Halleluiah, Now Moslem Women Can Break a Leg! (2)

For quite some time Ream felt the euphoric satisfaction of a newly discovered internal power. The feeling was so liberating. For years she dreaded getting into an argument with Ali. Ali never respected her as an equal when taking important family decisions, to him there was only one captain to the ship, he ordered and the rest obeyed without discussion or objection, or that’s what he sought. When things went against his wish, most of the time as a result of some decision that Ream had to make because he was not there in the first place to order the “right” action, he’d growl with a deafening roar, alarming the household by breaking everything at his sight. With time Ream developed a phobia from raised voices, she just wanted peace at any price, and regardless of her apparent strong façade, just a slight rise in Ali’s tone hyperventilated her. But the years of workout in the gym has finally paid off, at last she was free from fear, but not from guilt. Long after her grandmother’s death, Ream still could see her wagging a finger at her, warning of disobedience to her husband; a good Muslim wife does not have the right to disobey her husband, angles curse her and forever she is doomed, in this life and hereafter. Guilt brought sadness and remorse, she prayed to God for forgiveness, and for some understanding of the actions that she lost control over. A more reason for her to feel helpless as a continuous source of sin.
This story was brought to mind when I read Silhouette’s post of Islam’s honor of women by legalizing women beating. I have written in the past about that, and drawn attention that such acts are inherent in the Islamic preaching that was decreed straightforward from the Quran. And also showed that no matter what, Moslems might differ over many things, women’s welfare remain the same for all sects. The verse ” As to those women on whose part you fear disloyalty and ill conduct, admonish them, refuse to share their beds, and beat them” (4:34) apparently is causing problems for Moslems to adjust to the modern civil laws that protect women against violence. Therefore many Islamic clerics have beaten around the bush to justify violence against women since they cannot revoke the verse nor deny it. Sheikh Yourself Qaradhawi the Qatari mufti gave his fatwa that, “It is Permissible for the husband to beat the wife, only Lightly” basing his fatwa (legal decree) on a tradition of Mohammad which equates the beating to the tapping of miswak (a small stick used to clean the residues between teeth). I.e., it’s not the beating act that should be debated with Moslem believers, but it’s severity. Obviously not bearing in mind the brutality and dehumanization of the act itself. Here is more of the same. Another cleric,Sheikh Abdulmihsin Alebikan, legal consultant in the Saudi Justice department gave a fatwa lately to authorize violence against men, only in self-defense (this is not a joke) and that was after an incident when a man killed his wife after a bout of beating, and was sentenced to death. In other words; solving a “wrong” with another “wrong” action, when they have to provide more excuses to give to the benevolent, just God who discriminates against genders that he supposedly created for reasons that only He is aware of!

Now after this latest fatwa I guess Ream can rest asure that she was not sinning when she broke her husband’s leg since she considered that as self-defense, or was it!

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  1. Eschew Obfuscation
    Dec 06, 2008 @ 07:31:42

    such acts are inherent in the Islamic preaching that was decreed straightforward from the Quran. <– You know, it always amuses me how only women and foreigners use portions of the Qur’an in support of their arguments. Perhaps a thorough re-read and a proper interpretation by any of the Muslim scholars will put your mind at rest. There is nothing explicit in the Qur’an, nor inherent, that beating women is either legalized, should be legalized, or is encouraged/allowed. Please make sure you dont use the Qur’an wrongfully for mere support of a flawed argument.

    Then, ” As to those women on whose part you fear disloyalty and ill conduct, admonish them, refuse to share their beds, and beat them” (4:34). Why didn’t you finish the whole Surra? Or atleast the parts before and after? See, this is the problem with you people. I am all for civil liberty and you can do whatever the hell you want, just dont bring the Qur’an into this and blame it on religion. Every monotheistic religion from Judaism down to Islam (chronologically) has followers that unfortunately misconstrue sayings and teachings. This says nothing of the religion.

    There is another verse in the Qur’an that says “Innama yakhsha Allah min 3ebadeh al3olama’.” Any idiot, after reading this would be puzzled and think “Does this mean Allah fears his scientist followers?” Obviously not! You need to interpret the verse to understand its true meaning and in many cases you have to read verses before and after the one you are reading to look at the big picture.

    In the case of the verse you had mentioned, the interpretation goes along these lines:
    (Men are in charge of women) they are in charge of overseeing the proper conduct of women, (because Allah hath made the one of them) the men through reason and the division of booty and estates (to excel the other) the women, (and because they spend of their property (for the support of women)) through paying the dowry and spending on them, which the women are not required to do. (So good women) He says: those wives who are kind to their husbands (are the obedient) they are obedient to Allah regarding their husbands, (guarding) their own persons and the wealth of their husbands (in secret) when their husbands are not present (that which Allah hath guarded) through Allah’s protection of them in that He gave them the success to do so. (As for those from whom ye fear) know (rebellion) their disobedience to you in bed, (admonish them) by means of sacred knowledge and the Qur’an (and banish them to beds apart) turn your faces away from them in bed, (and scourge them) in a mild, unexaggerated manner. (Then if they obey you) in bed, (seek not a way against them) as regards love. (Lo! Allah is ever High Exalted) above every single thing, (Great) greater than every single thing. Allah has not burdened you with that which you cannot bear, so do not burden women with that which they cannot bear of affection.

    Unfortunately, even Tafseer isn’t always the proper way, as there are numerous Muslim scholars for that matter and each has a slightly different view. After all, we are but mere humans with experiences that shape us.

    To make this short, beating women is not tolerated in Islam and, as you can read from the interpretation above, is not meant to inflict harm and pain, but rather to scold and show disapproval. This isn’t pre-reform Christianity where the Pope and bishops have their way with anything a women born.

    I hate talking religion. It is not my cup of tea, but I also hate it when people abuse religion, any religion, for their flawed arguments.

    I support the Saudi fatwa that women can defend themselves by use of force. But you have no right to criticize the religion and claim that they were fixing a wrong with another, by executing the husband or allowing women to defend themselves.

    Oh, and its very crude and rude to be cocky and use condescension when referring to God. I respect that you aren’t religious and perhaps your secularism is borderline atheism, since you probably have no regard to monotheism, but have some respect to people around you. I am being very civil and eloquently delivering a message. I didn’t insult/demean/dehumanize you, nor have I insulted you.

    It would be nice if civility were truly contagious, regardless of religious affiliation, or lack thereof.

    NB: take my words lightly. I am very passionate when I write, and may come off as cocky or pompous, but keep in mind I was trained to do so. Please note that nothing I wrote was specifically directed at you, but rather in defense of an idea you refute. The rise and fall of civilizations is based on communication and proper discourse.


  2. AyyA
    Dec 06, 2008 @ 20:18:13

    Eschew Obfuscation
    You wrote a long comment that could have been a post, and still said nothing. I presented a direct verse that does not need any interpretation; beating is beating, is aggression, is violence, do you need more of a direct word than that? and since it is so direct in Quran, then the sharee’a law in courts force me as a women in an Islamic country to abide to it when it is not fair nor just. As for the verses before and after and the gibberish about the role of man to maintain women and pay the bills (such an honor that could include slavery, or better yet; furniture), this sentence by itself attest that you consider women less capable than men to a point that they need protection, don’t men need protection as well? And protection against who and what? Are we still in the jungle, are we not governed by civil laws?
    Please stay away from fantasy Lala land and live reality. When Quran orders disobedient wives to be beaten, this is translated in actions of permissible and the impermissible in courts. And that deficiency is in Quran, not in its interpretation. Therefore don’t ask me to leave Quran out of this when it is the main source of sharee’a on which as a woman I am governed.


  3. Talal Al-Bahri
    Dec 07, 2008 @ 02:01:28

    Ayya, I must congratulate you on your posts. They are superb!


  4. AyyA
    Dec 07, 2008 @ 19:33:28



  5. silhouette
    Dec 11, 2008 @ 23:42:39

    هلا بالغالية
    توني شفت البوست

    موضوع ضرب الزوجات من المواضيع المخجلة والمحرجة للمسلمين واللي مهما حاولوا ماراح يقدرون يجملونها ويواجهون العالم المتحضر بتبريرات اقبح من الذنب نفسه,, والمفتي المحترم كان المفروض يكون شجاع ويحرم الضرب بدلا من ان يفتي بضرب الزوج ويزيد النار حطب

    ويسعدني اني اكون انا اللي اوحيت لك بكتابة البوست

    على فكرة,, ماشفت تعليقاتك على قصايدي وخصوصا الأخيرة,, يهمني رأيك لأنك شاعرة ومتذوقة للكلمة

    حبي لك دائماً


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