The Diva


Devine is the dance that whirls the essence

Revered is the step that keeps air and earth in balance

Sojourning where Imagination begets existence

Reality dissolves into fantasy of fragrance

And temperance  reduces to a melodious silence

When  the goddess of all senses is in presence

Joyous moments become renascence

Hark, the sound of tar

Mingling with your breath so much

That you forget who you are

With every orchestra of such

Symphony of the drumbeat

And the jingling anklets on her feet

Long nails the color of blood

Oblivious to the passion you flood

Pointing north, south east and west

With wit, fervor and zest

Piercing your desires awake

Glances that your grounds shake

If lust is all heaven be

Who needs  virgins in heaven, tell me

Why did I love you? And why did I leave you?

They said when you were around
The iris of my eyes got wider
And so did my smile
They said I looked prettier 

I had a deal with your touch
Surreal doesn’t describe it much
Ethereal, lasting way after
The physical clutch

Manna of heaven was your taste 
I hungered for you like a beast
Could never have enough
Nor let anything go to waste 

I can’t forget every time we met
How you mesmerized my essence
Every time you looked at me
They said you were a good influence 

And the fragrance that wafted
Sweet from your flesh
Swirled circling the four corners
Around me spooling a mesh

“Baby,” when you called
A harp played in my ear
A sonata, soft 
Sublime and dear

All my senses you engaged
After I tasted you I saw no one
Felt nothing, smelled nothing
Nor heard anyone

But after years of being kept in the dark
Of your betrayal and deceit 
My senses suddenly alerted: hark
“Love” what a bait to eat!

And just as I loved you
I left you

Goodby to a Daunting Year

Christmas lights, a pool of colors housing 
The end, the begging, the bouncing
Of a summersaulting year, and probably
A dawn of an era announcing 

Twenty-eleven what a year!
Laden with ecstasies, anxieties and fear
Losses of limps, of kith and kin
Losses of loved ones, peer and everything dear

The onset of Arabian spring, or may be fall
The meridian of Islamist’s sprint, or downfall
The turning point in history where
The whole region beholds a call

For me the call, the awakening shock
A quake that shook my inner block
Hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol 
What a handful flock!

And yet, there’s a silver lining 
The sun is still shining
I’m alive and I can concur
Whatever needs realigning  

Life goes on and so do we
At least for a while, let’s  live in glee 
And see what twenty-twelve has  in store
While twenty-eleven dwells in memory 

Christmas carols, awash me
In warm delight, dancing free
Singing along the sweet song
“Whatever will be, let it be”

What was That All About?

First you notice those eyes darting at you and instantly

Penetrating though you

Eyebrows open incredibly wide

Welcoming light into sapphire gaze

Burning ablaze for you

All his complexions start sojourning gradually into lax

Laying the road marked by the red carpet

Stretching into heavens above towards

Your balcony

Welcoming you into his territory

Where you are enthroned upon a royal canopy and

A halo appears around your head

You find comfort and solace

On your ride

In his essence

As if you have always been strolling there

In his Garden of Eden

All along

A place so familiar

Calling from some distant past

Yet, you know it isn’t

Nor it has to do anything with

Romeo and Juliet

It’s almost like a reminisce that aches

With leisurely pleasures

Moving your heart to only one direction

And your mind to many

You realize you are lost for words

You talk and talk

But hardly utter what really matters

Though you know

That every move you make betrays and tells

Oh, how foolishly you try to cover

The naked truth that

You are in love

At the first sight

Or whatnot!

Time for Love

Cool winter nights

Delights our cuddles

Snuggles, kisses and


Spooning the tiredness of the rainy days

Away, massaging

Passion on each other

Joining the vivid pictures of the HD TV

Ornamenting in 3D

Our walls and hearts, sharing

Our joy as we lay


On the couch

Even that irritating traffic of the highway

Intruding through the patio is now serene

Subtle into deep stilth of silence

Except for our whispers and the song

That still fuddles my mind

“Everything is going to be alright”

Like two teenagers

Protecting something sacred

Our universe dances and

Sings for something precious as well as


“We’re together”

Come home baby

Mama and her cooking are both


Looking out for

Delicious you

My vintage wine

My Valentine

New Year’s Blue Moon, 2010

Like New Year’s blue moon

Out of the blue he came

To shake like the quake

Which hit the Bay Area lagoons

The tectonic plates

Of my lonely heart

Somersaulting my life

With a boom…boom, then

Like a train it trailed, hence settled

Gathering warmth around a fireplace

Amidst a rainy winter night

And clicks of Margaritas

“’Long straight’ hair

Ruby lips

Sparks from her fingertips

Echoed voices in the night

She’s a restless spirit on an endless flight”

Eagles’ message!

His first message

Warming with Ruby beads

Crimson red

Meshing with my tanned neck

Marking me his

Private territory

It must have been

My dear friend’s prayers

Or her royal highness’ orders

Or whatever

For a quake to shake my heart

Of someone worthy of me

And me of him

And us of love

That mysterious

Delirious visitor

Which appears only once

In a blue moon

This poem is dedicated to my friend The Princess who’s kind and warm words gave me the inspiration.

Freedom; That Bliss

The flock of chirping birds
Remind me everyday
At dusk and dawn
“There is life out there”

That’s how I count my days
Not feeling time slide
Behind the Net

I keep telling myself
I need to disengage from the past
And live the present
Its wonders

Its diverse, intermingled society
Living the day
Working hard
Partying hard
With Peaceful
Happy faces
They are from California

Its beautiful beaches
Bay area
When crossing it through bridges
Stretches on the beaches sunbathing
Like a diva in a white bikini
Contrasting her bronze skin
Of its earthy color
To a bright day
And a merciful sun

Biking in its ever-green parks
Dunes and oasis
Taking long walks
Zigzagging the alleys and main streets
Till the muscles ache
With pleasurable pain

Plays, operas
Art festivals
San Francisco, San Jose
Mini-Gulfing at the outskirts
On cool sunny days

Ah, and the strawberries
Have a special allure when
Dipped in dark chocolate
And licked off the nose of your lover
Amidst shore breeze
Wooing strands of your hair

Public freedom is bliss
No less
Than personal freedom
I am one of the lucky ones
I guess I consider myself one
I live this bliss
Not perfect
But utterly

And that’s why
Its almost impossible for me to leave the Net
When my kin
Is deprived
Of its natural senses
Under the attire of
Pretentious virtue

Happy 2008, and Happy Birthday to me

A Special World

A special world for you and me
A special bond one cannot see
It wraps us up in its cocoon
And holds us fiercely in its womb.

Its fingers spread like fine spun gold
Gently nestling us to the fold
Like silken thread it holds us fast
Bonds like this are meant to last.

And though at times a thread may break
A new one forms in its wake
To bind us closer and keep us strong
In a special world, where we belong.
– Sheelagh Lennon –

At times I wonder where do I belong
At times I ache with reminiscent songs
But when I realize my world is yours
I stop knocking at future’s doors

Whatever may come let be
So long I have you here by me

Love you all my cyber buddies :*

Greeting my Country

Welcome home, I hear all over
Smiling faces, lovely faces
Drawn through calamities
Yet, appear to be happy

Are they really happy!
I wonder
If they’re not just too busy

Some got married
Some still waiting
Some, like me, still fighting

But against nature’s will
Most stayed still
Their boats did not seem to have passed
Other shores

What goes on beyond the fence
Is someone else’s business
Even when the fence is
A fantasy

Rigid, in silence complaining
Like Buddha statue
Waiting, meditating for

Somehow life has halted here
But I can’t stop the rush of emotions
I blame on a history of senses
That keeps me in love

Regardless of the bad news
Regardless of the cuffs and
Regardless of the bearded guys
Next door

Lamenting God

They said
You were dead

How dare You not
Inform me
How dare You not
Answer my letters
My cries
My endless devotion
My humble humiliation

How dare You
Betray me

Those nights I spent washing Your feet with tears
Those nights I begged forgiveness at Your door

For the sins
I never committed
For the oath
I never broke
For the heart
I willingly slaughtered
And presented
To You

How many times You ignored
My slavery at Your service
How dare You be
So petty

They said
You were dead
Yet no one attended
Your funeral

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