My New Hobby

Last year, around this time, I got me my first digital camera, a compact Sony cyber-shot 5M pixels, and with it my photography whim started, it was not until about six months back that I started fooling around with its different programs, in a trial and error method to capture the right view. Mind you, I hate reading manuals.
One thing frustrated me though, is that I could not actually capture what I had in mind, the view I see with naked eye is different from that on the camera especially when I’m shooting at night.
So I decided may be my newly acquired talent (e7em) is outgrowing its breeches, may be a new, more professional camera is due.
So I got me this Sony, cyber-shot, DSC-V3, 4X zoom with a facility for night shots, it’s a kind of in-between compact and professional camera, and for the first time in my life I’m reading the instruction manual and shooting everything I get my hands on, just like a little kid who’s happy with his long awaited toy.
These pictures shown are taken with my old camera, some of them I had to enhance with photo shop; thanks to sweet Purgy who had started me on gear 🙂

Take a look and tell me what do you think?


The pallet

The warning

The Wroth


I have uploaded a lot more on flicker, so if you are up to it, then give it a shot

The revised photos

The Mercy


The Pallet

29 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. TariqKhonji
    Sep 18, 2005 @ 18:07:00

    Nice images…some of these pics are very well composed (while others are not so good) Are you taking composition into consideration when snapping these pictures or is it just pure instinct?


  2. AyyA
    Sep 18, 2005 @ 18:17:00

    LOL, tariq; I’m very naive when it comes to photography, no composition I guess, since I don’t know what that term means LOL, no, I just shoot using different programs of the camera, that’s all.
    And by the way; which ones that are not so good, it is really important for me to know so that I can learn to enhance my photography.


  3. TariqKhonji
    Sep 18, 2005 @ 18:46:00

    OK…here is a photography 101 lesson for you.

    Composition in photography is basically how the objects in the photograph are arranged in relation to each other…Good composition helps to make photographs much stronger..

    I’ll give you two very simple tips which will help make the images much more powerful.

    First of all, the main subject of the photograph should usually NOT be in the centre of a well-composed photograph.
    If you divide the image into three equal parts, you should try to keep the main subject near or on the dividing lines, whether you divide it horizontally or vertically.
    For example, The Pallet is much stronoger because the setting sun is to one side, rather than in the middle.

    The picture of the two lovers by the sea has them near the bottom, which is good composition, but to my eyes it would have been stronger if you had them to the right or left of the photo because the image has a horizontal them (what with the horizon and all).

    Its hard to explain in writing, but you understand?

    Secondly, diagonal themes seem to almost always make the image stronger. No one really know why this is so, it just is. This is another reason why The Pallet is strong and even Serenity (with the diagonal trees running through it).

    Sometimes you can get these effect simply by cropping correctly. It doesn’t necessarily have to be that you took the picture right.

    Hope that helps. I don’t claim to be a brilliant photographer, but I know a few things 😉


  4. TariqKhonji
    Sep 18, 2005 @ 18:51:00

    Sorry, it should say above ‘the image has a horizontal theme”, not ‘them’


  5. AyyA
    Sep 18, 2005 @ 19:33:00

    Thank you very much Tariq, those tips were really invaluable, but there are few things that I did not get, like digital trees, did you mean added trees, if so then, no I did not add them, they were the ones closer to the camera. In fact I did not add anything to any picture, I just played a bit with colors and lights using photo shop. Another thing is cropping, which I did not get, I tried to Google it and still did not get it, so shall I expect lesson 102 soon? 😉


  6. Purgatory
    Sep 18, 2005 @ 20:53:00

    oh am mentioned, nice, I have no idea what the post is about, but I do not care, am mentioned 🙂


  7. Elegance
    Sep 18, 2005 @ 21:39:00

    Way to go… nice pictures 🙂


  8. Misguided
    Sep 19, 2005 @ 06:56:00

    Dear AyyA,

    I have posted a couple of photoshop tricks on my blog… you may find useful. They are under the techie category. I know this sounds like a shameless ad for my blog… but I am sure you’ll find them useful..

    Here are a couple:

    Show of the devil in you

    Applying the Lamo effect

    I hope you find these and others useful.

    I sound like a spammer now.. with links to my blog and all



  9. TariqKhonji
    Sep 19, 2005 @ 09:13:00

    I didn’t say ‘digital trees’, I said ‘diagonal’. If you notice, the top of the trees form a sort of diagonal line accross the photograph…The Pallet has a similar theme going…you get it? Diagonal themes somehow make the image stronger…it can be anything diagonal…it could be a person holding a trumpet or a gun…The photographer should capture the picture so that it appears to go right accross the image in a diagonal way.

    As I said before, cropping is a tool that can be used to ‘fix’ the photograph so that it becomes stronger…you just trim the edges to make it look better, cut out the unnecessary bits. For example the pic with the couple in it…coul could trim one edge to make them appear to one side of the photo instead of smack dead in the middle. You could also play with the image..remove unnecessary sky, perhaps. That sort of thing…

    You can crop digitally through photoshop, even the basic photoshop which is free, I believe. Certainly there are free 30-day trials for photoshop available on the Interent.


  10. TariqKhonji
    Sep 19, 2005 @ 09:20:00

    Also, for example, The Mercy…the sun already appears slightly to the right in the image..but put your finger on the right side and cover part of it…This ‘moves’ the sun a little bit more to the right of the image…doesn’t it appear to become stronger?

    As I said, there is no way to explain why these techniques work…they just do.


  11. AyyA
    Sep 19, 2005 @ 09:21:00

    Applying composition and cropping (now that I know what these words mean LOL), I tried to enhance the first photo (let’s call it Eve), fantasy and the wroth, and you are right, they do look much better now.
    Oh and how did I read that digital? I must be in need for a new pair of reading eye glasses LOL.

    Off course I’ll mention you, how many Purgies do I have 🙂

    Thanks babe for your constant encouragement, and btw folks, Elegance was behind my first entry into this field and she is the only model in my photos (don’t worry, I won’t show your face babe).
    Thanks to you sweetie for your patience with me nagging every time I get frustrated with my camera 🙂

    I’m glad you’re doing the ad to your post, it is valuable and the intention is what counts, I guess I have homework to apply the technique you described on your blog, sounds very interesting. I will show the results when I’m done, thanks again sweetie.

    Jimmy and the Advocate Devil
    The two knights behind the scenes, I have to thank you officially for your prompt response and your great help, I had to mention your names here so that when I become famous one day, I’ll go back to see who took my hand to make the initial steps in the world of photography (just kidding), no really, I need to have you mentioned here since blogs are permanent (or at least I’m hoping that they are) while e-mail could easily get lost.


  12. TariqKhonji
    Sep 19, 2005 @ 09:26:00

    I think you should remove the sky completely from Fantasy because, it isn’t a very interesting clouds nothing, and it doesn’t add anything to the image..


  13. AyyA
    Sep 19, 2005 @ 10:28:00

    Now how about that? 🙂


  14. Jewaira
    Sep 19, 2005 @ 10:31:00

    Enjoyed the pictures and learned alot from the comments too 🙂


  15. AyyA
    Sep 19, 2005 @ 10:39:00

    Thanks sweetie, that was indeed very educational wasn’t it


  16. Spontaneousnessity
    Sep 19, 2005 @ 10:46:00

    I do that too!! I took a picture of this .. or I’ll probably just post them whenever its time, but dude the last pic is amazing!!! where did you shoot that at! =P


  17. AyyA
    Sep 19, 2005 @ 10:55:00

    Now that I see it clearly; there is a spot on the right bottom side of the sun in The Mercy, I took that photo in the car, it must be some dirt on the window, now is there I way I can get rid of that without loosing too much of my picture?

    If you mean the last picture of the original post “Protection”, then this was taken in Thailand. But if you mean the revised ones “The Mercy” then this picture was taken in Spain.
    Thanks sweetie, I hope you learned from the tips given by the commentators., yaaay, I’m so exited.


  18. TariqKhonji
    Sep 19, 2005 @ 13:00:00

    Ayya wrote: “Now that I see it clearly; there is a spot on the right bottom side of the sun in The Mercy, I took that photo in the car, it must be some dirt on the window, now is there I way I can get rid of that without loosing too much of my picture?”

    Ooh, that’s a tough one…
    Its been a while since I had to use photoshop, but this is what I remember… I’m not sure what is available on which version.

    Your best bet is the bandage tool (it looks like a bandage on the tool bar that appears on your left hand side). Its easier to use than the other option that I know of which is called the clone tool. This looks like a paper stamp..but its very complicated to use…go with the bandage one, it’s better.


  19. TariqKhonji
    Sep 19, 2005 @ 13:07:00

    Also, when it comes to cropping I should say that this is where having a better camera comes in useful. If the image is higher quality to begin with, you can crop more without having the image becoming to small or blurry when you enlarge it.


  20. AyyA
    Sep 19, 2005 @ 21:11:00

    Thanks Tariq, you’ve been a great help, I’m playing around with photo shop, still don’t know if it has bandage tool, but I’ll check it out, and soon when I start using my new camera, I’ll be needing more of your help 😉


  21. Spontaneousnessity
    Sep 19, 2005 @ 21:43:00

    I meant fantasy, very beautiful =~}


  22. AyyA
    Sep 20, 2005 @ 00:10:00

    Oh, that picture, if you go back to my old posts in Spain during July and Aug. I think I mentioned how I used to fool others by making Elegance pose for me( poor thing she had taken a lot of my S%^t LOL), then I pretend that I’m shooting her while in reality I’m shooting something else, well, this is one of those pictures, and believe it or not; this is not Ibiza, this is the small, peaceful and cozy village of Moncofa.


  23. q80_demon
    Sep 20, 2005 @ 00:32:00

    “I mentioned how I used to fool others by making Elegance pose for me … then I pretend that I’m shooting her while in reality I’m shooting something else”

    Hahaha. You should be talking to my friend Antares (“Anti-Reason”), he just *loves* to shove his camera in the faces of total strangers :-))

    As for the bandage tool, I think it was included first with Photoshop 6, while the current one is CS2. Which version of PS do you use?


  24. AyyA
    Sep 20, 2005 @ 10:20:00

    I use PS Pro 7.02


  25. q80_demon
    Sep 20, 2005 @ 19:12:00

    I was wrong. Actually the Bandage feature was bundled into Photoshop starting with version 7 (the current Photoshop CS2 is equivalent to version 9), so you do have it!


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