It’s Your Time

I have a hunch that Barack Hussein Obama will win the democratic election of Super Tusedy. May be not with substancial difference to Hillary Clinton, but regardless. You know Why?
Because this is the time of the new generation, the youth to take over.
Let’s see if I’m wrong or …

On a related note:
Best news I received today was that the MP Ali Al-Rashid submitted a legislation that cancels the previous legislation of gender-segregation at university level.

النائب علي الراشد يقدم قانون لالغاء قانون منع الاختلاط بالجامعه

A hard punch to the nose of the conservatives, ha?

Have a great day.

An update:

مجهول يهدد النائب الراشد بقتله بسبع طلقات ان لم يسحب قانونه بمنع الاختلاط

An anonymous threatens MP Al-Rashid that he would kill him with seven shots if the MP did not withdraw his legislation concerning gender-segregation.

نواب اسلاميون: سنسقط قانون الغاء قانون منع الاختلاط في الجامعات

Islamist MP’s: we will dismantle the legislation given by MP Al-Rashid.

See guys, I told you, it’s a fight. And the Islamists are sharpening the blades of their swords.

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  2. kila_ma6goog
    Feb 05, 2008 @ 15:44:51

    enshalla yamshee:)


  3. shosho
    Feb 05, 2008 @ 19:49:04

    Truly, such good news!!!!!


  4. AyyA
    Feb 05, 2008 @ 23:36:25

    لازم يصير. او لازم نخليه يصير. هذا القانون لا يحترم الدستور و لا الانسان حتي

    Nice to see you, been a long time. The thing is that there is finally someone who takes the responsibility to put this issue on the negotiation table. He needs all our support though. This is even more important than the five constituents rally. It hits the root of the problem.


  5. Angelo
    Feb 06, 2008 @ 11:35:30

    That is indeed a good news. I hope they extend the legislation to the public school area (although that is highly unlikely) cuz I’m a public school survivor and I have gotta say, boys in public schools have a very sick view toward women simply because those boys lacked the proper interactions with women in academic and in philosophical level.

    BTW, I never thanked you for reading the book I recommended it to you (There’s No God But God). I enjoyed reading your multi-posts review even though I couldn’t help but to disagree with you in many aspects. But regardless, your opinion is valuable to moi and it was certainly interesting and an enjoyable read.

    BTW hun have you read Douglas Preston’s novel “Blasphemy”? I saw it the other day in Borders in the best seller section. I wanted to pick it up the other day but I already had too many novels I wanted to finish. If you managed to pick it up and read it, let me know what you think about it.


  6. Angelo
    Feb 06, 2008 @ 11:37:47

    Oh and here’s a direct link to THE BOOK just in case.


  7. bader
    Feb 06, 2008 @ 13:32:05

    Ayya the problem is when you hear some people say its better for guys to stay with the current situation and the reason for this is el shabab mo kafo and they’ll make problems o elwath3 ra7 yeser maskhara. I totally don’t agree with this because if the person is bad and makes problems with mixed education he’ll do the same things when man3 el ekhtla6 existed.
    I had two years left for graduation back in Kuwait university I was able to register in mixed classes because there was no enough Dr’s to teach 400 level courses. It was a nice opportunity for me to communicate with some female students, after that I joined the engineering design project with them and to be honest my grades had improved so much because we were able to exchange information and sometimes help each other when someone is busy with other things. What I want to say is education must be shared by female and male students because both genders will be prepared to communicate professionally with each other after they graduate from the university when they go for work. This law must be canceled and I hope it will be.


  8. The Don ®
    Feb 06, 2008 @ 14:00:27

    Obama is out.. and to tell you the truth, and it might hurt a little.. Clinton will follow him, America is still not ready for that kind of change yet, the media might show you that they are, but I know it will not be soon, that you would see a woman, nor a person of color leading that nation..

    at least this is what I read between the lines, not that I like what I read though


  9. Dotsson
    Feb 07, 2008 @ 00:42:46

    GO OBAMA!!!


  10. Touché
    Feb 07, 2008 @ 00:43:24

    Now this is the kind of news that make you wish to go back in time and contribute into the mess that shall results among students.
    I can picture the crowds, audience, signs, fliers, speeches and little lovely side arguments.
    I even wish to see Dr. Alya Shu’aib response to the news. Good old days.

    On another note, unfortunately I don’t think that such legislation may see the light. But at least someone is trying to put some sense into their heads.


  11. AyyA
    Feb 07, 2008 @ 11:52:44

    And I wondered what happened to you, but now I’m glad to know that you were following my posts 😀
    About the legislation; I wouldn’t even dream that it would pass for public schools. So let’s at least hope to get it at university level.
    And you are right, the more segregation is imposed, the dirtier become the minds. Not only for boys, also girls. But to a lesser apparent degrees. It has to do a lot with sex psychology that no one pays attention to when the politicians impose such laws. This is of course the responsibility of the experts in this field, yet no one seems to know what is their responsibility in a conservative society.
    And about Douglas Preston’s novel “Blasphemy”, no I haven’t ran across it, but sure if I had a chance I will do that. Right now I’m loaded with a stack of books that I can’t wait to finish.
    And speaking of books; I’m reading now “Islamic Law, From Historical Foundation to Contemporary Practice” by Mawail Izzi Dien. I’m almost halfway though, but it’s pretty decent so far, and very interesting.

    Nice to see you again


  12. AyyA
    Feb 07, 2008 @ 12:16:45

    I totally agree with you, but whoever thinks that way does not have a clue about psychology. They utter the aphorism “kil mamnoo3 margoob (every forbidden act is more desirable)” yet they don’t apply it in real life.
    When I was still working with one of the ministries, I personally faced a lot of problems with this irresponsible law. Politicians decree legislations without any provision to the consequences. Lady engineers who graduated from Kuwait university demanded separate rooms, when the space I had was an open hall divided with partitions. Some even transferred to other departments because of this reason. And their excuse was that they could not stay for long in an open area with men. The same men who they had to deal with on a constant bases. Imagine; those were engineers who were working in a predominant male environment!
    But I do not think that there is a magic formula to cancel this law, nor hope can materialize mixed education, especially with our dominated conservative parliament. There is no way to get it but to fight for it.
    Thanks for the insight.


  13. AyyA
    Feb 07, 2008 @ 12:35:14

    The Done
    Glad to see you here, you’ve been greatly missed 😀
    But hey, Obama is not exactly out. He did not win the Super Tuesday by counting votes, but he got most of the states. So I would consider that a tie. After all; the race was a dead heat.
    But I do agree with you that the finals are unpredictable when it comes to the real challenge. Not because America is not ready for change, nor because of the media, although I do not belittle it’s affect on directing the votes. But because of the role that the church and the religious institutions are playing in this, as well as in the previous election of Bush. Many people were surprised that Huckabee got most of the votes in the south, but if you look closely, I think it was because of the statement he made before that Tuesday about his will to change the constitution to fit the bible. And it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he wins the presidency, especially after 9/11 and the religious institution’s activities to use this incident in getting more people to go to church.
    Conservatives are the same everywhere.
    Take care


  14. AyyA
    Feb 07, 2008 @ 12:41:13

    All the way to the white house. I think the house needs a little bit of a tint, it’s been too white for too long 😉


  15. AyyA
    Feb 07, 2008 @ 12:52:55

    “I can picture the crowds, audience, signs, fliers, speeches and little lovely side arguments.”

    That’s the spirit that we need man
    And I think this is the real challenge for our minister “Alsubaih” as well.

    “On another note, unfortunately I don’t think that such legislation may see the light.”

    Now this is what I do not like, the spirit of the defeated. I do understand that I should be more realistic. But, to me; the sky is the limit, I just can’t help it. But I do understand that nothing comes easy. And like our fight for the five constituents, we should even fight more fiercely with this issue. If Alrashid did not have that dream, he wouldn’t have submitted the legislation. And I think that we (the people) should be the dynamo that make that dream come true.


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  17. Touché
    Feb 19, 2008 @ 00:32:13

    It’s not a defeated spirit but rather reading the facts and the circumstances. Hell, every time something gigantic goes around I know something is being cooked backstage.

    The funny part is that as those who are close to Al-Subeih mentioned that this is the mere result for the interrogation when she approved to enforce the segregations laws and approve them for private educational institutes. Which in turn made the liberal guys who she is categorized to be part of them though some may see her a technocrat minister. So by siding with the Islamic MPs, the liberal MPs got pressure of how to support her when she sided with long bears MPs with their new imposing and thus issued the new media alert.


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