All my life I have loved poetry and was fascinated by the written word. But I never really thought in majoring in linguistics or literature because my mind was set from childhood, mostly by parents and environment, to science since it was (and is) considered the knowledge of the day through which one could have a better chance for a decent job. And poetry remained to be just a hobby.

I remember my first interest in science started by reading a biography of Marie Curie, a book that was gifted to me by my father, I also remember proudly telling my science teacher in grade school that I wanted to become the Arabic version of Madam Curie, and still can remember her raised eyebrows and bulging eyes when I told her that. Nevertheless; she was kind enough to encourage me with a boost by saying that she’s sure I will be one someday. Well; I never got to be Madam Curie, and at the same time I lost my chance to become a renowned poetess.

I graduated from high school when I was much younger than my peers and it was my father’s decision to send me to the States to study Engineering. At those times Engineering and Medicine were the hot subjects of the day, and whoever thought of studying any other subject was considered a waste of time, especially when one was able to get a degree in science. And from there, life just took me in a roller coaster before I realized that I became just one of many Engineers who did not really apply what I studied. And at the same time I lost my chance to better my skills in a subject I loved the most.

Time does not seem to have changed much where I live. My eldest son did well in science, his father wanted him to get in business, and the extended family members encouraged Engineering since both his parents are Engineers. But he told me that his passion is Music, he learned to play different instruments on his own since he was a little kid. And here I had to fight for him, knowing that one would only make a difference when one loves what he does. He has high hopes in becoming a music writer and I have high hopes in him, whether he succeeds in that field or doesn’t remain to be his own choice.

The above-mentioned personal introductory was important for the subject I’m getting into which is diversity. How many times we have killed talents and ambitions when we decided what others should do? How many Engineers do we have in the country who do not have actual work to do? And why no ones told me that Kuwait is a consumer country and there is no manufacturing when I decided to specialize in Computer Design?

It is true though, I got a decent job, I got to manage sections and departments. I got to earn high salary, but is that what it’s all about? Did I get the self-satisfaction I sought? And what did the society gain from just another headcount? And more importantly; what would have been my fate if I had taken a different course?

Diversity is important in every society; talents and special capabilities should be encouraged and nourished. Talents can be detected from a very young age; they could lead to creativity, a thing that we lack the most in our country. If everyone is to become an Engineer or a Physician then who would take care of Art and Culture? And more importantly, how could we prosper with no creativity?


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  1. shopa
    Dec 16, 2006 @ 05:05:42

    my job pays me really really good but I hate it.


  2. Alia
    Dec 16, 2006 @ 11:53:44

    You are our Madam Ayya .. whatever is your major

    I’m not sure of the meeting’s date .. but maybe Jan 15th … we’ll let you know :*


  3. Adam
    Dec 16, 2006 @ 12:18:26

    I’m studying civil engineering and I’m graduating next year I’m i excited to work in that field NO.
    all i want is Stable and bunch of horses, let me work in the equestrian field and I’ll be the happiest guy on earth.
    well don madam Ayya, you should be role model to all mothers


  4. AyyA
    Dec 16, 2006 @ 15:24:04

    In Kuwait I could say: you tried one, you’ve known them all, so wherever you are would be practically the same. I changed my job once and lost half of my salary by doing that, but it turned out to be the same at the end. Mentalities have to change dear not jobs. And since you are getting a good pay and you are a shopaholic then quthbi maynoonich la iyeech ayan minah.

    Thanks sweetie, I hope I could make it by then :*

    Sorry to tell you dear that Civil Engineers are dime a dozen in Kuwait. I’m not saying this to discourage you; I’m saying it so that you’d be prepared and not get disappointed. But whatever you do, do not get a job with government; you’d probably be on a waiting list for months before you get a job where you might not even have a desk, let alone having an assignment. I know this since I worked for the government and was a member of recruiting committee. One of the committee’s assignments was to redistribute specialist around as per demand. That was about two years back, and the situation is even worse today.
    Good luck dear with your studies and I wish you the best with the job as well as with horses 😀


  5. soud13
    Dec 16, 2006 @ 22:50:47

    الموهبه شىء جيد ورائع لكن أصبحت الدراسه فى مجتمعنا هى الطريق الى العمل وبالتالى من يريد العمل ذو الأجر المرتفع فعليه أن يدرس التخصص الهندسه أو الطب مثلا

    وأصبحت بالطبع الوظائف التى تجلب أو ذو الرواتب المتدنيه لا تحظى أو لا أحد يريد أن يدرس تخصصاتها أو الطريق المؤديه لهذة التخصصات

    كانت لدى صديقه عزيزة تدرس الرسم فى الجامعه بالأضافه الى الهندسه وكان هذا فى نفس الوقت وعندما سألتها عن سبب عمل هذا التصرف أخبرتنى أن لديها موهبه رائعه فى الرسم ولكنها ما توكل حمص “”على حد تعبيرها “”
    فقررت أن تدرس تخصصين فى نفس الوقت ما تحبه ولا تضمنه”الرسم” وما لا تحبه وتضمنه وهوالهندسه 🙂

    وبالفعل بعد فترة من الزمن واجهت هذة الفتاة وأخبرتنى أنها لم تجد عملا بموهبتها وهى الرسم ولكنها وجدت عملا بالهندسه


  6. chica bonita
    Dec 17, 2006 @ 00:52:10

    I agree with what you said we tend to kill their dreams when we try getting them to move in a certain direction; when i was younger I once told my father that I’m like a tree no matter how many ropes you tie around me I’m still going to grow, I would still be me ..


  7. AyyA
    Dec 17, 2006 @ 06:49:33

    It is really sad, if this friend of yours had the opportunity to give her best, she could have made a difference instead of being just another employee. How’s she doing now?

    chica bonita
    Good for you. I love the sense of determination you are expressing, go for it to the max 😀


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