As a rose too fragile to voyage away from its land
She has her whims to ornate the bosoms of beauties, to give
Yet she soon cries tears of petals pleading for her nourishing entities

Her quest for perfection withers
In the hands of detached cruelty
Where she salvages her vanity
In the soils of pampering comfort
Form the unattainable
In the realms of her maturity

She is alone yet never lonely
She is forever in love with the last Romeo
She is but her own rose … entirely

Dubai- allah yedeemha min ni3ma

Just got back from Dubai, my last visit was five years back and what a change, I was so impressed. Construction is booming, I hardly recognized the city. It was my first time to attend the World Cup Horse Races in Dubai. And what astounded me the most is seeing Mohammad Almaktoom wandering around greeting people with hardly any bodyguard. Allah la yegair 3alaihom, they deserve the best. Dubai is truly the paradise of the gulf; let the pictures do the talking.


Looking for God

It has been said that each of us has a God-shaped hole inside where we spend most of our lives trying to fill it with the wrong things. And nothing is wrong with that I may add, if what is filled inside satisfy the beholder’s spirituality completely, without a single doubt that may alter his belief or deprive it of the spiritual peak he is thriving to achieve. And what could be better than seeking to fulfill this need through religion? Yet, most of religions are enforced dogmas that might momentarily or for a period of a lifetime satisfy spirituality since it’s preaching is supposedly based on ethics as well as scriptures of spiritual elations, like chanting and mantra. But in spite of its moral teachings, it’s full of contradictions that ruin the basic understanding of humanity by segregating people into categories to set an identity for each and consider others just outsiders. This creates doubts that annoy the hole inside and shake it unless one intentionally ignores these facts and settles for a private relationship between God and himself. But religion is all about totalitarianism; it can’t be segmented as per the will of man. Besides; religions portray man as helpless being with a preset fate and suppresses the role of his mind. If that what God intended us to be, then why didn’t he create angles instead? Or why wasn’t religion successful in fighting evil inside man? And to quote Bernard Russell in his book “Why I Am Not a Christian”: “One is often told that it is very wrong to attack religion because religion makes men virtuous. So I am told; I have not noticed it”. But not having a religious belief could also distort the concept of immortality. Humans strive for it and religions promise immortality; no one can accept the mere idea that we only live once, and there is no other life after death. This may seem like our lives mean nothing, which is too hard for the mind to accept, but on a closer look; we see that actually no-thing could also mean everything you got, all what you got is in the Here and Now, and you’d better divert your efforts to make the best of WHAT YOU GOT, using your own mind to direct you in the logical path. Here, I’m not implying that eternity is finite, but what if it is? So I believe that the hole inside is already filled and it is powerful, and its power comes from the “will”, yet we tend to ignore it and look outside, in books or take it form the word of mouth of others while it is buried deep in the self. Allegorically speaking; every one of us is God and we have the power to make things happen.
This whole argument came to mind while I was watching Jim Carrey’s movie“Bruce Almighty”.The movie questions man’s ability to handle God’s divine powers if he was given that power, and as per the director of the movie; life would be a chaos. But what if each and every one of us had that power? Then things would level out, don’t you think?
Assuming that we already have this power and that every thought counts; a negative thought creates bad circumstances and positive thoughts create good ones. And putting this assumption in mind, would man ever create bad circumstances for himself? Would anyone of us for a second bring about bad thoughts?

It’s good at this point to mention Ramtha who has a school based on this concept. In one of her DVD’s “Create Your Day”, she gives hands on experience on how man can reestablish this power which is like a dormant volcano awaiting to be released. Her teachings are based on quantum physics; the science of all possibilities. I have tried her technique myself and it worked, not immediately, since things take time, but I have seen signs that led me to believe that whatever I wanted to create was bound to happen, I just needed to be insistent and confidant that it would happen. It’s worth a try.


Trapped – unruly I keep seeping back and forth through
the uncanny neck of the hourglass; yes, I do understand your
constant urge to find your long lost soul. Yet, forever fetching
a wraith in a misty crossroad where you’re not so sure where to
go, still remains a puzzle to me. Why did you go on dwelling at
the doors of tomorrow and what it may or may not promise to
obey only to come back, expectedly, today! Do you know
what it means to be trapped in an hourglass? Do you
know what it feels like to be in awe awaiting
a decision! A call! Pleading for a miracle
to stop for once the flipping of the
ticking time, and to rest
the trickling
in the
bed of
calm and
ease. I beg of
you please stop jolting me
back and forth into the maze, back
to where in vain we started, back to many
a times we reunited, back to labeling our cut-and-
paste relationship with titles we agreed we’re better
without. Labels of capricious desires – of love, passion,
obsession, and the dire horror of obligation not to mention
the pain of separation, in my despair, so many a times I prayed
for an upper hand to smash the glass on a cold callous floor and
Free my soul, once and for all, from you or may be for you, I’m
badly addicted to you. At times I wanted you out, but my soul
couldn’t stop leaking until your body rested back in mine