Leave Those Gays Alone

First of all I want to say that I’m neither gay nor lesbian. And I’m not saying this because I’m ashamed of homosexuality, but because this is a fact. I believe in personal freedom to sexual preference. And I believe that there should be no law to control gays or to put them under the microscope. Animals have their sexual preferences, should we also put laws to govern the animal kingdom?
Few months back, our genius Members of the Parliament decreed a law to punish gays. And no one raised a finger against them. Some highly posted officials in the government who are publicly known to be gays even approved of that decree!!! Gays are portrayed on TV programs and negotiated as if they are dangerous villains, or problems that need solutions. What possible dangers could gays inflict on the society? Reduce reproduction rate of humankind? There are many who stayed single and never got married, should we also treat them as dangers to the society? Are we terrified from the spread of venereal diseases? In this case then we should abolish all types of sexual activities. And who on earth would abide to that? Isn’t our theologically based system of education more dangerous to the society? Why no one protested to that?

Isn’t it time to raise a stop sign to hinder the speed of those hardliners?

Gays have their own needs, their own agonies, and above all they are human, why should we treat them as outcasts? Why should we encourage their seclusion in the society? If homosexuality was not natural, then it would have been demolished throughout history. No law or religion until today was able to demolish it. The more logical approach is to accept it, to give gays a chance to voice their opinion and shorten the bridge between them and others. We need to understand them more, know their needs and help them solve their problems. Shunning them out would only creating more psychologically ruined individuals. And don’t think that they are away from home, one of them might be just under your nose and you are oblivion about it.
I have many gay friends, and I have listened to their stories that were told in a hush-hush atmosphere. I also have gay friends that under family and religious pressures married and had sad lives; they brought miseries to themselves and caused miseries to others. When will we stop treating homosexuality as a problem? When will we stop perceiving gays as castaways?

Gays are the most sensitive and loving humans I’ve ever known, of which most are very educated and productive individuals.

Watch this program and see how they are cornered, and for once; think about it apart from religious predilection.

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  1. LP
    Sep 30, 2007 @ 01:41:07

    Admittedly gays are in a strange position in the USA. I don’t necessarily that gays are in some kind of “plight,” or that they are an abused minority. Sure, its not legal for them to marry yet, but it will be, given time. I mean…gays are executed in Iran purely for their sexual preference.

    Plus the gay “stereotype” seems to work in their favor. Gays are often considered smarter and more sophisticated, at least in New York. Generally speaking, it’s hard to find a gay guy without an entourage. Then again, it seems rarer to find lesbians in the same position. I think (generally speaking) lesbians actually have it harder than gay men in the USA.


  2. error
    Sep 30, 2007 @ 05:05:12

    bull shit


  3. harmonie22
    Sep 30, 2007 @ 06:49:18

    My two-fils worth:
    I applaud the ‘woman’ who stood up and calmly answered questions and explained herself, for the sake of social growth and awareness. It is not up to us to pass morality judgments on others, we should all live and let live. As a heterosexual woman, I have always found myself drawn towards gay men because they understand the ‘eye of judgment’ that us women are often scrutinized under in Arabic societies. Straight men can learn a lot from them on how to be friends with women.

    Brilliant post. I love it that this kind of dialogue is going on in Kuwait.


  4. Angelo
    Sep 30, 2007 @ 08:04:59

    I have to admit that you have brought up a good point here and I personally believe homosexuality isn’t clear-cut problem or an aspect that people should dismiss without any question. It should be completely open for people to debate. My response is quite long but I hope you find that time to assess at what I’m going to say regarding this delicate matter.

    I realize that you are an atheist (or maybe agonistic, I’m sorry if I got it wrong) but allow me to say that even in REAL Islamic core (and I’m stressing the word “real” here), homosexuality still an “issue” that isn’t quite clear and there are couple of reasons that it isn’t out of the question:

    1- First, the Quran discusses “homosexuality” in one small verse (the people of Lot) and many religious scholars still debuting if the issue that was mentioned in the verse is actually referring to homosexuality only. For example, the Quran does not provide a specific name for homosexuals (and no, Lo6eyen does not specify homosexuals but the people of Lot themselves). And many religious scholars confirm that people of Lot were punished because they were practicing “Al-Fahisa”, and that is having sex with children, animals, raping unmarried women and men, gambling, excessive drinking and all sort of shady stuff; so Al-Fahisa is not a term that is exclusive used for homosexuality. When Lot confronted them (the people of Lot) he said the word “nesa2akom” -women- and women was a word usually used for wives at that time, and the response from people of Lot was to rape Lot. So, we can argue that God punished the people of Lot because they were trying to rape Lot, not because they were solely practicing sex with other men.

    2- Second, there is a one Hadith by the prophet Muhammad in which he banned “Sodomey” (and that is having a sexual position that resembles the way the animals have sex). Although many scholars still debuting the validity of this hadith because it was one of many hadiths that are considered “ 4th/3rd degree” type; that is, a hadith written after it was heard from three people or more (i.e. I heard from a guy that he heard from a guy that he heard from the Prophet’s Companion in which the prophet said…). Also, Sodomey is a term used specifically for a man and a woman; it doesn’t generalize to male-male sexual intercourse.

    3- Third, if you observed all the Quranic verses and all the hadiths, you will find that Islam, “technically”, does not prohibit Lesbianism. As a matter of fact, there is no word in the Quran and the hadith that describes “lesbian” whatsoever. So does that mean that female-female sexual intercourse is OK but the male-male intercourse is not? I don’t think so.

    4- Finally, many male poets during the” The Golden Age of Islam” wrote and talked about the male beauty. For example, a poet named Muhammad ibn Malik wrote:

    Friday/ in the mosque/ my gaze fell upon a slim young man/ beautiful/ as the rising moon./ When he bent forward in prayer/ my only thought was/ oh, to have him/ stretched out/ flat before me,/ butt-up,/ face-down./

    And many documents reveal that the poet was not prosecuted for written such a verse.

    Now, I want to talk about Kuwait and the so-called “Gays”. First, I want to say that what we see on the streets, where boys wearing and behaving like girls, and girls who used males’ names aren’t exactly homosexuals. What I mean is, that many Kuwaiti youth strive for desperate attention even if it’s perceived in a negative way (some bulked up, and some wear provocative clothes, and other act gay), so their “homosexuality” is a fake; they weren’t born gay or feel gay, they just act gay and they CHOOSE to act gay. One time, I was having a launch with my mother in a restaurant and I saw two Kuwaiti men, who aren’t feminine at all, and I felt they were truly and genuinely gay. I mean I’m familiar how Kuwaiti men talked and behaved toward their male friends but those men were actually a couple; a gay couple, that are no different from straight couple. I might be wrong but they way they acted wasn’t a need for desperate attention; they were just acting “normal”. And I would like to add that most of those “gays” are usually have a misconception of their gender identity and their gender roles; they aren’t born homosexuals but they chose to choose another gender identity because they thought their current gender is simply “boring”.

    Finally, I would like to add that I am majoring in both Genetics and Psychology majors, and both of those fields present a valid arguments regarding homosexuality. For example, there have been several genetics researches and reports that the so-called “gay gene” does actually exist and that people are born gay due to that gene. Psychology on the other hand argues that environmental factors play a significant role in creating a gay character or gay tendencies, and that person is forced to become gay due to these environmental factors.

    Even though I’m little skeptic regarding tran-sexuality and gay marriage but I still comprehend it. I actually think that Muslim extremists (not general Muslims) are more threatening to our society and our life then homosexuals.


  5. Angelo
    Sep 30, 2007 @ 08:50:20

    Oh, and I just to avoid any insults (if there are any) from other posters, I’m actually a straight male, and consider myself a moderate/progressive Muslim.

    I was just looking to your other posts, and even though they are well presented and thought provoking, it actually lacked the true understanding of the TRUE Islam. Of course, I cannot really blame you especially since those thoughts you talked about are false believes held by many Muslims especially in the Middle East. Thus, I highly recommend reading “No God But God” by Reza Aslan. This book truly captures the true essence of Islam that many Muslims around the world have forgotten about, and it is well supported by documents from various authors and researches from all around the world. I’m really a big fan of Reza Aslan and he presented Islam better than my teacher in high schools and Muslim clerics, as a matter of fact; he was interviewed two times in the Daily Show With John Stewart, two times in Real Time With Bill Mahe and many their TV shows. Even Bill Maher (who I’m positively sure you know who he is) was equally impressed by Reza and wished that Muslims sought the true Islam that he mentioned in his book.

    Of course, I’m not imposing my religion to you or even attempting you. Hey if you are atheist, you are atheist…it’s your choice and your belief, and I have no right to judge you whosoever. But I still recommend that you read the book just so you would understand the true nature of Islam. For me, I condemn Muslims who hijacked Islam and made it a male-dominant religion for their own desires, and who excessively blame the West for our problems, instead of looking into the matters in us and in the so-called “Ummah”.


  6. kila_ma6goog
    Sep 30, 2007 @ 12:54:26

    أنا ضد القانون كونه ضبابي و ممكن يتطبق على مزاج البشر بدون وضوح

    بالنسبة للمثليين فصراحة مادري وضعهم غريب و معقد جدا جدا


  7. This Lady Says
    Sep 30, 2007 @ 15:11:33

    I agree with kila ma6goog, that the law can be misleading sometimes. It can be used to many people’s disadvantage “eg. a guy with long hair could be mistaken as trying to look like a woman”
    However, there is a difference between homosexuals, and between transgenders. The “lady” you featured above, is a man trying to transform himself into a woman. Being homosexual means you are attracted to the person of the same sex. Transgenders, however, want to become a different sex because they feel that they are born as a wrong gender.
    From a religious standpoint, this is not acceptable at all.
    From a medical viewpoint, however, there are many cases of people being in “the wrong body”.

    I beleive that if awareness on this issue is increased, many people will come to an understanding. And I beleive that there is a religious understanding also to those that are born as a specific gender, but medical examinations beleive them to be another.


  8. This Lady Says
    Sep 30, 2007 @ 15:16:53

    Angelo, you hit the bull’s eye with your comment. You are completely right. Especially the part about Islam’s interpretation.


  9. حمودي
    Sep 30, 2007 @ 15:50:19

    انا عن نفسي عمري ما شفت الجايز على انهم اقل من الناس او شي بس اكو مشكلتين اول شي ان الناس يمكن تكون متقبلتهم بعض الشي لكن تستحي تقول فيكون ردة الفعل قويه لتغطيه القبول وطبعا اي احد يحاول يدافع عنهم يتهمونه انه منهم وانا اتهموني وايد واكبر دليل ان انتي في بدايه المقال بينتي انج مو منهم
    والمشكله الثانيه وهي كبيره ان الشيميلز الي بالكويت مايتصرفون كبنات وبس لا يتصرفون كبتشز
    وهذا مخلي صورتهم مو زينه
    لاتنسين ان فريحه الاحمد حاطتهم ببالها يعني راحوا فيها

    by the way
    المذيعه تقث


  10. AyyA
    Sep 30, 2007 @ 20:50:08

    Thanks for the insight.

    I think you should work on broadening your horizon a bit.

    Thanks sweetie for your two-fils, a valid point you presented.

    Whatever the interpretations of “Sodomy”, it is apparent that those interpretations are not consistent, whether in this subject or others. What the mainstream Moslems believe is the most important. As for the book you recommended, thanks a lot, but I would decline the offer, I checked the review on the book and found it not different than the apologists views whom try to polish Islam. I do appreciate their efforts to narrow the gaps between different civilizations, yet, this is not the true Islam that I studied and was saturated with since my infancy. You mentioned that this is a Middle-Eastern view of Islam. Middle-Eastern views are the right views simply because Islamic education is not only limited to religious classes, it is infused in all subjects, including science. You also mentioned that I should be criticizing Moslem acts and not the religion itself. Now tell me, if a doctor wants to diagnose a disease, shouldn’t he/she narrow his search to pinpoint the problem first? Or would you like him/her to just prescribe a Panadol and ignore the main problem?

    Their situation is complex because we just intentionally try to ignore the fact that they exist. More debates in this subject were necessary before issuing such decrees.

    This lady
    The difference does not matter here; the issue is the freedom of personal rights.

    المذيعه تقث؟
    افا ما هكيتك عنصري


  11. TAT
    Sep 30, 2007 @ 21:49:15

    theres a simpler way to look at it objectively premarital sex is a sin and since same sex marriage is not allowed then being gay is a sin even a child could figure it out no need to check other sources and try to find out a deeper truth so in the end do whatever you want only god will judge you


  12. AyyA
    Sep 30, 2007 @ 22:01:10

    When it comes to religion, there is always a way out. Prostitution for instance is legalized under the banner of Motah marriages in Shiite sects, and Misyar in Sunni. These marriages are done with the blessings of religious clerics who abide to them. No official document is necessary, nor witnesses. Of course these types of marriages are usually practiced between males and females. But what would hinder their use between like genders?


  13. TAT
    Sep 30, 2007 @ 22:41:20

    like I said do whatever you please with your life only god will judge. As for your question don’t think you would find any cleric that would allow same sex marriage, if you do go ahead.

    I really don’t care about this subject its nothing important to discuss. I got more important things for me to worry about than the well being of any other than me really.


  14. harmonie22
    Oct 01, 2007 @ 00:28:15

    Great, great discussion. You know, I’ve made a point in asking, when the opportunity arose, the gay friends I have whether it was something that they became or were born with. within the answers I always got were always these three elements (although not necessarily together): they were born feeling attracted to the same gender, they were born feeling like they were in the wrong body, or that they were molested as children by someone from the same gender, the latter almost always ‘became’ bisexual and not homosexual or transgendered.

    Homosexuality was something I really wanted to understand because it was something around me that was different then me. Most Muslim gay people I know suffer a terrible inner battle as they struggle to come to terms with themselves within the context of religion and in relationship to God. So many western poets have written on this too, although I can’t recall who. The thing is, if God created us exactly as he intended, and science is showing a genetic disposition towards homosexuality, then who are we to say that homosexuality is not a part of nature as intended by the master plan of creation? I really like the concept of God as a loving God not as one who sets us up for failure in life.

    In many ways I see those who are bisexual or gay as more evolved creatures in their minds and perceptions, more creative and intuitive with sharper intellects; this has been by experience. in many ancient cultures, they were even revered and seen as sacred because they represented both genders in one.


  15. Angelo
    Oct 01, 2007 @ 00:36:32


    Thanks for having the time to read my long comment. But please allow me to say one more thing regarding the book and I shall close this matter regardless of your decision. First, Reza Aslan is not an apologist. He does indeed criticize Islam and to the manner the Muslims have become but he provides a solid arguments and facts on why such things have happened (check out his impressive resume in his website if you like). He also discusses about the very questionable verses of the Quran that was clearly misinterpreted such as the beating of the wife, killing the so-called infidels wherever you find them, and the true meaning of Jihad, etc, and he provides the true meaning of these verses supported by many Muslims clerics and scholars. If you still believe that the true Islam is the same one that is happening in the Middle East and Arabia then I’m sorry to say to this, but honey, that is not what Islam is all about. Again I cannot really blame you because this notion of Islam is not held solely by you but by many Muslims in the Middle East.

    If I could challenge myself and sit through Christopher Hitchens’ “Good Is Not Great”, then I would like to think that you would also do the same thing. Again, please (and please) don’t take my comment the wrong way. In the end, I still prefer to discuss these matters with people such as yourself then those blind followers who believe that their religions and behaviors are 100% perfect and not open to debate.


  16. AyyA
    Oct 01, 2007 @ 01:13:10

    Gays need much more sympathy from us than they are getting, and regardless of what motivated their preference, and whether their reasons are genuine for taking this direction. It should remain to be none of our business. Whoever believes that he has taken the wrong path should, sooner or later, come to terms with himself, It’s their personal lives after all.
    I remember when I was studying in Tennessee years back, an American millionaire of Palestinian background had some daughters (don’t remember how many) and a gay son. The boy was so handsome that everyone pitied his manhood. To overcome this problem the father took him to Jordon and married him off to a girl of his family. The girl was young, educated, and extremely attractive. They came back to the States and had a biggest marriage ceremony you could imagine. For months people talked about that lavish party. Three months and the girl was divorced and sent back to Jordon still a virgin. I still can remember the pain in the father’s eyes when he said that he took his son to a psychologist, and the latter advised him to let him be since there was nothing he could do about it.

    Right now I can’t judge the book since I haven’t read it. I can promise one thing, I will get the book and read it. But remember that I’m a skeptic; I do not take any information without thoroughly examining it. And most definitely I would post a review.


  17. Maya
    Oct 01, 2007 @ 01:44:51

    **stands up and applauds**

    This is one heck of a post! I completely agree hon. The homosexual goverment officials are just worried about their own posts and well, I don’t blame them. I just hope they don’t live in silence forever. Hope they eventually step out of the closet.

    I’m not really sure who (don’t know the name and stuff) but there’s this gov official in the States who was homophobic and went all against the gay rights. He turned out to be a gay dude in denial!

    Oh and This lady: Thanks discussing transsexuality and shining some light on it. I’m transsexual myself and yeah, it is a medical condition. Scans show that my hypothalamus is smaller than the genetic man’s and matches identically that of a genetic woman’s. Also my hormonal levels before start of the Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) were closer to that of a female’s. (Had higher estrogen than the average guy.) So yeah, I’m just correcting my gender dysphoria 🙂 I’m a straight lady in this body. 🙂

    Thanks again Ayya. Wonderful discussion indeed!


  18. AyyA
    Oct 01, 2007 @ 03:36:39

    I’m so happy for you that you have decide to take the path that you have chosen. Or may be was meant for you to take. And hope that you find happiness in your life without the discriminatory perception. As the psychologists said in the video clip (I don’t know if you could understand Arabic), diagnoses is complex and research is discovering more issues about homosexuality everyday. In some cases there is no way to determine what is the cause, yet the tendency to prefer sex with the like gender exists.


  19. Maya
    Oct 01, 2007 @ 05:19:48

    Aww 🙂 Shukan ya 7abibti 🙂 Na3am, afham 3araby.

    There was something about the gaygene that was controversial a few years back. Wrote a lil somethin on it with a spiritual perspective. Controversial indeed, but yeah, some points might ring true…

    There are numerous theories about the origins of a person’s sexual orientation; most scientists today agree that sexual orientation is most likely the result of a complex interaction of environmental, cognitive and biological factors. In most people, sexual orientation is shaped at an early age. There is also considerable recent evidence to suggest that biology, including genetic or inborn hormonal factors, play a significant role in a person’s sexuality.

    In summary, it is important to recognize that there are probably many reasons for a person’s sexual orientation and the reasons may be different for different people.

    The ‘Gay’ Gene:
    A heated debate over the existence of a “gay gene” emerged from a 1993 report published in the journal Science by then-NIH researcher Dean Hamer, PhD. That study linked DNA markers on the X chromosome to male sexual orientation. Since then, questions arose regarding the validity of those results. Other researchers are attempting to replicate and verify Hamer’s findings. Previous studies in male twins have suggested that between 40%-60% of the variability in sexual orientation is due to genes. The rest is thought to be due to environment and possibly other biologic but nongenetic causes.

    Well, I’m a spiritualist, I guess that shouldn’t come as a surprise when I chip in my two cents worth. Before I do so, I would like to point out that this is my truth and that I’m not trying to impose this on others. If this rings true to you, feel free to accept it. If it doesn’t, feel free to chuck it! Do read it with discernment.

    I believe that we all have a reason as to why we’re here, on Earth at this time under these circumstances. I’ll call this our ‘higher purpose’. In essence, it is to spread love, to awaken people to the spiritual path, etc.

    Now we all have the true us- our essence, that divine spark, ie, our soul. Now our soul is forever connected to the light. Before we came into Earthly plane, we as our soul briefly outlined our life, that has to do with our higher purpose in mind. Unfortunately, as we are born, we are told by our parents, etc, that this is a hard place to be in, and that money is very important. So become more in tuned to these lower frequencies and thus forget our Divine Heritage. We suffer from this spiritual amnesia.

    Now as we forget who we really are and what we are here to do, we start feeling this void. We try doing all sorts of things to fill this void. Some people over eat. Some drink too much, etc. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is this: When we forget our divine heritage, whose keynotes are that of unconditional love, we start living as our ego-self. This ego-self thrives on the lower-self emotions of hate, non-tolerance and so on. Our higher-selves, however, resonate with a magnetic love, an unconditional love- a love so real and so encompassing that it needs nothing in return and accepts things as they are!

    Now that introduction was necessary as this is the point I have to make regarding the ‘gay gene’:
    Well, you see, there are of reasons as to why someone is gay- they may be ‘born’ that way, or circumstances changes them. But when you are in harmony with Spirit, you know that everything happens for the highest good. As I’ve mentioned above, we have a higher purpose and that involves creating heaven on earth. This means that our ego-self or lower-self, has to evolve, and merge with our higher-self or soul. This therefore means that the lower-self emotions such as this hatred and non-acceptance (one form of it is homophobia) would have to go! Now how would it have to go? By bringing gay people into the world!

    Regarding the ‘gene’. If one understands how cells divide, it would be a lot easier. Well, the deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA lays in the nucleus of each cell. Now as the cells divide, crossing over of genetic information takes place at the chaismata. I see the similarity of ‘chaismata’ and ‘charisma’? 😉 Our character is thus formed in the sub-cellular, sub-organelle things.

    This means that our character, or our nature, is encoded in our DNA. Science shows that strand of DNA has two parts- one from our mommy and the other from our daddy. What a lot of people don’t realize is that we don’t only carry on their biological characteristics, but also their ‘karmic’- the spiritual part, which lies innate! Many spiritualists talk about the DNA has being 12 stranded- but science is yet to discover this. Lets forget this little bit but stick to the essence- the DNA contains, also, spiritual information which is encoded by our soul, which encodes it with its purpose. If we as our soul, before birth, have chosen to be gay at birth or at some point in our life because we would serve the world better this way, then so be it! The biochemical functions occur in such a way and we have more of certain hormones, etc, and it also affects us psychologically. How can this happen? The DNA controls the cells activities now, doesn’t it? And it does so with the information in it- be it biogenetic or spirit-o-gentic.

    In essence, everything happens for the highest good, and our soul, and the divine encodes our cells with info. This is something modern science will discover in the near future.

    I would like to point out again that this is my truth, and I would not impose this on another. Please read it with discernment, and accept it only if it rings true within.

    Thanks for giving me an opportunity to express my views. 🙂

    Again, people forget the true meaning of Islam 🙂 Things are interpreted differently. Symbolism is the language of the subconscious and the Prophet was given stuff as symbols/letters first. 🙂

    Thanks again hon.



  20. harmonie22
    Oct 01, 2007 @ 08:26:28

    Ayya, absolutely. I only asked close friends such nosy questions because I could. If you knew me, you would understand what a fag hag (excuse the term) and how pro-gay I am. All you have to be in my book is a good person, you can want to sleep with a watermelon for all I care!


  21. AyyA
    Oct 01, 2007 @ 23:30:35

    LOL, my bad sweetheart, I was not directing that comment specifically to you; it was a general statement. My apologies, I should know you better by now 🙂

    Interesting spiritual insight. Don’t be surprised if I tell you this, I may not believe in religions, but I am a spiritual person. And there is a vast difference between the two.
    Btw; did you know that Maya in Sanskrit language means illusion? Some Buddhists, as well as Hindus, believe that life is Maya, and that the ultimate truth is in Nirvana.
    Take care sweetie 😀


  22. ummel3yal
    Oct 02, 2007 @ 01:03:38

    Hi Hon 🙂

    Great post, as usual! First of all I have to say I liked very much Angelo’s take on the subject and I agree on the abmiguity of the “Islamic” stand towards homosexulaity.

    But in general, there is a great misunderstanding and lack of awareness towards all forms of sexual orientation and sexual/gender problems (psychological and physiological). This is aparent even in the “experts” opinions in the program you shared.

    This lack of education and confusion adds to the myths and stereotypes which by itself feeds bigutry and bias 😦

    Unfortunately the policy makers are in no better position awareness and/or openness wise 😦


  23. AyyA
    Oct 02, 2007 @ 22:50:56

    Hey sweetie
    Glad to see you up and about. Thanks for your insight, it was very valuable indeed :*


  24. BOSALE7
    Oct 03, 2007 @ 22:42:52

    بصراحة انا اشوف انه القانون ما يعالج مشكلة
    لازم نعرف الاسباب ونعالجها وبعدين نحط التشريعات المناسبة اللي الهدف منها الحد من التقليد او التطبع بشيء غير عضوي او صفات غير سوية بدون وعي

    الحرية الشخصية مكفولة طالما كانت ضمن احترام حريات الاخرين
    والاعضاء الحلوين تسرعو وسووا قانون ضبابي مثل ماتفضل الاخ العزيز مطقوق
    بوست ممتاز مثل العادة 🙂


  25. AyyA
    Oct 04, 2007 @ 08:12:37

    حيا الله بو صالح
    Been a long time, I missed you 🙂


  26. floer
    Dec 08, 2007 @ 23:18:12

    i miss youto much


  27. floer
    Dec 08, 2007 @ 23:18:45

    i miss you too


  28. DanDoon
    Dec 22, 2007 @ 02:20:28

    *clap clap clap* brilliant ya36eech il 3afya


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