Does Being Altruistic Mean Being Alone

When you are a constant giver, or what my blogging buddy”AltruisticDad” explained as being an altruistic person, you feel you’re alone. You have the heart to accept all and appreciate all, but sadly no one understands you, let alone accepts you.

This is sad. You can’t stop yourself or change your beliefs, or even pretend to be someone you are not. The society tries constantly to change you; either by offering advice or by force. But you have to be true to yourself. Material things in life become just a means to have a decent life, not a luxury. What you yearn for is only love; Love of god, love of humanity, love of the thought. For the true happiness that you experience is through giving, not taking, and the only thing that you would ask for is acceptance for who you are.

Most of the bloggers I think fit in this altruistic category, especially the ones that keep the trend, or else why should they bother to reach others. They are not selfish people, on the contrary, they burn to light the pavement for others, they respect the mind, and they care to share.

I urge the bloggers to continue sharing and know that although you do feel the loneliness within, you are not alone.

You all know that these words came from my heart, and I’m sure and positive that it would reach your hearts.

For poetry lovers this is a poem I’ve written some years back and it may need some altering here and there, but I like to share it with you anyway, enjoy:

Big Heart

Complimented me indeed

when you said I had a big heart

To that notion I agreed

But to me the saddest part

The den inside is so enormous

It can lodge the universe

Nature to me is overwhelming

Can’t overlook or diverse

Humans precede it all

No prejudices to a race

for only I perceive a soul

That upholds abundant grace

With all I sympathize

Feel the pain through their eyes

never hate or criticize

Beliefs I can not compromise

You think that I should be happy

An’ satisfied by my deed!

On the contrary, I’m in misery

Of the ugly human greed

Hurt are the closest around,

Traits they can not understand

faking is what they demand

A dedication I can not stand

Some want me to be a puppet

or silence my word and cuff it

But as if a bird with no attachments

Through my thoughts I flee free

Can’t enclose myself in

And here is what agonizes me

Loneliness, yes my friend I suffer


For donating  such a noble offer