Let’s play it Fair

I’ve given you variety
Gardens of Eden with roses damask
And lily whites, a delight
Not to bore your eyes, and a feast
Not to hinder your persistent appetite

I’ve given you sensuous nights
Scented with patchouli shrubs
And skin rubs that seized your senses
And other kinds of naughty stuff
That yielded you completely defenseless

I’ve given you harmony
An ear to listen
A sanctuary to hide in
And a heart to reside
When life was unkind

I’ve given you passion
The tap of mercy
The touch of gentleness
And a mother’s bosom
For many a time to cry your troubles on

I’ve given you all of me
At your service, master
Your wish was my command
And your comfort was a demand
Melting through my skin

If she can give you half of that
Then congrats
The two of you are perfectly fit
For each other