Welcome to Kuwaitistan

We Kuwaitis usually pride ourselves that regardless of what, we still have the freedom to express our thoughts. Well; surprise guys, this is not true anymore. Internet providers like Fastelco, Quality Net and KEMS, are blocking sites, forums, as well as blogs, as an on-going process. And it would not surprise me a bit to wake up one day and find out that my blog is gone.

This morning I tried to get in these secular sites:


But unfortunately I was denied access by Fastelco. I called the company and as usual they gave me an e-mail to complain. I asked them who decides what sites should be banned, they said the ministry of communication, although I’m sure that the ministry is the last to know. For how do you explain that some companies are blocking these sites and some aren’t, if it was a written instruction from the ministry to all companies?
What is surprising as well; is that a site, which provides an online library, was also blocked (maktabacom.blogspot.com)!!!!

It’s been years since we were disappointed with lies in the media. And our only refuge was through the Net. And now the Taliban government is covering all sources of information except what suits them and their allies. And soon we will see no sites but Islamic ones like Islam on-line and akhawatiha that deal with magic, Jin and horoscopes. Exactly like the types of books we find in the very few bookshops that still operate in the country.
In other words; they covered our Space with a veil (7ijab) as per elthawabi6 Alislamiyah. When I see this word I think of chains and whips.

whip.gif Mabrook ya Kuwait

A note to Fastelco since I’m one of their customers:
You know well that no matter what you do to block sites there’s always proxies. No thanks to our corrupt government. So beat it
As for me; I will stop my subscription with you and I hope others will follow; it’s your loss.

Free Thoughts

Once a fish tried to extend its whole body beyond sea level
Its gills couldn’t take the air and so it stood Clueless in
The middle, if it stayed longer out, it’d sure be
Vanished in a ripple, and if it dived it’s
To be saved but to norms it has to
Settle. Thoughts in my country
Are like that fresh air that the
Fish tried to wobble

Repeat: Succumb, Submit
And Stay under
Sea level:

An Update:
Here is a proxy link, just copy-paste the URL’s above in the window provided in the link, and it takes you there:

A Second Update:
Here is more proxy addresses you can use, click here (Or just go to http://www.proxy.org) and choose from the right window.