Global Warming. Is it Bullshit?

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  1. coolfreak
    Jan 18, 2007 @ 08:52:38

    Penn and Teller make you question EVERYTHING. But its just that they’ve got a strong debate.


  2. AyyA
    Jan 18, 2007 @ 21:24:22

    And what do you think about this episode in particular? Are Americans taking Global warming too far? Is it a political debate?


  3. NewMe
    Jan 19, 2007 @ 00:36:22

    loved it
    those ppl have no clue whatsoever
    amazing debate
    loved the petition bit
    it took me forever to load it
    totally worth watching
    thank you Ayya
    miss u too


  4. AyyA
    Jan 19, 2007 @ 06:10:55

    Oh those two are really something, I got almost all their DVD’s back home, I never tire watching them, some of their episodes are disgusting, like the one on circumcision, but nevertheless; they are hilarious. And that silent partner Teller, he never utters a word, but just looking at him cracks me up 🙂


  5. Khalid
    Feb 11, 2007 @ 01:19:25

    i love how they’re picking on a group of ignorant environmentalists specially Kate the spokesman to imply that global warming is BULLSHIT, how objective is this, they didn’t even attempt to refute the main global warming arguments. by the way is that where you got the idea of showing terrorists videos to stick an evil tag on the religion of Islam !?


  6. AyyA
    Feb 11, 2007 @ 13:45:03

    First of all; regardless if they succeeded to prove whether global warming is an issue to be concerned with or not, the video exposed how people are willing to go with the crowd whatever is the cause. They never really research what they are calling for; they just take other people’s word for it. And the ones who have political agendas take the opportunity to higher their stocks. And in this respect, I think the video was successful.
    And no, not only through this site I get my videos, the Net; be it restricted over here, carries loads of those videos, you just have to search with your engine 😀


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