Time for Love

Cool winter nights

Delights our cuddles

Snuggles, kisses and


Spooning the tiredness of the rainy days

Away, massaging

Passion on each other

Joining the vivid pictures of the HD TV

Ornamenting in 3D

Our walls and hearts, sharing

Our joy as we lay


On the couch

Even that irritating traffic of the highway

Intruding through the patio is now serene

Subtle into deep stilth of silence

Except for our whispers and the song

That still fuddles my mind

“Everything is going to be alright”

Like two teenagers

Protecting something sacred

Our universe dances and

Sings for something precious as well as


“We’re together”

Come home baby

Mama and her cooking are both


Looking out for

Delicious you

My vintage wine

My Valentine