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  1. Purgatory
    Oct 19, 2004 @ 17:00:00

    NO wonder I could not have kids, now I know why.


  2. mishu1984
    Oct 19, 2004 @ 17:37:00

    “stupid people like that should not be allowed to have children anyways”


    thats like the oldest virgin alive i guess…


  3. AyyA
    Oct 19, 2004 @ 19:30:00

    You mean you actually shared the bed with her and did not see any results? What went wrong, your cooking?
    Welcome back, I missed you
    Can you believe it, in 2004, and where? In Germany? And a 30,36 years old couple.7aram may be they thought that god will bless them with a child while they sleep side by side praying all night.heheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  4. Purgatory
    Oct 19, 2004 @ 20:29:00


    no problem was my bed was empty 🙂


  5. mishu1984
    Oct 19, 2004 @ 20:38:00

    Rabab i missed you too sweetie.
    but how could that happen?! im sure they must at least have seen street cats do it….


  6. AyyA
    Oct 19, 2004 @ 23:37:00

    Ok does that mean you do not need sex therapy?
    Beats me, may be the cats in Germany also need a sex therapy


  7. CheekyMonkey
    Oct 19, 2004 @ 23:53:00

    i think they both need a session with Dr. Ruth
    ” Arrrrrrrouse your man!”…i love it when she rolls her R’s hehehe.


  8. AyyA
    Oct 20, 2004 @ 00:18:00

    What is the use if she did and he did know what to do with it, heheheeeeeee


  9. CheekyMonkey
    Oct 20, 2004 @ 00:46:00

    True Dat! hehe i think can contribute in this dilema and send them a gift ‘sex for dummies’ guide.


  10. AyyA
    Oct 20, 2004 @ 00:54:00

    Heeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeee, hoooooooooohoooooooooo
    (I actually laughed out loud)
    7elwah CM
    Beginning to sound like Jackie


  11. CheekyMonkey
    Oct 20, 2004 @ 02:41:00

    It just dawned on me, that this took place in Germany?! the land of S&M! they both needed some whippin to get some woopy!
    Mishu: i guess they were outta town during mating season ;-p


  12. mishu1984
    Oct 20, 2004 @ 09:39:00

    HAHAHA!!! ohh god Cheeky you had me rolling on the floor with the dummies guide to sex..
    Frau Bisna (Austin powers movie) comes to mind when you mentioned S&M, total turn off mind you.

    i guess Karma Sutra (just for you Rabab i spelt it right) is out of the question.

    also, there is the grany joke: its uber sick that im not even going to say it…take my word for it..i feel my stomach turning right now…


  13. Purgatory
    Oct 20, 2004 @ 12:18:00

    Oh and I forgot, nothing wrong with my cooking Rabab 😛


  14. Altruistic Dad
    Oct 20, 2004 @ 16:50:00

    Well, you know…now that they’ve discovered sex, they’ll probably be unstoppable–trying out all the wild things that younger folks normally do when they first discover sex. Can you see it? 30/36 year-old couple having sex on an elevator, on an escalator, on the way from the elevator to the escalator…


  15. AyyA
    Oct 20, 2004 @ 19:21:00

    Yeh, I can imagine that. And I’m imagining also the joy and laughter the therapists had when they started to teach them the ABC’s of sex, and the look on the couple’s faces. I’m sure each therapist went home with a bagful of anecdotes.
    And just imagine the husband’s daze after the first night’s experience. It would be more like the teenager’s first wet dream, heheheeeeeeeeee
    Hey Karma Sutra is a good idea; I think they’d need it after the therapy. Why don’t you take the initiative and teach them the basics Mesh. Since you know now how to spell it right :p


  16. mishu1984
    Oct 20, 2004 @ 20:37:00

    yeh sure why not?! il be a gigolo of sorts 😛


  17. marumba
    Oct 28, 2004 @ 16:41:00

    …ummm… thats religious conditioning 4 u people.. or perhaps,,, TANTRIC LOVE…:) subdued genital sensory perceptors…SGSP… U HEARD IT HERE FIRST..!!!


  18. AyyA
    Oct 30, 2004 @ 02:49:00

    Hmmmmmmmmmm sounds interesting, yeh never heard it before, it should be copyrighted


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