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Yesterday I had a great day that I thought nothing can make me feel bad. A personal matter that kept me hanging for a month, and I wasn’t sure when will it clear off or even what was I suppose to do. This issue cleared yesterday in almost an hour and boosted my mood up to cloud seven, until I read this news in AlQabas. It was then when I realized that you couldn’t stay happy in this country for long; there’s always something that bangs you on the head and awakens you to the miserable reality.

This article was supposed to be a review of the documentary “When The People Spoke”, of which I posted about last week (click here). It started off very nicely and ended abruptly in a tone that reminded me of those articles that were written by the filthy Fuad Elhashim and the social climber Nabeel Alfadel; the two who wrote in the disrespectable newspaper Alwatan during the orange movement of May 2006. The article reeked of the same lie invented by Alwatan at that time, but the shock was that it came from AlQabas newspaper. And for those who did not witness those days; AlQabas was the only newspaper among the five, which was relatively decent enough to portray the reality of the orange movement.

Those who lived those days remember how Alwatan brought imposters, dressed them in blue to be distinguished from the orange , and gathered them in the same plaza (sa7at Alirada), in which the orange movement commenced their activities. And on top of that they made them mock the orange activities to a point that was really silly since the acting seemed so obvious and could not fool anyone. All this was done in an effort to take their pictures, multiply the number of participants by using PowerPoint tricks (another shameless forgery), just to belittle the effort exerted by the majority of the public, by showing that it was nothing but another opposing voice in a battle of different opinion between different parties. And the funny thing is that AlQabas itself posted about such forgery. And now, one of its writers is questioning the validity of this documentary and considering it a directed and opinionated work and suggesting that it should have included the other party’s point of view!!!!

The other party’s point of view? Who is the other party? and whom are we fooling? Did we repeat the lie to the point that we started believing it ourselves? Willa shini elqisa bilthab6? And if there was “the other party”, then why didn’t AlQabas write about them then? Or are they betting on the short memories of their readers?

Being in a third world country sure teaches you how history is forged depending on who has the upper hand. And if this is the case; then all our history is nothing but a bunch of lies.

And the irony of the whole thing is that this article was published in the Art section of the newspaper. I don’t know if the writer Ahmad Alnaser meant the art of forgery that he was performing in the footsteps of the Alwatan, or he meant the art of movie production. Although I’m pretty sure that in his mind, he is considering the former to be the case.

No wonder creativity is so scarce in this part of the world, and when a wild plant shoots out there’s always others who compete to pluck it. The Ministry first banned the documentary, and now newspapers are spreading lies. Now how do we expect to ever develop? And why is the country spending such a fortune on our kids who are sent abroad to study and mix with more civilized nations, those nations that depend on a generation of creative people to survive and prosper, if our kids are destined to be forever hammered with one disappointment after another?

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  1. GLBT Kuwait
    Apr 04, 2007 @ 20:32:39

    We have all the right to stay here and take back out country. we have as much rights as they do. wish you all the best in your future.


  2. راعيها
    Apr 05, 2007 @ 03:18:30

    I am sorry that you lost your happy mood because of this stupid thing ..

    well .. I have different point of view .. ordinary ppl _like me and you- started to be louder and louder .. and they can hear us .. for me this is the most important thing .. don’t expect them to give you the right to talk and protest peacfully .. thats not what we learn from history ..

    did you read this

    I hope it will not ruin your mood further 🙂


  3. bunaz
    Apr 05, 2007 @ 09:46:38

    OK, I’m giving you 30% of the ‘ Tamweel’ I got from abroad!
    Cheers 🙂


  4. bosale7
    Apr 05, 2007 @ 11:34:43

    انا عندي قناعة ماشي عليها ومو مستعد اني اغيرها
    القانون ثم القانون ثم القانون

    الاخ عامر خالف القانون …ولما نتكلم عن حملة للقضاء على الفساد الاولى انه اولويات الحملة تكون سيادة القانون
    امنعت وزارة الاعلام عرض الفلم ..ماشي في محاكم يقدر الاخ عامر يشتكي …لكن يتحدى الدولة والنظام القانوني القائم لمجرد انه هو شايف انه الاخوان اللي منعو فلمه مو على مستوى الحدث فطاف وبالطقاق !! هذا يصنف الحملة مع اول اعمدة الفساد وهو كسر القوانين
    المجتمع المتحضر هو مجتمع قانوني
    الحماس شي والحق والاجراءات العادلة شي ثاني


  5. AyyA
    Apr 05, 2007 @ 13:16:51

    GLBT Kuwait
    Well, it doesn’t look like a bright future, but we can hope. Ishwarana; el hope bibalash 😀

    Sure, to be heard is an asset; but will this last? It doesn’t look that way friend. And the proof is in what you provided with your link, and the icing of the cake is what MP Almuslem announced today (according to KWT.News) that the government should expedite this law and that he is willing to give it proiority in the Education committee.

    You mean the 30% in the minus? La ya 3am, I already have my own loans; you think I should go see Shaikh Salem Alali :p

    Wi ni3im fi elqanoon, I agree with you if we are talking about a civilized country with set clear, and detailed laws, and better yet, such laws are even more important for us because it is the only means to protect our rights. But if you take a closer look at the last publication law (qanoon elma6boo3at), you would see how vague and unclear it is (just like the bill that was passed last year which gave women the right to participate in political life with conditions to abide to Alsharee3a Alislamiyah). And with such laws you could never treat people justly because each case is dealt with individually depending on the judgment (or biasness) made by the ones who have an upper hand, and not according to set rules that should be applied to everybody without discrimination. And worse than that is when those officials throw elsharee3a alislamiya and the heritage into every little action in our lives, like this decree Elm7ailbi is about to issue regarding the media. So do you really think that such a person is capable of issuing a law that would protect the individual? I don’t believe so; his aim is to quite all voices, nothing short of a dictatorship. And what can we do in this stage to stop him issuing such unjust bill? Nothing really. And in such atmosphere; do you think it’s wise for anyone to go to court and file a case when he knows beforehand that he’ll never be justified?
    And about Bunaz; what I know is that he is trying his best to get the approval through official channels, and I have not heard from him that his movie (part 2) was not approved, or that he was officially warned to stop screening his movie, I read that in the newspaper. So whether this information is true or not, I will leave that part for him to clarify. Yet; this was not my issue. My point was how a writer in one of the main newspapers of the country would give himself the right to spread lies and rumors? And what was behind his biasness?


  6. bunaz
    Apr 05, 2007 @ 16:05:52

    بو صالح
    سبق وأن ناقشتني في نفس النقطة على مدونتي العام الماضي بعد عرضي للجزء الأول من ” عندما تكلم الشعب”
    أنظر الرابط

    كما أن محاميا مرموقا اطلع على كتاب الرقابة وأفاد بأن ما جاء بذلك الكتاب لا يشمل العروض الخاصة

    أما مسألة تحدي الدولة والنظام , وكذلك مسألة أن الأخوان في الرقابة ليسوا على مستوى الحدث ” ..فطاف وبالطقاق” , فتلك هي استنتاجاتك الشخصية ولا تمثل بالضرورة رأيي أو وجهة نظري.


  7. bunaz
    Apr 05, 2007 @ 16:08:57


  8. bosale7
    Apr 05, 2007 @ 17:26:08


    اذا كنتي شايفة انه الوضع العام او الاشخاص اللي في موقع المسوؤلية مو مؤتمنين على مصالح الناس اذن وين الاعضاء ال 28 الي تحديتي فيهم الفساد ؟؟؟
    وينهم ما يعدلون القوانين ويشرعون لمصلحة الناس بدون تمييز ؟؟

    الاصل انه الانسان يلتزم بالقانون لانه هذا اللي يفرقنا عن جماعات الاسلام السياسي اللي همهم تغيير النظام الديمقراطي بمجمله ونسفه

    الاخ بوناز

    لما الدولة ممثلة بجهة رقابية ما وافقت على التصريح لاي فلم او عمل فني هل هذا معناه ان الدعاية لعرض الفيلم بعرض خاص مو تحدي للدولة والقانون ؟

    انا احترم الفن وادري ان موضوع الفلم مو شي يهدد امن واستقرارا البلد …لكن في قنوات رسمية من مصلحتي كمواطن انها تتفعل ولا بعدين كل واحد عنده وجهة نظر مو متفق فيها مع الجمهور قام وصار يعرض اللي يبيه !
    شنو ردك اذا الاخوان الشيعة قامو يعرضون افلام تبين وجهة نظرهم من حدث تاريخي اسلامي مو متفق عليه ؟
    شنو ردك اذا الاخوان المسلمين قامو عرضو فلم يسوقون فيه لمبدأ معين الاغلبية مختلفة فيه ؟
    شنو ردك اذا القبائل قامت تسوي صالات عرض خاصة للتشجيع على مبدأ القبلية ورفض الدولة عن طريق افلام ؟

    يا جماعة النظام والقانون حماية لنا حتى لو ما وافقنا على آليته


  9. bunaz
    Apr 05, 2007 @ 21:59:40

    الأخ بو صالح
    أنا شخصيا لم أعلن عن الفيلم سوى عن طريق مدونتي على الإنترنت
    ولا يوجد قانون يمنع ذلك ( حتى الآن). وعليه فأنا لم أتحدى القانون ولا الدولة.
    وأنا أتفق معك تماما على ضرورة تفعيل القوانين , ولذلك تجدني أنا شخصيا من الأقلية التي تطبق ارتداء حزام الأمان عند قيادة السيارة, كما أنني من القلائل الذين يستعملون الإشارة قبل الإنعطاف أو تغيير الحارة, وتجدني , وأنا المدخن, أمتنع عن التدخين في أروقة المؤسسات الحكومية أو الأسواق التعاونية . تلك فقط أمثلة ,ربما لا تبدو مهمة , لكنني أذكرها لك لأعطيك فكرة عن مدى قناعتي بتطبيق
    القوانين. وقس على ذلك حرصي على تطبيق باقي القوانين الأكثرأهمية .

    “شنو ردك اذا الاخوان الشيعة قامو يعرضون افلام تبين وجهة نظرهم من حدث تاريخي اسلامي مو متفق عليه ؟”

    أنا من أنصار الحرية بكل ما تعني الكلمة من معنى, ولو عاد الأمر لي فلن أمانع.

    ” شنو ردك اذا الاخوان المسلمين قامو عرضو فلم يسوقون فيه لمبدأ معين الاغلبية مختلفة فيه ؟”

    إجابتي على هذا السؤال هي الإجابة السابقة نفسها.

    ” شنو ردك اذا القبائل قامت تسوي صالات عرض خاصة للتشجيع على مبدأ القبلية ورفض الدولة عن طريق افلام ؟

    سؤالك هذا من شقين , فعمل صالات خاصة للعروض شىء لا أجد فيه مضرة, أما مسألة التحريض على رفض الدولة فهذا ما سأقف ضده .

    وفي الختام , آمل منك , وأنت المشهود لك بكتاباتك النابعة من حبك لوطنك , أن تؤازر إخوتك في موقع وأن تستمر في الدفاع عن مكتسبات الشعب وحرياته وخصوصا تلك التي ضمنها له دستوره.


  10. bosale7
    Apr 06, 2007 @ 08:54:54

    bunaz :

    الاختلاف بالراي مهم ودايما يوصل لنتيجة …
    قناعتك على عيني وراسي واتفهمها كونها نابعة من فكر رجل فنان وسينمائي …لكن كمواطن اعشق الحرية واعبد تطبيق القانون مو من مصلحتي ان اهز هيبة القانون او اتجاهله حتى لو كان بحسن نية او لهدف نبيل …. الاعمال اللي نقوم فيها احنا البالغين صداها يوصل للمراهقين والاطفال …شنو تتوقع المعلومة اللي بتوصل للجيل الجديد اذا كل ما واحد تضايق من اجراء او قرار راح وسوى اللي يبيه بغض النظر ان كان ضمن مجموعة معينة او ضمن نطاق معين ؟
    المعلومة الاكيد اللي راح توصلهم انه الدولة مجرد شعار على الورق والاصل انه كل من ايدو الو على قولة غوار
    املك فيني ما خاب وانا مجرد مواطن اسعى الى بيئة افضل وحياة مستقرة علشان اادي اللي علي واطالب باللي لي



  11. ummel3yal
    Apr 06, 2007 @ 20:27:50

    Hiiii hon,

    I hope the good news is what I have in mind 🙂
    The article is not so bad. And to this forms of documentaries it’s a good publicity.

    The “other” is the govermen point of view and not necessarly the Other people 😉

    What I find scary is the MOI puting a condition of “balanced”view for issuing their permission 😦

    Says who that this is a must? Why the belief the we are so naiive and simple that we can be swayed by a movie or a TV show? This is a total disrespect to the audience intelligence and judgement and a cover up to their inability to produce any counter argument 😦

    Sorry for taking so much space 😉


  12. AyyA
    Apr 07, 2007 @ 14:47:36

    Ah, don’t remind me of the 29 MP’s, if this guy was one of them. I have to admit that I made a mistake I will regret all my life. And you know what I also found out? I found out that being a nice guy does not work in the jungle law of Alsani3; liberals want to take their rights by law because they can’t go against their principles, while Islamists take over the whole country by force since their principles can always be wavered. Even what you call a just court in this country, is not just at all when it is so obviously biased, so who are we kidding? In this part of the world, it seems to me that elfahlawah (as the Egyptians call it) is the only way out; pretend, steal, lie, grow your beard, shorten your dishdasha and you can get all your wishes come true since the law will always be on your side.

    No sweetheart, that issue is still hanging, thanks to our unjust court of elsharee3ah. But after all these years I think I’ve gotten immunity to it. howa dikhool el7amam zay khroojoh? LOL. But know that when this issue is resolved I will have the biggest party ever and you will be the first to know :*
    You know, one of the commentators asked Princess (wallada) on one of her posts prior to Noriya’s oath, why women did not do something about the condition attached to the bill that gave women their political rights. And I kept wondering what could we have done about that? especially after fighting more than 40 years? Like now; when one Islamist minister issues a law to tighten the space of freedom and an MP radical encourages him to expedite such law, then what could ordinary people like us do to stop it? Or do we have any choice to begin with?


  13. Al-Azraq
    Apr 07, 2007 @ 20:06:20

    “Being in a third world country sure teaches you how history is forged depending on who has the upper hand”
    It will stay a thirld world country for a long time to come as I see it, whether we like it or not. As long as we live in this region of the world, histroy forging is part of reality. If power and money is the shaper and mover for this region how can you have an open society where respect is the foundation.


  14. AyyA
    Apr 09, 2007 @ 18:11:57

    Well said my friend 🙂


  15. Elspethfz
    Mar 20, 2008 @ 02:19:35

    well done, bro


  16. mover
    Jun 15, 2019 @ 13:21:11

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    Keep up the great writing.


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