Mosalsal 6ash ma 6ash

I heard that the caricature that raised all the mambo jumbo was of a man with a bomb on his head and underneath was written “Mohammad”, to tell you the truth; I did not see the caricature myself, just have read about it here and there. But if that is the case; then how many Mohammads do we have in the Islamic community? Mohammad here symbolizes a Moslem figure in the eyes of the world today. Islam insults all Christians and Jews by dubbing them as “ kiradah wa khanazeer” (monkeys and pigs) besides other verses that do not come to mind now. And our Islamists have done a good job in expressing their hatred all over the media. And apparently for no good reason other than that it is according to Islamic preaching. But I don’t see any protest from the Christian community escalating to the level of countries (I deliberately excluded the Jews not to get into a Pandora box). But when a Christian symbolized Islamists as being suicide bombers, the artist did not come with something that is untrue. This is the picture of Islam in the world today. Thanks to our fundamentalists.
I really want to know what is this big fuss about? Who is benefiting from this?
People, please stop being judgmental, repeating every word others tell you. They are misusing your religious sympathy. Dig into it yourselves and then judge.
I don’t have more to say other than what my grandmother used to tell me when she disagreed with me: Allah yahadeekom


When the pitch of the night
Spreads its wings
Upon your weary heart
You only see darkness

When your nightingale
Can no more sing
The owl takes the part
All you hear is chaos

When the streets are deserted
Towns – estranged
Loneliness departs
Into utter ugliness

You see it coming toward you
Not so blunt as
The sun upon the snow
Yet full of brightness

You hear the chirpy familiar
Songs in his voice
Crafting their way into
Your divine utterance

In those towns and empty streets
He appears with a blissful
Dune – it’s his duty
To give you back your beauty

A Poem I Like a lot


Snowy Night
by Kevin Fulton

sitting alone on a snowy night
wishing you were here in my sight
many miles away you play in the snow
with family and friends that I know
it makes me sad to let you go
but one day soon the time will be right
we can be together you shall see
how happy love can make you be
we have known each other
for such a short time
but we both know the feelings were there
during the nights that we shared
and I do know that you too truly care
it was special it was divine
can’t wait for the next time
now all I can say to you is this
may we spend every other snowy night
together in love for eternal bliss


Messaging, Pasqua wine cooling, Sushi ordering
Waiting, rooms scenting, candles lighting, door
Unlocking, meditating, greeting, hugging
Pasqua, Sushi, laughing, chit chatting
Meditating – in our energy drifting
Massaging – The Karma Sutra
Singing – the black cherry
In dreams drifting
The sweetest
Are now but
The sweetest
Memories –
The sweetest
Years of my
We missed
The last Pasqua
We missed the last Sushi

Crisis Management

Now that the issue of leadership is solved, as a citizen of this beloved country, I demand that the new leaders take a course in Crisis Management to avoid future chaos, what we went through in the past few days is unforgettable and unforgivable. Good intentions do not always work.
And what’s with KTV and its rather primitive approach to the crisis. Is Dr. Anas Elreshaid serious? Does he think that in this age of technology he can conceal information from the public? Lack of information is worse than misinformation for it allows rumors to spread around. Dr. Alreshaid I accuse you for being the responsible person behind those rumors and I wish not to see you in the new government.
And a big salute to my fellow blogers: Sa7at elsafat for being so responsible and unbiased throughout this crisis. Teach the so called Dr. a lesson, he needs it.
Mabrook lilKuwait for the first step, I hope that they all learned their lessons and I hope to see a better government evolving soon.

Condolences to my Lonely Heart

What do I have to offer you
But words!
Nights are gone
With the beauties
Of once upon
Far away from my reach
And even
Further than what
I may beseech
Yet you drift
Thoughts of what used to be
Twirl you in
In their never ending
You are lost
In your own
Yes go on
Tear yourself apart
You still stay my
Dear heart
Forever in
And here I stand
To help
It’s too late
Yes, I do understand
Life has to keep on

My Condolences to Kuwait

P r e s s R e l e a s e

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Roads to Relaxation
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An update
Due to the sad demise of He The Amir of Kuwait, this event has been canceled.
His legacy will continue in our hearts.

Happy 3eed

Written words can have enormous impact on us. You might read an excerpt here or a sentence there or even a word that can change the entire course of your life. Words can bring us happiness, encouragement, agony, sympathy, euphoria…you name it. Notice how much a negative or a positive entry changes your mood. You might even fall in love or hate a writer without having any personal contact with him/her. What you write is very important and what you read is even more important.
Years back I read this prose ( I think that’s what it is) for an unknown author. The words sank in my heart as I read them again and again. They made me think of a lot of things that were right there before my eyes but I couldn’t see them. And here I present it to you my cyber friends as my 3eediya ( gift) hoping that it would change your life to better understand yourself and the ones around you as it did to me. I have to confess though that finding it was not an easy job, my cousin and I spent quite a long time searching for it since, as I mentioned, the author is unknown and we were not sure of the title. But you are well worth the time spent. Enjoy it and have a wonderful 3eed surrounded by your loved ones and way away from your foes.
Click this to receive your 3eediya.


I feel sorry for the poor animal 😦

Jigsaw Puzzle

With a twitch of an eye he cast a spell
Upon my soul and each cell
Permeating in such a quiver
That bewitched me in his whirl!

Without a word in me he dwelled
As if it was his nature
To encompass every inch of me
In the most sedative capture

In his arms I found my home
And the merger of ecstasy
And a knowing smile soon faded
In smooches all over me

As if pieces of jigsaw puzzle
We fit perfectly together
Him in a place he knew too well
And me in him forever

But the damn alarm had to go
Announcing: time was over
And the pieces were left in vain
When we broke asunder

Why does it always have to be
“Good times in haste are passing”!
Why do we always have to leave
Pieces behind amassing!

The Shakespearian sonnet (116)

Sonnets are a form of poetry. And although sonnets are not originally English, Shakespeare perfected the English sonnet, and had the honor of calling any English sonnet after his name”Shakespearian sonnets”.
Sonnets are usually 14 line poems. The lines abide to a strict rhyming scheme. And they stick to precise rules for changing the direction of the theme. If you examine the poem hereunder, you’ll see how the last two lines differed in theme although the structure remains constant. I think it’s one of the best and the most amazing sonnets that Shakespeare had ever written:

“Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:
O no! it is an ever-fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken.

Love’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle’s compass come:
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.

If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.”

In this poem Shakespeare describes true love as the love that does not change as things in life change. He portrays true love as a stable love that does not become less with age or decrease when looks change due to one reason or another. And although the temptations of young age and good looks are so strong surrounding human beings, this should not be a reason for a lover to change towards the ones he/she loves if their love is true. Nor their love should be shaken by desire or any other obstacles in life. And also there is a strong hint that conveys the message that if you are thinking to change your partner, then rest assure that you don’t love him/her as much as you think you do.

The message; if you really love me, you accept me the way I am.

And notice how the theme and the rhyming style change with the last two lines. The strange thing is that he declares in these two lines that this love is only imaginary because it is impossible to exist between human. And he admits under taking an oath that he himself had never truly loved, as if he is referring to his life experiences.
Can you imagine that? A poet who wrote of love, who made a legend of “Romeo and Juliet” never experienced true love?
Is it really true? That true love never exists? I think this is a very deep poem that provokes the mind to wander and think, and may be look around and adjust one’s attitude towards his/her partner if he/she really cares for him/her.

But the question remains; does true love exist? And I don’t mean parental or divine love, because then we’re taking a different perspective all together, right?