And Thus Sprang Life

This poem is dedicated to my friend Leenda, as she likes to be called

She wanted to bring me flowers she said

She baked a fruitcake instead

I was relieved

An omen to my speedy recovery

Eons ago huge reptiles conquered earth

Grazing on giant plants pollinated by chaotic winds

Before its first impact and total destruction

That ended life

That indicated a new beginning

They say hope shoots amidst despair

Sizzling bright mornings end freezing dark nights

Death impregnated life

And life cocooned in a bud

Life began when earth flared

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

And through the crust it sprang and bloomed

A single flower in different colors and shades groomed

Insects rose from the ashes

Seduced by smell and color

Bees paid honey as a tribute

Moth paid silk as if a scholar

Birds formed and hummed

Teeth grew into beaks feeding on nectar

Cracking seeds, devouring the delicacy of fruits

Nourishing the now grassy earth with drops of life

A carpet spread, miles upon miles

And meadows upon meadows

Green with colonies of bright

Yellow, red, violet atop white

As if conspiring, they all knew

That the loner on a tree is watching

Alert to feed its young with produce

Facilitated by domesticated animals

No need for an avatar;

Even primitive minds then knew

That flora and fauna only

On their habitat grew

Bring me the fruits of life

Of which I only chance once

So did, alas

The freshly cut flowers