Sameera and the Forbidden Fruit (VII)

A continuation
Summer also turned out to be a bliss with Alberto, except towards the end of their vacation. They rented a flat-hotel close to Nikki beach in Mabella, and made a daily routine to go and lay lazily on the beach-beds listening to none-stop music all day. The music at the beach started with hip-hop during midday and ended with romantic melodies. Brazilian girls with glistening tans, under the mid afternoon sun, danced everywhere. Some even danced over the bar counter, between glasses and bottles of alcohol that circled around the DJ. During those hours, everything went crazy, people, especially rich Arabs, shook Champaign bottles and opened them to splash all over the people who were in proximity, on behalf of any female figure that moved. Sometimes it got loud and annoying, but in general it gave a sense of celebration that everyone on the beach seemed to enjoy. Sameera didn’t care about the world so long she was in the company of Alberto. She wasn’t even attentive, unlike her usual self, if there where some familiar faces. By now she was determined to tell her family about Alberto as soon as she got back, and had no scruple whatsoever. But Alberto became like a watchful dog, paying attention to anyone who seemed, even unintentionally, to be making a pass at Sameera, without directly admitting it. Yet, jealousy was all over his face, and dictated his mysterious attitude, especially when Arabs cramped the beach. But those occurrences were not too often, and just before the Sunset, where the couple got closer to each other while they lied supine, listening to the most romantic and soothing music the DJ played, made it impossible for the couple to seek other beaches.
They only had one meal a day; dinner, where they chose different restaurants in town, but they made sure to have each other as appetizer before changing for their night that started with that meal. They also nibbled all day on assorted cheese and fruits with frozen bottles of beer on the beach all day. Best days were when they woke up relatively early, in those days they easily found some vacant beds in the area that Lowie was serving. He was their favorite, for he knew exactly what they wanted and got the couple their order without even asking them. Their nights were usually spent in nightclubs, where they danced to the small hours of the morning. Otherwise, they just strolled bare-footed on the cool sands of the beach under bright silver moons.
Only one time they went to the casino for the heck of it, and they had great fun, laughing all night at the naivety of Sameera at Blackjack. She almost made a stupid move, if it wasn’t for Alberto who rushed to her rescue at the last moment, begging her to pass her turn while she wanted to draw one more card. The table was alert to her next move, tension was apparent especially at the face of a gambler sitting directly next to her, whose chips were piled to form several mountains, while she only had two five-Euro chips. One wrong move from her side, and the rich, poor old gambler was bound to loose a fortune. Luckily for him though, she listened to Alberto. And this became their anecdote while they drove around in the sport, convertible BMW M3 they rented after leaving the casino. And under the open roof, Alberto taught her the basics of the game and how it’s team oriented. Similar, in that sense, to koot bo sitta she used to play with her friends, especially in long Ramadan nights before she met Alberto.

On the blackjack table that night, a handsome, nicely built, tall Arab guy, who appeared to be in his late twenties, grinned at the couple several times while they were arguing. A young blond girl stood behind that guy who seemed to be his girlfriend.
Next day at the beach, and while they were enjoying the craziness of the dancers, the Arab guy and his girl were two beds away. While he was splashing Champaign all over his girlfriend, some of the liquid showered Sameera. The guy came and apologized to Sameera, but Sameera replied that she didn’t mind, and commented about Champaign being good for her tanning. Alberto, who was jolly all day, suddenly became quiet and after less than fifteen minutes he rose and left. Sameera thought that he was going to use the washrooms. When sometime passed and he didn’t show up, she called his mobile and found out that he was in the hotel claiming that he had a headache.
Sameera gathered her beach stuff and rushed to the hotel to find Alberto in bed. “What was that all about? And why did you leave me at the beach without telling me that you were coming back to the hotel?” Sameera dashed at him angrily. “ I thought you were enjoying your time with your own people, so I wanted to give you some space” Alberto’s voice trailed between the pillows. And so a fight started between them and ended with each sleeping on the opposite, far side of the king size bed. At dinnertime, Alberto got closer to Sameera and apologized for his stupidity, but he also mentioned that this coupling may be wrong, for Sameera might be better off with someone from her superior social class. When she heard him say that, she burst into laughter, assuring him that this nonsense was only inside his head. And since that night was their last night together, she let the incident pass, but she knew that she had a problem that she had to deal with later.
To be continued