Is Diversity Possible in the Islamic World?

I’ve been asking myself this question again and again, and I reached the conclusion that it is IMPOSSIBL.
Let me elaborate.
Moslems believe in the superiority of Islam over any other religion, as do other faiths believe in the superiority of theirs . Quran demands that Moslems should fight the nonbelievers wherever they find them. And in a country dominated by Moslems, Shareea law, specifically those concerning social services, become part of its constitution (Turkey here is an exception and not a norm). Other than the constitution, other areas of life like education and the media, etc. are all supportive of Islamic views and the insistence to idealize the Islamic identity, and diminish any other ideology or thought.
You may say, what is wrong with that? When you’re in Rome, do what Romans do.
But what if there are individuals within who don’t want to abide to laws that contradict with their own beliefs, especially if those laws are akin to his/her personal life?
A Moslem would tell you to go seek other places that respect your beliefs. And this is the height of selfishness and arrogance, why someone who belongs to this land go seek his/her convenience in other places? Criticizing the system in an effort to make it acceptable for all to live in harmony under one roof would be more civil in the onset of the twenty-first century. Can you tell your sister or brother to go live somewhere else because she/he can’t digest the fish that you enforce to be cooked everyday?
It is within the preaching of Quran to fight none-Moslems, so even with moderate-minded Moslems, you’d always fine arrogance and superiority to other ethnic groups. Let alone the nonbelievers, which their annihilation is mandatory according to Quran, the infallible text in their belief. Quran even makes this issue an individual duty. And to have contrary ideologies within its boundary is unforgivable and calls for demolition of its beholders.
Now in an environment like this, how can one expect diversity to survive? Diversity is to accept the other, when Islam does not accept others, nor it accepts criticism, If any criticism of Islam is considered a sin that begets punishment by law, how can free-minded individuals survive in a society that detests their beliefs?
But why is it that Moslems do not accept criticism when it comes to religion? Is it because they fear that the criticizer might turn the table against them, especially with fresh young minds, and start a whole mass of atheists? Possibly. But why should anyone fear anything if their religion is based on solid grounds? Or is it because their faith is so shallow that any criticism might rock the floor under their feet?
I believe that the latter is closer to the truth. Living in an Islam dominated society has taught me that at least eighty percent of Moslems do not take their faith seriously, when it comes to defending it they all draw their swords, and the Danish cartoon fiasco is a live evidence, but in applying the dogmas of their religion, hardly anyone complies. It is very common to see a Moslem drink alcohol, party with prostitutes of Thailand, lavishly tip Egyptian belly dancers, not even praying and at the same time wholeheartedly defending his religion whenever confronted with a nonbeliever. So the issue is not the faith that he’s so vigorously defending, it’s the identity crises that he’s suffering. And it’s also a matter of convenience, especially when it comes to males.