Leave Those Gays Alone

First of all I want to say that I’m neither gay nor lesbian. And I’m not saying this because I’m ashamed of homosexuality, but because this is a fact. I believe in personal freedom to sexual preference. And I believe that there should be no law to control gays or to put them under the microscope. Animals have their sexual preferences, should we also put laws to govern the animal kingdom?
Few months back, our genius Members of the Parliament decreed a law to punish gays. And no one raised a finger against them. Some highly posted officials in the government who are publicly known to be gays even approved of that decree!!! Gays are portrayed on TV programs and negotiated as if they are dangerous villains, or problems that need solutions. What possible dangers could gays inflict on the society? Reduce reproduction rate of humankind? There are many who stayed single and never got married, should we also treat them as dangers to the society? Are we terrified from the spread of venereal diseases? In this case then we should abolish all types of sexual activities. And who on earth would abide to that? Isn’t our theologically based system of education more dangerous to the society? Why no one protested to that?

Isn’t it time to raise a stop sign to hinder the speed of those hardliners?

Gays have their own needs, their own agonies, and above all they are human, why should we treat them as outcasts? Why should we encourage their seclusion in the society? If homosexuality was not natural, then it would have been demolished throughout history. No law or religion until today was able to demolish it. The more logical approach is to accept it, to give gays a chance to voice their opinion and shorten the bridge between them and others. We need to understand them more, know their needs and help them solve their problems. Shunning them out would only creating more psychologically ruined individuals. And don’t think that they are away from home, one of them might be just under your nose and you are oblivion about it.
I have many gay friends, and I have listened to their stories that were told in a hush-hush atmosphere. I also have gay friends that under family and religious pressures married and had sad lives; they brought miseries to themselves and caused miseries to others. When will we stop treating homosexuality as a problem? When will we stop perceiving gays as castaways?

Gays are the most sensitive and loving humans I’ve ever known, of which most are very educated and productive individuals.

Watch this program and see how they are cornered, and for once; think about it apart from religious predilection.