Islamic Neology… a Threat to Humanity (con.)

If you look back, precisely during the sixties and seventies, Muslims, almost all around the world were practicing what I would call “peaceful Islam”. There was hardly any call for the united Islam as a political movement against the West or anything civilized. In fact, Arab countries were into the trend of United Arabs under Pan-Arabism banner against Israel and Zionism. Israeli/Palestinian conflict united Arabs because it gave them a cause against the West. But this conflict was not an issue to non-Arab-Islamic countries. Today, even in Buddhist majority Thailand you’d find printed T-shirts, praising Ben-Laden and cursing Bush as well as America. The six-day shameful loss of the Arabs’ war against Israel in 1967, where there were not enough international media coverage for the war available, and a false euphoric coverage of the Arab media, caused mistrust amongst Arabs in a war they thought they won, where in fact they lost more lands to Israel. Add to that the invasion of Saddam’s Iraq of Kuwait, which created a gap between Arab citizens that could never be mended, and Pan-Arabism was lost for good, and replaced by Pan-Islamists. Another reason why Muslims of those times were more peaceful is because they were less educated, and more ignorant of their own scriptures.

And, as the level of education started rising, especially amongst Egyptian Muslim activist like Al-Bana, the hatred to everything Western started to take legitimacy from the scriptures that gave supremacy to Islamic culture over any other ethnic group. And with the war in Afghanistan, Muslims who, for the first time in history had the chance to fight side by side in Afghanistan adapted this ideology and spread it when they returned to their homelands. Ben Laden who became an inspiration for thousands of Muslims worldwide was just a rich Saudi man with connections in the oil-rich Saudi Arabia, whom those Egyptians (Ayman Alzawahiri and his gangs) used, mainly to fight against their own corrupt governments and eventually against the West who backed those governments.

As for the Israeli/Palestinian conflict; although there are tremendous Islamic efforts to make it an Islamic cause, to bring back its golden age of the Pan-Arabism era, Palestinian cause lost its sympathy amongst Arabs, as it gained more sympathy amongst other Muslims of non-Arab countries, especially after Hammas got in control, and it became just another gate into the global fight of Islam against the infidel West.

They say; little information is more dangerous than none. Too bad that the semi-Islamic governments did not take this notion into consideration, and they kept feeding their citizens half-true information, and at the same time empowering those radicals when they got illegitimate backup from the public they deceived . All efforts excreted by those governments to present Islam as a peaceful religion were in vane, for the Incredible Hulk has outgrown its masters, and gotten out of hand.

Islamic neology did not have an abrupt rise; actually, its more common grounds had taken base slowly, through educating the public of the true face of Islam, when those Islamists revived it to its origin. And recent history was the Achilles’ heel on which the “West”, or anything civilized, was defined as that “evil” of which its fight became mandatory and legitimate according to the scriptures. Now amongst all Islamic countries, political Islam is on the rise, through which it is mostly presented by the dress code, but not by Islamic rituals. The true face of Islam, when uncovered, created two extreme sides amongst Muslims. It caused some to denounce their religion, and others to resort to violence, but most stayed confused, or don’t-care individuals following their religious leaders as a means to solve their immediate problems with their governments, and those are the most dangerous of all.

I said those are the most dangerous because they unknowingly contribute to slowly changing their civil constitutions to shari’a laws in their countries through their semi-democratic systems of the East, or the democratic systems of immigrants’ West.

That said, I doubt that Kuwait will take a different route than its Islamic sisters. Islamists climbed the ladder to power in the last couple of decades, and have issued some laws that comply with Shari’a, in an effort to change the constitution. And for any sane person, this should be a warning. Their aim is to change the second amendment in the constitution to give Shari’s its supremacy over the constitutional laws. And if they get to be the majorities in the parliament in this election, they would be able to do that.

It would be naive to think that dissolving the parliament, and reducing the constituencies to five can reduce radical’s number in the parliament, for this neology has already taken grips in the Kuwaiti society in its most organized form. Voting for Islamists has become as sacred as betting on the true word of God to the majorities of Sunni and Shiite sects. Besides; they are very organized networks and the system of five-constituencies needs organization.

Our only hope for not being lead by the Islamists is to promote secularism, because if the Islamists take control we will not be different from Iran or Afghanistan, or even Saudi Arabia. And we will end up ruining the country economically and politically, and we will lose our own personal and civil rights and create a monster like Ahmadi Nejad. Islamists, as I mentioned before, have the power of getting into control, yet they lack the basics that requires building a civilized nation of the twenty-first century when they rule.

But one big problem face Liberals; the advocates of secular systems, who will only reap more losses since Islam does not accept secularism, because Islam is a complete way of life, a package that Muhammad came up with to give superiority to his kin and his culture, as well as his divine rules. Unlike Christianity which approves of secularism (click the link), for according to Bible, Jesus said, “”Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” Islam believes that there is no Caesar, only Muslim caliphate that abides to Shari’a laws and who speaks on behalf of God, and his word is final. The only way Muslims can adopt secularism, as I see it, is when they understand that Koran, Seara, and Traditions are not divine, and that the Islamic history has been manipulated and forged. If they care for true secularism to save the country in this critical period, and to protect their religion from being used and manipulated, they should start fighting this neology with reason and logic, educating people and projecting the consequences of their actions on the fate of humanity. And most importantly; do not vote for Islamists and give them the gift of apocalypse with your own hands.

On a related note; my friend Elegance sent me this link that backs my views, thanks dear.

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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Apr 08, 2008 @ 08:53:22

    Discrediting the Hadiths is by far the best way to tame Islam. The Hadiths or the sayings of the prophet were collected 2 centuries after his death. In the days of no mass media, you can never be sure that oral transmissions that were passed from generation to generation for over 200 years are actually the prophet’s sayings.

    Discredit the Hadeeths and you will discredit 90% of all Islamic fatwas and violent acts based on them.


  2. blacklight
    Apr 10, 2008 @ 07:19:28

    dearest Ayya
    A spectacular analysis of the situation regarding the Islamic world . I have enjoyed reading every word of this great article.

    BTW I have used the term pan-islamism before in my discussions and i will with your permission use the the other term ” islamic Neology” in the future .

    I totally agree with you right now islam is not just a peaceful religion , its a tyrant entity that devour the rights of minorities in the name of democracy,rule of the law and freedom of speech, just whats more ironic than this? using our civil virtues against us.

    I couldn’t agree more when you said that pan-islamism is related not only to people political views but also forces them to follow a life style that include everything including dress code , and the insane increase of girls who wear hejab in Kuwait is a solid proof to this point.

    one last thing dear I have read something related to you recently on the news , I just wanted to come here and make sure your ok and safe.
    You have all my support in your justified demands. I’m proud to be always at your side.


  3. mozart
    Apr 10, 2008 @ 08:56:09

    there isnt a better way to describe the spread of islamic cancer over the last decades . brilliant

    i firmly belive that this article must be transulated into arabic in order to reach bigger audience , if the auther`s permission is granted


  4. AyyA
    Apr 10, 2008 @ 09:13:08

    Anonymous Coward
    I wished that the traditions were the only ones that were forged.

    Thanks for enriching the subject, and don’t worry about me, I’m OK. I just have to fight for my freedom, and the freedom of other women who had to go through similar circumstances. Thanks for the support, I need it.

    I wouldn’t have chosen any one better than you, please be my guest, and thank you very much.


  5. عتيج الصوف
    Apr 12, 2008 @ 15:38:36

    عزيزتي آيه
    الإسلام قد تم تنقيحه على مر العصور كلن على حسب موروثه الثقافي أو تراثه الذي يعيش فيه بالمجتمع

    لذلك نجد الإنتقائية في تطبيق الأحكام و العقائد مما جعل لهذا الدين الكثير من الثغرات و علامات الإستفهام التي تدور حول معتنقيه

    مشكلتهم إنهم يرفضون النقد بحجة القدسية و بنفس الوقت يقحمون هذا الدين في كل شاردة و واردة على الرغم من سطحية تفكيرهم حيث يعتمدون على النقل و التقليد

    مقالتك ممتازة و تستحق القراءة أكثر من مرة

    تحياتي لك


  6. AyyA
    Apr 13, 2008 @ 11:04:26

    شكرا علي المساهمه، و لقد قمت بترجمه المقال حسب طلب بعض قرائي و ذلك لتوصيل الفكره لعدد اكبر
    شكرا مره اخري


  7. MechanicalCrowds
    Apr 17, 2008 @ 01:50:37

    That’s a monster of a topic: political Islam.

    I agree with you though, people have to start pushing for secularism if there’s to be any chance of salvaging this region. Secularism is a very simple concept: keep your beliefs to yourself and let us live based on reason.


  8. AyyA
    Apr 17, 2008 @ 21:35:41


    “keep your beliefs to yourself and let us live based on reason”

    Thanks dear, no one put it more succinctly than you did.


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