Sameera / the struggle of a single woman “XII”

Things aren’t always the way they seem
A continuation
Tahani once told Sameera that if one wants to forget the whole world, few days in Beirut is one hundred percent guaranteed to take care of that. Sameera wasn’t sure this time though, if it was Beirut itself or her busy schedule that took Alberto out of her mind completely. Or may be the beauties of Lebanon who made her talk to that image in the mirror, not to rediscover her beauty, but rather to find faults; few nasty white hairs that crept to that head attesting to the harshness of time, dragging along with it some ugly crowfoot wrinkles on the outside corner of the eyes every time she smiled to the mirror, and not to mention the wisdom lines of the forehead that attacked her femininity. No wonder Alberto chose that b#$% over her. How long had it been since she last looked in the mirror? It was this image and no one else whom she should worry about. And that thought pushed all others in her head. Tahani was right; Beirut does wonders, in many ways though.

As soon as her mission ended in Beirut, she fetched the plastic surgeon’s number she got years back from some friends in Kuwait to make an appointment for Botox. But she hesitated for a while; this doctor was famous in most circles of Kuwaitis. Chances to run into some familiar faces then, was high. And knowing how Kuwaitis exaggerate things was enough for her to expect a spread of a rumor in the country that she’s all fake. But nevertheless, fixing what time damaged took precedence in her decision, and she needed a famous doctor, it was her first time after all.

The reception hall of the Doctor’s office was huge and almost packed. The strange thing was that most patients were either teenagers or men. She grabbed a local magazine and started leafing its pages while waiting for her turn. “ Well, surprise, surprise, look who is here?” a familiar voice came to her ear range. When she looked up, it was Waleed. And although she got annoyed at his presence at first, the bandage on his nose started a funny conversation between them, he actually looked handsome with that thing on. Or was it Beirut? They didn’t stop joking and giggling the whole time. Sameera was beginning to find a different personality in Waleed, she almost cracked up when he mentioned how he got this nose complex after he French-kissed a girl, and she told him to shove it somewhere else instead of her mouth. They didn’t stop joking and giggling till the receptionist called her name. Waleed then invited her to dinner that night in an old fashioned Lebanese food restaurant in Solidaire, and she whole-heartedly accepted.

Inside his grand office, the doctor looked amazingly handsome for his age, which she guessed to be mid-fifties, but then again, who wasn’t in Beirut? He was very talkative and friendly, as if they’ve been old friends, yet he talked about everything except Botox. Her Roman nose desperately needed an operation, her lips did not have enough volume and her face needed some pumping. He also suggested an enlargement to her tits and butts to enhance her long narrow waist. In a nutshell, he was suggesting a whole makeover that sounded tempting to Sameera if it wasn’t for the 1500 dollar expense. But right after having those needles injected in her forehead and around her eyes, she felt much better and discarded any other thought, she was happy with the way she looked. And she couldn’t wait to see what Waleed thought.

The dinner was a blessing with Fairooz songs at the background and Waleed’s sense of humor. It wasn’t until the end of that date when she loosened up after having few drinks, and had the courage to ask about Alberto.

Waleed’s face changed right away as he broke the news of Alberto taking a leave and leaving for Italy to attend both his grandparent’s funeral, whom passed away immediately after a car accident about a week before.
The news fell on her head as if a tornado, her mood suddenly swung to a point that made Waleed regret that he ever mentioned it. Her thoughts started racing while she remained silent for a long time; things started falling into place, so that’s why Alberto never called. Poor guy was going through hard times and she didn’t know. But the shocking news was that his girlfriend also accompanied him on this trip.
Alberto had mentioned the day she last saw him that his girlfriend was in between jobs, and he was financially supporting her. He also mentioned that even when she moves, he had the responsibility to make sure that financially she is secure, until she gets a job. After all she had no one in Kuwait, and he just could not do that to her. And although this issue bothered Sameera a bit, but she did understand his position. Not only that, but she also secretively admired it. Yet, accompanying him to Italy was a totally different issue. Where did she get the ticket money? And where was she staying in Italy? And above all that, why would she go with him in the first place if the relationship was over? And again Alberto taking precedence in her thoughts, erasing any effect of alcohol she had that night, and the lovely presence of Waleed.

And in an attempt to change her mood, Waleed offered to take her to places he swore she’s never seen in Beirut before, but she politely declined and went to her hotel straight away. And before even changing her clothes, she opened her laptop, and started to write a long heart rendering e-mail to Alberto. At first she did not know what to say, but as soon as she started, words poured out. She wasn’t sure what she was writing, she was only venting all her feelings on that machine, a thing she never have done before, and she never knew how good it felt.

She never sent that e-mail though, she only kept it as a draft, knowing when the time is right, Alberto would speak up, and she was sure that there were more explanations to all her doubts that he will clear one day when he’s back, she felt it in her gut that he’ll be back, she couldn’t but trust Alberto. And for the first time in a long time she rested her head on the pillow and slipped into a deep sleep forgetting everything, but where to have lunch tomorrow with Waleed in Beirut.

The End

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  1. shosho
    Jun 28, 2007 @ 04:36:27

    How come she didn’t check her face in the mirror after the botox shots?


  2. AyyA
    Jun 28, 2007 @ 04:58:37

    The mirror was in her hand throughout the process dear, and the effects were immediate.
    And Btw; while I was writing the “next part”, I kept thinking about Lady J’s idea of a sequel, and I think I should stop this right here, and start the sequel.


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  4. jewaira
    Jul 01, 2007 @ 13:12:13

    Much better…nothing better than reading stories on blogs on long summer days 😉


  5. AyyA
    Jul 02, 2007 @ 08:49:22

    Don’t know if I can last all summer, the family is visiting and I will be cruising with them around, but I’ll do my best for the eyes of lady J :*


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