Toga Yoga

First of all, and before I get to the subject in mind, I’d like to clear one point that this article is not meant to give all the historical / sientifical information about Yoga.

Another point I’d like to clear is that there is no such thing as ” TogaYoga”, this was a mere term created by a friend, by which he meant: Cheers to Yoga.

The last and the most important point I’d like to clear here is that I’m trying my best to use minimum words to answer one question I’m always asked by new students in my Yoga classes ;

Why does my doctor recommend Yoga to me, I don’t have the flexible body it needs, nor I have the patience to sit still for 20 minutes pretending that I’m relaxed when I’m too hyper to do that.

Now to answer this question I’d have to publish a book. Yet I see it as my responsibility to give some ideas of this mysterious type of exercise that a lot of people around the world, have some vague idea about, or may be none at all.

What is Yoga?
Forget the scientific definition, what you need to know is that any proper Yoga practice have one major element; proper breathing through proper poses; this kind of practice maintains your physical body and nourishes it with vital energy, this energy is needed to relax your mind and therefore you can connect with your soul.

Physical benefits to the body:
There is a saying that goes like:” you are as young as your spinal cord”. Your spinal cord is the switchboard of your body, therefore; having it flexible would maintain your body longer.
How is this done?
Well, each basic exercise is designed to fully activate certain organs, legaments and glands, to explain this, I’ll give you an example :
we only engage one third of the upper lungs in our natural breathing process, which means that 2/3 of the lung is practically not used, these areas that are not used will show signs of decay as we grow older, and, therefore; the chance of fatigue and sickness to these parts will increase. But through practicing yoga the full capacity of the lung is forced to be activated and engaged.
This is true not only for the lungs, but for all the internal organs, ligaments, and glands.

Mental benefit:
Yoga provides you with the intelligence to let your mind control your body, and not visa versa. This is very essential; it manifests itself in your daily dealings; with yourself first, then with others. You see the ones that have been practicing yoga for some time are more balanced in their lifes, have clearer minds to make right decisions, and they definitely give each and every event its proper weight without exaggeration.

Spiritual benefit;
Yoga is not a religion. Therefore spirituality here refers to the happiness and ecstasy that you can bring into your world without waiting for some circumstance to create it for you. It’s more like re-designing yourself by digging deep and searching for the basic traits of your soul. Getting to know you, befriend you, and therefore love you, for only then you can love others and have more self confidence.

Now this whole thing is not some magical elixir, it’s just some simple mental techniques / mind exercises that you need to properly practice so you can get the full benefit.

How does it function?
Every proper yoga practice has to have some basic poses through which breathing is enhanced, this breathing not only provides the cells in your body with oxygen and nutrients, but also provids it with the vital energy to activate and harmonize seven main energy centers as well as thousands of other minor energy centers throughout your body, and therefore preparing your mind to be relaxed in the final session of the practice. And the result? A new you.

So to answer that question I’d have to say, yoga is not those acrobatic poses you see in books and magazines, some very easy poses can do the job if you gradually increase the time you spend in each pose and breath properly. Yoga is for everyone and everyone can practice it. And if you think you are hyper, most probably you need to practice yoga more than others.
ching ching

Fresh From The Oven

Hey guys give me your opinion about my latest release, because I’m planning to enter a competition with some minor adjustments to this poem;


Just a plain disposable lighter


The night we parted you held me gently

And in my palm you placed a lighter

Then in my ear you whispered softly

Keep this….. as the last reminder


I place my tooth brush in a glass

I keep within my reach

The plastic one you were holding

That night we partied at the beach


Next to the toothbrush, in the same glass

Another brush “still wrapped” there lay

The one I got you when you were away

But to use, you never had the chance


And when I open my closet door

Your T–Shirt greets me sadly

The one I got you on my last tour

And you never received; unfortunately


When I pass the cabinet border

The candle holder winks with class

Not actually a candle holder

But a candle in a crystal glass


Remember the night you and I

At a friend’s “after party” Slammed

Remember when you winked your eye

As your hand a laptop scanned

Remember the ” Karma Sutra” scene

You scrolled on that screen,

And whispered to my delight

This is what we’ll do tonight


And remember when we left later

In your hand a crystal glass

This glass is my candle holder

The one that winks every time I pass


And now you leave me with a lighter

The same plain disposable lighter

Give me something to forget

I don’t need another reminder


This last token to me symbolized

The acidic defeat of a born fighter

When I finally realized

That I was nothing but a diposable lighter

Be Ware of Love

Is love really blind? Nah, it can’t be blind, it doesn’t have eyes, but it makes me think; why did it go like this? I mean why the saying did not go like: lovers are blind. Makes more sense.. Right?
When someone is in love, he does not see the beloved as he is, but rather creates this image of the perfect myth in his mind and lives a dream which is far from reality. This happens because the person of his concern is not dealt with on a daily bases, and therefore a big space is left for the imagination to play the trick.
But when lovers get close enough to really know each other, they realize what a mistake they have made, and that the truth was directly under their noses but they did not see it because of this cloud seven they lived in. or may be they saw it but, like me, they always end up with the wrong person who hurts them the most, because this type of attitude adds more spice to a relationship.

Well, here is a cry from me; unless you have no intention of any serious commitment; be ware of your love affair, be ware of your imagination.

Poetry lovers…. Time to enjoy

I’m not in love of that I’m positive

Actions displayed are out of habit

Of passing years in consecutive

most in agony, some in merit


Years back I loved an image

My illusive mind created

A gentle, liberal knight with courage

With aura around I fabricated


Worn out with time is the showpiece

As has my precious prime years

Naked truth was out piece by piece

Ugly as each fallacy cleared


A stranger he is to me now

The same one I once dovetailed

To his command I used to bow

In apathy now I’m entailed


“Love is blind” as the maxim goes

Add deaf an’ mute to the aphorism

was I immersed in an illusive doze

Or was it some type of sadism!


Was it my agonies that had me kept
All these passing years in debt
With excuses I made
For all the cruelties he bade!
And took me all that time to realize
The truth was always before my eyes!

A Tribute to Mosan

What is the blog generation era ?

This trend called “blogging” is really awesome. Notice the number of people joining each day.

I first was introduced to it by a friend whom I’m attributing this to in the subject title. This friend wanted me to post a comment on his newly designed blog….

A blog? What the hell was he talking about? And since I was too busy enjoying my holiday, I promised him “out of courtesy” that when I’m back I’ll surely do that.

After scrolling through the different articles he posted, I found myself not only commenting on the subjects he presented, “which were really hot and hard to resist” but also started checking out other blogs and finally started my own.

I never was a TV/Movie addict. I only watch TV when I have a severe case of insomnia. My show time has expired two months back and I only knew about it the other day.

I always enjoyed reading and writing” mostly poetry”, but to be labeled as “old fashion ”, or the bookie geek, or a book worm, did not appeal to me much especially with this satellite, PC, and play station generation. After all, this is the technology age; everything is presented in a silver platter. Why write when no one reads?

But to have a space where I can present my thoughts, share them with others, and see other’s point of view with no restrictions, this astounded me, not because it gave me a space to impress others with my so called poetry (did not need that, I already received 3 trophies from The International Society of Poets and 3 of my poems are already published in books sold universally on the internet), but the fact that people are encouraged to go back to writing, rediscover the beauty of the “old fashion“ written communication” this was the real thrill to me, and gave me courage to go on writing.

Bloggers keep on blogging for you are in the blog generation era.

A thought for the weekend

The Mask

Isn’t it a tedious task

Hiding behind a false mask

Disguising every intention

Suppressing genuine impression

Why can’t we just be natural

Abandon thoughts that are lateral

Speak our hearts when we feel

Good or bad, at least they’re real

It’s the adapted cruelty ply

We learned as the years passed by

Ever really wonder why?

A child in pain never hides his cry?

Look within for the child you carry

Within your heart you always tarry

Nourish it with love and purity

It’s the only way to sanity

Imagine a world with no deception

Faces with innocent complexion

Knowing what’s on other’s minds

By looking in their mirrored eyes

Wouldn’t be a better place

For us humans to embrace

Who would care for heaven then

When we all carry it right within

A Yoga Meditation


Dedicated to my sister Wajeeha Habeeb who had shown me “The Path”

In the death of night I rise

To wash away ugly vice

I enliven candle lights

And meditate into different heights

With sweet lavender oils I shoot

and start the “om shanti” salute

Like magic I start to float,

Soul out of my body I loot

I feel this wave of butterflies

In my limbs and behind my eyes

For a new dimension I demand

To open up at my command

Through my soul and through my mind

I seek calmness in a world unkind

I seek love, I seek purity

I seek the touch of immortality

I begin to see this tiny light

Emitting rays so soft and bright

Embracing me in delight

Resigning me to it’s might

Ecstasy is felt with such a sight

How could this be a dead night!

Tears of joy would start to pour

From my eyes and each pore

I realize I’m almost there

Surrounded with love and care

A constant love that is divine

In a place I know is mine

A bliss that could not be found

Except on regions beyond sound

Hush now hush, peaceful soul,

You’re in the attendance of “The Whole”


Last week; I was sitting with a friend talking and giggling, and out of no where I had this flash back of an incident that happened in the past with a close friend at a certain place. Then I heard the beep of my SMS and somehow I was sure that it was him. When I checked my phone I could not believe it, not because the SMS was from him, it was what he wrote in the SMS that astounded me.

The message went like this:

Guess what? I’m sitting in this place where —- happened.

Can u believe that? And, why this specific place?

Did you have a similar experience? And how do you think this is possible?

What is LOVE ?

For centuries poets and artists in general have talked about love, each from his own prospective. Those people are more sensitive to things around them than others; so they have to express what they feel whether in writing, music, or just a portrait.

And the reason behind their need to express themselves is their confusion about a certain feeling, so they reach within their inner selves to produce something meaningful, something that makes sense to them and brings harmony to their own lives before sharing it with the public.

And although love was a very hot subject that many poets (through ages around the globe) wrote about more than any other subject, yet, it still remains ” a mystery“.

But one thing is certain and common between love poems; it is always associated with ecstasy and pain; TWO OPPOSITE FEELINGS.

How can this feeling have such irony? And why does something that brings u the utmost happiness can ruin you as well?

I think that those artists are more scared of this mystique feeling than others.

Wine comes in at the mouth

And love comes in at the eye;

That’s all we shall know for truth

Before we grow old and die.

I lift the glass to my mouth

I look at you and I sigh.

“A Drinking song” W. B. Yeats


Although I’m not considered as a fat person, I’ve always been obsessed by my weight. I’m sure some of you have gone through a similar “agonizing experience” with different ways and techniques to bring down your weight to what you conceder as your ideal weight

Well…. here is my experience

Surely I feel bad today
With those two kilos I gained
Wish they’d dissipate in thin air
Quickly vanish and fade
I tried every possible “Diet”
Alas no results were obtained
Eggs, bananas, cabbage diets
And chocolates I forbade

Talking about eggs diet
Where nothing else went to stomach
For four days was the gimmick
Not too bad to myself I thought
But the skin rash I developed
From eggs had spread so quick
That all doctors and medical students
Consulted and had a nervous tic
They couldn’t decide what made me look
A map of the Atlantic

Let alone the banana diet
Thought this one would surely work
Attempting sympathy with apes
I abandon my knife and fork
Devouring six bananas per day
For five days was not a bad trick
And the kilos went voom in a tick
But to my horror I discovered
Nothing else could be digested
When my horrid diet broke

The next in list was the cabbage I loathed
Which I had to gulp up in a soup
But couldn’t take the dreadful stuff
And decided to give up and stoop
To the extra weight that fought so tough

I’m still searching for a diet
That won’t spin me in a loop
But with all quick fixes diets
I’m confused, I can not cope
This nerdy comes up with a hunch
That Protein is guaranteed
For building muscles indeed
That’s what you surely need
Yet another dismayed this fact
How about energy he sneered
Starch is what you should be getting
With exercises to breed

Why does it have to be like this
With yummy food I gain some weight
Is this some sort of punishment
Or is it just my cursing fate!

Wallah it’s a blessing here in Kuwait

People here have nothing to do but complain… weather, work, Social life, family…

And they always say WHAT IF

– WHAT IF I was born in another place?

– WHAT IF I had an American Passport?

– WHAT IF I had a decent job that I’d be appreciated for what I’m doing or at least I’d get some real experience?

– WHAT IF …. WHAT IF …. WHAT IF …. And the list goes on and on and on..

Hey guys … hey fellow citizens…….

“The grass is always GREENER on the other side of the fence”

Be honest.. Think about it

Where in the hell would you find a place where you are paid for practically doing nothing?

Where in the hell would you spend the night partying for also practically paying nothing?

Where in the hell you’d find food, clothing, and other life accessories so cheep?

Where in the hell would you be considered “a middle class” and still have maids to clean your house, cook your food, and take your kids to school while you sit lazily on your butt and enjoy the luxuries of life?

Where in the hell would your car stop in the middle of the road and a pool of other cars stopping to give you a helping hand?

Where in the hell would you find your friends and relatives running around to help you out of a problem?

Don’t complain about the weather. The weather is beautiful even in summer..

In summer time you have Kubbar, chalets, If not, then you know you can afford to travel anywhere around and skip the so called hot weather in the country (which I personally see as damn freezing cold with the AC running non stop)

Stop kidding yourself

Do you wana work 9-5 and come home exhausted, and think of all the joys you could have downtown and can’t afford it physically as well as financially?

Ok I don’t wana elaborate, I’ll leave that to you.. hope you got the point

Just be thankful you live in Kuwait…


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