Fortune Telling

Do you believe in fortune telling, do you go see some one to read your coffee cup, or spread the sea shells ( wada3)

Well, I have this habit of flipping my first morning coffee cup in the office. Not that I know how to read future, but I just do it. And the funny thing is that every person that drops in my office asks ’bout it and I tell them I just do it as a habit.

So the guest tents to show me his know how and offers to read it… waw, I say, make my day.

Some times I have more than one guest reading the same cup (at different timings of course) and I end up with three different versions, each one contradicting the other.

And you wana know a secret; some of these quests are VIP’s who drop in for serious business matters.

This reminds me of a personal story that happened when I was a student in UT, USA.

We were asked by the administrators of the university to participate in “The International Student’s day” by designing a booth that reflected the culture and heritage of our home country. And since the Arabs in the university (at the time) hardly counted to a dozen, we decided to have one booth for the Arabs and called it the Arabian night.

We managed to put together a tent, and a (dowa), and a (dallah). And some posters were scattered here and there. Girls wore (dara3a and thoob), guys wore (dishdasha), some Palestinian girls wore their Palestinian national outfits, and that was it.

But when the exhibition started we were astonished to find out that all the other booths were much nicer, and more sophisticated than ours, and people crowded on other booths while our booth was hardly visited if not, by some lost wayfarer who dropped in to have a cup of coffee.

And since the university was offering the best booth a trophy, and this was calculated by the approximate head count on each booth, we had to come up with something quickly before the day was over.

It was then when a friend of mine (another q8i) and I, thought of the wonder world of fortune telling that no one else have thought of.

And who was to do the fortune telling? Me.

I have never done that in my life, and did not know how to do it, but I have heard about some basic concepts of sea shell spreading ( wada3) so I thought I’d give it a try since no one else was ready to take the burden.

So we managed to post a sign on the tent with the caption( fortune telling, the Arabian way) with a huge arrow pointing to me sitting crossed legs on the ground with sea shells scattered in front of me.

In no time the booth got crowded with people that in the middle of December I started sweating and asked every one to queue up. The queue was getting longer and longer; it even reached the door of the stadium where the exhibition took place and I don’t know where it ended outside.

I gave each person 10 min only and was panting by the time the day ended.

The funny thing is that they all believed my rubbish, to the point that I started believing myself.

Not mentioning the reputation I got afterwards, and the people who came to see me and beg me to foretell for them.

And ah….. of course we got the trophy.

Ching ching

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  1. Purgatory
    Oct 22, 2004 @ 18:46:00

    I have no clue what the point of this post, do you?


  2. Purgatory
    Oct 22, 2004 @ 18:47:00

    I have no clue what the point of this post is, do you?


  3. AyyA
    Oct 22, 2004 @ 19:30:00

    The point of this post is if you do believe in fortune telling and have a story share it with me 🙂


  4. Drunk'n'Gorgeous
    Oct 22, 2004 @ 19:34:00

    The point of this post is “sharing”, Purg. Look it up.

    Clever way on winning the trophy haha You deserve it for sheer originality 🙂

    Rabab I think fortune-telling is fun! Now, THAT I know for fact is not real but it’s quite fun to believe in that stuff.

    I always check my horoscopes the first thing in my magazines, right after checking the latest make-up products 😛 Also whenever we go somewhere, I’m all up for people reading the seashells, stones, coffeecups, palm, etc… It’s just sooo much fun!

    Yalla madamich i3tiraftay ina you used to read “seashells” for people you HAVE to read mine. Pretty please with a cherry on top!

    Oh I’m also going to do a post on fortune-telling but that’s going to be in the future. Hope you don’t mind.


  5. Purgatory
    Oct 22, 2004 @ 20:02:00

    DG, not its not, its fortune telling, no where in the post does it mention sharing. So the post is still not clear.


  6. AyyA
    Oct 22, 2004 @ 21:56:00

    Yeh, give it to him, P72 that is.
    I like doing that for fun, but never went to professionals for it except twice or three times in my life, and nothing came true.
    And ’bout my fortunetelling ga3da, yalla fooga, te’mreen. But don’t throw on me rotten tomatoes latter when my foretelling does not come true.
    And ’bout your posting on your blog, I don’t mind sweetie, and I assure you that I would share, for sharing is caring ( that’s an indirect hint to you burg :p), but on one condition that you share one of your experiences with me.



  7. Purgatory
    Oct 22, 2004 @ 21:59:00



  8. mishu1984
    Oct 23, 2004 @ 00:53:00

    i dont believe in it, although im always eager to hear what other people predict for me. i read the horoscope almost daily, but it doenst affect my day.

    what i do believe is in luck, and to me luck is WHEN PREPARATION MEET OPPORTUNITY. in other words you make your own luck.


  9. AyyA
    Oct 23, 2004 @ 08:56:00

    Thumbs up Mish
    I’ll drink to that one

    How dare u use my “aha”


  10. Altruistic Dad
    Oct 23, 2004 @ 11:13:00

    “Ahas” for sale! Get your hot, fresh, brazen “Ahas!” Get ’em while they’re hot! They’re going fast and sure won’t last!


  11. Drunk'n'Gorgeous
    Oct 23, 2004 @ 12:37:00

    Now I remember! It’s called “faal”. When someone brings a towel or blanket or whatever and spread it out. Then they hold as much seashells, stones, small toys, small jewelry, as they can in both hands. They shake shake shake it! Then they open their hands and throw everything in their hands on the towel. Then they proceed to tell you what your future holds in store for you 🙂

    One of my mom’s friends used to do “faal” all the time but I wasn’t allowed to be there when she told them their future. ‘Till I turned 16, and it was my turn for her to read my “faal”. She started saying that I’d graduate highschool early and stuff. Look at me now, haha I’m still trying to get a highschool diploma.

    It’s fake but fun 🙂


  12. Purgatory
    Oct 23, 2004 @ 13:39:00




  13. Patricia
    Oct 23, 2004 @ 15:16:00

    You know what? Before 8 years ago I have done the same think…
    One day we were like 4-5 girls and we drink coffee and they said to me come on look for our FALL and try to say something, of course I said I can’t but they insist and I said ok yalla and I started to say funny things and serious to make fun of them but in the end I find out that all of them start telling me my god you were very good and how did u do it….
    I was shocked to hear from them what they were saying and after that all the time they were telling me pls and in the end I said my god if I don’t stop this they will think that I am professional in this or…
    I said, Hey girls stop telling me this and from that day… khalas.  MAKOO FALL… hehehehehh
    I love someone to read for me or even with cards but not all the time.
    I think when I see you this time, we’ll drink coffee together….:)


  14. shady q80
    Oct 23, 2004 @ 16:27:00

    My roomate was into palmistry, had loads of books. I’m dying ot have my palms read but couldnt find anyone to do that.

    Check this out.


  15. AyyA
    Oct 23, 2004 @ 23:43:00

    There is one aha, and it’s already sold, copyright: ruby2004, you can sell aaaahhhaaaa, or ahaaaaaaaaaaa, or, ahmmmmmmmmm, but not my aha, please thanx

    Fun to be around them, but never believe them
    One time as I was sitting in a circle of ” faal: which is the Arabic name for fortelling by sea shells”, the fortune teller could read my mind or my eyes, and all of a sudden she told me: if you don’t believe in it why are you sitting here? I was shocked and of course told her that I did believe in it. So she shook her head and said: you don’t look like you do. I tried very hard to hide my smile, and then when we left my friend told me, god she is good she even knew that you disbelieved her, heheheee, man it was all over my face, she saw it in my gestures
    That’s better 😉

    Khalas next time you come and visit Q8, D&G, you, and I will have a faal gathering, cheerze sweetie

    shady q80
    If you find any good one count me in.
    And the Forer effect mentioned in your comment is really cool , thanx for sharing dude.


  16. marumba
    Oct 28, 2004 @ 16:14:00

    … eyes r windows of souls… just open the panes n penetrate the journey of fate…:)fortell not what u see.. but that what u feel…:)


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