Sameera and the Forbidden Fruit (VIII)

A continuation
A week after Aberto and Sameera got back from their vacation in Spain, and before Sameera had any chance to open the subject about Alberto with her family, Alberto received a letter from his company informing him, apologetically, that his assigned position as a project manager in Kuwait had been terminated and that he had to return to Italy as soon as possible. Apparently the company that Alberto worked for, and through which he was stationed in Kuwait as part of a contract with one of the ministries, was facing some fanatical disputes that reached the courts of law. And although Alberto had two more years to hand in the project he was managing, his visa expired in three months.
And as a consequence, the couple found themselves in a physically and psychologically tiring situation; Alberto had two choices, each was harder to pursue than the other. One option was to go back to Italy, and risk his relationship with Sameera who wasn’t ready to leave her job, at least not before she paid off the remainder of the mortgage for her property in Dubai. Another option was to resign from his company and go job-hunting for another in Kuwait. And although the second option seemed more promising to the couple, it was not so easy in the realm of reality.
Alberto had only two months to seek another job. And the probability of getting a job suitable for his qualifications and at least as rewarding as his previous one, was very slim. After tedious times spent in writing applications and going through endless interviews, of which all the interviewers promised to call, he received nothing. He only heard through Sameera’s connections that some had rejected him because he was over qualified for thier vacant positions. And as the second month trailed ahead, Alberto started loosing hope, he knew he had to sell his car and furniture, and return the flat to the owners within one month and head to Italy jobless without Sameera. Not to mention that he was spending his savings with no return. But his fear of loosing Sameera created a jerk out of him as the third month stared to close. He simply could not imagine his life without her, and that practically ruined him psychologically, he had no idea what to do, but to find solitude in alcohol. Sameera, on the other hand, enslaved herself in finding the connections to aid Alberto in his mission. Her job was not easy, and sometimes humiliating, especially when she was promised help from someone who bragged more than took action.
When the situation got worse, he sold his car and rented a cheap one and started to sell his furniture through ads in Sultan Center’s boards. Sameera who had lost a lot of weight from lack of sleep, had another duty to keep her strength, at least in front of him, so that he wouldn’t collapse.
And although this incident was hard for both of them to fathom, and fights between them increased, especially with Alberto’s drinking that was becoming a daily routine, the couple was never closer to each other as they were at those hard times. Some days they spent in complete denial and partied, while other days they cried themselves to sleep.
They say that things get worse before they get better. And a few days before his departure, and as the flat was slowly being emptied, Alberto finally got the call he was long waiting for, and a new sun stared to rise over a stronger bond. Their love had passed its first test and was triumphant. They realized that the most important thing was to want a relationship bad enough to fight for it, in one boat.
Instead of the old furniture, new more suitable and elegant furniture replaced the old. These were the pieces they handpicked together to decorate their new lively nest. And the old bed that was Alberto’s alone was now replaced with a new one more suitable for the deserving bride, ushering them into a new life, as Alberto kept reminding Sameera.
This dilemma also assured them that nothing could stop in the way of their happiness; and now that he had secured his future, it was time for Alberto to officially propose. The couple had no other choice but to make their dreams come true, regardless of any obstacle that might come their way.

To be continued


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  1. jewaira
    Aug 03, 2007 @ 20:21:47

    Coming along nicely.


  2. AyyA
    Aug 05, 2007 @ 00:36:09



  3. NewMe
    Aug 08, 2007 @ 00:48:10

    i remain waiting……….
    wishing u love


  4. AyyA
    Aug 09, 2007 @ 20:01:06

    And I wish happiness, always :*


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