The Diva


Devine is the dance that whirls the essence

Revered is the step that keeps air and earth in balance

Sojourning where Imagination begets existence

Reality dissolves into fantasy of fragrance

And temperance  reduces to a melodious silence

When  the goddess of all senses is in presence

Joyous moments become renascence

Hark, the sound of tar

Mingling with your breath so much

That you forget who you are

With every orchestra of such

Symphony of the drumbeat

And the jingling anklets on her feet

Long nails the color of blood

Oblivious to the passion you flood

Pointing north, south east and west

With wit, fervor and zest

Piercing your desires awake

Glances that your grounds shake

If lust is all heaven be

Who needs  virgins in heaven, tell me