Salut (revision)

I know I posted this poem before, and I’m posting it again now with the latest revision. Yes, I do revise my poems almost all the time and never satisfied with any :p. and that’s what kept me so far from publishing, but I have decided that once I finish with my online poetry class which is about a month from now, I will work on my book and my goal is to see the first publication January of 2007.
OK, let me give you a background (for you poetry lovers) so you’ll try to figure what’s going on in this poem. This combination of shape and lyrics is called concrete poem. The shape is used with the lyrical body of the poem to express a theme. What I’m doing here is trying to draw a wine glass shape, which in this case consists of the cup, the stem and the base. Therefore; I divided my subject into three parts to fill each. The cup is filled with a time-line of a specific rendezvous; notice how the words get an erotic twist as you reach the bottom of the cup to give a drunken sensation as you drink the wine to the bottom. The stem explains that the mentioned activities are in the past although the feeling is still experienced, be it in memory, and the base declares a sense of remorse that this lovely relationship did not last. Now you look at the total picture it looks like a raised wine glass with the word Salut ( title), this is an indication that the narrator is wishing her lover the best ( cheers to you), now when you combine both shape and lyrics, the theme becomes clear:
As you all know, not every relationship ends happily, sometimes for one reason or another you break up with someone that you had a good relationship with and you go on with your life, as does he/ she. Those who leave a seal in your memory. You do not regret your past with him/her although it was not what you wished it to end like. At times the memory of a specific incident keeps coming back and bringing all the sensations of the good times spent together. The feeling is a mixture of longing and at the same time wishing the best for whom was once the center of your attraction. But nevertheless, each has his own life and life goes on.


Messaging, Pasqua wine on ice, sushi ordering
Waiting, rooms scenting, candles lighting, door
Unlocking, meditating, greeting, hugging
Pasqua, Sushi, laughing, chit chatting
Meditating — in our energy drifting
Massaging – The Karma Sutra
Singing – the black cherry
In dreams drifting
Are now but
The treasured
Sensuous tingling
Sensations in the
Realm of my
Body and
We missed
The last Pasqua
We missed the last Sushi

In Response to Misguided

In response to Misguided’s entry You Ain’t So Cool , I wrote this comment. Yet I preferred to post it here instead because I think that Misguided’s tape is worth seeing by all means. I don’t know how long it took me to watch it with my lousy laptop and lousier connection (still using the GPRS 😦 ), but it was well worth it.

Dear misguided:
What you have shown is pure talent, no matter how ridiculous this may seem. I don’t blame those kids. And I don’t ask them to go read books either. You know why? Look around you, what type of entertainment do these youths have? Where can they release their frusterating energy? Practically; nowhere.
With our primitive education system which is dominated with pure nonsense, not equipped to produce minds that can deal with the new age, many youths leave schools before they’re 18. This has nothing to do with poor intelligence, on the contrary; some of them are very smart. The rich ones can afford to wreck a car or tow, the ones that can’t afford that fix a single car out of nothing sometimes and make it ready for russian rouletteing( didn’t know that’s what it’s called), in other words; they become experts in car mechanics. What if the government controlled this dangerous game and set safety rules to it and gathered those talents under one roof !
Youth at that age needs to let out; they are naturally full of energy. The education in schools especially the ones dominated with government curriculum does not encourage reading, nor does it do any health activities. Its built on pure repetition, no creativity, even when a creative project is assigned, most of the good grading go for reports or projects that are prepared by learned ones working for companies which are full in 7awali, making bundles with these assignments while the student is home playing with his Play Station. And what happens to the honest kids who do their reports and projects to the best of their efforts? Get the lowest grades unless the parent does a favor (wasta) for the teacher, sometimes the favor is so pathetic (like restoring a telephone line where every citizen and exppat have the right to have in the first place). Or may be present a gift. This is the real Kuwait. Our educational system is boring; in combination with the chaos of technology age of satellite and networking it either produces a Russian rouletter or a suicide bomber.
Where would they release that energy? You tell me.
Don’t tell me religion. That’s a never ending story. If religion was successful to decrease natural youth energy, we would have had a utopian Islamic state. Health clubs? Most of them either expensive or boring especially for the ones who can afford to have a more exciting pastime. Let alone the fact that health activities in schools are lousy and not encouraging at all. Malls? What are they getting from malls except may be a smile here or a gesture there. You see them in coffee shops waving their heads side to side in unison when a female figure passes by, as if you’re watching the audience of a tennis match. Walla misakeen.
Yes, these are our kids, they are talented, they are full of energy and they are damn bored and deadly.

A Letter to my Dear Companion

As you know;
Lust – only momentarily infatuates
And love for me is too complex- it hurts
Let Gibran’s Prophet elaborate

So what is it that kept us together
All the years that hastily passed?

The whore of all seasons!
The once devoured readily forgotten!
It can’t be only that

If Juliet was wedded to her liking
Would poets still be marketing
Her sacrifice!

Is that why Aphrodite,
With such a fervent husband,
Furtively laid Ares
On the golden muslin
Of her nuptial bed!

Lust! Love! Passion! obsession!
Too cliché –
It belongs to poetry books and Greek deity

Though it’s hard to comprehend;
Some twosomes do blend,
Without sensual endeavors
Or being amorous lovers,

Jonivan said
” I do not want to make reasons
for you to stay
I only want to make reasons
For you to return”
Why do you think he cared?

Grandmother said
She needed to sleep together
On the bed of the morgue with her lover
The yellow Canary lost its feathers
Grandma thought – it’s not the weather

The dead do not grieve, she assured
It’s the living who bare the burden
Of Solitary prison

And if lucky, the prey is free
When one finds his mate-
Dead or alive

Longing is a frustrating isolation, yet
It is mesmerizing and promising –

But we only long for the elite
The one who summons our years To leap
With teeth clutched
To life

Friday; The Newspaper Day

– Guys, you deserve what you get if you think this small , itha taboon ti7liboonha 3adel, learn from Elkhina how to play it big, or else this will be your fate

– Almirja7: I think on this you are asking the impossible since there are no records for kibar elmowathafeen’s work hours, leaves as well as benefits. Diwan elkhdmah elmadaniya has statistics for sigar elmowathafeen faga6: agool lik istree7.

– “Speaker Ali Al-Zughbi bluntly stated, “The ‘New Era’s’ future is dim…we need to be self-critical to fight corruption”. He ended his commentary by reminding the audience that all political parties have one enemy and that enemy is corruption” Kuwait Times, Friday, February 17, 2006

It is amazing how every body is talking about corruption in the country. And although corruption has one meaning, it differs in respect to the person uttering it. The government, including Sharar, was reshuffled to stop corruption, the cabinet, including Alkhinna, wants to stop corruption, liberals want to stop corruptions, Islamic groups… and the list goes on.
Then who is causing this corruption? It must be Babo, my faithful driver. We have to deal with him then. For he is the reason for having wasta, ma7sobiya, and elta3adi 3al amwal eldowla. He can manipulate all laws to his benefit. What do you say: Let’s hang him and get rid of corruption.
Wi 6ig ya mo6ar 6ig

My blind Valentine

I went to the Graduate’s Society (the translation sounds funny) last night, not to hear speeches since I have had enough of those. But I thought may be I will run into two cyber friends whom are very dear to me: Shurouq and Princess. I neither could stand what seemed to me 7izb Alomah’s coalition with liberals, nor was easy to single out my friends in the crowd; I got disappointed and left early. Too bad cause the bright blue eyed guy sitting next to me was very cute and funny.

Away from this indigestion:
Let’s see what love has to offer for Valentine.
A friend who was insisting lately to meet up with me and I kept postponing, kept SMSing while I was in the conference asking me to pass by urgently, so I did.
This friend is having a small “love gathering for valentine” and he is fixing me up with a blind date. And as ridiculous as this may sound, his arrangement does not sound too bad. I do not know anything about my date, not even his name, neither does he. All we know about each other (his point of view) is that we both compliment each other. There will be other singles (both genders) in the gathering and so he is betting that we two would readily click. And although I refused in the beginning, he convinced me that if things did not go as he expected then neither of us will ever know who the other one is. Not bad ha?
He might even turn out to be the cute guy I was sitting next to last night ( wishful thinking).
So guys, there it goes, and I hope I won’t be disappointed as I was last night.
Have a wonderful Valentine with lots of love.

Who Will Pay the Price!

I left the herd and lulled
Into my well allotted shell-
A space in which I dwelled to speak
My mind -Because I cared
I closed windows, locked doors,
Banned the creeping heat,
Avoided pious drafts
And dreamt of a civilized state

But the hurricane had hit home,
Crackling my windows,
Braking my fragile crusted dome
With the announcement of :
The Islamic government
The news hauled my course back into
The uncomforting zone –

Misused the deeds of the holy-
Infused into power and wealth,
Politicized the lootings of my country
Without a word that can be said-
Freedom of speech, to them – a blasphemy

“Let the sleeping dogs lie”
Their dreams, like mine, were just a lie
They failed to free their civil mentalities where
The dogma of the herd was pure trivialities-

The designer and the creator
Sheep must stay sheep
No damage that can’t be tended
The herd can be one hundred KD richer!
Five hundred! Sheep mentality can be rewarded-
Loans can be wavered, bills paid
Oh yes, the government can always mend it

That’s what the herd wants to keep it occupied-
The Afghani Hashish
After all
That’s what the parliament
Got elected (appointed) for

2007 parliament
Back to desert ages – the phantom shows:
Islamic government is an Islamic state
With or without parliament
“What the BLEEP do we know?”

Me again
“We’re heading to the path of corrupt”
Oh yes, pun is definitely intended to
Civilization buriers

If no one can state his indignation
Then who will save the remaining of a dream
When the state is suffocating into debris?
And who will pay the price?

Sirens are signaling- From sheep I strayed, hence
To Sheep I will return.
Adding and multiplying

I need to seep through the sand avalanche
I need a saviour
Before I’m swept with the flock Into
The darkest nightmare

A fly kept buzzing in my sleep this morning
I must’ve forgotten to close the shutters last night
I’ll leave that for now.

Yes, Enough is Enough

إلى هنا يكفي … معاً ضد العنف والتطرف…. معاً من أجل الحوار والتمدن
Nu er det nok..
It is enough now!
L?s teksten ogs? p? dansk,som f?lger den arabiske tekst
English Text Follows Danish text

في الأسابيع الماضية تصاعدت حدة الصراع بين الدنمرك من جهة ودول العالم الإسلامي من جهة أخرى بشكل واسع أدى إلى تنامي الأحاسيس القومية والدينية إلى أقصى درجات العنف والتطرف و الكراهية وتبادل الاتهامات وانفلات مد النزعات العنصرية والدينية بشكل مخيف يهدد مستقبل الجميع . إن كل هذا يدعونا الى عدم الوقوف مكتوفي الأيدي والى اتخاذ موقف فاعل ومؤثر.

إلى هنا يكفي …. يجب أن نوقف كل هذا ، علينا أن نطلق صرختنا عالية ومؤثرة بوجه التطرف والعنف سواء في الدنمرك آو في دول العالم والتصدي لتدخل رجال الدين والحركات والأحزاب اليمينية العنصرية الذين مارسوا دورا كبيرا في خلق هذه المأساة وتصعيد حدتها وان لكل منهم مصالح ما يسعى لتحقيقها وان كان ذلك بخلق أوضاع حساسة وخطيرة للجميع .

نحن الموقعين نرفض وندين:

أولا : ممارسات الحركات والأحزاب اليمينية والعنصرية والتطرف المسيحي الذي حملت رايته جريدة (يولاند بوستن) والسياسات التمييزية والعنصرية وتشديد حدة الكراهية ضد الجاليات الأجنبية المتواجدة في الدنمرك.

ثانيا: مواقف القيادات الدينية الإسلامية المتطرفة والتي تسعى من وراء تصعيد حدة الأزمة إلى تقييد حرية التعبير عن الرأي والتي هي من المكتسبات الهامة والحيوية التي تحققت بفعل نضال الشعوب في تلك الدول.

ثالثا: ممارسات الحركات الدينية في العالم الاسلامي والمجاميع القومية المتطرفة التي تستغل هذا الصراع وايصاله الى مراحل العنف , التهديد , حرق السفارات …. الخ وتشديد حدة الكراهية القومية والدينية.

رابعاً: تدخل الدين في شؤون الدولة أو محاولات فرض الدين في تشريع القوانين أو جعله رقيبا على المجتمع .

خامسا : المساعي القذرة لزعماء الدول والحكومات العربية الدكتاتورية لاستغلال هذه الأزمة وتشديد حدة الاستبداد والاضطهاد ضد مواطنيها والتستر على حجم المشاكل الاقتصادية و الاجتماعية والسياسية التي تواجههم .

سادساً: مواقف وممارسات وسائل الإعلام الغربية والعربية التي تسعى إلى أبراز رجال الدين والملالي كممثلين رئيسيين للجاليات وتهميش دور وإمكانات الكثير ممن يمكنهم التعبير عن مشاكل وأوضاع الجاليات في الدنمرك والدول الأوربية الأخرى بشكل متمدن وحضاري ودون التستر بالدين والخلفيات الثقافية .

نحن نرى أن كل شيء يمكن أن يكون خاضعا للنقاش والنقد ومطروحا للحوار وان لا شيء مقدس في عالمنا اليوم ، ولكن نحن نعتقد ان الرسوم الكاريكاتيرية التي تم نشرها في جريدة (يولاند بوستن) كانت مهينة وتعبر عن كراهية غير مبررة كان الهدف منها تشديد الاختلاف والصدام بين المجاميع الدينية والاثنية في المجتمع الدنمركي والعالم اجمع والذين يقفون بالضد تماما من الممارسة الديمقراطية في حسم الخلافات عبر الحوار الحضاري .

Nu er det nok..
sammenhold mod fundamentalisme og vold .. sammenhold for menneskelig dialog

De seneste uger er dialogen mellem Danmark og Mellem?sten blevet erstattet af lede og foragt. Den politisk dagsorden har v?ret pr?get af religi?se og nationale f?lelser frem for rationalitet og fornuft. En s?dan farlig udvikling stiller krav til os alle om ikke at st? som passive tilskuere men deltage aktivt i kampen mod de ekstreme grupper, som optr?der enten i religi?se eller national-chauvinistiske p?kl?dninger p? begge sider af fronten.

Det er tid til at r?be ”Nu er det nok” meget h?jt og mange gange som protest imod ekstremisterne i Danmark og resten af verden. Mod reaktion?re religi?se ledere og xenofobiske og racistiske partier. Vi mener, at disse to grupper b?rer ansvaret for den dramatiske situation, som vi er havnet i. Begge grupper har ?nsket at opn? ?get politisk magt gennem konfrontation.

Vi protester imod :

at store dele af det politiske spektrum, (som det eksempelvis kom til udtryk i forbindelse med Muhamed-tegningerne i Jyllands-Posten) angriber Islam og muslimer som led i deres st?tte til den danske regerings diskriminationspolitik

at fundamentalistiske islamiske ledere benytter sig af henvendelse til fremmedmagter til at begr?nse ytringsfriheden i samfundet

at s?vel religi?s-fundamentalistiske som nationalistiske grupper udnytter denne krise til at i gangs?tte opt?jer og voldsorgier med brand og mord til f?lge

at religioner skal have indflydelse i lovgivningen eller diktere vores levem?der

at diktatoriske statsoverhoveder misbruger denne krise til at forst?rke deres undertrykkelse af det store muslimske flertal i deres lande

at nogle medier fremh?ver og bekr?fter religi?se ledere som repr?sentanter for etniske minoriteter i vestlige lande

Vi mener ikke, at der findes noget helligt i dag, der ikke kan diskuteres . Alt m? s?ttes til debat og kritik. Men vi mener, at Muhammed-tegningerne var en provokation, der havde til hensigt at f?re til konfrontation mellem de grupper i samfundet, som ikke ?nsker at fremme den demokratiske proces ved dialog.

Tilmeld dig til kampagnen

It is enough now!
Stand together against fundementalism and violence
Stand together for a human dialogue

In the last few weeks, the dialogue between Danmark and Middle East countries replaced by contempt and hatred as tensions raises more.
Today the political agenda is full of religious and national feelings instead of reason. Such a dangerous condition sets to us all demands, not just stand away passively, but to take an active role in the struggle against both extreme sects, either who dressed as religious or chauvinist leaders in both sides of the conflict.

It is time to call “It is enough now “loudly as a protest against all kind of extremists both in Danmark an allover the world, against reactionary clerics and xenophobic and racist parties.
We believe that both sides bear the responsibility of being the conflict worsen dramatically.
Both sides speculated and wished to get increased political power by the confrontation.
We refuse and condemn that:

Major parts of the political spectrum (as an example, which was expressed in connection with Muhammad – cartoons on Jylland–posten) attack Muslims and Islam as a tactic to support and strengthen the Danish government and its ethnic discrimination policies.

Fundemental Islamic leaders misuse the situation to get a ban on freedom of speech in the community.

Islamic fundamentalists and nationalists as while utilize the crises to set up riots and violence acts resulted in even human loss.
Religion shall get influence over legislation and dictate our live style.

Dictators in despotic countries utilize the crises to enhance their position and extend their suppression over majority of Muslims in their countries.

Some mass media set spotlight on religious leaders and point out them as representatives of ethnic minorities in the west world.

We believe that today there is nothing sacred longer, which cannot be put on discussion and dialogue. Every thing can be putt on debate and criticism. While we think that Muhammad-cartoons was a provocation, which aimed at wide confrontation between different groups of the community, who do not like loose conflicts in a democratic process by dialogue

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