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Dear fellow bloggers and readers
I will be away from the Net for about a month due to traveling and the marriage ceremony of my daughter. I will try to follow up on you guys as much as I could, although this will not be practical for me.
Hope you are fine and have a wonderful time.
This song is dedicated to my daughter who loves ABBA
Take care and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, which is nothing


Another One Bites The Dust

A free minded blogger, a teacher who has had enough, has finally revealed his true identity and fled the atrocities of the Islamic system of his country; Saudi Arabia.
A revolutionist who has gone astray without prior planning
His book is already circulating the Net
He has much to say to the world
Enough is enough
This is his blog
Has the age of enlightenment started in this part of the world?
Or could dictatorship prevail in the twenty-first century?
Alrawandi is a fighter and he chose to single-handedly fight the system his own way.
He may be mad
He may be acid-tongued
He may be gone overboard
But one thing is for sure:
He is freedom fighter
And he deserves our support
For the fight is not only his, even if we did not agree with the means
But, at the end of the day; who are we to judge?

Kudos to Alrawandi

An Update:
Great article by Eman Elbadah
Click Here

English translation*

Why “Alrawandi”?/ Eman Ali Albadah

Sun, July 19, 2009

“Alrawandi” was able in a very short time to enforce himself as one of the most infamous atheist of the Golf region and the whole Arab blogging communities. It is evident from his writings that he is educated, an avid reader, and somewhat learned. But the most distinct feature (in his writing style) is his wrath and disgust with his kin, religion and country in a very peculiar fashion for a young man of his age who has a lot to look forward to.

Alrawandi, in a very strange move, has published his full name, address, photographs of himself and photo copies of his IDs and certificates; (a move) which is considered suicidal in our Islamic World. So what had prompted an educated youth to dwell into dismay and resort to suicide? What is behind his endless wrath and public display of atheism against all what his society is found on?

What pushed him to this limit is – as he explains in detail in his blog- is the social, political and religious hypocrisy ( of a society) that sheds tears on the veils (hijab) of Moslem women in France and Turkey, while misusing and suppressing women publicly in all the Islamic world under a lawful creed umbrella, rant human rights Justus and, at the same time, practice slavery in its most vicious forms under the same umbrella. (Society) that calls for a dialog and tolerance and, at the same time, chases and sues others with different faiths or even different opinions. What pushed him to insanity boarders is the utter silence of the government against the Islamic Fatwas (advisory opinion) that encourages, and militarizes the youth for fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan in their blooming ages.

What made him lose his sanity was the (legal) permission to court an infant, ban alcoholic-based disinfectants in cleaning detergents, and absolve drinking urine. It killed him to see the waste in Arab youths and identities while their sheikhs (clerics) discuss trivialities such as menstruation, post pregnancy, and what invalidates ablution as if they were novelties of the twenty-first century.

Alrawandi, with his own conviction, is alcoholic, and his writing style has surpassed any limits of morality and public properness. But in any case, (Alrawandi) is one of many cases that symbolizes the vast number of his likes, in different age groups, who are prone to self-destruction and slow-pace suicide?

Most of the commentators on his blog are the educated youth, who had the courage to think and search, outside the boundaries of school curriculums and official books. They have queries, comments and opinions that are not very popular, but remain legitimate. On the opposite side there are the grand “ sages” of the nation, ready with mockery, disowning, belittlement and terrorism, (so) nothing was left for them but to disbelieve everything and resort to remorse and suicide.

Thinking (out of the box) is a blessing that caused humanity to evolve; contemplation and criticism are two beneficial traits that broke the barriers of “the shortcoming” of culture. It opened doors for creativity and novelty. (Now) how to deal with these traits is the difference between societies that are destined to evolve and survive, and those that (chose to) eat themselves to extinction. As for the fear over “founding ethics” and “historical facts” (rhetoric), this is nothing but a veil under which terror against renovation and change is concealed. Truth is obvious for any sane person to conceive in his heart before his mind, doesn’t the youth deserve some of our time and tolerance?

* I hope I have Eman’s permission

A Tribute to Michael Jackson & Others

From KSA youth

And to Farrah Fawcett

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