العيب فيكم و في حبايبكم اعضاء مجلس الامة

Thanks to our Emir for restoring Elhaibah* to the royal family. And for reminding the family that their unity behind the constitution is what keeps Kuwait’s love and respect to the monarchy. Never for once I doubted that Shaikh Subah was well aware of what’s going on in the country; either directly within his immediate family or indirectly through his bigger family Kuwait. And I really hope that the members of the royal family whom have been causing such disturbance in the country had learned their lesson well, I’m sure Shaikh Subah will take harsher measures if such skirmishes persisted.

And someone should tell this guy to stop barking and to assume responsibility for the space of freedom that he enjoys. No one is against criticism, in the contrary; it is needed. But there is a big difference between constructive and directive criticism and pure heresy aimed at destructing people’s reputation. Yes; even the Emir respects criticism and considers it an advice because he knows the difference; this type of criticism is not new to him nor it is to kuwaitis. Our fathers and grandfathers had practiced it for years, and it is the bases upon which both the respective rulers and citizens communicated and united to build this country. But I advice this rented pen to know his limit and avoid testing our patience by mixing the concept of freedom of speech with personal insult, which will not be taken lightly; neither from the ruler, nor from us the citizens.

Our constitution had given us a space of freedom fit for our century; the basics on which it was built will remain to be our pride. And as the Emir said to the member of the family”العيب فيكم”, I’d say that not activating the articles that assures more space of freedom in the constitution is because of us, Kuwaiti citizins and not because of a shortcoming in the constitution. In other words;” العيب فينا و في حبايبنا اعضاءمجلس الامة”. And its time to straighten up our base by activating all articles of the constitution, then by upgrading it according to our years of hand-on experience, and in the direction that allows more freedom and not less.

It is also essential that the constitutional bills that highly contradict with constitution (like university gender segregation) be dropped. Those bills that were issued in the past in an unprecedented effort to paralyze the articles of the constitution are in dire violation to article 175, which states that any change or modification on the constitution have one vector component that points upward, towards a guarantee of more freedom and not less. Yes, there are articles in the constitution that need modification, but this modification is conditional. The constitution is one total set of laws that should be dealt with as one, unbreakable unit.

It’s time to seek a secular society. Aren’t you sick and tiered of the berdos who are controlling every aspect of our lives by misusing and manipulating our constitution? It’s time to let them know that religion has its own place, and it will be highly respected so long it knows its place and its limits. And mixing religion with politics would only result in Paella**.

*Elhaiba: an Arabic expression that means respect, or an awe mostly directed towards the elderly, wise members of the family. This expression was first used by Mohammad Aljasem to indicate that Shaikh Subah is the last of the sheikhs whom posses such qualities and traits which keeps Kuwaiti people’s respect and loyalty.

** There is an old story of how the Moorish kings’ servants created rice dishes by mixing the left-overs from royal banquets in large pots to take home. It is said by some that that word paella originates from the Arab word “baqiyah” meaning left-overs.

On a separate note:
I don’t know if anyone paid attention to this article that appeared on the first page of Alwatan newspaper, published on April14, 2007 issue!!!

First of all; who is قذائف القاعده? And where are they located; physically I mean? And who is Albathaly and what is his rank exactly in relation to this terrorist cell? It is obvious that this person is knowledgeable about the discrete activities of this terrorist’s cell, he might as well be one of them, or otherwise how does he know, how many youths volunteered to join this jihadic mission? Especially if the military training is secretive as he says. Away from government’s eyes. And is this training done in Kuwait? in which location? And where is the Interior Ministry?

Getting prepared for war and all its military training is not a gangster’s job, or else why do we have laws in civilized countries? It’s government’s duty to protect its citizen during peace and war, and it is definitely its duty to train them properly to do that. And not some opportunist whose aim and goal is much more than a simple self-defense as this so called political activist is trying to portray.

Anyone has any idea what is exactly going on?