Sameera / the struggle of a single woman “XI”

A continuation

Early next morning, Sameera, who tossed and turned all night in bed, was awakened by Alberto’s phone call, he sounded as if he hadn’t slept either. And this conversation took place between them:
Alberto: hi gorgeous, how did you sleep last night?
Sameera who was upset from his attitude the night before couldn’t disguise her true feelings and answered in a short, dry voice: normal, just like any other night.
Alberto: well, I couldn’t go to sleep at all, I was thinking about you all night. I also think that we are going too fast with this relationship and, as you know my girl is coming back in a week, and I’m getting attached to you.
Sameera, still angry: listen Alberto, if you feel guilty about this relationship, then do whatever is right for you.
Alberto: I don’t think it’s that sweetie, I think I need more time to settle things in my life without any influence. I don’t want anyone pushing me.
Sameera, furious now: pushing you? For God’s sake tell me how did I push you into this?
Alberto: what I meant is I need time alone to decide.
Sameera: and how long that should take?
Alberto: I don’t know.
Sameera: ok, suit yourself, whatever.
Alberto: please don’t get upset, I know how you must feel, and…
Sameera mockingly interrupting: yeh, sure you know.
Alberto: sorry babe, I can’t do this unless I’m one hundred percent sure.
Sameera, after a long pause: then what are you suggesting?
Alberto: I think that we should stop seeing each other and see how things turn out.
And here her heart skipped a beat, and she replied with a low voice: does this mean that I should wait for your call? for when you are ready?
Albert: No, I don’t know if I will call back or not, I don’t want to make a promise I can’t keep. I’m just suggesting that we leave this issue to destiny.
And that was the last she heard from him in two months.

The first month she spent on hellfire, knowing that Alberto’s girlfriend was back. Alberto never even messaged, nor did she, although she was dying to do so. She also avoided the places that she might run into him, seeing him with his girl was not an easy matter for her to handle. Foziya, on the other hand, did not spare any information; whenever she had a chance, she’d mention the couple and how they seemed to be happy together. Bangs of jealousy tore her chest, and by the end of the month, when nothing further developed, she lost all hope and decided to take a vacation and go visit her friend Tahani in London.
It was a good decision really since Tahani was the type that did not give in to emotions. She was more of the practical type who wanted to enjoy life. Driving Sameera in her nice dark blue Porch amidst the streets of London, and taking her to posh palaces, restaurants, bars, as well as the gatherings of her friends. But Sameera never stopped talking about Alberto, until that day when this conversation broke out between them:
Tahani: I can’t believe that a woman of your age would give in to her naïve emotions like a teenager, grow up girl, the guy did not even kiss you, how do you know if he can do it in bed?
Sameera: I know I won’t have a problem with that, if it wasn’t for the B&*^
Tahani: I’m sure you won’t, but I wasn’t talking about you, I was talking about him. A guy that has a beautiful girl whom he feels attracted to, right under his fingertip, and he lets go of her, might as well be neutered, you know.
And here Sameera started thinking that her friend might have a point.
Then Tahani resumed , with a grin: I think that you should have stood between him and the damn TV that night, slipped your clothes off, showing off your almost perfect tits, to test the reaction on his face, and see if he had it in him, in the first place or not.
Sameera: you know what? I had the urge that night to seduce him, but what would have happened if he didn’t respond? that would have been very humiliating, and I think I had enough of that from him already.
Tahani: give me a break, if that didn’t work, then you put your clothes back on and tell the SOB “bye bye lover boys, go get a shrink.” And she added: I think the only reason why you’re taken by this guy is because you didn’t have the chance to taste him, so quit fooling yourself and get laid, that should clear your mind of God himself, not only Alberto.
And although Sameera knew that she could never do that, not to herself, nor to Alberto, but her friend’s words kept buzzing in her ears, Alberto mentioned that he had problems with his girlfriend, but he never mentioned what type of problems.

This vacation was a good break that she really needed, she returned back home all fresh and anew. But the minute she reached Kuwait airport, a sharp pain ruptured her chest as she started thinking of Alberto and that night with him. In her heart she knew that he’d call, but as time passed by, she was not sure what to think any more. Almost another month dragged by without any word from him, nor she heard about any preparations of his marriage.

It wasn’t until that day when she was shopping in Salhiya with her friend foziya when she heard his distinguished tone on her mobile. For few seconds she froze, unable to respond, then she panicked “it’s Alberto, what shall I tell him? What does he want?” she babbled. “Well answer the damn phone so you’d know” Foziya replied impatiently, and so she did.
The conversation was very brief, Alberto wanted to see her right away saying that he had good news, but he wanted to tell it to her face. And in less than half an hour he showed up. Her heartbeats raced each other till she though that some would escape from her ears as he approached the table, where she sat with her friend in Starbucks café of that mall. He looked tired, and seemed like he has lost some weight. But nevertheless; his face brightened by the look of her. It was obvious that he was delighted to see her. And the first thing he said as soon as he sat down at the table was “now I’m sure I can’t live without you. And although I have not known you that long, but I know that you are the woman I’ve been looking for all my life, You are my pharaoh goddess”. And as for his girl, he said that she is looking for an apartment to move out, and that it was over between them.
It was all going fine, and Sameera was up on cloud nine, pinching herself time and again to make sure that she was not dreaming. But good things in life don’t last long; the peculiar thing was that his phone never stopped, and it was always his girlfriend calling. His conversation to her did not sound like two separated people; it sounded more like a casual talk between partners. And although Sameera noticed that, she never uttered a word, but she knew that Foziya would hammer her later with that, as so she did.

After seeing Alberto’s love display, Fowziya was dismayed; she could not believe what she witnessed. It seemed to her that this guy was hiding something. How could he say that his relationship with his girlfriend was over while he took care to answer her many disturbing calls? Not only that, but how could one just discard someone he lived with and loved for over two years for the sake of another? Wouldn’t that person do that again to her friend? And in between her happiness to see Alberto again, and the doubts that Fowziya implanted in her mind, Sameera was completely drained, confused and utterly clueless.

Another week passed and Alberto didn’t call. Not only that, but he also wouldn’t pick up his phone every time she called, nor replied to her many messages. And by the end of the week, she packed up her bag, and with tears flew to Beirut on a business trip. This time she knew that she lost Alberto for good; it was obvious that he’s happily back with his girl, and that was the end of the story between them, or was it?

To be continued