Religiosity Versus Secularism in Politics

The infidel Al Gore won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his 20 years campaign on global warming, and before that he won the Oscar for his environmental documentary, and this is what he promised:

“Gore plans to donate his half of the $1.5 million prize money to the Alliance for Climate Protection, a bipartisan nonprofit organization that is devoted to changing public opinion worldwide about the urgency of solving the climate crisis.” More here

Although many Democrats urged Al Gore to run for presidency, he made it clear that he has no intentions at all. His mission, he said, was not directed towards political gains, but rather, towards spreading a spiritual message to all humanity.
Now he’s in the United Nations perusing a mandate on climatic emergency.

Isn’t it odd that the so called peace loving religions compete to destroy earth, while secularists campaign to save it?

On a somewhat related news:
Ramzi Ahmed Yousef denounces Islam and embraces Christianity!

اصحاب العقول في راحه

Three Dawn Songs in Summer by Robert Hass
The first long shadow in the fields
Are like mortal difficulty.
The first birdsong is not like that at all.

The light in the summer is very young and wholly unsupervised.
No one has made it sit down to breakfast.
It’s the first one up, the first one out.

Because he has opened his eyes, he must be light.
And she, sleeping beside him, must be the visible,
One ringlet of hair curled about her ear.
Into which he whispers, “Wake up!”
“Wake up!” he whispers.