A Masseuse in Love

“Neither a Masseuse nor a Courtisan can fall for love”
She pondered

Jasmine pearls floating around him
Flattering the wine muscles in a water tub
A circle of fluttering tea candles
Atop the tub’s rim
Closed by the lust of her thighs
Under the weight of his back arms
His black tresses covering the velvety flesh
Like a fig leaf through which a diamond
Centering the softness of her belly
Occasionally winked
To witness his surrender to her touch
As he rendered her knees open
All the way to her heart

He eased
Sipping champagne on her settee
Drunken with liquor and love
Her hands against his foot molesting
His toe parted her generous lips
Exorbitant with the tease
She took it in
To preach the invader
With teeth and tongue
The holiness of lust
When touch gives in to wetness
When body gives in to music
A dancing serpent at God’s feet

Face buried in the pillows, he’s unabashed
Of the blatant candle lights on his nudity
Caressing the whiteness of a towel
Complimenting the darkness of his thighs
Against the maroon muslin of her bed
Could be mistaken for Monet’s painting
Or some statue of roman Gods
Who on earth could resist!
Sight, smell and touch
A feast to lover’s heart
Reaching a hand he felt her lions
As the backrub genteelly eased
To the nerves that was teased

Her busy mind questioned as she placed
“The Book of Courtisan” on the shelf
While preparing for her next appointment
There was no time for love


Lebanon; the land of freedom is hijacked
Lebanon; the land of beauty is demolished
Lebanon; the land of love is bombarded with hate
Lebanon; the land pride is hungry and injured
Lebanon; the land of prosperity is brought to its knees
Lebanon; the land of dignity is crying
Lebanon; the land of history is dying
Lebanon; the land of hope is calling
It’s time to pay back
It’s time to extend a hand to our beloved land

I remember at the very early stages of Kuwait invasion by Iraq, I was checking the radio and TV to find out what the Arab and Muslim countries were doing to help us- nothing, not even mentioning the news- surprised?
The only voice I heard was coming from Lebanon

Kuwaiti Wafa group initiated this move and they need all the help they can get.

Please be human and contribute as much as you can; donate, spread the word, any small effort is a big effort. Sharing is caring

Wafa Group (click the link please)

Illusion / Reality

Fresh scents, voices
With drumbeats mixing sounds
Everyone seemed joyous around
Candles burning their souls out
Flames swaying to your smile-
The only visible smile

Regardless of the crowd
Last night you were mine
Soul and body totally mine
And if I was to believe in heaven
You must’ve been the Divine

Time bade us its farewell
Gradually stripping to light
But no one seemed around
Only your smile
Only your words
Only your weary eyes

Only heartbeats
Soaring to cloud nine
And suddenly struck
With canons on Lebanon
And dropped in my lap
A bleeding heart

17/07/2006 memoir

On Monday 15/05/2006 the parliament was dissolved over the constituent’s controversy. And on 17/07/2006 the five constituents was finally approved.
Here are some pictures published in the newspapers, and I’m posting them here as a journal of the memorable day:

And while we’re at it; I’m posting Bu Rakan’s article that was published in Alqabas on 18/07/2006 for the same reason:

وحدةِِ ياكويت
صيرناها خمس

18/07/2006 بقلم: عبداللطيف الدعيج
لو انها رادة لي لما هللت وكبرت لأن إقرار قانون الخمس دوائر اتى ضمن شرط ملغوم وهو ان تطبيق القانون لن يسري الا على انتخابات الفصل التشريعي الثاني عشر، يعني في انتخابات 2011، وهذا يتوافق تماما وما طالبت وسعت له قوى الفساد. مع ان حل مجلس الامة، ان تم يعني – ان لم اكن مخطئا – الدعوة الى انتخابات فصل جديد، لكن الامر ليس رادا لي، وهناك جهود يجب ان تقدر وتضحيات ليس من العدل ان تهمل.. لهذا سأهلل وأكبر الآن، وابارك للشباب البرتقالي، وشباب ساحة الصفاة بالذات، وللمنتديات الشبابية التي ساندت حملة نبيها خمس، منتدى الامة ومنتدى الشبكة الليبرالية الكويتية، وكل كويتي وقف في الحر تحت الشمس، او قبلها في ظلمة ليلة الاحد 14/5 مطالبا بالخمس. وطبعا لن ننسى نوابنا الافاضل.. ونخص بالشكر والتقدير الذين استقالوا ووضعوا مصالحهم الخاصة جانبا، واختاروا ان يدعموا الخمس. نبارك لكل هؤلاء، ونشكر كل من وقف مع الخمس، حتى بعد ان اصبحت حقيقة مثل الحكومة ونوابها ‘المستقلين’.
ويبقى ان نخص الجنود الحقيقيين والمحرك الاول لحملة نبيها خمس، شباب وشابات المدونات الذين كان لهم الباع الاول، وربما الاخير، في تحقيق هذا الانجاز الوطني. فقد ساهموا ليس بالكتابة وارسال الرسائل البريدية الالكترونية، او الهاتفية فقط، بل ساهموا بشكل شخصي في الحشد والحضور، وحتى في الخدمة والتنظيف. لقد كانت هبة بلغرز، وكانت هبة شباب، وكانت هبة برتقال، وانتهت بأن اصبحت هبة الكويت كلها. مرة ثانية، شكرا للبلغرز.. ولا املك الا ان اخص بالذكر شاعرتيها آيا وولادة، رسامها مادم وكبير مصوريها بوناز، وشكرا لكل من حقق الحلم الوطني بالخمس.. والآن لنحلم ونعمل من اجل الدائرة الواحدة.
وهذه بلا ترتيب معين بعض وربما ليس كل المدونات التي ساهمت في حملة نبيها خمس:

والمنتديات العامة:
http://ww w.alommah.org/

صلاة من أجل لبنان
لشاعرة نبيها خمس ايا.. النص الأصلي بالانكليزي
الاعتقاد الاعمى يولد التعصب
التعصب يؤدي الى الكراهية
الكراهية تسبب الحرب
والبشرية دائما هي الضحية
عسى رب الانسانية ينقذ لبنان
غالي هو الايمان
غالية هي الارض
لكن قطرة الدم البريئة اغلى من كل شيء
عسى رب الانسانية ينقذ لبنان
أرض المحبة
أرض الامل
هي الآن حمراء
بأشلاء العذارى الخضراء
لهذا، فإن رب الانسانية وحده القادر على انقاذ البشرية.. ولبنان

Thank you Bu Rakan, my poem sounds much better in Arabic 🙂

PS; I was meaning to publish this post for three days now, but due to the network problem I wasn’t able to do that, well; better late than never.

Congratulation to Kuwait

First step to fight corruption is over and we got the Five.
It was a hard labor, but Kuwait finally won.
Thanks to “Shabaab Elyasameen” , thanks to Orangina.
Thanks to my fellow blog buddies and to all who stood up to this cause from writers, MP’s and others.
Thanks to Abu Rakan.
And special thanks to
SS; the Monday diwaniyah of the Orange.
It’s a real call for celebration.

Yet, I feel sad; my feelings are distorted with the escalating events in Lebanon.
With the frightened children clinging to their parents every time a bomb goes out.
With mothers crying over the remains of their children.
With 3omar, Riz and Samer stuck to TV in the shelter of their homes singing the song of sudden death.
With my own countrymen blindly supporting destruction and rape of the land of beauty in search of mirage.
How can I celebrate with a laden heart?
When will this nightmare be over?
Wain ra7 Shadi?

A Prayer for Lebanon

Blind faith creates prejudice
Prejudice invokes hate
Hate causes war
The victim is always humanity
May God of humanity save Lebanon

Belief is precious
Land is precious
But nothing is more precious
Than spilt innocent blood
May God of humanity save Lebanon

The land of love
The land of hope
Is red with debris
Of green virgin souls
That only the God of humanity c
an save Lebanon
And humanity


I Need You

A mountain standing high
Thawing its white hat
Into streaming waters
Rooting down and reviving dry rivers

A tranquillizer
Sedating its way through the veins
Of the pain-stricken body
And the politics-tattered mind

A stimulus
Invigorating the nerves
Raining words
Onto blank pages

Creasing thoughts
Those endless thoughts-
Of madness
Of nuisance
Of the very act of sullenness
Into serene smiling words

Singing lullabies
Teasing butterflies
Inducing minds
Seducing cores

Do you know now
How much I need you?

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