No to Internet Censorship

Last week I posted about Internet Censorship and how Internet provider companies in Kuwait are misusing their power and increasing their pressures on the freedom of speech by systematically blocking forums and blogs (click here). And if you remember my review of the “When the People Spoke” documentary produced by blogger Bunaz (click here), this documentary did not get the approval to be officially released to the public by the Ministry of Communication, although it portrays history in the making of vital events in the country during May 2006, an effort which deserves proper nourishing and encouragement from the officials instead of disappointment. All this was because the key players in the movie were bloggers.

And about few days back, Alwatan newspaper, which is considered the only paper that portrays government policy, had published an article demanding more control over the Net and accusing bloggers to be politicians working under anonymous names to promote certain individuals or parties, whom they are supposedly working for!!!!! And the writer’s proof was the different blog designs, which he though must have cost a fortune (how stupid). The ignorant writer did not even know that this service is provided for free and that most bloggers are using ready-made designs. The officials in that newspaper did not even check the authenticity of such information before publishing that article. But this is not my issue here since this Newspaper has lost its credibility ever since the orange movement in May 2006 with loads of lies it purposely invented, the fact that led a lot of Kuwaitis to eventually stop their subscription with them. But nevertheless; bringing this subject to public attention is not for naught.

But the straw that broke the camel’s back was when KTV axed a program titled “Diwaniya” just when the episode about blogging, in which some Kuwaiti and Bahraini bloggers participated, was supposed to be aired. The thing that made it clear to all bloggers that they are under close surveillance and that there is a campaign which is systematically growing to ban the freedom of speech, precisely when it comes to bloggers which they find hard to control

And because of these late developments Kuwaiti bloggers decided to speak up and a blog was initiated by some bloggers and dedicated to fight on behalf of all bloggers (yes they are doing this for us). This blog was named 36, as per the article 36 of the constitution that states:

Article 36 [Freedom of Opinion and Expression]
Freedom of opinion and of scientific research is guaranteed. Every person has the right to express and propagate his opinion verbally, in writing, or otherwise, in accordance with the conditions and procedures specified by law.

(click here to visit the blog), and a petition was included to get as much signatures as possible in their pursuit to get public support. And in the same process, there will be a symposium tonight regarding this issue, organized by the bloggers at eight PM in the National Liberal Unity (I hope this is the right translation). So the least you can do if you are a blogger, or even if you care for the freedom of speech as a principle, is to move your ^$$es and be there.

And I know you do care, so see you there 🙂


An Update
In his first announcement, the new Minister of Information declared that he would issue a decree to make sure that the media abides to the Islamic dogmas and the inherited heritage.
(Source: Kuwait News)
Ya3ni bil3arabi elfasee7; elmo6awa3 jahaz elkhaizarana. How more lucky can we be?