Sameera and The Forbidden Fruit (II)

A continuation
And what made the situation even worse is that Sameera’s mother started to doubt her daughter’s behavior, especially when she disappeared from the house for long hours each day. She did not believe Sameera’s lies, she was sure that her daughter is seeing someone. And every time she’s out her mother would call and question her. One call after the other, sometimes even bursting into fights through the speaker, and that drove Alberto insane. Why does a woman in her late thirties have to lie to her parents, when she is having a perfectly normal relationship?
Not to mention that the whole household was beginning a new trend in religiosity. And although this move eased the tension between her parents, its effect on Sameera’s private life was somewhat destructive. Sameera’s father started spending more time at home, and that satisfied the mother a bit, but not Sameera who started to feel monitored all the time. The father made sure not to miss a prayer in the nearby mosque, and everyday he’d come home lecturing Sameera and her mother about morals and women, insisting that he’d be burned in hell because of Sameera’s behavior. And he did not miss an opportunity to make her feel guilty for not wearing hijab. And whenever Sameera is out, even with her friends, her mom would call and ask her to get back immediately at the orders of the father.
Sameera loved her parents, but the new wave was completely out of place for her, she always remembered her father’s easy-going attitude, she also remembered that when she was young her dad used to drink alcohol, and her mom wore mini-skirts. And the more they got into religion, the more they planted guilt into her head. And the tip of the ice-burg occurred during their first Ramdan together.
Sameera never believed in religions, at least not the version spreading around in this era. But she believed that whatever you believed in is fine so long it satisfied you, and is directed to God. For her, it did not matter what you practiced, and practicing something that she knew was better than not practicing at all, at least once a year. It gave her a sense of tranquility as she put it in her own words. Yes she believed in God, and that was the most important thing in her opinion. She believed that God is mercy and that He’d forgive her sins one day, that’s if she had any. She also believed that one should forget this world and turn to God at least in the month of Ramadan. And when Ramadan was at the door, she voiced her opinion toAlberto and told him that she wouldn’t be able to see him during that month, not in private anyway. And asked him to stay in touch by the phone alone. Alberto, who was sensing the change in his lover’s attitude, did not comment at first until one day before Ramadan when his doorbell rang as he was preparing his dinner.
When he opened it was Smeera, resting her head on the palm of one hand where her elbow rested on the wall, while the other hand rested on her torso in a seductive gesture. And as soon as he opened the door she said “you better take advantage of me right now before you regret it” Alberto who knew that Sameera was PMSing which also meant that she was horny, tried teasingly to play hard to get. So he pushed the door until it was ajar and mumbled “ get out of her”. He gave her his back and went towards the kitchen. Sameera pushed the door wide open, and ran towards him only to end up on his back where he carried her to the kitchen and placed her on the table, between the dishes he was preparing for his meal. And as he went towards the stove to check it, she took off all her clothed, threw them on the kitchen floor and crossed her legs on the table where she first landed. And as soon as Alberto saw her naked body when he turned around, he got an erection, took off his jeans and ran towards her. He opened her legs and shoved his manhood into her. Sameera hands that were placed on the table, carrying her weight, slipped and she fell on her back and the damp rice that was in one of the pots ran all over her face and hair, a more reason for both of them to get more excited.
Right then her mobile started ringing in the bag she threw by the door where she entered. A disturbance that they wouldn’t care about if it wasn’t for Sameera’s alertness.”It’s my mom, I’ve got to answer that call,” she kept uttering. “va funculo” Alberto cussed out loud. But she pushed him away saying ”va funculo you, and your modre and your padre” as she tried to release herself and run to her mobile. But Alberto wouldn’t hear of it, he carried her to the bathroom, turned on the shower while she continued yelling and cussing.
But as soon as he started massaging her wet tits, she gave in, indifferent to the ringing mobile. She then took the lofa and squeezed some bath gel on and started rubbing all parts of his body that was naked now, purposely leaving out his genitals, and ordering him to stand still. And when she finished she went to the hardened little Alberto, placing it between her soapy tits. And with a devilish gaze towards his face, she started sucking it. Alberto now that had been excited for a while started pulling her head closer and harder, trying to get it all in her mouth. But she stopped right there, begging him to shove it inside of her. He immediately brought her to her feet, turned her around and tried to get it in the doggy style. And since the bathtub was a bit small, Sameera wasn’t able to properly open her legs, and his penis kept slipping out. He then directed her out of the bathtub and made love to her on the bathroom floor.
Their loud moaning, which was amplified threefold, did not escape his French neighbor who had his bathroom adjacent to Alberto’s. So next day the neighbor made sure to tease his friend by asking what was he doing the day before in the bathroom in a somewhat indicative way. “Singing” Alberto, replied. “ I didn’t know that you were into opera” his neighbor replied. “I’m Italian, you should have known better” Alberto replied with a grin.

To be continued


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  2. jewaira
    Jul 04, 2007 @ 13:38:28

    Loved it AyyA!


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    Jul 05, 2007 @ 02:13:40

    Lady J
    I knew you would, your department after all 😉


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