Goodby to a Daunting Year

Christmas lights, a pool of colors housing 
The end, the begging, the bouncing
Of a summersaulting year, and probably
A dawn of an era announcing 

Twenty-eleven what a year!
Laden with ecstasies, anxieties and fear
Losses of limps, of kith and kin
Losses of loved ones, peer and everything dear

The onset of Arabian spring, or may be fall
The meridian of Islamist’s sprint, or downfall
The turning point in history where
The whole region beholds a call

For me the call, the awakening shock
A quake that shook my inner block
Hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol 
What a handful flock!

And yet, there’s a silver lining 
The sun is still shining
I’m alive and I can concur
Whatever needs realigning  

Life goes on and so do we
At least for a while, let’s  live in glee 
And see what twenty-twelve has  in store
While twenty-eleven dwells in memory 

Christmas carols, awash me
In warm delight, dancing free
Singing along the sweet song
“Whatever will be, let it be”