Religiosity Versus Secularism in Politics

The infidel Al Gore won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his 20 years campaign on global warming, and before that he won the Oscar for his environmental documentary, and this is what he promised:

“Gore plans to donate his half of the $1.5 million prize money to the Alliance for Climate Protection, a bipartisan nonprofit organization that is devoted to changing public opinion worldwide about the urgency of solving the climate crisis.” More here

Although many Democrats urged Al Gore to run for presidency, he made it clear that he has no intentions at all. His mission, he said, was not directed towards political gains, but rather, towards spreading a spiritual message to all humanity.
Now he’s in the United Nations perusing a mandate on climatic emergency.

Isn’t it odd that the so called peace loving religions compete to destroy earth, while secularists campaign to save it?

On a somewhat related news:
Ramzi Ahmed Yousef denounces Islam and embraces Christianity!

اصحاب العقول في راحه

Three Dawn Songs in Summer by Robert Hass
The first long shadow in the fields
Are like mortal difficulty.
The first birdsong is not like that at all.

The light in the summer is very young and wholly unsupervised.
No one has made it sit down to breakfast.
It’s the first one up, the first one out.

Because he has opened his eyes, he must be light.
And she, sleeping beside him, must be the visible,
One ringlet of hair curled about her ear.
Into which he whispers, “Wake up!”
“Wake up!” he whispers.

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  1. حمودي
    Oct 13, 2007 @ 06:15:54

    عيدكم مبارك وعساكم من العايدين الفايزين


  2. AyyA
    Oct 13, 2007 @ 06:23:59

    May all your life be 3eeds 7amoudi.


  3. Purgatory
    Oct 13, 2007 @ 12:43:38

    Now that Ramadan is over, will you go back to normal non religious posts ;p?


  4. { XIII }®
    Oct 13, 2007 @ 17:08:34

    ben kerishan blog ( Land of san6 ) no more in cocotown ! :I

    they blocked his blo2

    و أنا مقموصة أوي أوي .. لأني كنت برجع هناك بعد ” رمزان ” يخلص .. أتسلى شوي مع الناس اللتيفه هناك ..
    أبقي سلمي عليه يا حبيبتشي
    ملحوظة :
    ما أحب أستخدم طرق غير شرعية للدخول الى مواقع مغلقة ..حاولت من قبل وصادوني ..لووول
    ملحوظة صغيرونه :
    هذا هو التعليق الأوحد لي في مدونتك .. ماتخافيش مش ح أرزل عليكي ..هاهاها
    واحشني أوي كركوش أفندي 😦
    يله أسيبك بعافيه يا أوختشي


  5. kila_ma6goog
    Oct 13, 2007 @ 21:38:58

    النقطة غير واضحة


    لو آل جور كان مسلم و سوه اللي سواه فهل كنتي راح تكتبين هالبوست و تمدحينه؟


  6. Noufa
    Oct 13, 2007 @ 22:07:18

    Al Gore deserved that prize. good for him. without his work I don’t think the world would have been aware of Global Warming…

    Who called Al Gore an “Infidel” ?! (the article is way too long :/)


  7. غريب
    Oct 13, 2007 @ 22:54:39

    ايا ولهنا عليك كل عام ونتي بخير صارلك جم يوم علي بالي ناطرينك علي احر من الجمر سلوت


  8. AyyA
    Oct 14, 2007 @ 00:28:09

    It all depends on my mood, you should know me better by now ;p
    But I promise to have variety :*

    When people give Cuckoo town the custody of their lives, they should expect this. In any case, I don’t think you liked what he wrote anyway. So stay in your crystal ball, better for you.

    This is not about Islam verses secularism; it’s about religious decision making verses secularism. Al Gore has declared many times, “”I am a Christian. I am a Protestant. I am a Baptist”. And I would have been proud if it was a Secular Moslem who initiated this move. Al Gore is known for his efforts to bring major religions together to support his case. It’s a message to all those who claim that seculars are Infidels. Not only Moslems claim that, you know, perverts who twist facts are everywhere.

    Don’t mind the long article; calling him an infidel was satiric on my part. 🙂
    The most important part in that article is that it accuses him of embracing a “pagan religion and eco-fascism” because of his efforts to persuade leaders of major religions to support his case, Al Gore knows the importance of religious leaders of the world in directing mass opinion, and so far he’s been successful in his mission, kudos to him.


  9. AyyA
    Oct 14, 2007 @ 00:29:28

    How are you sweetheart, I missed you too, I will give you a call when I come back home for a visit, promise :*


  10. AyyA
    Oct 14, 2007 @ 00:54:03

    Btw, in that video Al Gore is indirectly addressing Bush’s religiosity and the religious organization supporting him in directing American decision-making policies. I assume that you are familiar with Bush’s speech prior to invading Iraq that, “God told me Sadam has weapons of mass destruction” and no one questioned how did God convey the message to Bush, nor anyone questioned him later when there were no such weapons found.


  11. راعيها
    Oct 15, 2007 @ 08:44:58

    أولا مرحبا و كل عام وانتي بخير
    أنا موافق على جزئية الشهوه العارمه عند الجماعات الدينيه للتدمير … هذا أمر من الصعب إثبات عكسه

    لكن بالنسبه لجزئية بوش و العراق … ما الذي كان الديموقراطيين ينوون فعله تجاه سلطات قمع الحريات الرهيبه في العراق و ايران و سوريا؟ … لاشيء

    سواء كان دافع بوش ديني أو لا ديني … فقد قام بإرسال جنوده لاجتثاث أكبر ديكتاتوريات العالم و اشدها إضطهادا للإنسان … بينما عانينا قبلها سنوات طويله مع كلينتون … ننتظره فيها كي يفرغ من مونيكا و سيجاره

    أحمل إحتراما للملحدين لأنهم لم يخرجوا عن عباءة النقاش الفكري الحر … لكن لا يجب تعميم الخير على كل الملحدين لمجرد انهم ملحدين … و لا يجب تعميم الشر على الدينين لأنهم مؤمنين بدينهم

    لا زال العالم بحاجه للقوه لمواجهة السلطات القمعيه … و لو اتبعنا خطوات الحزب الديموقراطي لأصبح لدينا ألف هتلر جديد

    شكرا آيا


  12. AyyA
    Oct 15, 2007 @ 10:43:21

    Al Gore is not an atheist, he is Christian, but he holds secular views. I’m not saying that Sadam shouldn’t have been nailed or the Iraqi people shouldn’t have been freed from his tyranny. But remember that the US went to war at Iraq without UN support. Force is necessary at times, but force should have been the last resort. There could have been many ways to topple Sadam’s regime, the US could have helped the Iraqi people in their revolt against him for example or use many other ways of politics and its machination. Closer studies should have been conducted on the Iraqi culture to understand what was the US getting itself and others into. Remember that the initiation of this war was the massacre of 9/11, and the urgency to declare war on terror. The real terror in my opinion was not Iraq, especially with its weak state after Kuwait liberation and the UN sanction. The real terror was and still is the Islamic organizations around the world, like AlQaeda, Moslem brotherhood with their unlimited spread of Jihad slogans all over the Islamic communities or even governments aiding those Jihadists with oil money. I judge any action by its consequence. And unfortunately; the invasion of Iraq strengthened those organizations and others like Shiite’s, and bought for them more sympathizers, and the world is still not safe from terror which was the main goal in this war.


  13. راعيها
    Oct 15, 2007 @ 15:50:57

    مع إحترامي لوجهة نظرك … لكن أعتقد أن كلينتون وحزبه الديموقراطي كانوا على رأس السلطه لمدة 8 سنوات دون خطه واضحه لمواجهة الديكتاتوريات مواجهه حقيقيه … و لم تنفعهم وسائلهم الأخرى في تحرير الملايين من قبضة العصابه البعثيه

    في مفهومي أنا … العبره في مقدار الحريه … و العراقي الآن إنسان حر … حتى لو كان محاصرا من قبل العراقيين لكنه حر في التعبير عن اعتقاده و آراءه

    الجماعات الاسلاميه الارهابيه لم تكن بانتظار أمريكا لكي تقوى … فهي على شراكه قديمه مع أنظمة الحكم في عالمنا العربي … وهي المسيطره على جميع وزاراتنا … وهي التي تعلمنا حتى كيف نتصرف تحت ماء الدش … أمريكا لم تجعلهم أقوياء … ولكن جهلنا هو الغذاء الأساسي لهم

    منذ كنا في المرحله الابتدائيه .. ونحن نتعلم أن أمريكا هي العدو … و أحداث الحادي عشر من سبتمبر لم تكن سوى نتيجه طبيعيه لم زرعناه في عقول أبناؤنا

    يبدو ان وجهات نظرنا لا تختلف كثيرا … لكني ما أحب الديموقراطيين:) … يفتقدون للحسم و المبادره و الثقه … و الحاكم المتردد هو حاكم سيء مهما كان حكيما


  14. AyyA
    Oct 15, 2007 @ 21:55:55

    I agree with you, and I’m not supporting Democrats here. After all Hillary Clinton was one of the other Democrats who voted for the war. And Al Gore is not defending Democrat’s stand on this issue either. He even addressed that in his video when he said, ”those who say: if I’ve known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have voted”, quoting Hillary after running for presidency. All I’m against is that this issue should have been approached more rationally, using reason and tactics, and not making it appear as if it’s a holy war against evil.


  15. حمودي
    Oct 20, 2007 @ 23:15:35

    خلصنا عاد
    يلا ماما جلدي جلدي نزلي بوست
    تر اهون وابطل اقرالج


  16. AyyA
    Oct 20, 2007 @ 23:31:17

    لول حمودي
    انطر علي اشويه، بوستات دسمه قاعده تنطبخ علي نار هادئه
    و هذا وعد مني


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