New Year’s Blue Moon, 2010

Like New Year’s blue moon

Out of the blue he came

To shake like the quake

Which hit the Bay Area lagoons

The tectonic plates

Of my lonely heart

Somersaulting my life

With a boom…boom, then

Like a train it trailed, hence settled

Gathering warmth around a fireplace

Amidst a rainy winter night

And clicks of Margaritas

“’Long straight’ hair

Ruby lips

Sparks from her fingertips

Echoed voices in the night

She’s a restless spirit on an endless flight”

Eagles’ message!

His first message

Warming with Ruby beads

Crimson red

Meshing with my tanned neck

Marking me his

Private territory

It must have been

My dear friend’s prayers

Or her royal highness’ orders

Or whatever

For a quake to shake my heart

Of someone worthy of me

And me of him

And us of love

That mysterious

Delirious visitor

Which appears only once

In a blue moon

This poem is dedicated to my friend The Princess who’s kind and warm words gave me the inspiration.