Why did I love you? And why did I leave you?

They said when you were around
The iris of my eyes got wider
And so did my smile
They said I looked prettier 

I had a deal with your touch
Surreal doesn’t describe it much
Ethereal, lasting way after
The physical clutch

Manna of heaven was your taste 
I hungered for you like a beast
Could never have enough
Nor let anything go to waste 

I can’t forget every time we met
How you mesmerized my essence
Every time you looked at me
They said you were a good influence 

And the fragrance that wafted
Sweet from your flesh
Swirled circling the four corners
Around me spooling a mesh

“Baby,” when you called
A harp played in my ear
A sonata, soft 
Sublime and dear

All my senses you engaged
After I tasted you I saw no one
Felt nothing, smelled nothing
Nor heard anyone

But after years of being kept in the dark
Of your betrayal and deceit 
My senses suddenly alerted: hark
“Love” what a bait to eat!

And just as I loved you
I left you