One Life to Live

Days are ambiguous
And nights are young
Let’s have our wine
And forget the sun

Let’s enjoy
Each other tonight
When tomorrow comes
Let tomorrow run

Where we came from!
No one knows
Not even Phoenix
From the ashes rose

Pray, sip my lips
And let me sip yours
For this is reality
That we both know

Who came!
Who’s gone!
Who cares
Why mountains grow?

How fragile we are
Is indigenous
And life is just
Ignis fatuus

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. soud13
    Jul 21, 2007 @ 03:33:37

    Who came!
    Who’s gone!
    Who cares

    كلمات رائعه وجميله


  2. AyyA
    Jul 21, 2007 @ 10:31:18

    Thanks dear 🙂


  3. ummel3yal
    Jul 21, 2007 @ 20:44:24

    Hi hon 🙂

    Love your mood!

    Inshallah 3la 6ool :*


  4. AyyA
    Jul 22, 2007 @ 07:24:33

    Hey sweetie, long time, no see, hope all is going well with you. And about the mood; “The Secret” is doing the job 😉


  5. harmonie22
    Jul 31, 2007 @ 04:37:48

    Ayya this is a beautiful poem, mashallah you really write well.


  6. AyyA
    Aug 01, 2007 @ 02:26:17

    Thanks sweetheart, this means a lot to me 🙂


  7. Steven Abeyta
    Aug 04, 2007 @ 02:13:47

    mhm. truly beautiful.


  8. AyyA
    Aug 05, 2007 @ 00:35:28

    Thanks Steven 🙂


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