A Special Letter to Support the White Wings; Ibtihal Alkhateeb

The difference between the ones who search for light

And the ones who are accustomed to darkness is

As the difference between butterflies and cockroaches

Light frights

It reveals secrets and

Most prefer to let and forget

Hoping it would disappear with time progression

As if keeping a fence around a bee nest securely tight

Would keep the bees from reproduction

They cocoon in the secure zone of darkness, alert

With fear and distrust

Light may penetrate the iris

It may reflect things

They prefer not to see and regret

These are the majorities in our countries

While minorities are as butterflies

They keep circling around the source of light

Insistent even when they know for sure that

This path may lead to their destruction

Butterflies live in meadows and gardens

Among flowers and roses aplenty

Sacrificing their lives as bounty

Commuting love to lovers

Gifting  life to others and

Value their own to the great errands


Cockroaches, on the other hand, disperse as soon as

We turn on the light

Fearful for their own lives

That’s why they multiply and

This is how they


They demolish our food while

Butterflies die to revive

The cycle of life

Building is hard labor while

Demolishing is as easy as

A bird’s flight

Only the courageous with guts can

And will continue to bring change

And to adjust our retina to light

For the only way to solve our problems

Is to face them in broad daylight

Support freedom of speech

Fight ignorance and lies

Ride on the white wings of Ibtihal Alkhateeb

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