Islamic Neology… a Threat to Humanity

Islamic neology, as I define it, is the current trend of political Islam, embracing a mixture of some modern and contemporary ideologies, meant to revive the lost glory of Islamic civilization. It’s a mixture of schools, different in their particularities, but share the same dream of Islamic supremacy in the world. Those are our Islamic politicians, and their religion is Islamic neology.
Islamic neology bears the radical ideology of Alafagani, Hassan Al-bana, Sayid Qutob, Almoudoodi, Muhammad Abdelwahab, Ibn Taimiya, as well as Khumani. It’s the seeds that produced the radical views of today’s Ben laden and Hassan Nasrulla in the cosmic war between God and “evil”.

Giving way to thousands of freelance suicide-bombers, of the 21st century. Most of whom were , and are, Afghan veterans, whom previously acquired expertise in the art of war, applying their brutality on civilians of their own countries, as well as abroad. With utter hate they call “Allaho Akbar”, and with complete relaxation they blow to scattered pieces. They have won paradise, they were reassured of that by the ones whom they pledged a bond of “Bae’as” , politicians had given them the legitimacy of their works by issuing the right fatwas. They soon should meet their 72 Hoor Alains (virgins). And their mothers are ululating happily for having won their tickets to heaven, sent by their martyred sons.

It’s the distorted psychology and male chauvinism of Sayed Qutb, Hassan Al-bana’s student  who went to the United States seeking education, and was shocked by its free society, and ended up in his own people’s jails, masterminding “evil” as the “West” and the “infidels” who gave women equality and personal rights. It’s Khomeini’s shortsightedness to analyze the deficiencies of Willayat Alfaqeeh, and gave way to Ahmadi Najad to blame the second-rate status, economically, militarily , politically, of the umma on the West. As Jason Burke illustrated their mentalities with the mind of a reporter who lived around those people in his book “Al-Qaeda”, “the fault lies with the West and with those Muslims who fail to practice their religion with sufficient discipline and devotion. The bombs are designed to restore the pride of Muslims worldwide. To shame and inspire “faithless” Muslims into greater observance and, by weakening the “Crusaders” and their local allies and proxies, to hasten the eventual return to the golden age of thousands of years ago when the lands of Islam were the world’s leading power”. A feudal war; this is our dilemma of political Islam of today.

In one of the articles of “ Government, as Perceived by Islamic Sects, a Collection of Chosen Documents of the Tenth Conference of United Islam”, under the title “ “Features of Iran’s Islamic Constitution” Shaikh Muhammad Ali Altaskhiri said “ the fourth item of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran says: all civil, penal, financial, economical, cultural, militarily, and political laws and manuals are based on Islamic counterpoise. And this principle has priority over all absolutes and generalizations of the principles and laws mentioned in the constitution, and other laws. And the diagnosis of that is left to the jurisprudence of the Constitution Maintenance Committee.” In other words, it is left to the clerics to decide how to run a 21st century civil country, based on their own interpretation of the holy texts of more than 1400 years.
He also mentioned “in reality, if Islam is practiced in all aspects of life, all economic and political goals will be achieved in its best and greatest form”
It is obvious after more than twenty-nine years of applying share’a in the Islamic Republic of Iran, that neither its economy prospered, nor its politics was able to provide and protect its people, although it had harvested thousands of corpses with its harsh injunctions. And more than that number fleeing to the West, the very “evil” Iran hung its dirty laundry on, seeking justice when their own country failed to provide it.

Iran is just an example; Saudi Arabia went through this neology much earlier, at the hands of Muhammad abdulwahab, and his Salafi follower. Taliban’s rule of Afghanistan is another. And now what is happening throughout the Islamic countries is another version of this revival. All those countries excel in the art of war, revolution, seizing control, yet, they fail to live up to the standards of a civilized state of the 21st century. And more importantly; those were the people who toppled the previous tyrannies and replaced them with sacred and divine tyrannies.

But, why does neology find a fertile ground in the Islamic countries?

Social grievances, post colonialism and corrupt systems of the Semi-Islamic countries gave way to political Islam as the only solution. People who were desperate to improve and attain their immediate needs were an easy prey to be recruited by radicals as their only resort of salvation. Governments’ intervention in other country’s internal affairs, like recent intervention of Saudi Arabia in Afghanistan, Pakistan in Afghanistan and India, and Afghanistan’s Taliban in Pakistan, either by directly providing the ground and training facilities or by affiliating it logistically and financially. Collaborated in one way or another to build this destructive ideology.

Here is a beautiful illustration by Marjane Satrapi in her book “Persepolis” that summarizes some of the grievances that led the Iranian Revolution of the late seventies. She summarized them wittily as:

After a long sleep of 2500 years, the revolution has finally a awakened people.

“2500 years of tyranny and submission” as my father said.

first our own emperors.

Then the Arab invasion from the West.

Followed by the Mongolian from the East

And finally modern imperialism.

And by the way, Iranian revolution started as a protest against the previous Shah, it was not Islamic in any means, although as usual, Islamists climbed the tide.

To be continued

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  1. error
    Mar 31, 2008 @ 01:09:52

    Their aim is to achieve what Islam accomplished centuries ago, basically going backwards, nothing “neo”. More like a romantic approach for them, it’s not a threat to humanity. I think you have no solid base for your criticism, you’re writing out of pure hate of Islam, which is a pity.


  2. Atsuma the free man
    Mar 31, 2008 @ 19:56:10

    what did Islamic role did in in political field in the last few years

    i mean Really nothing at all but crimes
    in iran,,, there supporting the insurgents in iraq and muqtadas militia against iraqi people
    in sudan,,, there yelling allah u akbar for the crimes happening in iraq
    in k.s.a they supporting the islamics to fight in iraq and detonate there bodies

    then where the hell is the mercy of islam???

    just one of the 1000000 Mendaciousness on mankind

    nice article

    good luck


  3. mozart
    Apr 01, 2008 @ 15:35:54

    excuse my dumb question , but did u write all this on your own ? this is totally magnificent 🙂 neology , excellent term .



  4. Elegance
    Apr 02, 2008 @ 18:08:18

    Great post as usual…please continue the good work. I loved the interview in the Front Page Magazine…you’re bold & for that I salute you.


  5. silhouette
    Apr 03, 2008 @ 00:10:39

    Great as usual my dear, don’t you wish sometimes that the Mongol raid on Iran continued to date?


  6. AyyA
    Apr 06, 2008 @ 21:22:43

    As you said “Their aim is to achieve what Islam accomplished centuries ago” plus identifying the “infidel” as the “West” and its “modernization” or what you called “(Islamic) going backwards” is the new trend in political Islam. Indonesia (the most populous Muslim-majority nation) for example, is officially non-Islamic state but a republic which was predominated with a form of Islam that mixed and integrated with the Buddhist and Hindu existed cultures, and enjoyed a centuries old diversity and tolerance in its society. But today Indonesia is a home for intolerant and Islamic militants.
    Here is link ( that touches this subject with emphasis on “Paradoxically, the coming of democracy to Indonesia in 1998, with the collapse of the corrupt and oppressive military dictatorship of General Suharto, was a factor in the rise of Islamist violence and terrorism. The new democratic freedoms allowed for Muslim militants who had fled the country to avoid prosecution (like the notorious Abu Bakar Bashir) to return and rekindle their movement. As Ulil Abshar-Abdalla, an Indonesian Islamic scholar and leader of the Liberal Islam Network says, “This freedom is not [only] for the good guys, but also for the bad guys.”
    This new trend is what I termed as Islamic-neology.

    As for your generalized statement of “you’re writing out of pure hate of Islam”, please explain to me why would I, or anyone born under Islamic banner, hate my religion? There are reasons. And reason and logic are my motives and not ” pure hate”.


  7. AyyA
    Apr 06, 2008 @ 21:48:15

    Atsuma the free man
    I feel sorry for Iraq and its citizens whom have gone through centuries of instabilities since the spread of Islam on its land. I feel sorry for its pre-Islamic great civilization. Dying serpents bite deepest, Islam today is the dying serpent and Iraq is one of its battlefields, while KSA and Iran are its feeding veins that assure this instability. And Sudan is following Iraq’s footsteps, as will all other Islamic nations. That’s why I accused it of being a threat to humanity.
    There is mercy in Islam, but only amongst the ones who share the same sect (not even the same religion), which is a characteristic feature of tribalism adopted by the desert nomadic culture of Islam.
    Thanks for your insight dear.


  8. AyyA
    Apr 06, 2008 @ 21:54:41

    Thanks dear for the encouragement, and yes, I wrote this on my own and Islamic-neology is a term I invented. There will be more in the next post to provide my global view of this new trend.


  9. AyyA
    Apr 06, 2008 @ 22:03:57

    My sweet best friend Elegance
    Thanks for taking time off of your busy new marriage life. And sorry for my weak correspondence, I was planning to send you the Frontpage interview link but was caught up in traveling and my case. And apparently you have found it on your own, which comes no surprise to me, knowing what kind of a person you are, and how much passion you carry for me.
    Love you sweetheart and I hope everything is going smoothly with you.


  10. AyyA
    Apr 06, 2008 @ 22:10:20

    Things have changed since the Mongol days. Islam today has become the Mongol of yesterday.
    I’m glad to know that finally you started blogging, but somehow your blog link is not working!
    Can you check it please?
    Keep up the good work, I’m proud of you :*


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