Sameera and the Forbidden Fruit (V)

A continuation

The mother, who was now broken hearted, did not stop cursing her luck for not being able to raise her daughter properly, as was constantly reminded by the father. Few days after Eid, Sameera was in for another surprise. The mother, who spent the Eid holidays in Syria with her sister, came to Sameera and gave her some holey liquid in a jar and asked her to splash it on her body, in three consecutive baths. The mother apparently went on this trip especially to see a Mullah; a holly man who was famous for his miraculous powers in the Moslem community around her. She mentioned to Sameera that the Mullah saw how bleak was Sameera’s future. The mother also claimed that the Mullah told her that Sameera had been bewitched and as a result is living in sin with a foreigner, and she will never get married unless she uses that liquid and then goes to Omrah.
And of course Sameera guessed that the mother had made up the last part concerning “ the foreigner” in the story, she remembered that she once met Alberto in Marina Mall to give him some CDs and little Alia was with her. And she figured that the mother was only saying that to drag the truth out of her mouth, like what she (the mother) must have done with her sister. And although Sameera was taken by surprise at first, and denied any relationships, but she did not object, instead she took the liquid and thanked her mother for her concern, only to throw it in the garbage on her way out.
“Can you believe that my mother would go to that extend?” Sameera voiced her outrage to her friend Foziya later on, while having coffee at Starbuck Albede . “ I can’t believe that this witchcraft is still going on”, she added. “ Don’t forget that witchcraft became authentic because of its mention in Quran, and it became an essential part of Moslem’s belief and ritual as a consequence, if you want to see the source of all our troubles, it’s always the Quran” her friend replied disgustedly, then added mockingly “ I wonder what Alberto would think about this!” “Are you kidding, I would never tell Alberto, he’d most probably think that we’re some type of perverts, and I want him to respect my family, no matter what” Sameera dashed objectively. “He’ll find out soon enough” her friend closed her sentence with a wink.
But the real problem between Alberto and Sameera was the conversion issue. Alberto had to convert to Islam to be able to marry Sameera as per Shareea law. His friends advised him against it, since it is a one-way street, as they warned. Which meant that if he ever changed his mind and decided to convert back to his religion, he’d be sujected to execution where Mullahs and Mofti’s gave themselves the right to make his blood halaal. This also meant that anyone in the street who has nothing to do with him is encouraged to kill him to go directly to heaven, and Alberto considered this a sacrifice.
Other than that, Alberto was born and raised in a Roman Catholic household, and although he was not much of a religious person himself, but his parents were. And his conversion would mean a disaster to his religious, church committed mother, even if that was just on a piece of paper that meant nothing. But nevertheless, he was willing to do that for Sameera, especially when Sameera herself told him that she didn’t care for his conversion if it was not for her family and the society, besides being the only way for them to get married. But nevertheless he never stopped reminding her of the sacrifice that he’s willing to make for her sake. And so Sameera found herself torn apart between her lover, who was demanding in her opinion, and her parents, who made it hell for her at home.
Deep in her heart, Sameera wished that her marriage contract followed the rules of the civil laws of his country, seeing her married female friends unjustly suffer the consequences of bad marriages in courts of sharee3a was frightening. And so she told Alberto to include her right to break the contract (divorce) in the marriage contract, and Alberto agreed. But nevertheless; considered it another sacrifice for her sake.

To be continued