Does Quran Have All the Answers?

In my trip to Los Angeles two weeks ago I met a sweet educated Egyptian lady who lived most of her life in the States. And while we were having different conversations at the dinner table, religion subject popped up, in which I did not want to participate, but was forced to announce that I was a skeptic. When she asked why, I replied that I’m searching for the truth. And apparently my answer shocked her and she hastily replied that why should you look for the truth when Quran gives you all the answers. When we resumed our conversation about how that statement was not true, my best friend, who is a religious person and who was sitting at the table with us, cut in the conversation and she changed the subject. She did not want to hear my elaboration about the misconception of that statement.
It appears to me, from my conversation to many devout individuals, like the lady above, and many others on the Net (educated as well as others), that Moslems read their scriptures emotionally as a ritual. They never look deeply into the meaning of the words, nor ponder on its consequences on the society (I was a devout person once and I did the same). But if one is looking for the truth, one should take all emotions aside, and read the scriptures critically. And I believe that except for some vague parts, Quran is a very straightforward text and anyone with a moderate education in Arabic language would understand it. There’s also the hadiths (traditions) and the tafseer (interpretation) books that supports Quran in case there were any misunderstanding. And therefore relying on the contemporary clerics to give you the answers, as was advised by the lady above, would be foolish, especially when most of them are either illiterate or naturally biased. And mind you, I have done that before and my statement comes out of experience. A simple example of the misconceptions we have been taught in schools and through clerics is the issue of slavery. We have been educated that Islam had abolished it while in fact no religion ever did that.
But only very few people really care to question their beliefs, the majority take the directed education, mostly in government schools which are no different than Islamic schools in context and which is full of lies, for a fact. They never open any supporting books I mentioned above. Only when confronted with an opposing thought they seek the help of those clerics who provide them with ready-made answers for the purpose of refutation only. But if they do open those books and read for themselves, they would be in for a lot of surprises.
Those people are not looking for the truth, they are satisfied with what they have been taught, or more accurately molded since their infancy. If they read their scriptures carefully, they would understand that religion is a choice, and not a hereditary gene. And therefore a child born to Moslem parents should not be labeled at birth as a Moslem, same with Christian or Jew or Buddhist’s child. As Richard Dawkins mentioned in his book The Root of All Evil, “ Despite the massive costs religion has imposed on human society, it persists because children do not question their parents’ beliefs”.