Penang; a Malaysian Island !!!!

A place that I could say that I did not like much, the tropical nature was awesome, when I first drove from the airport it looked like the clean, green, exotic Singapore, going towards the mountain area it reminded me of Knoxville, Tennessee where you hardly see land from it’s vast green forests with the exception of the type of trees that covered the whole area, and on the beach resort I felt like I was on Leonardo DiCaprio’s “The Beach”.

Then why didn’t I like it? Three reasons where hereunder I will specify:
1- It’s greedy people; sorry to say that but this impression I got from the minute we got accommodated in the hotel, it seems to me that these people are experts in botching the tourists, especially the Kuwaitis and Saudis who were in bundles in this small island. Can’t say more because I’m really disgusted with their crockery. Add to the fact that this country is of the majority of Moslems and therefore not much of a night life, and not that I care much about that, but the streets were practically dead after eight PM. And the restriction you feel when you stroll around, that’s if you could, is not very comforting and not safe.

2- Although the nature is heavenly, it’s not used properly to attract tourists, for instance the only means of transportation was a car. Stretches of empty beaches that are not used, even the hotel that we stayed in which was supposed to be a five star beach resort, you only find some foreigners on the swimming pool and the beach area is not properly equipped; no coffee shops nor beach beds or anything, and no walkways for the pedestrians from the hotel to the surrounding areas, everywhere you want to go you had to rent a car or hail for a taxi, add to that the high rise buildings that were not in harmony and blocked the vision from enjoying the surrounding nature; The tourist industry is really pathetic.

3- The Malaysian food was more like Indian food with loads of spices only not as good as the Indian’s, more like dinning in a bad Indian restaurant even in the most sophisticated places.

Add to all the above; the weather was hot and humid!!!

One thing that really appealed to me was the freedom to practice religion in this place; you’d see mosques, churches and Temples side by side.

Would I repeat the visit? No way; three days were more than enough, I was simply…. Bored to death. But as I said the nature was heavenly; judge from these photos:

Exotic tree where stems spring off of its trunk and ends in a wad of perfumed flowers, don’t know what it’s called, but I have never seen anything like it, you can see a zoomed shot of the flower on the right.

Giant butterflies

Fresh nutmeg

Cable car, built recently by the Swiss; nothing like the old ones you take for Mount Pilatus, the difference? Very primitive and unorganized.

Penang; a view from the top of the mountain

A young fellow that greeted us on the streets with his family running loose in the wild; so cute 🙂

A Buddhist temple

A mosque

An Indian temple