in one life time it does not happen again and again.may be after making wrong desicion you will regret all your life.ESPACIALLY A WOMAN.

  122. khan
    Dec 06, 2009 @ 08:09:45

    RAMI,we are in same boat but story is opposite.i will talk to you soon

  123. khan
    Dec 06, 2009 @ 08:12:29

    may be i help you or you help me

  124. rami
    Dec 06, 2009 @ 12:45:35

    thank u

  125. khan
    Dec 10, 2009 @ 15:20:09

    check your email,i dont have time

  126. khan
    Dec 10, 2009 @ 15:21:38


  127. rami
    Dec 15, 2009 @ 00:51:20

    thank u khan
    i will wait ur e-mail
    i really thank u so much
    hope to see u soon my friend

  128. khan
    Dec 16, 2009 @ 15:45:04

    i will talk to you soon

  129. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Dec 21, 2009 @ 09:56:15

  130. khan
    Dec 23, 2009 @ 06:36:19

    check your email i send all the details to you

  131. hanan
    Dec 28, 2009 @ 00:34:40

    yes and yes moroccan girls are very cheap and they gives the pussys even to dogs just to get money they do that from young age because they see the mothers doing it .sleeping with any men is kind of yes if he can give money why not.they dont feel in love because they say why get fucked for free if the pussy can bring us some money.i am a girl and i live in morocco.so dont tell me it is not true.

  132. Nadia
    Dec 28, 2009 @ 00:50:07

    I live in EL JADIDA and i work in the new Mazagon the place where a lot of rich men comes to spend money ,and we have very young girls for them 16&17 years old ,ready for action and cheap to rent ,they do every thing for the old men.this is Morocco,welcome to the sine city.
    shame on you moroccan girls ,no respect no shame.this is not a game.and it is not the pussy to blame,but the whole frame.
    in morocco girls are buy one get one free.

  133. rami
    Dec 28, 2009 @ 00:57:56

    i really don’t know what to say

  134. khan
    Dec 28, 2009 @ 06:35:49

    i agree with HANAN,
    but not all the girls are same.

  135. khan
    Dec 29, 2009 @ 03:42:01

    hannani like your honesty.just tell me one thing.what you do with this money?

  136. desisteeve
    Dec 29, 2009 @ 03:54:14

    Guys i would like to ask how many of u r married and u still belive love doesent happen again and again if u were married fed up with the first women how sure r u the ones u r talking about arent gonna b like the one u were married too have u guys thought about how ur life was when u guys met ur first wife or love u must have felt the same as u r feeling now.

    Magic love is magic but u can get over it,
    if sm1 can do magic im suer there r ways of getting out of it if u guys are thinking u r under the infulance of magic then u should go see sm1


  137. AyyA
    Dec 29, 2009 @ 03:59:22

    I had to delete your comment because of its profanity. And somehow I don’t believe a word you said nor I believe that you are a woman to start with

  138. AyyA
    Dec 29, 2009 @ 04:19:25

    Same goes to men

  139. Hanan
    Dec 30, 2009 @ 00:25:08

    Ayya only the truth hurt,i was honest just telling what happened in morocco ,that is girls life in morocco not a single day without sex.
    let’s be honest every day i leave my place boys are following me like dogs .every body is saying something but you know what they all want.
    well this is sex harassment,but we girls we dont mind.
    anyways at the end of the day having a good time with a nice guy will take your mind off your troubles and will help you to pay your bills.
    welcome to sin country welcome to morocco.
    morocco is very known for sex. i will see you tonight i have to go out now my phone is telling me some one need to play with my body.
    see you all later guys.

  140. Hanan
    Dec 30, 2009 @ 00:31:54

    why are all arabic girls and women very loose.i mean very easy ?? must be somthing very wrong with the and let’s try all of us and find out what is this thing .
    i will be waiting to hear fromyou guys.

  141. Hanan
    Dec 30, 2009 @ 00:40:17

    The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.


    Time is too slow for those who wait,
    too swift for those who fear,
    too long for those who grieve,
    too short for those who rejoice,
    but for those who love,
    time is eternity.


    i am wasting my time in this sin country .i need to find the truth the light .
    please help me

    • Caterina
      Dec 30, 2009 @ 21:04:08

      Dear Hanan,

      thank you for sharing your intimate and precious life with us. I’m learning a lot from you. I think you need real love, beside fun……I had a lot of fun in my life too when I was younger in many different countries and continents, but I was studying and working at the same time……so I didn’t feel lost all the time, I always had a goal, and after i succeeded in relizing it, I had another one and so on……’coz after a while , even the exagerations are boring if you don’t have an objective…….I don’t know if I’m helping you, but I’m just telling my own opinion and sharing my own experience with you, that’s all…I like to see people happy…..so, I hope I ‘m helping you somehow……..
      Take care, courageous Hanan, especially of your nice body, ‘coz we have only one in this life, and respect yourself……because if you don’t respect yourself , nobody will…..People love people who respect and love themselves….and these people are the most generous too….at least in my “capitalistic”world.
      Best wishes,
      PS. When you don’t know what to do, just keep walking……!

  142. AyyA
    Dec 30, 2009 @ 01:06:25

    There is an old English proverb that goes like this “Funny how people always get what they want, provided they want it bad enough”
    Whatever, or whoever you are is of your own making. True, not many of us are fortunate enough to change our fates, but nevertheless, you can make the best of it. The secret word is “use your brains”.
    And by the way; what goes on in Morocco in the open goes on in every Islamic or Arabic country behind closed doors. Do you know why? Because this is human nature that no culture or religion could deter. In short dear use your resources where you are to the best of your benefit, help yourself. Your irony in desire is vivid through your feeling of shame and guilt and your need for love. Stop scolding yourself and live happy and contented. Love will come if you need it “bad enough”.
    Take care

    • Caterina
      Dec 30, 2009 @ 20:50:07

      Dear Ayya,
      You are very intelligent and beautiful as well, and I’m very happy to know you and your wise mind . It’s really an honour for me to know you. After reading your great site, I realised again how ignorant I am…….and I’m learning a lot of beautiful and unique things with everybody writing here, really. You, great Ayya, have the talent to show people the light. God bless you. And as you wrote, the rest it’s about using your brains.
      After studying and traveling for 25 years, almost everyday I realise that I know nothing. “What we know is a drop, what we ignore is an ocean”as a phylosopher said. In Europe we learned how to be tolerant with nations after many wars and suffering, but we still have a lot to learn from the Arabs and the orientals in general. That’s why I want to be a muslim ‘coz it’s a beautiful and rich experience for me at least, and I like to try life, always, sometimes to the extreme, to see if I can do that or that, just to see my limitsand my talents, ‘coz everybody has one. I believe we are here in this world to learn and I’m grateful to do that with you too. I learn from Hanan, ‘coz I think that we all are masters of each other, it’s the logical process of spiritual growth.
      I learn from an idiot for example how not to be one and from a baby how to look at things like I see them for the first time every day…So, yes, I love learning….and thank you so much for sharing your treasures with the others…
      Best wishes,

  143. Hanan
    Dec 30, 2009 @ 01:21:48

    s0rry Ayya you just failed the test .


    One of the emotions a person can feel most deeply and intensely is without doubt love. People who love and fear Allah very much will see His manifestations in all things and will take great pleasure from all the blessings, physical or spiritual, that Allah creates. The source of the love that people feel in their hearts is again their joyous adoration of Allah.

    Forms of love that are not based on love of Allah, however, are based on self-interest instead. Such kind of love has absolutely nothing to do with the true love that stems from love of Allah. In the forms of love that are based on self-interest, people deceive themselves and others under the name of love, as a result of which they lead troubled, lonely and unhappy lives. The inhabitants of a world based on self-interest are well aware of this. People who inhabit such a world are perfectly well aware that people they imagine to be their friends will inevitably abandon them one day and will turn their backs on them in times of trouble, such as when they fall ill for example or lose their material advantages. For that reason they can never be truly happy and at peace and never feel that they are truly loved. That is why they constantly doubt the affections of other people.

    As relations between people weaken, unhappiness also rises
    But there is no end to the human love that believers feel for Allah and His creations. Their love grows and deepens by the day, rather than declining. They never doubt the love of other believers, because they know that, like them, other believers love Allah very much and that their love for them stems from that love of Allah, and that it will never decrease, but always grow.

    But in societies that do not live by love and fear of Allah, people suffer much from lovelessness and complain they can never find the love and happiness that they seek. One can see numerous reports and investigations about the unhappiness that stems from lack of love in the daily papers.


  144. AyyA
    Dec 30, 2009 @ 01:34:17

    Well…well… I can see clearly what your definition of Love has created in your contradicting personality. Somehow; I’m not surprised.

  145. Hanan
    Dec 30, 2009 @ 01:36:22

    Every person is in need of God at every instant of life. From the air one breathes to the food he eats, from the ability to use one’s hands to the faculty of speech, from being sheltered to being in a joyful spirit, one lives completely in need of what God creates and grants him. Still, a vast majority of people do not perceive their weaknesses and that they are in need of God. They suppose that things develop spontaneously or that they acquire everything by their own efforts. This is an important error, as well as a serious ingratitude towards God. Ironically, people who render their thanks to a person for even an insignificant gift, spend all their lives ignoring the countless blessings that God gives them all through their lives. However, so great are the blessings granted to a person that one could never count them. God relates this fact in a verse as follows:

    If you tried to number God’s blessings, you could never count them. God is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Surat an-Nahl: 18)

    Despite this fact, most people fail to give thanks for any of the blessings they have. The reason for this is related in the Qur’an: Satan, who pledged to misguide people from God’s way, said that his ultimate aim is to make people be ungrateful to God. Satan’s defiant statements to God emphasize the importance of giving thanks to God:

    ‘Then I will come at them, from in front of them behind them, from their right and from their left. You will not find most of them thankful.’ He (God) said, ‘Get out of it, reviled and driven out. As for those of them (mankind) who follow you, I, will fill up Hell with every one of you.’ (Surat al-A’raf: 17-18)

    Believers, on the other hand, aware of their weaknesses and in humility before God, render their thanks to Him for every blessing granted. Wealth and possessions are not the only blessings for which believers render their thanks to God. Knowing that God is the Owner and Possessor of everything, believers express their inner gratefulness for good health, beauty, knowledge, wisdom, love of faith and hatred from disbelief, understanding, insight, foresight and for power. They are thankful for being rightly guided and for being in the company of believers.

    A beautiful landscape, easy handling of their affairs, fulfillment of their wishes, tidings of great joy, respectful conduct or any other blessings make believers immediately turn to God, express their gratefulness to Him and reflect on His mercy and compassion.

    In return for good morals displayed, a reward awaits believers. This is another of the secrets revealed in the Qur’an; God increases His blessings on those who are grateful. For example, God grants even more health and power to those who render their thanks to God for the good health and strength they have. God bestows even more knowledge and property to those who are grateful for their knowledge or wealth. This is because they are sincere people who are contented with what God gives and are pleased with the blessings and who take God as their friend. God relates this secret in the Qur’an as follows:

    And when your Lord announced: “If you are grateful, I will certainly give you increase, but if you are ungrateful, My punishment is severe.”‘ (Surah Ibrahim: 7)

    Being grateful is also a sign of one’s closeness to and love of God. People who give thanks have the insight and capability to perceive the beauties and blessings that God creates. God’s Messenger, peace be upon him, also referred to this when he said:

    When God gives you property, the bliss of God’s blessing and offering must be reflected on you.

    On the other hand, a disbelieving or ungrateful person will only see the imperfections and faults even in the most beautiful environment, and thus will be unhappy and discontented. Indeed, as a divine purpose in God’s creation, such people, always come across with seemingly unfavorable events and unpleasant scenes. On the other hand, God displays more of His bounties and blessings to those who have a sincere and insightful outlook.

    That God increases His blessings to those who are grateful is one of the secrets of the Qur’an. However, one needs to keep in mind that sincerity is a prerequisite for being grateful. No doubt, one’s way of showing his gratitude without turning sincerely to God and feeling the inner peace of God’s infinite mercy and compassion, which is solely intended to impress people, would be sheer insincerity. God knows what hearts harbor, and will bear witness to this insincerity. Those who have insincere inner intentions may conceal it from other people, but not from God. Such people may render their thanks with affected manners when there is no affliction, but at times of hardship, it is possible that they may readily lapse into ungratefulness.

    It should be also noted that true believers remain grateful to God even under harshest conditions. Someone looking from outside may see the diminishing of some blessings believers enjoy. However, believers, who are able to perceive the good aspect of every event and situation, see goodness in this too. For example, God states that He will test people with fear, hunger and loss of wealth or life. In such a situation, believers rejoice and feel grateful, hoping that God will reward them with the gifts of paradise in return for the steadfastness they displayed in this test.

    They know that God does not impose on anyone more than he can bear. The steadfastness and submission of such awareness lead them to patience and gratitude. Therefore, it is an obvious attribute of believers to show unwavering dedication and submission and God promises to expand His blessings on His grateful servants both in the life of this world and in the Hereafter.


  146. AyyA
    Dec 30, 2009 @ 01:40:42

    Stop your Islamic stereotype cut/paste Hanan, and express your opinion freely, I’m not interested in someone else’ opinion, or did you forget that you also have brains?

  147. khan
    Dec 30, 2009 @ 04:27:45

    dear ayya,
    i agree with you

  148. khan
    Dec 30, 2009 @ 04:31:45

    dear hannan,
    do not compare men with dogs cos dogs are more faithfull.
    mr desisteeve,do not compare cars with woman or man,car has to be driven by some one

  149. khan
    Dec 30, 2009 @ 04:44:55

    dear hanna,you said.
    (i am wasting my time in this sin country .i need to find the truth the light .
    please help me)
    i peronally feel wherever you go sky is same,it will depends on you,like i asked you before what you do with this money honestly?
    it would have explain alot of things about you,may be if you sincerly come out of your shell(which you have created around you),you might get some help somebody.
    may be i have more experience with girls in morocco than you have with men.
    jut think once what you want?

  150. khan
    Dec 30, 2009 @ 11:13:08

    dear ayya,
    you are doing a wonderfull job by hosting this blog.i just want to ask 1 thing from you, what make you start all this?
    its entirely up to you whether you answer or not or you can email me.
    you have my email wright.

  151. Hanan
    Dec 30, 2009 @ 15:13:12

    All i can say about moroccan girls and moroccan boys i just feel very sorry for them ,thay have left and lost the way to the true happiness.the way of ALLAH.they all want to be and live like the west .like animals eat, get drunk and have sex.
    you are Muslims do not forget that .people are runing away from hell to paradise and you ”SO called Muslims” are runing away from paradise to hell.
    2000o people became Muslims every year in usa
    check http://www.thedeen show.com and WAKE UP you are sleeping .

  152. Hanan
    Dec 30, 2009 @ 15:22:49

    In the Name of Allรขh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.
    The mutual rivalry for piling up of worldly things diverts you,
    Until you visit the graves (i.e. till you die).
    Nay! You shall come to know!
    Again, Nay! You shall come to know!
    Nay! If you knew with a sure knowledge (the end result of piling up, you would not have occupied yourselves in worldly things)
    Verily, You shall see the blazing Fire (Hell)!
    And again, you shall see it with certainty of sight!
    Then, on that Day, you shall be asked about the delight[] (you indulged in, in this world)!

  153. khan
    Dec 30, 2009 @ 15:26:11

    hay hay hold on tiger,
    we are not discussing religion here,

  154. Hanan
    Dec 30, 2009 @ 15:29:22

    SORRY Ayya i know you dont like all this things because you think tha we are in 2010 .and freedom is the dream and what said ALLAH is not for you.
    is that true?

  155. Hanan
    Dec 31, 2009 @ 00:59:18

    don’t pay for the disease the cure is free.

  156. Hanan
    Dec 31, 2009 @ 01:05:40

    Do you know who is The Most Influential Man in History .???
    come on show me what you get baby?

  157. Hanan
    Dec 31, 2009 @ 01:09:48

    I will give you a clue .It is not Michael Jackson .

  158. Hanan
    Dec 31, 2009 @ 01:23:20

    Do you know why my country (morocco )is considered as peadofilia heaven.we have all the old dirty men from all over the world coming to sleep with our young brothers and sisters.????
    any body knows why ,how .

  159. Caterina
    Dec 31, 2009 @ 04:13:54

    I don’t know, dear Hanan, I’m here to learn…so, pls, tell me…
    – all I know is that ” the world is not threatened by bad people, but by those who permit the badness”
    -and I’ve never liked M. Jackson, I prefer Moroccan music
    -but I thought Brazil was the “paradise ” of paedophilia aand prostitution, ‘coz they have a bigger and more ignorant population.

    • Hanan
      Dec 31, 2009 @ 14:56:53

      you dont like jacko you like moroccan music . what’s that shalini yabbaba shal tsanitek majiti. shit music you have no taste catherina.
      your name say it all .you are living with ignorant population i thing you get contaminated.you need decontamination asap.

  160. Caterina
    Dec 31, 2009 @ 04:27:07

    And I love my Moroccan man , he is very sweet and educated…and he loves Morocco, just like I do. I consider myself very lucky, indeed…’coz in Europe,US, Canada or Australia men drink too much , are violent with the women and don’t respect a woman unless she has a rich father or she has a good education in a high, powerful position.
    Jesus was a cool and smart guy who respected women 2000 ago, I don’t know why men don’t respect him, “the son of God ” as they call him.

  161. Hanan
    Dec 31, 2009 @ 14:23:05

    The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History
    Revised and Updated for the Nineties
    by Michael H. Hart

    Mr. Hart’s very interesting book contains biographies of all the following people, ranked in order from most influential to less influential, along with the author’s reasons for so ranking them. The book is available at most bookstores and libraries.

    The links will take you to a site on the Web about the person named
    (not to a chapter in the book).

    ๏ฟฝ Muhammad ๏ฟฝ Isaac Newton ๏ฟฝ Jesus Christ ๏ฟฝ Buddha ๏ฟฝ Confucius ๏ฟฝ St. Paul ๏ฟฝ Ts’ai Lun ๏ฟฝ Johann Gutenberg ๏ฟฝ Christopher Columbus ๏ฟฝ Albert Einstein ๏ฟฝ Louis Pasteur ๏ฟฝ Galileo Galilei ๏ฟฝ Aristotle ๏ฟฝ Euclid ๏ฟฝ Moses ๏ฟฝ Charles

  162. Hanan
    Dec 31, 2009 @ 14:30:43

    What happeap of theaned to Ayya is this not your cap of tea. only the truth hurt baby.

  163. Hanan
    Dec 31, 2009 @ 14:34:05

    You ainโ€™t gotta be in a Caddie to be a Pimp Daddy.

  164. Hanan
    Dec 31, 2009 @ 14:36:00

    what do you think is the shittest country in the world?

  165. Hanan
    Dec 31, 2009 @ 14:39:14

    Casablanca is a shit hole of a place. Nothing of the image you might get from old movies

  166. Hanan
    Dec 31, 2009 @ 14:50:01

    Morocco is a marijuana Mecca because the North African country is the world’s number one 1… “Shit, we can’t stop, we’ve got hashish,
    i love moroccan hash the best pain killer in the world when you get it from the north.

    why moroccan girls are all loose,very cheap ??
    we are victims of the disastrous moroccan system .
    how to escape from this shit country please help.
    i hate this sin country

  167. Caterina
    Dec 31, 2009 @ 16:47:31

    Shukran, dear Hanan for the infos……

    I already sent you 2 quotations of Einstein and Issac Newton in my messeges and I know that Islam is the biggest religious and the most influencial in the world. That’s why I’m here…

    My name Katerine is greek and it means” pure”.
    I’m not greek, my father was german and my mother russian, but I’m telling you, it’s not easy to carry my name…..

    And I like Arabian music in general, I love Amr Diab, for example more than any other,and I like Ozzy Osbourne and Led Zeppelin, both british who have a house in Morocco but yes, you are rigth, sometimes I need decontamination….
    Take care…
    PS. how old are you ? You are smart enough not to need drugs…..please stop that shit..you don’t need it, believe me….

  168. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Dec 31, 2009 @ 19:26:56

    Tabaraka Allah….
    Caterina; I like the way you are looking to this life, positive and full of hope. Thanks to share that with us.

    I had to use dictionary to translate your words, you are a very educated person and very angry as well.
    U are seeking 4 help! i have read your posts up there, the solution of ur problem is there too. Drugs and drinks are in the other direction of what u r looking for.
    I am sure you will find your right path, and you will be a good example of other yuong girls, and you will be proud of your self……

  169. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Dec 31, 2009 @ 19:28:17

    Happy New Year

  170. Caterina
    Dec 31, 2009 @ 20:16:28

    Dear Khalfan,

    Thank you very much for your compliments…and for helping Hanan too….

    Happy New Year !

    • Khalfan Al Busaidi
      Dec 31, 2009 @ 21:14:24

      Any Time C

    • SexyBerBer
      Apr 24, 2011 @ 01:49:31

      Hello Catarina
      do you have msn? add me please I love your comment.
      das_25@hotmail.com you can add me in facebook as well.

      • I love SexyBerBer
        Apr 24, 2011 @ 02:14:54

        If everyone loves comments, pple will write all their emails like u…… We are not dating here SexyBerBer….. Strange name…..

        • SexyBerBer
          Apr 25, 2011 @ 00:24:10

          Lesson ONE – Most of the time Assumption will misleads you.
          Lesson TWO – A man can read a women mind in her own words and I loved her reply in general, I belive that she has some thing diffrent from all the girls in here so what wrong with you? Are you her big sister??? PLEASE Mind your own Biz… Or I guess it piss you off the such a smart girl as her can get men requesting a friendship just by reading her mind…I totaly loved all of her comment hope that clear 4u.

          What make you assume that I am dating in here? hummm Assumption again!!!
          – SexyBerBer as I am sexy as hell non the less from Heven it self as I describ my self haha Nor a strange name for me.

          • I love SexyBerBer
            Apr 25, 2011 @ 00:45:53

            Hmm I am not jealous. Don’t worry … No one can judge someone with just a few words as u did… And you cannot judge me since u even do not know what I do… Maybe I am stupid, maybe not, who knows….
            I have few berber friends and they are ur opposite : Humble,simple, …. Could I know in which region are you from in Morocco ? Thanks
            All women are different u can find sweet, rude,cute, … I don’t think that one can generalize a fact unless you are Allah…. I am just down to earth…

  171. Caterina
    Dec 31, 2009 @ 22:04:44

    Ah, I forgot to tell you , Hanan , that music is my weak point and I studied violin for 4 years in Europe and piano too, …My aunt was a classic ballet dancer, so I grew up in Opera Houses through the world…..and I love that my sign Sagittarius had a very important contribution to world music, for example Bethoveen was Sagittarius, and Ozzy is too, and I love Britney Spears, another crazy, sincere, and hard-working Sagi. like myself……sorry, Idon’t want publicity, I’m just explaining my tastes….
    I wish you a very Happy New Year !
    Please take care of yourself, ‘coz I believe in you, intelligent Hanan !

  172. AyyA
    Dec 31, 2009 @ 22:10:15

    Hi guys
    Sorry I am busy now with the New Year, my birthday and also a heavy article that I am preparing to post soon. I will get back to you ASAP
    Take care and have a wonderful year

  173. Hanan
    Dec 31, 2009 @ 23:55:05

    If I could wish a wish for you, it would be for peace and happiness not only now, but for the whole year through.”
    love from

  174. Caterina
    Jan 01, 2010 @ 00:07:39

    Oh…..so sweet of you. I love your soul, Hanan…and I thank you so much for your attention…
    Have a great year , too…and I ‘m gonna tell you a story next year that i hope you’ll enjoy……
    Love and best wishes,

  175. Hanan
    Jan 01, 2010 @ 00:29:57

    Migraine Cure
    A man goes to the doctor with a long history of migraine headaches. When the doctor does his history and physical, he discovers that his poor patient has had practically every therapy known to man for his migraines and STILL no improvement.

    “Listen,” says the Doc, “I have migraines too, and the advice I’m going to give you isn’t really anything I learned in medical school, but it’s advice that I’ve gotten from my own experience. When I have a migraine, I go home, get in a nice hot bathtub, and soak for a while. Then I have my wife sponge me off with the hottest water I can stand, especially around the forehead. This helps a little. Then I get out of the tub, take her into the bedroom, and even if my head is killing me, I force myself to have sex with her. Almost always, the headache is immediately gone. Now, give it a try, and come back and see me in six weeks.”

    Six weeks later, the patient returns with a big grin.

    “Doc! I took your advice and it works! It REALLY WORKS! I’ve had migraines for 17 years and this is the FIRST time anyone has ever helped me!”

    “Well,” says the physician, “I’m glad I could help.”

    “By the way, Doc,” the patient adds, “you have a REALLY nice house.”

  176. Hanan
    Jan 01, 2010 @ 00:35:18

    Doctor who

    An old man goes to the doctor for his yearly physical, his wife tagging along. When the doctor enters the examination room, he tells the old man, “I need a urine sample, a stool sample and a sperm sample.”

    The old man, being hard of hearing, looks at his wife and yells: “WHAT?”

    “What did he say? What’s he want?”

    His wife yells back, “He needs your underwear.”


  177. Caterina
    Jan 01, 2010 @ 00:42:31

    Nice…I think we need another site for those ones…

  178. Caterina
    Jan 01, 2010 @ 00:45:55

    can you tell me something I can’t explain , yet…why moroccan or muslim men prefer older women ?

  179. Caterina
    Jan 01, 2010 @ 01:12:16

    I know my fiance’s answer, of course…..but i wanna hear yours too…..pls…Shukran
    PS. by the way, we are the same age, I and my moroccan fiancรฉ……I’m just curious, from a social point of view and I’m not talking about a visa favour …I just wanna know a moroccan girl’s opinion about that…tks

  180. Caterina
    Jan 01, 2010 @ 02:31:26

    Not to be misunderstood, I forgot to mention that I’ve never had sex for money…I just had more after my father died…which is a normal psychological behaviour towards men attention…..
    And I really dislike fireworks, sorry ! far too noisy for me……hahaha
    Take care
    see you

  181. khan
    Jan 01, 2010 @ 13:55:35

    its a last thing for a woman to sell her body for money,most of them do that to support a family,buy medicines, food,etc
    but the woman who take money for sex to pay her bills for dining,expensive clothes drinks or drugs is a whore ,a bitch or a prostitute.it doesnt matter whether she lives in casablanca,europe or america it will always be a sin city for her,may be she go to another city and make that city a sin city aswell,UNLESS SHE WANT TO CHANGE HERSELF.,

    may allah protect you from yourself

    • Hanan
      Jan 01, 2010 @ 21:22:29

      Have some respect for ALLAH MR Khan .use the caps lock .i can see that your very religious .and it is people like you who create sin city baraka min hashian lhadra .you kow what i am saying get real man or shall i say get real wanker.

  182. Caterina
    Jan 01, 2010 @ 16:36:18

    Hi, Khan !
    wow, that’s deep….!? And when you do it for love, it’s called “making love” not “sex”, my dear Khan…
    Happy New Year !

  183. Caterina
    Jan 01, 2010 @ 16:44:35

    Dear Hanan,
    how are you ? I hope you’re fine. I just wanna tell you that I think you can make more money with your brains than with your body…have you tried to become a journalist,’coz you are spontaneous and creative…

  184. Hanan
    Jan 01, 2010 @ 21:51:58

    dont you worry about me love ,you know nothing about me .
    I know that happy endings aren’t always what they seem.Recovery is a long painful journey.But I’LL get there.
    And let me inform you that men in general like young and fresh meat .the one that hang around with mature chicks they are desperate ,because the old moroccan chicks when they go beyond 30 they become desperate for marriage therefore they become very cheap to have fun all you can tell them is ,you know i am realy fed up and i need to settle down and bla bla bla .
    and that’s it realy .
    i hope you get the picture caty.
    you see i am a real moroccan i know exactly what is going in that sin country.
    so this is for you as well cunt oh sorry i mean Mr khan.

    love from Hnouna

  185. Hanan
    Jan 01, 2010 @ 21:54:20

    Have some respect for ALLAH MR Khan .use the caps lock .i can see that your very religious .and it is people like you who create sin city baraka min hashian lhadra .you kow what i am saying get real man or shall i say get real wanker.

  186. Caterina
    Jan 01, 2010 @ 23:33:25

    Shukran, Hanan…
    recovery was a long journey for me too, but when I got there, I felt the happiest human on Earth. You ‘re close and I’m happy you are so smart and wish you all the best, you deserve to be the queen of Morocco… !

  187. Caterina
    Jan 01, 2010 @ 23:47:33

    About the men ‘ choices , my moroccan man told me that he doesn’t want younger women ‘coz they are too imature for him…yeah, a little ego, but ok, love is blind…Thanks God we are only 32 both. And after, I found out that in islamic families if a man doesn’t marry till a certain age or if he marries a non-muslim who doesn’t wanna convert to Islam, his family will force him to marry a 16 year-old virgin, who doesn’t know anything about life……Ok, I put myself in his situation and I would be desperate to marry someone my age and my level also……
    But is it true the part with the family forcing the man to marry a 16 virgin , is it valid in Morocco too ?

  188. Caterina
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 00:35:37

    Ah, the story I wanted to tell you about is the following…hhmmm….when I was a teenager, I was living in an ex-comunist country in Europe, ‘coz my parents were working there, and this country was very primitive in mentality , I could never fit in, and I used to hate it…I thought it was the worst country ever in this world…till 22 when I found a job in South America, with the UN. Then when i saw how limited and really ignorant people are in south america, I realized that the ex-comunist country I lived in, was in fact a paradise in comparison to other places I saw in this world.
    So, pls. don’t say that Morocco is a trash or sin place, ‘coz London or Geneve have trash places too….prostitution and stupidity are everywhere….unfortunatly, there’s no such thing as ” the better or the perfect place ” on this planet…Now I’m proud to say that I lived in a comunist country…and I would feel very proud to be a Moroccan, ‘coz Morocco is so famous and versatile place…And a piece of advice , if I may, love : if you are somebody in your country, you are somebody everywhere..so we just need to value ourselves where we are and never forget our roots, ‘coz these made us what we are now, at least a good part of them…Places are like people, there will always exist better and worse than us or our places….when I start accepting people and places the way they were, they stopped disappoing me…
    PS. “the stupid people are everywhere, they have the force but not the reason, the minority always has the reason “- Ibsen ( swedish philosopher )

  189. Hanan
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 01:13:46

    Why Khaliji guys and or other guys are somehow obsessed by Moroccan girls?

    We have Sale 75% off . buy one get one free .

  190. khan
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 08:17:41

    dear caterina,
    giving money or taking money for sex is not a love.
    i hope you understand now

  191. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 08:20:41

    I fully agree with you. I am leaving in the same concept, have a positive mind where ever you are and split the positive energy around you.

    Why we ” khaliji” obsesses…
    please ll up to the top, at the begining of this page back to 2004 and you will know why!
    However, again…not all khalijies are same.


  192. khan
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 08:22:30

    dear hannan,
    sorry about the caps lock,i
    see i am not a good writer and i m admitting it.

  193. khan
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 08:29:51

    dear hannan
    i dont know about your culture and i am trying to understand it.

  194. khan
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 08:33:38

    just dont be a bith for while and think,i mean hannan

  195. khan
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 08:35:43

    why you are so angry all the time.are you taking too much i mean drugs

  196. Caterina
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 13:58:47

    Dear Khalfan,

    thank you, my friend, I’m glad we share the same view on life and with the same positive energy. I just get so sad , at times, when I see so much potential in a person, like Hanan, but ……
    PS. I believe everything happens at the right time, though…

  197. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 14:50:38

    Its not all about the Morocco Girls. As a guy from the arabian gulf, i hate dislike the way poeple look at me when am visitting suspected countries.However, that is just my feeling….although i am offered bad stuff sometimes when am in the streets but i understand the backround. My gentle reply most of the time is I am married. Its the life we have to understand it, and the bad(z) will be always there but that doesnt mean not to enjoy life according to the humanity and Islam sharia.
    Islam is all about positives, looking to the world with hope, Optimism and full of hope.

  198. Caterina
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 18:05:28

    I understand you, my dear Khalfan, you are a very nice diplomat, don’t worry…

    I’m sorry, guys, if I bother you with my stories and ideas…now I’m feeling a little depressed because I don’t speak to my moroccan fiancรฉ for almost a month and I miss him so much…maybe I’m trying to feel closer to him, by talking to you…I’m in a different country , far from Morocco, finishing my job, and he said that he is in the Atlas mountains, too busy and without Internet…I’m not a jealous type, but i just miss him…I’m an incurable romantic, sorry…
    Thanks for standing me, you are all great people !
    I love you all !

  199. Caterine
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 19:27:18

    Ok, he came back…and he apologized to me…he was on his farm…Thanks God !

    So, I’m happy , again…” Love is a dangerous mental disease ” – Plato

  200. AyyA
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 20:51:27

    If believing in a religion or Allah could make you a better person or a happier person then, from your ironic comments you proved the opposite.
    I truly wish you good luck and hope that you will find your path away from any tranquilizers. They may ease your agonies for a while but will never solve your problems. You want to solve your problems? Then face them.

  201. AyyA
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 21:00:55

    Sweet Cat
    I hope that you will get to see your boyfriend soon and celebrate your union. Yet I don’t see why you should convert to Islam. Men everywhere are the same, but in more civilized countries you have civil laws supporting you as a woman while you don’t find the same in the Islamic countries dealing with Sharee’a. Be thankful for whatever you got, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. You wouldn’t know what $#!^ you get yourself into till you cross the boarders. Consider this as a warning from an older sister. Love is no reason to convert your beliefs. And what you know now about Islam is nothing that you’d be forced to abide to when you enter the black box. At least now you have the freedom to convert. But once you do there is no way out; it’s a one way street babe.
    Think rationally and stay safe
    Hope the best for you sweetie
    Take care

  202. AyyA
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 21:11:02

    This post was inspired by a friend (Kuwaiti) who’s boyfriend used to visit Morocco periodically and she was fed up. People around convinced her that he was bewitched by some black magic, while I disagreed and told her that her boyfriend is an asshole that did not deserve her and she’d be better off without him. That was in 2004. Now she is married to a European and very happy. Good for her.
    Regards and happy new year

  203. Hanan
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 22:14:48

    I realy admire all of you guys you are all fastastic but not really intelligent ,and i am also a bit freaked by Ayaa ‘s advice to cathy about islam ? wow calling Islam the Black Box.
    You have no clue what islam is .because you are not a muslim .
    hanan knows a lot about islam you know why ,because i take it from the source (the holy quran )the word of god.
    And once you know it you will never ignore it because it is overwhelming.welcome to islam.
    the fastest-growing religion under the sun.
    sorry Ayya you will never know that because you are not a muslim .
    I just want to make it CRYSTAL CLEAR .
    LOVE FROM Hanan



  204. Hanan
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 22:31:52

    This one is for Mrs khan .
    you will never ever compaire a racing horse with a Danky.
    so Mr Danky and allow me to call you danky,this is a battle between you and Hnan,are you ready,because me i was born ready and i will win without breaking a sweat.
    I wish you all luck in the world .

    Dont see my ones dont see my guns-get it
    Now tell ya friends Poppa hit it then split it
    In two as i flow with the junior Mafia
    Idont know what the hell’s stoppin’ ya
    I’m clockin’ya -Versace shades watchin’ya
    Once ya grin ,I’m in game ,begin .

    Let me know when you get the translation mate see ya.

  205. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 22:35:18

    Islam is not a BLACK BOX at all.
    maybe you didnt understand it well, whatever..you have no right to call Islam as a balck box. The same reason is not giving me the right to call you “what ever”.

  206. AyyA
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 22:36:27

    I was born a Muslim and believe me I know about Islam more than you could ever imagine. As a matter of fact I was a devout Muslim once, the fact that prompted me to search into my religion beyond the clechรฉ I learned in school. But this post is not about Islam nor about me, so I will leave it at that.

  207. AyyA
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 22:43:27

    Just read Khalfan and Hanan’s comments to get my point. Even saying Islam is a black box in respect to the outsider is considered an offense for them. Let alone criticizing it, and showing its misdemeanors. See what I mean?

  208. khan
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 22:59:45

    mr hannan
    i am not racing with anybody.
    espacially you who is already a loser,who is crying for help.(I WANT TO OUT OF THIS SIN CITY)
    mr scholar of islam you forgetting one main thing always ask ALLAH for anything WHO is more near to you.

  209. khan
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 23:00:55

    dear ayya
    thanks for answering me

  210. Hanan
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 23:01:04

    You showed you hate to islam .and your wrong interpretation of islam the most misunderstood religion .and you know why because of people like Ayya is like i am watching BBC or CNN.
    all they tell people is JIHAD TERRORIST WOMEN SHOULD BE BEATEN.
    IT is in the quran just run away from islam .
    so when was the last time you read the quran ??
    You have made a very big mistake.we are not stupid you know ,you advice to Cathy was coming from the heart.
    i just fell sory for you.
    Hanan is very intelligent.

    But you have the right to express you self just do not lie ,be true .
    love from hanan.

  211. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 23:02:44

    You couldnt leave it ha!!!
    Knowing Islam is different from believing it.
    Again for what-ever reason you converted!!! that doesnt give u a reason to call islam a Black Box. Islam is our identity in this life…not a black box.

  212. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 23:07:17

    I respect people regardless thier colours or believes. Even some of who i know i dont know thier religions!! i dont cross my lines to insult them by any means. Also, i do respect a polite respected discussion about Islam and other belives…. I like to hear the other side but with respect. So, i respect people and i am expectting the same from others. Not some1 calling my religion a black box!!!

  213. Hanan
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 23:10:48

    What a PITY the world is full of thick peopel like Khan.
    you know no thing about racing horses because you are just a danky.
    sorry mate.

  214. AyyA
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 23:12:09

    You do not own Islam, it does not belong to you only. It was my religion and still is my parents’ so I have the full right to criticize it as much as I please. You don’t like what I said then you don’t have to read, period.

  215. khan
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 23:15:16

    dear ayya,
    i agree with MR Khalfan Al Busaidi,

  216. khan
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 23:17:22

    look who is talking,
    nathing goes in your head,just comes out like a asshole

  217. AyyA
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 23:18:24

    To all others
    If you like to know my opinion on Islam then feel free to check other posts under religion. I don’t need to repeat what I said, and don’t really care to argue here.

    No Muslim woman considers herself intelligent when she succumbs to the slavery of Islam. You have doubts about how humiliating Islam is to women, then read carefully your Quran, with your brains not your heart.


  218. Hanan
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 23:19:08

    You wouldnโ€™t know what $#!^ AYAA MEAN SHITT you get yourself into till you cross the boarders. Consider this as a warning from an older sister. Love is no reason to convert your beliefs. And what you know now about Islam is nothing that youโ€™d be forced to abide to when you enter the black box. At least now you have the freedom to convert. But

    AYAA THIS IS YOUR WORDS YOU ”You wouldnโ€™t know what $#!^ ”

    ISLAM FOR YOU IS SHIT .i am very sorry you are realy MAD about islam i can see your HATE.

  219. khan
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 23:22:01

    oh i forgot one more which goes in it,it gives you pain but pays your bill

  220. khan
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 23:27:43

    may be you have bad experience,but not all the five fingers are same

  221. Hanan
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 23:28:36

    Ayya you just making things worst .you showing your real face and i like it .
    Islam have no respect for women Wh the f…..k you are to say that .
    read sorat MARIAM .
    no one gave and respect women more that the one who ceated her ALLAH .SO come ALLAH makes women the mothers of all the prophet.
    and jesus is one of them. so called you GOD Ayya.
    you lost it Ayya.

  222. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 23:29:51

    Is that so…Tragedy!!!
    Calling a religion Black Box is not a critize, its an insult,crossing the lines, inrespect, unpolitness.

    I dont own Islam, you dont too…if i dont have the right to defend it…do u have the right to insult it?!!!
    You dont own morocco girls but you are defending them!!! why so?!!!!
    Even the people who meet and debate about religions they dont insult each other!!!

    I dont know how it turn to this direction….
    and why you are doing this?!!
    is it the hate?!! are ur parents live in a black Box?
    if so..are u in a white box?!! does colour make any difference? Box is a box as a concept….and religions are not boxes…….

    With Luv

  223. Hanan
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 23:30:01

    Ayya you just making things worst .you showing your real face and i like it .
    Islam have no respect for women Wh the f…..k you are to say that .
    read sorat MARIAM .
    no one gave and respect women more that the one who ceated her ALLAH .SO come ALLAH makes women the mothers of all the prophet.
    and jesus is one of them. so called you GOD Ayya.
    you lost it Ayya.

  224. Hanan
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 23:38:16

    you know what Islam is so powerfull .and you KNOW who is Ayya .
    she trying to convert moroccon girl to her religion because she can offer them freedom .
    because islam is so evil and wicked.so she got better things for them .
    sorry Ayya you CALLING ISLAM SHIT .
    shame on you.

  225. khan
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 23:38:51

    Khalfan Al Busaidi //
    bravo brother

  226. Hanan
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 23:49:18

    Say: If the whole of mankind and jinns were to gather together to produce the like of this Qur`an, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they backed up each other with help and support

  227. AyyA
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 23:54:00

    You put your God in a box calling Him Allah or Jesus or Yahweh or Zeus not me. If you believe in a religion that belongs to this God or that, then it’s you who made the discrimination and not me. And no one said you don’t have the right to defend your God or religion – funny how He always needs your defense and never defends himself with all His mightiness – but you have no right to silence me. This is the point; you did not like me calling Islam is a black box too bad for you, as for me this is my opinion, you want to counter debate my opinion you should show how Islam is not a black box, but don’t tell me I have no right to say that or anything else. I did not mean to offend you personally and my point is that you should accept the fact that Islam is not personal nor belongs to anyone in particular.

    I just feel sorry for your likes

  228. AyyA
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 23:59:04

    By the way Hanan
    My name is not Ayyah as a verse, my name is AyyA
    The Kildanian God of wisdom

  229. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 00:01:45

    The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History
    Revised and Updated for the Nineties
    by Michael H. Hart

    Mr. Hartโ€™s very interesting book contains biographies of all the following people, ranked in order from most influential to less influential, along with the authorโ€™s reasons for so ranking them. The book is available at most bookstores and libraries.

    The links will take you to a site on the Web about the person named
    (not to a chapter in the book).

    ๏ฟฝ Muhammad ๏ฟฝ Isaac Newton ๏ฟฝ Jesus Christ ๏ฟฝ Buddha ๏ฟฝ Confucius ๏ฟฝ St. Paul ๏ฟฝ Tsโ€™ai Lun ๏ฟฝ Johann Gutenberg ๏ฟฝ Christopher Columbus ๏ฟฝ Albert Einstein ๏ฟฝ Louis Pasteur ๏ฟฝ Galileo Galilei ๏ฟฝ

  230. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 00:03:20

    the truth hurt

  231. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 00:05:26


  232. AyyA
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 00:07:27

    There is a difference between being influential and being right. And the fact that Islam is the fastest growing religion does not make it right or superior. So quit your cut/paste, it won’t help.

  233. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 00:19:47

    HELLO I GOT YOU Ayya .even your name is fake Ayya in arabic mean sign a mark used to mean something .
    and ALLAH said in the holy quran

    wasanourihom AyyA tina fi alafaki wa fi anfousihom hata yatabayana lahom anaho alhako min indina.

    ALLAH does not need cheap women like you and does not need any one to fight for him but it is the love of our religion .
    you will never unerstand it because you are not a muslim . jesus will save you because he died for your sins.GOD send his son to die for you .what loads of nonsense.
    good luck to you .

  234. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 00:23:19

    So..when i call Allah am putting hin in a box….so i call u ayya, is this mean am putting u in a box?
    I believe that Religion belongs to Allah(name of God)…this doesnt mean putting him in a ox at all.
    I didnt say u keep silence!! Talk with respect…is this too much to be asked.
    When parents instruct kids that doesnt mean they are putting them in a black box!!! This means they want them to avoid problemes for better life.
    ” funny how He always needs your defense and never defends himself with all His mightiness ”
    This exactlly what Kuffar use to say…till thier time came up.
    If you are conveted or turned to unbeliever at all…its up to you..khalas that is for you. If you want to convince us about ur belief, do it in a good way….. dont turn it to a fight cuz at then end fight will only creat problemes. Are you after problemes Ayya

  235. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 00:24:55

    the quran can only be from GOD and we have proves of that how about you bible.

  236. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 00:30:15

    take your time and read THIS IS SCIENTIFICALLY APPROVED.

    ARE YOU READY IT NOT 1 OR 2 OR 3 OR 4 OR 5 OR 6 OR 6 OR 7 OR8 OR9 OR10


  237. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 00:31:05


  238. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 00:33:11

    AND take it easy because this will hurt you a lot.

  239. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 00:45:08

    ha ha ha LOL .
    YOU know now why islam is the truth and the light .
    you can not beat it and we dont want you to join in .
    BECAUSE YoU HATE ISLAM and that hurt you badly .

    sorry just get drunk the blood of jesus and use some hashish and you will be ok.
    i used to do that yu know .but ALLAH SAVED ME.

  240. Caterine
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 00:45:44

    Ladies and gentlemen,
    I ‘ve just tured on my computer and I was shocked by what I saw…Please stop ! This is not nice at all…Some are too rational and some are too passionate…I understand that, and I respect each ones opinion, ‘coz each of you have your reasons…it’s normal, it’s human diversity….let’s respect that , arjouk…
    I love a muslim and I’ve chosen to become a muslim after thinking it over for many and many months . He didn’t force me to do anything…He told me and taught me so many beautiful things…I love Islam in comparison to christianity or other religions…….It’s my choice, my life , my mistake, my lesson….everybody needs to go throught that…
    I don’t wanna be a muslim only because I love him…..I love Islam because they analyse the woman, they have rules on how to treat the woman and to take care of the family and the children….I don’t want to live in the west anymore, where i suffered so much violence, prejudice, disrespect and abandonment…I western, so called “democratic” countries, men beat women and children at any time for any reason, and they never stop…..they never stop drinking, and beating and degrading the women and the children..I’m fed up with that….The christians are extremely materialistic without any pity , any delicacy, any heart, any respect…
    I know that no religion or place is perfect, perfection doesn’t exist, but Islam is the closest concept to my vision and my heart…so I will be a muslim, cross my heart and I will live in Morocco or any Arab country…..I made up my mind…..and I know I’ll be fine ! I usually feel what’s good for me…
    I love you all,

  241. khan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 00:49:47

    thanks for your honesty

  242. Caterine
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 00:58:06

    Dear Khan, thank you…

    My dear Hanan,

    please , you don’t need to prove anything to anybody ….

    You know who loves you and only this is important….the rest are only details of life…

    I love you,

  243. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 00:59:28

    READ WHAT Ayya said to you.
    she is talking fro the heart.
    I hope that you will get to see your boyfriend soon and celebrate your union. Yet I donโ€™t see why you should convert to Islam. Men everywhere are the same, but in more civilized countries you have civil laws supporting you as a woman while you donโ€™t find the same in the Islamic countries dealing with Shareeโ€™a. Be thankful for whatever you got, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. You wouldnโ€™t know what $#!^ you get yourself into till you cross the boarders. Consider this as a warning from an older sister. Love is no reason to convert your beliefs. And what you know now about Islam is nothing that youโ€™d be forced to abide to when you enter the black box. At least now you have the freedom to convert. But once you do there is no way out; itโ€™s a one way street babe.
    Think rationally and stay safe
    Hope the best for you sweetie
    Take care

    Think rationally and stay safe
    Think rationally and stay safe
    Think rationally and stay safe
    Think rationally and stay safe
    Think rationally and stay safe
    Think rationally and stay safe
    Think rationally and stay safe
    Think rationally and stay safe
    Think rationally and stay safe
    Think rationally and stay safe

    this is Ayya advice to you safe safe safe is to opposite of danger .

    Ayya HATE islam PATIENTLY

  244. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 01:02:57

    this is just madness.

  245. AyyA
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 01:03:24

    Whatever you decide is your choice. I am not here to convince anyone of my beliefs, I’m only giving you an advice; take it or leave it. And as I said cruelty does not have a country or a religion, only cruelty against women in Islamic countries is backed by law. And precisely by the courts of Sharee’a. Now I don’t care what your boyfriend taught you about Islam; each Muslim has his own perception of Islam, that does not make it Islam. Of course he will paint a positive picture to you now, but rational thinking should force you to see the picture from all its sides, not only the pink and dandy side.
    Here is an article for you


    Take care and I hope the best for you no matter what you decide.

  246. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 01:10:24

    but in more civilized countries you have civil laws supporting you as a woman while you donโ€™t find the same in the Islamic countries dealing with Shareeโ€™a.

    SHAREE’A YOU HATE morocco as well cos it is not a civilized country and because it is an islamic country.

    Ayya you are not even a moroccan so why you are full of lies.
    just come clean .you freak.
    shame on you .

  247. Caterine
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 01:14:26

    believe me, I know who I’m dealing with…I have my experience of life…and people don’t change because we scream at them…So, don’t worry, I won’t listen to anyone… I always filter every info and in the end I always do what I want and feels right for me…i’m not rational nor irational…..I’m both…that’s why people love me …hahahaha….sorry….I ‘m aware of that…that’s why i chose to be a diplomat…..so, please don’t care about other’s opinions……it’s a free right, inevitable the opossite is a part of life, and as Einstein said ” a night where people agree is a lost night ” so let’s accept that and move on….let’s just care for love and fun and friends and food and music and …life…always the better part,’coz life is short, you know….I saw so……

  248. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 01:18:45

    well done Ayya tell us more show your real face
    it is hurting inside is so bad
    you know how many people turn to islam every day all over the world .UNBELIEVABLE.
    what is so strong about islam and you know Women turn to islam more than men.
    because you Ayya Have nothing to offer them what freeedom become A PORNO STAR. money .
    that’s not sufficient for some .

  249. Caterine
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 01:22:00

    Nobody respects the law in “civilised” countries…they are all corrupted…it’s just a male world, cruel and clear…that’s why christians are called “the barbarians” STILL…

  250. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 01:25:06

    Ayya you are a liar a person who tells lies and we can not trust you. who ever you are where ever you are .
    shame on you . you are a pussy a real pussy .
    be brave and say the truth.

  251. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 01:30:06

    christians are called โ€œthe barbariansโ€ STILLโ€ฆ

    because they are and you can see what they have done to iraq and what they are doing till now .
    killing islam .they need Ayya with them she can help you know to kill the black box.
    they dont know that the black hole will suck all of them.

    the black hole notblack box Ayya.

  252. Caterine
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 01:35:15

    Yes, I know, Hanan…and i agree with you…

  253. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 01:46:37

    Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”


    in another words get lost .do not be safe be rebellion.
    men made word not GOD’S WORD.
    in islam we know that men can offer nothing to humanity .drugs and armmament are the indurstry number one in the world.
    thanks to USA civilise country .
    Ayya COUNTRY .
    love from hanan

  254. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 01:49:44

    you just made my day Ayya . i love you.

  255. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 03:18:10

    Letter to A Christian NationNew York Times Best Seller

    In response to The End of Faith, Sam Harris received thousands of letters from Christians and muslims telling to piss off because he is talking like a mad man and no one is believing his shit.

    Ayya I did not know that you are one on THE ANTI-GOD SQUAD.

    You are not even a christian that’s good you know why cause you are half muslim.

    because for you you think that (There is no God)
    we muslim we are sure that :

    There is no God

    except Allah Muhammad is Allah’s Final Messenger. easy .

    Converting to Islam is simple. Thousands of people around the globe are converting to the true religion

  256. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 03:20:16

    we muslim we are sure that :

    There is no God

    except Allah

  257. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 03:23:39

    Watch a clip from the documentary in which David Malone tells the story of great mathematicians whose questions drove them mad. and they end up killing them selves.


  258. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 03:24:52

    will be Ayya in sha ALLAH.

  259. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 03:31:00

    BBC Two: Wednesday 11 June 2008 11.30pm

    In this one-off documentary, David Malone looks at four brilliant mathematicians – Georg Cantor, Ludwig Boltzmann, Kurt Gรถdel and Alan Turing – whose genius has profoundly affected us, but which tragically drove them insane and eventually led to them all committing suicide.

    The film begins with Georg Cantor, the great mathematician whose work proved to be the foundation for much of the 20th-century mathematics. He believed he was God’s messenger and was eventually driven insane trying to prove his theories of infinity. INFINITY

    Presenter David Malone reads letters which demonstrate Cantor’s crumbling self-belief.
    Watch a clip from Dangerous Knowledge

    Ludwig Boltzmann’s struggle to prove the existence of atoms and probability eventually drove him to suicide. Kurt Gรถdel, the introverted confidant of Einstein, proved that there would always be problems which were outside human logic.

    His life ended in a sanatorium where he starved himself to death.

    Finally, Alan Turing, the great Bletchley Park code breaker, father of computer science and homosexual, died trying to prove that some things are fundamentally unprovable.

    The film also talks to the latest in the line of thinkers who have continued to pursue the question of whether there are things that mathematics and the human mind cannot know. They include Greg Chaitin, mathematician at the IBM TJ Watson Research Center, New York, and Roger Penrose.

    Dangerous Knowledge tackles some of the profound questions about the true nature of reality that mathematical thinkers are still trying to answer today.

    You will need RealPlayer to access the clip above.
    Visit WebWise for help downloading RealPlayer

  260. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 03:36:38

    His life ended in a sanatorium where he starved himself to death.

    Finally, Alan Turing, the great Bletchley Park code breaker, father of computer science and homosexual, homosexual.homosexual
    died trying to prove that some things are fundamentally unprovable

    this what happened if you dont have GOD with you .
    not a happy end. sad and he is homo as well .
    hell is waitng 4 you mate.
    youwont be cold al all .
    happy chrismas and new year 2010

  261. AyyA
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 04:32:28

    Go seek psychiatric help, it seems you need it badly

    I will keep your e-mail for 24 hours and then delete it. I thought you were a mature person, boy was I wrong. Anyway; I believe in horoscope as much as I believe in magic and as much I believe in religion or any superstition, which is zilch
    I believe in humanity and hold each person responsible for his/her action and don’t care much for ‘diplomacy’. I do not judge people by their nationality nor race nor religion. If you choose to be narrow minded in your beliefs it’s your choice and it would make me glad that you and Hanan are taking your trash away from my blog. This place is only for open-minded people
    Take care

  262. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 07:55:09

    This goes to the bottom down…
    You raised it up and now people are closed minded.
    So, by calling Islam black box its open minded, by describing Islam as “shiit” its a respect!!!.
    I dont know what is your life principles Aya…
    and your last post is totally opposing your old ones. U do dudge people as per thier religions…..
    u do hate islam…. i wonder if u dont hate ur self.
    Grow up

  263. AyyA
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 08:06:52

    First of all, I was not addressing my comment to you, I was addressing it to Cat who said she was about to convert.
    Second, my comment was general; I did not address Islam as $#!6, I said you don’t know what the $#!6 you are getting yourself into when you change your beliefs for no other reason than love.
    Third, a black box is in respect to what she knows about Islam, like Christianity is a black box for you because you were not a born christian.
    Forth, I don’t know why you all are so upset, religion in my point of view is the source of all evil, and that’s my opinion. And as I said, if you are so sensitive not to accept my opinion you don’t have to read it.

  264. AyyA
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 08:15:42

    And I forgot to add; when comparing the two religions; Christianity far exceeds Islam in its morals, although both in my opinion are myths.

  265. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 09:41:22

    OK lets land on earth, lakum dinakum wa lia deen.

  266. khan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 10:53:27

    brother Khalfan Al Busaidi
    i do like you and i want to be in touch with

  267. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 12:29:01


    zilch (uncountable)

    nothing; zero

    you still CALLING islam Zero .

    YOU ARE THE zilch

    because you have nothing in your life.zero .zilch
    you are just a pussy.

  268. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 12:30:36

    I believe in religion or any superstition, which is zilch


  269. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 12:32:48

    did not address Islam as $#!6, I said you donโ€™t know what the $#!6 you are getting yourself into when you

    shit is you you dirty ATHEIST

  270. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 12:38:15

    Go seek psychiatric help, it seems you need it badly

    HE SAID I AM FINE and he is muslim now my psych ,i convert him to islam
    as you dont know hanan is not in morocco .hanan is living in one of the major city in the world.and hanan is a true muslim not a sinner.
    welcom to the truth.

  271. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 12:46:50

    Go seek psychiatric help, it seems you need it badly….

    HE SAID I AM FINE and he is muslim now my psych ,i convert him to islam
    as you dont know hanan is not in morocco .hanan is living in one of the major city in the world.and hanan is a true muslim not a sinner.
    welcom to the truth.

  272. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 13:21:11

    Ayya june14 ,2009

    Dear Najat
    I had to comment on your sensual piece
    Provocative and daring
    Wearing noneโ€ฆ
    Attesting to the basic instincts of
    โ€œin secret he dreams about
    meโ€ฆIn reality he craves to be free and lively as I amโ€ฆ.โ€
    Couldnโ€™t agree with you any
    You know what freedom is
    While learners they

    I tip my hat for you, and no need to remind you, that women have always been a mystery to men, and they(men) long to discover them, which is also their basic, natural instincts.

    Ayya asking moroccan girls to be free and naked and sell them sleves.
    keep your ZILCH freedom in you country .we dont need it in morocco we are born free.
    we are not black what ou call niggers.in usa

  273. Hanan
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 13:23:38

    we call women ike you AY ZILCH .

  274. NIGEL
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 13:26:19

    who is this Ayya she is a real anti islam girl.i think she is up to something.

  275. NIGEL
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 13:30:35

    I Became muslim on 2008 and i love this religion i think you need to get to know it first dont get it from the media.i used to hate islam like you Ayya ,,but that was from ignorance.now alhamdo liALLAH.i am in peace .
    thank you all

  276. NIGEL
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 13:32:34

    And please do not call islam BLACK BOX & SHIT.
    you are wrong islam mean peace and love.
    thank you.

  277. AyyA
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 18:51:47

    I left your comments to show others what kind of a Muslim you are

  278. AyyA
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 18:53:26

    Please no E-mails here, any E-mails from now on will be deleted

  279. AyyA
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 18:54:16

    Please check my comment to Khalfan

  280. AyyA
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 18:54:44

    Fair’s fair
    Take care

    Jan 03, 2010 @ 21:30:11

    The agents f imperialism ar busy in every corner of the Islamic World drawingour youth away from islam with their evil propaganda.
    This is a war against islam .
    best regars to all muslim brothers

  282. AyyA
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 21:37:26

    Don’t fool yourself and others with your Islamo-phobia, Muslims do not need “the agents of imperialism” to destroy Islam, they are doing a pretty good job themselves with their evil deeds. If you can’t see that, then you are either blind or a Muslim.

    Jan 03, 2010 @ 21:39:35

    Western imperialists or neoimperialists sought to make Muslims suffer, to “plunder” their resources and other wealth, and had to undermine Islam first because Islam stood in the way of this stealing and immiseration.

    The Imperialist plan

    is to keep us backward, to keep us in our present miserable state so they can exploit our riches, our underground wealth, our lands and our human resources. They want us to remain afflicted and wretched, and our poor to be trapped in their misery โ€ฆ they and their agents wish to go on living in huge palaces and enjoying lives of abominable luxury.
    like Ayya.

    Jan 03, 2010 @ 21:42:14

    Islam is not a Black Box .I live in USA and i know what i am talking about.

  285. AyyA
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 21:43:02

    Conspiracy theory again…ha!
    Grow up and see the world as it is, quit living in the past, it will only make you more ignorant.

  286. AyyA
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 21:44:50

    It is because you live in the USA, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Go live in Afghanistan or Pakistan so you’d have a good feel of the “utopia” you are seeking.

    Jan 03, 2010 @ 21:47:25

    According to historian R.M. Savory,

    “The existence of Islam has always made the West profoundly uneasy. Islam was the only major world religion to be revealed after the rise of Christianity, and consequently it was, from the moment of the revelation of Islam in the seventh century A.D., viewed by Christendom as a direct threat and challenge to itself.[35]

    On the theological and religious level, the reaction of the West was strong, sustained and, almost without exception, hostile. Hostility was based on fear, and fear had its roots in ignorance. Christendom feared Islam, and therefore misrepresented it. Christians were ignorant of Islam, at least in part, because Christendom, prompted by odium theologicum had no desire to understand or tolerate Islam.[35]

  288. AyyA
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 21:50:02

    Did I mention before that religion is the source of all evil?
    Watch closely how you fight, and you’ll get my point.

    Jan 03, 2010 @ 21:58:18

    well well well .
    Dear brother hamza thank you for the information .
    to add to what you just said.

    Some critics of Islam, such as David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes, and Glen Reinsford, believe that such a war is justified as self-defence, and/or that Islam itself is waging war against the non-Muslim world and not the other way around.[69] They claim groups like Al-Qaeda, HAMAS and other extremist groups are an example of Islam’s war against the non-Muslim world. The subsequent wars launched against Muslim regimes or insurgents in Afghanistan or Iraq, they argue, are only defence against aggression

    power to muslim all over the world.

  290. AyyA
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 22:02:33

    Now you are answering yourself?
    It seems to me you forgot to change your ID before commenting on Hamza ya Hamza, so much for Muslim morals.

    Jan 03, 2010 @ 22:03:00

    Ayya I am not hear to lear islam from a pute like you ,becausr you dont know a lot of things about islam GOD true way .
    I am hear to share my knowledge with moroccan brothers.
    GOD bless moroccans

  292. AyyA
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 22:04:59

    OK Hamza
    Then take your trash to somewhere else, this post is not about Islam, so don’t make it a Jihad battle, you won’t get any “hasanat” on my account

  293. AyyA
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 22:07:45

    Enough is enough, I will report you as a spam if you don’t stop your personal insult
    Which I just did

  294. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 22:22:19

    again…u r insistting to insult Islam!!!
    Ash-hadu annahu la ilaha illa ALLAH wa anna Mohammadan Rasulu Allah

  295. AyyA
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 22:29:05

    Hamza or Ayattola
    Don’t think you can fool me, I have your IP address, and I will spam you no matter what ID you use

    How did I insult Islam now?

  296. AyyA
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 22:36:16

    Surprise surprise
    Hamza, Hanan, Nigel and Ayatolla are all the same person with different identities.
    People like that are an insult to Islam Khalfan, not me

  297. AyyA
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 22:53:00

    And look who’s he working for


    How much do they pay you to spam blogs Hamza? Or better yet; how much Khaleeji money you are getting for your “Jihad” work?

  298. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 22:59:32

    What are u up for this ?
    u hate islam kahals…hate it …but respect others.
    and if some muslims break islam rules that doesnt mean islam is evil…or black box…or blindness.

    I thought u will stop this but u still insisting it again and again…

  299. AyyA
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 23:12:50

    I do not respect others who do not respect themselves. Muslims today hurt not only their own people but the world with their evil doing. And I have the right to criticize them as well as criticize the scripture that codified such actions. Not you and not anyone can stop me. You want to stop me? then ask those Muslims like Hamza to stop being such viruses in the world community. Stop Abdulmutalib and his likes to bomb airplanes and kill people on the name of their God. If you can’t stop those then you have no right to ask me to stop saying what I say.

  300. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 23:23:37

    u raise ur kids ina good manner, if the company devils tomorow that doent make u a bad mother..isnt it?
    This is the concept….
    In the other hand…. what non-muslims are doing to the world, why u r looking only to the reaction. it will be wise view to look the action then the reaction.
    I cant stop you…. but i can talk to you.
    Media corrupted so many poor minds like ur self.

  301. AyyA
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 23:33:09

    It will make me a bad mother if I ululate when my son the Jihadi Kills innocent people. It will make me a bad mother when I teach him evil, and this is my point. You are asking me not to look at reactions, may I ask you what are the actions to look at? We have been people of reaction for centuries, when is the time to be people of action? When will we add to humanity instead of destroying all beautiful things in the world on the excuse of “reaction”? When will we manufacture a pencil? Wake up Khalfan, it’s not the media that corrupted my mind, it’s the dire reality that you refuse to see

  302. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 23:44:06

    We…. u r not part of it Ayya.
    Yes, u would be a bad mother if u ask ur son to kill others, i agree…but what if some 1 beat them, kill them…do they still have to calm down?
    Look aroound the world, how muslims are tortured. Poor victimized families are killed and surrounded by the world army.
    My eyes are opened Alhamdulillah, and am seeking for more hidaya.
    We added to the humanity, the fact we identified it. what is humanity before islam?!! what value u had before islam, the fact what value u have NOW since u became kafira?!!
    even in wars islam have humanity and mercy, watch out now is there any kind of humanity?!!
    besides…what u know about humanity?? what u know about respect? is advising others to be naked is humanity? is calling other people religion names is respect?

  303. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 23:46:32

    Islam is the religion with the best system for all creatures, including trees and DOGS.
    dont crtitisize islam because you didnt understand it…that is a big wring step.

  304. AyyA
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 23:54:11

    Listen Khalfan
    Each religion has good and evil including Islam. You want to look at the good and be blind about the evil it’s your choice. This does not make you understand your religion better than me or better than Bin-Ladin or Althawahiri. If you count all Muslims in the world you would see how each has his own perception of Islam; there are Islams as much as there are Muslims today. How do you know what is my knowledge about Islam to judge me? Please go back to your scriptures and study them with critical eye, not with your heart to know how much I understand Islam.

  305. AyyA
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 23:54:44

    And by the way; Islam hates dogs

  306. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 00:00:26

    Islam hate dogs!!!
    This statement says it all, u dont understand Islam at all. No eveil in Islam, but there is evil in people’s hearts and Islam to clean that evil.

  307. AyyA
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 00:02:17

    Go do your homework buddy

  308. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 00:07:19

    am done…

  309. AyyA
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 00:07:38

    Islam not only hates dogs it also equates them with women
    Here is a refresher

  310. AyyA
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 00:12:34

  311. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 00:16:02

    Ya Allah u r totally lost.
    read it and understand it…dont just throw words

  312. AyyA
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 00:18:46

    Nothing to understand; it is Arabic and it is clear, you want to interpret it differently that’s your business

  313. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 00:31:54

    The recent science approved the germs which r in the dogs, and they approved the islam way to clean who ever touched it. This is thier nature, same as people; some male other females for instance.
    So u r not against Islam only, u r against who created the germs in those dogs.
    The more science discover new realities, the more people understand the aim of islam orders.
    dogs, pigs etc…

  314. AyyA
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 00:41:46

    Don’t throw science on my face, show me respectful scientific sites as a reference to your argument. Muslims lie and give unauthentic information. I do not trust them nor trust their sites, so don’t refer me to them please

  315. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 00:47:11

    wierd…u just referred to islamic web site!!!
    Contradictory person.
    So…ur parents are liars?!!!

  316. AyyA
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 00:47:57

    By the way
    Anything can pass germs; cats, hamsters and even people
    But that’s no reason for calling them unclean or “Satan”.

  317. AyyA
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 00:49:09

    I did that for you, not for me. And yes my parents lied, unintentionally, to me

  318. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 00:52:00

    wierd, u defend on dogs more than ur parents!!

  319. AyyA
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 00:53:52

    Not weird, honest

  320. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 00:57:16

    poor them…. the fact u r the poor one not them.
    i use to have those sites- kuffar- sites about the difference germs in dogs and cts…i will search again and send them to you.

  321. AyyA
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 01:06:49

    You fumed when I said to Cat Islam is a black box. And here you are calling scientists ‘kufar’ i.e. infidels. You spread your insult all over the Net, and yet, a mere criticism to your religion is not acceptable !
    Who is contradicting himself now?

  322. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 01:19:06

    u r good in trying to make me feel i have done mistakes like what u have done…but try another way, this wont work.
    Yes, non muslims are kuffar what is in that, and we r kuffar for them….its in both sides. Yes criticism the way u do is not acceptable at all, even if its not about Islam. u r not criticizing, u r insulting and disrespecting.
    u may not know the difference but am telling u there is a big diffrence between them.
    from the begining i was asking u to respect and u didnt stop insulting……
    I am working with people in different belifs, and some even they believe in nothing..we talk and discuss about these issues but with respect.
    You are totally different, u r insulting.
    if there is a tip for u it will be this, talk politlly, respect and allow others to hear u well, instead of throwing words regardless whatever.

  323. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 01:20:00

    and i was not fumed ayya…..

  324. AyyA
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 01:52:19

    Scientists deal with science, they don’t call you ‘infidel’ nor I heard anyone say the word except Muslims, that’s one point.
    Second; If Muslims want to be respected they should earn their respect and not impose it.
    Third; Islam is not a person, and therefore it has no feelings to be insulted, it is Muslims who feel the insult. And so long they insult others by calling them infidels, ‘son of apes and pigs’ and ignorant then they rightly earned to be insulted.
    Forth; if you read my comment to Cat carefully, you’d see that it was a warning that Islam is a one-way street, there is no turning back once she converts, because if she changed her mind in the future, then she’d be considered ‘Murtada’ and needless to say that her life would be at stake codified by the law of Shree’a, and that’s called criticism.
    Fifth; believe me, if I wanted to insult Islam I have better ways to do that.
    sixth; Unlike Muslims who are desperate for followers, I do not care to convince anyone of my beliefs, this is not my intention. What thoughts I have reached was done on solitary bases and research. And no one would get to where I am except if he wills and if he researches himself.
    And finally; I did not want this post to be diversified to other than the subject it holds, it was you and others who diverted it because of your extra sensitivity, so consider it the way you want, insult…disrespect…I don’t give a damn

  325. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 02:08:12

    Are u earning the respect Ayya by insults?… as for islam, its a great religion for all creations…. some r not good to follow it-Islam have no feelings, and u said Islam hate dogs!!
    No AYYA, u have started this by insulting Islam, black box!!!shiit!!1.
    i asked u to quit and i told u khalas lakum dinakum wa lia deen….u still were insisting to continoue.
    And yes u were trying to convince Caterina about u thoughts.
    Anyway, as i said earlier and i am saying now,
    u believe in what ever u believe, its up to you.
    the only thing, dont insult others…..respect and u will get the same.

  326. AyyA
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 02:14:47

    ‘as for islam, its a great religion for all creations’

    This is an opinion and not a fact. As a matter of fact it is a very prejudice one.
    Case closed

  327. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 02:19:12

    was it a case for you?!!
    Yes openion based on fact that too far for u to understand.

    Topic closed.

  328. AyyA
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 10:56:03


    This is just one example of Muslims lying to people for decades about Hijab being a fard, and now all of a sudden and out of nowhere this shiekh’s conscience has waken up! Why?
    Go figure

  329. AyyA
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 18:54:56

    “I have better example, The devil him self was praying to Allahโ€ฆthen he became the enemyโ€ฆ.”

    Even kids don’t believe these stories now in the twenty-first century.

    “I am stopping here, i have tried to lighten ur eyesโ€ฆbut u r insisting to be blind”

    Blind for refusing to believe that a man can talk to ant? Blind to not believe that a horse can fly? Blind to not believe that a sea can be divided into two with a magic wand?
    This is not blindness, this is sanity my dear

    “The example u have mentioned is just a tiny one, they are others and in a big number. We r now in a time cant say the web site u send is true or fabricated, the shiekh is paid by others or not?”

    This is the whole point; clergy and politicians are playing football and you, people are the ball.

    “that what ever in the Quran is the truth and there is no other truth only quran”

    Who says that whatever is in the Quran is true? The Quran itself. Can you have the suspect witness in court for his own case? never, only Quran can.
    As pathetic as this sounds, you still can’t see, and you accuse me of blindness!
    Let me ask you, who interprets Quran? Isn’t it the same sheikhs now you are accusing of bribery?
    Wake up man; they brainwashed you

    And by the way; I activated the moderation field because more than fifty spams I received from the so called Hamza or Hanan.
    Take care

  330. EXzombie
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 23:50:41

    this is ridiculous….!!!

    to have a five year old post that keeps on generating comments!

    you have my support my Dear Ayya, and I pity the fools!

    • AyyA
      Jan 05, 2010 @ 06:20:42

      Well sweetie; this post included two hot topics that apparently attracted Muslim readers; one is Moroccan Girls to which they drool, and the other is criticizing Islam to which they are up and ready to fight regardless of being practicing Muslims. Believe me I’m surprised myself to the hundreds of hits I get on a daily bases for this post although it has been five years old.
      Thanks for your support buddy

  331. houda
    Jan 11, 2010 @ 19:47:03

    why every body negative a bout maroccan ladies,try to think positive,you know why arabic people on genral like them they are smart,beatiful,nice,friendly,if they love somebody they will die a bout him,yes they are poor,they are looking for money,but all notionality looking for money even they have money,maroccan lady… all the gays stayaing one month or more with maroccan lady,and after he will say that i cant leave her aah she make for me magic..why like this?why you are not brave to say that you are in love with her not magic..
    i want to say to every body,that magic it was from befooooooore,but now no magic

  332. khan
    Jan 13, 2010 @ 03:47:50

    i agree with you hudda,and men never admit that

  333. goodfellow
    Jan 15, 2010 @ 13:45:54

    I am 49 years old, live in Dubai. I am specially attracted to Moroccan women, I cant really tell you why, may be they are so respectable, honourable and sweet. May be one day I will meet a nice moroccan girl to whom I will dedicate my rest of my life….respecting and giving. I am a happily married man for the last 25 years but I always dream of a Moroccan Girl one day….may be it will be my DREAM COME TRUE one day. Please help me get a sweet girl to whom I can really love and care my whole life.

  334. abudhabilover
    Jan 16, 2010 @ 14:18:49

    hi there,

    I am morrocan lady married to UAE guy and living happily for three years>>>
    Why he chose me??? why not someone from his country???
    the answer is simple>>>>
    My husband and i when we married our relationship were based in true love,, i have never asked for anything and he was always generous with me….
    Every morning i prepare the breakfast for my husband and eat with him,, i dont spend my time sleeping (even if i have 2 maids and one cooker)
    When he is working am doing a lot of sport to always be in shape ,, i dont do like other ladies after marriage just eating and sleeping…\
    when he talks about his work i dont interrup him with futilities am always listnning.
    my husband is a car lover, so i always make reaserch for latest cars and try to enjoy this passion with him.
    when we travel abroad during the day am just wearing jooging and running with him in all places and night time am wearing the most classy dress and go out with him..
    I always try to solve problems myself and he will always be the last solution because i dont like to bother him.
    When he talks about ladies or past relationship i dont get angry i just listen and try to understand..

    and the list is long…
    see am not just his wife, sometimes am his mother and trying to take care of him like my son,,, sometimes am his friend and trying to listen to his stories without judjing him,,, and most of the time am his loving wife who is just pursuing for her husbands hapiness

  335. misszara
    Jan 18, 2010 @ 04:32:56

    hmmmmm, as a moroccan girl (21 years old by the way!), i’m kinda surprised by this weird “interest”. I feel i’m a sort of mythic creature using “voudou?!” ah! sorry black/white magic to seduce guys – from k8 ,K.S.A and so on-.
    People in Morocco DO believe in such stuff in general because stupide imams taught them that for ages now! Ah, and because of new religious channels which are supposed to enlighten the “crouds” or “sheep” -whatever!- increase these beliefs!!!!!!!!
    Actually i don’t believe in magic cuz the only thing that can harm you is poison or a physical assault! Except that, we should have faith in god and for those who doesn’t believe in Him, have faith in yourself !
    I’m not living a sins country , I live in a kingdom having a lack of good infrastructures, a failing educational system….Briefly, in an underdevelopped country!
    For my people,well they look like others worldwide ( you know : with legs, face…and feelings). For girls, the main subject here, they usually have this common sense of honour and not deceiving their family hopes. There are some exceptions, the ultraconservative and the “sluts”. They are mainly conservative in my country and won’t give up their ” family’s honour” for money.
    Ah for hanane, i’m not doubting about your faith but come on fellow citizen! Calm down, peaple are free to speak about religion and god because the religion and faiths don’t belong to you or anybody else.It belongs to the Almighty and he’s the only one who’ll judge people after their death.I’d like to tell you another think in the quran, god say about the believers that they’re those who walk and talk PEACEFULLY. I believe He means by that the overdose of pride and anger would make your path in life (walking) and behaviour (talking) unpleasant and make others stay away not only from you, but from our great spiritual believes called “islam”.
    For the others, I noticied that some people who took part in this forum came to morocco to “try” and “see” how good we are, moroccan girls and he said clearly that he’s married. OH MY GOD!!!! Shame on you man!!!! How could do that to your wife?? I’m not judging you but here a piece of advice – I kow you didn’t ask for!Lol-: when you get bored, go out for road trip or a walk with your wife and work on your relationship instead of turning around the world and looking for whores ( what if your wife get an STD because of you !!!)
    For ayya,
    I’m with u girl and don’t let people make you sad or upset because you don’t share their religious beliefs(including mine!hihihihi)!
    As a girl from morocco, i have many intersts like any other girl from forign countries : studies, making friendships ( with boys and girls), have a max of good time and planning for my future. i see myself in the future as a working woman, high-educated and who traveled a lot around the world. The one who will share my life gonna be the happiest man in the world (and the luckiest!) but I can’t asay “yes” to a harsh and conservative man. No way! If he doesn’t deserve my love by being kind, supportive and open-minded , then he has no place in my life. Money?Well, we’re living in the 21st century and I think it’s a shame for a woman nowadays to be financially supported by another man, except her father or brother!

  336. jay jay
    Jan 31, 2010 @ 04:13:51

    Salaam to all my morrocan brothers and sisters,
    l am not a rich black male engaged to a morrocan woman for 2yrs and marrying soon, some explanations of understanding them
    Morrocan women are like an enigma they have two identities, or maybe three some of them will have two different personalities sweet to u, cook and the next time sleep with u best friend who has more cash than you. if u want a good morrocan girl find her young between 20-25, work hard to win her heart, give her some gifts and show heru understand the morrocan women’s complexity. Trust me l had been through that l know what l am talking about.

  337. adil
    Feb 10, 2010 @ 03:46:40

    hanan i think you should see a doctor, coz if you continue like that you have great chance to lose your mind( of course if you still have some).
    and the moroccan citizenship can’t be given just like that, yet you have to deserve it,,,,,,all you said about morocco is bullshit coz you have nothing inside your head but a peace of shit, and that’s why you behave like this and hate your country and everybody who desagree with you, instead of being proud and respectfull and tolerante. unless you want to get into serious psycho troubles.
    thx to all…. especialy ayya ๐Ÿ˜‰

  338. Bilal
    Feb 17, 2010 @ 17:13:18

    I am Moroccan myself and I donยดt feel anything for Moroccan girls just like almost everybody else. They are only wanted for the sex. Moroccan girls are devils wrapped in beautiful packages. Sadly enough itยดs hard to disagree about this. We know it and they know it.

  339. Muhammad
    Feb 17, 2010 @ 20:06:03

    Moroccon girls are the best because they are beautiful and charming and they have been westernised by their rulers so they are easy to lay down with any man. Dating, going out to stay in hotels in Ifran, Tangier, Casa and Marakesh. It is no problem. So they are poupluar world wide as “Whores of Arabia”. Why should not they be ultimate?

  340. MoGee
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 11:53:53

    well the topic is so intresting …that is why the discussion kept going on this long and it will not stop i suppose.
    i am moroccan and yeah proud of it … and the reputation or actually the perception of the other doesn’t bother me.
    moroccan women are very special at the mind level as well as physically speaking they are unique just like their country and their race … morocco may be considered arab but it’s not … sorrry for those who may get offended.
    moroccan women doesn’t use except nature’s magic … may the best seductive one win the man. they use their beauty and cleverness to attract and keep their men.
    they are excellent in bed, in kitchen, in work, … where ever you want them you find them.
    for the gulf guys … of which i have met a lot … they only seek what they are missing in their countries while thanks to freedom we have in morocco we don’t face the same problem’
    for prostition …. hold on we are not number one and we won’t be at the end of the list … coz it’s the oldest profession in history … should anyone have more inquiries? let me know

  341. toto
    Mar 04, 2010 @ 21:22:29

    nice disscussion ,i think the most imoprtant thing un morocan lady,the bed,really they give you the peak in enjoyment.

  342. toto
    Mar 04, 2010 @ 21:24:54

    Morocan ladys are the best in bed

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  344. hicham
    Mar 29, 2010 @ 21:50:06

    hi everybody

    for those how want really to clarify the quality of moroccan ladies ill advise them to look in wright places ofcourse u cant judge if had met only prostitutes or dico ladies its up to your background , your blieves .your qualities
    anyway evreywhere there is the good and the bad.
    look for good one ull find them in mosques in….
    blieve me i love moroccan i love everthings belong to morocco there are really kind and respectfull people . they love all and their contry is open for everyone to know this perfect people (women and men)

  345. sophiana
    Apr 10, 2010 @ 22:27:13

    I really love this forum.

    Please can I seek your help to bring back my partner to me.

    I am looking for a genuine morrocan spell caster, who his highly recommended.

    All I want is my love to return to me.

    Thank you for listening and I do hope you can help me.

  346. sophiana
    Apr 10, 2010 @ 22:28:30

    my friend told me morrocan woman are better at love spells than any other nation.

    They should be proud and use these skills effectively.

  347. Xlabe
    Apr 16, 2010 @ 00:23:37

    Well I find Moroccan women the most attractive anywhere, also I like there attitude and culture

  348. Gwar
    Apr 16, 2010 @ 03:59:32

    It’s true that something about them is really magical. Once you meet the moroccan girl , you’ll never forget her easily. You’ll be quickly obsessed with her. No matter how old you are, you’ll will act like a seventeen boy.
    I am and will always be in love with you, my Lamia. I wish I spend the rest of my life by your side.

  349. sara
    Apr 18, 2010 @ 18:11:13

    hamdollah moroccans have a good reputation here in uk and all love them,now days everyone marry from morocco,and from what i hear according to my experience and people i know all say that moroccan women r patients and treat thier husband very well,clever they pick up things easily,carying,good heart and trust me this is not my talk this is what others say about moroccan wives,im moroccan married to an asian man and i have a lot of frends marrying asian men,all say good things about us.and about magic and stuff thats not true …lets be logic,we should not judge from the outside,why whenever see someone love someone we say she did magic to him ….thats not true at all,love is more stronger than magic,when we love we forget about other things…my husband saw he loved me didnt do anything to him same as my friends…plz stope thinking that way..we all know inside of us that moroccans are nice people and they love everyone and respect everyone,bad people and good people r eveywhere.if few are not good doesnt mean all the humanity …….im proud to be moroccan really im i say it with loud voice and hamdollah everyone respect me and love being with me………

  350. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Apr 19, 2010 @ 07:12:07

    Dear Sara,
    You dont have to tell people about morocco ladies, every one velieves what he/she wants to believe. This not suppose to effect on you at all.
    Morocco is a like any another nation, have some negatives and positives.
    have a peace in ur heart and mind….dont worry about Morocco.


  351. ahmed
    May 01, 2010 @ 20:12:24

    im due ot fly out to casablanca n for sure if i see a decent girl there i wld consider marrying, just hope it all works out

  352. faris
    May 06, 2010 @ 08:34:03

    im arab and married to a moroccan lady, well i made a very good choice marrying her. Moroccan women are in all ways the best you will even melt to see how she care for your children and what to say about love? Wow!!!

  353. nada
    May 13, 2010 @ 18:41:26

    Im a moroccan woman married to a saudi man and live in Riad. We are happly married and blessed with 3 beautiful children, i’ve been living here for 9 years. I met my husband in France he was there for business and I went to there for vacation, soon as he saw he fell in love. He still loves me as much as in the begin Im his princess and he is my hot lover and a wonderfull daddy for his girls. May Allah bless him for us!

  354. moroccan
    May 14, 2010 @ 23:52:31

    an advice to all the men from the gulf area, Allah has gave us brian to use it so use it and stay where you are, we don’t need you to come into our country to marry our girls. Don’t you see it’s all just about the money? Do you ugly guys with hairy faces realy think that you are awesome, why do you let girls use you, aren’t you men enough to see this?? strange folk YAKK

    • Khalfan Al Busaidi
      May 17, 2010 @ 08:13:44

      Oh Yeah it is about money.
      This is known by both parts, its like providing a service, the fact it is providing a service for money not matter how people look like.
      Taxi driver doesnt care how passengers look like, he is providing the service to get the money..that is his goal. From the other hand, the passenger doesnt care as well if the Taxi like him or not, he just need the service. Logic!!!!
      Especially when we are talking about special services :D.This is just to a Demonstration.
      However, this is not a defend or an excuse for gulfies ( am 1 of them) to ask for the special services, they should be shame of thier selves.
      This is a long topic…..longer than the age of this ” ultimate blog”


  355. ilyass
    May 16, 2010 @ 19:04:46

    wow i have never seen a topic go on for 6 years
    but i do say this is an interesting topic, Ive dated myself a moroccan girl in Rabat as i was there for 6 months. but things didn’t worked out for me as i was trying to start a business in casa, so i had to move back home to Europe and make more money to invest. but n the end i hope to make a living and marry and live happily ever after with a loving and beautiful Moroccan woman.

  356. KHALID
    May 19, 2010 @ 08:24:09

    Hey to all moroccan women. What do you girls eat?? Beautiful and sexy, really no one can compare you!
    Im so sure, my future wife will be a moroccan ; )

  357. Brian the muslim
    May 23, 2010 @ 12:03:31

    Tourya Haoud is one of those beautiful moroccans

  358. Brenda
    May 24, 2010 @ 14:32:41

    The facts: There are beautiful women in every country. When I went to Morocco I saw that Moroccan women have a hard life and do not age very well. I didnโ€™t see many attractive women in Morocco but the hookers I saw where more beautiful than most Western countries. I saw hookers everywhere which is always common in poor countries. Because of this you will see more women turning tricks to support their families and put food on the table. Therefore in Morocco you will see beautiful hookers because they are poor. Where as in the West you will see mostly average or drug addicts that turn tricks to support their drug habit. Moroccan hookers are not stupid. There meal ticket is horny men from the Gulf that want to experience what they are forbidden from doing in their countries. Gulf men can get sex at home but it will cost them. Moroccan women have an appeal because there such a large population of girls for sale who can speak Arabic with a different accent. A monthโ€™s vacation in Morocco is cheap for even a poor Gulf Arab. A good meal will get you in Morocco what a Gucci would cost you in the Gulf. Sex and she will play you because you are thinking with your stick and not your head. Her goal is to make you want her for life for the money dummy! Most gulf Arabs want to use them for a fun holiday or even marry one if they can’t afford a wife in their country. A poor, ugly Gulf Arab can marry a beautiful Moroccan girl. Because he would be considered rich in her country and she is after security not looks. Then the Gulf Arabs mostly leave their wives in Morocco and send them pennies a month. They might even visit Morocco often (at first) and have children. I can’t blame these Moroccan women for doing what they have to do to survive. As far as the Gulf Arabs go…men will be men. If sex is cheap, there are a lot of whores which widens the pool for beauty, they can speak and understand Arabic then they won’t say no. Sorry for being so blunt but I’m a young Western girl and I am just speaking the truth. It’s all about economics! Iโ€™m a young, pretty blonde with a good body and blue eyes living in the Gulf. These Gulf men know they canโ€™t get me for a few dinars! Iโ€™ve been offered expensive cars and just about everything you can imagine. But I only have eyes for my husband and vice versa. If I was poor then I might do the same things as these Moroccan girls. Thank goodness Iโ€™m not!

    • Daria
      Jun 05, 2010 @ 00:58:03

      Brenda, l agree with you 100% about Morocco. I could’nt belive it is the way the Arabs say about, but l was surprised to see how the beautiful girls appear only in night clubs (but in general you can “catch” them walking on the streets, beach) and they try to catch the attention of the men there, doesnt matter if they are locals or from other country. They prefer the men from the Gulf, but l saw many westerners, old ones, who go to Morocco for sex. It is not Nr 1 for prostitution, but for sure you can find them easier than East Europe!!! l’m not sure about West… This is the effect of poverty. I dont blame them, l dont judge them, but the goverment should help them more and also the education, because in Morocco, l noticed, even if the girls have jobs, they wont mind to earn extra money. I hope l did’nt offend anybody. Some of the comments about Moroccon ladies are too taugh. We should leave it in God’s hands to judge us. Good and bad are everywhere! Anyway, in general the people in Morocco are very nice, helpful and the country is beautiful.

    • Khalfan Al Busaidi
      Jun 09, 2010 @ 14:55:46

      This is the best i ve ever came cross about this topic.
      Please allow me to copy and paste….am waiting

  359. Star118
    Jun 03, 2010 @ 15:14:25

    I am a Pakistani expat living here in Dubai and I have a female coworker who is from Morocco.This woman was involved in a live in relationship with a Moroocan man for nearly 8 months and decided to get married only when she discovered that she was carrying his baby (she miscarried later).

    this woman has been married for a year now and she flirts with practically every man in the office and each day asks a differe t man to drop her home.Of course her husband works in oil industry and has odd working hours.

    I have tried to reason with her a few times and tried to explain to her that such type of behaviour is not permiited in religion and that she must act and dress more modestly and think about nobody other than her husband.

    I have a suspicion that of late she has been having an illicit relationship with another co-worker of mine who happens to be from Tunisia.I have seen them whisper things into each others ears behind the file cabinets and calling each other on their personal numbers during office hours.

    I find it very disturbing indeed and I just hope and pray that may God have mercy on the husband of this woman and show her the right path.

    I want to help her see the right path but she ignores whatever advice I give her.

    Please suggest how I can help her because I dont want to see her destroy her and her husband’s life in such way.

  360. khan
    Jun 07, 2010 @ 06:05:36

    hi ayya.
    salam to brother khalfan.
    was bit busy with work catch up with you soom,,was travelling alot….alot of visit to morocco aswell

  361. Joshua
    Jun 19, 2010 @ 14:31:41

    Moroccan girls are the most beautiful girls. They have a beautiful skin color and are sexy and lovely. And they have some magic in them, really dont know whats it but they know how to get you if they really want you and they always win!!! This has happened to me and to many others, I’ve a lovely moroccan wife and a great family and I’m not only her husband and lover but in same time also her kid ; ) Alhamdlilah it’s a blessing!!!

  362. Abdulrhman
    Jun 24, 2010 @ 21:27:44

    I`d marry a woman that has a great repsect and wears Hijab.. thanx

  363. Abdulrhman Al-Ali
    Jul 09, 2010 @ 06:24:24

    ูƒู„ุงู… ุณู„ูŠู… ุจุณ ุงู„ุญูŠู† ุฎูุช ู‡ุงู„ุธุงู‡ุฑู‡ ุญูŠู„ .. ูˆ ุจุงู„ู…ู†ุงุณุจุฉ ูˆุงุญุฏ ู…ู† ุฃุตุฏู‚ุงุฆูŠ ุงุฎูˆู‡ ู…ุชุฒูˆุฌ ู…ู† ู…ุถูŠูุฉ ุทูŠุฑุงู† ุฌุฒุงุฆุฑูŠุฉ ูˆ ุชูˆู‰ ูŠุช ู„ู‡ ุจู†ุช .. ุญุชู‰ ุงู†ุง ู…ุง ุงุฏุฑูŠ ุดู†ูˆ ุงู„ุณุฑ ูˆุฑู‰ ู‡ุงู„ุจู†ุงุช .. ู…ู…ูƒู† ู„ุฃู†ู‡ ูŠุฏุฑูŠ ุงู†ู‡ุง ู…ุง ุจุชุนุงูŠุฑู‡ ูˆู„ุง ุชุนุฑู ู†ู‚ุงุท ุถุนูู‡ ู…ุซู„ ุงู„ูƒูˆูŠุชูŠู‡ ูˆ ู„ุงู†ู‡ุง ู…ุง ุชุตุฑู ูˆู„ุง ุชุณุฑู ูˆ ู„ุงู†ู‡ุง ู‚ู†ูˆุนู‡ ุจุงู„ู„ูŠ ู…ูˆุฌูˆุฏ ูˆ ุฃุดูŠุงุก ู…ุง ุฏุฎู„ุช ุนู‚ู„ูŠ

  364. Younes
    Jul 13, 2010 @ 03:59:38

    Hi Ayya,
    First of all, let me give you all my bows… This question still gets answers after…6 years!!!
    Well, as already said above, moroccan girls do have someting special I guess. How is that ? I think moroccan girls are just “themselves”, they are natural, unlike other women from other nationalities, especially Western girls who are often arrogant and always think of themselvs they’re the best in everyway.
    As a Moroccan guy living in Northern Europe, I early noticed that when a European girl dates an Arab guy, she treats him like a toy and all she wants is take control of him. Very few of them make the little effort to get to know the Arab culture and what the word “respect” means to an Arab guy. In most cases, if a Moroccan girl is out with her partner (preferably husband), she won’t look at other men (even if they look at her), whereas a European one (especially if she’s French) would do so witout any fear of her husband being hurt. Of course, that’s one example among plenty, but yet, a Moroccan would never dare look at another man and her own man is with her. I can proudly say that if she is faithful, she won’t even look at men when out on her own…
    I would say that Moroccan girls have everyting from any other girl in the world and a little bit more… Beauty, careness, respect and faithfulness ๐Ÿ™‚

  365. BenBaz
    Jul 13, 2010 @ 09:01:47

    My GF is moroccan ๐Ÿ˜€ .. they have special appeal.. really..

  366. Yusuf
    Jul 16, 2010 @ 06:44:48

    I am an American. I became Muslim a long time ago. People always ask me about it: why? I really can’t say that there’s any single reason other than that it was decreed for me. But, I like to credit a Moroccan brother I’d met about fifteen years ago for awakening in me an appreciation and curiosity for Islam that eventually led to my becoming Muslim.

    Over the years I have had the privilege to meet and occasionally live with Moroccans (here in the US); though, now that I think of it, only males. And I must say, of all the Arabs (indeed, of all the Muslims), the Moroccans have on average the best manners. They are the most humble, most polite, most generous and genuinely loving people! I live in NYC, and the vast majority of Muslims here are Bengali. They’re good people too but I’ve often regretted not having more Moroccan friends.

    The only Moroccan woman I’ve actually met (so far) was a feminist activist (in college) with many views I think are actually contrary to Islam. (With her, I was not impressed). Not that I have anything against adventurous and courageous women (on the contrary, that certainly has its appeal. But, be honest about it; Don’t try to twist Islam).

    But, having been unhappy in my marriage (to a Sylheti girl born and raised in the UK) for a long time, I have been considering divorce / remarrying and researching the Muslim women from many cultures to make a more informed choice the next time around. (I even made a profile on Maktoob’s bentalhalal site, lol). And really I am amazed at the number of Moroccan women who respond to me. Easily 99.9% are Moroccan girls! And so many, I couldn’t possibly respond to them all. I wasn’t expecting this (Honestly, I was a little put off by it; thinking, 1, of all the Arab dialects, Moroccan is the least desirable. And, 2, that’s much too aggressive to be a good thing). So, upon further examination I find that all my Gulf Arab friends have very low opinions of the Moroccans (which in my experience is completely unjustified). And also (and I’m sure their opinions are related to the fact that), there is this phenomenon of Morocco being a popular sex tourist destination (again, big surprise!) for Europe (and all of Arabia).

    What a curious dichotomy there is between this seemingly magnanimous natural character of the Moroccans and the apparently evil characteristics of an inclination towards criminalization. You would at first think they’re mutually exclusive. But, when we dig deeper into the socio / economic / political (and religious!) history of Morocco, just maybe it gives us some insight into the reality of the situation.

    Not so long ago, Morocco was one of the major slave trading capitals of the world. And, there were some very notable differences between the American and Islamic contexts and conditions of slavery. In the American context, slavery was literally inhumane. They literally considered the black African slave not human at all, or for arguments sake, at best less than human. The slave was a beast of burden, like a bull or a dog. The idea of having sex with a slave (although practiced abundantly, I’m sure, in private) was a source of shame and humiliation; never admitted to publicly. Even a slave owner’s children from a slave girl were not recognized as his own children or afforded higher status. They were simply denied and added to his slave stock. All were doomed to a life of cruelty and abuse with no hope of freedom or higher recognition, ever.

    Traditionally, however, not just in the Arab / Muslim world, but continuing back through world history to ancient times, although slavery certainly had it’s place in industry, the highest priced slaves were intended for either Military, Intellectual or Domestic use (with a heavy inclination towards the sexual). And contrary to the American context, there was no shame in that game. Slavery was considered a transient condition, sometimes degrading but also with the potential for elevating ones status. It was certainly not a reflection of a lack of humanity or a lack of potential. The history of the Mamluk empire, and the Janissaries under the Ottomans are extreme examples of this difference. And contrary to the prudish and shameful attitude of the American context towards the sexual aspects of slavery, if a middle class / middle aged man were shopping for a slave, there’s a fairly strong chance he’s shopping for a pretty young girl. It was considered an idealistic arrangement for him and (if he’s a righteous man) for her as well. People try to villainize it as pure perversity today. But I have read hadith that characterize the righteousness of the man who buys a slave girl, educates her, frees her and marries her. Indeed, I believe you’ll find Prophetic examples of the same. And you will find sexual slavery is entrenched in Shariah with extensive regulation. This is at least part of the justification for the West’s refusal to recognize any sort of Shariah based government, and the continuous campaigns against the Islamization of societies.

    But, what we are saying is that, Morocco was a major capital for this slave trade. So, it’s fair to say, historically, Morocco has (for a very long time) been a sort of Sexual Tourist’s destination. Only in contemporary times (in fact, since French colonization, I believe) has slavery been outlawed in Morocco. But, just because the industry has been made illegal does not mean the demand will have decreased. THAT is likely to never occur. Right or wrong, middle aged men will always want (and go to extreme lengths to acquire) pretty young girls. (But, certainly, progressive steps to emasculate patriarchal / machismo societies have been proceeding and continue to proceed throughout the world).

    Now, combine the forgoing socio / economic / political considerations with the pre-Islamic animism of Africa that all these African slaves were bringing to Morocco, Islamicize it and throw in some sufism (both the extreme Mevlevi sort from the not-so-long-ago Turkish masters along with the more sober and longer lasting Shadhili), fast-forward a couple of hundred years, but retain a profound sense of the sacred rights of all things and consider this: the attitude and character of a slave is a good thing, not bad. We approach Allah, only as his slaves. And we like to treat each other and be treated with that same humble loving attitude. Heck, when we contextualize it like that, give me a girl with the attitude of a humble servant over some arrogant, spoiled brat any day. Indeed, in the Islamic context, I’m thinking the slave girl thing might not be such a bad idea, lol.

    But, finally, to top it all off, another socio / economic / political consideration: Morocco wasn’t just one of the Slave Trading capitals of the world; it was one of the Pirating capitals of the world too (Pirating, in the Western context). In the Khalifal sense, this was a base of operations for gazawaat. The Gazis, or whatever the Moroccans called them: privateers authorized by letter of marque (or Khalifal policy) to conduct raiding on enemy (non-Muslim, non-allied) ships and shorelines. And I’m guessing this is an even bigger part of the West’s refusal to recognize any sort of Shariah based government, and the continuous campaigns against the Islamization of societies: without a Khalifat, would-be-gazis are nothing more than criminals. Pirate or Privateer, I’m guessing there’s a lingering sense of adventure in the air. And I’d make you a handsome wager there’s a pretty strong mafia element beneath the surface somewhere, and probably a strong cultural sense of hear-no-evil see-no-evil, to each his own and what happens in Casa stays in Casa, and all that jazz.

    So, ultimately, we have a large Privateering / Slave Trade industry, criminalized in a land of high adventure, left with practically no viable economy except some agriculture in a largely desert land where every time there’s a slight drought the GDP drops 50%. Poverty? You betcha. But they’re good, humble God fearing folks who have understood, appreciated and adopted the best qualities of a slave mentality, and they’re going to do whatever they have to do to survive through these times. They would MUCH prefer it if you actually MARRIED their daughter (who would, by the way, love you like a slave girl loves her master), even as a 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife (but 1st or only is better) rather than you just using her for your GFE on vacation, like a scoundrel.

    May Allah forgive, bless, help and protect the Moroccan girl.
    May Allah forgive the men who have abused her love and trust and help them to chose marriage over their vacation GFE temptations and protect them from the jealous ones.

    I bear witness there is no god but God, Allah, and Muhammed is His Messenger.

    But what does this mean?
    There is no success in this life or the next except in obeying the order of Allahu ta’Ala and living our lives according to the way shown to us by the Messenger of Allah, the Peace and Blessing of Allah be on him forever and ever.
    Every time we disobey or neglect Allah, or deviate from the way of life shown to us by his Messenger, we have failed miserably.
    And every time we obey Allah and attend to Allah, and follow the way of life shown to us by his Messenger, we have achieved the greatest success.

  367. Younes
    Jul 16, 2010 @ 22:07:58

    Yusuf said :
    “But, what we are saying is that, Morocco was a major capital for this slave trade. So, itโ€™s fair to say, historically, Morocco has (for a very long time) been a sort of Sexual Touristโ€™s destination. Only in contemporary times (in fact, since French colonization, I believe) has slavery been outlawed in Morocco. But, just because the industry has been made illegal does not mean the demand will have decreased. THAT is likely to never occur. Right or wrong, middle aged men will always want (and go to extreme lengths to acquire) pretty young girls. (But, certainly, progressive steps to emasculate patriarchal / machismo societies have been proceeding and continue to proceed throughout the world).”

    “So, ultimately, we have a large Privateering / Slave Trade industry, criminalized in a land of high adventure, left with practically no viable economy except some agriculture in a largely desert land where every time thereโ€™s a slight drought the GDP drops 50%. Poverty? You betcha. But theyโ€™re good, humble God fearing folks who have understood, appreciated and adopted the best qualities of a slave mentality, and theyโ€™re going to do whatever they have to do to survive through these times. They would MUCH prefer it if you actually MARRIED their daughter (who would, by the way, love you like a slave girl loves her master), even as a 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife (but 1st or only is better) rather than you just using her for your GFE on vacation, like a scoundrel.”

    Dear Yusuf, I must say that although you made a real effort to write this comment, the History of Morocco is much more prestigious than that. And I personaly don’t agree with your point of view which – by the way – sound more likely to be a “theory”. You don’t make theories by reading one or two books about the History of a country, you need to read 20, 30 books to have an idea.
    Saying that Morocco has been a sex destination country for a long time is false and absolutely not true. As a Moroccan, I consider it as an offence from you to say that. There are prostitutes everywhere in the world (and when your so called Gulf friends tell you bad things about Moroccans, they should see and sweep before their own door stepps and see what happens in Kuwait City and Dubai among others of cource…), and that I’m not talking about America or Europe…
    And when you say Morocco is a largely desert country, you need to read more about Morocco’s geography and avoid writing things you don’t know about a country.

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Jul 17, 2010 @ 14:03:43

      Most of Kuwaiti women are religious ones, read and know more b4 opening ur mouth and b4 saying such a thing.. Dubai , yes.. Kuwait, no ..

  368. Younes
    Jul 20, 2010 @ 01:53:05

    Abdulrahman Al-Ali said :
    “Most of Kuwaiti women are religious ones, read and know more b4 opening ur mouth and b4 saying such a thing.. Dubai , yes.. Kuwait, no ..”

    …And most of Moroccan women are religious too…that’s a fact whether you want or not.

    How many Kuwaiti girls flew off with US Marine Soldiers after the Gulf War and left their families and even sometimes husbands behind ? Sorry to say that but it was in news papers AND tv… I don’t just read, I look and listen too…

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Jul 20, 2010 @ 11:24:01

      Stop comparing between Kuwaiti women and Moroccan women .. Kuwaitis are better in everything.. i won`t go any further, take a look at AyyA herself, she never offers herself to strangers and never been into prostitution and never used the black magic.. Kuwaiti women have a GREAT ego, unlike your Moroccans who used to be sooo cheap and at the same time “sheep”..

      look at the brothels you have and look at ours.. ours are not even ours! they`re managed by your compatriots or so ( in case your from Moro).. you cannot flirt a Kuwaiti girl JLT, just like that, but you can buy any Moroccan girl when you show her you money.. they worship our money.. and when it comes to Islam, yes .. we are so religious and so proud to be devotees of Islam and that`s why any guy would think not twice but 1000 times before taking any action to any Kuwaiti woman.. well, most of them and even the butterflies aren`t easy to be convinced.. man, Kuwait differs from your red and green.. take your chicks away from us ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Jul 23, 2010 @ 00:59:48

      Habibi Younes, i`m sorry i did not mean to hurt your feelings.. i just said my opinion about your country and what i know about it and that`s it .. everyone loves their country and i love Kuwait.. please, don`t blame me for that and i`d like to support every Kuwaiti whoever he-she is.. i love my country so much.. Religious and non-religious, rich and poor, black and white and Sunni and Shi3i.. i love them all.. we share the same land, we speak the same language and we will face the same fate whatever happens to us.. i hate to read some bad words about my Kuwait and of course you too.. so i`m sorry again for mentioning only one side of the story but not because i don`t want to mention the other side, but simply because i don`t know a thing about it to be honest, i confess .. you know it`s bullshit, we can fight here again and again here, meanwhile Kuwait & Morocco remain allies.. i blame the borders and the positions, maybe because our countries aren`t that CLOSE on the map that`s why we don`t know that much about each other but i`m against that trend to go to Morocco and marry your women because i`m sorry your women have a bad reputation and after all marriage means “4ever or never” and nobody wants to marry who he does not know..
      Kuwaitis are NOT cowards, my father himself is a retiree brigadier in the army was prisoner with my uncle during Iraqi invasion and i can provide you with his pics and my father was the second bodyguard of Amer Jaber & Saad ( Allah yer7amhom ) and he used to travel with them whenever and wherever they`d travel.. Every country has its kind,innocent and pacific people.. you must know that 90% of Kuwaitis are pardoners and forgivers as well.. we hate wars but not cowards.. and most of Kuwaitis are not from Iran originally, most of us are from KSA.. even Iranian Kuwaitis are respected here and enjoy their rights, this is Kuwait, habibi.. the greatest country ever and of all time, not to mention that we are the neighbor of the holiest place of the world.. we were THAT close to be the holiest..

      Finally, AyyA is my compatriot so please don`t intervene .. she loves her great country Kuwait more than me .. no exaggeration .. she does ..


      ุงู†ุง ูƒูˆูŠุชูŠ ูˆ ุจุฅู†ุชุณุงุจูŠ ู„ูŠ ุงู„ูุฎุฑ .. ุฏู‚ุงุช ู‚ู„ุจูŠ ุชูุชุฎุฑ ุจุฅู†ุชุณุงุจู‡ุง
      ู„ูˆ ูƒุงู† ุบูŠุฑ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุจุงู„ุฃุฑุถ ูŠู†ุนุจุฏ .. ุฃุณุชุบูุฑ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูŠู…ูƒู† ุฃุนุจุฏ ุชุฑุงุจู‡ุง

  369. Nora Ben Zakri
    Jul 20, 2010 @ 11:33:24

    Iam totally agree with you Younes!

  370. Nora Ben Zakri
    Jul 20, 2010 @ 11:49:09

    To all the Gulf girls, we do not like to marry your men, we have our own beautiful men. It’s your guys who can’t get us out of their mind, they like and love us because of our beauty and they prefer girls with a soft skin instead of hairy faces and hairy legs. And now go shave yourselves!!!

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Jul 20, 2010 @ 22:42:32

      and who says Gulf men are dying to get your women?! you are not our type.. you are only for stand-by .. one night and kiss your heart goodbye.. well, i`m not into these things but the stereotype of your women are the ones who worship our money and our wealth.. agree with Younes however you want, who cares? i don`t .. Kuwaiti women are the most beautiful women in the world and it`s not only about beauty and sexuality.. mind matters most.. and what i really love about Q8i girls is their spontaneity and their passion to their religion.. Kuwaiti women have all good principles and cannot be convinced by money and by glance..

      To all Moro girls, our women don`t like to marry your men because they are will be only toys in our hands.. remote control ehehehehehe

      i swear by Allah that Kuwaitis are much,much better .. I bet there is no girl in your countries that`s better than AyyA herself, she`s a Kuwaiti after all..

      You are so jealous of Ahl Alkhaleej and want to exploit us the best u can and drink our oil but u could not and still cannot LOL

      PROUD 2 BE KUWAITI & HAPPY 2 BE CRAZY FOR THE LOVE OF KUWAITI GIRLS.. once again, take ur moro chicks away from us ๐Ÿ˜›

  371. Nora Ben Zakri
    Jul 21, 2010 @ 11:14:50

    Abdlruhman-Ali, glad you understand that only the low class girls (mean the poor girls) are into a marriage to khaleej men and yes it’s only because their poverty. They seems to have no choice and must be thinking “however better marrying a khaleeji then a miserable life” hahaha
    I feel sorry for those men whom let others use them. Btw why do you care that much about moroccan people, why dont you go rebuild your country or is that already done by “the far west” ; ))
    And since your girls are that great, why do you men take long flights to get to know other girls abroad, please stop being silly and now go put yourself down on an arabic mat and smoke shesha or go ride your Camels they must be waiting! and do not forget to brush your teeth if you still have some. hahaha

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Jul 21, 2010 @ 22:26:02

      YOU ARE OWNED ..

      who lied to you saying that we marry foreign girls ? yes there are some and my uncle`s wife is even Filipino and i won`t lie, but it is not a trend or a good idea that crosses our minds, the majority are married to Kuwaiti women .. Kuwaiti women are the best in the world.. and why do i care about your MOROn? i actually don`t ๐Ÿ™‚ and u want me to rebuild my country? what about your Moroccan slaves in Spain or France ? they are shoes there !
      your nation don`t even know how to speak Arabic hahahaha ..
      you are nothing but our followers , you HAVE to work in our country and we don`t even think about visiting your wannabe country.. you HAVE to beg us to get you jobs or to get promoted.. tell me one thing that we need from you? nothing more than some chicks for only 30 minutes or so LOL

      Are you sober ? Do you really think that shesha and camels are our things?
      our money talks.. it even makes you forget your honor and family to get a change to work in Kuwait or Gulf countries.. maybe you are wasting your time with jealousy and hatred to you Gulf Rulers.. your girls are disgusting and belong to nothingness.. and by the way, Kuwait is too great to be mentioned in a bad manner..

      Julio Iglesias once sang : ( To all the girls i loved before ) , i`d like to change it to ( To all Kuwaitis i loved before ) .. there is no relationship between Moro and beauty.. even if i have free tickets to Moro wallah ma aro7 ehehehehe

      the only thing that i love and respect for Moro is the player Marwan Chamakh.. even though he is gay! but remains a great,great player..


      • Younes
        Jul 22, 2010 @ 23:12:55

        Ya Allah! You are so small ‘Abdulrahman’, so small, believe me.
        First of all, let me tell you that I very much doubt about your ‘Arabic origin’. The only people I know who call the Moroccans ‘MORO’ are the Spanish. And do you know why? It’s because we, Moroccans, scared the shit out of them for 500 years, when the Moroccans used to be the rulers during the Spain Muslim period : where were you Kuwaitis then?? I would rather think you are lilely to be Spanish, not Kuwaiti.

        Kuwait didn’t even exist just a few years ago. It is just an English invention while oil was dicovered in that region.

        Morocco has one of the richest Heritage in the world. I know you ignore it, but you should know that when people in the desert of Kuwait were eating rats and once a week a piece of dried meat, Morocco was one of the most powerfull country in the world. You, lovers of America (if you really are Kuwaiti), should read American authors like John P Halstead about Morocco or Jean-Louis Miege (French) who write that Morocco helped the English beat the Spanish-French coallition during the Battle of Trafalgar. Yes man, Morocco had one of the best sea fleet in the world…

        I’ve grown up in France and England, I was born in Morocco and I know I am an Arab because my ancestors came to Morocco as conquerors from the Arabic Peninsula. Never foget that when 50% of the Moroccans are Berber, the other 50% are Arabs!!!
        But you, who do you think you are? Certainly not an Arab! In 1989, I used to know a very rich Kuwaiti in London and he confessed me that most Kuwaiti people are from Persian origin… I am not talking about the Palestinian refugees who actually have Kuwaiti citizenship, only ‘proper’ Kuwaitis. And, don’t be hurt, he also said to me that most Kuwaitis are in fact Irakis… and that is BEFORE the 1991 Gulf War.
        And by the way, did you forget that Morocco sent Soldiers to help free Kuwait in 1991 ? So at least, instead of beiing so rude, you should have great respect for Morocco and the Moroccans, men and women.
        I remember in 1991 (I was in Jeddah in January and Febuary 1991) and I saw all the Kuwaiti refugees in the streets of Jeddah making such a racket with their horns when the war ended that Saudis were telling them ‘you should have gone to fight yourself you cowards’. Yes, that’s how it was.

        But to be honest, I’m not here to insult any Kuwaiti, I respect all Kuwaitis who have respect for others, not like you..

        Please tell me what is Kuwait witout oil industry ? Nothing. And by the way, we Moroccans don’t drink Kuwaiti Oil, we drink tea and coffee. Kuwaiti oil goes straight to America and you get what they want to give you. So please, don’t come and tell me you are proud to be kuwaiti blablabla.

        And no, Moroccans don’t die to go and work in Kuwait. Only a few Moroccans work there. You should know that it is one million time better to work in Europe for a Moroccan than working in Kuwait (they get more money in France and Spain and RESPECT, unlike in Kuwait where workers are treated like slaves). You pretend to be a Muslim ? Europeans give more importance to immigrants than any other Arab country does.

        You say our women worship your money… Shame on you. As you say, you can ‘buy’ one or two lost Moroccan girls with your money. When you die, I suggest you take some money with you in your grave to buy your ticket to paradise…. You are just a poor man. I feel sorry for you…

        You seem so proud to be Kuwaiti. OK. Have you ever seen the Kuwaiti refugees in London ? (not the ones who go there in summer and live in so called ‘luxury appartments’ in the Edgware Road area where they go and spend the money that the Government of Kuwait give them all the year round without working), in England and France we call that ‘Unemployment Benefits’. The vast majority of Kuwaitis live in fact on Unemployment Benefits and Income Support from the oil industry…
        It is very common now to Kuwaiti girls and boys hanging around the streets in London and I met quiet a few of them in the London Moroccan area of Ladbroke Groove and Queens Park… Yes Kuwaiti girls and boys attending the same government schools…because they are free of charge…

        To finish, although Moroccan people are modest, they surely have a very good quality of life. Despite our rulers steal people’s money, Morocco remains one of the best place to live in among the Arab world. It is one of the fastest developping Arab country. We have one of the largest Highways and Motorways network in the Arab world, well organized cities, good infrastructure, mountains, desterts, 2,500 km of sea front, agriculture, developping IT industry, rain, and we are building the first High Speed Train network in the Arab world : it’s called ‘TGV’….

        And you shoul know for info that most big oil companies are now trying to get prospection offshore contracts in Morocco as huge oil fields have been discovered in the Moroccan Territorial Waters. It is just a matter of time and Morocco will soon be an oil exporting country. What would Kuwait represent then compared to Morocco ? Nothing.

        All that, not talking about population and education proportions. I let you do the research….

        And please, leave AyyA alone, don’t always go ‘ask AyyA’, ‘ask AyyA’. Everyone here owes her respect. And what you mean is not a scientific proof. So stop it and grow up!

  372. Nora Ben Zakri
    Jul 22, 2010 @ 14:36:52

    Yes you are very disgusting for taking girls for one stand night, and this is not allowed within the islam!!! If there was no other prosperous countries for helping you by the oil pruduction etc, then you would have still camel piss as your local drink. By the way Abdulrhman, im not saying this to offend you or other people, for sure you have also good people. Good and bad everywhere! I just get upset by seeying people get used because of their weakness , this is not the way Allah has told us to behave regarding others, wa salam.

    • Younes
      Jul 23, 2010 @ 00:06:23

      Thanks for this Nora. I think our friend Abdulrahman forgets that what the subject is all about in this topic is ‘haram’. He keeps thanking this kind of behaviour despite the fact that it called ‘zina’.
      But the Kuwaitis go mad with money. A kuwaiti told me once that a rich man in Kuwait used to marry each girl he fancied (Kuwaiti girls of cource in Kuwait). One time he was at a party and saw one beautiful girl the age of 14 and wanted to marry her. When he asked who that girl was, they replied to him that she was his OWN daughter !!! He had such a large number of children that he did not even know everyone of them. Wallahi it is true and Allah is witness of what I’m saying.
      To sum up, in fact, it is mostly a sikness tahn a matter of money. What would the Kuwaiti children say if they knew their dads were practicing ‘zina’ in Morocco and elsewhere and probably have brothers and sisters elswhere in the world without even knowing ?
      La Hawla Wa La Quwwata illa bellah.

      • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
        Jul 23, 2010 @ 01:08:36

        We, at least, don`t have bars like you.. Don`t have prostitutes as much as you have and don`t have beggars like you Moroccans .. Al hamdolellah we belong to a very rich country .. this is just a story that you mentioned .. look at your criminals in France and Spain.. Look at your gays in European bars .. you know what ? Look at your own president ehehehehehe DEPRESSED DEPRESSED DEPRESSED !

        Thank you Allah for creating us Muslims & Kuwaitis ๐Ÿ™‚

        I bet Marwan Chamakh is your only benefit in universe !

      • Younes
        Jul 23, 2010 @ 03:34:18

        โ€”-> You donโ€™t seem to understand anything. You donโ€™t have bars. OK. How many of you drink to death ? We have prostitutes because you brought prostitution to our country. Donโ€™t you know there are Kuwaiti men in Moroccan jails charged for โ€˜Zinaโ€™ practice in Morocco ? Donโ€™t be silly, you know what Iโ€™m talking about. About alcohol, just read what American expats themselves say about the easy way to buy alcohol in Kuwait.

        We have criminals in Spain and France, so what ? There are criminals everywhere and there are Kuwaiti criminals in Kuwait as well. Are you sure you donโ€™t have gay men ? Haha, let me laugh. There are plenty of Kuwaiti gays. Go to London Hilton and most of London hotels nignt clubs and see by yourself, you will find gay Kuwaitis there.

        You donโ€™t have prostitutes ? OK. How many Kuwaiti women betray their husbands with the drivers and mades in their own beds ? We know itโ€™s true, but we also saw a story like that in the Gulf tv seriesโ€ฆ. Kuwaiti women are not angelsโ€ฆ That is even worst than doing it for money.

        We donโ€™t have a president, we have a King and he is far better than the Al Sabah family who worship America. You are not a product of Arabia, you are products of America. If America (and Morocco by the way) werenโ€™t there, youโ€™d be living in the 25th Southern Province of Irak by now.

        Haha, you talk about Islamโ€ฆ Iโ€™m aware that Kuwait is a Muslim country, but how old is the oldest mosque in Kuwait ? 60 โ€“ 70 years old ? The oldest Islamic University in the WORLD is the Islamic University and Mosque of Al Qarawiyine in Fez which happens to be in Morocco and was built more than 1000 years ago (back in 810). But because you are such ignorant, you didnโ€™t know that.

        You may be rich, but most of you are idiots. We all know that Kuwaiti money is spent out in bars and night clubs in Spain, France, England and America. If you were real Muslims, why do spend thousands of dollars in prostitution ? Why do Kuwaitis leave their wives for prostitutes ? Donโ€™t you ask yourself ? Are you such a hypocrit ? Is it because Kuwaiti (and Khaleeji women in general) sit and eat rice kabsa everyday all year round ?

        And donโ€™t worry, Moroccans also have money and not all of them are poor. And I like going on holiday and spend money in the Gulf countries with my Muslim Moroccan wife who wears proper hijab (not Jahiliya hijab like in Kuwait) and our children. But when I go on holiday whether it be in Dubai, Doha, Muscat or for Umrah in the Holy Land, I go with my wife and kids. I donโ€™t leave them behind to go and look for easy sex like most of Gulf men do.

        Our proud Moroccan Soldiers fought for your own freedom, thatโ€™s enoughโ€ฆ

        ู†ุนู… ุฃู†ุง ู…ุบุฑุจูŠ ูˆ ุงูุชุฎุฑ
        ุฃู„ู„ู‡ ุงู„ูˆุทู† ุงู„ู…ู„ูƒ
        ู‚ูˆู„ู‡ุง ูˆ ุนู…ุฑ ูู…ูƒ ุจู‡ุง

      • Nora Ben Zakri
        Jul 23, 2010 @ 11:16:07

        Tbarkallah 3leek Younes,

        May Allah bless you and all our men to protect our country “el-maghreb el-habib” from all evil and to keep all the bastards and sinful persons outside!

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Jul 23, 2010 @ 21:38:46

      They`re already outside ๐Ÿ™‚

  373. rabab
    Jul 22, 2010 @ 16:17:02

    Saudi men are the best, they are gorgeous.
    My husband is one of them and yes Iam moroccan.

  374. Nora Ben Zakri
    Jul 22, 2010 @ 18:10:50

    Abdlruhman-Ali het is true that some moroccan girls are married to saudi’s but never to a kuwaiti. Im living in KSA with my husband and kids (my hubby isn’t a khaleeji, he isn’t arabian at all) and I know what im talking about. Saudi men are very interested in moroccan girls, at my husband’s work his co-workers keep asking him if he know some moroccan girl for them. It’s a fact we are every man’s dream whether you like it or not.

  375. Younes
    Jul 22, 2010 @ 23:43:03

    Ya Allah! You are so small ‘Abdulrahman’, so small, believe me.
    First of all, let me tell you that I very much doubt about your ‘Arabic origin’. The only people I know who call the Moroccans ‘MORO’ are the Spanish. And do you know why? It’s because we, Moroccans, scared the shit out of them for 500 years, when the Moroccans used to be the rulers during the Spain Muslim period : where were you Kuwaitis then?? I would rather think you are lilely to be Spanish, not Kuwaiti.

    Kuwait didn’t even exist just a few years ago. It is just an English invention while oil was dicovered in that region.

    Morocco has one of the richest Heritage in the world. I know you ignore it, but you should know that when people in the desert of Kuwait were eating rats and once a week a piece of dried meat, Morocco was one of the most powerfull country in the world. You, lovers of America (if you really are Kuwaiti), should read American authors like John P Halstead about Morocco or Jean-Louis Miege (French) who write that Morocco helped the English beat the Spanish-French coallition during the Battle of Trafalgar. Yes man, Morocco had one of the best sea fleet in the world…

    I’ve grown up in France and England, I was born in Morocco and I know I am an Arab because my ancestors came to Morocco as conquerors from the Arabic Peninsula. Never foget that when 50% of the Moroccans are Berber, the other 50% are Arabs!!!
    But you, who do you think you are? Certainly not an Arab! In 1989, I used to know a very rich Kuwaiti in London and he confessed me that most Kuwaiti people are from Persian origin… I am not talking about the Palestinian refugees who actually have Kuwaiti citizenship, only ‘proper’ Kuwaitis. And, don’t be hurt, he also said to me that most Kuwaitis are in fact Irakis… and that is BEFORE the 1991 Gulf War.
    And by the way, did you forget that Morocco sent Soldiers to help free Kuwait in 1991 ? So at least, instead of beiing so rude, you should have great respect for Morocco and the Moroccans, men and women.
    I remember in 1991 (I was in Jeddah in January and Febuary 1991) and I saw all the Kuwaiti refugees in the streets of Jeddah making such a racket with their horns when the war ended that Saudis were telling them ‘you should have gone to fight yourself you cowards’. Yes, that’s how it was.

    But to be honest, I’m not here to insult any Kuwaiti, I respect all Kuwaitis who have respect for others, not like you..

    Please tell me what is Kuwait witout oil industry ? Nothing. And by the way, we Moroccans don’t drink Kuwaiti Oil, we drink tea and coffee. Kuwaiti oil goes straight to America and you get what they want to give you. So please, don’t come and tell me you are proud to be kuwaiti blablabla.

    And no, Moroccans don’t die to go and work in Kuwait. Only a few Moroccans work there. You should know that it is one million time better to work in Europe for a Moroccan than working in Kuwait (they get more money in France and Spain and RESPECT, unlike in Kuwait where workers are treated like slaves). You pretend to be a Muslim ? Europeans give more importance to immigrants than any other Arab country does.

    You say our women worship your money… Shame on you. As you say, you can ‘buy’ one or two lost Moroccan girls with your money. When you die, I suggest you take some money with you in your grave to buy your ticket to paradise…. You are just a poor man. I feel sorry for you…

    You seem so proud to be Kuwaiti. OK. Have you ever seen the Kuwaiti refugees in London ? (not the ones who go there in summer and live in so called ‘luxury appartments’ in the Edgware Road area where they go and spend the money that the Government of Kuwait give them all the year round without working), in England and France we call that ‘Unemployment Benefits’. The vast majority of Kuwaitis live in fact on Unemployment Benefits and Income Support from the oil industry…
    It is very common now to Kuwaiti girls and boys hanging around the streets in London and I met quiet a few of them in the London Moroccan area of Ladbroke Groove and Queens Park… Yes Kuwaiti girls and boys attending the same government schools…because they are free of charge…

    To finish, although Moroccan people are modest, they surely have a very good quality of life. Despite our rulers steal people’s money, Morocco remains one of the best place to live in among the Arab world. It is one of the fastest developping Arab country. We have one of the largest Highways and Motorways network in the Arab world, well organized cities, good infrastructure, mountains, desterts, 2,500 km of sea front, agriculture, developping IT industry, rain, and we are building the first High Speed Train network in the Arab world : it’s called ‘TGV’….

    And you shoul know for info that most big oil companies are now trying to get prospection offshore contracts in Morocco as huge oil fields have been discovered in the Moroccan Territorial Waters. It is just a matter of time and Morocco will soon be an oil exporting country. What would Kuwait represent then compared to Morocco ? Nothing.
    All that, not talking about population and education proportions. I let you do the researchโ€ฆ.

    And please, leave AyyA alone, donโ€™t always go โ€˜ask AyyAโ€™, โ€˜ask AyyAโ€™. Everyone here owes her respect. And what you mean is not a scientific proof. So stop it and grow up!

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Jul 23, 2010 @ 08:11:48

      Younes .. Are you Younes Kaboul by the way ?! that Moroccan gay player who used to play for my favorite club Portsmouth ? Then he betrayed his club and moved to Tottenham Spurs for money, no wonder he is MOROn, after all..

      what makes you think that your king or queen is better than Al- Sabah family? At least , Al- Sabah love their nation and make them feel the best.. we are among the 25 HAPPIEST nations of the world.. Denmark comes first, we are the the 1st Arabic country, 23th in ranking.. what about your Moro Moro? comes 23685th ? LOOOL .. Look, you know that much about the great rulers of Al -Sabah and we don`t even care to know that you have a king or a president or even a thief to rule your country .. DEPRESSED ! DEPRESSED !

      I swear i don`t know from where you bring these stories that Kuwaitis betray their wives and so, it happens everywhere so it`s not exclusively for Kuwaitis ๐Ÿ™‚

      gayness knows no religion, no nationality and no age .. but it`s just increasing in your country, satanism is increasing too and unemployment of course!

      I must say that Morocco is 100 times better than Algeria because Algerians are extremists and i hate them for holding radical views, not to mention their bad attitude with us during the Iraqi invasion.. but it`s not that much that you differ from them.. but in my perspective, you are better ..

      Younes habibi, you can be proud for being Moroccan however you want and you have the right to but make sure that we are happier to be Kuwaitis..

      the cheapest accusation is to say that Kuwaitis worship America.. who told you so ? and what makes you bothered if we are allies ? Every Arabic country and i mean Every Arabic country has interests with a western country at heart and you cannot deny.. at least, there is no Israeli embassy here and al bayrag al Israeli la yorafref hona ! as i said before 90% of us are forgivers and pardoners.. Look at the great help that Kuwait produces to humanity and poor countries all over the world, including Palestine and Iraq.. we forgive, we forgive .. Kuwait is a small country with great achievements and history says that every haters of Kuwait ended up in the rubbish of history ..

      My cousin just came back from Paris and he told me : wallah Khaitan is better than Paris at the moment, i wondered why? because of Moro and Algerian beggars there, he said.. your compatriots destroy everything and protest for nothing ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you think this is the best way to represent Islam?
      Khaitan by the way is a poor area in Kuwait but i doubt if there is any better in Moro.. i was born in Khaitan though and my fond memories were there !
      now it is almost owned by Pakis and Indians .. at the moment, i even hate thinking about it because i hate it now.. everything is BAD when it is owned by stupid foreigners.. and every Moroccan must know what i`m talking about..

      we are rich but not idiots, it`s you that feel jealous of us because what we usually get in one month, you strive to get it in a complete one year!
      ุงู„ู„ู‡ู… ู„ุง ุดู…ุงุชู‡

      Our proud Moroccan Soldiers fought for your own freedom, thatโ€™s enoughโ€ฆ?
      they`d better fight for your honor which is gone now by your women !

      ูˆุทู†ูŠ ุงู„ูƒูˆูŠู€ู€ุช ุณู„ู…ุช ู„ู„ู…ุฌุฏ .. ูˆ ุนู„ู‰ ุฌุจูŠู†ูƒ ุทุงู„ุน ุงู„ุณุนุฏ

  376. Younes
    Jul 23, 2010 @ 03:31:38

    Abdulrhman Al-Ali said :
    Jul 23, 2010 @ 01:08:36

    “We, at least, don`t have bars like you.. Don`t have prostitutes as much as you have and don`t have beggars like you Moroccans .. Al hamdolellah we belong to a very rich country .. this is just a story that you mentioned .. look at your criminals in France and Spain.. Look at your gays in European bars .. you know what ? Look at your own president ehehehehehe DEPRESSED DEPRESSED DEPRESSED !

    Thank you Allah for creating us Muslims & Kuwaitis

    I bet Marwan Chamakh is your only benefit in universe !”

    —-> You don’t seem to understand anything. You don’t have bars. OK. How many of you drink to death ? We have prostitutes because you brought prostitution to our country. Don’t you know there are Kuwaiti men in Moroccan jails charged for ‘Zina’ practice in Morocco ? Don’t be silly, you know what I’m talking about. About alcohol, just read what American expats themselves say about the easy way to buy alcohol in Kuwait.

    We have criminals in Spain and France, so what ? There are criminals everywhere and there are Kuwaiti criminals in Kuwait as well. Are you sure you don’t have gay men ? Haha, let me laugh. There are plenty of Kuwaiti gays. Go to London Hilton and most of London hotels nignt clubs and see by yourself, you will find gay Kuwaitis there.

    You don’t have prostitutes ? OK. How many Kuwaiti women betray their husbands with the drivers and mades in their own beds ? We know it’s true, but we also saw a story like that in the Gulf tv series…. Kuwaiti women are not angels… That is even worst than doing it for money.

    We don’t have a president, we have a King and he is far better than the Al Sabah family who worship America. You are not a product of Arabia, you are products of America. If America (and Morocco by the way) weren’t there, you’d be living in the 25th Southern Province of Irak by now.

    Haha, you talk about Islam… I’m aware that Kuwait is a Muslim country, but how old is the oldest mosque in Kuwait ? 60 – 70 years old ? The oldest Islamic University in the WORLD is the Islamic University and Mosque of Al Qarawiyine in Fez which happens to be in Morocco and was built more than 1000 years ago (back in 810). But because you are such ignorant, you didn’t know that.

    You may be rich, but most of you are idiots. We all know that Kuwaiti money is spent out in bars and night clubs in Spain, France, England and America. If you were real Muslims, why do spend thousands of dollars in prostitution ? Why do Kuwaitis leave their wives for prostitutes ? Don’t you ask yourself ? Are you such a hypocrit ? Is it because Kuwaiti (and Khaleeji women in general) sit and eat rice kabsa everyday all year round ?

    And don’t worry, Moroccans also have money and not all of them are poor. And I like going on holiday and spend money in the Gulf countries with my Muslim Moroccan wife who wears proper hijab (not Jahiliya hijab like in Kuwait) and our children. But when I go on holiday whether it be in Dubai, Doha, Muscat or for Umrah in the Holy Land, I go with my wife and kids. I don’t leave them behind to go and look for easy sex like most of Gulf men do.

    Our proud Moroccan Soldiers fought for your own freedom, that’s enough…

    ู†ุนู… ุฃู†ุง ู…ุบุฑุจูŠ ูˆ ุงูุชุฎุฑ
    ุฃู„ู„ู‡ ุงู„ูˆุทู† ุงู„ู…ู„ูƒ
    ู‚ูˆู„ู‡ุง ูˆ ุนู…ุฑ ูู…ูƒ ุจู‡ุง

  377. Khalfan Said
    Jul 23, 2010 @ 22:14:24

    Shame Shame

  378. maghribiya
    Jul 23, 2010 @ 23:09:50

    To Youness and Nora and all other Moroccans here,

    Afakom do not answer this Kwaiti guy, you are just loosing your time for a fruitless discussion to such a person. Morocco and Moroccans are not zairing and not in need for someone to love Morocco and Moroccans. So, leave him say as much as he can and this will never change the reality that our country is one of the best places and Moroccans are the friendliest people. SO TBARKILLAH 3LINA O KHLASS… O lsfih douz o khlih…

    All the best,
    Moroccan and proud to be…

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Jul 24, 2010 @ 14:37:52

      Now, i really liked it .. four against one ! it must be a conspiracy but you know what ?

      I WILL WIN ๐Ÿ™‚

      ุงู„ู„ู‡ู… ุงุญูุธ ุงู„ูƒูˆูŠุช ูˆ ุฃู…ูŠุฑู‡ุง ูˆ ุดุนุจู‡ุง ูˆ ูƒู„ ู…ู† ุฃุญุจู‡ุง ู…ู† ูƒู„ ู…ูƒุฑูˆู‡

  379. Younes
    Jul 24, 2010 @ 01:15:35

    To ‘Abdalrhaman Al-Ali’

    You are just a little kid you know… I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time with you, really… Anyhow….

    The last info I will give you and then I will make a full stop chatting with you coz’ I’m wasting my holiday time with you and I’m flying to New York in 2 days (with wife and kids of course)….

    I am so sorry for you, but time has come to tell you NO, NO, and NO…. You don’t earn in one month what I do in one year…..WHY ????

    My baby, I am a DOCTOR, yes a MOROCCAN DOCTOR with a French Doctorate in Medicine….. And doctors in France earn far a lot more than Kuwaiti doctors. We as doctors in France earn even MORE money than those in UAE……

    You could never afford to buy like my house that I own in France : costs around 550,000 EUROS….
    And my property in FEZ, Morocco is valued around $300,000 USD……

    Yes, I am a Moroccan, but surely have a lot more money than you have…The difference with you is : I Work.
    But you only get benefits from the Al Sabah… you get unemployment benefits and I am sure that you are a POOR LITTLE KUWAITI….without a penny in your pocket….

    ุนุงุด ุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจ ุงู„ุญุจูŠุจ
    ุญูŠุงูƒ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูŠุง ู†ูˆุฑุฉ ูˆ ูƒู„ ุงู„ู…ุบุงุฑุจุฉ ุงู„ุฃุจุทุงู„

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Jul 24, 2010 @ 14:28:19

      What is the benefit ? My country is better, no no mine is .. my wife is more beautiful, no she`s ugly and fat so my wife is .. you are a doctor, good for you.. but don`t lie to yourself saying that you get paid more than Kuwaitis and people in Qatar and UAE .. we are so proud to belong to each other, al khaleejyon are more than friends and you know nothing..

      I don`t need to hate Morocco .. It`s like hating a baby.. a baby cannot be anyone but a baby, so it is unkind of anyone to hate you, babies ๐Ÿ™‚

      All i can imagine.. Morocco is a country that gathers simple and poor people and so on.. i swear i don`t know anything more wallah wallah and i know it`s my issue as well ! of course i sympathize with poor people and ask Allah to grant them a better life but at the same time i hate the fact that people from Moro or Jordan envy us for the prosperity that we enjoy.. we are the envy of most of you, jealous nations.. but the more you envy, the more we enjoy.. you all are wasting your time envying us, work instead of swearing and cursing your luck..

      When Kuwaitis travel to Morororo or whatever its name is, their travelling is like going to cafe shop in Kuwait.. and i wonder who is cheaper ?!
      ุงู„ู„ู‡ู… ู„ุง ุดู…ุงุชู‡

      Please, concentrate on yourselves and your business and leave Gulf people alone ..

      ุฎู„ูŠุฌู†ุง ูˆุงุญุฏ .. ูˆ ุดุนุจู†ุง ูˆุงุญุฏ ..

  380. Khalfan Said
    Jul 24, 2010 @ 08:25:56

    Asalam alaikum……
    I have been following this ” debate” for quite sometime, and i have seen it how it converted to ” childish” debate instead of being a a nice conversation between well educated people. I know i have hurted some of you allready by saying this but its not worse than what is posted at the top there.
    I am posting this and i dont care about ur negative replys…yes all of you.
    Kuwait is a lovely country and kuwaities are respectable people. I have met several of them and they r really nice people. From the other .hand, i do have friends from Morocco as well, some of them in the goverment, some of them in the UN, and i have been i guest in thier country with full respect- except the police at the airport-. What ever u two or so many are posting here is just insultting each other for nothing.Defending my country is not by attacking other..that will be a terror ( ask Obama for this). And just think about this…DO U NEED SOME 1 TO TELL U THAT THE SUN IS SHINNING?……. grow up people, grow up…….
    I know many friends married from morocco and not from poor families and they r having a normal life, STOP SPREADING VIRUSES HERE.
    AND of course we all proud to be what we are….other wise we will loose our identities arent we!!!

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Jul 24, 2010 @ 14:32:48

      ุญุจูŠุจูŠ ูˆุงู„ู„ู‡ ุฎู„ูุงู† .. ูˆุงู„ู„ู‡ ุงู„ุนุธูŠู… ุงู…ุณ ูƒู†ุง ุนุงุฒู…ูŠู† ู†ุงุณ ุงู…ุงุฑุงุชูŠูŠู† ููŠ ุจูŠุช ูŠุฏูŠ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูŠุฑุญู…ู‡ .. ุฃู‡ู„ู†ุง ุงู‡ู… ูˆู…ู† ุฎูˆุฑ ููƒุงู† ูˆ ู‚ุถูŠู†ุง ูˆู‚ุช ุฌู…ูŠู„ ู…ุนุงู‡ู… ูˆ ุชูƒู„ู…ู†ุง ุนู† ุนุฏุฉ ุฃู…ูˆุฑ ู…ุดุชุฑูƒู‡ ุจูŠู†ุง ูˆ ุงู„ู‚ุถุงูŠุง ุงู„ู„ูŠ ุชุตูŠุฑ ูˆ .. ุงู„ุฎ

      ูŠุดุฌุนูˆู† ู†ุงุฏูŠ ุงู„ุฎู„ูŠุฌ ุนุดุงู† ุจุงู„ุฎูˆุฑ .. ูˆ ู…ุงุฏุฑูŠ ู„ูŠุด ู…ุง ูŠุญุจูˆู† ุงุณู…ุงุนูŠู„ ู…ุทุฑ ูŠู‚ูˆู„ูˆู† ุฎู„ุงุต ุงู†ุชู‡ู‰ ู…ุน ุงู†ูŠ ุงุดูˆู ุงู†ู‡ ู…ู…ุชุงุฒ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      ุนู„ู‰ ุฑุงุณูŠ ุงู†ุช ูˆ ุงู‡ู„ ุงู„ุงู…ุงุฑุงุช ูˆ ุงู„ุฎู„ูŠุฌ ูƒู„ู‡ .. ุนู„ู‰ ู‚ู„ุจ ูˆุงุญุฏ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ู„ุง ูŠุบูŠุฑ ุนู„ูŠู†ุง

  381. Khalfan Said
    Jul 24, 2010 @ 08:28:24

    Scroll up and read my reply to this topic

  382. Khalfan Said
    Jul 24, 2010 @ 22:48:56

    ู†ุนู… ุงุฎูŠ ุงู„ุนุฒูŠุฒ ุงู†ุง ุงุฎูˆูƒ ุฎู„ูุงู† ู…ู† ุณู„ุทู†ุฉ ุนู…ุงู† ูˆูƒู†ุช ู…ุฑุฉ ููŠ ุฏูˆุฑุฉ ู„ุงู„ู…ุงู†ูŠุง ูˆู‚ุงุจู„ุช ุดุจุงุจ ู…ู† ุงู„ูƒูˆูŠุช ูˆูƒุงู†ูˆุง ุงุญู„ู‰ ู…ู† ุงู„ุนุณู„ ุถุญูƒ ูˆูˆู†ุงุณุฉ ูˆุดุจุงุจูŠุฉ ูˆุงุฎู„ุงู‚, ู…ุฑ ุช ุงู„ุงูŠุงู… ู‡ู†ุงูƒ ุจุณุฑุนุฉ ุงู„ุจุฑู‚ ู…ุน ุงู„ุดุจุงุจ ุงู„ุทูŠุจูŠู†. ู…ุฌู…ูˆุนุฉ ุซุงู†ูŠุฉ ู‚ุงุจู„ุชู‡ุง ุจุฏุจูŠ ุฑุญู„ุฉ ุนู…ู„ ูˆูŠุงุทูŠุจู‡ู… ูˆุฎูŠุฑุฉ ุงู„ุดุจุงุจ ูƒุงู†ูˆุง. ุจุณ ูŠุงุฎูˆูŠ ุจุนุงุชุจูƒ ุดูˆูŠ ูˆุชู‚ุจู„ู‡ุง ู…ู†ูŠ ุจุตุฏุฑ ูƒูˆูŠุชูŠ ุงู„ู„ูŠ ุงู†ุง ู…ุชุนูˆุฏ ุนู„ูŠู‡ ุชุฑุงูƒ ู‡ุฌู…ุช ุน ุงู„ุฌู…ุงุนู‡ ู‡ุฌูˆู… ุณุงุญู‚ ุงุฑุถ ุฌูˆ ู„ุฏุฑุฌุฉ ู‚ู„ุช ููŠ ู…ูุณูŠ ุงูƒูŠุฏ ุงู„ุงุฎ ู‚ุงุฆุฏ ูƒุชูŠุจุฉ ุญุฑุจ!!!!!
    ูˆุชุฑุงู‡ ู…ุซู„ ู…ุงู†ุช ุนุงุฑู ุฎูˆูŠ ุงู† ููŠู‡ู… ุงู„ุฒูŠู† ูˆููŠู‡ู… ุงู„ุดูŠู† ูˆุงู†ุง ุงุนุฑู ุณุจุจ ุงู„ู‡ุฌูˆู… ูˆู…ุชุงูƒุฏ ู…ู†ู‡ ูˆู‡ุฐุง ูƒุงู† ู‡ุฏู ูุชุญ ู‡ุฐูŠ ุงู„ู…ุณูˆุฏุฉ ุฒูƒุงู† ู„ูŠ ุญุฏูŠุซ ุณุงุจู‚ ููŠ ู†ูุณ ุงู„ู…ูˆุถูˆุน ูˆู„ู„ุงุณู ุงู„ู†ุงุณ ุงู„ู„ูŠ ู‚ู„ูˆุจู‡ุง ุทูŠุจุฉ ู‡ูŠ ุงู„ุถุญุงูŠุง.
    ูˆุงู„ู„ู‡ ุงุฎูˆูŠ ุงู†ูŠ ุงุนุฑู ู…ุบุงุฑุจุฉ ู…ุซู„ ุงู„ุงุณูˆุฏ ูˆุงุตุญุงุจ ูƒู„ู…ุฉ , ุฎู„ูŠู… ู…ู† ุงู„ู‡ูˆุงู…ูŠุด ุงู„ู„ูŠ ูƒู„ุงู…ู‡ู… ูŠู„ุณุน ูˆูŠุนูƒุฑ ุงู„ู…ุฒุงุฌ. ุงู„ูƒุซูŠุฑ ู…ู†ู‡ู… ุงู‡ู„ ูƒุฑู… – ุงู„ุง ุงู„ู„ูŠ ููŠ ู…ุทุงุฑ ูƒุงุฒุง- ูˆุงู„ู„ู‡ ู…ุนุฑูุชู‡ู… ุจุงู„ุฏู†ูŠุง. ุจุณ ุนุชุงุจูŠ ุนู„ูŠู‡ู… ุงู†ู‡ู… ูˆู‚ุนูˆุง ููŠ ู†ูุณ ุงู„ูุฎ ุงู„ู„ูŠ ุงู†ุช ูˆู‚ุนุช ููŠู‡ ูˆู‡ู… ู…ุงูŠุฏุฑูˆู† ู„ุง ูˆุทู„ุน ูˆุงุญุฏ ู…ู†ู‡ู… ุฏูƒุชูˆุฑ!!!! ูŠุงุฑุจ ุดูˆ ู‡ุฐุง!!!! ูˆูŠู† ุงู„ู…ุบุงุฑุจุฉ ุงู„ุดู‡ู… ุงู„ู„ูŠ ุงู†ุง ุงุนุฑูู‡ู… ูƒุงู†ูˆุง ุจูŠุฑุฏูˆุง ุนู„ูŠู… ู…ุซู„ ู…ุงุฑุฏุช ุฑุจุงุจ ูˆุงู†ุช ุฑุฏูƒ ู„ู‡ุง ุนุฌุจู†ูŠ ูˆู‡ุฐุง ู‡ูˆ ุงุณู„ูˆุจ ุงู„ุญูˆุงุฑ.
    ูˆุงู†ุง ู…ุชุงูƒุฏ ูˆุนุงุฑู ูˆูˆุงุซู‚ ุงู†ูƒู… ูƒุชุจุชูˆุง ุงู„ู„ูŠ ูƒุชุจุชูˆู‡ ููŠ ุญุงู„ุฉ ุบุถุจ ูˆุงู„ุงุณุงุณ ุงู†ูƒู… ุงุฎูˆุฉ ูˆูˆุงู„ู„ู‡ ุงู„ูˆุงุญุฏ ู…ู†ูƒู… ู…ุณุชุนุฏ ูŠุณุชุถูŠู ุงู„ุงุฎุฑ ู„ุงู† ู‡ุฐุง ุงู„ุงุตู„ ููŠูƒู… ู„ุงู†ูŠ ุนุงุดุฑุชูƒู… ูˆุงุนุฑููƒู….
    ุณู„ู… ู…ู† ุงุฎูˆูƒู… ุฎู„ูุงู† ุงู„ุจูˆุณุนูŠุฏูŠ

    • Younes
      Jul 25, 2010 @ 01:57:21

      Salam Alaikom and special and very deep greeting to you brother Khalfan Said.

      In fact, I was not going to take part anymore in this topic, but i checked my mail box and I felt very concerned about your message. So I decided to write this before I go on holiday.

      First of all, I found this topic “by chance” on the net, I was not looking for this at all. I decided to take part in full respect in a positive manner.

      Although the question is clear : “Why Moroccan girls ?”, it does suggest a sort of bad behaviour regarding Moroccan girls attitude. Right, having said that and despite the fact that prostitution in Morocco is a real matter of concern (but not only in Morocco), I did not appreciate Abdulrahman Al-Ali insulting Moroccans and Morocco the way he does.

      What does that mean really to say that Kuwait or the Gulf is better than Morocco or whatever other country ? Does anyone know about Morocco’s contribution in Muslim and Arab History ? If our friend knew, he wouldn’t insult it the way he did.

      And it is not a reason either to do so even though there are prostitutes in Morocco. To the contrary, he should say : ู‡ุฏุงู‡ู… ุงู„ู„ู‡

      My friends, I am a Moroccan and I have lots of friends in the Gulf for more than 20 years now. The first Khaleejis I met were at the university of medicine in Paris in 1989. I have still good relationship with them and visit them as much as I can, and they visit me as much as they can.
      We are not only friends but relly feel like we are brothers. I know very well Doha and especially Al-Rayyan and also Dubai and Sharjah. When I go to Qatar or UAE, I feel like I’m in my own country and I can speak Khaleeji very well. And it is the same with my khaleeji brothers except they can’t speak very good Moroccan dialect and I don’t blame them.

      Anyway, someone here made me say bad things I did not mean at all. I want anyone here to know indeed I have NOTHING against Kuwaitis or Kuwait. To be honest, I even was among the few people here in France who blamed the Iraki invasion of Kuwait on August 1990!

      Despite what Abdulrahman said, I will always think in my deep heart that I do have Muslim brothers in Kuwait. I met a Kuwaiti doctor in Dubai last year and he invited me to visit him in Kuwait, but unfortunately, I had not had anytime to go there yet. But I will surely go one day InshaAllah.

      Anyway, before I retire, I’d like to appologise to anyone I could have hurt with my words and any bad response I did here I never meant it really.

      Thanks again to you Khalfan Said and sorry for responding in English but I guess not all of us here master Arabic.

      ุฃุฎูˆูƒู… ููŠ ุงู„ุฏูŠู† ุงู„ุฏูƒุชูˆุฑ ุฃุจูˆ ุนู…ุฑุงู† ูŠูˆู†ุณ ุจู† ุนุจุฏ ุงู„ุณู„ุงู… ุงู„ุตู†ู‡ุงุฌูŠ ุงู„ู…ุณุจุงุญูŠ

      • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
        Jul 25, 2010 @ 11:22:45

        Habibi wallah Dr. Younes .. forgive me it was only a cold war and we are brothers & sisters after all ๐Ÿ™‚

        I love Marwan Chamakh !

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Jul 25, 2010 @ 11:19:20

      ุณุงู…ุญู†ูŠ ุฎู„ูุงู† ุนู„ู‰ ุจุงู„ูŠ ู…ู† ุงู„ุงู…ุงุฑุงุช ูˆุงู„ู„ู‡ .. ุงู„ุงุณู… ูŠูˆุญูŠ ! ุนุงู„ุนู…ูˆู… ู…ุง ูุฑู‚ุช ุนู„ู‰ ุฑุงุณูŠ ูŠุง ุงู„ุบุงู„ูŠ .. ุนู„ูŠ ุงู„ุญุจุณูŠ ุงู†ุชู‚ู„ ูˆูŠุบุงู† ๐Ÿ™‚

      ุงู†ุง ุฃุฎูˆูŠ ุงุฎุฐ ุฏูˆุฑุฉ ุจุงู„ู…ุทุงููŠ ููŠ ุนู…ุงู† ูˆ ูŠู‚ูˆู„ ุดุนุจ ูˆู„ุง ุฃุฑูˆุน .. ุทูŠุจูŠู† ูˆ ุจุงุฑุฏูŠู† ุจู†ูุณ ุงู„ูˆู‚ุช ๐Ÿ™‚

  383. Nora Ben Zakri
    Jul 25, 2010 @ 11:28:50

    Salam alykum sister maghribiya,

    Yes u r right, just let people say whatever they want. We should not care much about it but also we do not like when people try to put the moroccan woman down but again we should not mind.

    I’ve been living in KSA for almost 4 years, i was born in Oslo and grow up there, we came here because of my husband’s work. Of course we had have a great time here, the country is amazing and very beautiful and most people are nice and my 2 adorable sons were born here..we are leaving back home soon, I love KSA as much as i love Morocco.
    Im gonna miss KSA, Im gonna miss the smell of Saudi Arabia..

  384. Khalfan Said
    Jul 25, 2010 @ 12:23:57

    Dear Younis,
    May Allah Bless all of us. We all have wrong steps in our lives, but the real hero who realizes and stop following his/her EGO. Yes dear this is the My dear this is the real SPRIRT which i was sure both of you have it in ur blood.
    For dear Abdulrahman, is a nice guy as well, the fact he is very kind and what ever he has posted here its bcz his loyality to his people and country.However, when u need him….he is there, asa hero and a Lion ready to help for what ever possible. I Know kuwaiti people are kind, and once u r in their country u r in a heaven bcz people treat u as u r one of them.
    May Allah Bless Arabs

  385. Nora Ben Zakri
    Jul 25, 2010 @ 18:50:07

    Brother Khalfan, you have done good job..mashallah!

  386. AyyA
    Jul 25, 2010 @ 19:57:16

    “”Although the question is clear : โ€œWhy Moroccan girls ?โ€, it does suggest a sort of bad behavior regarding Moroccan girls attitude.””

    Rest assure dear that this was not my intention when I posted the title. On the contrary, I meant something good (knowing beforehand that black magic is out of the question). As for prostitution it is everywhere, Morocco is not an exception. Some do it in the open and some behind close doors and Kuwait is filled with the latter, and I personally attest to that. Why not look at it from a different perspective, why not say that they (Moroccan girls) have the talent. Love and sex need talents to keep up a good healthy life, don’t you think? And mind you; I am speaking in regular relationships and not prostitution (receiving money for sex), love is good, sex is good, it has nothing to do with prostitution.

  387. maghribiya
    Jul 26, 2010 @ 02:38:09

    Allah ykhlihom lik ya nora…..the best of luck to you and yours…

  388. Nora Ben Zakri
    Jul 26, 2010 @ 15:51:37

    Dear sister Ayya,

    If you believe that life is all about sex, than you are a very poor lady.
    Life is so much more..A man doesn’t just need a wild girl in his bed!
    Try to get in touch with some moroccan girls…they will teach you how a decent girl, woman and wife should behave!!!

    And yes a moroccan girl knows how to please and spoil her husband …she is good in each way…this is why we are popular. The moroccan girl is genius!!

    kind regards,

  389. AyyA
    Jul 26, 2010 @ 17:26:36

    Dear Nora
    “If you believe that life is all about sex, than you are a very poor lady.”
    Who said that life is all about sex?
    What I said is that sex is important in any intimate relationship, and that having the skills in bed is an asset. But surely, life as well as relationships are much more than sex.

  390. Niels Holgersson
    Jul 28, 2010 @ 19:06:02

    Hahaha Nora, come on chear up!!!

  391. reda
    Jul 30, 2010 @ 07:28:28

    The last time I checked, sex in exchange of money is the definition of prostitution. Thus your question is vague and misleading. The question should have been …mmm I am thinking or better there should be no question at all.
    History have shown that men from Arab peninsula used to go to Lebanon, Syria and Egypt looking for sex, not love, in exchange of money, and again that is prostitution. Latter on and after the the start of the war, and the raise of the Islamic movement, they start showing up in Morocco. At that time, there were specific orders from somebody that we all know, to look the other side, as men from gulf were spending money in the Kingdom. And, a lot of them were from ruling families….
    If you question has any basis (which I doubt) you Should also ask,
    Why Cuban girls? (for Spanish men)
    Why Brazilian girls? (for everybody)
    Why ……..
    They are looking for prostitutes, that is all, not for Moroccan girls. They dont travel to meet girls, they meet prostitutes.
    So, Please you should correct your question.

  392. Lary
    Aug 07, 2010 @ 20:38:04

    Well… Younes, beauty is everywhere, as Brenda said…this is logic… I’ve been to Morocco for some time and l realised how “good and innocent” are those ladies… To be clear : a prostitute is a prostitute, but a slut is a slut…and they are more slut than prostitute! To see you with your husband and to flirt with him… Where is your moral? Btw, covered, except the face!!! They like the money first of all and they are sooo proud of their “job”…or maybe they act very well…but to be proud when you are paid for you “grandfather”? Yakkks! Why Younes you are talking about Saudi ladies and Kuweiti ladies? They stay home while their husbands or their kids have fun with the “good” ladies in Morocco. Here l blame the men! And not only Saudis, but westerners too… But this is not a problem… The point is that in UAE and not only, those moroccans started to break families! Cheeck and you’ll find cases. Be a prostitute, not a slut! Respect the family, girls! l saw prostitutes everywhere, but any tried to flirt married men… Here is the point, Younes. That’s why they have this fame, because prostitutes are everywhere, but they act like slut! I think you’ve never been in a club in Morocco…the same girl you’ll see her with other man next evening. Give me a break with being faithful! Why Emiratis say about them that they are not faithful? It means they have a reason to say that. Why you are angry with Abdulrhman? He knows what really happens there. Morocco is lovely. People there are ok in general, to find a girl, it’s easier than you expect… So, let’s not be hypocrit… I appologise, l dont want you to missunderstand. Of course they have great ladies there, hardworking and succesfull, good wives and mothers… 5 FINGERS ARE NOT THE SAME…good and bad everywhere. I was talking about the sluts who give bad reputation to their nation. With all my respect, please dont blame us who have our opinion, as long as your own people admit it and it really happens. Btw, Younes, when you talk about European girls playing with guys, dont talk about all of them. There is West and East! Got my point? Peace!

  393. Jackinthebox
    Aug 15, 2010 @ 17:12:38

    I think I’m heading to maghrib sounds very ecstatic


  394. France
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 06:47:23

    Good question !

    Why Moroccan girls in Gulf countries and not in Europe?

  395. samira said
    Aug 30, 2010 @ 01:44:59

    Ramadan karim to all of you and ALLAH bless of you.i found peace by reading QURAN .

  396. Dia Maghribiya
    Aug 31, 2010 @ 12:11:10

    Ahlan wa sahlan wa marhabanbikum

    I’m a 21 years old Moroccan girl who is studiying at University of Washington, Seattle. First of all, I have to congratulate Younes for defending Morocco with such passion. Morocco is a pearl among the Arab World and indeed, our history is so rich. We may not have too much oil but we have a patrimony that you can find only in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan or Palestine. We are a mixed of Moors, Arabs, Phoenicians, Berbers, Romans.

    We are the bridge between the East and the West and we are the country with the best foreign relations among the Arab World. We don’t let anyone down. We supported Bahrein against Iran, we supported Kuwait and Saudi Arabia against Saddam Hussein, our late King Hassan II was one of the most respected rulers among the Arab nations. Saying that we are following any Khaleeji country (and I’m speaking to you Abdulrahman) is a total lie. The fact is that SOME OF YOU guys are willing to spend six hours in a plan to hook up with the cheapest of our women instead of sticking to your local prostitutes. The truth is that, even a Khaliji girl will stick to a Khaliji man, a Khaliji man would prefer a Moroccan girl. You want to know what?

    A well-educated Moroccan housewive is open-minded, outspoken, instructed. She knows how to cook (Moroccan cuisine is the most varied in the Arab World and one of the most raffined in the world alongside with French and Italian). A Khaliji woman, beside Rice and meat, she has to watch Moroccan Recipes TV Show (thanks to Choumicha and 2M TV Channel on Arabsat). She knows how to spend money and how to deal with a house without having domestics.

    A well-educated Khaliji housewive>>> She is a vulgar PET. Her husband feeds her, buy her clothes and bring her to the restaurant once in a while. Why do most of them spend hours in shopping centers? Because their lives are shallow. We have great sense of humor, we love beyond recognition and we know how to treat people without being obnoxious. I have a lot of friends from Khalij here and they all say the same things about Khaliji housewives > They are like cows, you feed them, spoil them and get them pregnant. Thank God, the new generation is being more responsible and they start to study abroad and to interact with other people. I love Bahreini girls and Iraqi girls, we get along very well.

    And about the fact that we don’t speak Arabic… We actually do. We write fus7a and we read fus7a. Our language is an Arabic dialect, like you have Lebanese Arabic, Palestinian Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Gulf Arabic. You guys don’t speak fus7a fluently, nor do we. And Khaliji Arabic is not the most beautiful language. You guys speak like you have Down syndrom (Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh???). You say ‘tshalb’ instead of ‘kalb’ and ‘dagiga’ instead of ‘da9i9a’. It’s kind of cute, but I honestly prefer our Moroccan arabic, at least, among all the Arab dialects, we pronounce our 7uruf correctly. And because we are open-minded, we manage to understand all the dialects from Algerian to Bahreini.

    We are all Arabs and Muslims! We have common background and culture. You guys should respect us and not let anyone insult us. Ta7iyat al Maghrib, Ta7iyat al Maghrib al 3arabi, Ta7iyat al 3alam al 3arabi!!

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Sep 01, 2010 @ 00:05:15

      Dia .. I want you to see ” Bo Kotada & Bo Nabeel ” the episode of Morroco .. and realize how did they picture your Morocco .. The reputation of your country is ( …. ) , full of brothers and whores, I am sorry but alshams ma tet`3a6a eb mankhal
      which means not literally that you cannot hide the sun ๐Ÿ™‚

      what really made me laugh is that your gov was angry for a realistic cartoon? lol , give me a break you and your Moro .. Kuwait women are 10000 times better than you money lovers ..

      ุญุงุณุจูˆุง ุฃู†ูุณูƒู… ู‚ุจู„ ุฃู† ุชุญุงุณุจูˆุง ุงู„ู†ุงุณ

      • AyyA
        Sep 01, 2010 @ 02:30:48

        “Bo Kotada & Bo Nabeel โ€ are Cartoons in Alwatan TV, and you know how the owner of this channel looted Kuwait even during the Iraqi invasion, I don’t need to remind you of that.
        ูุดู„ุชู†ุง ุจุณูƒ ูˆ ุงู„ู„ูŠ ูŠุฑุญู… ูˆุงู„ุฏูŠูƒ

  397. Abdulrhman Al-Ali
    Sep 01, 2010 @ 00:15:57

    Brothers = Brothels .. sorry for mistyping .. I love something in Portsmouth more than 100 things in Morocco .. even if it is one of the racist towns in UK .. Do you why? because they confess that they are racist people, they are proud to be racist ๐Ÿ˜ฆ they don`t refuse the reality that they are racist and liked to call us Pakis .. we were dubbed all the bad names u could imagine and were facing the fact and our tough time .. That`s in Portsmouth .. they are great people because they get their money in legal way , they work hard especially the dockers, I haven`t seen a brothel in Pompey except one ..
    you have many and proclaim that you don`t .. you have prostitutes and deny that .. Do you think we are blind enough to belive you ?

  398. Abdulrhman Al-Ali
    Sep 01, 2010 @ 05:42:37

    ุขูŠุงู…ุง ุฃุณุชุบุฑุจ ูƒุฑู‡ุฌ ู„ู„ูˆุทู† ุงู„ู‚ู†ุงุฉ ูˆ ุงู„ุฌุฑูŠุฏุฉ .. ุงู„ุดูŠุนู‡ ูƒู„ู‡ู… ูŠูƒุฑู‡ูˆู†ู‡ุง ูˆ ูŠุณู…ูˆู†ู‡ุง ุงู„ูุชู† ุจุฏู„ ุงู„ูˆุทู† .. ุฑุฆูŠุณ ุชุญุฑูŠุฑู‡ุง ุดูŠุฎ ูˆ ุชู‡ู…ู‡ ู…ุตู„ุญุฉ ุงู„ูƒูˆูŠุช .. ูˆ ุงู„ุฌุฑูŠุฏุฉ ู‡ูŠ ุงู„ุฃูˆู„ู‰ ููŠ ุงู„ูƒูˆูŠุช ูŠุง ุขูŠุง .. ูˆ ููŠู‡ุง ุฃูุถู„ ุงู„ูƒุชุงุจ ุงู„ุฏูŠู†ูŠูŠู† ูˆ ุงู„ู„ูŠุจุฑุงู„ูŠู‡ .. ุชุฎูŠู„ูŠ ู…ุฌู…ูˆุนู‡ ู…ุซู„ ุงู„ุดูŠุฎ ู†ุจูŠู„ ุงู„ุนูˆุถูŠ ูˆ ุงู„ุทุจุทุจุงุฆูŠ ูˆ ุฎูˆู„ู‡ ุงู„ุนุชูŠู‚ูŠ ูˆ ุฃุญู…ุฏ ุงู„ูู‡ุฏ ูˆ ู†ูˆุงู ุงู„ูุฒูŠุน ูˆ ูŠู‚ุงุฑุนู‡ู… ูƒู„ ู…ู† ุฏ. ุดู…ู„ุงู† ุงู„ุนูŠุณู‰ ูˆ ู†ุจูŠู„ ุงู„ูุถู„ ูˆ ุนุฒูŠุฒู‡ ุงู„ู…ูุฑุฌ ูˆ ุนุจุฏุงู„ุฑุญู…ู† ุงู„ู†ุฌุงุฑ ูˆ ุงู„ุฏูˆุณุฑูŠ .. ูˆ ู‚ู†ุงุฉ ุงู„ูˆุทู† ุงู„ุฃูˆู„ู‰ ููŠ ุงู„ูƒูˆูŠุช .. ุจุดู†ูˆ ูุดู„ุชูƒู… ุงู†ุง ูŠุง ุขูŠุง ุŸ ุงู†ุง ู…ุณูƒูŠู† ู„ุง ุฃู…ู„ูƒ ู„ู†ูุณูŠ ู†ูุนุง ูˆู„ุง ุถุฑุง ุฅู„ุง ุจุงู„ู„ู‡ .. ู…ุง ุตุงุฑ ุดูŠ ูŠูุดู„ .. ู„ูŠุด ุงู‡ู…ุง ู…ุง ูƒุงู†ูˆุง ูŠุทู„ุนูˆู† ู…ุณุฑุญูŠุงุช ุชุนูŠุจ ุนู„ู‰ ุชุงุฌ ุฑุงุณู‡ู… ุงู„ุดูŠุฎ ุฌุงุจุฑ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูŠุฑุญู…ู‡ ูˆ ูŠุณู…ูˆู†ู‡ ุงู„ุฏุฌุงุฌู‡ ุŸ ูŠุง ุจู†ุช \\\\ .. ุชุฑู‰ ุงู„ูƒูˆูŠุช ู„ุนูŠุงู„ู‡ุง ู…ุญุชุงุฌู‡ .. ุฃุดูˆูุฌ ุจูƒู„ ุดูŠ ุถุฏ ุงู„ูƒูˆูŠุช .. ูˆ ู…ุง ุฎููŠ ูƒุงู† ุฃุนุธู… .. ุฃูƒูŠุฏ ุงู†ุชูŠ ุจุนุฏ ู…ู† ุงู„ู„ูŠ ูŠู‚ูˆู„ูˆู† ุนู† ุฏูŠุฑุชู‡ู… ุจุงู„ุบุฑุจู‡ ุงู„ูƒู„ุงู… ุงู„ุงู†ุชู‚ุงุฏูŠ .. ุญู‚ูˆู‚ ุงู„ุงู†ุณุงู† ูˆ ุญุฑูŠุฉ ุงู„ู…ุนุชู‚ุฏุงุช ูˆ ู…ู† ู‡ุงู„ุฃู…ูˆุฑ .. ุงู†ุง ุงู„ุญู…ุฏู„ู„ู‡ ุชูˆู†ูŠ ู…ุตู„ูŠ ุงู„ููŠุฑ ุจุงู„ู…ุณูŠุฏ ูˆ ู‚ู„ุจูŠ ู†ุธูŠู ูˆ ู†ูŠุชูŠ ุตุงููŠู‡ .. ูˆ ุงู„ูƒู„ุงู… ุงู„ู„ูŠ ู‚ู„ุชู‡ ูƒู„ู‡ ุตุญูŠุญ ู„ูŠ ู…ุชู‰ ุงู„ูƒูˆูŠุชูŠูŠู† ุทูŠุจูŠู† ุจุงู„ุฎุงุฑุฌ ุฌุฐูŠุŸ ูˆุงู„ู„ู‡ ุงู† ุงู„ุดุนุจ ุงู„ูƒูˆูŠุชูŠ ุฃูุถู„ ุดุนุจ ุนุงุทููŠ ุฌุฏุง ูˆ ูŠุญุจ ูŠุณุงุนุฏ ุงู„ูƒู„ ูˆ ู„ูˆ ุนู„ู‰ ุญุณุงุจ ุนูŠุงู„ู‡ ูˆ ุชุทู„ุน ู„ู†ุง ูˆุญุฏู‡ ุชู‚ูˆู„ ุงู„ุฎู„ูŠุฌูŠู† ุจู‚ุฑ ูŠูˆูƒู„ูˆู† ุญุฑูŠู…ู‡ู… ู…ุงุฏุฑูŠ ุดู†ูˆ .. ุฎู„ุฌ ู…ุนุงูŠ ู„ูˆ ู…ุฑู‡ ูˆุญุฏู‡ .. ุนุดุงู† ุงู„ูƒูˆูŠุช ุงู„ู„ูŠ ุชุณุชุงู‡ู„ ู…ู†ุง ุฃูƒุซุฑ ู…ู† ุฌุฐูŠ .. ุงุฎุงู ุงู‚ู„ู„ ููŠ ูˆุทู†ูŠุชุฌ ูˆ ุชู‚ูˆู„ูŠู† ุงู†ุช ุขุฎุฑ ูˆุงุญุฏ ุชุชูƒู„ู… ุนู†ู‡ุง ุจุณ ูˆุงู„ู„ู‡ ู„ุง ุชุฒุนู„ูŠู† ู…ุง ุฃุดูˆู ููŠ ูˆุทู†ูŠู‡ ุฃุจุฏ ูˆู„ุง ู…ุฑู‡ ุดูุช ู„ุฌ ู…ุฏุญ ู„ู„ูƒูˆูŠุช ูˆ ู„ุดูŠูˆุฎู‡ุง .. ุดู†ูˆ ุนู„ุงู‚ุชุฌ ุจุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจ ุŸ ุงุฎูˆุงู†ู†ุง ููŠ ุงู„ุงุณู„ุงู… ูˆ ุงู„ุงู†ุณุงู†ูŠู‡ ุตุญ ู„ูƒู† ุงู„ุฃู‚ุฑุจูˆู† ุฃูˆู„ู‰ ุจุงู„ู…ุนุฑูˆู .. ุนู„ู‰ ุงู„ุฃู‚ู„ ุฃูˆู„ู‰ ุจุงู„ูˆู‚ูˆู ุจุตูู‡ู… .. ุจุนุฏูŠู† ุขูŠุง ุงุฐุง ุงู„ูˆุทู† ุญุงุทู‡ ุนู„ู‰ ุงุฎูˆุงู†ู†ุง ุงู„ุดูŠุนู‡ ู„ูŠุด ุงู„ุฏุงุฑ ู…ูˆ ู…ุฎู„ูŠู‡ ู…ุญู…ุฏ ู‡ุงูŠู ุจุญุงู„ู‡ ุŸ ุฃุนุชู‚ุฏ ุงู„ู…ูˆุถูˆุน ู…ุงู„ู‡ ู†ู‡ุงูŠู‡ ู‡ุฐุง ูŠู†ุดุฑ ูˆ ุฐุงูƒ ูŠุฑุฏ ูˆ ุงู„ุนูƒุณ .. ุจุณ ุตุฏู‚ูŠู†ูŠ ุจูˆู‚ุช ุงู„ุดุฏู‡ ูƒู„ู‡ู… ู…ุน ุจุนุถ .. ู„ุง ุชุถุฎู…ูŠู† ุงู„ุฃู…ูˆุฑ ูˆ ุงู†ุชูŠ ุจุฑู‡ ุงู„ูƒูˆูŠุช .. ุงู„ูƒูˆูŠุชูŠูŠู† ุงู„ู„ูŠ ุจุฏูŠุฑุชู‡ู… ูŠุนุฑููˆู† ุฃูƒุซุฑ ู…ู† ุงู„ุจุนูŠุฏ ุงู„ู„ูŠ ูŠุดูˆู ุฏูŠุฑุชู‡ ุงู„ุฃูˆู„ู‰ ุจุงู„ู…ุงูŠูƒุฑูˆุณูƒูˆุจ ูˆ ูŠุญุณุจ ู†ูุณู‡ ู‚ุฑูŠุจ ู…ู† ุงู„ุญุฏุซ .. ุณุฃู„ูŠ ุฃูŠ ูƒูˆูŠุชูŠ ู…ุญุงูŠุฏ ุดู†ูˆ ุฃุญุณู† ู‚ู†ุงุฉ ูˆ ุฌุฑูŠุฏุฉ ุจุงู„ูƒูˆูŠุช ุŸ ูŠู‚ูˆู„-ุชู‚ูˆู„ ู„ุฌ ุงู„ูˆุทู† .. ุฃู…ุฑ ู…ุญุณูˆู… ูŠุง ุขูŠุง .. ูˆ ุงู„ูƒูˆูŠุชูŠู‡ ุฃุญุณู† ู…ู† ุจู†ุงุช ุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจ ูˆ ุขูŠุง ุชุณูˆู‰ ู…ู„ูŠูˆู† ู…ุบุฑุจูŠู‡ .. ูŠูƒููŠ ุงู†ู‡ุง ูƒูˆูŠุชูŠู‡ ูˆ ุงุณู„ุงู…ูŠู‡ ุชุบุงุฑ ุนู„ู‰ ุฏูŠู†ู‡ุง ูˆ ุชุฏุงูุน ุนู†ู‡ ูˆ ู…ูƒุฑุณู‡ ุญูŠุงุชู‡ุง ูƒู„ู‡ ุจุฎุฏู…ุชู‡ ูˆ ุนุงูŠุดู‡ ุจุฑุงุญุฉ ุจุงู„ ู…ู† ุฎู„ุงู„ ุฐูƒุฑ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูˆ ู„ู… ุชู‡ุฒู…ู‡ุง ุงู„ุบุฑุจู‡ ุจู„ ุงู†ุชุตุฑุช ุนู„ูŠู‡ุง ุจุงู„ุชุฒุงู…ู‡ุง ุจู„ุจุณ ุงู„ุญุฌุงุจ ูˆ ุงู„ุชุตุฏูŠ ู„ูƒู„ ู…ุง ูŠุณูŠุก ู„ู„ุงุณู„ุงู… .. ุฃุญูŠูŠ ููŠุฌ ู‡ุงู„ุญุจ ุงู„ุทุงุบูŠ ู„ู„ุฅุณู„ุงู… ูˆ ุนุณู‰ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูŠุทูˆู„ ุจุนู…ุฑุฌ ู…ู† ุฎู„ุงู„ ุฃุฎุฐู‡ ู…ู† ุนู…ุฑูŠ ุงุฐุง ูƒุงู† ูƒู„ุงู…ูŠ ู‡ุฐุง ุตุญ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    ุจุณ ูˆุงู„ู„ู‡ ุขูŠุง ุงู†ุชูŠ ุนู†ุตุฑูŠู‡ .. ู„ูŠุด ู„ู„ุญูŠู† ุชุฏุงูุนูŠู† ุนู„ู‰ ูƒู„ ุดูŠ ุดูŠุนูŠ ุŸ ุงู†ุชูŠ ู…ูˆ ู…ุณู„ู…ู‡ ุฃู†ูŠ ู…ูˆุฑ ุนูŠู„ ู„ูŠุด ู‡ุงู„ุฏูุงุน ุงู„ู…ุณุชู…ูŠุช ุŸ ูŠู…ูƒู† ู„ุทู…ูŠุงุช ุงู„ู…ุงุถูŠ ูˆ ุฃุฏุนูŠุฉ ุงู„ุจุฏุน ูˆ ุงู„ุนู‚ู„ ุงู„ูุงุถูŠ ู„ู„ุญูŠู† ุชุงุฑูƒู‡ ุฃุซุฑ ููŠ ู…ุฎุฌ ุงู„ู‚ุงุถูŠ ๐Ÿ™‚

    ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูŠุตู„ุญ ุฃุญูˆุงู„ู†ุง ูƒู„ู‡ุง .. ู…ู† ุฌูŠุฏ ุฅู„ู‰ ุฃูุถู„ ุฅู„ู‰ ุงู„ุฃูุถู„

    ู„ุง ุฅู„ู‡ ุฅู„ุง ุงู†ุช ุณุจุญุงู†ูƒ ุงู†ูŠ ูƒู†ุช ู…ู† ุงู„ุธุงู„ู…ูŠู†

    • AyyA
      Sep 01, 2010 @ 11:30:06

      ุชุฑูŠ ู„ุฌูŠุชู†ุงุŒ ุดูŠุนูŠุฉ ูˆ ุดูŠุนุฉ ู…ุง ูŠุญุจูˆู† ูˆ ุงู„ุดูŠุนุฉ ู…ุง ุฃุฏุฑูŠ ุดู†ู‡ูˆ. ุทูŠุจ ุฅูุชุฑุถู†ุง ุฃู†ุง ู‚ุจู„ ู…ุง ุฃูƒูˆู† ุดูŠุนูŠุฉ ูƒู†ุช ูŠู‡ูˆุฏูŠุฉ ูˆ ุฃูƒูŠุฏ ุฅู†ุช ูƒู†ุช ู…ู† ุนุจุฏุฉ ุงู„ุฃุตู†ุงู… ู‚ุจู„ ู…ุง ุชุตูŠุฑ ู…ุณู„ู… ู‡ู„ ุจุชุญุงุณุจู†ูŠ ุนู„ูŠ ูŠู‡ูˆุฏูŠุชูŠ ุฃู… ุจุญุงุณุจูƒ ุนู„ูŠ ุนุจุงุฏุฉ ุงู„ุฃุตู†ุงู…ุŸ
      ูƒุจุฑ ุนู‚ู„ูƒ ูŠุง ุนุจุฏุงู„ุฑุญู…ู†ุŒ ู„ู…ู† ุงู„ูˆุงุญุฏ ูŠู‚ูˆู„ ู„ูƒ ุดูŠุก ู„ุง ุชุฏุฎู„ ุงู„ู„ูŠ ุฑุงุณู…ู‡ ููŠ ู…ุฎูƒ ู…ู† ุงู„ุณุชูŠุฑูŠูˆุชุงูŠุจ ูˆ ุชุณู‚ุทู‡ ุนู„ูŠ ูˆุงู‚ุนูƒุŒ ู„ุฃู† ู‡ุฐุง ุฑุงุญ ูŠุณูˆูŠ ู„ูƒ ู‡ู„ูˆุณู‡
      ุฃุฏุฑูŠ ู…ุง ูู‡ู…ุช ุดู†ู‡ูˆ ู‚ุงุนุฏู‡ ุฃู‚ูˆู„ุŒ ูุงู„ุฃูุถู„ ุฃู‚ูˆู„ ู„ูƒ ุฅุฑูƒุฏ ูŠุง ุงู„ุญุจูŠุจ ูˆ ู„ุง ุชุทูŠุญ ู„ู‡ ุฅู‡ุงู†ู‡ ูˆ ุนู†ุตุฑูŠุฉ ุจุงู„ู†ุงุณุŒ ู„ุฃู†ู‡ ุจุงู„ุฃุฎูŠุฑ ุฑุงุญ ูŠุฑุฌุน ุนู„ูŠูƒ
      ูˆ ู…ุฑู‡ ุซุงู†ูŠู‡ ู„ุง ุชูƒุชุจ ุฃุณุงู…ูŠุŒ ุฃู†ุง ู„ูˆ ูƒู†ุช ุฃุจูŠ ุฃูƒุชุจ ุฅุณู…ูŠ ุฌุงู† ูƒุชุจุชู‡ ุจู†ูุณูŠ ู…ุง ู†ุทุฑุชูƒ
      ูˆ ุฅุฐุง ุฅู†ุช ุชุดูˆู ุฅู† ุตุงุญุจ ุงู„ูˆุทู† ุงู„ู„ูŠ ุจุงู‚ ุนูŠู†ูƒ ุนูŠู†ูƒ ูˆ ู„ุง ู‚ุฏุฑ ุฃูŠ ูˆุงุญุฏ ูŠูˆู‚ู ุฌุฏุงู…ู‡ ุฃูˆ ุญุชูŠ ูŠุคุดุฑ ุจุงู„ุฅุชู‡ุงู… ู†ุงุญูŠุชู‡ ุฅู†ู‡ ูˆู„ุฏ ุดูŠูˆุฎ ูˆ ู…ู† ุงู„ูˆุทู†ูŠุฉ ุฅู† ุฅุญู†ุง ู†ูƒูˆู† ุนุจูŠุฏ ู„ู‡ ูุฅู†ุช ุญุฑุŒ ุฅุณุฌุฏ ู„ู‡ ุฅุฐุง ูƒู†ุช ุชุจูŠุŒ ุจุณ ุฃู†ุง ู…ูˆ ู‡ุฐุง ุชุนุฑูŠู ุงู„ูˆุทู†ูŠุฉ ุนู†ุฏูŠ ูˆ ู„ุง ุฃุณุฌุฏ ู„ุฃุญุฏุŒ ูˆ ู„ุง ุญุชูŠ ู„ู„ู‡ ุฑุจูƒ

      • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
        Sep 01, 2010 @ 13:16:58

        ุงูุง ุจุณ ูŠุง ุขูŠุง .. ุฌุฐูŠ ูุฌุฃู‡ ุชุนุตุจูŠู† ุŸ ูˆ ูŠุง ู„ูŠุช ู…ู† ูƒู„ุงู… ููŠู‡ ุงู‡ุงู†ุงุช ูˆู„ุง ู‚ุฐู ูˆู„ุง ุงุชู‡ุงู…ุงุช .. ูˆ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุงู„ุนุธูŠู… ูƒู„ุงู…ูŠ ุตุญูŠุญ ุงู†ุชูŠ ุนู†ุตุฑูŠู‡ ุจุงู„ุงู†ุชู‚ุงุฏ .. ู…ุนู‚ูˆู„ู‡ ูˆู„ุง ุดูŠุนูŠ ููŠู‡ ุนูŠุจ ูˆ ูŠู†ุชู‚ุฏ ุŸ ูƒู„ู‡ู… ุณู„ู…ูˆุง ู…ู†ุฌ ุŸ!ุŸ ููŠู‡ ุชุญูŠุฒ ูˆุงุถุญ

        ุนุงู„ุนู…ูˆู… ูŠุง ุงู„ุบุงู„ูŠู‡ ุงู†ุง ู…ูˆ ู…ุงุฎุฐู‡ุง ุดุทุงุฑู‡ ุงู†ูŠ ู‚ู„ุช ุงู„ุงุณู… ูˆ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ู…ุดุช ู…ุนุงูŠ ูˆ ุฐูƒุฑุชู‡ ูˆ ุตุฏู‚ูŠู†ูŠ ุงู„ุฃุณุงู…ูŠ ู…ุง ุชู‡ู… ูƒู„ุด ูˆู„ุง ุชู‚ุฏู… ูˆู„ุง ุชุคุฎุฑ .. ุขุณู ู…ุฑู‡ ุซุงู†ูŠู‡ ุงู„ู…ูุฑูˆุถ ู„ู…ุง ุงูƒุชุจ ุฃุฑุงุฌุน ุงู„ู„ูŠ ูƒุชุจุชู‡ ุจุนุฏูŠู† ุฃุถุบุท ุจูˆุณุช ูƒูˆู…ู†ุช .. ูƒุงู† ู„ุงุฒู… ุนู„ูŠ ุงู†ูŠ ุฃูู„ุชุฑ ูƒู„ ุดูŠ ู…ุง ูŠุนุฌุจุฌ ู„ุฃู†ูŠ ุนู„ู‰ ุทูˆู„ ุบู„ุทุงู† ูˆ ู…ุฎุฏูˆุน ูˆ ุถุญูŠุฉ ุงู„ุงุณู„ุงู…ูŠูŠู† ุนู„ู‰ ู‚ูˆู„ุชุฌ .. ุชุฏุฑูŠู† ุฃู‡ู… ุดูŠ ุนู†ุฏูŠ ุงู†ูŠ ู…ุง ุฃู†ุฑูุฒ ุงู„ู„ูŠ ู…ุซู„ุฌ ุŸ ุดูˆููŠ ู„ู…ุง ุชู†ุฑูุฒุชูŠ ุดู†ูˆ ู‚ู„ุชูŠ ุŸ ู…ุงู†ูŠ ุณุงุฌุฏู‡ ู„ู„ู‡ .. ุฃุณุชุบูุฑ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุงู„ุนุธูŠู… .. ุงู„ู„ู‡ ู„ุง ูŠุจู„ูŠู†ุง ุจุดุทุงุฑุฉ ุงู„ุฎุงุณุฑูŠู† ูˆ ุชุฌุงุฑุฉ ุงู„ูุงุฌุฑูŠู† ูˆ ุฃู…ุฑุงุถ ุงู„ู…ุดุฑูƒูŠู† .. ูŠุนู†ูŠ ูƒุงู† ู„ุงุฒู… ุชู‚ูˆู„ูŠู†ู‡ุง ู‡ุฐูŠ ุŸ ุชุฏุฑูŠู† ูŠุญุชุฑู‚ ู‚ู„ุจูŠ ู„ู…ุง ุฃู‚ุฑุฃ ูƒู„ุงู… ุฌุฐูŠ ุŸ ู…ุง ุฃุฏุฑูŠ ุงู„ู†ุงุณ ุดู†ูˆ ุฑุงุญ ุชุฌู†ูŠ ูˆุฑุงู‡ ุบูŠุฑ ุงู„ุณูŠุฆุงุช .. ุฏู†ูŠุง ููŠ ุญู„ุงู„ู‡ุง ุญุณุงุจ ูˆ ููŠ ุญุฑุงู…ู‡ุง ุนู‚ุงุจ .. ุฏูŠุฑูŠ ุจุงู„ุฌ ูŠุง ุขูŠุง .. ุงู†ุง ูˆุงู„ู„ู‡ ู„ูˆ ู…ุง ุฃุจูŠ ู„ุฌ ุงู„ุฎูŠุฑ ู…ุง ุฌู„ุจุช ููŠุฌ ูˆ ุตุฑุช ุฃุนูŠุฏ ูˆ ุฃูƒุฑุฑ ุฏูŠุฑูŠ ุจุงู„ุฌ ูˆ ุงู‡ุชู…ูŠ ุจู†ูุณุฌ ูˆู„ุง ุชุถูŠุนูŠู† ู…ุง ุจู‚ู‰ ู…ู† ุนู…ุฑุฌ ุจู„ูŠ ูŠุบุถุจ ุงู„ู„ู‡ .. ุดู†ูˆ ุงู„ูุงูŠุฏู‡ ู…ู† ุงู„ูƒู„ุงู… ู‡ุฐุง ุŸ ูˆุงู„ู„ู‡ ูŠุง ุขูŠุง ู„ูˆ ุชุดูˆููŠู† ูƒู„ ุงู„ู…ุดุงูƒู„ ุงู„ู„ูŠ ุจุงู„ูƒูˆูŠุช ุจุชุดูˆููŠู† ุณุจุจู‡ุง ู†ุงุณ ู…ุณุชู‡ุชุฑูŠู† ู…ุงู„ู‡ู… ุดุบู„ ุจุงู„ุฏูŠู† ูˆ ุงู†ุชูŠ ุจุณ ุดุบุงู„ู‡ ุนู„ูŠู‡ู… ูˆุงู„ู„ู‡ ุญุฑุงู… .. ูˆ ุจุนุฏูŠู† ุตุฏู‚ูŠู†ูŠ ู„ูˆ ุจุณ ู‡ุงู„ู…ุฑู‡ .. ูˆ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุงู„ุนุธูŠู… ู…ุญุฏ ุฏุฑู‰ ุนู†ุฌ .. ุตูˆุชุฌ ู…ุง ูˆุตู„ ุงู„ุง ู„ู†ุง ุงุญู†ุง ุงู„10 ูˆู„ุง ุงู„15 ุงู„ู„ูŠ ู†ุดุงุฑูƒ ุงู‡ู†ูŠ .. ุฃูŠ ุชุบูŠูŠุฑ ุชู†ุดุฏูŠู†ู‡ ูˆ ุฃูŠ ู…ุณุชู‚ุจู„ ูŠุนุฌุจุฌ ุชู†ุชุธุฑูŠู†ู‡ ุŸ ุนู†ุฏุฌ ุฎูŠุงุฑูŠู† : ุชุตุญูŠู† ูˆ ุชุฑุฌุนูŠู† ุงู„ูƒูˆูŠุช .. ุฃูˆ ุชุจู‚ูŠู† ุจู…ูƒุงู†ุฌ ู‡ุฐุง ุจุฏูˆู† ู„ุง ุชุญู„ู…ูŠู† ุจุชุบูŠูŠุฑ ุงู„ูƒูˆูŠุช ูˆ ุดูŠู„ูŠู‡ุง ู…ู† ุจุงู„ุฌ .. ุจุนุฏ ุนู…ุฑ ุทูˆูŠู„ ุงุฐุง ุฑุญู„ุชูŠ ุดู†ูˆ ุฑุงุญ ูŠู…ุฏุญูˆู†ุฌ ุงู„ู†ุงุณ ููŠู‡ ุŸ ุดู†ูˆ ุฑุงุญ ุชุชุฑูƒูŠู†ู‡ ู„ู„ุบูŠุฑ ุจู‡ุงู„ุฏู†ูŠุง ุŸ ุฏุนุงุก ูˆู„ุฏ ุŸ ู…ุง ุฃุนุชู‚ุฏ ุฏุฑู‰ ุนู†ุฌ .. ุตุฏู‚ู‡ ุฌุงุฑูŠู‡ ุŸ ุงู†ุชูŠ ุจุงู„ุฏู†ูŠุง ู…ูˆ ู…ุชุตุฏู‚ู‡ ุดู„ูˆู† ุจุชูˆุตูŠู† ุบูŠุฑุฌ ุŸ ูˆู„ุง ุนู„ู… ูŠู†ุชูุน ุจู‡ ุŸ ุงู„ู„ูŠ ูŠุทู„ุน ู…ู†ุฌ ุณู…ูˆู… ู…ูˆ ุนู„ูˆู… .. ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูŠู‡ุฏูŠุฌ ูŠุง ุงู„ุบุงู„ูŠู‡ .. ุงู„ู…ูุชุงุญ ู…ูˆ ุนู†ุฏู†ุง .. ู…ูุชุงุญ ุงู„ู‚ู„ุจ ุนู†ุฏ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุณุจุญุงู†ู‡ ุงู‡ูˆ ูŠุญุฑูƒู‡ ูˆ ูŠุดุฑุญ ุงู„ุตุฏูˆุฑ ู„ู„ุงุณู„ุงู… .. ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูŠุดุฑุญ ุตุฏุฑุฌ ุขู‡ ู„ูˆ ุฃุฏุฑูŠ ุงู†ุง ูˆ ุงู„ู„ูŠ ู…ุซู„ูŠ ู„ุฌ ุฌุฏุงู…ุฌ ูˆ ุชู‚ูˆู„ูŠู† .. ูƒู…ู„ูˆุง ู…ูุชุงุญ ู‚ู„ุจูŠ ุจุฏุฃ ูŠุชุญุฑูƒ ูˆ ุชุตูŠุฑูŠู† ุงู„ู…ุณู„ู…ู‡ ุงู„ู„ูŠ ุงู„ูƒู„ ูŠูุชุฎุฑ ููŠุฌ ุจุนุฏู‡ุง .. ุณู†ูŠู‡ ุงูˆ ุดูŠุนูŠู‡ ุงู„ู…ู‡ู… ุชุญุช ุฑุงูŠุฉ ู„ุง ุงู„ู‡ ุงู„ุง ุงู„ู„ู‡

        ู…ู† ุฃุญู„ู‰ ู…ุญุงุถุฑุงุช ุงู„ุดูŠุฎ ุณุงู„ู… ุงู„ุนุงู…ุฑูŠ .. ุฃุชู…ู†ู‰ ุชุณุชููŠุฏูŠู† ู…ู†ู‡ุง ุขูŠุง

  399. Dia Maghribiya
    Sep 01, 2010 @ 06:52:39

    Abdulrahman… what a fantastic name given to such a hideous person. I did see “Bo Kotada & Bo Nabeel”, since people talked a lot about this issue. And do you want to know how people portray your country? A barbarian country where people ride camels, have harems full of wives and whose arabic language sounds like \\\\ \\\\. Moroccan women are after your money? What’s the point to have money if the husband is a savage? LOL, I guess some girls in Morocco (and they are not the majority) are inspired by the no-life situation of the women of your country. I guess being like a useless cow, playing with her husband’s credit card can sound fun for some of them. But neeeeeeeeeh, don’t worry, we prefer to be with men who are real muslim and gentlemen.

    But prejudices are prejudices, so let’s not focus on them shall we ;). You don’t have the mouth clean enough to talk about our people. Allah Ya3foo akhee. Kuwait is better? What is Kuwait other than a piece of desert on a pool of oil? You guys are close to the Holy Land of Mecca and Yathrib, but your behaviors and your sense of superiority make you worthless. We do have whores… like everyplaces in the world. So that’s my question : Why do the \\\ of Khalij prefer to take a flight to get our prostitutes rather than your local women? And why a lot of them prefer to marry our women than yours? Because we are more open-minded and more intelligent. We even know religion more than you guys. Your women are so stucked up that besides shopping and eating, they don’t no much. Respect your superiors habibi, you don’t even reach our ankle. Let’s see in a few years, when you won’t have any oil left. Then we’ll see who is going to sell their daughters and wives to survive ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Sep 01, 2010 @ 12:56:18

      I am not a hideous person, Dia .. I am a nice Kuwait man just like the majority of us .. I love Morroco so much and my hat`s always been off to your country for being by Kuwait`s side during the invasion and everytime .. You can have a fight with me here in the name of your country and I can retaliate as well, meanwhile Kuwait and Morocco are still friends and allies .. We are better than wasting our times against each other ..

      I am, as a proud Kuwaiti, love Kuwaiti women more than all women of the girl .. No woman from Morocco can equal fingernails of AyyA .. She`s never agreed with me but after all, she`s my compatriot .. Your women cannot be compared to ours .. that`s my opinion and the world never relies on it ๐Ÿ™‚ When it comes to my country, I am the most racist person .. and what desert are you talking about ? Are you serious ? You just repeat what you hear or what is your issue ?

      And for the fact that Kuwaitis choose your women is for being cheaper and more available and of course to avoid the scandal and not to destroy their reputation as figures .. The whores in your country are 1000 times more than ours .. but can you change that stereotype ? The main reason for the great tourism in your country is for the brothels which are prevail there , Astaghfer Allah, and when we show the reality via a simple cartoon you become angry ?

      Once again, I respect Morroco for its shiny attitudes with Kuwait and sorry for losing my composure !

      P.S : some people say that my name is too heavy to carry but I love it so much, the servant of the most merciful, Allah !! I am proud to be servant to Allah (S.W.T) and you know we have a Kuwaiti proverb which says ( Every Abdulrhman damah thegeel ) .. means literally ( Every Abdulrhman doesn`t have sense of humor ) and I confess that I don`t ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  400. Sadi
    Sep 01, 2010 @ 14:24:54

    Morocan girls are really lovely and independent they are most eduecated between Arab glirs and they so beautiful and hot , I think every one likes Morocan girls , I already had Morocan girls in the UK they are the best honestly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  401. Sadi
    Sep 01, 2010 @ 14:26:04

    Morocan girls are really lovely and independent they are most eduecated between Arab glirs and they are so beautiful and hot , I think every one likes Morocan girls , I already had Morocan girls in the UK in the past they are the best honestly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  402. Dia Maghribiya
    Sep 01, 2010 @ 23:39:55

    No women from Morocco can equal a fingernails of Ayya? No offense to Ayya who seems to be a great girl, but there are Moroccan girls and women in front of whom you’d die for. Some women and girls who are so beautiful, so preserved, so respectful and respected that your dream would be just to have a conversation with them. Lol just because you hear about our dirts doesn’t mean that you know about our jewels and diamonds. My mother is the most tremendous, most pious and extraordinary woman you will ever meet. And there are plenty of women whose personality, sincerity, love and affection are such blessings. You don’t know anything about the Moroccan people, so don’t you dare saying that our women cannot be compared to yours. Moroccan women are capable and brave, your women are just ////. No much, no less. So yes, if all what you are looking for in a woman is a warm body and someone to carry your children, I guess yes they are fantastic. But if you want a real lifepartner, someone who will hold your back and be present allways, these are Moroccan girls. And Kuwaiti don’t chose our “women”, but our “whores”. There’s no way a Kuwaiti can take a woman of good family, a “bent nass”. Only Saudi people are the people worthy of us in Khaleej because they are way more educated than you guys. And what desert am I talking about?

    “Located in the north-east corner of the Arabian Peninsula, Kuwait is one of the smallest countries in the world in terms of land area. The flat, sandy Arabian Desert covers most of Kuwait.” >> This is what i’m talking about.

    The main reason for tourism is not for the brothels ๐Ÿ™‚ Saying that is just the proof of your ignorance. Main reason of the high tourism? Our culture, our food, our legacy. We are the Arab country with the richest past and the richest geograpy. Minal Chamal ilal Janub, mina l’Sherq ila lGherb, you have different landscapes and different beauties. Our history, our people, our sense of hospitality and our proximity with Middle East, Europe and Africa is what is appealing. And brothels you talk about are like in any Arab countries… Hidden and cheap. Like the people who go there.

    About your name, yes Allah is the most merciful. May he forgives you about all the mothers, daughters and sisters you insulted during this holy month of Ramadan. It is so easy for a man to insult a women when we are the people who prevent you from Hell. And don’t give me the crap of you respecting Morocco. If you really respected Morocco, you would realize that poverty is what make people do crazy things and you would realize that our people are among the proudest and yet the friendliest people among Arab nations. Just because our economy is not based on oil and because we don’t speak Gulf doesn’t make us less prestigious. As Youness said, we conquered Europe during Middle ages and we are the only country in the Arab World who wasn’t conquered by the Ottomans. Turkey use to own all of you guys, but we didn’t. You want to know why? Because we stand for what we believe in. We believed in Islam, in the Prophet Muhammad salallah 3aleihi wa salam (Idriss Ist, his great great great great grandson was our first King masha allah) but not in the Ottoman Empire.

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Sep 02, 2010 @ 03:59:39

      What makes you so jealous ? ๐Ÿ™‚ Kuwaiti women are miles away better than you .. as a matter of fact, you also are suitable as maids .. Kuwaiti women have the ego that can beat all chicks of the universe .. Saudis are more educated than us ? Give me a break, plz .. I had Ummrah last week and I can`t describe to you how some of their people are .. I have met one person from you country At Jeddah airport and he was a nice guy, I admit .. Believe me, I have nothing against your country but we used to be ma7sodeeeeen from you because of our wealth .. But mind you, we don`t only have wealth .. we are the most country that implements the complete Islamic teachings after KSA.. unlike your Moro where brothels, discos and pubs prevail everywhere .. now bellah 3layki who knows Islam better ? As I said blame yourselves before blaming the others .. Kuwait is a great country that helps all the world, visit all the poor countries you could imagine and see the Kuwaiti hospitals,schools and mosques there .. We are the most emotional country in the world ! Our hands are always open even to lunatics .. We are givers by nature .. I swear by Allah If I wasn`t Kuwaiti I would say the same thing, Kuwaiti people are always up to help and they have pure hearts .. I am sorry for only knowing the dark side of you beloved country but the 50% of the truth hurts, doesn`t it ?

      Finally, I wonder .. Just wonder .. Is there a perosn in your country who`s better than Marwan Chamakh ? I bet you, at least at the moment ..

      ูˆุทู†ูŠ ุงู„ูƒูˆูŠู€ู€ุช ุณู„ู…ุช ู„ู„ู…ุฌุฏ
      ูˆ ุนู„ู‰ ุฌุจูŠู†ูƒ ุทุงู„ุน ุงู„ุณุนู€ู€ุฏ

  403. France
    Sep 02, 2010 @ 03:43:28

    I agree in many point of Maghribiya’s view. As a french with some moroccan descendant, my point of view is perhaps more occidental …. What I know about Morocco is different from Kuweiti, saudi,… I have my own opinion about morocco…. I was only once in casablanca… but i know very well the desert, village in south of morocco, small cities around north of morocco… Mashallah people are great , religious,etc…. You have many kinds of women in morocco but most of them are really good person and i am sure they can sacrify their life for their husband! As Maghribiya said, they are called bent nass, and this is not the kind of woman that a khaleeji would meet in a corniche!!!! Prostitution is due to a demand! as in many countries, many women are poor and their only solution, is to prostitute… In france 99% of prostitute comes from Africa and east of europe due to poverty. In morocco I don’t know how it works…. I know that morocco change in a good way to help these women. I read many newspaper from all over a world. In one article, i read that the explosion of prostitution in morocco is due to the demand coming from Khaleeji countries and now it is exported in their countries…
    Why Moroccan girls? thats simple they have a multiple culture which allow her to be open, sensitive and they understand more people in particular their husband….
    I have emirati, saudi and qatari friends. Many of them don’t think about weddings coz some of them will not choose their wife…
    in my opinion there are good and bad people everywhere….. I prefer mix families which is wealthy in term of culture, this is what i noticed in france….
    Morocco belongs to countries who has the most beautiful culture!!! It begans before Roman Empire. Then Roman and phenician settled and share the land with Berber and Jewish. Arabs arrived just after and one of the descendant of MUhammed SAW created the kingdom of Fez with one of the 1st university in the world! Fez was the most cultural city in arab world!Then Moroccan had good relationship with Europe (france with Louis XIV),etc….. I am proud of being french and having moroccan roots with sharif link ! I learn many things from morocco which make me someone simple,open, sensitive,religious,….. Each person has his own interpretation. Cheikh Ahmed bin Zayed al-Nahayan, Peace apon him, loved morocco for the same reason i loved, he had a simple life there and become were kind with him. he always went there and people consider him a person of their tribe….. Many khaleeji gooing to morocco will not understand that feeling because u have never been in this places…. I have never been in Kuweit. I was In uae, I didn’t like above all dubai. I prefer australia or canada where i go each year for their culture…. About women, i don’t care about her origin, she is human and created by Allah…..

  404. khalfan Al Busaidi
    Sep 02, 2010 @ 08:34:36

    ุจุณู… ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูˆุงู„ุตู„ุงุฉ ุนู„ู‰ ุงู„ุญุจูŠุจ ู…ุญู…ุฏ
    ู…ุฑุฉ ุงุฎุฑู‰ ูˆุงู„ุญุฏูŠุซ ุนู† ุงู„ู…ุฑุงุฉ ุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจูŠุฉ ูˆุนู† ุดุฑูู‡ุง ูˆู…ู† ูŠุทุนู†ู‡ุง ุงูˆ ูŠุจู†ุตูู‡ุง, ูˆุทุจุนุง ูŠุชุดุนุจ ุงู„ุญุฏูŠุซ ู„ุงู…ูˆุฑ ุงุฎุฑู‰ ูƒุงู„ู…ุนุชู‚ุฏุงุช ูˆุงู„ุฑุณูˆู… ุงู„ู…ุชุญุฑูƒุฉ. ุงู…ุง ุงู„ู…ุฏุงูุนูˆู† ููŠุธู‡ุฑูˆุง ุงู†ุฌุงุฒุงุช ุงู„ู…ุฑุงุฉ ุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจูŠุฉ ูˆุงู…ุง ุงู„ุทุงุนู†ูˆู† ููŠู…ุฏุญูˆุง ุจุฑุงุนุชู‡ุง ุนู„ู‰ ุงู„ุณุฑูŠุฑ ูˆุฑุฎุต ู„ุญู…ู‡ุง ู„ู„ุฌู…ูŠุน, ูˆู„ุงุชุฎู„ูˆุง ุงู„ุชุฌุงูˆุฒุงุช ููŠ ุงู„ู…ุจุงู„ุบุฉ ููŠ ุงู„ุฏูุงุน ุงู„ู‰ ูƒุชุงุจุฉ ุนูŠูˆุจ ุงู„ุงุฎุฑ ู„ูŠุดู…ู„ ู…ู† ู‡ูˆ ููŠู‡ ูˆู…ู† ู„ูŠุณ ุจุฐู„ูƒ!!!! ูŠุงุณุจุญุงู† ุงู„ู„ู‡.
    ู‚ูˆู„ูˆุง ูƒู…ุง ุชุฑูŠุฏูˆู† ูˆุงู„ุนุจูˆุง ุจุงู„ูƒู„ู…ุงุช ูƒู…ุง ุชุฑุบุจูˆู† ูˆุตูŠุบูˆุง ุงู„ูุงุธูƒู… ูƒู…ุง ุชุญุจูˆู† ูˆูƒู…ุง ูŠู‚ุงู„ ุฑุจ ูƒู„ู…ุฉ ุชู‚ูˆู„ ู„ุตุงุญุจู‡ุง ุฏุนูƒ ุนู†ูŠ!!!.
    ุงู…ุง ุงู†ุช ุงูŠุชู‡ุง ุงู„ู…ุฑุงุฉ ุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจูŠุฉ ูˆุงู„ุชูŠ ู‚ุฏ ู„ู† ุชู…ุฑูŠู† ุญุชู‰ ุนู„ู‰ ู…ุง ุงูƒุชุจู‡ ู„ูƒ ูุงุณุชู…ุฑูŠ ู…ุง ุงู†ุช ุนู„ูŠู‡ ูุงู†ุช ู…ุงุฌุฏุฉ ูˆู„ุงุชู„ุชูุชูŠ ู„ู„ูˆุฑุงุก ูˆุธู„ูŠ ูƒู…ุง ุงู†ุช ุชุนูŠุฑูŠู† ู„ู„ุนูˆูŠู„ ูˆุงู„ุตูŠุงุญ ูˆุงู„ู†ุจุงุญ ุงู†ุชุจุงู‡ุง ุณูˆุงุก ูƒุงู† ู…ู† ู…ู† ูŠุญุณุฏูˆู†ูƒ ุงูˆ ู…ู…ู† ูŠุธู† ุงู†ู‡ ูŠุฏุงูุน ุนู†ูƒ ูˆุงู„ุญู‚ูŠู‚ุฉ ุงู†ู‡ ูŠุฒูŠุฏ ุงู„ุทูŠู† ุจู„ุฉ ูˆู„ุณุงู† ุญุงู„ูƒ” ูุตุจุฑ ุฌู…ูŠู„ ูˆุงู„ู„ู‡ ุงู„ู…ุณุชุนุงู† ุนู„ู‰ ู…ุง ุชุตููˆู†”
    ุฏู…ุช ุจูˆุฏ

  405. Dia Maghribiya
    Sep 02, 2010 @ 09:42:32

    Me jealous of Kuwaiti women? Give me a break! Most of them spend their day watching TV and going to the mall like robots LOL. Kuwaiti women have not a ego, they have what we call a misplaced pride, which means they are proud for nothing. You went to the 3ummrah? Lol you should give the money for a real Muslim, a man like you should not walk on the Holy Land with such a sharp tongue. We are suitable as maids? LOL don’t compare us with Indonesian or Pakistani please. The very few Moroccan people who work in Khalij have great positions (beside the whores that you guys bring back with you as your mistress). If they had to get bad jobs, they’d rather go to France where at least they would be more respected and get the same right than French citizens. You are generous by nature? What about all these complaints about rapped maids, slavery and stuff? You look at Pakistani, Black people or Indonesians as underdogs. And you pretend to be Muslim when Saydina Billal, one of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was Black. You even wanted to treat us people from the Arab Maghreb likewise, but we have a pride and we know we worthe more than you in every level :). And what if we are suitable as maids? You guys need maids right? At least we know how to deal with a house. You have wives but they are not even able to take care of a house :). As I said… they are useless ^^ ! So why is all that pride for? And what wealth are you talking about? LOL just keep in mind that there is NO MOROCCAN in this planet that would prefer to be a Kuwaiti. As I said, you guys have no culture, it’s all like your neighbours. You have the complete islamic teaching? And how come you guys are such men whores and dirty? This is why we, in Maghreb, call yourselves hypocrites! You pretend to be Muslim because with the oil’s money you build Mosques and stuff, but your heart are filthy. You go the 3ummrah 15 times in your life just to give yourself a good conscience. But a true believers will never speak the way you speak about women. A muslim don’t speak about country, but about Religion. So don’t use Islam to point how great you are, you are not mistaking anyone here. And we don’t have brothels everywhere, just to let you know. You should go there and experience instead of speaking empty. And as I said, your wealth is not going to pay you a ticket for Janna, so stop using it. Your money comes from oil and only oil. But as I said, you will soon reach the end of your ressources… and then it’s going to be funny to witness it ๐Ÿ™‚ And 50% is not true. We do have prostitution, but who doesn’t? But who are the clients most of the time? You guys ๐Ÿ™‚ This is a business, you should blame the prostitutes and the clients, not the country. What do you imply? That Morocco, led by the Great King Mohammed IV, putted brothels everywhere? Shame on you Abdulrahman. I know the dark sides of my country, but thank God, the bright sides are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much important. If you ask most of people, they would tell you that they prefer Morocco over Kuwait, Moroccan people over Kuwaiti. Even some of your Kuwaiti friends. As a matter of fact, my cousin married one, but because he studied in UK, he is way nicer and openminded.

    And you want to know what people are good from Morocco beside Chamakh (which is French from Moroccan parents). Well just check this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Moroccans. You will notice that compared to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Kuwaitis, its quite incomparable LOL.

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Sep 02, 2010 @ 13:47:14

      Oh my god, You women cannot stop talking .. Do you think that you will make any impact by saying so ? who cares about your opinion about Kuwait ? we are a great nation and loved everywhere .. say whatever you want, we don`t need you, you need us .. you come to Kuwait and gulf in general to work or live .. we don`t live in your country ..

      And the last thing Kuwaiti people dream of is to be from Morocco .. I am a devout Muslim and I don`t judge people by their skins .. who says so ? I love all good people whatever their nationalities are .. Yes, Kuwait is a religious country, Islamic country and don`t have what you have from the pub to the brothels ..

      Kuwaiti women are smarter than being touched by a jealous woman like you .. Kuwaiti are better in everything .. We are the only country in the world that went through a war without having 1 spy .. because we are always together .. meskeeeeena Dina ๐Ÿ™‚

      I have many things to say but Allahoma Eni 9aem ๐Ÿ˜‰

      It`s not worthy for a man to have a squabble with you, women .. because we won`t win .. we have a shorter tounge .. May Allah brightens your mind to know what is Kuwait .. we live in peace, high salary, latest cars and we drink oil .. Why are you dying for that ? LOL

      I didn`t mean to hurt your feelings to say that you are suitable to be maids .. It is ok wallah ..

      Yes, we go to malls .. so what ? At least pray at the same time and have our own beliefs .. We worship Allah and don`t follow the money of others .. Thanks to Allah ..
      I don`t accuse you to be like them but you belong to them ehehehe


  406. khalfan Al Busaidi
    Sep 02, 2010 @ 13:04:55

    ู…ู† ูƒุชุงุจ ู„ุงุชุญุฒู†

    ูƒูŠู ุชูˆุงุฌู‡ ุงู„ู†ู‚ุฏ ุงู„ุขุซู…

    ุงู„ุฑู‚ุนุงุก ุงู„ุณุฎูุงุก ุณุจูˆุง ุงู„ุฎุงู„ู‚ ุงู„ุฑุงุฒู‚ ุฌู„ ููŠ ุนู„ุงู‡ ุŒ ูˆุดุชู…ูˆุง ุงู„ูˆุงุญุฏ ุงู„ุฃุญุฏ ู„ุง ุฅู„ู‡ ุฅู„ุฃ ู‡ูˆ ุŒ ูู…ุงุฐุง ุฃุชูˆู‚ุน ุฃู†ุง ูˆุฃู†ุช ูˆู†ุญู† ุฃู‡ู„ ุงู„ุญูŠู ูˆุงู„ุฎุทุฃ ุŒ ุฅู†ูƒ ุณูˆู ุชูˆุงุฌู‡ ููŠ ุญูŠุงุชูƒ ุญุฑุจุง! ุถุฑูˆุณุง ู„ุง ู‡ูˆุงุฏุฉ ููŠู‡ุง ู…ู† ุงู„ู†ู‚ุฏ ุงู„ุขุซู… ุงู„ู…ุฑ ุŒ ูˆู…ู† ุงู„ุชุญุทูŠู… ุงู„ู…ุฏุฑูˆุณ ุงู„ู…ู‚ุตูˆุฏ ุŒ ูˆู…ู† ุงู„ุฅู‡ุงู†ุฉ ุงู„ู…ุชุนู…ุฏุฉ ู…ุงุฏุงู… ุฃู†ูƒ ุชุนุทูŠ ูˆุชุจู†ูŠ ูˆุชุคุซุฑ ูˆุชุณุทุน ูˆุชู„ู…ุน ุŒ ูˆู„ู† ูŠุณูƒุช ู‡ุคู„ุงุก ุนู†ูƒ ุญุชู‰ ุชุชุฎุฐ ู†ูู‚ุง ููŠ ุงู„ุฃุฑุถ ุฃูˆ ุณู„ู…ุง ููŠ ุงู„ุณู…ุงุก ูุชูุฑ ู…ู† ู‡ุคู„ุงุก ุŒ ุฃู…ุง ูˆุฃู†ุช ุจูŠู† ุฃุธู‡ุฑู‡ู… ูุงู†ุชุธุฑ ู…ู†ู‡ู… ู…ุง ูŠุณูˆุคูƒ ูˆูŠุจูƒูŠ ุนูŠู†ูƒ ุŒ ูˆูŠุฏู…ูŠ ู…ู‚ู„ุชูƒ ุŒ ูˆูŠู‚ุถ ู…ุถุฌุนูƒ.

    ุฅู† ุงู„ุฌุงู„ุณ ุนู„ู‰ ุงู„ุฃุฑุถ ู„ุง ูŠุณู‚ุท ุŒ ูˆุงู„ู†ุงุณ ู„ุง ูŠุฑูุณูˆู† ูƒู„ุจุง ู…ูŠุชุง ุŒ ู„ูƒู†ู‡ู… ูŠุบุถุจูˆู† ุนู„ูŠูƒ ู„ุฃู†ูƒ ูู‚ุชู‡ู… ุตู„ุงุญุง ุŒ ุฃูˆ ุนู„ู…ุง ุŒ ุฃูˆ ุฃุฏุจุง ุŒ ุฃูˆ ู…ุงู„ุฃ ุŒ ูุฃู†ุช ุนู†ุฏู‡ู… ู…ุฐู†ุจ ู„ุง ุชูˆุจุฉ ู„ูƒ ุญุชู‰ ุชุชุฑูƒ ู…ูˆุงู‡ุจูƒ ูˆู†ุนู… ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุนู„ูŠูƒ ุŒ ูˆุชู†ุฎู„ุน ู…ู† ูƒู„ ุตูุงุช ุงู„ุญู…ุฏ ุŒ ูˆุชู†ุณู„ุฎ ู…ู† ูƒู„ ู…ุนุงู†ูŠ ุงู„ู†ุจู„ ุŒ ูˆุชุจู‚ู‰ ุจู„ูŠุฏุง!ุบุจูŠุง ุตูุฑุง ู…ุญุทู…ุง ุŒ ู…ูƒุฏูˆุฏุง ุŒ ู‡ุฐุง ู…ุง ูŠุฑูŠุฏูˆู† ุจุงู„ุถุจุท.

    ุงุฐุง ูุงุตู…ุฏ ู„ูƒู„ุงู… ู‡ุคู„ุงุก ูˆู†ู‚ุฏู‡ู… ูˆุชุดูˆูŠู‡ู‡ู… ูˆุชุญู‚ูŠุฑู‡ู… “ุฃุซุจุช ุฃุญุฏ” ูˆูƒู† ูƒุงู„ุตุฎุฑุฉ ุงู„ุตุงู…ุชุฉ ุงู„ู…ู‡ูŠุจุฉ ุชุชูƒุณุฑ ุนู„ูŠู‡ุง ุญุจุงุช ุงู„ุจุฑุฏ ู„ุชุซุจุช ูˆุฌูˆุฏู‡ุง ูˆู‚ุฏุฑุชู‡ุง ุนู„ู‰ ุงู„ุจู‚ุงุก. ุฅู†ูƒ ุฅู† ุฃุตุบูŠุช ู„ูƒู„ุงู… ู‡ุคู„ุงุก ูˆุชูุงุนู„ุช ุจู‡ ุญู‚ู‚ุช ุฃู…ู†ูŠุชู‡ู… ุงู„ุบุงู„ูŠุฉ ููŠ ุชุนูƒูŠุฑ ุญูŠุงุชูƒ ูˆุชูƒุฏูŠุฑ ุนู…ุฑูƒ ุŒ ุงู„ุง ูุงุตูุญ ุงู„ุตูุญ ุงู„ุฌู…ูŠู„ ุŒ ุฃู„ุง ูุฃุนุฑุถ ุนู†ู‡ู… ูˆู„ุง ุชูƒ ููŠ ุถูŠู‚ ู…ู…ุง ูŠู…ูƒุฑูˆู†. ุฅู† ู†ู‚ุฏู‡ู… ุงู„ุณุฎูŠู ุชุฑุฌู…ุฉ ู…ุญุชุฑู…ุฉ ู„ูƒ ุŒ ูˆุจู‚ุฏุฑ ูˆุฒู†ูƒ ูŠูƒูˆู† ุงู„ู†ู‚ุฏ ุงู„ุงุซู… ุงู„ู…ูุชุนู„.

    ุฅู†ูƒ ู„ู† ุชุณุชุทูŠุน ุฃู† ุชุบู„ู‚ ุฃููˆุงู‡ ู‡ุคู„ุงุก ูˆู„ู† ุชุณุชุทูŠุน ุฃู† ุชุนุชู‚ู„ ุฃู„ุณู†ุชู‡ู… ู„ูƒู†ูƒ ุชุณุชุทูŠุน ุฃู† ุชุฏูู† ู†ู‚ุฏู‡ู… ูˆุชุฌู†ูŠู‡ู… ุจุชุฌุงููŠูƒ ู„ู‡ู… ุŒ ูˆุฅู‡ู…ุงู„ูƒ ู„ุดุฃู†ู‡ู… ุŒ ูˆุฅุทุฑุงุญูƒ ู„ุฃู‚ูˆุงู„ู‡ู…!. { ู‚ู„ ู…ูˆุชูˆุง ุจุบูŠุธูƒู… } ุจู„ ุชุณุชุทูŠุน ุฃู† ุชุตุจ ููŠ ุฃููˆุงู‡ู‡ู… ุงู„ุฎุฑุฏู„ ุจุฒูŠุงุฏุฉ ูุถุงุฆู„ูƒ ูˆุชุฑุจูŠุฉ ู…ุญุงุณู†ูƒ ูˆุชู‚ูˆูŠู… ุงุนูˆุฌุงุฌูƒ.

    ุฅู† ูƒู†ุช ุชุฑูŠุฏ ุฃู† ุชูƒูˆู† ู…ู‚ุจูˆู„ุฃ ุนู†ุฏ ุงู„ุฌู…ูŠุน ุŒ ู…ุญุจูˆุจุง ู„ุฏู‰ ุงู„ูƒู„ ุŒ ุณู„ูŠู…ุง ู…ู† ุงู„ุนูŠูˆุจ ุนู†ุฏ ุงู„ุนุงู„ู… ุŒ ูู‚ุฏ ุทู„ุจุช ู…ุณุชุญูŠู„ุฃ ูˆุฃู…ู„ุช ุฃู…ู„ุฃ ุจุนูŠุฏุง

  407. Abdulrhman Al-Ali
    Sep 02, 2010 @ 13:54:12

    ุงู†ุง ูƒูˆูŠุชูŠ ูˆ ุจุฅู†ุชุณุงุจูŠ ู„ูŠ ุงู„ูุฎุฑ
    ุฏู‚ุงุช ู‚ู„ุจูŠ ุชูุชุฎุฑ ุจุฅู†ุชุณุงุจู‡ุง
    ู„ูˆ ูƒุงู† ุบูŠุฑ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ููŠ ุงู„ุฃุฑุถ ูŠู†ุนุจุฏ
    ุฃุณุชุบูุฑ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูŠู…ูƒู† ุฃุนุจุฏ ุชุฑุงุจู‡ุง
    * ุทู„ุงู„ ุงู„ุณุนูŠุฏ *

  408. AyyA
    Sep 02, 2010 @ 18:07:29

    Dia and Abdulrahman
    Funny how both of you are Arabs and Muslim and at the same time each brags about his roots and background in the month that you both call sacred!
    Your bigotry has created a non-human out of you. Especially you Abdulraham.

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Sep 03, 2010 @ 00:02:52

      ุฃู‡ู„ูŠู† ุจุขูŠุง ุงู„ุบุงู„ูŠู‡ .. ุชูˆู†ูŠ ุฑุงุฏ ู…ู† ุงู„ุฏูˆุงู… .. ุตุงุฑ ู„ูŠ ููˆู‚ ุดู‡ุฑ ู…ูˆ ู…ุฏุงูˆู… ูˆ ุงู„ูŠูˆู… ุฑุฏูŠุช ูˆ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุถุบุท ู…ูˆ ุทุจูŠุนูŠ ุจุฑู…ุถุงู† .. ุงู†ุง ุจุฑูˆุญูŠ ุณุฌู„ุช ุชู‚ุฑูŠุจุง 27 ุจู„ุงุบ .. ูˆุงูŠุฏ ู…ุง ุฃุชุฐูƒุฑ ุดู†ูˆ ูƒุงู†ูˆุง ุจุณ ูƒุงู† ููŠ ู…ุฌุงู‡ุฑุฉ ุจุงู„ุฅูุทุงุฑ ุจุฌู†ูˆุจ ุงู„ุณุฑุฉ ูˆ ุจุฌู†ูˆุจ ุงู„ุณุฑุฉ ูŠู… ุงุชุญุงุฏ ุงู„ุงุณูƒูˆุงุด ูŠุงู„ูŠ ุจู„ุงุบ ููŠ ุดุงุจ ูˆ ุจู†ุช ู…ุชูˆุงุนุฏูŠู† ูˆ ุดูƒู„ู‡ู… ุดุจู‡ู‡ ููŠ ุณูŠุงุฑุฉ ุฌูŠุจ ุฃุณูˆุฏ ูˆ ุญูˆุงุฏุซ ู…ุฑูˆุฑูŠุฉ ุทุจุนุง ูˆุงูŠุฏ ูˆ ุฃุณุนุงู ุญุงู„ุงุช ู…ุฑุถูŠู‡ ุฃูƒุซุฑ ุดูŠ .. ุงูŠูŠูŠ ุชุฐูƒุฑุช ุฏู‚ุช ุนู„ูŠ ูˆุญุฏู‡ ุชู‚ูˆู„ ูˆุงุญุฏ ุทุงู ุงู„ุงุดุงุฑู‡ ุงู„ุญู…ุฑุง ูˆ ูƒุงู† ูŠุจูŠ ูŠุดูŠู„ู‡ุง ! ู‚ู„ุช ู„ู‡ุง ุทุจุนุง ุงุฎุฐูŠ ุฑู‚ู… ู„ูˆุญุฉ ุณูŠุงุฑุชู‡ ูˆ ุงุดุชูƒูŠ ุนู„ูŠู‡ ุจุงู„ู…ุฎูุฑ .. ูˆู†ุงุณู‡ ุฑุฏูŠุช ุฏูˆุงู…ูŠ .. ุทุจุนุง ุงู„ูƒู„ ูƒุงู† ู…ุดุชุงู‚ ู„ูŠ ๐Ÿ™‚

      ุขูŠุง .. ุงู†ุง ูˆ ุฏูŠู†ุง ู…ุณู„ู…ูŠู† ูˆ ุงู„ูƒู„ุงู… ุงู„ู„ูŠ ู†ู‚ูˆู„ู‡ ุญุฑุจ ุจุงุฑุฏู‡ .. ูˆ ู…ุซู„ ู…ุง ู‚ู„ุช ู„ูˆ ุถู„ูŠู†ุง ู†ุชูƒู„ู… ููŠ ุงู„ุจู„ูˆุบ ุงู„ู…ุญุชุฑู… ู‡ุฐุง ู„ูŠ 100 ุณู†ู‡ ุฌุฏุงู… ูŠุจู‚ูˆู† ุงู„ูƒูˆูŠุช ูˆ ุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจ ุญุจุงูŠุจ ูˆ ุงุฎูˆุงู† ูˆ ุงู„ุญู…ุฏู„ู„ู‡ ูƒู„ู†ุง ู…ุณู„ู…ูŠู† ุนู„ู‰ ู‚ู„ุจ ูˆุงุญุฏ .. ูŠุง ุขูŠุง ุงู†ุง ูˆ ุงุฎูˆูŠ ุจุงู„ุจูŠุช ุชุฏุฑูŠู† ุดูƒุซุฑ ู†ุทูุฑ ุจุนุถ ุจุงู„ุจูŠุชุŸ ู†ุชู‡ุงูˆุด ุทู‚ ูˆ ุชุญุฐู ูˆ ุตุฑุงุฎ ูˆ ุจุนุฏ ุฏู‚ูŠู‚ู‡ ูŠุทู‚ ุจุงุจูŠ ูˆ ูŠู‚ูˆู„ : ุชุจุงุฑูŠ ุจู„ูŠ ุณุชูŠุดู† !ุŸ ูˆ ู†ุฑูˆุญ ู†ู„ุนุจ ูƒุฑุฉ ู‚ุฏู… ุงู‡ูˆ ูŠุฎุชุงุฑ ุฃุฑุณู†ุงู„ ูุฑูŠู‚ู‡ ุงู„ู…ูุถู„ ูˆ ุงู†ุง ุงูƒูŠูŠูŠุฏ ุจูˆุฑุชุณู…ูˆุซ ูุฑูŠู‚ูŠ ูˆ ุฐูƒุฑูŠุงุช ุงู„ุฏุฑุงุณู‡ .. ุทุจุนุง ูƒู„ู‡ ุงู‡ูˆุง ูŠููˆุฒ ู„ุงู† ุจูˆุฑุชุณู…ูˆุซ ุงู„ุงุฎูŠุฑ ุจุงู„ุฏูˆุฑูŠ ุงู„ุงู†ุฌู„ูŠุฒูŠ ุงู„ู…ู…ุชุงุฒ ูˆ ู…ุณุชูˆุงู‡ู… ุณูŠุก ุฌุฏุง ููŠ ุงู„ู„ุนุจู‡ ุจุณ ูˆุงู„ู„ู‡ ู…ุง ุฃุบูŠุฑ ุงู†ุชู…ุงุฆูŠ ู„ู„ุจูˆู…ุจูŠ ๐Ÿ™‚

      ุงู„ู„ู‡ู… ู„ุง ุชุฌู„ู†ูŠ ุขูŠุณุง ููŠ ุงุฌุงุจุชูƒ ู„ูŠ ูˆ ุงู† ุฃุจุทุฆุช ุนู†ูŠ .. ููŠ ุณุฑุงุก ูƒู†ุช ุฃูˆ ุถุฑุงุก .. ุฃูˆ ุดุฏุฉ ุฃูˆ ุฑุฎุงุก .. ุฃูˆ ุนุงููŠุฉ ุฃูˆ ุจู„ุงุก .. ุฃูˆ ุจุคุณ ุฃูˆ ู†ุนู…ุงุก .. ุฃูˆ ุฌุฏุฉ ุฃูˆ ู„ุฃูˆุงุก .. ุฃูˆ ูู‚ุฑ ุฃูˆ ุบู†ุงุก .. ุงู„ู„ู‡ู… ุตู„ูŠ ุนู„ู‰ ู…ุญู…ุฏ ูˆ ุฃู„ู‡ .. ูˆ ุงุฌุนู„ ุซู†ุงุฆูŠ ุนู„ูŠู‡ ูˆ ู…ุฏุญูŠ ุฅูŠุงู‡ .. ูˆ ู…ุฏุญูŠ ู„ูƒ ููŠ ูƒู„ ุญุงู„ุงุชูŠ .. ุญุชู‰ ู„ุง ุฃูุฑุญ ุจู…ุง ุขุชูŠุชู†ูŠ ู…ู† ุงู„ุฏู†ูŠุง ูˆ ู„ุง ุฃุญุฒู† ุนู„ู‰ ู…ุง ุฃุฎุฐุชู‡ ู…ู†ูŠ .. ุงู„ู„ู‡ู… ุตู„ูŠ ุนู„ู‰ ู…ุญู…ุฏ ูˆ ุขู„ ู…ุญู…ุฏ

  409. Adil
    Sep 02, 2010 @ 23:44:13

    Asalamo Aleikum wa Rahmatullahi Ta3ala wa Barakatuhu

    I’ve read this long post (congratulations Ayya, almost 6 years huh? That’s incredible!). First of all, I’m a French born Moroccan who study in Canada. Dia habibti, you should not waste your time with arrogant people, nor should you generelize. I have a lot of Khaliji friends and most of them love us. You have two kind of reactions in Khalij towards people from the Maghreb region. Either they love us (our people, our country, our food) either they despise us for not having oil and wearing thawb and keffiyeh and see us as 2nd class Arabs. But who cares? As the famous Arab proverb says : “Dogs bark, but the caravan goes on”. I have Kuwaiti friends and one of them married a Morroccan girl. They do respect us and like us, even if they don’t know too much about our culture (at least not as much as they should) because Khaleej is quite closed on themselves. But I do love all Arabs equally, I don’t make differences.

    I’ve read your messages Abdulrahman… What else to say but Allah Ykhodfik Al 7aq, God is the judge and all the stuff you said about Moroccan people was really patronising. I’ll never say such thing about any of my Muslim and Arab brothers and sisters. I feel worried for Iraqis and Palestinians, and Sudani and Lebanese. Instead of being united because we share beliefs and languages, you guys are speaking in this way… Allah 7ola Qwatolilah Billah il3adim…

    Don’t say that Morocco need you. Kuwait and Morocco signed not long time ago an agreement of billateral exchanges. Because Kuwait’s industry is based only on oil, means that not only you need Morocco and his phosphate (we have 75% of the world’s phosphate), but you need all the countries. If other countries stop buying oil from you, your country is screwed. And you have Kuwaiti people living in Morocco actually. Casablanca’s Anfa and California neighbourhood is filled with Khaliji peoples and the new Marina project is held by both Moroccans and Khaliji investors. And a very few amount of Moroccans (not more than 10% of the Moroccan diaspora) go to work and live in Khalij, most of them go to Europe or America. They few people who go to Gulf work for a small period of time (internships or just for a year or two for experiences) and then they go back to Morocco or they go to another country. The only people who live there have high positions.

    And yes you do have brothels and pubs in Kuwait, but they are hidden. And according to my friends, what is happening there is even worse that what happens in Morocco. Without talking about the Massage chains where young men prostitute themselves. Just because it’s hidden doesn’t mean it does’t exist. Kuwait women, Moroccan women, Saudi women, Lebanese women. No one if better than the other, we do have our specialties, but don’t assume that Moroccan women are looser than others. As France said, you don’t get a good girl walking on the beach. “We are the only country in the world that went through a war without having 1 spy”, LOL Allaho a3lem, you don’t know that. Besides, Kuwait didn’t defend himself, but was helped by other (among them Morocco, because we help our Arab brothers).

    So yes you have high salary, yes you have oil… and so what? We prefer to be known for our culture, our art, our music and our qualities than being known for having oil. Because having too much money makes you blind, and the poorer are closer to Allah. As Dia said, you tongue is sharp and you may surely be punished for that. There’s no country in Religion. Kuwait is your country, Morocco is your country, Syria is your country. We are Muslim Arabs and this is our pride. And we are brothers. Brothers may argue, but you don’t insult your sisters in law and give them a bad reputation. May Allah helps you. Good job Ayaa

    M3a salama

  410. khalfan Al Busaidi
    Sep 03, 2010 @ 05:23:20

    Cmon Guys Take A break……….
    What you people think you are doing?!!!!!
    Stop this ………… .
    U R just addinggad to the fire, and the devil is happelly dancing.

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Sep 03, 2010 @ 07:58:08

      ู‡ู„ุง ูˆุงู„ู„ู‡ ุจูˆู„ุฏ ุนู…ุงู† ๐Ÿ™‚ ู…ุง ุดุงุก ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุนู„ูŠ ุงู„ุญุจุณูŠ ู…ุชุฃู„ู‚ ู‡ุฐุง ุงู„ู…ูˆุณู… ู…ุน ูˆูŠุบุงู† ุฃุชู„ุชูŠูƒ .. ู…ู† ูƒุงู† ูŠุชูˆู‚ุน ุฃู† ูŠููˆุฒูˆู† ุนู„ู‰ ุชูˆุชู†ู‡ุงู… ุณุจูŠุฑุฒ ุŸ
      ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูŠูˆูู‚ู‡ .. ูƒุงู† ุตุงูŠู… ูˆ ู…ุจุฏุน ุณุจุญุงู† ุงู„ู„ู‡

      ุจุงู„ู†ุณุจุฉ ู„ูŠ ูŠุง ุงุฎูŠ ุฎู„ูุงู† ุฑุงุญ ุฃุณู…ุน ูƒู„ุงู…ูƒ ูˆ ุตุญูŠุญ ุงู„ูƒู„ุงู… ุจู‡ุฐุง ุงู„ุฃุณู„ูˆุจ ู…ุถูŠุนุฉ ูˆู‚ุช ูˆ ุงู„ู…ุฑุงุฏุฏ ู…ุน ุงู„ุจู†ุงุช ุจุดูƒู„ ุนุงู… ุบูŠุฑ ู…ููŠุฏ .. ู„ุฐู„ูƒ ุณูˆู ุฃูƒุชููŠ ู„ูƒู† ุจุฏูˆู† ุงู†ุณุญุงุจ ๐Ÿ™‚

      May Allah bless Kuwait, Moro and all Islamic countries ..

  411. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Sep 03, 2010 @ 09:47:49

    ุนู„ูŠ ุงู„ุญุจุณูŠ ูุนู„ุง ุชุงู„ู‚ ู…ุงุดุงุก ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุนู„ูŠู‡ ุญุฑูƒุงุช ุนู…ุงู†ูŠูŠู†, ูˆุนู† ุดุฎุตูŠุชู‡ ูู‡ูˆ ุดุฎุต ู‡ุงุฏุฆ ูˆู…ู„ุชุฒู… ู…ุซู„ูŠ ูˆู…ุซู„ูƒ ุงุฎูŠ- ุญุฑูƒุงุช.
    ุงู…ุง ุนู† ุงู„ูƒุชุงุจุฉ ู‡ู†ุง ูู„ุง ุฌุฏูˆู‰ ู…ู† ุงู„ุตุฑุงุฎ ูŠุนู†ูŠ ุชุนุงู„ ู†ูƒูˆู† ูˆุงู‚ุนูŠูŠู†.
    ู…ุง ู…ู…ูƒู† ุชู‚ุงุฑู† ุจูŠู† ุฏูˆู„ุชูŠู† ูˆู…ูˆุงุทู†ูŠู‡ุง ู„ุงู†ู‡ ู…ููŠุด ูˆู‚ุงุฑู†ุฉ ุงุตู„ุง!!!!
    ูˆุณูŠุงุณูŠุง ูƒู„ ุฏูˆู„ุฉ ู„ูŠู‡ุง ู…ุตุงู„ุญ ู…ุน ุงู„ุงุฎุฑู‰ ุดุฆู†ุง ุงู… ุงุจูŠู†ุง- ุงู…ุง ุนู† ุงู„ุฌู…ุงู„ ูˆุงู„ุญู„ุงูˆุฉ ูู„ูƒู„ ูˆุฌู‡ุฉ ู†ุธุฑ ุงุฎูŠ ุงู„ุนุฒูŠุฒ.
    ุดูˆ ุฑุงูŠูƒ ู†ุทู„ุน ู†ุณุงูุฑ ุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจ ู†ุดูˆู ุงู„ุดู„ุงู„ุงุช…. ุงู†ุชุจู‡ ู…ุนูŠ

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Sep 03, 2010 @ 13:03:07

      ุงุฎูˆูŠ ุฎู„ูุงู† .. ุงู†ุง ู…ุณุชุบุฑุจ ุดู„ูˆู† ุนู„ูŠ ุงู„ุญุจุณูŠ ูƒุงู† ุงุญุชูŠุงุทูŠ ุทูˆู„ ู‡ุงู„ู…ูˆุงุณู… ููŠ ุจูˆู„ุชูˆู† ุŸ ู„ูƒู†ู‡ ุชุฌุฑุฃ ูˆ ุฎุฑุฌ ู…ู† ุฌู„ุจุงุจ ุงู„ุธู„ู… ูˆ ุงู„ุฐู„ ุงู„ู„ูŠ ุฐูˆู‚ู‡ ุงูŠุงู‡ ุณุงู… ุฃู„ูŠุฑุฏุงูŠุณ ูˆ ู…ู† ุจุนุฏู‡ .. ุดูˆูู‡ ุถุฏ ุชูˆุชู†ู‡ุงู… ุณุจูŠุฑุฒ ุดู†ูˆ ุณูˆู‰ ูˆ ูƒูŠู ุจุฏุน ุฑุบู… ู†ู‚ุตู‡ ู„ู„ุทุงู‚ู‡ ุงู„ู„ุงุฒู…ู‡ ูˆ ูู‚ุฏุงู†ู‡ ุงู„ุณูˆุงุฆู„ ูˆ ู‡ูˆ ุตุงุฆู… ู„ูƒู† ุฐู„ูƒ ู…ู† ูุถู„ ุฑุจูŠ ุงู„ู„ูŠ ูˆูู‚ ูˆู„ุฏ ุจู„ุงุฏูƒ .. ูˆ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูŠุง ุงู† ุฃู‡ู„ ุงู„ูƒูˆูŠุช ูƒู„ู‡ู… ูŠู…ูˆุชูˆู† ููŠู‡ ุนู„ูŠ ุงู„ุญุจุณูŠ ูˆ ู†ุนุฏู‡ ูƒูˆูŠุชูŠ ูˆ ู…ูˆ ุบุฑูŠุจ ูˆ ุตุฑู†ุง ู†ุญุจ ูˆูŠุบุงู† ุฃุชู„ุชูŠูƒ ุนุดุงู†ู‡ .. ุงู„ู…ุฏุฑุจ ู…ุงุฑุชูŠู†ูŠุฒ ุฎูŠุฑ ู…ุง ูุนู„ ู„ู…ุง ุตุงุฑ ูŠุนุชู…ุฏ ุนู„ูŠู‡ ุฃุณุงุณูŠ ุจุฏู„ ูƒูŠุฑูƒู„ุงู†ุฏ .. ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูŠูˆูู‚ู‡ .. ูˆ ุงู†ุง ุจุงู„ู…ู†ุงุณุจู‡ ุงุฎูˆูŠ ุงุฎุฐ ู„ู‡ ู…ูŠุฏุงู†ูŠ ู„ู„ู…ุทุงููŠ ููŠ ุนู…ุงู† ูŠู‚ูˆู„ ุดุนุจ ู…ุญุชุฑู… ูˆ ุทูŠุจ ูˆ ุญูŠู„ ุญุจูˆุจ ูˆ ุจุณูŠุท .. ุนุณู‰ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ู„ุง ูŠุญุฑู…ู†ุง ู…ู†ูƒู… ูŠุง ุงุฎูˆุงู†ู†ุง ูˆ ุญุจุงูŠุจู†ุง ุงู„ุนู…ุงู†ูŠูŠู† ูˆ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุนู„ู‰ ุฑุงุณูŠ ู…ู† ููˆู‚ ุงู†ุชูˆุง ูˆ ุนุณู‰ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ู„ุง ูŠูุฑู‚ ุจูŠู† ุงู„ุฎู„ูŠุฌ ูˆ ูŠุฎู„ูŠ ูƒู„ ู…ู† ูŠุจูŠ ู„ู„ุฎู„ูŠุฌ ุดุฑ ู…ู† ูุดู„ ุฅู„ู‰ ุฃูุดู„ .. ุฃู‡ู„ ุงู„ุฎู„ูŠุฌ ุทูˆูˆูˆูˆู„ ุนู…ุฑู‡ู… ุนู„ู‰ ู‚ู„ุจ ูˆุงุญุฏ ูˆ ุงูู‡ู… ูŠุง ูู‡ูŠู…

      ูƒูˆูŠุชูŠ ูˆ ุงูุชุฎุฑ .. ูˆ ุงู„ู„ูŠ ู…ูˆ ุนุงุฌุจู‡ ูŠุตุนุฏ ู„ู„ุฏูˆุฑ ุงู„100 ูˆ ูŠุฑู…ูŠ ู†ูุณู‡ ูˆ ูŠู†ุชุญุฑ ๐Ÿ™‚

  412. Nora Ben Zakri
    Sep 03, 2010 @ 10:13:04

    Astaghfiru Allah el-hadheem, shame on you all..people respect at least the holy month Ramadan,,wala 7awla wa la quwwata ela bilah.

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Sep 03, 2010 @ 12:57:43

      ุงู†ุง ูˆุงู„ู„ู‡ ุฃุณุชุบุฑุจ ุดู†ูˆ ุงู„ู„ูŠ ุณูˆูŠู†ุงู‡ ูˆ ูŠุฏู„ ุนู„ู‰ ุนุฏู… ุงุญุชุฑุงู… ู‡ุฐุง ุงู„ุดู‡ุฑ ุงู„ูุถูŠู„ ุŸ ุนุงุฏูŠ ุงุญู†ุง ุจู„ูˆุจูŠ ุงู„ูู†ุฏู‚ ู†ุชูƒู„ู… ุจู‡ุงู„ุงู…ูˆุฑ ุงุญู†ุง ูˆ ุงุฎูˆุงู†ู†ุง ุงู„ุงู…ุงุฑุงุชูŠูŠู† ูˆ ุงู„ุณุนูˆุฏูŠูŠู† ูˆ ุบูŠุฑู‡ู… .. ุดู†ูˆ ููŠู‡ุง ูŠุนู†ูŠ ุŸ ูŠุนู†ูŠ ู„ูˆู„ุง ุงู„ุญูˆุงุฑุงุช ู‡ุฐูŠ ู„ู…ุง ุนุฑูุช ุนู† ุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจ ูƒุซุฑ ู…ุง ุฃุนุฑูู‡ ุนู†ู‡ุง ุงู„ุขู† .. ุงู„ุญู…ุฏู„ู„ู‡ ูƒู„ู†ุง ู…ุณู„ู…ูŠู† ูˆ ุตุงุฆู…ูŠู† .. ู…ุง ูุนู„ู†ุงู‡ ู„ูŠุจุทู„ ุตูŠุงู…ู†ุง ุŸ ู‡ู„ ุดุชู…ู†ุง ุจุนุถ ุฃูˆ ุดุฑุจู†ุง ุฏูƒุชูˆุฑ ุจูŠุจุฑ ุฃู…ุงู… ุงู„ู…ู„ุฃ ุŸ .. ู…ู…ูƒู† ุงู„ู„ูŠ ูŠุชูƒู„ู…ูˆู† ูˆ ูŠู‚ูˆู„ูˆู† ู‡ุฏูˆุง ูˆ ู‡ุฏูˆุง ู„ุง ูŠุชู…ุชุนูˆู† ุจุงู„ุฏูŠู…ู‚ุฑุงุทูŠู‡ ููŠ ุจู„ุฏู‡ู… .. ุฃู…ุง ููŠ ุงู„ูƒูˆูŠุช ูˆ ู„ู„ู‡ ุงู„ุญู…ุฏ ุงู„ูƒู„ ูŠู‚ูˆู„ ุงู„ู„ูŠ ูŠุจูŠ ูˆ ูŠุฑู‚ุฏ ุณุงู„ู… ูˆ ูŠู‚ูˆู… ุณุงู„ู… .. ูˆ ุฑุจูŠ ุดุงู‡ุฏ ูˆ ุนุงู„ู… .. ุงู„ุญู…ุฏู„ู„ู‡ ุงู†ูŠ ูƒูˆูŠุชูŠ ูˆ ุงู„ุจุงู‚ูŠ ู…ุง ุนู„ูŠู‡ู… ุฒูˆุฏ ูˆ ุนู„ู‰ ุฑุงุณูŠ

  413. Abdulrhman Al-Ali
    Sep 03, 2010 @ 13:20:38

    ุจุณ ูˆ ู„ุฃู† ุงู„ุญู‚ ูŠุฌุจ ุฃู† ูŠู‚ุงู„ .. ู…ุฏุญูŠ ู‡ุฐู‡ ุงู„ู…ุฑุฉ ู„ูŠุณ ู„ู„ูƒูˆูŠุช ูˆู„ุง ู„ู„ู…ุบุฑุจ .. ุงู„ุชู‚ุฏูŠุฑ ู‡ู†ุง ู„ุขูŠุง .. ู„ุฃูˆู„ ู…ุฑุฉ ููŠ ุญูŠุงุชูŠ ุฃุฑู‰ ู…ูˆุถูˆุน ุนู„ู‰ ุงู„ู†ุช ูˆุฎุตูˆุตุง ุงู„ุจู„ูˆุบ .. ู…ุถู‰ ุนู„ูŠู‡ ุณุช ุณู†ูˆุงุช ูˆ ู„ุง ูŠุฒุงู„ ู†ุดุท .. ูุนู„ุง ุดูŠุก ู…ุณุชุญูŠู„ ! ู…ุง ุดุงุก ุงู„ู„ู‡ .. ุชุญูŠุงุชูŠ ู„ู„ูƒูˆูŠุชูŠุฉ ุงู„ูุฎูˆุฑุฉ ููŠ ุจู„ุฏู‡ุง ุขูŠุง

  414. Sad for Muslims
    Sep 03, 2010 @ 17:55:54

    to me, I prefer white/blond girls
    doesn’t matter from which country …


  415. Adil
    Sep 03, 2010 @ 19:25:37

    Khalass Abdulrahman. When I read all your posts, I honestly don’t understand what’s going in your head. What kind of person tell about his Arab fellows that they are worthy to be maids?What kind of man says that about people from the same cultural background? Or that there is no Moroccan women which can be better than a Kuwaiti? This is definetly rude and actually innacurate. You have fantastic people in both countries, and bad person in both countries. People should learn from each other. I’m sure Kuwaitis can learn a lot from Morocco and Morocco kadalik ma3a lKuwait. So yes, stop prejudicing and start to be more open-minded Wallah. Me too, I had very terrible prejudices about Khaliji men when I used to live in France (since we don’t have too many Khaliji there). I use to see them as hypocrites and patronizing. But everything changed when I went to study in the US and after, in Canada. I met Kuwaitis, Saudis, Emiratis, Bahreinis and so on (boys and girls) and they were really nice (unlike Yemenis who can be very arrogant and agressive). I ate Kabsa, they ate my Couscous, I listened to Rashed Al Majed and Nawal, they listened to Gnawa and Moroccan Rai. This is how people interract. We live in two different areas and we don’t hang out a lot together since we are not neighbours. But please stop saying that kind of craps. Because if you keep thinking this way, your children are going to think this way also and at our generation, racism should not exists. Being racist against an other ethnicity like Indians or Europeans is disgusting, but being racist against your fellow Arabs is even worse. By the way habibi, we do speak Arabic. As all the Arab countries, we write in fus7a and we speak an Arabic dialect. As you know, fus7a is not the spoken form that people randomly use. Allah ikhalik akhee, Ramadan sa3id

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Sep 03, 2010 @ 23:32:15

      Adil Habibi .. Our beloved prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, once said ( Al ekhtelaf bain omati ra7ma ) .. I love to agree as much as I love to disagree .. Life was not made 4 particular people .. Disagreeing with Moroccans is better than agreeing with Israelis, isn`t it ?!

      Believe me I love all good people and sometimes I even love the bad ones and ask hidaya for them .. I ask Allah to grant me hidaya as well .. I have my own sins wallah but they are not Kaba2r , Al hamdolellah ..

      Have you heard about the Moroccan campaign ( we fast in Ramadan, we eat in Ramadan .. we are still Moroccans ) what do you think of this now ? Not shame too ? You know that pervert Najeeb Shawky who encourages Muslims to express their feelings and eat anytime in Ramadan ? Do you think people like him honors your country ?

      Btw, Rashed Al Majid asked everyone to quit lsitening to his songs, the man has left the musical world and became a devout Muslim.. Moltazem oo rjol deen .. even if he hasn`t asked ppl to quit listening to him I already din`t listen to silly music he used produce.. Nawal is nothing to me just like all female singers in the world and to be honest with you all khaleeji songs are crap, yes .. At least to me, I never loved any singer from Kuwait or gulf .. our music just doesn`t satisfy my soul .. The ideal singer to me is Marwan Khoury.. a true legend that I have all albums of his and memorize all his songs .. Khoury has always been the best to me and the idol when it comes to music .. a great inspiration without the need to act being romantic .. sincere lyrics,beautiful music and voice ..

      Adil, mind you .. Dina is not answering because I convinced her that I am not insulting her.. Now, I realize that she`s smart enough to leave the field empty 4 me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  416. AyyA
    Sep 03, 2010 @ 22:30:28

    Adil and Abdulrahman
    Prejudice is part of our nature, it is called Kinship in anthropology. I am sure that you both heard of
    ุฃู†ุง ูˆุฃุฎูˆูŠ ุนู„ูŠ ุฅุจู† ุนู…ูŠ ูˆ ุฃู†ุง ูˆ ุฅุจู† ุนู…ูŠ ุนู„ูŠ ุงู„ุบุฑูŠุจ
    This proverb tells that the closer we are related (or identified) to each other, the more is the favor. It was a trait that was developed for survival purposes, like when you see animals going in herds to protect each other. Nowadays we learned that Kinship could be dangerous, especially when it provokes hatred and wars. In the enlightenment era, we humans realized that now kinship can work against our survival. And because of that new tools were developed to insure our survival as well as enhance our morals that was destroyed by kinship. Tools like diversity and tolerance, which I am sure some of you heard about although the majority of Arab/Muslims do not even know what they mean. If there should be a good use of Kinship it is in realizing our humanity. We all are humans, all carry red blood. And whatever is considered bad in someones cognitive perception does not really make it a global bad perception. Let me give you an example; prostitution is the oldest profession in the history of humans, no religion could ever stop it, not even Islam. In fact Islam worked around it to at least be able to control it with zawaj mut3a, misyar, or any other short term marriages. As did European and some Asian countries like Thailand by permitting official brothels. All this happened not because people are bad, but because people needed sex, and some couldn’t afford marriage. And therefore having official brothels was one way to control it, especially that this practice could be a plaque for transmitting sexual diseases. And monitoring it in fact is better than just pretending that it does not exist (like what Abdulrahman doing by imagining Kuwait a fault-free, utopia , while daily there are news of people being busted in Kuwait for illegal prostitution).
    ุฅุฐุง ูƒุงู†ุช ุฌุฑูŠุฏุฉ ุงู„ุฌุฑูŠู…ุฉ ู„ุงุฒุงู„ุช ุชุตุฏุฑ ููŠ ุงู„ูƒูˆูŠุช ูุงู„ุฑุฌุงุก ุฅู„ู‚ูŠ ู†ุธุฑู‡ ุนู„ูŠู‡ุง ูŠุง ุนุจุฏุงู„ุฑุญู…ู† ู‚ุจู„ ุฃู† ุชุนูŠุจ ุนู„ูŠ ุบูŠุฑูƒ ู…ู…ุง ู‡ูˆ ููŠูƒ
    ู‡ุฐุง ุบูŠุฑ ุนู† ุงู„ู‚ุนุฏุงุช ูˆ ุงู„ุญูู„ุงุช ุงู„ุฎุงุตุฉ ูˆ ุงู„ุชูŠ ู‡ูŠ ุนู„ูŠ ู‚ููŠ ู…ู† ูŠุดูŠู„ุŒ ูˆ ู„ุง ุฅู†ุช ูŠุง ุนุจุฏุงู„ุฑุญู…ู† ูˆ ู„ุง ู…ู† ู‡ู… ุฃูƒุจุฑ ู…ู†ูƒ ู…ุฑุชุจุฉ ููŠ ุงู„ุฏุงุฎู„ูŠุฉ ู‚ุฏุฑูˆุง ูŠุฏุฎู„ูˆู† ู‡ุฐู‡ ุงู„ุจูŠูˆุช ูˆ ูŠู…ู†ุนูˆุง ุฃู‡ู„ู‡ุง
    ูู…ุง ุฎููŠ ุนู†ูƒ ูƒุงู† ุฃุนุธู…
    ูˆ ุนู„ูŠ ููƒุฑู‡: ุงู„ูˆุทู†ูŠุฉ ู„ูŠุณุช ุจู…ุฏุญ ุงู„ูˆุทู† ูˆ ุงู„ุชูƒุงุชู ู…ุน ุงู„ู…ูˆุงุทู†ูŠู† ููŠ ุนุตุจูŠุชู‡ู… ููŠ ู†ุธุฑูŠุŒ ุงู„ูˆุทู†ูŠุฉ ู‡ูŠ ุฃู† ู†ุญุจ ุงู„ูˆุทู† ูˆ ู†ูƒุดู ุนูŠูˆุจู‡ ูˆ ู†ุญุงูˆู„ ุฃู† ู†ุดุชุฑูƒ ููŠ ุญู„ ู…ุดูƒู„ุงุชู‡

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Sep 03, 2010 @ 23:50:37

      ุงู„ู„ู‡ .. ูŠุง ุญู„ุงุฉ ุขูŠุง ู„ู…ุง ุชุชูƒู„ู… .. ุงู„ุญูƒู… ุชู†ุฏุซุฑ ูˆ ูƒู„ุงู…ูŠ ูŠุฎุฌู„ ูˆ ูŠู†ุญุตุฑ .. ุฃุญุณ ู‡ุงู„ู…ุฑู‡ ุชุจุฏุน ุงุฐุง ุงู„ู…ุดุงูƒู„ ุนู„ูŠู‡ุง ุฒุงุฏุช .. ูˆ ุงุจุฏุงุนุงุชู‡ุง ุชุธู‡ุฑ ุงุฐุง ู„ุดูŠุทุงู†ู‡ุง ูˆุงูุช .. ูˆุงู„ู„ู‡ ุงู„ุนุธูŠู… ุงู† ุงู„ุฏุนุงุฑุฉ ุงู„ุฑุณู…ูŠุฉ ู…ูˆ ุญู„ .. ุฎู„ุงุต ุจุงุฑ ุฑุณู…ูŠ ูˆ ุญูู„ุงุช ู…ุฎุชู„ุทู‡ ุฑุณู…ูŠู‡ .. ู‡ู„ ุณูŠูƒูˆู† ุงู„ุญู„ ุจุงุถุงูุฉ ูƒู„ู…ุฉ ” ุฑุณู…ูŠ ” ุนู„ู‰ ูƒู„ ู…ุง ู‡ูˆ ู…ู…ู†ูˆุน ุŸุŸ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุชุนุงู„ู‰ ูŠู„ุนู† ุญุงู…ู„ ุงู„ุฎู…ุฑ ูˆ ู…ูˆุฒุนู‡ ูˆ ุญุชู‰ ุงู„ุฌุงู„ุณ ููŠ ู…ูƒุงู† ูŠุดุฑุจ ุงู„ู†ุงุณ ููŠู‡ ุงู„ุฎู…ุฑ ูู…ุง ุจุงู„ูƒ ุจุงู„ู…ูˆุงูู‚ู‡ ุนู„ูŠู‡ ุจุงุณุงู…ูŠ ูˆู‡ู…ูŠู‡ ู…ุซู„ ุฑุณู…ูŠ – ู‚ุงู†ูˆู†ูŠ – ู…ุคู‚ุช – ู…ู†ุงุณุจุงุช ุงุฌุชู…ุงุนูŠู‡ … ุงู„ุฎ .. ูˆู„ุง ุชู†ุณูŠู† ุฃู† ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุณุจุญุงู†ู‡ ูˆ ุชุนุงู„ู‰ ู‚ุงู„ ” ูˆู„ุง ุชู‚ุฑุจูˆุง ุงู„ุฒู†ุง ” .. ูŠุนู†ูŠ ุญุชู‰ ู…ุง ู†ู‚ุฑุจ ุตูˆุจู‡ ู…ูˆ ู…ุง ู†ุฒู†ูŠ ุจุณ .. ูŠุนู†ูŠ ู…ุง ู†ู…ุณูƒ ูŠุฏ ุจู†ุช ูˆ ูˆ ู†ู‚ุจู„ู‡ุง ูˆู„ุง ุญุชู‰ ู†ุธุฑุงุช ู…ุชุชุงู„ูŠู‡ ู„ุฃู†ู‡ุง ู…ู† ุฎุทูˆุงุช ุงู„ุดูŠุทุงู† ุงู„ู„ูŠ ุชุนุชุจุฑ ุฎุทูˆุงุช ู„ู„ุฒู†ุง .. ูˆ ุงู†ุชูŠ ุชุฏุฑูŠู† ุงู† ุงู„ุฑุฌู„ ุงุฐุง ูŠุงู„ู‡ ุงูŠุฑูŠูƒุดู† ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูŠุนูŠู†ู‡ ุดู„ูˆู† ูŠุชุญู…ู„ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      ุจุนุฏูŠู† ุถุญูƒุชูŠู†ูŠ ู„ู…ุง ุชู‚ูˆู„ูŠู† ุนู† ู…ุฌู„ุฉ ุงู„ุฌุฑูŠู…ุฉ ุŸ ุขูŠุง ุงูุง ุจุณ ุงู†ุชูŠ ู…ุณุชูˆุงุฌ ุงูƒุจุฑ .. ูˆุงู„ู„ู‡ ูŠุง ุงู„ุบุงู„ูŠู‡ ุงู† ูˆุงูŠุฏ ู†ุชูƒู„ู… ุจุงู„ุฏูˆุงู… ุนู†ู‡ุง .. ู†ุต ุจู„ุงุบุงุชู†ุง ู…ูƒุชูˆุจู‡ ููŠู‡ุง ู„ูƒู† ุฒูŠุงุฏู‡ ู…ูˆ ุทุจูŠุนูŠู‡ ุนู„ูŠู‡ุง ูˆ ูŠุณูˆูˆู† ู…ู† ุญุงุฏุซ ุจุณูŠุท ุฒูŠุงุฏู‡ ุนุดุงู† ูŠุญู„ู‰ ุงู„ู…ูˆุถูˆุน ูˆ ุชุฒูŠุฏ ุงุฑุจุงุญู‡ู… .. ูƒู„ู‡ ุฌุฐุจ ููŠ ุฌุฐุจ ูˆ ุงู„ู„ู‡ .. ูˆ ูŠุฎุชู…ูˆู† ุงู„ู…ูˆุถูˆุน ุจู†ู‡ุงูŠุงุช ูˆู‡ู…ูŠู‡ ูˆ ุตุงุญุจูŠ ูŠุตูŠุฑ ู„ู‡ ุจุฏุฑ ุนุจุฏุงู„ุนุฒูŠุฒ ูƒุงุชุจ ููŠู‡ุง ูŠู‚ูˆู„ ููŠ ู…ุจุงู„ุบุงุช ู†ุนู… ูˆ ุงู†ุชูŠ ุนุงุฑูู‡ ู…ุฏูŠุฑ ุงู„ุชุญุฑูŠุฑ ุงู„ุฏุนุงุณ ุงู†ุณุงู† ุชุงูู‡ ูˆ ุนู„ูŠู‡ ุณูˆุงุจู‚ .. ุงุตู„ุง ู…ุฌู„ู‡ ู…ุงู„ู‡ุง ุฏุงุนูŠ .. ูƒุงู†ุช ุจู†ุต ุตุงุฑุช ุจ750 ูˆ ุงู„ุญูŠู† ุจุฏูŠู†ุงุฑ ูˆ ู…ุญุฏ ูŠุดุชุฑูŠู‡ุง ูˆ ู„ูˆ ุชู„ุงุญุธูŠู† ูƒู„ ุงู„ูƒุชุงุจ ุงู„ู„ูŠ ููŠู‡ุง ุจุฏูˆู† ูˆ ู…ุนุงู‡ู… ุงุฑุฏู†ูŠู‡ ุงูˆ ุณูˆุฑูŠู‡ ูุงุดู„ู‡.. ู„ุง ูˆ ู…ู‚ุฑู‡ุง ุจุงู„ู…ู†ุทู‚ู‡ ุงู„ุญุฑู‡ ู„ูŠุด ู…ุงุฏุฑูŠ ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡

      ุขูŠุง ุจุงู„ู…ู†ุงุณุจู‡ ุงู†ุง ู…ุง ุนู†ุฏูŠ ุฑุชุจู‡ ุจุงู„ุฏุงุฎู„ูŠู‡ ุนุดุงู† ุชู‚ูˆู„ูŠู† ุงุนู„ู‰ ู…ู†ูŠ ุฑุชุจู‡ ุงูˆ ุฃุฑุฏู‰ .. ุงู†ุง ู…ุฌุฑุฏ ู…ูˆุธู ู…ุฏู†ูŠ ู„ุง ุชุฎุงููŠู† ู…ู†ูŠ .. ุฎุงููŠ ู…ู† ุฑุจุฌ ๐Ÿ™‚

      ู„ุง ุดูุช ู‡ู… ุงู„ู†ุงุณ ููŠ ูƒู„ ุฏูŠุฑู‡
      ุฃุณุฌุฏ ู„ุฑุจูŠ ุงู„ู„ูŠ ุฎู„ู‚ู†ูŠ ูƒูˆูŠุชูŠ

  417. Muhammad Abu-Uthman
    Sep 04, 2010 @ 10:43:31

    Iam Bahraini and proud of it, i married to a Moroccan girl and iam proud of it. If i ever feel like i want a second wife for some reason, she would be again a Moroccan one. Guess why??

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Sep 04, 2010 @ 12:11:18

      Maybe you don`t trust your Bahraini women, LOL ..

      But we, as Kuwaitis, love our Kuwaiti women .. They are the best of the world .. yakfi they are from Kuwait ..

      Needless to say that Kuwaitis love Bahrain so much, habibi .. but I just laugh at the fact that some people marry women from Morocco .. Is it tagzeera y3ni because she doesn`t ask for more? or work as a wife and maid? or because she doesn`t expliot ur weaknesses?

      Kuwaiti women are the best and the apple of all Kuwaitis` eyes ..

      • Muhammad Abu-Uthman
        Sep 06, 2010 @ 18:40:54

        Brother Abdulrhman coz i married a moroccon doesn’t mean Bahraini girls are untrustful you are talking as you do not have brian to think broad. So just you are from Kuweit you think you are good. Being a kuweiti doesn’t makes you automaticaly a good person, isn’t it?
        it’s your behaviour and your good deeds what counts and i would prefer 1000 x a moroccan instead a Kuweiti girl. I quess you are not very happy in your life otherwise you would not spend all your days at this site. And have respect for you muslim brothers and sisters and have respect for people in general!

      • Muhammad Abu-Uthman
        Sep 06, 2010 @ 20:59:26

        Ya habibi Abdulrhman Al maghrebiya is every man’s dream.
        She is religious, beautiful, good in bed, good in the kitchen and above all a wonderful mother!!! She knows very well how to handle and how to be a good wife.

  418. Adil
    Sep 04, 2010 @ 11:00:50

    N3am akhee, but there’s a difference between not being agree and insulting LOL. When you say Moroccan women can just be good maids, it’s different. “Disagreeing with Moroccans is better than agreeing with Israelis, isn`t it ?!”. It’s better to respect Moroccan people even though you don’t approve certain things. Respect, consideration and trust.

    What you talk about it’s not a Moroccan campaign but something made by certain people. And their fight will never achieve because Morocco is an Islamic country. People like Najib Chaouki are from every country. I’m studying in Canada and unfortunately, a lot of people from Muslim families do not fast (I’m actually one of the very few person among my Arab friends who fasts from Day 1 to Aid) and some people want to take adventage of Morocco’s open-mindness for allowing stuffs. But no… Eating during Ramadan in public is prohibited, having sex out of marriage too, etc.

    People like him don’t influence our country at all, wether in good or in bad. Every people have their black sheeps and Chaouki is one of them. For Rashed and Nawal, I said that to show you that we can enjoy each others culture. I’m not a huge fan of Khaliji music, but I like to hear some some days. I’m more into Kathem Al Saher and the fantastic Asmaa Lamnawar, our national diva. But yeah Marwan Khoury is amazing. And for Dia (and not Dina, Dia is an arabic name) I guess she saw no point to answer. And I do realize that you still didn’t appologize for the bad things you said.. I remember in a Bollywood film, they said : “Asking for forgiveness is not a proof of weakness, but strenght”.

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Sep 04, 2010 @ 12:39:53

      Adil .. I only insult the ones that care about my pocket more than me .. And most of your people do .. Do you know why you people are so jealous of Kuwait and gulf in general ? Because we live in peace in healthy & wealthy life .. Al hamdolellah, you`d better improve your sad selves instead of being jealous for who`s richer than you.. you know Ricky Martin`s song ” Are you in it for love ?? Are you in it for money ?? If I lost everything would you be there in the morning ?? ” I bet that the song was written for a Moroccan woman LOL

      Do you know that expats in Kuwait now are more than Kuwaitis themselves ? Do you know why ? Because they want higher salaries in a better country at the same time.. Everyone akl mn 5air el Kuwait will love Kuwait and nobody dares to say the opposite .. Kuwait is a great country that welcomes all people all over the world and I know that Morocco is a great country too .. It`s not me that judge Moro to be good or bad, the history talks about itself but Kuwaiti history also is shiny .. I just hate the fact that you guys always hate us lel khairat that Allah (S.W.T) grants us .. we are the neighbour of the holiest place of the world, not the west .. I have been to India, Jordan, Turkey, UK, Germany and US .. Do you know what is the difference between those countries ? NOTHING ๐Ÿ™‚

      I once got lost in London so I had to ask a black policeman to guide me to know the location of my hotel .. when I told him that I`m from Kuwait he said right away ” Wow, oil ! ” .. Even English people look at us the same way .. rich people & Arab money .. In India the poor people would gather around us to collect money since we seem to be from Kuwait .. In Jordan every girl there want to get closer to Kuwaitis not becuase of love but to use them as a private ATM .. can you dig it, sucka ? .. In Germany prices weren`t the same for all people and I swear by Allah that their places were separated for different people ” 6abagat” (That managed to happen when I was almost 16) not now .. I don`t know what changed now .. In America they see you as an ally so there is no difference at all ..

      You know we had a legend Kuwaiti actor, Khalid Al Nefessy (May Allah rest his soul) He used to visit Morocco every summer and kept saying Morocco is the most country that I love after Kuwait .. what I wanted to tell you here is that when i criticize Moro don`t think that I am the voice of all Kuwaitis .. I just respect Moro so much that it was by Kuwait`s side during the Iraqi invasion, that`s just so enough to love you, guys ๐Ÿ˜‰

      ุนู…ุงุฑ ูŠุง ุฏุงุฑู† ูŠุฑูุฑู ุนู„ู…ู‡ุง
      ุตุจุงุญ ุญุงูƒู…ู‡ุง ุฑูุน ู…ุณุชูˆุงู‡ุง
      * ุทู„ุงู„ ุงู„ุณุนูŠุฏ *

      • lolita
        Oct 13, 2010 @ 10:50:20

        listen, i think u talk to much, and u don’t even say something interesting, so shut up. i have alot friends from kuwait and they are not like u . whatever u say it doesn’t make any sense for us u just wast ur time for nothing,u guys r talking just about money money, who is materialistic u or the moroccan girls? of course u, money is just to pay a bills, wake up man and open ur retarded mind, i think u need to renew ur mind bcz i think its getting old and not useful hahah…anyway live morocco forever ๐Ÿ™‚

  419. fairouz
    Sep 04, 2010 @ 19:06:57

    MOROCCO is so BIG to be discussed in such a way and by such people like this guy from Kwait. Morocco and Moroccan women do need anyone to defend them…Please dont let dull people feel they are important due the fact they are insulting us and by that they feel they get much attention… Long LIFE to MOROCCO!

  420. Omar
    Sep 04, 2010 @ 19:16:15

    Dear Bloggers,

    I am about to get myself involved in a Moroccan lady. After 20 years being married to an Egyptian and with two great kids, I am getting a divorce. My wife was very very opinionated, controlling and frigid. As I love family life, I have been told to turn my head to Morocco. I am a kind, gentle loving guy and I want a woman who comes ready to love. And it would appear from and that is generally speaking, Moroccans are not so hung up with colour issues. And being a black American that is a real plus. I hope the lady that I am interested in, who by the way is 37 and had never been married is my 2nd and last marriage. I just want a woman to adore me and I am ready to do likewise.

  421. Omar
    Sep 04, 2010 @ 19:19:10

    I am about to get myself involved with a Moroccan lady. After 20 years being married to an Egyptian and with two great kids, I am getting a divorce. My wife was very very opinionated, controlling and frigid. As I love family life, I have been told to turn my head to Morocco. I am a kind, gentle, loving guy and I want a woman who comes ready to love. And it would appear from what I have been told, and that is generally speaking, Moroccans are not so hung up with colour issues. And being a black American that is a real plus. I hope the lady that I am interested in, who by the way is 37 and has never been married is my 2nd and last marriage. I just want a woman to adore me and I am ready to do likewise.

  422. Adil
    Sep 04, 2010 @ 20:51:52

    LOL Abdulrahman give yourself a rest minfadlik. Most of us don’t give a shit about the people who live in Gulf. You live in the other side of the Arab World. We go to Saudi Arabia for washing our bones from our sins and asking God’s mercy. As I said, only less than 10% of Moroccans living abroad reside in Gulf countries and most of them stay there for a short term. So stop thinking that we are jealous of you. As I said, you may have oil, but we have our culture and our legacy. What you have in Kuwait can be found everywhere in the Gulf. “you’d better improve your sad selves instead of being jealous for who’s richer than you”.. Here we go again, always this money argument. You really think you are superior because you are richer? LOL I grew up in a very rich neighbourhood, long enough to realize that having a juicy bank account is not what makes you more interesting or more special. You can show your bills as long as you want brother, none of them are going with you the day of the Jugement. And there’s nothing healthy in a life that being patronizing using his money as a proof of good standing. Drug smugglers and pimps are rich too, it doesnt make them being good persons. And you honestly think all Kuwaitis are rich? LOOOOL.

    Unfortunately (and I know it’s a bit pessimistic) but when you say Moroccan women are money oriented… actually a lot of women are in general. You honestly going to tell me that a Kuwaiti women is going to marry a poor guy? LOL Kuwaiti women need money, and this is a true fact. Women needs to be secure, so therefore they need a good and wealthy husband. And please don’t portray Kuwait as an Eldorado for strangers. The true is that in your countries, you don’t have basic labour laws. The small workers are very badly treated, sometimes they are not even paid, they get their passports took away and their salaries are low. You don’t consider them as your equals. Would you allow your daughter to marry a Pakistani? Never, you’d rather see her unmarried. We can see in the news always stories about people in Khalij who are being beaten, raped or enslaved during their work.

    You guys are the neighbours of Saudi Arabia, that is your thing. You are hidden behind them. Some people even think that you are a region of this country. Allah didn’t grant you guys. I’m one of the few people who thinks that the day the Earth loses its last drop of oil, we are going to fall into something terrible. Nobody ever thought that maybe the Earth needed that oil for some reason. But human’s cupidity is what is going to lose us. And Moroccan people don’t hate Khaliji. We love who love us, and despise who despise us. When Khaliji come to Morocco like people who are visiting their brothers, we are thrilled. But when they come as people who are like in a giant shop, in this case yes, we are pissed. And do not compare India, Jordan and Kuwait LOL. India and Jordan are unique for their past, monuments, civilisation. What distinguish Kuwait from its neighbours? Nothing. Oil and malls, filled with American stuffs. Saudi Arabia has our Holy places, so is their past with the Bedouin culture and stuff. Basically all the things you have are from Saudi Arabia. You guys even eat almost the same things.

    Of course I know (and thank God) all Kuwaitis don’t think the same and as you said, what you are saying doesn’t make a difference at all. I’m just worried for your soul. You being Muslim and Arab, I’d tell you the same if you were critizing Algeria or Jordan. And to make you understand that all this money you have cannot save you from Hell, even if you donate a lot. You have to be more modest and to stop insulting Morocco (and not Moro, Mauritania is a Moor country, Morocco is mixed between Arabs, Berbers, Moors etc). And yes we helped Kuwait, not because of their money, but because standing for our brothers is what we do. I don’t remember them saying bad things about Morocco at that time. But it’s always the same old song right? Modesty and gratefulness seem to be there only when you are being weak. Sad fact.

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Sep 05, 2010 @ 02:51:13

      Say whatever you want, we Kuwaitis are much better than all of you .. and most of you are jealous too .. we also don`t give a shit about you, we don`t even know a thing about you .. I just know Marwan Chamakh and the rest is unknown to me .. who cares about you in gulf ? ehehehe .. We get in one single month what you get in five or six LOL Allahoma la shamata .. You cannot even compare between the great Kuwait and the decent Moro Koro ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I swear by god if you had the ability you`d even try to deprive us from all things but you cannot even control yourselves hahahaha

      we are not hidden behind anyone .. we have our own land and our nation is great .. all of Kuwaitis do speak Arabic, unlike you French with broken Arabic LOOOOL

      Once again, we are hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh on the sky and you cannot even change anything .. We don`t have the time to worry about little things like you ..

      ุชุฑุงุจุฌ ุงุญู†ุง ู†ุจูˆุณู‡
      ู„ูˆ ูŠุญุตู„ ู…ุง ู†ุฏูˆุณู‡
      ุจุนูŠูˆู† ุงู„ู„ู‡ ู…ุญุฑูˆุณู‡
      ูŠุง ุฏูŠุฑุชูŠ ูŠุง ูƒูˆูŠู€ู€ุช ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I Love Abdulrhman :)
        Sep 06, 2010 @ 03:38:34

        Assalam aleikoom everyone!

        Doctor Abdulrhman Al-Ali, since u know that the best country is kuweit, and morocco is the worst, what can u say about :

        “…The frolicking fornicators were arrested at dawn on a farm 12 miles south of Kuwait City. Twenty-six men and 11 women were accused of the rambunctious crimes of prostitution, using and possessing drugs, organizing an illegal dance and immoral behavior during Ramadan. The busted male revelers included 14 Kuwaitis, two Saudis, two Bangladeshis, three Egyptians, one Bahraini and one Iraqi, while the allegedly wanton women were a Kuwaiti “pimp” (madam) and her stable of 10 “hostesses” (prostitutes). The madam reputedly raked in $330 for each happy hooker she provided….”

        “…Ramadan commemorates the bestowal of the Koran from Allah to the prophet Mohammad and humanity. The world’s 1 billion Muslims are supposed to spend this sanctified time fasting, reading the Koran, performing charitable deeds and purifying their behavior….”

        “…What went wrong? Kuwait’s interior ministry will probably blame the sexual sins of the sacrilegious 37 on the evil influence of Western permissiveness. In recent years, many male Kuwaitis have established Hugh Hefner-style “party flats” at beach chalets and farms. Illegal bars pour pernicious alcohol and offer Arab “hostesses” for erotic entertainment….”


        Can u explain Doctor Abdulrhman about? u know everything…..
        The others like moroccan are stupid…. can u explain about that :

        “…The University of Al-Karaouine is a university located in Fes. Founded in 859, as a madrasah,[17] the university is one of the leading spiritual and educational centers of the Muslim world. It is considered the oldest continuously operating academic degree-granting university in the world.[3]….”


        I like people like u Abdulrhman ๐Ÿ™‚ :
        U know u are the best without foundation ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ :). Sooo nice ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ :)!!!

        Hope to have ur answer Bro!!

        Ramadan karim for all muslims !!! Peace and love for all the human being whatever his or her nationality :)…
        May Allah bless good people ๐Ÿ™‚ !!! Ameen
        Long life for people who are good !!! muslim or not!!!

        P.S. I am french and proud of it… ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ :). My point of view is objective and i love travelling from the 4 continents ๐Ÿ™‚

  423. sahi
    Sep 05, 2010 @ 04:31:19

    worse comes to worst, shame on you.
    you think you honor your country by acting so stupid, poor guy. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  424. Fawz
    Sep 05, 2010 @ 07:07:00

    No doubt that Kuwaiti people are great, but I can assure, and God is my witness that you Abdulrahman are definetly not better than any Moroccan in the world, poor or rich. A whore in the street deserves more respect than you. And Kuwaiti do give us importance, when you see all the investments made in Casablanca (the new Marina project) and all the real estates :). They love to go there on vacations with their families and with all the new facilities that are being created, it sounds like we are going to hit it off ^^.

    Yes, we know how to speak Arabic, French, Spanish. What about you? And by you, I mean Abdulrahman. Kuwait may be a great nation, but as I said, every nation has its black sheeps, you are just being one of them. “We don`t have the time to worry about little things like you”. Well I must disagree brother, for someone to whom Morocco is not very important, you spent a quite damn long time on this particular page ๐Ÿ˜‰ Many months on a page about people from an unknown country? Nice, it seems like you have no life, so you do have time ๐Ÿ™‚

    “Once again, we are hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh on the sky and you cannot even change anything”, remember that higher is the position, stronger is the fall ๐Ÿ˜‰ Keep that in mind

  425. Adil
    Sep 05, 2010 @ 07:09:09

    By the way it was Adil, I was talking with a friend of mine of MSN. And we do speak Arabic (how could you know, since beside Chamakh you don’t know anything about Morocco, our great country ;)). Ta7iya al Maghrib !

    • AyyA
      Sep 05, 2010 @ 22:42:29

      Adil and the rest of my dear Moroccan readers

      ูˆ ู„ุง ุชุคุงุฎุฐูˆู†ุง ุนู„ูŠ ู…ุง ูุนู„ ุงู„ุณูู‡ุงุก ู…ู†ุง

  426. I Love Abdulrhman :)
    Sep 06, 2010 @ 02:14:29

    Assalam aleikoom everyone!

    Abdulrhman u are so funny : Kuweit is the best, the kuweiti women are the best, moroccan women are the worst …. U are so funny. I think u have a problem in ur head to say that???? I prefer a moroccan woman than a kuweiti women…. What about the woman who burst in kuweit last year her ex husband….. In france, we like u since u have lots of stereotyps hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. U are racist…

    One thing : I am proud of being french and muslims…. Only one country said no to USA , it is france :D…. I love my french baguette with a good moroccan tajine or couscous!!! Yummy…. And moroccan women do is with love ๐Ÿ˜€

    Don’t critisize others countries… and saying that Kuweit is the best… What do u know about others countries… What I know about Kuweit ???? Well do u have high technology? nuclear plant policy? famous university? What about ur army???? Sorry but I heard nothing about Kuweit !!! Whereas Qatar or UAE is better than u!!! I know many things about morocco: we work with them and they also work with best american university …..
    What are ur qualification?the last contract u signed with france is propose a new secured identity card because france is the best on that …. what about hospital??? doctors are from Palestine, Lebanon,…
    Where is ur army and the rest of the gulf countries..???? There are american and european army…??? Moroccan has a good army since we sell them weapon, army aircraft surch as Mirage 2000, ….
    and what about French army is the second after USA (some say that we are the 1st hhhhhhhh)…
    U give money because it is easy but can u find in africa, palestine some kuweiti to help poor people??? They just send money…. whereas european or even moroccan go to palestine and live there in order to help palestinian, it is not just money…..
    what about ur history???? Morocco is one of the eldest kingdom of the world and the king is a descendant of Prophet and is Amir Al Moumaimin ….
    And in france,we create the human right from our revolution, people fight for their right and for that I am afraid!!!! when u visit morocco u have museum, old houses…
    in france castle….. In kuweit oil field….
    Have u been in morocco, in some berber family in the mountain, u will see how people are so kind and do the best for u without asking anything…….

    Many moroccan women are high qualified and religious… Don’t judge anyone, Only Allah can judge and any who judge can be severely punished by Allah….
    Sorry to say that but Kuweit is not the best country, I prefer France, Norway, Canada, Singapore and even Morocco than Kuweit as many French….

    U should read newspapers or books from others countries, u will have a wide vision of ur countries and the others…. One last thing morocco is not a rich country but is perhaps the only country in the world who has the best relationship with usa and europe… USA consider morocco as countries in america. In europe morocco has a special position, closed to a european condition……

    When i was in middle east i was not secure since no human right but in morocco i was secure….. U know what french embassy said in middle east??? if u are under 18, take care with some men……

    I like u Abdulrhman ๐Ÿ™‚ but I am realistic ๐Ÿ˜€

  427. I Love Abdulrhman :)
    Sep 06, 2010 @ 02:35:20

    For Abdulrhman ,

    “…it’s great,” says 27-year-old Kuwaiti homosexual Tariq, (not his real name). “I go there and get with anyone I find attractive.” Tariq is married and has two daughters. He is gay though he is married…”

    “…Known locally as simply “The Park” the place these men gather is shrouded in secrecy and darkness. A clandestine meeting place for homosexuals, the Park is where some gay men in Kuwait go to meet others and engage in illicit encounters.
    What takes place in the Park is public gay intercourse, starting from the early hours of the morning until short before midnight….”


    When i was there since i am attractive, one kuweit didn’t to leave me and ask me to live in kuweit….. I was shocked as a muslim when he said habbiby.

    N.B. A kuweiti woman wanted me to get married with her too, she ask me to live in kuweit, I refused! I said if she want to marry with me, u live in europe …

    So Abdulrhman, nobody is perfect, no country is perfect…..

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Sep 07, 2010 @ 02:48:28

      You`d better //// or change your nickname, try to make fun by choosing such a //// name to be shown ?

      Don`t love me, you //// .. I love the STRONG woman and u want me to fall in love with a //// like you ?

      leave your own /// in your own ///.. you wanna tell me that we have many gay people here in Kuwait ?
      YES , WE DO HAVE LOT OF GAY PEOPLE IN KUWAIT AND I AM NOT HAPPY.. U SEE THAT I CONFESS WE DO ? but don`t have chicks that buy their cheap bodies for fils ๐Ÿ˜‰

      /// ur /// mentality .. and let you /// kick you out of this Kuwait blog .. It belongs to AyyA, a decent and respecful Kuwaiti woman that loves Kuwait more than all /// .. we do have gay people, do have prostitutes and do have negative things but not as much as you have ..

      (One kuwaiti person = 5 Morocaans) HARD FACTS ๐Ÿ™‚

  428. Nora Ben Zakri
    Sep 07, 2010 @ 09:30:32

    Abdulrahman finally you have seen the truth about real Kuweit..Good Boy!

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Sep 07, 2010 @ 13:07:34

      You just wanna be numb, you don`t wanna feel a thing..
      you don`t want reality.. actually, reality stings ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Solve your own issues and poverty b4 starting with the others.. It`s Kuwait, not Kuweit, you //// .. Don`t even know how to type the name of the greatest country in the world ?

      you couldn`t even handle with ” Bo Qotada & Bo Nabeel ” LOL

      and once again, reality stings .. and also stinks ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Nora Ben Zakri
        Sep 07, 2010 @ 19:04:04

        I do not see your country as the greatest one, thats why the type mistake hehehe. I even do not know where it’s located hehehe..close to Iraq? hehehe
        Silly guy

  429. Adil
    Sep 07, 2010 @ 10:22:24

    Hahahahaha, It sounds like “I Love Abdulrahman”, my fellow French compatriote, touched the sensitive string, isn’t it Abdulrahman? Maybe now you are going to bow your head, blush and remain silent. As Fairouz said, Morocco is too great and too big to be talked about by a useless Kafir like you. Hahahahahaha! You are insulting because you got burned and because you have no more to say, that’s it, and even Ayya censored your insults ๐Ÿ˜‰ No hard feelings akhee. And yes, you do have in Kuwait bad things AS MUCH AS WE HAVE in Morocco. The only different thing is that people don’t hide in Morocco ๐Ÿ™‚ Salaam 3aleikum.

    PS : The lowest Moroccan rascall = 10000000000 Abdulrahman ^^ Even harder fact :p

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Sep 08, 2010 @ 00:17:58

      I do not waste my precious time with //// like you lol


      • Adil
        Sep 09, 2010 @ 01:31:36

        Well you lost some time while answering ๐Ÿ˜‰ And you lost some hassanats by insulting a Muslim brother who didn’t insult you. Aid Moubarak habibi, Allah Yahdik, may He helps you to be a better person Amine.

  430. I Love Abdulrhman :)
    Sep 07, 2010 @ 16:19:22

    Assalam Aleikoom Everyone,

    First, I respect everyone as human being !!! and above all Ayya because she proposed a debate to discuss on the subject…. She doesn’t judge people as u do ….
    She is more clever than u since she wants to understand a fact that she noticed… I respect her methodology. If she writes this post, she wants opinion from people and perhaps, from someone who is not from an arabic country…

    Second, be clever my dear…. I am a man lol.

    If I was a woman, I would never want someone like u, try to read carefully, only one place i indirectly mention that i am a man, U didn’t read all my post hhhhhhh …..
    I know it is her weblog ! But this is a public place!!! Everyone can write whatever he or she wants to write !!! Till now i didn’t say anything bad on her blog just what I notice from my small point of view…..
    As a french, I am arrogant lol and proud lol !!! I love our products all kind of cheese yummi , our baguettes , our meals based on fish, chicken, etc… but that doesnt mean that i don’t like the other! I love tajine , couscous :-), I also love spanish,italian foods…

    I cannot let one say that one country is better than an other country without proof !!! I cannot let someone say “One kuwaiti person = 5 Morocaans” !!! even Our sister Ayya will be agree with me. Ask her….
    People are good or bad and it doesn’t depend on the religion, the country, etc…

    The different between me and u, I am more tolerant and respect people. Whereas u think like that Hitler did in the past…. U belong to the great nation as hitler said …. and moroccan is a low population as Hitler did with jewish!! And u know the consequences…. who is the victime ????? Palestine !!!!
    Please, try to learn our common history!!!! I always try to learn from the others and the past not saying that this country is bad….. u are so closed in ur thinkin….

    Thanks for confessing! what do u know about france?????? Do we have more than u????? I don’t mind if we have more or less than u !!! I am not a child to compare and say France is better than an other country…. U still a teenager…. Come on….. Try to think as an adult not like a child!!!! The difference between me and u… I try to understand and help people in a good way….. In france, the prostition is legal but it is forbidden to do some ads, ….. Very Few pure French women are prostitute… They come from poor country Asia, Africa, East of Europe….. and many of them are victims of some illegal organizations!!! Policemen try to arrest the illegal organization and help the victim which are women…. Why do we have prostitution, coz of demand… So don’t mix at all….
    In Anycase, a good muslim will never see a prostitute, The responsible is the man who goes there. The woman is a victims because she is poor or even a slave….

    Please, read news from countries…and u will see what happen in gulf countries too …

    That’s so easy to critiszie…. The person who has the more respect is Ayya who tried to see a reality, she doesn’t critisize just understand and her title is a question as u noticed….

    Why I choose “I Love Abdulrhman”, well because of French Humor, if u don’t like this is ur problem, I love it :).

    I try to understand reality as our sister Ayya mashallah try to do, whereas u are racist of a country and accuse morocco…. Thats so easy to accuse but to understand that is an other story….

    Please ud better to learn from the others instead of critizing a nation…..

    Just one thing go to some facebook group,etc… u will see some girls in gulf countries are not happy about the behaviour of some kuweiti men…. I am sociable and speak with many people… If in gulf countries, women had more freedom on choosing their futur husband, u would see whats happen…. Some emirati, kuweiti saoudi told me that….U know I know a young emirati woman,
    Don’t judge anyone, Allah is here to judge and Don’t forget one thing we are all creature of Allah, He didn’t choose one population than an other…. We are all his creature and hence we have to respect the human being….

    I am strong and independant. I know what I want but u, ur lost in ur ideas of the best countries…

    Peace for all people!!! May Allah bless good people!Ameen!!!

    Ramadan karim for all of u ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
      Sep 08, 2010 @ 00:20:38

      Okay , love me as you wish .. you are loving a Kuwaiti person after all ๐Ÿ™‚ and by praising AyyA, you`re also praising a Kuwaiti lady ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Kuwait forever .. and let the losers lose LOL

      • I Love Abdulrhman :)
        Sep 08, 2010 @ 13:55:13

        Assalam aleikoom Everyone,

        Yah by praising AyyA, I am also praising a Kuwaiti lady but not all Kuwaiti ladies…
        Lovin u as I wish… Yah if I wish …..Be clever 1 min please !!!

        I am not a pschychologist even i am scientist but I try to read many books on many field and especially on psychoanalysis…. Ur behaviour figures out lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem due perhaps due to a sort of humiliation in the past…. Be careful Brother, coz the consequence are dangerous : depression,etc….
        I know kuweiti people and there are not like u but like us! Even Ayyaa, u should ask her. They never said “Kuwait forever .. and let the losers lose LOL”….
        They understand that people are equal whereas u think that “1 kuweiti woman = 5 moroccan woman”. There is no foundation and ur idea is so stupid… In my case i don’t care about the nationality, I care about her personality,her behaviour,…. She can be moroccan, french, kuweiti, swiss, english, I don’t mind, if i like her personality and is someone independant, has her own opinion, is religious,etc…. that’s sufficient for me!!! We cannot say “1 kuweiti woman = 5 moroccan woman” !!!!

        Hope one day u will understand what people try to say to u….
        I think u still young to understand that…. U should play with playstation instead of saying stupid things lol!!!! The hate u have u should transfer in sport,etc…. u will see u will be better after practicing sport, this is what we do for violent or hyper active children.

  431. Abdulrhman Al-Ali
    Sep 08, 2010 @ 12:53:24

    In advance, Eid Mubarak to AyyA and all my brothers and sisters in Morocco .. May Allah manage Muslims to be among the ones who prosper ..

  432. I Love Abdulrhman :)
    Sep 08, 2010 @ 18:31:44

    Ameen Ya Brother! Aid Mubarak for All Muslim!

  433. mohamed radi
    Sep 18, 2010 @ 19:11:25

    i think you talk a lot

  434. TALAL
    Sep 30, 2010 @ 21:58:34

    Moroccan girls or I should say morocan //// are the worst arabic girls .let me explain to you why because i visite morocco like 6 times a year and i have meet a lot of girls I always have to gige money because moroccan girl can do anything for money I said anything ,so how can you trust girls like that.I am very sorry to say that but moroccan girls are like WC .
    Any ways I like them but i will never marry one of them .
    When you sell your body you have no shame and when you have no shame you can do anything.
    The only way to get rid of that is to go back to Islam and fear GOD.

    • lolita
      Oct 18, 2010 @ 19:41:25

      Talal: hey hey listen up man..not all the girls r like that….instead of giving money to people who realy need them u give them to have /////…who is the stupid, player, dirty….youuuuuuuuuuuu…..u think ur stupid money is everything….how stupid r u man…

  435. Nora Ben Zakri
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 10:44:26

    Mister Talal are u telling that u went to morocco so many times to destroy other girls lives. You are as bad as those girls shame on u too. You are like those girls also a dirty WC.
    Dirty pig you must fear the one who has created you.

  436. AyyA
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 12:12:42

    Good job Nora
    When a woman sells her body, she’s called a &$%# or a slut, when a man pays for his body to be used, what do you call him? I call him a stupid slut

  437. Khalfan Al Busaidi
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 20:40:58

    Both of them are HOOKERS ๐Ÿ™‚

  438. AyyA
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 21:01:37

    Nice one Khalfan
    ุงู„ุจุถุงุนู‡ ู„ุง ุชุจูˆุฑ ุฅู„ุง ุนู†ุฏู…ุง ู„ุง ูŠูˆุฌุฏ ู…ู† ูŠุดุชุฑูŠู‡ุงุŒ ูุทุงู„ู…ุง ูƒุงู† ู‡ู†ุงู„ูƒ ุดุงุฑูŠ ุณูŠูƒูˆู† ู‡ู†ุงู„ูƒ ุจุงุฆุน
    ูุงู„ุจุงุฆุน ูˆ ุงู„ุดุงุฑูŠ ู…ุดุชุฑูƒูŠู† ุจุงู„ุฌุฑู…

  439. moroccanwomenlover
    Oct 10, 2010 @ 14:21:21

    Moroccan women are gorgeous

  440. lolita
    Oct 13, 2010 @ 10:15:56

    hello everybody,
    first of all i don’t know why u have this thinking about moroccans, they are witches, they use magic, are poor, everywhere u find this kind of people not just in morocco, nobody in this world is perfect, we all make mistakes, and if this moroccans do that there is reason why, nobody knows what is in people’s heart, and just allah who can judge us, u didn’t see anything by ur eyes so don’t anybody….moroccans are very kind people they respect other nationalities so they need the same think also.

  441. Abdulrhman Al-Ali
    Oct 14, 2010 @ 06:02:41


    • lolita
      Oct 14, 2010 @ 19:54:59

      abdulrhman al-ali…as we say if u r deep in water, the best thing to do is shut ur mouth, u don’t know anything about morocco, if im gona ask about its history u not gona know anything, u just know the bad things…what it means that ur mind is dirty, disgusting , messy, i think u need to clean it. whatever u said or u gona say is just/////, so we know who we r, and what we r doing…so we don’t need ur stupid opinions

      • Abdulrhman Al-Ali
        Oct 15, 2010 @ 14:03:30

        Lolita.. I think I apologized .. so please excuse me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        what should I do more to emphasize my repentance ?
        cry Morocco a river ? or do you a favor ?

        Let us end the argument now .. I am the culprit and it was my fault, Satan was pulling my leg and I followed his wrong path and went astray .. I love Morocco after I love Kuwait, okay now ?

        Please, Don`t hate Kuwait for nobody`s fault, ok ?
        we`ve ALWAYS been allies .. I asked lot of my friends about your country and the praise was always there ๐Ÿ™‚

        Kuwait & Morocco = FRIENDS AND ALLIES ๐Ÿ˜‰

  442. Nora Ben Zakri
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 12:26:57

    Our brother Abdulrhman Al-Ali couldn’t get involved with a moroccan girl, this is why he is mad, angry and upset.

  443. lolita
    Oct 18, 2010 @ 19:34:47

    its ok guys…we need to move on……after all we r human and all of us we make mistakes,,,,Ali: sorry about that, but any moroccan can be like that,,,is just we r jalous of our country and people we don’t want anybody to say sth bad about it,,,,i think is same for u,,u canot let anybody say sth bad about ur country,,,right? anyway….let’s move…and be happy (^_^)

  444. Saad
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 17:27:53

    Hi There,

    The Moroccan girls are the best and believe me: for us guys, we are looking for those type of girls having a very special skills in the beds as Ibn Khaldoun said in his book (Wink*)..
    Just lay down in your bed and of course, they will give you your special dose well in time… woow..

    Regards, Saad

  445. Saad
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 17:40:07

    Frankly speking: I am thinking seriously to marry a moroccan girl in the near future but, moving ahead for such a proposal needs some arrangements as I still engaged with my Saudi wife!! Practical & effective suggestions are widely welcome so kindly, provide your excellent contributions to this regard!!!

    Bye for now, Saad

    • Khalfan Al Busaidi
      Oct 31, 2010 @ 07:39:35

      i wonder since when u have engaged the saudi girl!!!! and since when u know morocco girls. anyway, what do i suggest as u asked for;
      1. Make up your mind
      2. ask ur self self; Is bed its all about?
      3. Will she ” Morocco” will be happy to live with u in KSA away from her family?
      4. From which family u r going to marry? do u know this people?
      5. Talk to ur friends who had this experience, and listen to them…..but take this from me… NOT WHAT EVER U HEAR IS TRUE.

  446. TALAL
    Oct 31, 2010 @ 02:46:31

    next month I will be visiting a place in morocco call mazagon i need to spend some money and meet some very young girls .Moroccan girls are so yumy so i will be eating some baby chicks lol.money can make you happy and others happy as well.i mean girls .in morocco any one need to shuggg they go old EU GAYS they sleep with young boys .gulf men sleep with young girls .the come from all over the world must be sale in morocco .
    tell you later what happened.you take it easy –remember no money no honey.hahahahahahahahahaha
    thank you .

    • lolita
      May 25, 2011 @ 03:35:42

      talal :thats really nasty, morocco is very beautiful country, and has rich history and culture, and freindly people, like you people take advantage of those young girls who has many issues to do this stuff, and your dirty money dont make anybody happy, what you get from all of this, of course nothing.like you people make morocco very dirty. and not just in morocco you find this even in your country, from all of that, people are different, if we have different fingerprint we have different thinking. dont judge the book by its cover, only allah who can judge us, and u have to know that moroccan woman has their dignity. take it easy and be carefull about what u saying next time

  447. RayR
    Nov 15, 2010 @ 05:15:26

    Salaam. I am sad to have read derogatory comments from a few disillusioned people here. We must all learn to respect each other, not to stereotype people and learn that every person in this world has their own characteristics/beliefs/motivations. We must not forget that we entered into this world with no material possessions and we will be buried with none; therefore please do not talk about money as it does not necessarily bring you true happiness, just feelings of happiness (which are two very different things). No one is better than anyone else and history is not necessarily an indication of the future…one must not become too indulged in the finer things in life and remember that fortunes/good living/luck can change very quickly. Live your life piously, respectfully and honestly. Treat others with the respect that you would like to receive and above all, be sincere. You will be happy…inshallah. Peace to all nationalities, faiths and ethnicities.

  448. Alamir
    Jan 07, 2011 @ 14:14:46

    I am against stereotyping and I am open to marry from any nationality. I am interested to marry Moroccan lady. Please if any lady interested, please email me at \\\\\

    Please I need serious response.


    • AyyA
      Jan 07, 2011 @ 21:42:35

      Alamir; please this is not a dating sight, it is a sight to discuss a matter, or to give an opinion. Sorry to disappoint you, but I do not allow any personal contacts to be listed here. Regards

  449. saad
    Jan 13, 2011 @ 01:37:46

    I resently got married to a beautful Moroccan girl.
    I’m Saudi and proud of it nd wish evryone all good.

  450. Moshe ait zarhoune
    Jan 22, 2011 @ 01:41:00

    well well well, where should I start?
    First of all, let me educate you all on the history of Morocco. We were a Christian/Jewish society before the sub-human niglets from the East invaded. They subjected us to slavery and misery. We were stripped of our basic rights and were forced to live in ghettos and mellahs.
    I am a non-Muslim Moroccan who is probably one of the few “authentic” Moroccans left who still carry their pride and dip anyone aggressor’s face in it.
    Those Arabians who speak ill of our women, I question your very pseudo sense of superiority…what makes you so proud desert nomads? don’t forget that you’ve been introduced to boxers and drawers just 40 yrs ago. You have given this world no contributions whatsoever!

    A message to all Moroccan Muslims:
    Enjoy the peace your country offers and indulge yourselves in it. Those Middle-eastern pot holes erupt each day with suicide bombers…
    Did you forget our time in harmony? our tolerance towards each other? our love and respect for those of us with different denominations?
    If you’re so proud of the culture and belief system these Arabs have imposed upon you, then this forum is your biggest proof: THEY DO NOT LIKE YOU! they refer to you as women of voodoo, women who prey on their men haha total farce! your men leave you because you’re ugly and all over 90 kgs.
    Believe you me brethren, these Arabs only respect in times of need, if they’re willing to wage a Jihadist holy war on another country or if they’re so desperate for a UN vote…

  451. Mariam
    Jan 22, 2011 @ 02:51:14


    What I dont understand, is why people are so biased, to judge the whole country girls, because of some girls who are prostitute for their own reason. The behavior of some Arab girls far worse then Moroccan girls, the Lebanese once I was in selfridges with my brother a girl came to him she was lebanese asking him out randomly that was during Ramadan!! those girls from Syrian, Egypt and worse the KHALEEJ’S including the KUWAITIES are you telling they are good girls, you go and visit London schools and universities and see for your self. there was a Kuwaiti girl who I met at secondary school in London, she was the only BAD Arab girl in that school, she went out many nationalities including Bangladishi and Indians can you believe, kissing and touching on the street and probably more, she was known as the school BITCH. I work as pharmacist in central London a Saudi princess she came trying to buy medicine, because she drunk too much the night before that was during RAMADAN, i refuse to give it to her until she provide a prescription from the Doctor, her bodyguard interfered telling me do you know who is this!! she is the princess of so and so, he think he was in an Arabic country, told him this the UK mate, and many many it is like they been freed from a cage when they arrive to the London,Plus many dirty Khaleej’s old women wearing Hijab though asking some staff who work at the pharmacy to go home with them how sick.

    • Khalfan
      Jan 22, 2011 @ 09:33:32

      Mariam and All,
      The topic of ” Moroocco Girls” is well known by the majority and have been discussed widelly. I like to re-say my opinion in this, please take it in a positive way..
      Morocco Girls/women/females…DONT need any 1 to defend on them. They are much higher to be defended on.
      We as a human being are well known to just repeat what others say, without digging the truth because its a hard option. However, for those who like to know the truth believe me they realise what is the meaning of ” Morocco Nation” as general.
      Whta is happening here now, we just throw the words here and there, calling names and go on!!!! we r actting childish, and to grow up we have to stop this.
      My opinion is based on personal experience…


      Khalfan Al Busaidi – A guy from ARABIAN GULF-

  452. rbc
    Jan 23, 2011 @ 16:13:19


    How fuuny that this blog is BELONG to a Kuwaiti women that RAISED TISE ISSUE THEN LEFT IT AWAY WITH A HUGE IGNORE TO COMMENTS


  453. rbc
    Jan 23, 2011 @ 16:19:07


  454. Sara
    Jan 26, 2011 @ 02:21:27

    ู…ู† ูŠุฑูŠุฏ ุงู† ูŠุนุฑู ุงูƒุซุฑ ูู„ูŠุฐู‡ุจ ุงู„ู‰ ุงูˆุฑุจุง ูˆู…ุตุฑ ูˆูŠุฑู‰ ุจุนูŠู†ู‡ ุงู„ุนุทุด ูˆุงู„ุฌูˆุน ุงู„ุนุงุทูู‰ ู„ุฏู‰ ุจู†ุงุช ุงู„ุณุนูˆุฏูŠุฉ ูˆุงู„ุฎู„ูŠุฌ ุจู…ุฌุฑุฏ ุงู† ุชู†ุฒู„ ู…ู† ุงู„ุทุงุฆุฑุฉ ุชุดูŠู„ ุงู„ุนุจุงูŠู‡ ูˆุจุนุฏ ู…ุง ุชุฐู‡ุจ ู„ู„ูู†ุฏู‚ ุงูˆ ุดู‚ุฉ ุจุนุฏ ุดูˆูŠุฉ ุชุฎุฑุฌ ู„ุงุจุณู‡ ุฌูŠู†ุฒ ุถูŠู‚ ูˆุงู„ู…ูƒูŠุงุฌ ูˆุงู„ุนุทูˆุฑ ูˆุชุจุฏุก ููŠ ู‡ุฒ ู…ุคุฎุฑุชู‡ุง ูˆุชุฐู‡ุจ ู„ุชุตุทุงุฏ ูุญู„ ูŠุทููŠ ู…ุฎู†ุชู‡ุง.

    ู…ุดุงุฌุฑุฉ ู†ุณุงุฆูŠุฉ ุนู„ูŠ ุดุงุจ ุจู…ุทุนู… ุชู†ุชู‡ูŠ ุจุฅุตุงุจุงุช ููŠ ุงู„ูƒูˆูŠุช | ู…ุฌู„ุฉ ูˆุทู† ู…ุฌู„ุฉ-ูˆุทู†/ู…ุดุงุฌุฑุฉ-ู†ุณุงุฆูŠุฉ-ุนู„ูŠ-ุดุงุจ-ุจู…ุทุนู…-ุชู†ุชู‡ูŠ-ุจุฅุตุงุจุงุช-ููŠ-ุงู„ูƒูˆูŠุช

  455. L'extrรชme Occident
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 04:38:45

    Seems like after spanish and Algerians,it’s the turn of The gulf boy to fantasize about Morocco???Huh,really,leave Morocco alone!!! :@
    Also,If you have this much sparetime,do something useful for you,insead of wasting time struggling in a childish debate!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  456. RoseLover
    Feb 06, 2011 @ 23:01:00

    That is one long post. Thank you Ayya for keeping it alive! I was searching Internet on tips how to meet Moroccon girls. I wish this post was titled “How to meet Moroccon girls” instead of Why Moroccon Girls ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It is obvious. Everyone has their own reason. Mine is the woman I met who will make Naomi Campbell ashamed of her beauty. I still can not forget how she looked at me and shouted “What? Why do you look like that ?” !!! I did not know why I was looking like that but as a world traveller I should go to Merakesh and see it myself. I wonder what is the best way to meet Moroccon girls. I am not Arabic but being Turkish, I know the muslim culture pretty well. Any suggestions? Maybe a website or something?

  457. Khadija
    Feb 09, 2011 @ 22:42:08

    @Moshe ait zarhoune

    First of all I salute you for speaking about Moroccan’s tolerance, because yes Moroccan Jews are a part of our country. But let’s get our fact straight about Morocco’s history shall we? Prior to the Muslim invasions (which is the best thing happening to us Mash’a Allah, I couldn’t have found any better religion anyway), we didn’t have any Christian/Jewish society. They were Jewish settlements which came with the Phoenicians in classic; Pagans and some Roman cities which were christianized than attached to the Eastern Church of Constantinople. The highest part of these people converted to Islam, the biggest ammount of Moroccan Jews is from Sephardi heritage and they are on the Morocco’s land after the Spanish Reconquista after the end of the Andalusi empire and when Jews were expelled. These guys were Arabic speakers and used Judeo-Spanish in their litturgies. So when you say that you are one of the few authentic Moroccans, you are insulting a bunch of people since Morocco, as being between civilisations, managed to make feel everyone at home.

    And about living in a mellah, you talk about them as ghettos but I know a lot of Jews who remember living there peacefully. We, as Muslims (specially from Morocco) gave you a status of “dhimmi” as a minority; what about other religions? What about pagan Romans? What about Christians? Sephardi Jews came to Morocco from Andalusia (where they were already dhimmis) and prefered to stay with us as dhimmis rather than other countries where they could have been burned for heresy. We protected you for centuries when christians burned your brothers 60 years ago. So don’t blame Islam, which clearly gave you a protection in its main book, when the Bible portray you as the Messiah’s killers. I’m a proud Moroccan girl, proud of being Maghrebian and being on both Arab and Amazigh heritage, in a country where Islam is practiced without artifice and hypocrisy.

    About what some stupid people say about Morocco, I couldn’t care less, I met enough of other Arabs to know that there’s stupid people everywhere. I have a lot of female and male friends and collegues from the Middle East and they were all very brotherly with me. I don’t say that I never experienced biased comments by some Khalijis (specially since I travelled to UAE to visit my sister who work as an Regional director for a Telecommunication company in Abu Dhabi, I had some comments and even some disgusting offers). But yes a lot of Gulf people want to marry us because of our Nothern African culture, and because we are more outspoken and because our cooking drive people crazy. My older sister is married to an Emirati and she is a hard working woman. And I’m studying with a bunch of other Arabs. So the people like you Moshe trying to do fitna, it won’t work. We are Moroccans, from AL MAGHRIB AL AQSA and the contributions we brought on the Arab civilization was overwhelming. So I don’t really care what a few people say about Moroccan people. Morocco is too great and too big to even feel insulted. MOROCCO is the pearl of the Arab world =) . Big up to my Levant and Khaliji sisters =)

    Ayaa keep up the good work ya okhtee, Allah ya3tek sa7a wa 3afia

  458. BONG
    Feb 14, 2011 @ 12:03:33

    I have a Moroccan girlfriend…she tells me the truth that there is really black magic in the country. One time she gives me a picture of her and she puts it in a white color baby’s gloove. I was not able to ask her about it why she puts it in a white color baby’s glooves. My friends told me that putting her pic in the glooves of the baby makes me to think of her always..i do not know if this is true but for me?..it seems it is true..because i think of her always…..

    • wistiti
      Mar 02, 2011 @ 17:40:04

      Dear Bong,
      what she did has nothing to do with magic .
      She wanted to have your attention and apparently she succeded.
      she is interested in you, and she found a non commun way to let you think about her. oh , it’s cute!

  459. Yousra
    Feb 17, 2011 @ 07:55:49

    Hi Ayya, and all of you
    First of all, I wanted to tell that Ayya is remarkable.
    How reflective and smart you are !
    Regarding Morroccan girls, I think there is no secret, except different ingredient mixed together, among others : sense of humour, attention, charm, fineness, delicacy, gentleness.. Furthermore, they have the reputation for being hot and pretty.. All these qualities make them attractive, specially for Gulf guys who are, generally, seeking for Arabic girls, or girls with an arabic culture and/or arabic influences. Then, I don’t think it’s a good think to generalize, specially when it deals with people, but I can say that many Moroccans girls, or girls who have Moroccans background have these qualities and the right behavior to attract guys very easily..
    Regards from Paris

  460. fasia
    Mar 26, 2011 @ 20:37:41

    Im a moroccan lady was born and raised in europe married to a Kuwaiti man, I met my husband during a trip to morocco.
    I fell in love with him, loved his dark eyes and his brown skin and I liked his eccent. I found it first difficult to leave everything just for a man but mine Angel is worth it! Im now living here with him and we are blessed with a lovely beautiful daughter. And I must say I love the people and the country.

    • -L-Morrocangirl
      May 09, 2011 @ 21:15:38

      HI Fasia Im a morroccan girl , and im dating now a kuwaiti man since 2 months , it would be great , to tell me more about your experience and i have some questions to tell you.

      If we can exchange our email it could be great ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Thanks Ayaa for this blog

  461. Lane Meyer
    Mar 27, 2011 @ 14:18:59

    I am from the US and married to the most wonderful Moroccan woman. Having lived in the middle east for a few years and talking to men there, they say they like Moroccan women because they are less material than Kuwaiti or Emirati women. Those women command HUGE dowries they say and they spend all their time and money on make up and in beauty parlors. Having seen those women up close they really arent that attractive and tend to have bad skin becasue of using so much makeup. My wife is extremely frugal when it comes to finances. Also she does wear some make up but its hard to tell except around the eyes which are just magical to look into.

  462. Amin
    Mar 27, 2011 @ 16:32:29

    Dear Friends,

    Thanks for all just now i well noticed all comments about morocco people. All morocco girls are not like that cheapest one. Some people are misusing their beauties. I want to visit morocco from United Arab Emirates. I want to marry morocco girl.

  463. Sara
    Apr 03, 2011 @ 06:34:28

    Hey alll,

    I’m moroccaine (21) living in europe i think there’s no secret in us …& i really don’t know why other guys look at us by this way …
    I am open minded and cool and had many friends of different nationalities …
    last year, i met a friend he’s from the UK, we connect so well, i liked talking with him, we had a good friend “friends only” after while i don’t know what happend!!! he asked for relations (i refuse because i saw him only friend), then he became so strange and try to force me to have this relationship,after he understand that i wont accept, he become crazy mad and told me very hurtful words…,then i asked him the reason, he said that “he can’t control himselves and there’s something in me that i do it express” but i really didn’t use to do anything i was so freindly,honest,kind with him…in return he hurt me very..
    I stoped this friendship and disapear, even he was really my friend ..
    after this experience i stop almost all my friendships with other guys because I saw the same look on me “Sex Magic” … .
    in fact i still don’t know why the other guys look at us this way … i’m really tired of this ….. i fed up …
    I wish if i could know the way to let them stop look at us by this way … before and after everything they forget that we’re humain and we have feeling….

    Best regards

  464. Safaa
    May 03, 2011 @ 19:21:15

    Oh my god, this is quiet unbelievebale, since 2004 to 2011 and still didn’t get the answer lol
    Aya, congratulations to you for this successful page, interesting topic.
    Why moroccan women? it’s all about magic ( my eyes lol) i’ve read a comment of someone i don’t remember who cuz i’ve read a long list, who said oh there were some statistics saying that even educated women in morocco believe in magic and use it( excuse me but since ur saying that my friend, no one believes in black magic but you, oh so sad, and next time don’t just talk i would like to see these statistics, even if i’m sure they don’t exist, ppl are so dumb) I can’t believe what i’m reading i would like to get to these people’s brains and see how they think and see things and analyse, well if magic works this much i don’t think there’s gonna be an important percentage of divorces in morocco, this is so silly, that’s first.
    Second, i’ve read, euh well cuz they are cheap and can have sex for some dirhams, this is what it calls a prostitute and a prostitute exist everywhere, it’s a a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money, and sure it’s not the case of all moroccan women; i’ve read another comment saying that moroccan women are poor and they look for khaleeji guys to get some money(wait is it a joke?) who the hell said that all moroccan are poor, is it statistics again? LOL
    Third, there’s another asian girl who’s saying that she met moroccan girls and know exactly what they can do, and that they can have sex with anyone several times with no problem just to oblige and force the guy to get in the relationship and stay with her, (are you kidding me) you know it’s not true and you know as i do that the reputation of asian girls is woooooorst so plz watch out what you’re saying.
    Guys, moroccan girls are humans and as it’s been already said, good and bad are everywhere, and there’s no secret, it’s only because khaleeji or other nationalities kept in mind the image which has been drawn for all moroccan women as s…s make them think they can have any of them anytime(so untrue).
    and for the one who said whenever i come to morocco girls try to seduce me cuz i’m a foreigner, unfortunately that i didn’t meet you cuz then ur gonna change that point of view.
    Finally moroccan woman isn’t forced to proove anything to anyone, she’s living her life simply like a woman, with happy things and sad things, maybe the secrets that you’re trying to find out are just some gifts for these women, it’s not about the nationality, it’s not about been berber or arab or open minded, it’s not about the physical beauty it’s all about the spirit.
    Greetings from me.

  465. -L-Morrocangirl
    May 09, 2011 @ 21:25:11

    Hi everybody hope everyone is ok ?!!!

    Im 22 years old girl , I live in Paris, And I agree with Sara, i dont know why , but i have meet people from gulf country and , when i say that i am moroccan , they all look at me diferent , and with envy, its ok , but sometimes i feel tired of this ,
    I believe in magic but I dont do magic at all.
    I just hope man stop looking at moroccan girls like slut or just for one night…

    Kiss everybody ๐Ÿ˜‰

  466. NAna
    May 20, 2011 @ 05:01:11

    hellooooooooooooooo, can anyone translate all tat to fransh to me lol
    I am Moroccan , but Im not prostitute
    I wear khimaaaar and I love my country
    yes weeeeeeeeeee are the Best in the world to our husbands

    dat is wat I could write

  467. manal
    May 31, 2011 @ 19:19:31

    hello everybody
    I found this blog today and i was reading a lot of interventions and comment.
    I have my own opinion and experience to sahe with you guys.
    Im a morrocan girl i’m 24,i was in a vacation in Paris and i met that guy from Uae in a very romantic restaurant at night.
    We discuss fwe thing n english and when we discouvered that we were arabic (me from morroco and him from UAE) we were both choked….i was choked because he were speaking very well english and he’s blond hair so he does’nt look like emarati man….in the other hand he was shoked because he tought i was frensh ( i was speaking english-frensh and i don’t look like arabian)…that was the only time we met, he has his fly the next day…we exchange our Nยฐ and since then we talk everyday and we became so close…
    This emarati man, found in me the equal between the meadle east and europian life style and thinking way….he found in me in the same time an arabic and europian girl…that’s what he told me…
    I’m falling for this man, he’s so nice to me, so intelligent and have a very good way to plan the futur…and together we want built a life together.
    So he’s coming to see me next month and want to meet my family.it’s very serious beween us…i loce so much my country and i want to live there forever…i live very well with my parents, i had good studies after high school and i have a good job with good salary, so if i marry him it’s not for money because it’s not what i need inspite he’s not a rich man…if i’m planning the futur with him just because he’s the man i can feel with him with security and he will offer me all his love and affection…but if i marry him i have to go live with him in UAE…it’s scearing the hell of me :S ….i never been in an arabic country before…i never asked him how it works there because i don’t want him to be hurt when i will ask him about the rules of clothes and behouvior in UAE…so im asking you …plesae help me to know better about this country you people from khalij…and is true that an emarati man has to be married with an emarati women before he marry another one??? those questions i can never ask him too, because i dont want to hurt his feeling.
    thanks in advance

  468. manal
    Jun 07, 2011 @ 14:41:30

    i still wait for answer please

  469. nora
    Jun 07, 2011 @ 15:03:41

    Hi Manal

    Nice for you being in love with this guy, I would advice you to just follow your heart rather then asking advices from strangers through a site.
    I’m also married to a Khaliji and most of my family were against, I started to hear bad stories from everywhere about middle easters and everyone tried to change my mind.
    I was extremly in love with him and I saw in him the man so i went for it!
    And yes I made a good choice in marrying him. If you like romance go for it coz it’s a known that Khaliji’s are the most romantic men and beautiful also ๐Ÿ™‚ good luck

  470. manal
    Jun 09, 2011 @ 15:47:40

    hi nora thanks you very much…it means a lot to me
    He’s coming next month to meet my family and you know my mother and close family and friend are afraid of the whole idea…i would like to know more about ur story that will help me a lot…
    but i agree with you…he’s so romantic and threat me like a princess….i love that he make me feel unique.
    Thanks Nora i’ll be waiting for more abt ur story thank u thank u thank u

  471. Alya
    Jun 10, 2011 @ 22:45:28

    This is For Manal. You sound like a nice girl who has gone about finding a man in a decent way (unlike many slutty Moroccan girls). I wish you all the best and don’t worry about the dress code in UAE, you are a Muslim and I’m sure you will no objection with the beautiful jellabas the women over there wear. At least you will be rewarded by Allah for wearing revealing cloths. By the way you mentioned that you were an Arab – I am sure Morocco is on the continent of Africa which technically makes you an African. Many Moroccan seem to think they are Arabs but your not.

    • Adil
      Jun 10, 2011 @ 23:37:43

      Your comment is so pathetic and so ignorant that honestly I dont understand how you can allow to speak about what you ignore. I am pretty sure that the Gulf is on the continent of Asia, which technically makes you an Asian. Many Gulf people seem to think that they Arabs but they are actually Arabized Persians mixed with Africans and South Asians. If you doubt Morocco’s belonging to the Arab world and the Arab civilization, than I would suggest to stop calling all these great men like Ibn Battuta, Ibn Rushed, etc… as Arabs since they were authentic Moroccans. Most big men of the Islamic golden era came from North Africa, Moroccan’s contribution to the Islamic Arab civilisation was probably among the greatest and all over Europe, everyone knows about Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia’s customs and culture but no one knows about the Gulf. I think you guys have more reasons to be proud to be related to us more than we do ila 7ebti al 7aqiqa… By the way the Gulf council invited African Morocco to be a part of its group.. not too depressed? And the fact that one of Dubai biggest mall is call after… a Moroccan (Ibn Battuta)? The fact that the first ARAB person to work for the Nasa is Moroccan and the first ARAB and MUSLIM woman to win an Olympic title was… Moroccan. We make the Arab nation proud by contributing in the global civilization, so stop neglicting us. We are Arabs and Africans, and you are Arabs and Asians.. as French are Caucasian Europeans and Canadians Caucasian Americans. If Moroccans are not Arabs, than Egyptians arent, Jordanians are not, Lebanese are not, Iraqis are not… basically it will be only certain people in Saudi Arabia, Emirates and Yemen… and even people are so mixed race that you arent really Arabs from the Quraish tribes. So stop bitching. Shukran… wa salaam

    • manal
      Jun 11, 2011 @ 17:54:27

      thanks for your comment.
      but talking about being african and not arab i think you should make researchs about the subject because you do ignore a lot about morocco.
      we are arabic….our greats grandfathers came from chibh aljazera al arabiya to morocco read about ( ุงู„ูุชุญ ุงู„ุฅุณู„ุงู… in north of africa)

    • nora
      Jun 11, 2011 @ 23:36:01

      yes Alya you are partly right, it’s hard to believe that we are arabs coz we are not that dark skin and we look to different from the khalijees. I found the most khalijee women look like Indian and pakistan women, are you guys mixed up. And regarding the clothes we never immitate anyone , we like to remain unique and wear our own clothes. And it’s your men who leave you behind and take long flights to find their dream wives and not the opposite.
      Ta7ya likul maghriby

  472. French guy
    Jun 11, 2011 @ 23:38:13

    As Salam Aleikoom,
    Hummmm, Is Morocco an arabic country? Well some people should read Ibn Khaldoun and see where the tribe are from. Morocco as algeria, Tunisia, Lybia is a mix of Berber and arab tribe. But in Gulf countries there is also a mix btw India, Pakistan, balouchi, Lebanon, etc. over the years.. So where is the difference.? I dont see it
    In my case, I know my origin since I am from a descendant tribe of the prophet SAW (they came to morocco since they were afraid to be killed, the king of morocco is alsso a descendant as the king of jordan…), you can check my tribe in( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oulad_Bou_Sbaa ).I have the shajarat (tree) and I am also from a berber tribe. I don’t think there is a pure arab tribe… we mix over the years… and people has to recognize that… So could you explain me what is an arab today???
    In anycase, I don’t mind about that even if I see people around me respecting my dad a special person… I Have lived in france during all my life and with some origins from south of morocco with arabic and berber blood. But where is the problem? What arab blood represent for me? Nothing, I dont mind if i am arab, berber, caucasian, indian,etc… I am what i am, the most important if what u do and not where u are from.
    My french speaking is pure parisian and i am white skinny, pple think i am caucasian (coz of my berber origin) but i dont mind and I play with. Only my first name show i have arab origin… Clothes don’t make the man. My past makes me what I am as for everyone… Even I have arabic and berber blood, I consider myself as a french muslim and nothing else… When some people will think that, they would be a great advance in their life…

  473. anyone
    Jun 16, 2011 @ 21:40:39

    i need morocco girl to married

  474. kawtar the most beautiful eyes
    Jun 17, 2011 @ 14:27:32

    yessssssssss we are soooooooo beautiful so sexy so amizing,coooooooool fuuuuuuuun open minded
    and that qnestion will always be,cuz your men will always come to us
    and rather than ask us ask your men the real reason
    and rather than blame us go get your self better to keep your men for you

  475. come on ppl!!!!!
    Jun 17, 2011 @ 15:06:35

    hey to everyone
    first i wanna say no one should beleive that word”magic”,i thought we are in 21 centary but i guess there some ppl doesnt get that yet.
    moroccan girls are not for fun, i admit that that some of them having a bad reputation but to judge a whlole country by a small Percentage its verey stupid thing.
    and other thing if they are bad us many of you said why you make that page about them?
    to all my sisters and brothers morocco its a muslim country and in islam we are alow to make relations with other countries, no matter what was that relation its just not have to be haram then its not forrbiden, so the question is “whats the big problem you see in that?”

  476. Sofia
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 22:55:33

    Because Moroccan girls are known for being one of the most beautiful girls in the world, they’re liberal and open minded,funny,smart,cool,etc

    Funny how Arab guys dream about us,Why do u want girls from Morocco ??? Are the girls from your countries so bad ??! I just wanted to tell you to leave us alone please cause we’re tired of the bad names you give us “witches,whores,etc” Wooow you’re so backward and narrow-minded,you should learn the word “respect” !!

  477. manal
    Jul 05, 2011 @ 19:33:43

    hi everybody
    finally he came….he propose to me…and he met my family…i was already in love with him but now…..I’m crazy about him….he’s the one.
    Now im asking what will be the papers needed for the wedding ( 3a9d al 9irane)…if somebody can help me i will be so greatful.

    • lila
      Jul 26, 2011 @ 09:51:25

      dear sister Manal,
      first of all, I congratulate you for meeting the love of your life and insha’allah your soul mate. The only thing I would advice you is to do everything according to the Moroccan marital laws. They are very good for protecting women who want to marry from abroad. It will protect your rights and the rights of your children. As a Moroccan european woman, I know that children of moroccan women married to non-moroccans here in Europe have now the right to file for the Moroccan nationality for example.

  478. lila
    Jul 26, 2011 @ 09:39:42

    salaam to everybody,
    Dear sister AyyA, I congrtulate you for your astonishing patience. You are monitoring for 7 years the same subject. Why moroccan women?? as a Moroccan woman I do not have a clear answer to that. I do not believe in such absolute questions. May be I would answer your question if you had put the same question like on the same “why the syrian or the lebanese women??” , I would see and compare why people from the khaleej would/like/want to be with a moroccan woman. but, from the responses of the people I have some comments on it. I will post them one by one.

  479. lila
    Jul 26, 2011 @ 17:56:15

    The question why moroccan women?? suggets that a lot of foreigners to Morocco want/like moroccan women which is not true. And it is also not true that many many people dislike moroccan women. If we look at the statistics; there are almost 18 million females holding moroccan nationality (from 35 million population of Morocco). From that number of female maybe only 13 million have reached the age for dating or marriage. And from that number believe me at most 4 a 5 hunderd thousands who are in relationship with a foreigner man. thus, very very small percentage. As for those who do have a bad reputation, still very small % comparing to 18 million females. And as for prostitution, it does exist everywhere and the only thing about Morocco, is that people are open to discuss it like here in Europe.
    When I first arrived to Europe as a very young student, i was shocked how open people are about some subjects like prostitution, drugs, etc… At that time, I thought that I was landed in a country where everything is haram; indeed the Netherlands is the country where prostitution and drugs are legalised. but, as young as I was, I didn’t realise that such things do exist also in my country of origin only there they do not discuss it, it is hshouma as we say in Moroccan. Years later, a big wind of change has come all over Morocco. First politically, the new King has broken with the regime of his father. The years of the regime of his father known as the years of the lead, during which hunderds of people have been killed, has ended. The new king was open about everything has happend before and people could at last talk about their sufferings. That openess has lead to openess in other area’s like women rights. And because of that many many voices became loud and talk about prostitution and abuse of some rich oil people coming from the khaleej. The Moroccan newspapers have over a decade said all the unspoken and have written about all what is forbidden. There is no fear to talk about pedofelia for example or single mothers. Everything became normal to be discussed. This at one hand but at the other hand that has lead people to come in action to prevent such practices.

    Saying that about Morocco, i would say to people from the khaleej countries, do not be naive as I was when I first arrived in Europe. All the haram practices that exist in Morocco, do also exist there. If you look truthfully into yourself you will acknowldge it. And haram is haram whenever it is practicised or whith whom.

    So, back to my second country the Netherlands, where everything haram is legalised, I have to tell you:human traficking is better controlled especially young foreign girls from east european or south-east asian countries who are taken by force into prostitution industry. Drugs too. The only persons who get drugged till death are the tourists and not the dutch. Saying that, I’m 100% for the proposition of a swedish political party which wants to eradicate/prevent prostituion by punishing the hookers as well as their visitors and to put pics. of those visitors on internet.

  480. wafaa
    Aug 11, 2011 @ 12:52:25


  481. wafaa
    Aug 11, 2011 @ 12:58:05

    dear Ayya i couldnt find you email to reach you …. can you please delete my post (wafaa zn) i dont want to log in with my facebook acount but with a guest one
    thank you

  482. I
    Aug 13, 2011 @ 14:29:22

    Hello Wafaa,
    I read your comment and a very clear and educated perspective. Do you want to be friends with an educated guy living in Europe? I am Muslim by the way. I would really like to chat with you. Soo yeah, if you interested in making a friend that likes the way you think, then drop me a line, it would be great to hear from you.

    • AyyA
      Aug 14, 2011 @ 05:37:48

      Dear I
      Pls note that this blog is not a match-making place and kindly refrain from submitting e-mail, addresses or telephone number. Any personal contacting number will be deleted. Thanks

      • wafaa
        Aug 14, 2011 @ 05:55:05

        thanks AyyA !
        sorry for posting it twice i had a conexion problem …

        thanx I,

        so the post that deleted …

        hi everyone ! i feel really flattered when reading the whole discussion…. to see how moroccan girls ( not the prostitute ) are desirable by foreign ….
        why moroccan girls??
        its not really surprising God made her almost perfectly..
        the ideology of moroccan girls is a melted pot of western and of course middle east values .. a kind of bridge (as smbody on top said) between the traditional arabic woman and the modern european one…
        we are naturally beautful attractive ( lol we have real and natural eyebrows and we dont use 10000 pounds of MAC or NARS every morning .. as some …)… clever … smart and verry SMART … we do have that ”le savoir vivre !!’|’ the etiquette
        … Women are equal to men especially when talking about job titles …. (im currently studying civil engeneering :D) .. you can easilydeduce that we have a high level of education…. (my grand mother is 67 years old illetrate and you know what she goes to an association to learn how to read and write Coran ! i realy admire her )

        WE , moroccan girls dont dream of DRIVING a car or traveling alone abroad alone we fly planes … we go abroad for pursuing our studies and without mom dad or whoever ….
        we are FREE and INDEPENDANT … we can survive without a men …. and that makes guys envy us more and more…..

        of course im talking about the moroccan girl or woman that a man envy and hope to marry her not a prostitute ……… because prostitution has no nation…

  483. manal
    Aug 18, 2011 @ 15:11:15

    magnificent wafaa

  484. Fadoua
    Aug 26, 2011 @ 18:32:25

    I think the blog starter and the opnes who agree with her actually dont have issues with moroccan women. I think they have serious issues with themselves.

    If you seriously have the time to worry about these things, let met tell you that the entire reason for this lies within yourselves.
    Why waste your time by wondering what it is that moroccan women have to offer. Revise yourself and your own qualities. You need to ask yourself why the men aren’t interested in YOU. And its very easy to say the entire reason for this is the fact that they are known to be ‘easy’. Let me tell you one thing sister. EASY women come in all shapes and sizes. You are just hating, and for no obvious reason you assume that men want the moroccans just because they are easy. You dont want to critisize yourself, and for that the easiest way is to bring down the moroccans…

    I, myself am an Arabic moroccan woman, who lives in the Netherlands. Who has her masters degree and is proud of the ways she has turned out. Im strong and independant. I consider myself to be beautifull on the in- and the outside. I thrive on women like you who never tried to finf a deeper reason for anytinh in lige then only to hate and assume.

    Assumption is the mother of all mistakes…

    I hope you have found peace within yourself and have used your negative energy to make something of yourself and your life…..

  485. Morocco rocks
    Sep 01, 2011 @ 12:20:28

    I came across this and I found it very amusing how this is glorifying the middle eastern men, I am Moroccan who lives in LA and I have yet to see a good looking middle eastern guy. The truth is: Moroccan women are far from being your typical middle eastern women, we are open minded, more relaxed and when women in Saoudi Arabia are still fighting for the right to drive, my mom is been driving since I can remember, we have a huge European influence, we are not all Arabs we are also Berbers which have different features from Arabs, please look up Moroccan international models and actresses you will be amazed, we are very mixed and we embraced all the differences that made us the way we are, I hope you realize that you are comparing apples and oranges when making the comparison of moroccans to Kuwaitis.

  486. chris
    Sep 08, 2011 @ 01:52:26

    Hi there. for me its such interesting subject, but my own subject is WHY KUWAT WOMEN SO JEALOUSE OF MOROCCAN WOMEN?. Moroccan women give men ultimate respect he wants and need, they give great sex (and thats what any man dream of) also they looking good after thier houses , they are very clean, clever, sexy, beauty, good cook….etc.any woman in this globe is cheap to get , any nationality but moroccans are the smarters ones.
    Also about black or colorful magic? who the hell still believe in this crap in 2011. theres nothing called magic but the great sex, great sex is thier magic to attract men. Moroccan women company is very joyable, so i think is the kuwait women are quiet a bit boring , because they forget aboutt their men and spend all thir time shopping, thinking that men loves women when they shop. but Moroccan women are so clever in playing men (men balls).

    Hope that helps ๐Ÿ˜‰

  487. dave
    Sep 11, 2011 @ 23:59:20

    moroccan women are filthy. they bathe once a week, if that. they are rude. they want to be the boss of everything. any guy who wants that might as well marry a liberal western feminist lesbian because Moroccan women don’t like sex. Stay away from moroccan women.

    • Surprised
      Sep 16, 2011 @ 15:01:32

      And I’m sure, if u really r from a westren country, you couldn’t keep up with the feminists and lesbians from your country. Poor you, you was a slave of these filthy women!!. So, you tought I will look for my own slave in Morocco. Wrong, wrong choice, we are born free and we will die free, NO slavery!! And because you couldn’t find any slave in Morocco, the only thing you can do is insulting them and calling them like you have called all the women back in your country. WAKE UP, slavery has been demolished centries ago!!

  488. karin6685
    Sep 15, 2011 @ 17:39:26

    beacauze morrocian girls do witchcraft on all the men, and only a donkey would travel to morocco, Moroccian girls have distroyed alot of mens houses just beacauze they do witchcraft , I’m Lebanese and I have proof of the magic of Moroccian girls i have seen it all, and eveybody knows that all the girls there are sluts and they jump from guy to guy at the same time and the only thing the guys gets is the aids from this discusting girls

    • Surprised
      Sep 16, 2011 @ 02:04:19

      As I can see, you have brought a lot of time with the moroccan sluts!! Did you learn some wichcraft from them?? did you learn how to jump from guy to guy??!! well, I don’t think so. You are lebanese and you was the first one who has jumbed in bed with khaleeji back in 60’s and 70’s, Back in that time, you was the beast of the midlle east every khaeeji woman was afraid of you, And because of the civil war, these, hungry men for women flesh started to look for another place in the world!! If you really are lebanese you should start a facebook page to advice your wh***, sorry, I mean all the female singers to cover a little bit. They are more naked than american and european singers. And these women and many others on your Tv stations are a publicity to attract tourists to come to your filthy country. And to visit a filthy person like you!! so, this is my first lesson to you. If you need more, just write back.

  489. wafaa
    Sep 16, 2011 @ 19:43:29

    lol guys seriously still believe in witchcraftes ??? wake up we’re in 2011 … its not about this shit its all about behaviour grace… i get sick when reading such things …

    • AyyA
      Sep 16, 2011 @ 20:09:20

      Bravo Wafaa, you took the words right out of my mouth. This goes to show you how much we, Muslims in general and Arabs in particular, are buried deep into our backwardness and ignorance. You could say that we may have created our own species, away from other humans in this world. We have been isolated so long that we have lost touch with reality. Now that the world is getting smaller and we are forced to mingle, look what we exported to others

      This is really sad
      Thanks for your enlightenment and inspiration, it’s been a long time since I was tempted to write something

    • Surprised
      Sep 16, 2011 @ 20:55:45

      those who believe in that kind of things, are people without self assurance. They blame others of the failures in their life in stead of confroning reality and solving the problems with strengh and determination!!!

  490. Nederlandse
    Sep 16, 2011 @ 23:08:31

    Wafaa & Ayaa, thumbs up for you!!! I’m moroccan and I’m from The Netherlands. You too Moroccans? Ps; don’t mind the bad english, i’m not that good lol

  491. Prince
    Sep 17, 2011 @ 16:11:00

    Hello all,

    i have been reading very interesting thoughts al above from Abdul Rehman, Ayya, Younes,sofia manal and nora…..

    where all you guys just vanished ? is this Forum still on?

    Regards Prince

  492. AyyA
    Sep 17, 2011 @ 22:46:47

    Hello Prince
    This,as you can see is not a forum, it is my blog. And the post is very old, but amazingly it still has audiences
    Take care

  493. Prince
    Sep 18, 2011 @ 16:02:16

    Well Ayya, it was great to read all offensive & defencive acts and comments….
    am not surprised why people go so against Moroccon ladies..but i am wondering is this anti-thoughts only from GCC arabs to Moroccon ladies?

    • Surprised
      Sep 18, 2011 @ 20:01:25

      I will tell you, why we are so occupied (I mean arabs/muslims), in general, by that kind of subjects: simply, we have nothing to do!! High unemployment, high ignorance, low consciousness about what really happens in the world, are the factors that lead people to offend others or/and defend themselves!! I hope the arab/north-african spring will change something in the mentality of people and start to behave on a civilised way!!

  494. Stefan
    Sep 29, 2011 @ 18:08:48

    I’m a guy from Sweden fortunate enough to have found a woman from Morocco now living in Paris. Some men might think that women from Sweden is Gods gift to men – WRONG. Totally wrong and I have so many friends (male) that think the same. Swedish women are narrow-minded, not feminine, badly dressed, at best average in bed and there is no attraction between men and women left in my poor country. Men and women are just too equal in Sweden.

    On the other hand, Sofia from Morocco, she is intelligent, very beautiful, open-minded, fun and take a serious interest in making sure our relationship is good. Thanks to her we have sensational sex which is only a positive side-effect of our deep love and respect. She is very subtle and don’t like me being too direct. We are equal but she is on the dominant side which suits us both perfectly. She is my dream woman and I’m probably the luckiest guy on this planet. If I had to “label” her using just one word it would be “relationship-minded”. This is a word I don’t even know exist but it just came to my mind after I had met her a few times.

    Sofia is my everything and I love her for being who she is.

  495. majfhrgpeh
    Sep 29, 2011 @ 23:22:46


  496. malaki
    Sep 30, 2011 @ 16:34:25

    Really i donot know whats going on here. i am a traveller from faaaaaaaar east and i am planning to visit the place arabs call ” Magrabia” . I already visited the middle east and i will only comment after visiting Magrabia. then i will be able to compare and find out the difference between Mashreq (mideast) and Maghreb. btw i am not an arab.

    • Surprised
      Oct 01, 2011 @ 23:40:23

      Go and visit what ever country you want to, but, keep your findings for yourself. don’t play mister analyser in 2 or 3 or even 4 weeks. Make any analysis among the girls from your country. I wonder why you are travelling, I doubt if it is for a touristic tour!!!. People like you should first go for self-analysis!! and your origin whether it”s arabic or not is not so interesting.

      • malaki
        Oct 02, 2011 @ 01:40:52

        thanks surprised for the advice. i spent 10 years in the middle east and i heard a lot about the culture and traditions of the west( tunis, maroc,,,). let me see atleast pls, ok i will not analyze.. i did not talk about girls/ladies

        • Mona
          Oct 02, 2011 @ 17:06:16

          I have read ur posts and the response of Surprised, and, me too I wonder what are you doing in a forum about moroccan girls/women if ur are interested in tourism in Morocco? if it is true what you say, then, you should consult the forums about tourism and not about women.

          • malaki
            Oct 02, 2011 @ 17:36:33

            sorry for being here,i was surpprised by the hatred among different arabic speaking regions. Its sad. every nation calaims to be superior than the others. and in some khaleej countries asian expats are not treated well becuase they are non arab. but i think its not only the asian expats arabs dont respect eachother even. i am just eager to explore the remains of those arabs who ruled the world at one time.

            • Mona
              Oct 02, 2011 @ 17:55:47

              I think you are on the wrong forum. If you want to talk about the hatered among people, arabs and others, then you should create another one. Well, if you want to explore the remains of the muslim civilisation incl. arabic then you have to start from spain (former andalusia), and then Morocco. algeria, etc… and if I was you, I would read about the life of the great moroccan adventurer Ibn battuta so, you can, may be, follow the routes he had taken to visit the vast region of the muslim world. And again, hatered is a bad thing, but, everybody in the world exercises it. By the way, not all people who speak arabic are arabs. And I still am wondering what are you doing in a forum about moroccan girls/women!!

  497. malaki
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 20:09:26

    thank you mona. i really had no idea that ibn battuta was from maroc. I will read about him for sure. You know there are very few libraries in the Gulf region. its not like old spain (former andulasia). i was thinking that all the member states of the Arab League are arab states.
    may be thats why its role has not been effective in any conflict in the arab world (MENA region). And for each dispute anywhere(whether its Libya,Maroc, Algeria,palestine, kuwait, iraq) they had to call UK, US, & France to come and resolve.
    I am here to get some info. about Maroc, tunis, algeria and ofcourse to get some advice from some nice people like you. i hope you will still allow me to stay on this blog.

    • wafaa
      Nov 17, 2011 @ 06:23:07

      you’ re so mean! lol and should we teach you also how to shut up your mouth … ? lol or how to read you mightt be in need of it!? we people from maghreb can teach you … if theres anyone who can do it in your golf countries … lol

  498. romeo
    Nov 03, 2011 @ 21:54:02

    Well guys and gals, after reading all the comments from 2008 onwards i would like to add mine about moroccan girls and morocco. I have visited half of the world iincluding europe etc but frankly and very honestly speaking i have never found any country like morocco. What is so special ? it is hospitable people, liberal minded, advanced as compared to other arab countries and most of all such beautiful and loving woman which you dont find on this God’s earth anywhere else. let me admit being a married man i fell in love in morocco again and still love that girl though i cant marry her because i am already married but i would confess that i have seen moroccan sweet and nice accent that how they feel their men proud of them.

  499. lestad
    Nov 07, 2011 @ 12:37:05

    also i tell somethink about moroccon girls … thay love money ๐Ÿ˜€ also why kuvait guys choose meeans easy thay rich and moroccon girls love money…

    • Mona
      Nov 14, 2011 @ 15:36:48

      I couldn,t understand ur sentence, all, I could read is that moroccan women love money. Have u ever heard that the highest doweries in the arab and may be the muslim world are in the khalij??? and because of that many women cannot get married. So, simple conclusion all what matters khaliji women is money and they prefer not to get married if there is no rich man. So, u must wash ur mouth because all u tell about moroccan women is rubish and if there is money why not at least when they marry somebody they don,t put impossible conditions for marriage.

  500. hicham
    Nov 07, 2011 @ 19:39:58

    I dont know why do golf people like moroccan girls.
    Golf mans made a new kind of tourism in morocco, a sexual tourism good known.
    Because of life style in the golf countries, the man always needs a time to go outside the country, not for a true tourism, its only for a sexual and drog and fun tourism.
    Girls in countries like morocco are from poor famillies and when they know that sex can bring money, they just do it.

    when people want to solv a problem, they should start from themselfs.

    Thnx to you all.

    But dont forget, anywhere there are slutts even in Mekkah ” Astaghfiro allah”.

    • Mona
      Nov 17, 2011 @ 16:49:08

      And hicham, not all poor girls go into sex tourism industry. They are some but not all the poor moroccan women. And what I understand many of them are minors, under 18, this means there is a big network which tries to attract young girls to this industry and lawfully it is illigal to do that. And for those people who come to morocco and those from Morocco who help them into this, one day, u will receive the bill, whether ur a believer or not!!! Allaho yomhil wala yohmil.

  501. wafaa
    Nov 09, 2011 @ 02:46:43

    lol !!! Hanan You reply reflect your social Level … Your really MEAN … Its an intellectual debate …. and unfortunately you’re from those people who have nothing to say but just want to say something even if they don’t express anything… ( too lazy to use their brain and think or maybe CHEAP THINKING LOL …) lol anyways back to the heart of the matter…. i can’t imagine people still think in that way …. PROSTITUTION IS ANYWHERE as Hivham said even in Mekkah ( astaghfiro allah) but its a fact …

    Hope for you hanan Next time think before writing something insignificant ๐Ÿ™‚

    • wafaa
      Nov 09, 2011 @ 04:38:39

      ah! shut up Hanan you’re just a kid HERE is not a playground and people dealing here are mature …. you don’t know to react …. ure not mature since you started insulting me … for a second time and unfortunately for you … you are showing to people how mean and insignificant you are …. lol Hanan you are judging me and you don’t even know who I AM ๐Ÿ™‚ but its ok … since you’re not educated …
      and a on last advice dear hanan

      ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  502. AyyA
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 04:03:53

    As you may have already noticed I have censored some of the words you used. If you have something intelligent to say, go ahead, otherwise I do not allow anyone insulting my guests here. Respect is something I value regardless of what everyone thinks. I am warning you that next time your comments would be sent to spam if I see any profane language in them.

  503. Khalfan
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 13:18:49

    Thanks for ur advise to the morocco girls, and all the girls on earth.

    • Mona
      Nov 14, 2011 @ 15:43:37

      Why in God,s name are you thanking a creature like Hanan??? !!! I don,t understand people like u. How many moroccan women have u ever met in ur life?? and do u think that all moroccan women want to marry a kuwaiti or even a khaliji for that matter??!!! I have never met khaliji people in my entire life and I don,t give a s..t if I will never meet them for the rest of my life.

  504. wafaa
    Nov 11, 2011 @ 21:38:48



    • AyyA
      Nov 12, 2011 @ 04:56:06

      It appears to me that Hanan is a quy. Anyhow, don’t bother answering him, I already reported him as spam
      Regards and sorry for any inconvenience

  505. wafaa
    Nov 12, 2011 @ 21:38:17

    thanks Ayya …. its ok… sorry if i said that kuwaitti woman are ugly or anything i was really mad … beauty or prostitution have no relation with skin color origins or what ever …… were all human being … yes with differences … but we still have the same heart …. also for those who said that moroccan girls use black magic …. you guys all know that arabs used to use black magic a long time before us and the Holly Coran is a witness since it was listed in it… anyways I’m really sad to see how gulf people look at us ! I’m Morocan Proud of myself … were from different societies thats true maybe we moroccan women are more free and more independent than gulf woman …. but that doesn’t gives the authorization to anyone to talk about our honor and dignity … I’m pretty sure not one or two but a loooot a loot of woman there in your countries wish having a modest life but a free one …

    • AyyA
      Nov 13, 2011 @ 02:18:55

      It’s OK Wafa, I understand, and one reason I let this conversation go on is because I wanted to unveil this myth about Moroccan women and their black magic. To me everyone is the same no matter where they come from and I don’t believe in black magic and don’t care where it is written or whatnot. I only see magic in good relationships. So if Moroccan women can keep their men happy for a lifetime then that’s magic by itself, and we all should learn from her. Other stuff like prostitution and what have you is everywhere, even in Kuwait or Saudi Arabia. Morocco is no exception.

      • Mona
        Nov 13, 2011 @ 15:09:29

        Ayya, you should really ban this creature (Hanan) from the forum. I really don,t believe she,s morrocan or even a woman. Really a disgrace for the human kind. thx.

  506. prince
    Nov 13, 2011 @ 14:23:09

    Dude….. ur language is too dirty to be part of this forum…how can u speak so blunt ! what makes u speak this…

  507. vijayramadhan12
    Nov 16, 2011 @ 06:17:34

    moroccan women are the worst of the worst, the get isteric out of nothing they yell all day long, many are illiterate and want even the skin out of you beware

    • Mona
      Nov 16, 2011 @ 18:11:43

      And have u lost ur skin because of ur hysteric and illiterate moroccan EX??

      • wafaa
        Nov 17, 2011 @ 06:30:16

        hbiba matssad3ish rassek m3ahom! they are not enough educated …. since they still make prejudice toward people who are belong to different society … … anyways they can say whatever they want since they can’t get or reach real moroccan girls (not prostitute) ….

        • Mona
          Nov 17, 2011 @ 16:06:41

          I don,t live in Morocco but I,m moroccan to the bones and I,ll be here on this forum to answer every mean creature who dares tell lies or speak bad about the millions honorable moroccan women. The problem with these creatures is that they don,t even know moroccan people well and they generalise all over the 35 millions of moroccans. It doesn’t bother me if they speak about their own personal exprience with their moroccan partner but generalising in a negative way that’s very close to discrimination and racisme!! and I hate racists and whose who use discriminatory arguments to attack groups of people!! thallay firask.

          • wafaa
            Nov 17, 2011 @ 17:22:29

            same thing for me i don’t live there too …. and I’m moroccan to the bones too …. yeah you’re right they do generalize and thats sad … anyways …

          • Fairouz
            Nov 17, 2011 @ 19:25:18

            Ahlan Mona you are right an d I AGREE with you! There is tooo much generlaizing here with no respect. The reasonn behind is that these people are ignorant and they have never been in Morocco before and they saying their negative view about us based on sterotypes that have nothing sometimes to do with reality. Regards from Rabat!

            • Mona
              Nov 17, 2011 @ 20:28:08

              Oukhti, from my part, they should stay away from morocco and moroccan women. If they come for tourism, they must come for that and not for any other reason. I hope they can organise in morocco a kind of organism to catch that kind of filthy men from the Khalij who come only for the moroccan human flesh; the same goes for the moroccans who participate in that kind of a disgrasfull matter..

            • Khalfan
              Nov 18, 2011 @ 06:07:28


  508. Khalfan
    Nov 18, 2011 @ 07:03:31

    ุจุณู… ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูˆุงู„ุตู„ุงุฉ ุนู„ู‰ ุฑุณูˆู„ ุงู„ู„ู‡
    ุงู„ุญู…ุฏู„ู„ู‡ ุนู„ู‰ ู†ุนู…ุฉ ุงู„ุนู‚ู„ ูˆู†ุนู…ุฉ ุงู„ุงุณู„ุงู… ูˆู†ุณุฃู„ู‡ ุงู„ู‡ุฏุงูŠุฉ ูˆุงู„ุซุจุงุช ุนู„ู‰ ุงู„ุญู‚ ูˆู„ูˆ ูƒุฑู‡ ุงู„ูƒุงูุฑูˆู†
    ุงู„ู…ุชุงุจุน ู„ู…ูˆุถูˆุน ุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจูŠุฉ ุณูˆุงุก ููŠ ู‡ุฐู‡ ุงู„ู…ุณูˆุฏุฉ ุงูˆ ุงูŠ ู…ู†ุชุฏู‰ ูู‡ู†ุงูƒ ู…ู† ุงู„ุฑุฏูˆุฏ ุงู„ูƒุซูŠุฑุฉ ุงู„ู…ุชู†ุงู‚ุถุฉ ูˆุงู„ูƒู„ ูŠู‚ูˆู„ ู…ุง ูŠุฑูŠุฏ ุณูˆุงุก ู…ู† ุชุฌุฑุจุฉ ุฎุงุตุฉ ุงูˆ ู…ู† ุญูƒุงูˆูŠ ุงู„ู‚ู‡ุงูˆูŠ… ุงู„ู…ู‡ู… ุงู†ู‡ ูŠุฏู„ูˆ ุจุฏู„ูˆู‡. ูˆู…ู…ุง ูŠุฒูŠุฏ ุงู„ุงู…ุฑ ู„ุฐุฉ ุญุถูˆุฑ ุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจูŠุฉ ุจุฌู„ุงู„ุชู‡ุง ู„ุชุฏุงูุน ุนู† ู†ูุณู‡ุง ูˆู‡ุฐุง ู…ุทู„ูˆุจ …ูŠูˆุณู ุงุนุฑุถ ุนู† ู‡ุฐุง.
    ุงู„ุง ุงู†ู‡ ุงุฐุง ุฒุงุฏุช ุงู„ุงู…ูˆุฑ ูˆุชุฌุงูˆุฒุช ุงู„ุฎุทูˆุท ุฐุงุช ุงู„ุงูˆุงู† ุงู„ู…ุฎุชู„ูุฉ..ูˆุจุชู†ุง ู†ุชูƒู„ู… ู…ุน ุจุดุฑ ุนู‚ูˆู„ู‡ู… ููŠ ุงุนุถุงุฆู‡ู… ุงู„ุฌู†ุณูŠุฉ .. ุงูˆ ููŠ ุจุทูˆู†ู‡ู…… ูู…ู† ุงู„ุงุญุฑู‰ ุงู† ู†ุชุนุถ ุจ ูˆุงุฐุง ุฎุงุทุจู‡ู… ุงู„ุฌุงู‡ู„ูˆู† ู‚ุงู„ูˆุง ุณู„ุงู…ุง.
    ูˆู‚ูŠู‚ุฉ ุงู„ุงู…ุฑ ุงู† ูˆุฌู‡ุฉ ุงู„ู†ุธุฑ ู…ู†ูˆุทุฉ ุจุงู„ุจูŠุฆุฉ ุงู„ู…ุญูŠุทุฉ… ูู…ู†ู‡ู… ู…ู† ูŠุณุงูุฑ ุงู„ู‰ ุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจ ุจุญุซุง ู„ู„ุฐุฉ ุงู„ุฌู†ุณูŠุฉ ูˆู‡ูŠ ู…ุชูˆูุฑุฉ ุจู…ุฎุชู„ู ุงู„ุงุญุฌุงู… ููŠ ูƒู„ ู…ูƒุงู† ูˆู„ูƒู† ู‡ู†ุง ู†ุชูƒู„ู… ุนู† ุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจ.. ูˆู‡ู†ุงูƒ ู…ู† ูŠุฑูŠุฏู‡ุง ุณูŠุงุญุฉ ุญู‚ูŠู‚ูŠุฉ ูˆุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจ ุบู†ูŠุฉ ุจุฐู„ูƒ ููŠ ุฌุจุงู„ู‡ุง ูˆุณู‡ูˆู„ู‡ุง ูˆุตุญุฑุงุฆู‡ุง…
    ูˆุงุณุชุบุฑุจ ู…ู† ุงู„ุจุนุถ ุงู„ุฐูŠู† ูŠู‡ุงุฌู…ูˆู† ููŠ ุฏูุงุนุงุชู‡ู… ูู‚ุท ุนู„ู‰ ุงู„ุฎู„ูŠุฌูŠ ูˆุงู†ุง ุฎู„ูŠุฌูŠ .. ูุงู„ุบุฑุจ ุงูŠุถุง ูŠู‚ุตุฏูˆู†ู‡ุง ุจู„ ูˆุญุชู‰ ุงู„ุตูˆู…ุงู„ูŠูŠู† ูˆุงู„ู†ูŠุฌุฑูŠูŠู† ูˆุงู„ุชูˆุงู†ุณู‰ุฉ ูŠุฌุฏูˆู† ู…ุงุชู‡ูˆู‰ ุงุนุถุงุฆู‡ู… ุงู„ุฌู†ุณูŠุฉ ููŠ ุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจ…. ูุงู„ุฎู„ูŠุฌูŠ ู„ูŠุณ ูˆุญุฏู‡ ููŠ ู‡ุฐุง ุงู„ุณูŠุงู‚.
    ูƒู…ุง ุงู† ุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจ ุงูŠุถุง ู„ูŠุณุช ูˆุญุฏู‡ุง ุงู„ุชูŠ ุชูˆูุฑ ู‡ุฐู‡ ุงู„ุฎุฏู…ุฉ ุจู„ ู„ุง ุงูƒุงุฏ ุงุนุฑู ุจู„ุฏุง ูŠุฎู„ูˆุง ู…ู† ู‡ูƒุฐุง ุฎุฏู…ุฉ ุจู…ุฎุชู„ู ุงู„ุงุญุฌุงู….
    ูˆู„ูƒู†….. ูู„ูŠูƒู† ู…ุง ูŠูƒู†…ูˆู„ูŠู‚ูˆู„ ู…ู† ูŠู‚ูˆู„…. ูˆู„ูŠุธู† ู…ู† ูŠุธู†…. ูˆุงู„ูƒู„ุงู… ู…ูˆุฌู‡ ุงูŠุชู‡ุง ุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจูŠุฉ ู‡ู„ ู‡ุฐุง ูŠุญูŠุฏูƒ ุนู† ุชุญู‚ูŠู‚ ุงู„ุงู…ุฌุงุฏ ูƒู…ุง ูƒุงู†ูˆุง ุงุณู„ุงููƒ ุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจูŠุงุช…. ูŠู‚ูˆู„ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุชุนุงู„ู‰ ุงู† ุงู„ุธู† ู„ุง ูŠุบู†ูŠ ุนู† ุงู„ุญู‚ ุดูŠุฆุง… ุงูˆู„ุง ุชุนุชู‚ุฏูŠู† ุงู† ุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจูŠุฉ ุงู„ุฌุฏุฉ ูˆุงู„ุงู… ู„ู… ุชุชุนุฑุถ ู„ู„ู…ุทุจุงุช ูˆุตุจุฑุช ูˆุถุญุช ู„ุชูƒูˆู†ูŠ ุงู†ุช ุงู„ูŠูˆู… ู…ุฑููˆุนุฉ ุงู„ุฑุงุณ… ูˆู‡ู„ ู„ู…ุง ู†ุนุชูˆุง ุงู„ุฑุณูˆู„ ุงู„ูƒุฑูŠู… ุจุงู„ู…ุฌู†ูˆู† ุงูˆู‚ูู‡ ุนู† ุงู„ุฏุนูˆุฉ …. ูˆู‡ู†ุงูƒ ู…ู† ูŠูุนู„ ุฐู„ูƒ ุงู„ู‰ ุงู„ูŠูˆู… ุงู†ูƒุชุฑุช ู„ู„ุญู‚ ุนู„ู‰ ุงู„ู…ุณุชูˆู‰ ุงู„ูุฑุฏู‰ ูˆุงู„ุฏูˆู„ูŠ.
    ุงู†ุช ุงุฏุฑู‰ ุจุงู„ุฌูˆุงุจ.. ูู„ุง ุชู„ุชูุชูŠ ุงู„ู‰ ุงู„ุฏูˆู†ูŠุงุช ุจู„ ุงู‚ุฑุฆูŠ ุชุงุฑูŠุฎ ุจู„ุฏูƒ ูˆุงู„ู…ุงุฌุฏุงุช ุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจูŠุงุช ูˆุฎุฐูŠ ู…ูƒุงู†ูƒ ุงู„ู…ุฑู…ูˆู‚ ู„ุง ูŠุฎุฏุด ุนู„ูˆูƒ ุงู„ุฐุจุงุจ ูˆู„ุง ุงู„ุณู†ูˆุฑ.

    **** ูˆู…ู† ุชูƒู† ุงู„ุนู„ูŠุงุก ู‡ู…ุฉ ู†ูุณู‡ ููƒู„ ุงู„ุฐูŠ ูŠู„ู‚ุงู‡ ููŠู‡ุง ู…ุญุจุจ****

    • Mona
      Nov 18, 2011 @ 17:07:59

      UR a very contradictory person: somebody who thanks a moron like Hanan and writes this Zabur about woman and morals. mr, this zabur should be directed to ur sisters in the khalij, we, are conscient of our problems and don’t tell me that there u live in an utopia of morals and values. We, in morocco, at least we call the things by their real names: if it is a prostitution it is a prostitution; if a relationship is zina, we call it zina and if a relationship is marriage we call it marriage. Unlike us, u have in the khaliji, tens of relationships which u try to make seem halal: misyar, musafir, mutaa, urfi, ..etc I really cannot understand it. The first time I’ve read a book about what the author call the halal prostitution (addaa’ara alhalal) in the middle-east, I couldn’t believe it that such things could happen in a country like Saudi Arabia and the rest of the khalij plus the islamic republic of Iran and Egypt. And with the growing number of women reaching the age of marriage without finding a match, this kind of relationships grows too. So, Mr., do ur dawa in your country and we take care of ours like we do now. Our media writes about everything which u consider taboo in ur country, we have tens of civil associations to look into these problems and trying to find solutions. U should take example from us to tackle that kind of problems in stead of living in lies and believing that ur country is a perfect one.

  509. Khalfan
    Nov 18, 2011 @ 23:28:02

    ุจุณู… ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูˆุงู„ุตู„ุงุฉ ุนู„ู‰ ุฑุณูˆู„ ุงู„ู„ู‡
    ุฃุนูŠ ุชู…ุงู…ุง ู…ุง ุณุทุฑุช ุงู†ุงู…ู„ูŠ ู…ู† ูƒู„ู…ุงุช…. ูˆุงู„ู…ุชู…ุนู† ู…ู† ุดูƒุฑูŠ ู„ุญู†ุงู† ูŠุฏุฑูƒ ุงู†ู†ูŠ ุงุฑุฏ ุนู„ูŠู‡ุง ุจูƒู„ุงู…ู‡ุง ูˆู„ูƒู†…ุนุณู‰ ุฎูŠุฑ
    ุฃู…ุง ู…ุง ูƒุชุจุชู‡ ูู„ูŠุณ ุฒุจูˆุฑุง ูุงู„ุฒุจูˆุฑ ูƒุชุงุจุง ุณู…ุงูˆูŠุง ู…ู†ุฒู„ุง ุนู„ู‰ ู†ุจูŠ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุฏุงูˆูˆุฏ ุนู„ูŠู‡ ุงู„ุณู„ุงู…. ูˆู„ุง ุงุฏุนูŠ ุงู†ู‡ ุฏุณุชูˆุฑุง ู„ุง ู„ู„ู…ุบุฑุจูŠุฉ ูˆู„ุงุบูŠุฑู‡ุง… ูู„ุณุช ุงู‡ู„ุง ุจุฐู„ูƒ….ูˆู„ู† ุงูƒูˆู†
    ุงู†ู…ุง ู‡ูŠ ูƒู„ู…ุงุช ุจู„ุบุฉ ุจุณูŠุทุฉ ู†ุงุจุนุฉ ู…ู† ุซู‚ุงูุชูŠ ุงู„ู…ุชูˆุงุถุนู‡ ุงู„ู‰ ู…ู† ุนุฑูุช ูˆุฌุงูˆุฑุช ู…ู† ุงุจู†ุงุก ุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจ ุงู„ุฐูŠ ุงูƒู† ู„ู‡ู… ุงู„ุงุญุชุฑุงู… ูˆุงู„ุซู‚ุฉ.
    ูˆุฃุญุจ ู‡ู†ุง ุงู† ุงุนูŠุฏ ุฌู…ู„ุฉ ู„ุนู„ ุงู„ุจุนุถ ู‚ุฑุงู‡ุง ูˆู„ูƒู† ุนู…ู‰ ู‚ู„ุจู‡ ุงู† ูŠูู‡ู… ูˆู‡ูŠ
    **ูƒู…ุง ุงู† ุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจ ุงูŠุถุง ู„ูŠุณุช ูˆุญุฏู‡ุง ุงู„ุชูŠ ุชูˆูุฑ ู‡ุฐู‡ ุงู„ุฎุฏู…ุฉ ุจู„ ู„ุง ุงูƒุงุฏ ุงุนุฑู ุจู„ุฏุง ูŠุฎู„ูˆุง ู…ู† ู‡ูƒุฐุง ุฎุฏู…ุฉ ุจู…ุฎุชู„ู ุงู„ุงุญุฌุงู…
    ูˆู‡ุฐู‡ ุชูƒููŠ ู„ู…ู† ูƒุงู† ู„ู‡ ู‚ู„ุจ ุงูˆ ูˆุนู‚ู„ ู…ุชุฏุจุฑ.
    ูˆู„ุง ุงู…ู„ูƒ ุฌูˆุงุจุง ู„ู…ู† ุงุฑุงุฏ ุงู† ูŠูู‡ู… ูƒู…ุง ูŠุฑูŠุฏ…ุงูˆ ุงู† ูŠุชุฑุฌู… ุงู„ูƒู„ุงู… ูƒู…ุง ูŠุดุงุก ูู„ุณุช ูุงู„ุญุง ููŠ ุงู„ู…ู†ุงุธุฑุงุช ูˆุงู„ู…ุฌุงุฏู„ุงุช …. ูู…ู† ุงุฑุงุฏู‡ุง ูู„ูŠุจุญุซ ุนู†ู‡ุง ู…ุน ุบูŠุฑูŠ ูุงู„ุงู†ุงุก ุจู…ุง ููŠู‡ ูŠู†ุถุญ
    ุฏู…ุชู… ุจูˆุฏ ูˆุญูุธูƒู… ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูˆุงุจุนุฏ ุนู†ุง ูˆุนู†ูƒู… ุงู„ูƒุฑุงู‡ูŠุฉ ูˆุงู„ุจุบุถุงุก ูˆู‡ุฏุงู†ุง ูˆุงูŠุงูƒู… ุงู„ู‰ ุงู„ุตุฑุงุท ุงู„ู…ุณุชู‚ูŠู… ูˆุงุฎุฑ ุฏุนูˆุงู†ุง ุงู† ุงู„ุญู…ุฏู„ู„ู‡ ุฑุจ ุงู„ุนุงู„ู…ูŠู†

  510. Mona
    Nov 18, 2011 @ 23:52:50

    I hope ur intentions are good and if they are I apologise for anything that could harm anybody. I’m really fed up with people who say they are muslims but when it comes to subjects like in this blog, u see the real face of those so called muslims attacking and insulting every woman from a specific nationality as in the case of the moroccan. My greatest dream is one day to wake up and see that we are true muslims : wishing for ur brother/sister what u wish for urself. If the prophet (SAAS), could come back, he would be very very sorry for what we are doing to each others and to ourselves. Wa dumtum bikhayr.

    • Haroon Baig
      Nov 19, 2011 @ 09:53:13

      I am from Pakistan i have found morrocans very kind and hospitable. I agree with you 100% i pray for all muslims to become real muslim in their actions, as long as they will lead to evil never find anything good in there lives. I wish i get wife from MORROCO and i will be the lucky person if my dream come true.

      • Khalfan
        Nov 19, 2011 @ 15:59:52

        I have met a Pakistani business man when i was in Morocco.He is holding EU nationality.
        We had a good chat when we were waiting our papers from the finance company.

      • Mona
        Nov 19, 2011 @ 17:27:53

        I wish u a good match whether she could be moroccan or from another nationality. I find Pakistani women good, nice, patient and also beautifull. Marriage is really kisma and nasib so, u have to pray for a good wife and not a woman from a specific nationality. Good luck.

  511. Khalfan
    Nov 19, 2011 @ 00:19:04

    ู„ุง ุงุจุญุซ ุนู† ุนูŠูˆุจ ุบูŠุฑูŠ ููƒู„ูŠ ุงู†ุง ุนูŠูˆุจ
    ูˆุดุฎุตูŠุง ุงุนุฑู ุงุฎูˆุงุช ูุงุถู„ุงุช ูˆู‡ู† ู…ุดุงุฑูƒุงุช ููŠ ู‡ุฐู‡ ุงู„ู…ุณูˆุฏุฉ ูŠุนุฑูู† ุงุชุฌุงู‡ูŠ ูˆูˆุฌู‡ุฉ ู†ุธุฑูŠ ูˆุงูุนุงู„ูŠ ุญุชู‰ ูˆุงู„ุญู…ุฏู„ู„ู‡.
    ูˆู„ูˆ ุงู†ูƒ ู‚ุฑุงุช ู…ุดุงุฑูƒุงุชูŠ ู‡ู†ุง ู„ุนุฑูุช ู…ุง ุงุฑู…ูŠ ุงู„ูŠู‡ ู…ู† ู…ู‚ุงุตุฏ.
    ู†ุณุงู„ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุณุจุญุงู†ู‡ ูˆุชุนุงู„ู‰ ุงู† ูŠุบูุฑ ู„ู†ุง ูˆูŠู‡ุฏูŠู†ุง ุงู„ู‰ ุงู„ุตุฑุงุท ุงู„ู…ุณุชู‚ูŠู…
    I am not tracing shortfalls of others, mine are more than enough.
    My opinion about this topic is very clear in my participatings in this blog. Additionally, i do have close friends here which we have been dealing with each other for years now and AlHamdulillah; we respect each other.
    May Allah Bless All.

  512. Obito404
    Nov 19, 2011 @ 17:23:25

    Morocco is a muslim country , and as all muslim countries nowadays ..It’s far from Islam …talking about Moroccan girls ..they’re not worse than Egyptian or Algerian or Tuniesien ..even Saoudian Girls . the reality is If Morocco was rich such as Kuwyt ..Moroccoan girls will not be interested by kywaitian men at all .. one more thing stop insulting my dear country . anyone who is insulting my country here ..I bet his sister doing worse than what he think moroccan girls can do .. Morocco is the best .. Hateres gonna hate . Peace

  513. Khalfan
    Nov 20, 2011 @ 06:45:04

    ู…ู…ุง ูŠุซูŠุฑ ุญููŠุธุฉ ุงู„ุจุนุถ ุงู„ุทุฑูŠู‚ุฉ ูˆุงู„ุงุณู„ูˆุจ ููŠ ุงู„ุญูˆุงุฑ ูˆุฑู…ูŠ ุงู„ุงู„ูุงุธ ุฏูˆู† ุงุฏุฑุงูƒ ุงูˆุฒุงู†ู‡ุง.
    ุงู† ุดุชู… ุดุฎุต ุงุฎุฑ….. ูู„ู†ู‚ู„ ุงู†ู†ุง ุตุงุฆู…ูˆู† … ู„ุงู† ุงู„ุฑุฏ ุนู„ูŠู‡ ุจุงุณู„ูˆุจ ู‚ุฐุฑ ู…ุง ูŠุฏู„ ุงู„ุง ุนู„ู‰ ู‚ุฐุงุฑุฉ ุงู„ู…ุชุญุฏุซ,….. ุงู† ุญุงุฏุซุช ุนุงู‚ู„ุง ููƒู† ุนุงู‚ู„ุง ูˆุงู† ูƒู„ู…ุช ุฌุงู‡ู„ุง ูู„ุง ุชุฌู‡ู„.
    ูู…ู† ุฑู‚ูŠ ุงู„ู†ูุณ ูˆุงุญุชุฑุงู… ุงู„ุฐุงุช ุงู„ุง ู†ู†ุฒู„ู‡ุง ุงู„ู‰ ู…ุณุชูˆู‰ ุงู„ุญุถูŠุถ ูˆุงู„ุฏูˆู† ููŠ ุงูุนุงู„ู†ุง ูˆุงุญุงุฏูŠุซู†ุง.
    ุฒุงู† ุชุทู„ุจ ุงู„ู…ูˆู‚ู ุฐู„ูƒ ูู„ู†ูƒู† ุญูƒู…ุงุก ููŠ ุฑุฏูˆุฏู†ุง ุญุชู‰ ู†ูƒุณุจ ุงู„ุงุฎุฑ ุงูˆ ู†ุฑุณู„ ู„ู‡ ุฑุณุงู„ุฉ ุบูŠุฑ ู…ุจุงุดุฑุฉ ู„ูŠุชุนุถ ุงู† ูƒุงู† ููŠู‡ ุงูˆ ููŠู‡ุง ุฐุฑุฉ ุญูŠุงุก ููŠ ุงู„ุงุตู„.
    **** ูˆุงุฐุง ุฎุงุทุจู‡ู… ุงู„ุฌุงู‡ู„ูˆู† ู‚ุงู„ูˆุง ุณู„ุงู…ุง****

  514. Mona
    Nov 20, 2011 @ 17:35:26

    If we were really brothers/sisters in islam that kind of discussion in blogs about why a kuwait has a preference marrying a moroccan, should not take place. We should not even look at the nationality but at the person. But I think the reason behind this is that the arab/muslim mentality is still tribal, reasoning from what is closer to or farther from our traditions and culture. It is in principal OK to reason like this, but, the problem is when everything known to a person is good and everything strange is bad and that’s from where discrimination and racisme take birth and people start to look at others in terms of religion, race, nationality, culture, etc… And from that point, people start to offend or defend themselves. And that can lead to violent discussions sometimes but in other times it can lead to wars or even genocides.

  515. AyyA
    Nov 20, 2011 @ 22:37:33

    Gals and guys
    This post is neither about Muslims nor about Islam. So please don’t convert it to a preaching site or a mosque.
    Why can’t you look at the matter more positively? I mean this post could be used to learn from Moroccan women what makes them more attractive to Khaleeji men for example, can’t it? Personally, I have learned qouite a lot since the time I posted this article.

    • Mona
      Nov 20, 2011 @ 23:04:36

      Dear Ayya, I don’t preach islam to anybody; as I live in a very secular country I do live among non-muslims and I do respect everybody muslim or not. And besides that I have friends from all the religions/ideaology/cultures/races u could imagine and some of them don’t even believe in God. I used islam because the most people writing here are muslims and that’s what we share more than our different cultures/traditions or even languages.
      I don’t look on a negative way at the subject, I only have reservations about the way some people look at the subject and make it an occansion to attack whole goups of moroccans.
      Moroccan and north-african women are also very attractive to many european men but you don’t see them create sites about that.
      take care and have my best regards.

    • Allem
      Nov 21, 2011 @ 02:21:08

      Ayya: You have a beautiful name. My sons names are Alexander and Abraham. If I were to have a girl, I think I would name her Ayya. Bless you!!

  516. Allem
    Nov 21, 2011 @ 02:08:59

    Hello: I am american of mixed nationality. I have been to many countries, China, Brasil, Central America, Germany. But, I have never been to the middle east. If you were to look at my face, can you tell if I am from middle east or Central/South America? Most cannot. I met a lady from Jordan, kaffa ,she has 6 children. She left Jordan to come to America to be with family because her husband was cheating on her while she was pregnant with the 6 child. I am divorced and with 2 young boys myself.No i am not interested to marry her or to have sex, But i decided to sponsor her so she can have a decent chance to support her children because she is intelligent and hard working her sisters and their husbands do not support her or give her the chance to support herself. I a still looking for new wife who is intelligent, hard working and supports her husband through good times and bad. My mother was one of those woman “may allah bless in heavan”. I do believe that islam is partly to blame for the sexual frustrations of muslum men. But this also is there own fault. Where else in the world can a man have more than one wife. If after having several wives he cannot be satisfied? “Bullshit!!!!!!” I agree with some things in this post. Because I am mixed race i believe the Morracon women have been given the “GOD GIVEN BEAUTY” from the mixtures of cultures and races. Which also gives them the freedom from vices that permeate the rest of the Arab world. “Entao Gracias de Deus por Maroc!!!!!!!!!!!” I only wish I can come to Morraco and meet one of those intelligent, industrious hard working and last but not least beautiful tanned silk skinned Morracan Woman

    • Mona
      Nov 22, 2011 @ 15:48:34

      Dear Allem,
      I think the upbringing, education, entourage, culture, traditions and not only religion have a great influence in how people live their intimate life incl. in the muslim world.

      Quoting u: I only wish I can come to Morraco and meet one of those intelligent, industrious hard working and last but not least beautiful tanned silk skinned Morracan Woman
      I really believed in the beginning that this is about moroccan horses: they are also beautifull, intelligent and very hard working creatures.
      I hope u will find ur match and ur description for ur dream woman could also be found somewhere in the americas.
      Good luck.

  517. Khalfan
    Nov 21, 2011 @ 06:49:35

    Wish you the best in your journey looking for “The God Given Beauty Girl”.
    Islam is not causing any sexual frustrations of muslum men!! i dont know where from you have snapped that. But it does place orders to control that pleasure. This to avoid living like animals or worse than that. I dont want to go deep in this, but i had to mention the fact.

  518. usa
    Nov 22, 2011 @ 13:13:01

    most beautiful girls in africa= moroccan
    most beautiful girls in america= brazilian
    most beautiful girls in asia=turkish
    most beautiful girls in europe=french
    most beautiful girls in australia have no idea neve been there

    moroccan are the best, choose them above all girl
    I need to marry a gorgeous girl from mor

    • Mona
      Nov 22, 2011 @ 15:35:45

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!!!
      This is ur list but everybody has his/her own list and it is good that everything in this world incl. what u call beauty is relative so we can still live together on this planet and have different opinions about what really beauty is.
      take care.

  519. Znnouba
    Nov 25, 2011 @ 05:35:18

    hahahah I ve had so much fun reading this = D
    I am a Moroccan teenager, I ve been exposed to the world through leadership programs abroad and stuff. I have friends from friken all over the world. I have to thank my family and friends for always pushing me to do better and to go to places and take care of myself.

    Most of my Arab friends would tell me that they were always watching the moroccan girls and how they talk ETC. they say that they trigger all these magical feelings in people. let us not talk about how we can speak all the languages on earth, our level of education, our perseverance, our unbelievable beauty, our naturally installed wisdom, our love for family life, our ambition, our perception of freedom, how we can be the exactly right mix of modern and religious/proud and holding on to traditions

    Man, I m so proud of my identity. One thing I luuuuve about Morocco is how it s been able to bring up generations of tolerant and loving human beings. If the rest of the world could be a little like Morocco = D ….
    Whenever I think about my country and my life, I always feel happier, even if it’s been a bad day. I am so thankful to God wllah = D

    all the world should stop stereotyping people. everything works in both direction. Just like how Saudis have such a Horrible reputation in my city/neighboorhood now… they recycle all the broken goods of my country. want my trashcan too? haha
    One message to the world: 3eesh w mate7deesh. = D

    Why Moroccan women? Why not all the others? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  520. faty :)
    Nov 26, 2011 @ 23:37:46

    hhhhhhhhhh i m so impressed this talk as set in 2004 until now, machallah alik ayya ๐Ÿ™‚ we r specials because we r raised in home to be real women not so spoiled and not loosing our feminity , allah with u all ๐Ÿ™‚

  521. Khalfan
    Dec 09, 2011 @ 07:37:50

    I wonder why all this advertisement for Morocco Women!!

    • Mona
      Dec 09, 2011 @ 15:47:55

      I really couldn’t and didn’t want to answer that filthy creature. ouff, this person should go and make it on another forum. And first he should go and learn better english or french or arabic. That kind of advertisemnt as u call it are a disgrace for all women and not only moroccan ones!!!. Allah yastir.

      • Mona
        Dec 09, 2011 @ 17:12:24

        The same to u, if ur writing on a forum in english, better learn good english so u can at least make ur message clear to others. And by the way, I’m not interested in none of ur comments. Have good luck!!!

        • Khalfan
          Dec 09, 2011 @ 22:10:41

          Thanks for yout advise, i would go back to School and learn the Englishlanguage again.
          Although, I am notan intelligent person as your self, but i will try my best. I hope my best is going to work.

          • Mona
            Dec 09, 2011 @ 22:36:26

            And the other post is also an answer and again not directed to you but to the other moron who has the guts to invite me to mail him personally so Ayya again has deleted his message. U should really go and read ur mails so u can see clearly who has mailed to whom!!!
            take care.

  522. Mona
    Dec 09, 2011 @ 18:20:34

    thank u Ayya for the quick and appropriate action!!!

  523. AyyA
    Dec 09, 2011 @ 20:03:49

    Sure Mona
    Only respectable comments are allowed in the house ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Khalfan
      Dec 09, 2011 @ 22:05:45

      was that message to me?

      • Mona
        Dec 09, 2011 @ 22:29:38

        Not at all, it was for the moron who has made what u called an advertisement about moroccan women. Ayya has deleted his message. May be you should go and read ur mails so u can read the succession of the posts and its answers.

  524. Khalfan
    Dec 09, 2011 @ 22:40:52

    Thanks for the clarification.
    I t was so obvious from the beginning that the guy is sick mind person.
    I do prefer to reply to such minds by teasing them, or just keep quite.

    Anyway, how is life down there- where ever you are- ? Here in Oman its starting getting cold, which i concider it as an obstickle to reduce my wieght hehehehe

    • Mona
      Dec 09, 2011 @ 23:04:09

      Good for u, food is good to fight the cold!!! up here in northern europe, winter this year is not so harsh as it used to be. It’s cold but still the sun can make its way every day through the clouds and make us happy and the ducks still can swim in the canals and rivers which means no ice yet. And from time to time I read the posts here and on some other forums to see how everybody is doing there in north-africa and middle east. So, take care and have nice time.

  525. arabist15
    Dec 15, 2011 @ 03:11:06

    I stumbled upon this discussion and figured I’d chime in…lol

    Why Moroccan girls?

    1) Ability to speak more than one language and knowledge about the world. (try to find that in an American girl)

    2) The Beauty. They have this specific look and fashion sense that just melts me. (All Arabic countries have beautiful women, but I prefer Moroccan and Palestinian)

    3) Since I’m a conservative American, the American culture is too liberal for me and some of the Arabic countries are too strict for me. Morocco is a great middle ground, combining the best from east and west.

    4) The culture is a magical culture on many levels. I’m not afraid of anyone doing magic against me as there are ways to protect yourself and most magic that would be attempted on you would be far too weak to have any effect anyway. Magic can never over rule someone’s destiny.

    So, since I love to travel the world, am rather conservative for an American, love the beauty of Arabic women and the culture and language, and have a strong mystical streak within me………..a Moroccan woman fits the bill perfectly!

  526. Mona
    Dec 21, 2011 @ 15:59:09

    Ayya, there is too much spam since yesterday, please, could you clean the forum before it becomes ugly. thank you very much.

  527. wafaa says: I'm proud of being moroccan Hamdullah!
    Dec 22, 2011 @ 06:20:16

    lol dear hanoona i don’t need to give my vagi”’ a to get a car or get married and loose my freedom for a big a big house ๐Ÿ™‚ Darling I’M A CIVIL ENGENEER…… and you know what I’m not like you i mean i don’t dream of having a big house and driving a car ….. my dreams are bigger ! lol You’re a retarded creature … in Morocco honey the first woman who drove an airplane was in 1950 … while you khalijji woman are maybe still dreaming of it ….
    the difference between me and you is probably that I’m smarter than you… sexy and beautiful … independent ( i live alone ) … with a strong personality and of course educated …. the ideal profile that any men wish to spouse ๐Ÿ™‚ ….
    think about your freedom …. your independence .. try to give to yourself more self-esteem you’ll see, your husband will always run after you !!!! take it as a golden advice from an irresistible moroccan girl ๐Ÿ˜€

  528. Mona
    Dec 22, 2011 @ 18:47:00

    Dear Ayya, we need again some cleaning OUT here. There is again too much spam or better saying the usual virus is back under another name. Sorry, to bother u those last two days but ur the only one who can do it, otherwise I would be glad to trace and clean this virus/spam 24h a day. Many thx in advance.

  529. wafaa says: I'm proud of being moroccan Hamdullah!
    Dec 24, 2011 @ 10:16:35

    hahaha don’t try to speak moroccan you’re a fake ass … !! … but its nice to see that your making efforts to speak moroccan and one last thing mok hya l…… ๐Ÿ˜‰ happy hollidays by the way ๐Ÿ˜›

  530. Ana
    Jan 03, 2012 @ 04:08:01

    Why moroccan girls? Because we’re special , Aya , i congratulate you i find this very interesting as it has lasted 8 years , mashallah , i’m really proud to be moroccan , and everyone should be proud of his country , happy new year to all!

  531. AyyA
    Jan 03, 2012 @ 09:59:23

    Thanks Ana, and yes being proud of ones country is natural.
    Happy new year gals and guys. I hope you prosperity wherever you are

  532. khan
    Jan 06, 2012 @ 13:46:17

    hi ayya.
    its khan here
    ty for all advise it took me almost 1year and now i m so strees free ……………….may god bless you…………….
    i did not go to moroccoo for almost 20 months now…lol……………..ty for everything

  533. Khalfan
    Jan 08, 2012 @ 06:39:57

    Oh My God….
    Can you leave the morocco girl alone!!! OK she is what ever she is… Khalas, done. !!!
    I ve seen a photo of ifran yestertday, that was so beautiful. The white houses and the snow!!! really imazing. i wonder what time of the year i get see that live.

    • Mona
      Jan 08, 2012 @ 20:43:39

      ุฅูุฑุงู† ู…ุฏูŠู†ุฉ ุฌุจู„ูŠุฉ ุชู‚ุน ุจุงู„ู‚ุฑุจ ู…ู† ู…ุฏูŠู†ุชูŠ ูุงุณ ูˆ ู…ูƒู†ุงุณ ุงู„ุนุฑูŠู‚ุชูŠู†. ู‡ูŠ ู…ู‡ุฑุจ ู„ูƒุซูŠุฑ ู…ู† ุณุงูƒู†ุฉ ุงู„ู…ุฏูŠู†ุชูŠู† ูˆ ุฎุงุตุฉ ููŠ ุงู„ุตูŠู ุงู„ุญุงุฑ. ุชุนุฏ ู…ู†ุชุฒู‡ ู„ูƒุซูŠุฑ ู…ู† ุงู„ุฒูˆุงุฑ ู„ุชู…ุถูŠุฉ ูŠูˆู… ุจูŠู† ุฃุญุถุงู† ุงู„ุทุจูŠุนุฉ. ุฒุฑุชู‡ุง ููŠ ุฃูƒุชูˆุจุฑ ุงู„ู…ุงุถูŠ ุŒ ูƒุงู† ูŠูˆู…ุง ู…ุดุฑู‚ุง ุฐูˆ ุญุฑุงุฑุฉ ู…ุนุชุฏู„ุฉ ู„ูƒู†ู‡ุง ูƒุงู†ุช ุชู†ุฎูุถ ู…ุน ุงู‚ุชุฑุงุจ ุงู„ู…ุณุงุก. ุฃูŠ ู†ุนู…ุŒ ู…ุฏูŠู†ุฉ ู…ุนุฑูˆูุฉ ุจุซู„ูˆุฌู‡ุง ููŠ ุงู„ุดุชุงุก ู‚ุฏ ุชุจุฏุฃ ุจุงู„ุณู‚ูˆุท ู…ุน ู†ู‡ุงูŠุฉ ู†ูˆูู…ุจุฑ ุญุชู‰ ุดู‡ุฑ ูุจุฑุงูŠุฑ. ู…ุฏูŠู†ุฉ ู…ุนุฑูˆูุฉ ุฃูŠุถุง ุจุฌุงู…ุนุฉ ุงู„ุฃุฎูˆูŠู† ู†ุณุจุฉ ุฅู„ู‰ ุงู„ุฑุงุญู„ูŠู† ุงู„ุญุณู† ุงู„ุซุงู†ูŠ ู…ู„ูƒ ุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจ ูˆ ุงู„ู…ู„ูƒ ูู‡ุฏ ุงุจู† ุนุจุฏ ุงู„ุนุฒูŠุฒ ู…ู„ูƒ ุงู„ุณุนูˆุฏูŠุฉ. ูˆ ุฅู† ูƒู†ุช ุชุญุจ ุงู„ุซู„ูˆุฌ ูู…ู† ุงู„ุฃุญุณู† ุฃู† ุชุฒูˆุฑ ุฌุจู„ ุฃูˆูƒุงูŠู…ุฏู† ููŠ ุงู„ุฃุทู„ุณ ุญูŠุซ ุชุณุชุทูŠุน ุญุชูŠ ุงู„ุชุฒุญู„ู‚ ุฅู† ุฃุฑุฏุช. ูˆ ุงู„ู…ู†ุชุฌ ูŠู‚ุน ุจุงู„ู‚ุฑุจ ู…ู† ู…ุฏูŠู†ุฉ ู…ุฑุงูƒุด.

  534. Ghizlan
    Jan 12, 2012 @ 16:54:32

    Dear People, If Magic exists there would be NO DIVORCE in Morocco and our Country would be the best. Thats an Excuse from envious people

    IM A MOROCCAN that lives in Paris, Im engaged to a Emaratti Prince. also his uncle is married to a Moroccan. As a Moroccan lady, I can tell you we are different. Warm, caring, loving and we always give Our BEST. Yes, we are smart we want whats best and we make sure we get it. I knew many Kuwaiti girls and Saudis here trust me, they very curt and grimy.. which are only interested in Shopping malls. Now why did he choose me Moroccan rather then you!!? u should consider this question nx time.

    peace Ghizlan xxx we make sure we carry on spreading LOVE not hate.

  535. Nick
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 09:58:04

    I could not believe some of the comments here regarding Arabic women from across the Arabic world, are they really Arabs and Muslims who talk like that? Do they know the deed of politness and well spoken when talk about the others? are they really a human a being that have brain to think? are they…………etc.

    The Arabic women are the same regarldess from which part of the Arabic world they are; they are the same honor and traditions from morroco to Iraq; and the Goods and Bads are eveywhere and in every nation, also some parts of the Arabic world, and even some parts of any given Arabic country; are more open than the others and for many logical reasons; This is normal and it is exist in each nation on this face of the earth. Stop stereotype and generalize, the honor of the Arbic women regardless where they are are from your honor.

  536. Talal2
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 15:07:50

    Moroccan girls do not know the meaning of Love because they have a lot of free time and because they are very poor .the last time i have asked a young girl to be my love and my girlfriend ,she told me listen you want sex for free no no no ,good luck to you man but i am not that sort of girls .
    Shame on you moroccan pay as you go girls.
    Thank you Ayaa.

    • Ghizlan
      Jan 15, 2012 @ 23:19:23

      umm too bad for you!! in life you cant have everything. Maybe she just thought u wasnt good enough. ๐Ÿ˜‰ but thats Ur experience with *A* moroccan girl that wasnt interested in You Talal and Im sure you are hurt… but no need to hate. bcoz IF she felt the same towards you Im sure she would of saved the relationship ๐Ÿ˜‰

  537. Talal2
    Jan 17, 2012 @ 14:00:38

    Well next time i like a morrocan girl i will give her what she wants and get what i want and it works ,forget about love because moroccan girls needs money not love and men needs sex not love ,that’s why women use sex to get love and men use love to get sex ,but if every one knows the game ,money will talk and keep moroccan girls happy ” for some times”.
    Thank you Ayaa .

    • Mona
      Jan 17, 2012 @ 18:02:22

      I don’t know what’s with u guy to generalise all over moroccan girls and women. The prostitute that u have met is what u have looked for in Morocco and if u have looked for honorobale women u will find plenty of them. So, if we have to talk about filty people around in this world, everybody has a lot to tell about the other and believe me there are a lot of shamefull stories about saudi people. But, ok, I will not lower to ur level and all I have to say is that u need some education in how to cope with ur problems with a specific person or nationality. allah yahdik wa hna m3ak.

    • Ghizlan
      Jan 17, 2012 @ 20:45:03

      You both seem to be on the same level!! Thats what you looking for, thats what you will get. No respect for yourself. she obviously didnt want to be with you, so she gave you an excuse ๐Ÿ˜‰ move oooooon.. the MOROCCAN GIRL wasnt intersted in You. Now talking about money, A saudi or khaliji girl wouldnt even walk with you if she knew u had empty pockets !!!!!

  538. Mona
    Jan 18, 2012 @ 17:14:37

    Ayya, I really don’t think that the posts of this guy is about the core of the subject on this forum. He may go and talk about his sexual adventures somewhere else. As a woman, I really do disguss his dirty vocabulary. I hope u can clean this forum at least from his last message. Thanks.

  539. Ghizlan
    Jan 18, 2012 @ 17:28:11

    Dear Allen and Talal,. Animals like you are NOT WELCOME IN MY COUNTRY, You might take advantage of the Poverty and girls in need, but remember what goes around cames back. and talal as you first said you were in love with that Moroccan girl but she didnt want you, or interested in you. ๐Ÿ™‚ you see

  540. Ghizlan
    Jan 18, 2012 @ 17:51:46

    Most ppl are Insecure so the *JUDGE* and make fun of others to COVER UP their Insecurities.. by doing this they feel better about themselves. its a Distruct from their own weeknesses.

    *Stereotyping* others, is Ignorance and luck of Education, which in their case ppl they have been surrounded with. I mean good example is, Talal… A Moroccan girl wasnt Interested in him so she gave him an Excuse.. Now hes trying to distruct his feelings and anger.

    Aya with all my respect to you, you dont compare Tailand with Morocco, I study and I travel a lot in Europe, of what Ive Seen, and been told from Khalijie guys, about Saudies khaliji Kuwaites girls is Honestly Nothing compared to Moroccans.. we all know, and the whole world knows that.. but we dont go around judging and stereotyping others thats not what we concentrate on.

  541. AyyA
    Jan 18, 2012 @ 20:37:15

    I did not compare Thailand girls with Moroccan girls; my issue was the deal between who pays for pleasure and who gives the services. In Thailand there is a whole area for Arabs, especially Khaleeji who go there to buy pleasure. I even said that whoever wants this services can find it anywhere. So don’t put words in my mouth please.

  542. USMAN ALI
    Jan 20, 2012 @ 07:48:26

    I am a Pakistani man living in Scandinavia. I have lived 50 % of mylife in Scandinavia. I have travelled a lot. I have driven by car from north Norway to Alicante ( Spain). I have visited each country in europe more that 3 times. I am telling u that things i am going to tell u are based on facts. I am not a teen ager. My children are teen agers. After having said it, i shall come to the topic.
    Moroccan girls or sluts.
    Prostitution is the oldet proffesion in the whole world. There is
    Prostitution exists in Norway ( even it is not allowed to buy sex)
    Prostitution exists in Sweden ( same hare not alloed to buy sex)
    Prostitution exists in Denmark
    Also in Germany
    Also in spain
    also in Belgium
    Also in Nederlands
    In England
    Whole europe
    Same in whole north America
    Same in UAE
    Same in Rest of Asia
    Thailand, India, Pakistan etc everywhere
    You can self think about Afracia and australia
    Russia, Belarus, and rest of east europe has also this diease.
    So it is found everywhere.
    I shall suggest people to respect people as they are. If any person is nterested in a girl from Morocco and want marry to her. If you need to know if she is modest, you must do it. I have heard that you can check Virginity by ultrasound. In my whole life i have never had with any lady without my wife. If you are so good, you need to find a modest lady, check it by ultrasound.
    And if you do not trust in medical report, there is only one way.
    If you want really to maryy that lady?
    If you are so midest that you do not meed a slut?
    If you can fulfill your promise to the lady to marry to her.
    There is only 1 option.
    But pease do not talk negative about girls. I have a friend. He say taht he has analysed muslims behaviour against muslim girls. That is ” only my mother and sister are modest, rest of the girls are Prostituters”
    Shame on the muslims who think like it.
    Shame on the men who buy sex.
    Shame on the girls who sell sex.
    My opnion about arabs is that they have mony. They do not consider other muslis as human beings. I have visited UAE. Saudi Arabia is the worst.
    If Moroccan girls are horny, hot, sexy, beautiful and much more, let them be as they are. Allah shall decide one where every person shall go Paradise or Hell.
    But remember my advise if you want to marry a girl ( that says that she is virgin) in Morocco.

    • Talal25
      Jan 22, 2012 @ 02:23:01

      what does pakys knows about moroccan girls?

      • I Love Talal25
        Jan 22, 2012 @ 02:41:29

        “Talal25 commented on Why Moroccan girls?.
        what does pakys knows about moroccan girls?”

        @Talal25 : Stupid questions! You deserve a stupid answer! Your mind is too closed! Anyone has the right to give an opinion! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  543. Khalfanfan Al Busaidi
    Jan 22, 2012 @ 02:48:22

    Man>>>> i mean,,, no comment

  544. Mona
    Jan 25, 2012 @ 18:31:50

    Ayya, why have you deleted the message of the so called hanan?? what’s the difference between the message of that creature with the other creature so called Talal25?? no difference, same level, same style, same grammar and same vocabulary. I can assure u it is about the same and one person. They even use the same words in moroccan darija. So, please, it is the first time I”m with the creature Hanan because it would be not democratic from ur to publish the posts of that creature Talal25 while u delete the ones of the other creature hanan.
    I hope, u will reconsider it and publish all low quality and full of insultes towards moroccan women or to delete them all. thanks.

    • AyyA
      Jan 26, 2012 @ 00:04:24

      I don’t know if Talal and Hanan are the same person;Hanan is an old annoyance whose IP address I could check and therefore I spammed him. However, if Talal did not respect himself I will do the same with him. I hope that all will be more civilized and refrain from profane language so I won’t be forced to do that.

      • ABUALI
        Jan 31, 2012 @ 02:00:59

        We want Hanan back please give her a chance she has a lot to say .at the end of the day it is a free world and every one has the right to say what he wants.i did read what hanan said and i think she is a girl with mind .
        Thank you.

  545. Harith Haziq (@harrizhaziq)
    Jan 28, 2012 @ 20:33:51

    I’m asian from malaysia, going to get married with moroccan girl soon. She is the coolest, we’d been date for 5 years. Her loyalty is unquestionable, lovely and committed to her man

    • ABUALI
      Jan 30, 2012 @ 02:50:32

      Dear Mr Haziqa good luck to you ,you can’t see because like moroccan say ,you did eat nike .(black magic i mean) only time will tell bov she will walk all over you very soon.
      Keep your eyes open ,adidas will be your next breakfast.
      Love from UK.

  546. AyyA
    Jan 29, 2012 @ 20:07:01

    Dear readers
    This post is not about prostitution nor about Islam. And surely not about what you allow or don’t allow in the so called Muslim countries. It’s also not about dating or being hooked up with a Moroccan girl. Any comment that goes beyond that line would be trashed.
    Have some respect for each other please.

  547. Ghizlan
    Jan 29, 2012 @ 22:36:42

    Im Moroccan and i can tell you, you pathetic. and also bringing Our king into it your a Jerk !! who are you?? to tell us how to behave. go and educate your self before searching for us.

  548. ABUALI
    Jan 30, 2012 @ 02:40:01

    Man cannot live on bread alone-he needs a bit of crumpet too.

  549. ABUALI
    Jan 30, 2012 @ 02:57:00

    Why they opened a masive shooping center in casa ,who is going to do shooping ,i know that moroccan girls will be doing a lot of windowes shooping .Zara in morocco that makes me laugh .they need like here in uk a night bridge .
    Shame .

  550. Khalfan
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 07:44:01

    How is the weather now in Morocco ?
    Any one know what is the special about a place called ” Tmara” please.

  551. BengoDoc
    Feb 02, 2012 @ 00:32:10

    I can’t believe how offensive some of these posts are… I know it’s easy to generalise (which is what i’m about to do hypocrtically) however I have noticed a lot of jelousy peaking in about Moroccan women.

    Firstly, I am a british asian, trainee doctor, and I am of bangladeshi descent… recently I have met a lovely french moroccan girl that I have been getting to know – she is fantastic and certainly wifey material. She is educated, smart, sharp and alhamdulillah very driven in her deen and this is the most attractive thing. She is very beautiful and is pleasing to the eyes.

    I think my bias is in coming from an Asian background, which is highly soaked in the indian caste system of judgement and jelously, segregation and all that crap – I mainly see the negatives to south asian culture and therefore in all my life I have never met an Asian girl with halft he manners (and intelligence) as the Moroccan girl i’m getting to know. I would like to emphisize that of course, there is good and bad in every culture/creed etc.

    I suppose the main point I would like to make is that yes stereotypes exist, but we need to look at our own flaws (or our own cultural flaws) before denigrating others. If there is bitter feelings or jelousy, then get that sorted out instead of taking it out on others.

    Even looking at these threads, you notice that those people claiming to be Moroccan are even polite when being insulted – mashaAllah.

    • Ghizlan
      Feb 02, 2012 @ 16:32:03

      What an idiotic comment absolutely!! its the place to take your anger and frustrations on humm !! using the word Paki, that says a lot about you. His a Doctor that has his own view about Moroccan girls, and the one his dating. so whats Ur problem exactly..

  552. jashwa
    Feb 22, 2012 @ 21:11:07

    to everybody moroccan girls will be in demand until the end of the world more than anyother the secret is very easy they know how to take care of men they make him fell he as a king in the house as a lion in the bed and as a woolf in dining table and as a new lover evryday
    that what a men needdddddddddddddddddddd guys
    they are super hot god bless them

  553. Raza Awan
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 16:56:37


    life is open forest,, with close ending,,,,,,,,,dear people,,,, yes it is openly accepted that morrocan girls are very beautiful and attractive,,,but beauty and need always exist in this world,, and needed from one part to other part of world,,,

    when you are finding some thing for you,,, you try to find what your mind like,,,, so people with good and bad all exist,,,,,,,

    I talked few morrocan girls in my life,,,,,, and i found them very honest ,,, and nice and good muslim womens,,,, becuase its up to you,, what you are looking for,,,,,, for a person like me,,,, who is interested in family values,,,, and want a obident wife,,,,,, with full understanding and equal rights,,,, i found hamdulilah,,, a morrocan lady,,,,

    yes there is always run of money theire,,,,,,,, beucase its every one’s right to look for good,,,, but money should be 2ndry position,,,

    Morrocan girls are open minded,, and give free space to talk,,,,,, for my opinion its not bad,,, becuase you dont have to put weeks to understand mental level of a lady,,,,

    again,, its up to you,, what you are looking for your life,,,,,,,,,,,, those who look for body satisfaction,, than there is avaiblity of that,,, and those who are looking for family life,, they will find best morrocan womens for their life,,,,

    For me,,, My future Wife,, inshallah,, she is the innocent bird of this earth, even her mother,, sisters,, all have fear of Allah,,

    The imporatn thing is,,, what your mind wants for life,,,, if you need sex,,, lieure,,,, than you will find it,,,, but with very less values,,,,,

    its does not mean,, its available with morrocan girls only,, no its available all,,, every where,,,,

    For me,, Moroccan Girls are respactable,,,,,,, all the way,,,,, becuase they never harm my self,, and i never heard any thing bad from them,,,,,

    as long as i know few people,, they always help me,,, i am Thankful to GOD ,,, He gave me a lady from morrocco,,


    • mani
      Sep 10, 2012 @ 13:55:38

      salam brother

      i read your message hope ur ok and stay happy, brother i want to marry a moroccan girl so if you already married with moroccan girl please advise me are them right choice to marry and build family

      Hope to hear from you.

  554. kanaty
    Mar 06, 2012 @ 20:09:53

    ุงุนูˆุฐ ุจุงู„ู„ู‡ ู…ู† ุงู„ุดูŠุทุงู† ุงู„ุฑุฌูŠู…
    ุงุฎูˆุงู†ูŠ ู…ุงู‡ุฐุง ุงู„ุดูŠุก ุงู„ุฐูŠ ุงุถุนุชู… ูˆู‚ุชูƒู… ููŠู‡ ูˆุชุนู…ู„ูˆู† ุฏุนุงูŠุฉ ู„ุง ูุงุฆุฏุฉ ู…ู†ู‡ุง ู„ุชุญุทูŠู… ุฑูˆุงุจุท ุงู„ุงุฎูˆุฉ ุจูŠู† ุงู„ู…ุณู„ู…ูŠู†
    ุงู†ุง ู…ุบุฑุจูŠ ูˆู„ู… ุงุนุฑู ุงูŠ ุดูŠุฆ ู…ู† ู‡ุฐุง ุงู„ุฐูŠ ุชู‚ูˆู„ ูˆู‡ู†ุง ุจุนุถ ุงู„ุงุฎุจุงุฑ ุงู„ุชูŠ ูŠู…ูƒู† ุงู† ุชุณู…ุนู‡ุง ู„ูƒู† ููŠ ุงู…ุงูƒู† ู…ุญุฏุฏุฉ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูŠู…ู‡ู„ ูˆู„ุง ูŠู‡ู…ู„ ูˆ ุจุทุจูŠุนุชูŠ ุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจูŠุฉ ูุงุนุฑู ุงู† ุงู„ู…ุบุงุฑุจุฉ ุนุงู…ุฉ ู‡ูˆ ุดุนุจ ุทูŠุจ ูˆ ูƒุฑูŠู… ูˆุจู†ุงุชู‡ ู…ู† ุงู†ุดุท ูุชูŠุงุช ุงู„ุนุงู„ู… ููŠ ุงู„ุนู„ู… ูˆ ุงู„ู…ุนุฑูุฉ
    ุนู„ู‰ ู‡ุฐุง ุงู„ู…ู†ูˆุงู„ ุงุฐุง ุฏูƒุฑู†ุง ุงูˆู„ ุงู…ุฑุฆุฉ ุฐู‡ุจุช ุงู„ู‰ ุงู„ู…ุญูŠุท ุงู„ู…ุชุฌู…ุฏ ู„ู† ุชู‚ูˆู„ ุงู†ู‡ุง ู…ุบุฑุจูŠุฉ ุจู„ ุณุชู‚ูˆู„ ุงู„ูุชูŠุงุช ุงู„ู…ุบุฑุจูŠุงุช ูƒุฐุง ูˆูƒุฐุง ุงุชู‚ูˆ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูˆุชูˆุจูˆ ุงู„ูŠู‡

    • AyyA
      Mar 10, 2012 @ 19:17:08

      ู„ุง ุฏุฎู„ ู„ู„ุฅุณู„ุงู… ููŠ ุงู„ู…ูˆุถูˆุน ูุงู„ุฑุฌุงุก ุนุฏู… ุงู„ุฎุฑูˆุฌ ู…ู† ุงู„ู…ูˆุถูˆุน

      • Ghizlan
        Mar 10, 2012 @ 23:57:21

        I would like to know why “Kanaty”, cant use his Islamic opinion !?

        Its his view and opinion, which I find very right and truthful. Lot of discrimination and racist comments which is promoting conflicts towards nations and especially arabs. Sad.
        There are some amusing worthless covetous comments, which actually people would make that time and take their anger and passion on about Moroccan girls…
        personally I Wouldn’t Know any Moroccans that would Care to comment on Kuwauties or anything to do with khalijies sites, let alone make sites about them!! time is too precious.
        Interested/ curious about Moroccan girls, as a Moroccan girl I can tell you some are a gift from God, their Aura, personality is only magical and never seen or met any nation that can compare. some are usual human being. some are fortunate and take the wrong way. and that’s all.
        spread Love not hate.

        • AyyA
          Mar 11, 2012 @ 01:32:11

          As I mentioned above; this is not about Islam nor Muslim women, it is about Moroccan women and Khaleeji men. That’s all

  555. N.Amallel
    Mar 10, 2012 @ 15:41:06

    Ok so let me get this straight away, I’m Lebanese Moroccan but i’m more into Morocco, my mom’s country.
    I’ve been reading all those 700 comments but I haven’t found any convincing answer.
    I don’t really know where did you come from, what’s your nationality or who you are, but what I know is that if some person came up with a curse or a swear on your country, or on someone from your country you wouldnt be satisfied at all.
    Morocco is a normal country, now if you go to lebanon, you can find sluts, if you go to US, you can find sluts, If you go to Syria, you can find sluts, if you go to UK, KSA, and etc you can find bunch of sluts all around!
    Moroccans are pretty I can tell! they’ve got their own beauty that some other people can’t have.
    Men has hormones babygirl!
    some of the Moroccan girls has got a nice body, they’re fit.
    if some of the moroccan girls have sex, that doesnt really mean that the whole entire Moroccans are sluts.
    So all of you, save what you’ve been saying and keep your mouths shut!
    Because you don’t know why would they do that, eveybody has his own problem, life, and reason.
    save your dirty, offending comments for your own thoughts for god’s sake!
    Stop this bullshit boo x
    if you;ve got any problem you can give me a call and i can face it all. ๐Ÿ™‚
    ///, If you couldn’t get in touch you can have my email, ////.

    Mar 11, 2012 @ 17:29:25

    Discussion were interesting but not healthy,I expected them to believe and see all religion as being good for mankind,Maya Angelo once wrote on one of her books””What shall I take for my journey””.That people should stop rateing based on their religion .As she put it”if you were born in a Muslim family grew and bred up there,while and when after your earthly journey you are believed to rest at the bosom of Prophet mohammed and Allah.Well the same goes for Christians who will equally rest in the bosom of Jeosus Christ.what of Budahist ?etc
    I have not dated morrocangirls ,but have seen them a lot in Europe and other continents I have opportune to visit.They are indeed appealing.but I believe their beauty should be something to glorify God and used to contribute meaningful to the PLANNET Earth.

  557. AyyA
    Mar 12, 2012 @ 02:39:30

    Dear readers
    Please note that any comment showing disrespect to others or profane language would be spammed. This post is old and practically should be closed, but I left it open for more opinions especially because new comers seem interested. So please do not force me to close the discussion

  558. Sarah
    Apr 03, 2012 @ 07:09:26

    We’re SEXY and we know it.. Don’t be jealous girls, our sex-appeal is innate, we can do nothing about it.. Sooorry! We can teach you how to be a good wife, friend, loving and caring.. but u can never learn something that you were never meant to be born with, neither to live with! No hate ๐Ÿ™‚

  559. Jay
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 02:21:47

    Hey Women,

    Aya, i like your picture, you are wearing Yemenite(Temani) bridal wear, right? It looks soo much like it…!

    Look at all this commotion ! I see that many hate and love. I can understand karen6…..something feelings and that is her reaction. Your loved one leaving you for another and leaving you alone with children must be very painful. I read one comment where someone mentioned that if you satified your husband he wouldnt look or go elsewhere but you souldnt generalize here as many men have the ideal woman and out of greed and sexual desire they ponder elsewhere. They look back and regret it in the end………

    I’m a moroccan woman, happily married TO A MOROCCAN and i’m not no slut nor did any magic looool! You girls stop blaming us stop GENERALIZING Its bad to generalize and accuse your fellow muslim woman of haram(bad) as its like your commiting it yourself look it up dear sisters. You should learn how to be modest! If you really have faith in God”” and know you have no faults, you will feel and know that HE will be the looser…. So woman lift your heads high! Stop this envy and move on!!

    • Jake
      Apr 05, 2012 @ 02:36:09

      All these women on here talking smack about Moroccan women need to just stop it. First thing is, you are slandering and backbiting on your Muslim sisters. Secondly, you are all just being jealous. Yes, Moroccan women are wanted more than most other Arabic women, if not all women. Deal with it! And stop being spoil sports. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  560. Jay
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 02:35:02

    I’ve learn’t that being obidient to your husband keeps him by yourside. You need to sense his wants and needs and always give more than he gives you as he will want you more…. Don,t raise your voice or act in an unattractive manner as its a massive put off. Good Food as many say is way to man heart along with being beautiful and honest…. What more can be askd for please elaborate………

  561. king
    Apr 22, 2012 @ 14:31:46

    It has noting to do with islam, every one has their on freedom to choose and its not a sin after all we are living in the modern world come on guys, every one has the option to talk and express. morocans are great and they are no different form other women. Mr. Talal no one has the capacity to warn ook u should just mind your own business. IF some one like to have fun let them have, if some one wants to go in a different path let them, we are human beings and we choose what we want, and more over there are also girls who sell them selves in every country this is life..

  562. Asim
    May 24, 2012 @ 14:19:50

    A humble attempt to expalin what is so special about moroccan girls (Although I beleive all our sisters are special in one way or another) and help those who want to get married in morocco.

    I’m strictly talking well within the context of good intentions to marry.

    God bless our moroccan sisters and all our sisters anywhere and anytime.

    Stereotyping and slandering by some tells alot about who they are.

    In English:

    In Arabic:

  563. moroccan
    Jun 07, 2012 @ 20:36:07

    I don’t know how I stumbled here, but here are my two cents:
    I’M A MOROCCAN GIRL, and I can answer your question in this:

    What Kaliji men find in Moroccan women (I learned this from Kaliji university classmates here in Canada) is that: Moroccan women maintain the looks but when at home they serve their kids and husband and husband’s family very well.

    and i can confirm it: we might be educated, up to date with world news and fashion but we keep modesty and cooking skills and our husbands and families/his family happy alhamdullah.
    a lot of lebanese or khaliji girls obssess about shopping or looks and forget about the family dynamics, or vice versa. we MAINTAIN BOTH.

    this is your answer.

  564. Ramsess
    Jun 14, 2012 @ 00:53:33

    Well I am dating a morrocan girl and I can tell you the reason for them being chosen by men .
    Middle eastern women have a charm and warmth and amongst them morrocan ladies are the fittest ( which is obvieous ) and the NONE richest ( rich wife is the worst )

  565. Marwan
    Jun 18, 2012 @ 14:25:51

    My personal experience, I found girls too easy in Casablanca, almost 80% of whoever and wherever I met are willing to have sex from the 1st hello and this is crucial to men.
    Second issue they r too hot and too Horney (very juicy)
    Third they have super sexy body specially boobs and ass.
    Fourth, they are really nice and easy to go with.
    Fifth, experts in sex, all positions
    Iโ€™m assuming all are adults here, thanks.

  566. Ahmad Mujtaba Badar
    Jul 10, 2012 @ 11:25:51

    Hi dears,
    I really like moroccon girls, they are very charming and beautiful. I am interested in making friendship with them.

  567. lilya senhaji
    Jul 11, 2012 @ 22:22:46

    Hi , the answer to that question is : Moroccan girls are very different to any other Arabic girls , because Moroccan girls are fashion queens , trendy , educated , modern , beautiful , fairly skinned , girls in morocco, i mean just commoners from middle class families they speak a lot of languages and this is a proof of how smart and clever we are , of course there is a little community uneducated and low class and this exist in every society , Kuwait , Saudi , UAE , Egypt etc etc .
    But ladies and gentlemen Moroccan girls are just fantastic , maybe you should ask someone who is not Moroccan but married with a girl from morocco maybe he can reveal the secret .To be more clear it is not only gulf man who prefer Moroccan girls apparently it is the whole Asian community after our girls , the statistics showed that Indian Muslims and Pakistanis living in the UK and USA they prefer having a Moroccan wife as they speak Arabic they know about Islam and they can teach the kids and blablabla ,But again maybe because i am Moroccan i see thing my way , i know i m right because i traveled a lot and i have seen a lot of people , I studied in London i always had a reputation of the most clever , multilingual , coolest nerd in Cambridge university .
    I was very upset and devastated when i have seen how Kuwaitis stood very low when they released a cartoon making fun of Moroccan women and that low class lady called salwa el metery < they got their answer and they knew how clever we Moroccans are hacking into their systems and failing the whole TV network down i was so proud when they apologized .. therefore i realized one thing is that gulf women in general they consider us a nuclear threat just because their own man run from them to find love or the company of a beautiful lady in morocco ,,that is called jealousy and envy , one Remarque is that why gulf ladies don’t hate Lebanese girls , English girls , french girls , even though their man roam around this communities as bad as they are with Moroccans but still we take the most blame, you guys can’t blame us because we are atomic bombs ๐Ÿ™‚ i consider my self very lucky to be Moroccan i can’t imagine myself being anything else and if i was my only wish would be how to be a Moroccan , goo girls wayyy to go , ignore haters and keep shinning and remember the road to success is always full of obstacles ..
    A lots of love
    A proud Moroccan girl

  568. Safaa
    Jul 15, 2012 @ 05:08:33

    Obviously, it’s because of our spells, grrrrr LoL, c’mon guys, you should know that there’s a witch in every woman ๐Ÿ˜‰ good luck

  569. HMD
    Jul 19, 2012 @ 22:35:09

    I am pakistani, 28 yrs, involved with a relationship (online for now) since one year with a nice and the most charming maghribi girl in the world…. she has changed my life even just through online contact… i am only waiting for the right time to meet her. Within the first 2 months of our conversations, all her family agreed for the marriage and i believe only i will marry her inshallah,

    I heard from many people about the so called black magic and fraud stories… but these kind of things are more prevalent and openly practiced in Pakistan also, so how can i blame one person or one country for the same thing when i should check my own house….

    Anycase, whatever the reason, we are told by Allah to be tolerant and accept the girls pros and cons…

    The more information i get about maghrib and the girls, the more i get deeply in love with my girl. I simply love their culture also. Apart from the shortcomings with regards to some western and european influences.

    Anyways, i really liked this blog, now i am busy learning both the classic arabic and the some maghribia arabic.

    Keep up the good work,

    ma assalama,

    • Fire in Dark
      Dec 22, 2012 @ 18:09:48

      hi HMD, I am an Indian Muslim working in Dubai and being in touch with a Moroccan girl and planning to get married to her. It was a very difficult task for my Indian Cultured parents to agree to this. I feel the same way and get in love with her more and more i know about her and their family. I think we can get in touch more to understand and know more as brothers in Islam.

      THank you.

  570. Kurokeshi
    Jul 23, 2012 @ 12:37:25

    Well, at lest they aren’t fat, ugly, and retarded.

  571. salah
    Jul 25, 2012 @ 14:03:12

    ู‡ู„ ุณู…ุนุชู… ุนู† ุนุ