What was That All About?

First you notice those eyes darting at you and instantly

Penetrating though you

Eyebrows open incredibly wide

Welcoming light into sapphire gaze

Burning ablaze for you

All his complexions start sojourning gradually into lax

Laying the road marked by the red carpet

Stretching into heavens above towards

Your balcony

Welcoming you into his territory

Where you are enthroned upon a royal canopy and

A halo appears around your head

You find comfort and solace

On your ride

In his essence

As if you have always been strolling there

In his Garden of Eden

All along

A place so familiar

Calling from some distant past

Yet, you know it isn’t

Nor it has to do anything with

Romeo and Juliet

It’s almost like a reminisce that aches

With leisurely pleasures

Moving your heart to only one direction

And your mind to many

You realize you are lost for words

You talk and talk

But hardly utter what really matters

Though you know

That every move you make betrays and tells

Oh, how foolishly you try to cover

The naked truth that

You are in love

At the first sight

Or whatnot!